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Poetry book

  1. 1. Poem SectionsPage 3 (Next Page) - Circle PoemPage 4 - 2x Bio PoemsPage 5 - List PoemPage 6 - Found PoemPage 7 - 2x Diamante PoemsPage 8 - 4x Haiku PoemsPage 9 - Free Verse Poem
  2. 2. Circle PoemSky Diving A circle poem starts with a word or thing, and then itAdrenaline expands to more words connecting with the subject. For example: Banana>Fruit>Health>Gym. This poemShock can go on forever, a word always has a matching word.Electricity Although when you feel like you need to finish off your poem, you have to make sure your words/things startEnergy leading to a word that matches or is similar to the firstScience one. I enjoy these, because I love seeing how one word can grow into many other matching words or subjects.Education I recommend these for people who are looking to playSchool around with words, subjects, and not speak about life or emotion.Pilot SchoolFly a Plane
  3. 3. 2x Bio Poems Andrew A bio poem is very fun. It describes something, Genius, Talented, Hard Working, Non-Risk Taker but usually it describes somebody or yourself. Arthur E. Alexandra E. Alex E. You start with your name or subject on the first Who Feels Hope, Power, Inspiration, Scared line. On the next line (line 2) you list four Who Loves Candy, Electronics, Family, Beaches, Food, Facebook descriptive traits about you, someone else, or Who Needs Food, Internet, Sleep, Colon, Fun, Education, Job an object. On line 3, you specify if you have a Who Fears Owls, Death, Trouble, Problems sibling, if you don’t have one, you can writeWould like to see Friends who left ZIS, Tropical animals, Air Heads Factory, 18+ Club “sibling of no one”. On life 4 you describe Resident of Moscow, Zurich, Canada whether you/other/subject is a lover of Ehrensperger something/somebody. On line 5 you have to describe your feeling starting with “Who feels”. Line 6, 7, 8 you say “Who needs”, “Who gives”, “Who fears” (in order). In line 9 you just describe who you would like to see. On line 10 Koshka just say “Resident of …”(The city you live in). Aggressive, Playful, Beautiful, Spoiled On the final line (11) , you just write your last Cat of Family Ehrensperger name. Food, Toy Mice, People This poem is fun with you and your friends, it Loneliness, Excitement, Joy describes a full personality of somebody or Loud Noises, Mean People, Rain your self. I created 2 bio poems, one of myself Managed to walk to the train station and into Coop and one of my cat. Bio poems are one of the Wanted to get many toys, Food, Attention most creative poems in my perspective, but I Adliswil, Zurich would rather listen to emotional poems. (No Last Name)
  4. 4. List PoemWhat Bugs Me Poem: A list poem is a poem connected to a subject, the one I chose isWhen my cat jumps on my door handle at night connected to the subject “whatand wakes me up. bugs me”. When you chose theWhen I wake up late to school and don’t feel like subject, you list full sentencesspeaking. about it, for example, “it bugs beWhen I am not trusted or nobody believes me when I …”. These poems revealbecause I start laughing when the situation isserious. what you like or hate aboutWhen I am always stressed. something, or just express inWhen the internet stops working rarely after a one big poem, just spilling outstrong storm, and can’t do my homework. all your thoughts about it orWhen my siblings pick a fight with me. he/her.When my mom comes back from grocery shopping I like these poems since they canand I don’t have my favorite drinks. include comedy or just a realWhen my cat bites me in the night. feeling/emotion, and these are always the best to listen to.
  5. 5. Found Poem A found poem is a poem made from news paper/magazines. You would make a title for example: “diet”. Then you would find words in the news paper/magazine that are similar to the main title and make sentences out of the words related to the main title. The title has to also be from a news paper article or, you can start the poem off with the title similarities so that people would be able to guess the subject. It always has a theme. These are fun to do, but also challenging to find the proper words, it might take some time to finish, but at the end, the poem sound amazing. This is one of my favorites, they can express feeling too, they are like any other poem, but are related to their subject.
  6. 6. 2x Diamante Poems Instructions on how to make: Line One: Noun “A.”Cats Line Two: Two adjectives describing the noun “A.”Unique, Abnormal Line Three: Three “ing” or “ed” words describingJumping, Outgoing, Feared noun “A.”Exhausting, Intruding, Behaved, Tamed Line Four: Four nouns. Two describing the noun “A”.Trained, Walked, Open Minded Two describing noun “B.”Big/Small, Friendly, Fast Line Five: Three “ing” or “ed” words describingDog noun “B.” Line Six: Two adjectives describing the noun “B.”Healthy Line Seven: Noun “B”Good, HorriblePaying, Scared, Contaminated These are fun, they can express anything in aMentally Jailed, Daily Dieted, Deadly Things few sentences. These can have any emotion, orStarving, Crying, Disgusting they can just describe anything like “Pizza,Dangerous, Misleading houses, games, cities”. These are fun for meDiet sometimes, but not always, they can et difficult with finding certain things to complete the poem. I wrote about my pet, and health because those are things I like, or find scary.
  7. 7. 4 Seasons: 4x Haiku Poems Haiku Writing Instructions:Summer: First sentence: 5 syllables.Hot and fantastic. Second Sentence: 7 syllables.Many flowers growing. Third sentence: 5 syllables. Starts inSummer is the best. 5 and ends in 5 syllables.Winter: ----------It can keep going!----------The coffee maker. Haiku poems are very easy to make,Steaming a cappuccino. and very fun. I can make one inBest in the winter. minimum 2 minutes and they soundFall: perfect. They could representLeaves turning dark brown anything, and keep following a syllableMany people dont go out order (5, 7, 5, 7, 5…) These are veryWearing large, thick coats emotional or usually to me, reflect times from the past. I write themSpring: usually about real life and make themMany flowers bloom realistic as possible. I don’t like makingThe holiday is coming fake poems with no real meaning.The heat is rising These are on of my favorite poems.
  8. 8. Free Verse PoemTrustworthy:By: Andrew EhrenspergerI never knew if I were to be trusted once more This poem out of all is the most creative and emotionalAnd never again will I know. poem. It can include all poetry elements like: Hyperbole,Will people forgive me or not? Simile, onomatopoeia, etc. These poems get to be as longI do tell the truth and I mean it, as they want, and they are one of the most popular poemsI try to get my peers to believe it. since in these poem, you can express anything! Personally,And ever since I have lied, a web of confusion has grown.Knowing people won’t trust me or glare at me as a liar, I read some free verse poems at home, and I got gooseI don’t know if I will be trusted like others too. bumps since some were sad or just gave me a shockingI tell something true and try to convince others it’s not a lie, feeling. In class we wrote one each, and this is the one IThey turn away and laugh. wrote on the left. It’s actually been written from the heart,“Hahaha!” would be the laugh of no trust, something I feel bad about and want to change. Reading aAnd a joke would I be behind peoples back poem to everybody is scary especially if it’s real andI feel humiliated and angry personal, I struggled to do so, so I passed, others had theAnd my blood pumps fast, courage to read theirs, some were fantastic, I got gooseWill I ever be trusted? bumps from so many. These poems are so creative, someDepression strikes me as not even my family believes my stories. can even make you cry, but of course I don’t want toOne day I will find a person who will trust me and not laugh in my face experience too much emotion. I did go on several websitesA friend who will believe me, and ask me more about my stories.Everybody lied in their life that told so much, some people were drug addicts, or hadBut nobody did as much as me. teen pregnancy, and those poems were very emotional.It’s not honorable to be the biggest liar, but depressing, These are very fun to write in class and read them out, butBut change happens and all bad will be forgotten next time I will try to do so if I don’t get nervous. I suggestA spark of trust will ignite and soon spread world wide everybody should write free verse poems sine they are theI never knew if I were to be trusted once more. most interesting and powerful poems that break through an emotional boundary.