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Presentation Sam Flemming - CIC Data
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Presentation Sam Flemming - CIC Data



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Opportunities and Challenges in Entering China’s New Media Landscape June 16, 2008
  • 2. Quick Intro to CIC
  • 3.
    • Definition: Text and multimedia content related to companies, products or services shared by netizens, including brands and consumers, via online community platforms such as BBS (online message boards), blogs and video sites.
    INTERNET WORD OF MOUTH (IWOM) BBS Blogs Video- S haring
  • 4. WHAT IS BBS?: BBS are online message boards with discussion and tend to be more anonymous. Topic: What is the difference between W800i and W800c? Reply: Names of model on Chinese Market are ended with “c”. And more… Top BBS in China
  • 5. CIC IS UNIQUE : Our analysts use proprietary technology to help you make sense of the buzz UNMATCHED IWOM EXPERIENCE EXPERT ANALYSTS PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY Using proprietary technology, CIC tracks tens of millions of BBS and blog messages every month to tell you how much talk there is, who’s talking, where they are talking, and if the talk is good or bad . Most importantly, our analysts tell you what it all means and what you can/should do about it.
  • 6.
    • Clients
    TOP TIER CLIENTS AND PARTNERS: In 3 years of history, CIC has developed strategic relationships with the best
    • Agencies
    • Leading international PR firms
    • Leading international advertising firms
    • Leading digital marketing firms
    World Famous Mobile Phone Brand World Famous Computer Processor Brand Top Chinese Portal World Famous Mobile Phone Brand
  • 8. BBS TO SHARE INFORMATION I know a good location for helicopter landing… the topography there is flat with good field of vision…Please help rescue the victims and my family members. Anyone who knows how to contact the main disaster relief organization please call me immediately. My phone number is 13548382070.
  • 9. 祈福  / Pray ( link ) 5 月 12 日的汶川地震让我们这一辈子都会刻骨铭心,这也是我第一次亲身经历地震,这次的损失惨重,但这并不可怕,只要我们有重建家园的决心就行,让我们都为灾区人民祈福吧!! We will never forget the earthquake that occurred on May 12 th , 2008 and even though it caused a huge amount of damage, as long as we have the resolution to rebuild the homes, then it is not so frightening. Let us pray for the people living in the earthquake area! BlogSearch on Netease: “ pray + earthquake” yields more than 334,000 blog articles. (link) BLOGS FOR PRAYER
  • 10. APPLICATIONS TO LEVERAGE IWOM - Photos of Wenchuan Earthquake Related information - Find your relative - Earthquake news update - Blog on earthquake - Discussion Forum - Map of the Wenchuan earthquake situation - Satellite map of quake area Type your relatives’ names here to see if the search result comes up in any forum dedicated to seek people lost in the quake Map of material donation and transportation update on the page Map of blood donation location consolidated on the page
    •,, NetEase and QQ published 133,000 news items.  The above eight websites received 11.6 billion page views to these items, with about 10.63 million comments.
    • Blogs, vlogs and IM tools played an important role in the disaster relief efforts.  At, and NetEase, the number of blog posts exceeded 233,000 with 2.36 billion page views and more than 12.6 million comments .
      • (Source: Hexun Media ; Translation: EastSouthNorthWest Blog )
  • 12. INTERNET AND IWOM LANDSCAPE: China leads the US in terms of numbers and engagement
      • Internet users spend more time on the Internet (2.73 hours/day) than watching TV (1.29 hours/day) 3
      • 210 million Internet users, with 74.6 million regular BBS users and 49.4 million Chinese bloggers 1
      • 10 million daily posts, 1.6 billion daily page views 1
      • 98% of Chinese netizens have published an article, replied with a comment, voted, etc. 2
    1 The Phenomenon of Chinese BBS by IResearch Consulting Group, November, 2007 2 Netpop / Nations: China and the U.S. in a Web 2.0 World by Netpop, November 2007 3 China Academy of Social Sciences, 2005
  • 13. dodolook “ Poison” Acosta Tian Xian MM Little Fatty Bus MM Xu Jing Lei Ding Beili Backdorm Boys Sister Fu Rong CELEBRITIES: Netizens choose their own stars dodolook “ Poison” Acosta Tian Xian MM Little Fatty Bus MM Xu Jing Lei Ding Beili Backdorm Boys Sister Fu Rong Xu Jing Lei Ding Beili Little Fatty
  • 14. CURRENCY: Netizens have their own currency (watched closely by the central bank) Gosh! You wanna replace me? Price = QQ Currency
  • 15. STAR SEX SCANDALS : Some brands actually gain exposure
  • 16. STAR SEX SCANDALS : Some brands actually gain exposure
  • 17. SNS: China’s QQ beating Facebook* *New Business Models in Online Communities, Plus Eight Star Ltd, March 2008
  • 18. IWOM for Companies
  • 19. CHINA FOCUS: IWOM impacts opinion and purchase behavior
      • more than 80% users use BBS to search for information of the product they plan to buy and 62% users ask other BBS users for opinions before make purchases. 1
      • User-generated content (consumer reviews/rating sites, forum/discussion boards, blogs, etc.) influences 58% of all purchase decisions in China, compared with 19% in the US. 2
      • 91% of respondents listed the Internet as the preferred medium to stay informed post-purchase 3
    1 The Phenomenon of Chinese BBS by IResearch Consulting Group, November, 2007 2 Netpop / Nations: China and the U.S. in a Web 2.0 World by Netpop, November, 2007 3 Consumers and Marketers’ Media Interaction Survey Report, I-merge/Sinomonitor September, 2007
  • 20.  
  • 21. IWOM IMPACTS PURCHASE DECISION: Key element of info search and evaluation What are my options? What are the issues? What are issues for ME? Weight the info, make a choice Awareness Information search Evaluation of Alternative Purchase decision Share my experience with others. Post-purchase behavior
    • TVC
    • Newspaper / Magazine
    • Billboard
    • Ad. handbill
    • Road Show
    • Suggestion from others (word of mouth)
    • Website banner
    • BBS / Blog post
    • Search engine result
    • Ask others (word of mouth)
    • Go to Dealer
    • Car newspaper / Magazine
    • Official site
    • Auto sites, portal sites
    • Discuss with others (word of mouth)
    • Comment on auto sites, portal sites
    • Any auto related BBS / Blog
    • Consumer comments on car sites, portal sites
    • Any auto related BBS / Blog
    • Search engine
    • Baidu Zhidao, Sina I-Ask, Tianya/Google Wenda
    Reference: Kotler, P. & Armstrong, G. (2001) Principles of Marketing
  • 22. IWOM AS CONSUMER INSIGHT * Buzz Incidence of Overall Notebook Attribute in Q3, 2007 *Note: Buzz incidence of attribute is the percentage of attribute posts among total brand and product posts. 帖子示例 : “ 迅四平台、 8400 独立显卡,这都是目前中高端机型的标准配置 …… 对于家庭娱乐用户而言,也是一个中端价位高端配置的选择。 ” Quote: “4th Centrino Platform, nVIDIA 8400 independent graphic card, all these are standard configurations for middle-high end notebook…… For family entertainment user, this notebook is a good choice for middle-end price with high-end configuration.” Base: Total number of brand and product posts is 411,445
  • 23. Tuzki ( 兔斯基 ), a cartoon rabbit, has been a very popular online for its funny expression for a long time. Many netizens use its funny expressions in their instant messenger conversations or BBS posts to make the content more vivid. In nutshell, it has become an icon of Chinese net culture. Integrating net culture to connect to youth On December 15 th , 2007, Motorola launched its mobile phone Q8 in China and selected Tuzki as its “spokesperson,” to transform the “Blackberry Killer” smart phone into a gadget for the online tribe. Moto connects to youth via net culture– a smart move to help product easily stand out. NETIZEN INSPIRED MARKETING XinYiDai
  • 24. Page view: 25,991 Reply: 113 GZ Toyota expert online Q&A platform GZ Toyota expert Q&A conversation on BBS Link Link CUSTOMER SERVICE AS THE NEW MARKETING Key
  • 25. CROWDSOURCING CUSTOMER SERVICE *Each node represent s number of conversations by one poster ( node size related to conversations volume) *Each line represents relationship between posters defined by replie d to conversations for each respective poster (line thickness related to number of conversations) Data source: CIC Mobile Phone Practice, 2007 Q1 Wrote 4,893 messages in Q1 2007, including 3,888 replies to others’ questions
  • 26. CROWDSOURCING PRODUCT DESIGN Netizens complained the design of Camry Key, then made new one themselves
  • 27. Wrap Up
  • 28. IWOM: from different perspectives
    • IWOM IS A MEDIA: netizen ideas are published and influence opinions of peers and mainstream media
    • IWOM IS CONSUMER INSIGHT: Netizens are talking about you and about what they like and don’t like
    • IWOM IS A COMMUNITY: Netizen communities offer opportunity to participate and connect with customers
  • 29. IWOM IS RESHAPING COMMUNICATIONS: Shifting “Balance of Power” in creating content and commnication
    • MARKET RESEARCH : the world’s largest focus group; unfiltered discussion
    • MARKETING : let netizens inspire you
    • PR : your customers are the media—connect with them
    • PURCHASE INFLUENCE : a media of user experience for more informed decisions
      • customer service performed by customers (“crowdsourcing”)
      • customer service=marketing
    • PRODUCT DESIGN : Collaborate with consumers who want to work with you
  • 30. CHINA/ASIA IS LEADING THE WORLD IN IWOM: The future is now
    • As China/Asia is more engaged online than the West, the “future” is now
    • China/Asia can serve as inspiration and model the West can learn from
  • 31. READ MORE IN OUR FREE WHITEPAPERS: IWOM Watch 6 month reviews IWOM Industry White Papers
  • 32. FYI
  • 33. Thank You OUR BLOGS: (Chinese) (English) OUR WEBSITE: CONTACT US: [email_address] This document is for private commercial use only. Distribution to third parties and/or publication in whole or in part is strictly prohibited without expressed written consent of CIC. 本文件是针对 CIC 客户的相关品牌和企业的商业文件。未经 CIC 的书面许可, 本文件或文件中的任何内容不得转交给第三方, 同时也不得发表本文件或文件中的任何内容。