How to transfer music from i pod to ipod


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How do you transfer music from iPod to another iPod? Here we'll show you how to transfer music and songs from iPod to iPod free. Get the best iPod to iPod Transfer free to have a try now!

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How to transfer music from i pod to ipod

  1. 1. All right reserved: to Transfer Music from iPodto iPod?How do you transfer music from iPod to another iPod? If you get a new iPodas a present, and also you had an older iPod, you can transfer music fromiPod to iPod to save tons of money from double purchasing the songs oniTunes store. You need an iPod to iPod Transfer programs help.Here well show you how to transfer music from an iPod to another iPod withiStonsoft iPod to Computer Transfer, which can easily and quickly back upyour songs, videos, photos, playlists and more from your iPod to any folder onyour PC. You can use it to transfer music from iPod to computer, and thentransfer the exported music from computer to another iPod with iTunes. Justcheck the steps below to see how to makes it.At the very beginning, you need to download and install the iPod to iPodTransfer on your PC.Tip: For Mac users, here is the iPod to Mac Transfer for transfer music fromiPod to Mac.
  2. 2. All right reserved: Steps for Transferring Music fromiPod to iPodStep 1: Run Software and Connect iPod to PCLaunch the installed iStonsoft iPod to Computer Transfer, then connect theiPod you wanna transfer music from to your computer via USB cable.Step 2: Choose Music FilesOpen the Music library and then check the music files you want to transfer toanother iPod in the file list.
  3. 3. All right reserved: If you want to transfer movies, photos, podcasts, books, and more filesfrom iPod to another iPod, just select the files from the right library accordingto your needs.Step 3: Start to Transfer Music from iPod to ComputerCheck the music files you selected, and then click to starttransferring music from iPod to computer. When finished, the followingwindow will pop up; you can just click the "Yes" button to get the exportedfiles.Step 4: Start the exported music to another iPod with iTunesNow eject the first iPod to your PC, and connect the other iPod you want toimport music to the computer. Then run iTunes and transfer the exportedmusic to iTunes and then sync them to another iPod. Done!As mentioned above, you can not only transfer songs from iPod to iPod, butalso transfer movies, books, photos and more from iPod to iPod with the
  4. 4. All right reserved: method. If you get a new iPad, here is the steps of how to transfersongs from iPod to iPad.Whats the Next?Free download the iPod to iPod Transfer for transferring iPod videos, songs,photos, etc. to PC, iPod, iPad or iPhone.Tags: ipod to ipod transfer free, how to transfer from ipod to ipod, transferringmusic from ipod to ipodRelated Links:How to transfer iPod to new computerHow to transfer videos from iPod to computer