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Optimizing WordPress (WordCamp Philly 2011)


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Deck I gave on Optimizing WordPress at WordCamp Philly. These are a combination of my own personal experience and things we automatically do for client accounts at WP Engine. …

Deck I gave on Optimizing WordPress at WordCamp Philly. These are a combination of my own personal experience and things we automatically do for client accounts at WP Engine.

Given the wide range in technical ability of the audience, these slides should provide an overview of subjects for optimization but you'll need to investigate the subjects individually.

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  • 1. WordPressOptimization WordPress Optmization ben metcalfe | WP Engine @dotBen | WordCampPhilly 20011WP
  • 2. WordPressOptimization Why? • Um, why not? • Keep readers/customers happy! • Stay up under heavy load • Save $$$WP
  • 3. WordPressOptimization Level 1 Let‟s get the basics out the way :)WP
  • 4. WordPressOptimization Keep WP up to date Why wouldn‟t you?WP
  • 5. WordPressOptimization Caching plugins FTW!! W3-Total-Cache also: WPSuperCache, BatCacheWP
  • 6. WordPressOptimization Deactivate unused plugins + delete plugins you don‟t use at allWP
  • 7. WordPressOptimization Avoid bad plugins Include (but not limited to) • backupwordpress • backwpup • broken-link-checker • dynamic-related-posts • file-commander • google-sitemap-generator • LinkMan (MyReviewPlugin Link Man) • MyRP (MyReviewPlugin) • wp-symposium-alertsWP
  • 8. WordPressOptimization Review your theme HTML • does it validate? • CSS at the top, JS at the bottom (not inline) PHP • Any weird code (if it looks bad, it probably is) • file_get_contents() / fgets()WP
  • 9. WordPressOptimization Is your host slow?WP
  • 10. WordPressOptimization Level 2WP
  • 11. WordPressOptimization Offloading (poor-mans CDN) Serve images via Flickr/etcWP
  • 12. WordPressOptimization Feedburn your RSS feed How many requests to your blog are /feed?WP
  • 13. WordPressOptimization Repair your MySQL DB Sometimes you need to tidy your room :) PHPMyAdmin, OptimizeDB, manuallyWP
  • 14. WordPressOptimization Load from multiple sub- domains good:, better:, foo2.otheromain2.comWP
  • 15. WordPressOptimization Browser Caching HTTP Cache-Control Expires headers Entity Tags (W3-Total-Cache, WPSuperCache)WP
  • 16. WordPressOptimization Level 3 Mostly assumes SSH accessWP
  • 17. WordPressOptimization Log slow MySQL queries Good HOWTO:
  • 18. WordPressOptimization Check site with Profile Tools WP-Tuner WPDB Profiling YSlowWP
  • 19. WordPressOptimization CDN MaxCDN (used @ WP Engine), Amazon CloudFront CloudFlare Use all the time or just „emergencies‟WP
  • 20. WordPressOptimization „Smush‟ your images pluginWP
  • 21. WordPressOptimization APC/ opcode cache php-apc + W3-Total-CacheWP
  • 22. WordPressOptimization Apache optimizations Disable .htaccess, use httpd.confWP
  • 23. WordPressOptimization Dedicated MySQLDB BoxWP
  • 24. WordPressOptimization Level 4 Hitting the big timeWP
  • 25. WordPressOptimization Reverse-proxy with nginx Run Apache on port 8080 Cache statics (good HOWTO on
  • 26. WordPressOptimization Varnish cache Ideally don‟t run Varnish on port 80, Avoid cookie issuesWP
  • 27. WordPressOptimization Memcache Ideally run Memcache on separate box Use same datacenter, ideally same subnetWP
  • 28. WordPressOptimization HyperDB Multiple database serversWP
  • 29. WordPressOptimization Boss LevelWP
  • 30. WordPressOptimization Static site on Amazon S3 “Movable Type” Model 100% Static siteWP
  • 31. WordPressOptimization #FailsWP
  • 32. WordPressOptimization DON‟T edit core files! No matter what “performance” benefit you think it will make!WP
  • 33. WordPressOptimization Amazon EC2 … isn‟t a silver bulletWP
  • 34. WordPressOptimization Q&AWP