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  • 1. Virtue Ethics Feminist Ethics (Biomedical Ethics) Charles Lohman
  • 2. Virtue Ethics
    • VIRTUE ETHICS is agent based, describing the character of a moral agent as the driving force for an ethical behavior.
      • In other words, VIRTUE ETHICS is concerned with a person’s motivation for action and not with the action itself.
        • For example, if one performs a compassionate act, it is because one has a compassionate character in order to act in a compassionate way.
          • For the virtuous person, they believe it is intrinsically good to be compassionate, and the person’s actions reflect this belief.
  • 3. Feminist Ethics
    • FEMINIST ETHICS is concerned for the rights and welfare of all women.
      • It affirms the general rights of women to have control of their own bodies and lives.
      • Now, FEMINIST ETHICS is not pro-women in the sense that it excludes men.
        • Rather it involves a model of care and respect that incorporates both women and men in order to redress the balance of power between women and men and put them on equal terms.
  • 4. Feminist Ethics
    • This effort of equality is a matter of brining justice to a patriarchal society and institution.
      • For example, in the past, women were underrepresented in the clinical trails for heart disease, which resulted in an ignorance of the commonness of the disease in postmenopausal women.
        • So with these kind of inequalities, FEMINIST ETHICS emerged to provide a correction of wrongs to women in order for women to have equality with men in medical research and in the medical field in general.