Written final report by do thi binh giang (peaceful river) unv4b.


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This is my Final Report of CALL course

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Written final report by do thi binh giang (peaceful river) unv4b.

  1. 1. Southern New Hampshire University Vietnam National University ******************** EFL 537- call By Jeffery Alan Lebow ----------------------------------------------- Final Report APPLYING COMPUTER AND INTERNET IN TEACHING ENGLISH AT HIGH SCHOOL By Do Thi Binh Giang (Peaceful River)
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENT I- INTRODUCTION: II- DEVELOPMENT: 1. What have I been doing to approach computer in teaching English at my High School? 1.1. With Preasentation (Powerpoint) 1.2. With Activities ( Hotpotatoes), 1.3. Audio Recording and Editing (Audacity), With Image Editing (Irfanview) 1.4. Connection the skills/tools above in a lesson 1.5. With Slideshare and Youtube. 2. What have I achieved when applying computer in teaching English? 3. My future plan of CALL III- CONCLUSION:
  3. 3. I- INTRODUCTION: Two weeks of EFL537- Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) course in Cohorh 4 classroom seem to go faster than usual. It is hard to believe that I have finished 10 days with the course. The courses really provides me a hands-on, collaborative environment in which I can learn about and explore the use of computer and the varous technologies to develop learning materials that are relevant to my teaching context. I am very happy with the course by Jeffery Alan Lebow. I have real chance to learn by doing practically because of my NEEDS and my own INTERESTS, not GRADES. After the first day of the course, I really overcame the anxieties of learning CALL course with Jeff’s timely help although he is far from me. The most important thing I achieve from the course is that I am now more confident to learn and practise how to explore and approach computer in teaching English at my High School. I am sure I can do my teaching better with the help of computer. There are many CALL tools and resources available evolving rapidly day by day, so I want to know how to use them as much as possible, then I choose some suitable tools to apply in practically teaching English at my High School in Hoa Binh province, Vietnam. There is a computer room for the students in my school, but there is no internet connection there, so I can only teach English by one computer and projector. As a result, I choose to master Presentations ( with powerpoint ), and Activity ( With Hotpotatoes), and some other relevant academic fields, as: Audio Recording and Editing ( Audacity), Image Editing ( with Irfanview) to degine my lessons. And I sometimes use Slideshare and Youtube to share my lesson and my teaching experiences with my colleagues or some my students ( who have their own computer and internet connection at home).
  4. 4. II- DEVELOPMENT: 1. What have I been doing to approach computer in teaching English at my High School? 1.1. With Preasentation (Powerpoint): There are many options to create Presentation, but I choose Powerpoint because of effectiveness. I usually teach my students with only one computer in the classroom, so I use Powerpoint software to design my lesson and then use projector to show in the classroom. Here are some examples of my lesson presentations: http://www.slideshare.net/dothibinhgiang/englh-11-unit-6reading-a- nice-lesson-see-it http://ww.slideshare.net/dothibinhgiang/englh-11-unit-16reading When I create a lesson presentation, I always try to find more informations, and pictures to make my lesson more interesting, not only the content and the picures in the textbook. I search on internet to find suitable things to add my presentation. And I can see my students are are more interested in my lessons created by powerpoint than the lessons presented by only blackboard and chalks. 1.2. With Activities ( Hotpotatoes), Hot Potatoes is one of the best known programs (for Windows and Mac) for creating activities. I usually use Hot Potatoes to create activities presented at the “Warm-up” or “Production” of the lesson in the classroom ( The class using only one computer. Students can stand up to do the activities, or to work in groups, pairs, or dividually to look at the screen and do activities at the same time. Hot Potatoes is specially useful for the
  5. 5. grammar exercises, which makes students more active and interested in doing. Here are some my own created Hot potatpes Activities: http://www.efl537.com/blog/hot-potatoes-3-vnu4b http://www.efl537.com/blog/hot-potatoes-2-vnu4b If there is a lab for my students at Lac Thuy B School in the near future, I will use these activities to let my stucents to do in their own computer. I think it will be more effective and useful. 1.3. Audio Recording and Editing (Audacity), With Image Editing (Irfanview) To make my presentation more interesting, living, and attractive, I use “Adacity” to record and edit Audios, and “Irfanview” to edit images. I can record any Audios which are suitable for my teaching presentation. It is very interesting to make my Audios myself. It seems to be more professional when my students can see my name on the top of Audio when it is playing. Here are is an example: http://www.efl537.com/audio/peaceful-river-vnu4b-introduction-do-thi- binh-giang But I think I want to focus on another role of this sotfware is editing Audios. When I want to teach listening, I want to help my students to focus on each part of listening ( or sentence by sentence depending on the understanding questions of the listening), I can export every selection. I can give an example here: http://www.efl537.com/audio/audio-editing-orignal-listening And I cut it into 8 tracks for my students to check their understanding after they answer the comprehension questions:
  6. 6. http://www.efl537.com/audio/audio-editing I sometimes see the images are not suitable with my lesson presentation, so I want to edit to meet the needs of my lesson.. In this case, I use “Irfanview” to edit the images which are suitable with the practical context of the lesson. Here are some example: This is the Orignal Image ( Unit 12- English 10), as here: http://www.efl537.com/blog/orginal-image And I cut the image into 3 single pictures to meet the needs of my presentation, as here: http://www.efl537.com/blog/imageedit I always feel satisfied with the audios and images editted by the Audacity and Irfanview which make our presentations more living, effective, and attractive. 1.4. Connection the skills/tools above in a lesson To make my lessons more meaningful and professional by adding audio, videos in powerpoint presentations while creating Presentations, as the following (I use irfan to have this pictures to illustrate this):
  7. 7. I also Reload Hot potatoes and powerpoint in the same package by using reload editor sotfware : http://www.reload.ac.uk/editor.html . I have used it to reload:
  8. 8. 1.5. With Slideshare and Youtube. When I want to share my presentation with my colleagues, I use Slideshare to upupload my presentation. My colleagues can download and share their ideas with me. I am happy with any comment from them. I feel sorry that most of my students do not have computer and internet at home, but some of them have, so they can see my presentation on Slideshare, and Youtube. I think in near future, there will be enough labs with modern equipments for my students to learn English via computer. Especially in case they may be ill and miss some lessons, they can learn by internet and computer by “Slideshare” and “Youtube”. http://www.slideshare.net/dothibinhgiang/englh-11-unit-6reading-a- nice-lesson-see-it http://ww.slideshare.net/dothibinhgiang/englh-11-unit-16reading http://www.youtube.com/user/dothibinhgiang I will sometimes records my presentation in the classroom, and upload the video on Youtube so that my colleagues can download to see.
  9. 9. And I also download theirs, and we can share personal experiences of teaching English. 2. What have I achieved when applying computer in teaching English? When I apply computer in teaching English, my students are more interested in my lessons. They are more active to involve in my lesson, and enjoy taking parts in doing activities. As a result, I often achieve the objectives of the lessons with the help of computer. I also am happy when I can motivate my students to learn English by create interesting and useful presentation. Here are some photos taken in my classroom:
  10. 10. 3. My future plan of CALL I know that I am not really good at enternet exploring, so I have to try my best to practise some skills usful to my teaching as much as possible. So, I will go on improving my skills of using Powerpoint and Hot potatoes to create more interesting and useful lessons with the relevant fields, as: audios and image edit. I have a dream that in the near future, I can have a chance to use Slideshare and Youtube to teach English. At that time, I do not also teach English with one computer but also can teach with one computer for each student. So, I have to try my best to focus on the skills of CALL above and some othe skill to explore internet, as: Social Boomarking, Blogging and RSS, Social Network. III- CONCLUSION: As my teacher, Jeffery Alan Lebow says, CALL is an unusual course. The course is the beginning of my CALL learning, and never ends. I learn much from the course, not only the knowledge of CALL, but also: how to work with the others, how to do something myself, how to be creative in learning. And I also learn much from my teacher (I call him Jeff): how to motivate students in learning, how to encourage students in doing creative things, how to help students, how to treat students.ect. He has just opened a now world for me. And I have been trying to do well in the new world of teaching. I am sure that I will continue his course until I stop breathing because of its benefits to my work and my life. Thanks Jeff so much and give him the best regards. And I also thank to Tuan who helps me much during the course. CALL COURSE NEVER ENDS!