Why you should create a Behance account


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This is a deck of slides that explains what is Behance, what are the benefits of having a Behance account, who are the people who use Behance and the features that you can use from this social media platform.

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Why you should create a Behance account

  1. 1. Why you should create a Behance account Dora Chua 12 Jan 2014
  2. 2. Contents • • • • About Behance (Overview, History) Why use Behance? (Individuals, Companies) Who uses Behance? Features of Behance
  3. 3. About Behance ABOUT
  4. 4. About Behance Overview • An online platform to showcase & discover creative work • Also a place to find creative industry jobs! https://www.behance.net/
  5. 5. About Behance History • • • • Founded by Scott Belsky, Matias Corea in 2006 Acquired by Adobe in Dec 2012 Has > 2.0m users Hosts > 3.0m projects
  6. 6. About Behance How popular is it? SOURCE: https://www.behance.net/about Information updated on Behance website as of 12 Jan 2014
  7. 7. Why Use Behance ABOUT
  8. 8. Why use Behance 6 things it can do for individuals 1. Acts as a online repository for your creative works & increase your visibility 2. Lets you discover good creative work and get inspiration from others 3. Provides you a channel to get feedback from others on your work-in-progress or completed work 4. Acts as a networking portal to keep in touch or get to know others in the same profession / interests 5. Acts as a potential income source for you to sell your works 6. Lets you explore job and other opportunities
  9. 9. Why use Behance (Individuals) 1) Increase Your Visibility • Rather than keep your creative work in your own laptop where nobody sees it, why not keep them on Behance • Millions of people visit Behance everyday and someone looking for talent might come across your work and give you a chance for your next break!
  10. 10. Why use Behance (Individuals) 2) Get Inspiration • Spend just a few minutes a day to browse through the works uploaded at Behance • You are sure to get a lot of new ideas in your head after that http://www.creativebloq.com/graphic-design/20-awesome-graphicdesigners-follow-behance-1012941
  11. 11. Why use Behance (Individuals) 3) Feedback Channel • Behance has built-in social interaction features to allow your personal friends or nonfriends to give you real-time feedback on your works • Since many of those who visit Behance are experts in the field, their feedback will be exceptionally useful for you to improve your craft
  12. 12. Why use Behance (Individuals) 4) Network! • Keep in touch with people you already know and make friends through this platform too!
  13. 13. Why use Behance (Individuals) 5) Earn $$$! • Georgia charged £1 for personal or student use, and £10 and has since enjoyed >250 downloads http://www.creativebloq.com/behance/how-make-money-behance-11135226
  14. 14. Why use Behance (Individuals) 6) Get a job! • Many companies including top ones have job listings on Behance.
  15. 15. Why use Behance 2 things it can do for organisations 1. Acts as a online showcase for your organisation’s creative talents 2. Acts as a job portal to attract talent to join the company
  16. 16. Why use Behance (Organizations) 1) Online Showcase • Many of the top arts universities and colleges like SCAD keep a Behance-powered online portfolio to showcase the best of the works by their students
  17. 17. Why use Behance (Organizations) 1) Online Showcase • Similarly, the top creative advertising agencies like Leo Burnett showoff the works they have created for clients here
  18. 18. Why use Behance (Organizations) 2) Job Portal • Companies like Adobe can find the talent they need at the place where the talent they want hangout
  19. 19. Who Uses Behance? ABOUT
  20. 20. Who uses Behance Creative Professionals Graphics Designers Web Designers Photographers 3D artists Industrial Designers
  21. 21. Who uses Behance Graphics Designers http://www.creativebloq.com/graphic-design/20-awesome-graphicdesigners-follow-behance-1012941
  22. 22. Who uses Behance Web Designers http://www.creativebloq.com/web-design/20-web-designers-followbehance-10121113
  23. 23. Who uses Behance Photographers http://www.creativebloq.com/design/inspirational-photographers-followbehance-912673
  24. 24. Who uses Behance 3D Artists http://www.creativebloq.com/3d/top-artists-follow-behance-11121367
  25. 25. Who uses Behance Industrial Designers http://www.creativebloq.com/design/20-industrial-designers-follow-behance1012886
  26. 26. Features of Behance ABOUT
  27. 27. Features of Behance Activity Tab The Activity tab allows you to view the activities of the people you follow, new works they have added etc. Similar to the “Timeline” in Facebook.
  28. 28. Features of Behance Discover Tab The Discover tab allows you to discover works of other people you may not know. You can discover in 5 ways: “Search and Explore”, “Creatives to Follow”, “Curated Galleries”, “Work for Sale” and “Project Shuffle”
  29. 29. Features of Behance Discover Tab When using the Discover->Search and Explore feature, you can search by 3 criteria:z 1) The type of creative field, e.g. Architecture, Branding, Photography 2) Featured, e.g. Most appreciated, most views 3) Worldwide, e.g. by Singapore only etc
  30. 30. Features of Behance Discover Tab The Discover->Creatives to follow feature makes recommendations on people you can follow. By default, you will be first shown a list accounts that are the friends of your friends. You can also search for other people to follow by field on the right
  31. 31. Features of Behance Discover Tab Behance has curated (selected and organised) works that have common traits into structured galleries by category. For example, if you want to look for arts by students from the famous SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), you can find them in the “Schools” category.
  32. 32. Features of Behance Discover Tab Behance creatives can sell their works here. The works are categorized for easy search.
  33. 33. Features of Behance Discover Tab Project Shuffle tab will show you the work of a random creative. You can press the “Next Project” button on the top of the navigation bar to move to another random work.
  34. 34. Features of Behance My Portfolio Tab • The My Portfolio tab links areas to 3 areas that you can customize for viewers of the site to see your work, your profile, your work experience. • It also contains a link to “Behance Statistics”, a page where you can track detailed statistics of how users are interacting with your profile / work.
  35. 35. Features of Behance My Portfolio Tab In the “My work” tab, you can create new projects that consists of ‘works’. Works can be published or “In progress”.
  36. 36. Features of Behance My Portfolio Tab The profile tab allows you to customize your photo, specify what are the creative fields you specialise in, include your website, shows your followers etc
  37. 37. Features of Behance My Portfolio Tab There is also a tab for you to fill in your work experience, education, skills etc
  38. 38. Features of Behance My Portfolio Tab The Statistics tab gives you details on the interactions / views of your work and your interactions with others as well
  39. 39. Features of Behance Me The “Me” link at top navigation bar allows you to: • configure your collections, • add new connections • configure your Social Media accounts to make announcements about your works once they are published • send /receive private messages to other Behance users • change your password etc
  40. 40. Features of Behance Me As the name implies, you can “collect” works that you like and put them into categories like this.
  41. 41. Features of Behance Me My connections tab will show your followers and those who follow you.
  42. 42. Features of Behance Me In Linked Accounts, you can tie your Behance account to your other Social Media accounts so that your followers on LinkedIn, G+ or Facebook will be notified automatically of your new uploads
  43. 43. Features of Behance Me In “Inbox”, you can send Direct Messages to other Behance users. The messages you sent to us can also be found here.
  44. 44. Features of Behance Me In Account Settings, you can change your email, password, URL, privacy settings, delete your account and change apps linked to Behance
  45. 45. Features of Behance Prosite • While Behance.net is free to use, there is an optional paid service called “Prosite”. • Prosite allows you to build a customized portfolio that you can brand as your own or point a custom domain name to it. • Can either pull in your completed Behance projects or create new ones on the fly. • Prosite goes for $99/year. • Free as Adobe Creative Cloud member. • CC also allows upload directly to Behance from Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom.
  46. 46. Links • • • • • • Video interview of Scott Belsky (link) Interview (link) Compare 500px,deviantart and Behance (link) Why you should be on Behance (link) Why did Adobe acquire Behance (link) Behance - a place where Apple poaches the best designers (link) • How Behance Brings Order to Crazy Creatives (link) • Web Designers are using Behance to increase Visibility (link)
  47. 47. Links • Compare Behance and DeviantArt (link) • 35 Portfolio Design Websites That Showcase Your Work (link) • 13 Essential Job Boards for Creatives (link)