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Published in Spiritual , Technology
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  • 1. Name :Dorothy Hannah O. GumtangGrade: Grade 6
  • 2. Deforestation is cutting down of trees .Deforestation has resulted in the reduction of indigenous forests to four- fifths of their pre-agricultural area.Where does deforestation mostly occur?South America, specifically Brazil. Also in Sri Lanka and CostaRica ,Amazon and last but not the least Indonesia
  • 3. Uses of forest to people:•Wood to make furniture;,•Wood pulp to make paper;•Latex from trees to make rubber products,;•Shelter to animals;•Fruit bearing;•Medical resources;•Provide oxygen and;•Soil fertility.Global warming is caused by• increase of carbon dioxide because there are no trees to absorb the carbondioxide.•Soil erosion• lack of oxygen
  • 4. Why do we clear the forest?•Housing- increasing population need shelter to live in.•Agriculture- increasing population increases demand offood.•Transportation-building highways for internationalways•Mining- underground resources
  • 5. Impacts of deforestation•Loss of soil fertility- provide protection cover-Helps to maintain fertility of soil.-When it rains nutrient is dissolved and thenabsorbed by the roots.since,deforestation occurs thenatural protection cover is now removed soil isexposed to the climatic change and so it losses itsfertility•Increase of greenhouse effect* Trees function like the lungs of a forest it takes in carbon dioxide andreleases oxygen.*too much carbon dioxide present in air due to cfc’s in air conditioner andcars.•Less trees to absorb carbon dioxide(co2) ,more co2 present in the air,which leads to the greenhouse effect global warming.•*the destruction of habitat for the Amazonian Indian..
  • 6. •Soil leaching-Loss of soil mineral and nutrient of top soil by runningwater.Global warming effect towards humans:•Hole in the ozone layer•Melting ice caps•Haze•No protection from ultraviolet rays.Advantages-•Increase of employment & income•A scenic resource for tourism•More land for settlement & farming to feed and to house a growingpopulation,
  • 7. The Ozone HoleFor nearly a billion years, ozone molecules in the atmosphere have protected life onEarth from the effects of ultraviolet rays.UV-B = earth gets the minimum effect of ultraviolet rays. since there is now a hole inthe ozone layer UV-A is the ultraviolet rays with the maximum effects to living .
  • 8. Measures to take to preventdeforestation Practice of selective Setting aside Setting aside land as logging protected areas Indian reserve • Choose and identify • Protected area by • such land reserves, mature trees before the government only the Amazonian cutting down the • Left undisturbed to Indians can clear trees allow natural the forest to build vegetation to grow houses and grow food. they can’t sell these rights to anyone
  • 9. ROOT CAUSES Population growth poverty Root causes Economic Government development. policies.
  • 10. HUMAN ACTIVITIES • Commercial logging • Building of roads for Human accessibility • Mining Actions activities • Small-scale farming,
  • 11. ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS Flooding and Rapid soil Sediments of silting of erosion rivers lowlands
  • 12. Videos of Deforestation