7 digital marketing trends for 2012
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7 digital marketing trends for 2012






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7 digital marketing trends for 2012 7 digital marketing trends for 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • 7 Trends to Watch in 2012And Key Tactics You’ll Need to Address Them
  • Silverpop Speakers• Laurie Hood • VP, Product Marketing • Twitter: @LaurieHood• Loren McDonald • VP, Industry Relations • Twitter: @LorenMcDonald • Google+: +Loren McDonald
  • 7 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2012 Location- Based Marketing Email as Dynamic Personality Platform Be Screensize- Everywhere apolloza Behavior Remarketing Rules View slide
  • #1: Location, Location, Location View slide
  • Check-ins are Location-Based Sharing viaMobile Device
  • Sweepstakes Run sweepstakes and scavenger hunts based on when someone checks in to a location with Foursquare or Facebook
  • Loyalty Programs 10% Off Coupon +25 Points Offer rewards or incentives to people when they sign up and check into one of your locations using Foursquare or Facebook.
  • Local Offers 10% Off Coupon Buy One, Get One Free Receive A Free Gift Deliver special offers to people when they check into any venue within a certain distance to one of your locations.
  • Twitter Messaging Automatically post a Twitter message when someone shares their Foursquare check-in with friends on Twitter
  • Client Summit: Silverpop Geo Demo #2 Check in atSTART registration and donate to Charity Water END #3 Check in tonight at World of Coke Networking event to win prizes #1 Arrive at ATL airport and receive a “to do” to check in 10
  • #2: Personality Plus
  • [get pur-suh-nl]1. Marketing content that speaks with a “human” voice.2. Targeted, personally relevant messaging based on consumer preferences, demographics and behaviour.3. Dude, lose the corporate speak.
  • How-to video
  • Let Customers Do the Selling 30+% Increase in Orders and Sales
  • #3: Screensize-apalooza
  • Going Mobile / Screensize-apalooza
  • Location – Anywhere & Everywhere
  • So Context Means…ScannableSingular calls to actionLarger fontsSingle columnsBullet-proof / large CTA buttonsDesign for touch …
  • The New Design Challenge Old mouse New mouse
  • Do Your Email’s Have the Touch?Source: StyleCampaign.com, Litmus
  • #4: Actions Speak Loudest
  • The Value of Behavior-Based Marketing Behavior Profile • Visited website • Visited blog • Clicked to Twitter • Commented on blog • Visited community site Increase • Downloaded whitepaper conversion • Checked in on FourSquare • Submitted a Demo Request form and ROI • Watched “30 Reasons” video
  • Behavioral SegmentationTraditional Segmentation Segmentation 2.0• Geographic Adding real-time behavior elements – Region including… – Population Density • Purchase Behavior• Demographic – Last purchase date – Age – Number of purchases – Gender – Income – Purchase value• Psychosocial • Web Behavior – Social Class – Visited your website – Lifestyle – Viewed a product page• RFM Analysis – Submitted a web form – Recency – Accessed your online resources – Frequency – Monetary • Social Behavior • Shared your message with others • Email Behavior – Clicked an email link
  • Share Engagement
  • CloudwordsCompany• Cloudwords is a Translation Management Platform that enables customers to select and interact with vendors that will translate any type of content.Business Challenges• Ability to track effectiveness of marketing programs• Finding a marketing automation solution that could fit the needs of a company in rapid growth mode “Contact Insight gives ourOverview of Solution/Benefits salespeople the real-time insight they need when talking to a• Salesforce.com integration with Silverpop Engage led to prospect or customer, and every increased insight for Demand Generation team via morning it’s the first thing they Contact Insight module review inside Salesforce.com before they begin their work day.”• Use of Web Tracking captures anonymous behavior on website -- Michael Meinhardt• 100% increase in open and click rates through targeted CEO messaging Cloudwords• Use of Share-to-social enables Cloudwords content to go viral
  • #5: Re-engagement and remarketingcomes of age
  • Typical Actives vs. Inactives DB Ratio
  • Activate Early Inactives • New subscribers don’t open/click first X messages (e.g., 6) • Move these early inactives into “activation” track • Send survey, different offers; best of, diff subject lines, testimonials, etc.
  • 60% - 70% of Shopping Carts are Abandoned
  • “How much money are YOU leaving on the table?”
  • Cart Abandonment Email Results Abandoned All Cart Emails Promotional Comparison EmailsOpen Rate 37% 8% 4.6xClick-to-open 41% 14% 2.9xConversion rate 20% 5% 4.0xSales/email $7.46 $.08 97x
  • Cart vs. Broadcast Emails High % of sales relative to volume Relative Volume Relative Sales Abandon Cart Abandon Cart Emails Emails 0.3% 18.6% Promotional Promotional Emails 99.7% Emails 81.4%
  • #6: Be everywhere your customersand prospects are
  • Are You Where They Are? Where did everyone go? You Them
  • Add Email Opt-in to Facebook page
  • Add Social Sign-inIncreases form completion rates by 10-50%
  • Capture Opt-ins via Tablets/Kiosks
  • #7: Dynamic Dynamo
  • Recommendations
  • Cross Sell / Upsell Best Practice: Recommend accessory items or complementary items for each product in cart
  • Tactics for Personalization Success• Build dynamic content into your messages• Populate messages with peer reviews, customer testimonials and comments from social communities• Create “if-then” message tracks sending contacts down different paths based on behaviors
  • Air New Zealand “Personality Allowed” campaign yields impressive results for Air New Zealand Business Challenges • Increase customer loyalty by extending the on-board experience in a personal “kiwi” way • Create brand champions Overview of Solution/Benefits • “Personality Allowed” campaign yields impressive results • Pre-flight emails – 69% open rate/38% click rate • Post-arrival emails – 62% open rate/40% click rate • Thousands of social media posts • Incredibly positive feedback from customers and crew “What a brilliant campaign..I think this is the first piece of e-marketing that I have ever received that I thoroughly read, found helpful and actually printed out.” --Air New Zealand customer
  • About Silverpop / Q&A
  • The Expertise and Experience to Help You Grow• Marketing automation and email marketing• 1,400+ clients across a variety of industries• 12+ years of market-leading innovation• 20+ billion emails sent annually• Global presence
  • Working with Industry Leaders Financial Services Retail Energy & Utilities Media Business Services SoftwareTravel & Hospitality Non-Profit Food & Beverage Hardware Entertainment Education
  • Questions? Laurie Hood: @lauriehood lhood@silverpop.comLoren McDonald: @LorenMcDonald lmcdonald@silverpop.com
  • Thank you! On Twitter: @Silverpopwww.slideshare.net/silverpop www.silverpop.com