IABC St. Louis Social Media in the B2B Workplace


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Here's the ppt I gave at the November 2009 IABC St. Louis luncheon. I shared some ideas and best practices from how we're engaging in social media at Siemens PLM Software.

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IABC St. Louis Social Media in the B2B Workplace

  1. 1. Best Practices: <br />Social Media in the B2B Workplace<br />#iabcstl<br />Did You Know 4.0 by XPLANE<br />Dora Smith<br />Director, Global Social Media<br />Siemens PLM Software<br />
  2. 2. Social Media Effect on Communications<br />Location (public)<br />Influence (external/internal)<br />More (proactive/reactive)<br />Culture (compulsively sharing)<br />
  3. 3. Social Media Effect on Parenting <br />What would my kids tweet?<br /><ul><li>Mom is losing it again
  4. 4. Reading Richard Scarry’s Big Trucks book
  5. 5. RT BobTheBuilder: can we fix it, yes we can
  6. 6. Wonder if mom will notice I ate the last cookie #yum
  7. 7. Timeout sucks</li></li></ul><li>Takeaways<br /><ul><li>One B2B software company’s approach to social media
  8. 8. A technology launch integrated with social media (IABC Gold Quill Award)
  9. 9. Recommended social media frameworks & resources
  10. 10. Twisdom</li></li></ul><li>Siemensvia YouKu<br />创新于思: Innovation comes from great ideas <br />卓越于器 Excellence is forged from cutting edge tools<br />global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, and operates in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors<br />
  11. 11. Framework: Social Media Readiness<br />SiriusDecisionsSocial Media Readiness Index<br />(Available to subscribers; Blog RSS)<br />Level/Goal (Required, Recommended, Best Practice)<br /><ul><li>Monitoring
  12. 12. Engagement
  13. 13. Awareness
  14. 14. Demand</li></ul>Additional Resource: Social Media Measurement: A Disciplined Approach<br />
  15. 15. Social Media @ My Company<br />Goal<br /><ul><li>Participate and increase conversation about our brand(s) and business unit through content and community</li></ul>Objectives<br /><ul><li>Increase conversation participants and participation
  16. 16. Maintain positive net sentiment
  17. 17. Increase social media (earned) referrals to website
  18. 18. Integrate social media into marketing initiatives</li></li></ul><li>Content & Community: Blog<br /><ul><li> Show personality
  19. 19. Provide unique content
  20. 20. Enable sharing</li></ul>www.siemens.com/plm/blog<br />
  21. 21. Content & Community: Microblog/Networks<br /><ul><li> Publish
  22. 22. Align to blog
  23. 23. Augment w/ personalities</li></li></ul><li>Content & Community: Photo/Video Sharing<br /><ul><li> Show personality
  24. 24. Aggregate content
  25. 25. Share, get discovered</li></li></ul><li>Content & Community: Virtual Worlds<br /><ul><li> 3D audience
  26. 26. Communication
  27. 27. Collaboration
  28. 28. Virtual launches
  29. 29. Product demos
  30. 30. Customer showcase
  31. 31. Research (data import)
  32. 32. Virtual Factory Pilot</li></li></ul><li>Content & Community: Events, DIY Reporting<br />Sample Posts<br /><ul><li>Analyst Event: Microsoft
  33. 33. Analyst Event: Field Trip
  34. 34. Analyst Event: Adams Golf
  35. 35. Analyst Event: NX 7.0 Teaser - HD3D
  36. 36. Analyst Event: AMR Insights
  37. 37. Twitter
  38. 38. Flickr photos
  39. 39. YouTube videos</li></li></ul><li>Content & Community: Events, DIY Reporting<br />36 event blog posts, such as:<br /><ul><li> Swiss Perspectives
  40. 40. Rolls-Royce Connecting Top Floor and Shop Floor
  41. 41. ASML Handles Large Assemblies
  42. 42. 25-Year Attendee RikVoets
  43. 43. 125 conference-related tweets
  44. 44. 50 YouTube videos
  45. 45. 60 Flickr images</li></li></ul><li>Twisdom Break<br />“the most important aspect of Twitter may be that, if you do things right, you begin to surround yourself with an incredible group of people eager to share their best questions and insights about life… <br />There&apos;s collaborative thinking on Twitter at a level and in a form I&apos;ve never seen before.”<br />- Tom Morris<br />“Aristotle: 2 say of what is, that it is, is true; 2 say that it is not true, is false. And this is what is, and thus true; and there4 not false”<br />
  46. 46. Now Your Twisdom<br />@RizzoTees<br /><ul><li>If Gilligan had an iPhone, what would he tweet?
  47. 47. Who would your table most like to friend on Facebook?
  48. 48. If you could Twitterview (Twitter interview) someone no longer living, who would it be? And what would you ask them?
  49. 49. If your table started a LinkedIn Group, what would you call it?
  50. 50. What is the most common question you have regarding social media?
  51. 51. What was the last word/phrase you Googled?</li></li></ul><li>Framework: Social Media Impact on Search<br /><ul><li>Seeing a company/brand in social media channels makes a person 1.7x likely to search on that company/brand
  52. 52. 50% increase paid search clickthroughs if a person is first exposed to a company/brand in social media (source: sales engine international webinar)</li></ul>Image via @Converseon<br />Next Step: Social Search – Google, Bing, Twitter lists<br />
  53. 53. A Case Study<br />Goal: Increase overall awareness(company, new tech, brands)<br /><ul><li>Obj: Raise conversation
  54. 54. Obj: Drive traffic</li></ul>Goal: Become a respected participant of the Social Media community in our market. <br /><ul><li>Obj: Build & maintain relationships with key influencers.
  55. 55. Obj: Develop an internal education program to encourage engagement.
  56. 56. Obj: Generate new conversations.</li></li></ul><li>Solution Overview<br /><ul><li>Teaser e-mails
  57. 57. Online launch
  58. 58. Virtual World
  59. 59. Blog
  60. 60. Blogger Relations
  61. 61. Event blogging
  62. 62. Social Media News Release
  63. 63. Training
  64. 64. Survey</li></li></ul><li>Objective: Raise Conversation<br />
  65. 65. Objective: Raise Conversation<br />Blog (in 3 days):<br /><ul><li>29 posts, ~1,800 visits
  66. 66. >4k page views, 4 min avg time on site</li></ul>Second Life<br /><ul><li>Live audio &video from 1st hour of live presentation
  67. 67. Piloted avatars for presenters
  68. 68. 21 attendees
  69. 69. Some blog coverage
  70. 70. Lessons learned: need better promotion strategy</li></li></ul><li>Objective: Drive Traffic<br />Within 3 days, results rank for first page<br />
  71. 71. Objective: Influencer relations<br />The Hype IS Right: Synchronous Technology is a CAD BreakthroughThe hype is right; Siemens has a hit on its hands, one its competition will be FUD’ing and following as fast as they can…. Dassault and Autodesk truly are at a competitive disadvantage with this announcement <br />I have not seen anything as exciting and innovative as Siemens’ synchronous technology since the introduction of parametric modeling in the late 80&apos;s.,,Siemens’ competitors will be scrambling for years to catch-up. <br />Siemens PLM Software released a bomb on the CAD world about a new modeling paradigm. There looks to be a lot of promise to this new technology, and I have high hopes for it.<br />Customer Blogger<br />Siemens announcement yesterday no doubt shook some foundations around the CAD Industry…Is it an important feature set that should be looked at by all CAD companies?  YES.<br />Customer of Competitor Blogger<br />
  72. 72. P<br />O<br />S<br />T<br />Framework: Forrester 4-Step Social Media Strategy<br />PeopleAssess your customers’ social activities (survey)& your team’s social activities<br />Objectives Decide what you want to accomplish<br />Listening, Talking, Energizing, Supporting, Embracing<br />StrategyPlan for how relationships with customers will change<br />TechnologyDecide which social technologies to use<br />
  73. 73. Publish a blog, web pages<br />Upload created video, music <br />Write & post articles<br />Creators<br />Post ratings/reviews<br />Comment on blogs<br />Contribute to online forums, wikis<br />Critics<br />Use RSS feeds<br />Add “tags”, “Vote” for websites<br />Collectors<br />Social Networks<br />Joiners<br />Read blogs, watch video<br />Listen to podcasts<br />Read online forums, ratings/reviews<br />Spectators<br />Inactives<br />None of the above<br />Framework: Forrester Social Technographics<br />Online US<br />Engineers <br />Siemens PLM<br />13.9%<br />10.8%<br />14 %<br />15.7%<br />11.5%<br />27 %<br />11.3%<br />8.2%<br />7 %<br />21.7%<br />11.8%<br />29 %<br />43.2%<br />42.4%<br />50 %<br />49.2%<br />53.7%<br />24 %<br />
  74. 74. Example: Consumer Created/Generated Media<br />2,761 views<br />8-yr-old son of a customer shows how easy it is to use our software<br />
  75. 75. Framework: Social Media Roadmap<br />Survey target audience<br />(Baseline course, guidelines)<br />(customers, influencers)<br />Consider blogging if there is enough conversation & other blogs to interact with; conversation may be best in other networks like LinkedIn<br />Conv. Mining, alerts<br />(editorial calendar)<br />(blog internally 3 months)<br />
  76. 76. Listen, Engage, Energize<br />Siemens PLM Volume by Voices April – Sept 09<br />Q3<br />Q4<br />Non-Siemens PLM participation up to 67% in Q4<br />Mean Volume: Siemens EGM<br />Mean Volume: Other Voices<br />Total Siemens Conversation<br />Siemens EGM Share<br />Other Voices Share<br />
  77. 77. Framework: Managing Social Media <br />PR of Social Media (2.5%)<br />Event Blogging (5%)<br />[PLATFORMS] Back Office - - - Front Office [CONTENT]<br />Training/Advising (25%)<br />Social Media Research (10%)<br />
  78. 78. Lessons I’m Learning<br /><ul><li>Get geeky
  79. 79. A tweet a day
  80. 80. U know more than u know
  81. 81. Give & get
  82. 82. Enjoy the ride</li></ul>Creative Commons via kamodaon Flickr<br />Creative Commons via Jason DeRusha on Flickr<br />
  83. 83. Q & A + Resources<br />Twitter: @dorasmith<br />@dorasmith/social-media<br />Blog: dorasmith.x.iabc.com<br />
  84. 84. Resource: Plain English Videos<br />Commoncraft Social Media in Plain English:<br /><ul><li>Blogs in Plain English
  85. 85. Online Photo Sharing in Plain English
  86. 86. Podcasting in Plain English
  87. 87. RSS in Plain English
  88. 88. Social Bookmarking in Plain English
  89. 89. Social Media in Plain English
  90. 90. Social Networking in Plain English
  91. 91. Twitter in Plain English
  92. 92. Twitter Search in Plain English
  93. 93. Web Search Strategies in Plain English
  94. 94. Wikis in Plain English</li></ul>Mashable UPS video series:<br /><ul><li>http://mashable.com/2009/10/23/ups-video/
  95. 95. http://mashable.com/2009/10/27/social-media-tools-video/</li></li></ul><li>Resource: Hubspot<br />Website grader (& blogs)<br />Press Release grader<br />Twitter grader<br />Facebook grader<br />Slideshare: The Future of Marketing is Publishing - 8 Step Content Strategy , Everything Marketers Need to Know About Twitter Lists<br />Blog: HubSpot&apos;s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog<br />
  96. 96. Resource: Forrester<br />Forrester Groundswell Award Winners <br />Laura Ramos B2B Marketers Blog<br />Listen to what customers talk about Ex:CDW teamed with Communispace <br />Talk with your customers (not at them): turn online activity and content into rich conversations. Ex: Eloqua’s Conversation<br />Energize your best customers to talk about you:Ex: Sonic Foundry boosted Unleash 2009<br />Help your customers support each other. transformation of support forums. Ex: EDR&apos;s commonground — a community for environ professionals<br />Encourage your customers spread success. customers help others adopt a product or service. Ex: ComplianceOnline, generating 30% of MetricStream’s leads<br />Embrace customer ideas and suggestions.Ex: Archer Technologies 1529 ideas, new mobile products. <br />
  97. 97. Resource: WOMMA<br /><ul><li>Do You Speak Social?
  98. 98. WOMMA: Reading/Writing on the Social Web
  99. 99. Framework: Principles, Processes, Platforms
  100. 100. Personally: learn by doing, build it into your workflow, share compulsively
  101. 101. Orgs: principles, open up IT, grassroots, measurement, learning deliverables
  102. 102. Measurement: awareness, actions, advocacy
  103. 103. Understand, be useful and be live </li></li></ul><li>Resource: Jeremiah Owyang<br />Sample blog posts:<br /><ul><li>Matrix: The Four Social Support Strategies
  104. 104. Is Your Company Trusted or Do You Have a Digital Comb Over?
  105. 105. Evolution: The Eight Stages Of Listening
  106. 106. How Facebook’s Open Strategy Shifts The Roadmap for Corporate Marketing and Support
  107. 107. Web Strategy: How To Evolve Your Irrelevant Corporate Website</li></li></ul><li>Resource: McKinsey<br /><ul><li>Interactive Feature
  108. 108. 1,700 execs
  109. 109. Web 2.0 internal, external customers, external suppliers
  110. 110. 69% measurable biz benefits</li>