NRF Mobile Retail Initiative, June 2010


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Summary of the NRF Mobile Retailing Blueprint, a 178-page paper that examines how mobile phones have and will continue to impact shopping. See for more information.

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  • Mobile Blueprint to be released in June 20106 standards organizations50+ subject matter experts30+ companiesRetailers, vendors, analysts, standards orgs
  • NRF Mobile Retail Initiative, June 2010

    1. 1. Mobile Retailing Blueprint v1.0.0 A Comprehensive Guide for Navigating the Mobile Landscape<br />
    2. 2. The NRF Mobile RetailInitiative Mission Statement<br />The mission of the National Retail Federation's Mobile Retail Initiative is to be a catalyst for mobile-inspired innovation in retail that enhances the shopping experience and improves internal business processes. It will lead the industry in the development of standards and the documentation and dissemination of mobile-related best practices for the purpose of maximizing benefits and minimizing implementation expense, on-going costs and fees. This retailer-led initiative will accomplish its mission via original research, educational events and networking opportunities.<br />
    3. 3. Serve as a resource of key trends and research, both proprietary and 3rd party, related to mobile in retail<br />Identify processes that can be enhanced via mobile technology including marketing and customer loyalty, payments, store operations and digital.<br />Organize meetings and events for all constituents in the Mobile eco-system to maximize functionality and encourage implementation.<br />Take the lead in defining acceptable business models to all parties involved as it relates to Mobile processes in retail. <br />Develop working relationships with existing mobile associations, groups and service providers.<br />Work with existing banks and other financial institutions to provide multiple alternatives for mobile payments.<br />Encourage adoption of global standards surrounding mobile technology and use of ARTS standard data names.<br />Publish white papers covering different aspects of mobile technology processing in retail.<br />Identify third-party applications which may help encourage the adoption of mobile payments by consumers.<br />The NRF Mobile RetailInitiative Goals<br /><br />
    4. 4. NRF Mobile ApplicationClassifications<br />
    5. 5. Mobile Retailing Blueprint<br />TABLE OF CONTENTS<br />Executive Summary<br />Introduction<br />Mobile Marketing<br />Mobile Commerce<br />Mobile Payments<br />Mobile Operations<br />Implementation Strategies<br />Mobile Standards<br />Terms & Acronyms<br /><ul><li>178 pages
    6. 6. Covers all mobile devices with focus on mobile phones
    7. 7. Includes consumer applications as well as employee applications
    8. 8. Discusses technologies like NFC, smartcards, augmented reality, geo-fencing, location-based services
    9. 9. Highlights many existing applications
    10. 10. Defines processes and terms
    11. 11. Addresses remote and contactless payments/tenders
    12. 12. Includes ROI spreadsheet
    13. 13. Highlights where ARTS standards apply</li></li></ul><li>Over 30 Mobile Application Examples Cited<br />