7 steps to making more money in your online business


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Learn the steps on how to build your online business super fast and make a whole lot of money online.if you are struggling to make any money from the internet,these 7 steps will literally increase the money you can make and will make online.These steps were presented by Dot Com Income the outrageous internet income team

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7 steps to making more money in your online business

  1. 1. 7 steps to making more money in youronline businessPresented By Dot Com IncomeOutrageous Internet Income
  2. 2. • Working from Home! That phrase alone seemslike a magic word that speaks of freedom andabundance but the truth is that it is notalways so and this is the truth especially in theonline business niche. Only about 4% ofaffiliates are seeing any results – so what canyou do?
  3. 3. • Here are 7 steps that you can use to literallytransform your online business from astruggling one to a super successful one.• For more on how to make money online, visitwww.mylegithomebiz.org andwww.myonlineanswer.info
  4. 4. 1) Think outside the ‘box’• Think outside the ‘box’ – instead of doingwhat everyone else is doing, come up withyour own system, your own idea. Do whatothers are not doing. Be the kind of personthat takes big steps to achieve goals
  5. 5. 2) Market Daily• Market Daily – Now, you must be activelydoing something to sell your product everysingle day. Don’t be the kind of person thatwho sits down and expects results to drop onyour lap. Do something to put your business infront of new people every single day
  6. 6. 3)Be Results Oriented• Be Results Oriented – Your Goal Must be toget results. You must be a “result getter”. Ifwhat you are doing right now is not makingyou any money for you in your business or it isbarely making you money, then you have todrop it. Think results –go after results. Whenyou are results oriented, you will make a lot ofmoney faster than you will when you are notbecause it creates a sense of action in you thatmakes you stop nothing short of excellence
  7. 7. 4)Focus• Focus – The power of focus is something youmust adopt. You must know how to keep“your eyes on the goal” as it were. If you arefocused, you won’t get distracted to jumpfrom one “shiny object” to the other rather,you will channel your energy to making yourbusiness successful
  8. 8. 5)OutSource• Outsource – I know you may not have a lot ofmoney but one of the most important things youcan do to grow your online business rapidly is tooutsource. This simply means making others towork for you. Don’t try to do everything yourself.If you need a job done that you know will bequite tasking and time consuming for you, hiresomeone to do it instead. You can hire people todo almost any job for you on www.fiverr.com foronly $5. Other great sources to find people to dojobs for you are www.odesk.com andwww.elance.com and www.guru.com
  9. 9. 6)Learn something new every day• Learn something new every day – no man isan island. If you will succeed, you have tolearn from those who already have success inwhat they are doing. Don’t try to re-invent thewheel. It becomes much more easier to simplycopy what others are doing and use it to buildyour own “empire” rather than trying to bethe genius. Trust me, it will save you a lot oftime
  10. 10. 7) Profit!• Profit (Then Re-invest)! – I love this part. It’scalled the “profit” part. This is the point whereall your work pays off. Someone once said thatprofits are better than wages and I agree.Now, when you profit, make sure to re-investAT LEAST 20% back into your business.
  11. 11. • These 7 steps can transform ANY onlinebusiness and cause you to make a whole lot ofmoney online
  12. 12. • TIP: If you want to see how big money is beingmade online and simply copy the system andyou want me to lead you by the hand to asuccessful home business for free, click here