A Flat Out Unbiased Aweber Review|Are They 'It' Or Are They Crap?


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My personal Aweber review based on my experiences with The company.I talk about what i like and what i do not like about the system.Hope this aweber review helps you make an informed decision!
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A Flat Out Unbiased Aweber Review|Are They 'It' Or Are They Crap?

  1. 1. A FLAT OUT UNBIASED AWEBER REVIEW|ARE THEY 'IT' OR ARE THEY CRAP? Today,i'm going to do something a Lil' crazy and do a review of Aweber.Now if you're reading this,there is a big chance that you are looking for a review - maybe you want to buy but...you want to know if they are the "bomb".I'm presently a user of Aweber so i know what i'm saying and i decided to do an Aweber review AWEBER REVIEW I Started marketing online some 16 odd months ago and since that time i've used over 5 email
  2. 2. marketing services (Auto Responders).2 months ago,i switched over to Aweber after my last email marketing company acted like children (i'll tell you the story as you read on). My plan was just to 'test the waters'- to see if they were good and if all the rants about how good they are were true.In this process of My aweber review,i became a diehard customer (That's strange - i'm only a die hard fan of myself :) Now before i rant on and on without really making any point at all,let me give an overview of Aweber,my experience with them,my results and whether you should go ahead,and buy now. AWEBER REVIEW Okay,i do not really keep dates but i know that i
  3. 3. joined sometime in August.From that moment,some of the stuff that i saw totally impressed me. Here was it: First,Their customer support - i was having a problem with paying for the service so i hit the "live support" button and within minutes i was talking with a a guy who was the most helpful guy i had ever spoken to in a customer support department. I'm more of a 'technical dunce' really so he had to give me step by step instructions,gave me a link to check out and boom! i was done - that made a good first impression This aweber review is not biased and i'm going to tell you what i did not like about their service The thing i did not like was their sign up forms.I did not really find the sign up form that would make me feel like a web designing super hero -
  4. 4. but the upside of it was i found something that made me look a little like a hero but i wanted the super hero status - it may not be a problem for you though.I'm a little maniac That's just by the way Then more into the system, i TOTALLY love the fact that when i send a mail i can see the subscribers who opened my mails and I can then program the system to send a mail to only those group of lovely subscribers and exclude the dork bags on my list who don't open my mails Then i also love the ability to auto schedule broadcast messages so they can send on a particular time - this way,you will be able to know what time your list is more responsive so you can send them mails at that time
  5. 5. I also have a really cool feauture where i get a notification email anytime anyone opts in to my email list.You can also track from where exactly that subscriber came from What else? I love the tutorials when i have any problems.I have not had any reason to contact the customer support because there's always a tutorial that explains every single thing in the system I love the ability to customize your messages as either articles,images,headlines and all the other customizable feautures that are "drag and drop" Hey,i'm doing an aweber review,am i not?
  6. 6. Okay and FINALLY,there was a problem rebilling me and unlike my former auto responder that shut me down when this happened,they sent me friendly emails telling me what to do and kept my account updated and just limited a few feautures until i was able to get my credit card cleared to pay my monthly fee AND...I almost forgot..this is like the most important feature - My emails enjoy an insane deliverability rate - so far i've had 99.8% deliverability - if you don't know what that means,it basically means that my subscribers actually get my mails and it does not just end up in the spam box AWEBER REVIEW What of the "Other" AutoResponders?
  7. 7. Lol. i Just had to talk about the other auto responders here. You see,there are a lot of other auto responders out there I've used GetResponse,Constant Contact,GVO and a bunch of others that flat out annoyed me i can't even remember their names! GetResponse was so hard to figure out - i had sweaty hands throughout! GVO was good for a period of time then they had a problem billing my credit card and billed me twice in ONE month! Then the next month,they still took their charges!...CRAZY Aweber just stands out - has the most customers,is perfect for most businesses and has the best service out there. And that folks,is my aweber review! Maybe you've found yourself with a desire to
  8. 8. join now,that is okay and you can actually join right now (Click the link below) (There's also a $1 trial for one month which is just wicked...!) Click Here To Join Now http://workwithpraise.com/aweber If you found this Aweber review helpful in any way,feel free to share this with your friends Click On The Link and Join,Now! http://workwithpraise.com/aweber