Gam02 kinect1, kinect2


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Gam02 kinect1, kinect2

  1. 1. Template designed by Kinect 1, Kinect 2, Leap Motion, Intel Perceptual Computing: quale scegliere? Matteo Valoriani - @MatteoValoriani
  2. 2. Template designed by brought to you by
  3. 3. WHO I AM… PhD Student at Politecnico of Milano CEO of Fifth Element Consultant
  5. 5. Template designed by Why NUI Sensors • Kinect 1 • Leap Motion • Intel Camera • Kinect 2 Which to choose? Agenda
  6. 6. Why NUI?
  7. 7. #CDays14 – Milano 25, 26 e 27 Febbraio 2014
  8. 8. NUI devices
  9. 9. Template designed by Kinect
  10. 10. Template designed by 3D DEPTH SENSOR RGB CAMERA MULTI-ARRAY MIC MOTORIZED TILT Hardware Depth resolution: 320x240 RGB resolution: 640x480 FrameRate: 60 FPS Latency 90 ms Kinect - Specs
  11. 11. Template designed by 43° vertical by 57° horizontal field of view Kinect - Field of View
  12. 12. Template designed by Skeleton Data Maximum two players tracked at once Six player proposals per Kinect
  13. 13. demo
  14. 14. #CDays14 – Milano 25, 26 e 27 Febbraio 2014 Leap Motion
  15. 15. Template designed by Hardware
  16. 16. Template designed by Leap Motion -Field of View 150° - Long Side 120° - Short Side Max 60 cm above the controller Max 60 cm wide on each side
  17. 17. Template designed by Leap Motion for Developers
  18. 18. Template designed by Hands Recognition
  19. 19. Template designed by Comfortable use of Leap Place the Leap Motion Controller on your desk where it's comfortable to use. Relax your shoulders. If standing or sitting high in a chair, hold your elbows near your side, and keep your forearms parallel to the floor and at a right angle from your body. If sitting at usual desk height, you can rest your elbows or forearms on your desk, but not on a sharp edge. Hold your hands just above the device, your wrist and hands in roughly a straight line
  20. 20. Template designed by
  21. 21. demo
  22. 22. Template designed by Intel Perceptual Computing
  23. 23. Template designed by Camera Specs Hardware: Depth resolution: 320x240 RGB resolution: 1280x720 FrameRate: 30 FPS • Size: 10.15 x 5.1 x 5 cm
  24. 24. Template designed by
  25. 25. demo
  26. 26. Template designed by Xbox One - Kinect 2
  27. 27. Template designed by Kinect 2 - Specs 3D DEPTH SENSOR RGB CAMERA MULTI-ARRAY MIC Hardware: Depth resolution: 512×424 RGB resolution: 1920×1080 (16:9) FrameRate: 60 FPS Latency: 60 ms
  28. 28. Template designed by Kinect 2 vs Kinect 1 Version 1 Version 2 Depth range 0.4m → 4.0m 0.4m → 4.5m Color stream 640×480 1920×1080 Depth stream 320×240 512×424 Infrared stream None 512×424 Audio stream 4-mic array 16 kHz 4-mic array 48 kHz USB 2.0 3.0 Hand Traking External tools Yes Face Traking Yes Yes+Expressions FOV 57° H 43° V 70° H 60° V Tilt Motorized Manual
  29. 29. demo
  30. 30. Which to choose?
  31. 31. Template designed by Some selection criterias… 1° 2° 3° 4° 2 or + users Kinect 2 Kinect 1 Intel Leap Full body interaction Kinect 2 Kinect 1 - - Hand Recognition Intel Leap Kinect 2 Kinect 1* Accuracy Leap Intel Kinect 2 Kinect 1 Voice command Intel (Kinect 2) Kinect 1 Minimum Hardware Intel Leap Kinect 1 Kinect 2 Price Leap Kinect 1 Intel* (Kinect 2) Compatibility Leap Intel Kinect 1 Kinect 2
  32. 32. Template designed by Microsoft Kinect Issues: The device is large A dedicated power cord is required The amount of data generated by the sensor also tends to saturate a USB controller Kinect cannot easily distinguish individual fingers on a hand Most of the features listed above require the Microsoft SDK, which is only supported for desktop applications on Windows 7 and 8. Which to choose? ALL Microsoft Kinect Advantages: • Skeletal tracking • Face tracking • Multiple sensors: • Raw data • Voice control Best for: Kiosks, installations, and digital signage projects where the user will be standing fairly far away from the display.
  33. 33. Template designed by Leap Motion Issues: Sensing range is fairly limited. Only fingers are tracked. There is no skeleton or face tracking. No access to the raw sensor data. Which to choose? ALL Leap Motion Advantages: • Finger tracking is fast and accurate. • Smaller and less expensive • Framework support: .NET, Processing, Cinder, etc. • Compatible: Mac OS and Windows. Best for: Controlled kiosk environments with a pointing-based UI. Generally best for general audience desktop apps which can be distributed in the Airspace store.
  34. 34. Template designed by Intel Issues: Getting some of the deeper features (like age and gender detection) to work is a bit tricky. Device and software are in beta. Due to the close range of the tracking system, hand gestures must be designed such that a user’s hand doesn’t occlude their own view of the display. Which to choose? ALL Intel Advantages: • Smaller and less expensive • Close-range tracking • Hand posture/gesture recognition • Facial analysis • Speech (built-in support for speech synthesis powered by Nuance). • Raw data • Framework support: Processing, Unity and OpenFrameworks Best for: Desktop/laptop applications where the user will be seated in front of the PC. Close range applications where features, apart from hand tracking and recognition, are necessary without too much precision or accuracy.
  35. 35. … TIRED?
  36. 36. Template designed by So Long and Thanks for all the Fish
  37. 37. Template designed by brought to you by