An Introduction to Care About You


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An Introduction to Care About You

  1. 1. MissionCare About You is anorganization that engages andempowers young peoplethrough involvement in aunique process of co-creation.Through their contribution tothe process, young peoplediscover their own creativepotential, while enriching theirown life and the lives of others.
  2. 2. Motivation / InspirationYoung people are often shaped by negativeexperiences such as bullying, alcohol or drugabuses, violence, early sexual encounters,social isolation, eating disorders, gaming orother addictions, and much more!They are also shaped by positive experiences,and research shows that they can turnthemselves around from very difficult, evendevastating experiences once they understandwhat drives their behavior.The Care About You organization has a deepdesire to be an available positive influence foryoung people throughout Europe.
  3. 3. BackgroundThrough experience we have learned that it is of utmost importance toconsult with young people, that listening to their needs and desires isnecessary – but the most effective way to champion young people totake responsibility for themselves, their environment and theircommunities, is to actually INVOLVE them in creating their ownexperience so that they will OWN the result.We have also learned that you will get the best possible result byholding young people in unconditional positive regard, not by viewingthem as problems or difficulties that need to be fixed.
  4. 4. VisionThe vision of Care About You is to facilitate interactive workshops withyoung people throughout Europe, each resulting in a mini media productthat is shared through the online interactive system, and then included tocreate a new book, a new film, and a new theatre play! Mini ProductWORKSHOPS (film?) Mini Product (play?) Mini Product (music?) BOOK FILM PLAY Mini Product (writing?)
  5. 5. The Process  Introduce Max and Antonia, two  Groups produce a mini product1 fictional characters  Participants identify, and add to the story 3 (such as a film, play, music, writings, etc.)  Mini product uploaded or shared  Facilitated technical sessions, including: 4 on interactive website • Film making  Bi-annual Red Carpet2 • Acting • Script writing • Graphic illustration 5 Celebration event in each country or across boarders • Creative prose writing • Dance  All resulting in a new book, a • Singing and music 6 new film, and a new theatre play Participate  Learn  Produce  Share  Celebrate
  6. 6. Key Outcomes for Participants Inspiration  Identification  Empathy Technical Skills  Self-confidence  EmpowermentUnderstanding  Cross-cultural Awareness  Teamwork Sharing  Valuing Others  Link with Technology Celebration  Experience within Creative Professions Collaboration  Contribution  Social ActionAccess to International Network of Sharing and Support Tolerance
  7. 7. Reactions to Workshop"I relate to the situations in the storyline and they got methinking about other sides of the story and what thecharacters are thinking. These situations are also realisticand would help me to react positively if these situationsarise." "I think most communities need something like this torestore certain aspects and patch up gaps that have beenmade. It could save a community in a lot of ways.""I think “positive voodoo” is very relatable and I‟ve alsoenjoyed the whole experience."
  8. 8. Building up to 2017Ongoing:• Production of mini products• Development of interactive website (1.0, 2.0)• Development of facilitator training kit (1.0, 2.0)• Development of school teacher support kit (1.0, 2.0) Planning Story co- Co-creation and creation w/other EU Professional concept DK, UK, countries set-up SWE Red Carpet Event Red Carpet Event 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Aarhus University follows the process m.f.
  9. 9. Aarhus 2017European Capital of CultureBig Events Theatre groups Care One or with About You more films different Camp themes Unique Book Interactive Unique teaching series Website Network materials But the story never ends!
  10. 10. Key PointsThe Care About You co-creation framework: can be applied to  can be fed with any  benefits go beyond any age range particular social the participants of a issue to engage and particular group, involve people in into their creating their own communities, solutions families and lives
  11. 11. The Ripple Affect DENMARK
  12. 12. Co-founderMorten Toft is one of the initiators of Care About You.He has a background in personal development,innovation, leadership and change. He is also theauthor of several books and holds lectures andcourses on these subjects. Morten was part of theButterfly Project in England and Humor & Health(now Danish Hospital Clowns), two othersuccessful community service organizations.He says,“All people have a talent, a greater potential and the opportunity tomake a difference in the community, in their own lives and those ofothers. The question is how to find it, and use it.”
  13. 13. Co-founderRachel Rouncefield is a former Head of YoungPeoples Services in Peterborough (UK), whereshe has worked to integrate local youth servicesand reduce youth unemployment in an area whereyoung people faced difficulty and disadvantage ona daily basis.Rachel now writes reality-based fiction for young adults and publishesa weekly column entitled “Young at Heart” for her local newspaper.She also runs personal development and confidence creationworkshops for people from a wide variety of backgrounds.She says,“Care about You can bring a full understanding of rights andresponsibilities to young people and thereafter to their own familiesand communities.”
  14. 14. TeamCo-founders Morten Toft and Rachel Rouncefield collaborated on theButterfly Project, which had an empowering affect on 1,000 youngpeople. Together they have had a professional working relationshipsince 1999, and have 25 years of combined community serviceorganization experience.The Care About You Operations Director, Richard Harris, is acommunity and youth work specialist. He is educated, trained, and hasmany years experience in youth theatre and health programs. Richard’sbackground and enthusiasm makes him an invaluable asset to the CareAbout You team.
  15. 15. TeamMorten, Rachel, and Richard, together with their many supporters,partners, and advisors, are co-creating an organization with youngpeople that will enrich the lives of countless Europeans. Rachel Rouncefield, Richard Harris, Morten Toft, and pilot project participants from 20Twenty.
  16. 16. Support / PartnersDenmark United Kingdom FO Aarhus  Worker’s Educational Association Insights Nordic  Cambridgeshire and Aarhus University Peterborough Learning Trust SVALHOLM dans  University Centre Peterborough/ Theatre Catapult Regional College 10 Academy  Young People’s Enterprise Centre Potemkin Film School  Insights UK Production School  20Twenty Theatre Aarhus Business College
  17. 17. Support“I am very excited to be a part of Care About You as it is a unique andnew-thinking initiative designed to support young people in discoveringtheir potential and talent. Through passion and innovative learningstyles „Care About You‟ enables young people to acquire keycompetencies that support their personal development while facilitatingdiverse and global mindsets.” Karina Boldsen Director of Talent Attraction, Vestas Wind Systems A/S
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