PMA Del Monte, USAWeekend, Whrrl Case Study 4.7.11


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Case Study of Del Monte Foods Kibble n Bits brand case study of fully integrated campaign including print, online display, social, geo location and blogger outreach

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PMA Del Monte, USAWeekend, Whrrl Case Study 4.7.11

  1. 1. Bridging the engagement gap between in-home decision making and in-store shopping
  2. 2. Agenda • Key market trends • Case studies • Lessons learned
  3. 3. Just announced: Smartphone Shipments> PC Shipments in 2010. Ahead of Schedule
  4. 4. The world is changing right before our eyes 51% by Q3 2011
  5. 5. Value driving explosive growth Android Law: Top smart phones 6 months ago are now obsolete Unlimited data for only $25 a month
  6. 6. Every demographic in US is impacted From PEW research… • 46% of households earning less than $30,000 a year are wireless Internet users. • This income group is the fastest growing -- up by 11 percentage points from 35% in April 2009. • 10% of online Hispanics use check-in services.
  7. 7. Check Ins 4% of online population is checking in 30M users using Facebook Places PEW Research published on November 4, 2010 Reported on Oct 29th, 2010, 10 weeks after launch. Outdated before published
  8. 8. Why Check In? Share w/ friends To be a mayor Rewards Personalization
  9. 9. There is a difference between location vs. place
  10. 10. Precision is the key to relevancy Primary values: 1. What does it mean to others? 2. How can this data make my everyday life more fun or make information to me more relevant? 3. What else can I discover? Check-ins represent “Foot streams” = The real-world equivalent to the click stream
  11. 11. Relevancy drives disruption N IO PT an c Re le v U SR DI Overture Sponsored Keywords ET RK MA y AOL Google AdWords Physical World, Social, Mobile
  12. 12. Broad set of digital technologies gaining adoption Example Digital Vehicles by Platform Displays & In-Store Advertising 17% * 19% Relationship Marketing * * In store video, kiosks, scanners Direct to card, e-circular 30% E-newsletter, personalized storefront 37% WOM, reviews, branded community 40% Sponsored results, virtual display * 47% Retailer sitelet, how to video * 49% Barcode scanners, shopping lists * * 12
  13. 13. Case Study: Del Monte Kibbles ‘n Bits Problem: Activate dog owner community at Walmart. Leverage USA WEEKEND Magazine and Whrrl to provide service in-store “How to show your dog love” recommendations at Walmart. Society: “I Love My Dog” Society Rewards: $25 gift card Locations: Walmart
  14. 14. USA WEEKEND Magazine Reaches 47+ million readers while in-home Quick Audience Cume • 81% read USA WEEKEND Magazine on the day it is delivered • 98% see your ad within 1week • 84% read nearly every issue Responsive Readers • 94% of readers read USA WEEKEND at home • 83% of readers take action on the ads in the magazine • Readers spend an avg of 25 minutes with the magazine • 64% are the primary shoppers in their households Improves Advertising ROI: • 84% are influenced by brand familiarity • Proven by IRI, USA WEEKEND lifted sales volume 11.2% in its markets** Sources: MRI, Doublebase 2010; USA WEEKEND Reader Panel; Affinity/VISTA Print Rating Service, 2009 Shopper Insight Study, conducted by RSI Research. ** 2008 Information Resources Inc, (IRI) illustrates the value that the magazine brings to major food and packaged goods advertisers. IRI tracked grocery store’s volume of a top USA WEEKEND food client for 2 weeks. The client’s advertising ran in USA WEEKEND markets and nonUSA WEEKEND markets. Sales rates were compared at the end of the period.
  15. 15. Ad connected readers to Whrrl A location based social network designed to support readers with recommendations and rewards in store. Group you with people who like what you like: Societies Inspire action through recommendations, experiences, and stories Present the best ideas scored and filtered through our personalization algorithms 80% of I Love My Dog Society members wantto…. People who check in to Walmart, do the following recommendations… Marissa Lomas, a Foodie VIP, recommends the following…. People who go to Walmart, go to Murphy USA’s afterwards. Partner with Brands to reward action and social loyalty
  16. 16. Whrrl encourages engagement and advocacy How the game works: More Loyalty & Influence Trendsetter Maven VIP Inside r Rookie Users level up and earn titles as they gain points. Users earn points for influencing others, via: •Check-ins •Recommendations •Want Tos •Did-its •Sharing
  17. 17. How did it work?
  18. 18. How to Join… Readers go to and unlock the safe to join the I Love My Dog Society
  19. 19. Once you are part of the Society…
  20. 20. Bloggers created recommendations to bootstrap Society 5 results on page 1
  21. 21. I Love My Dog Society members are driven to activate at the store Whrr l Jeanna B. made a rec to I Love My Dog Society @ Walmart: Take your dog for a picnic. Buy some treats and bring the kids. Clos e Vie w
  22. 22. Within 60 days…. 03/28/2011 Current Society Members I Love My Dog Society 5,000+ Engagement 52% of people in the Society have acted on at least 1 recommendation. Activation 23% of people in the Society have checked in to one or more Walmart locations and played the game. Ongoing Activation 57% of people who played the game have played on multiple days. Reach From blogs = Approximately 2.4M impressions Total Social Activity 20K activities on recommendations and check-ins
  23. 23. Lessons Learned 1. Integration: Combine reach + engagement vehicles to drive consumers from home to store 2. Relevancy: Drive a more relevant experience, in the moment, by connecting content users need in the context of that need 3. Activation: Program activation at key steps to ensure the audience is aware of your brand on the path to purchase 4. Advocacy: Unlock consumer natural passion for your brand and let users share their love
  24. 24. Contact Info Laura Hendricks Director, Retail/Shopper Doug Chavez Director, Digital Marketing Marketing USA WEEKEND Magazine Del Monte Foods John Kim VP of Products Pelago