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Slides from Ideation workshop given to Melbourne Accelerator Programme held at the University of Melbourne on 11 April 2013.

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  • I have spent the past two weekends supporting undergraduates in “ideal’ and early stage “concept” statewide and regional competitions as one way to provide nascent entrepreneurs with early feedback on to speed up the discovery process and include users or stakeholders in the validation process. Your slides should be part of the entrepreneurial curriculum.
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Ideation for Startups by GetViable

  1. 1. @getviableIdeationfor
  2. 2. @getviableDougal EdwardsCofounder & Head of product, GetViableDigital product & user engagement expertDeep digital product pedigree acrossB2C & B2B / Media, Finance & StartupGlobal experience leading digital productstrategies – idea to launchGetViable is an online accelerator that helps youdiscover, validate and build your startup ideas
  3. 3. @getviableGOTIDEAS?
  4. 4. @getviableAn idea is nothingmore nor less thana new combinationof old elements- James Webb Young
  5. 5. @getviableWhat is ideationanyway?“It depends…”
  6. 6. @getviableTraditional PMs & Tech“Just make sure ideas stop beforeproject and development even start”
  7. 7. @getviableThe Design Thinkers“RADICAL”design alternatives@dougaled / @getviable
  8. 8. @getviableThe Design Thinkers“RADICAL”design alternatives@dougaled / @getviable
  9. 9. @getviableEveryone else…Idewhat??@dougaled / @getviable
  10. 10. @getviableIdeation TechniquesBrainstorming (alone/together)BrainwritingForceFit (intense peace)PoetryBorrowingLogical level UpBizarro world
  11. 11. @getviableLet’sBrainstorm!!(JOKE)
  12. 12. @getviablePeople can be overly concerned abouthow their ideas will be perceived.Most ideas never leave the thinker smind because of this internal editing.You must loosen up the team to getover this hesitation.What was that feeling…?
  13. 13. @getviableA quick exercise inbrainwritingSeriously now…
  14. 14. @getviable2 minutesWrite your name&A problem you want to solvePass it on
  15. 15. @getviableHow might we…Use parts of this problem for good?Separate the problem from the experience?Make it the opposite of the problem?Challenge the assumption of the problem?Change the status quo that
  16. 16. @getviableThe BIG idea – 3 minutesTake a moment to get a little bit of background“WHY?”Think of a BIG idea that may (or may not) be ananswer to this problem.DOESN’T MATTER (or does it?)Pass it on
  17. 17. @getviableDevelop the idea – 3 minutesRead the problem and the BIG idea.Look for a connection.Ask yourself “WHY?”Develop idea in a way you think might work.Pass it on
  18. 18. @getviablePass it onConclude the idea – 3 minutesRead the problem and the ideas.Look for a connection.Ask yourself “WHY?”Develop idea in a way you think might work.
  19. 19. @getviableIdeation instartups…
  20. 20. @getviablethe process of bringingideas to life
  21. 21. @getviableQuestions, questions…Do you know you are solving a problem?Do you know whose problem you re solving?Do you know what problem you’re solving?How do you know?Have you talked to people?…Has your idea changed as a result?
  22. 22. @getviableWe always look at an issue orproblem through our own lens.Our expertise, experiencesand bias leads us to our ownunique solution.- Someone
  23. 23. @getviableIf I had an hour to solve aproblem I‘d spend 55 minutesthinking about the problemand 5 minutes thinking aboutsolutions.(but today… we have the luxury of failing)- Albert Einstein
  24. 24. @getviableThe journey of a startup ideaMinimumViableProductTractionWoooohoooooo!Confusion, Chaos[Time & Money]ValidationYAY!
  25. 25. @getviableLean Startup@getviableIDEASCODEDATALEARNBUILDMEASURERapid iteration requires constant ideation
  26. 26. @getviableCustomer Development@getviable
  27. 27. @getviableBusiness Model Canvas@getviable
  28. 28. @getviable“It s only when you openyourself up to the absurdthat you find true creativity”- Someone Else
  29. 29. @getviableI d like mycrayons back,please.@getviable
  30. 30. @getviableWhere is ideation for startups?ideationMVP TractionChaos ValidationPart of your brain should ALWAYS be creating
  31. 31. @getviableIn closingSome practical idea stuff…
  32. 32. @getviableIdea ArticulationI am developing(a defined offering)to help (a target audience)to (solve a problem)with (secret sauce) .
  33. 33. @getviable7 Rules of an Idea1.  Simple ideas win2.  Simple original ideas win more3.  Single revenue stream4.  Name your customer5.  Easy to explain6.  BIG market7.  Legitimate secret sauce
  34. 34. @getviableThe idea itself1.  Must be specific2. Avoid buzzwords3. Avoid adjectives
  35. 35. @getviableTesting your startup idea1.  Share your idea – feedback rocks2.  Ideas don’t matter – execution does3.  Nobody is going to steal your idea4.  NDAs are obsolete and irrelevant
  36. 36. Questions?Dougal