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  • 1. Know Before You OwePresented byThe Bursar’s Office2013Springboard to Success2013siue.edu/bursar
  • 2. Bursar’s OfficeWhat is a Bursar?A Bursar is a treasurer or business officer of a college or university.Where are we?Main Office – Room 1101 Rendleman HallCashier in the Service Center, Room 1309 Rendleman HallHow can you reach us?Email – bursar@siue.eduWebsite – siue.edu/bursarPhone – (618) 650-31232013
  • 3. What is CougarNet?(siue.edu/cougarnet)CougarNet is where you will find:• Bill, account balance, installment amounts• Personal information (phone, address)• Financial aid information• Grades and academic record informationView Your CougarNet Account Often!2013siue.edu/bursar
  • 4. Student Responsibility for Payment ofEducational Services Financial Agreement• Agreement details the financial responsibility that studentsaccept upon registration.• Available on CougarNet under “Student” and “Registration”• Agreement MUST be accepted online each semester beforeregistering.• Students are not relieved of their financial responsibilityunless they officially withdraw from classes within thepublished deadlines for refunding of tuition and fees.2013siue.edu/bursar
  • 5. Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act(FERPA)• Protects student educational records such as academic progress andfinancial data• Students “own” their educational records and such data may not bedisclosed without the student’s consent (This includes parents!)• Authorization form provides consent …• For Billing and Financial Aid Information• Notarized signature of student or witnessed by Bursar’s Officeemployee (must use SIUE form from the Bursar’s website)• Password protected*• Form available in student packet*Please note, the password assigned on the Authorization form is used to verify the 3rd party’s identity to discuss mattersover the phone or through email. This password is separate from the eBill login password.2013
  • 6. How do I get my bill?sends an “eBill,” or an email notification that:1. Tells you the payment due date2. Prompts you to view updated bill at siue.edu/paymybill or onCougarNetStudents can authorize parents or other third parties to receive thesame eBill notification.• Authorization instructions included in your student packet• Tip – for your convenience, make this password easy toremember.2013siue.edu/bursar
  • 7. Financial Clearance• Students are financially cleared once they have paid their charges in full or havepaid their first installment payment.• All charges from a previous semester must be paid in full to be financially cleared.• Access to University services including classroom attendance, Blackboard,housing, meal plan, library, computer labs, fitness center and Student Job Finderare provided to students once they are financially cleared for the semester.• Your financial clearance status appears on CougarNet(login and select Student, Student Account, Account Detail for Term).• The financial clearance status is updated nightly.• How does Financial Aid affect my bill and financial clearance?Financial aid pays current semester charges.Unless Financial Aid covers entire balance, a payment will be required by the firstinstallment due date.2013siue.edu/bursar
  • 8. How do I make my payment?• Cash – In person only• Paper Check – In person, by mail, or night dropIf paying by mail,• Please allow sufficient time to meet payment due date. We suggest you mail yourpayment at least 7 days in advance.• Please write the student’s ID number (begins with 800) on check• Pay your bill online at siue.edu/paymybill – Online paymentsmust be completed before 4:30pm CT on the payment due date• Pay by eCheck by entering you bank routing number and youraccount number (no service fee) – do not use “bill pay” from yourbank unless you allow ten days before due date• Pay by Credit Card (MasterCard, Discover, American Express)• A service fee of 2.75% will be added to the payment amount• Credit cards are NOT accepted in person at the Bursar’s Office2013
  • 9. Installment Payment Plan• Automatic enrollment if student account is not paid in full by first paymentdue date• $20 charge per semester• Pay in 4 installments (3 in Summer)• Installments are calculated AFTER available Financial Aid• First installment payment secures students’s registration. If it is late ormissed, the student’s registration will be cancelled.• Assume student decided not to attend which makes space available inclasses.• If last 3 installment payments are late or missed, the student’s registrationwill not be cancelled; however, a 1.5% late fee will be added to thestudent’s balance.2013siue.edu/bursar
  • 10. Fall Billing & Payment ScheduleBill DateJune 29September 7September 28October 19Due DateAugust 9September 27October 18November 8Remember, if the first installment is not received in our officeby August 9, the student’s registration will be cancelled.2013siue.edu/bursar
  • 11. View Your Bill and Pay Onlinesiue.edu/paymybillStudent Login Third Party LoginStudents Enter your eID (the first half of your SIUE emailaddress – example: jsmith) and password.Third Party Enter your User Name (assigned by your student)and password (you chose when you registered).2013siue.edu/bursar
  • 12. Your AccountAccount Balance $4,948.70Installment Amount Due $1,257.17Account Detail(turn off pop-up blocker (see Help-MISC on how to))View Payment Due DateMake Payment(Credit balances are not displayed)Springboard to Success(First-time Freshman Only )The last payment received was for $0.00 on x/x/20xx.Parent PINsAdd NewYou currently do not have any Third Party Usersset up.Students, authorize parent or 3rd party here:Summary ofbalance & amountdue.For itemized charges andpayments click here.POPUP BLOCKER MUSTBE DISABLED!Click here to authorize aparent or third party.2013siue.edu/bursar
  • 13. Account Detail for Term 800xxxxxx John Q StudentTodays DateSOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY EDWARDSVILLEAt A Glance - Jul 1, 2013Fall 2013 Balance:Balance From Other Terms: $0.00Total Balance: $8,898.70Pending Aid: $3,950.00Payment due date is Aug 9, 2013To Pay in Full: $4,948.70To Pay Installment: $1,257.17Anticipated Refund: $0.00Financial Clearance: Not Cleared(Updated Nightly) Students must be financially cleared on or before the first payment due date by 4:30pm CST to avoid having classes dropped.Payment OptionsOnline PaymentPayment must be made by 4:30 pm Central Time to be considered the same business day.Mail a PaymentPlease include the students ID number (begins with 800) and allow 7 days for post office delivery.Include accountnumber if payingby check!
  • 14. 201335 Fall 2013 Term Detail Jul 1, 2013DescriptionItem Date Charge Payment BalanceBalance From Other Terms: $0.00Athletic Fee 1-Jul-13 $165.70Business Course Fee 1-Jul-13 $30.00Facilities Maintenance Fee 1-Jul-13 $277.50Fitness Center Fee 1-Jul-13 $81.75University Center Fee 1-Jul-13 $156.75Student Acad. Success Ctr Fee 1-Jul-13 $72.60SWAF (1098T Rpt) 1-Jul-13 $56.60SWAF (1098T Non Rpt) 1-Jul-13 $56.30Information Technology Fee 1-Jul-13 $102.75Textbook Rental Fee 1-Jul-13 $175.50Information Technology Fee 1-Jul-13 $102.75Tuition Instate (UG) 1-Jul-13 $3,315.00Evergreen Residence Hall 1-Jul-13 $2,800.00Meal Plan A or B 1-Jul-13 $1,490.00Housing CHAF 1-Jul-13 $15.50Fall 2013 Balance $8,898.70Total Balance: $8,898.70For a description of the mandatory fees, please click here.Authorized Financial Aid as of Jul 1, 2013Description Expected PaymentFederal SEOG $700.00Authorized Financial Aid Total: $700.00Authorized Aid: Financial aid requirements are complete and aid will pay to your account.Memos as of Jul 1, 2013Description Expected PaymentFederal Direct Loan Sub $2,250.00Fedl Direct Loan Unsub $1,000.00Memo Total: $3,250.00Memos: May include payment pending from third party agencies such as College Illinois or youremployer OR Financial aid offered and accepted, but you have not completed all requirements (such asFederal Direct Parent Loan PLUS). Unless you complete all requirements, financial aid memos will beremoved from your account after the first payment due date for the semester. Check status of yourFinancial Aid Requirements on CougarNet.
  • 15. Fall 2013 Installment PlanDescription Due Date AmountInstallment Amount Aug 09, 2013 $1,237.17Installment Plan Fee Aug 09, 2013 $20.00Installment Amount Sep 27, 2013 $1,237.17Installment Amount Oct 18, 2013 $1,237.17Installment Amount Nov 08, 2013 $1,237.19Installment Plan Total:Tuition, fees, housing and meal plan charges are included in the installment plan and spreadover four installments (three in Summer semester). Other charges (previous balance, parkingfines, late fees, etc.) are not part of the installment plan and are due when billed.Payment due by Aug 9, 2013To Pay in Full: $4,948.70To Pay Installment: $1,257.17[ Select Another Term ]
  • 16. How do I get my Refund?You Have Options! You have the choice to receive your refunds by direct deposit to your existingbank account, or added to an SIUE MasterCard® Prepaid Debit Card issued by Citi® through SIUE.These options are intended to give you faster and more convenient access to your financial aid andrefunds.2013To receive a refund, your financial aid must be posted to your account and cause a credit balanceor overpayment. Any credit balance or overpayment is refunded on Friday, the week after thecredit balance or overpayment appears. For each semester, the first batch of refunds are issuedon the Friday before classes begin and are produced weekly throughout the semester.What do I need to do?• Update your billing address in CougarNet.• Wait for an email from SIUE inviting you to enroll.• Enroll using the Zip Code associated with your SIUE billing address as you login to create yourpassword. Select your method (direct deposit or prepaid debit card) and complete the process.Enrollment is only required once. All future refunds will be sent in the same method.• You are finished unless you need to update information on your account.For more information, please visit our website, siue.edu/refundWhen do I get my Refund?
  • 17. Presentation materials are available online atsiue.edu/bursar.Please ask for assistance.We’re here to help!Thank you for choosing2013siue.edu/bursar