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Social Media and Digital Marketing for US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
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Social Media and Digital Marketing for US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce



Published in Education , Business , Technology
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  • A workshop and a presentation but I would like it to be very hands on. Hopefully we’ll get lots of little exercises in.
  • Slideshare stuff from me.
  • Navy admiral


  • 1. Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • 2. Sign on to internetushcc9
  • 3. 12 years in digital
    10 years as a marketer
    Don Schindler
  • 4. How today is going to work?
  • 5. 3years ago
  • 6. Social media was everything
  • 7. Now
    In many (perhaps most) big companies, we are past the point of debating why we should do social media and more often wondering how we can do social media well.
    That’s the good news.
    The bad news is that many organizations are making it much more about the media than it is about the social, using traditional incentives and rote communications crumbs cast off from dusty email newsletters.
    Jay Baer – Marketing Sherpa
  • 8. What you needed for marketing
    Objectives and Goals
    Competition Research
    Target Audience Profile
    Key Insight
    Brand Statement and Story
  • 9. I treated Social Media like it was just another tactic when really I knew better.
  • 10. Friends and followers
  • 11. Social media is also dead – at least 1.0
  • 12. Social media will not save your business.
  • 13. Social media, the term,also sucks
  • 14. real time communications
    Face-to-Face, instant message, and cell phone are real time communications but they are also fleeting.
    Social Media is real time communications that can be permanent and spread virally.
    That’s the scary part.
  • 15. Your audience has an audience
    How many people know that he really dislikes being here?
  • 16. Brand: You
  • 17. Back to the core - you
  • 18. Real life vs. digital presence
  • 19. Different reality
    I'm not saying this is inherently bad or inherently good – it is just a different reality, and it does come with some conditions.
    As leaders we need to help our workforce understand and navigate the challenges that come with the blurring of this line between the professional and personal.
    This is more than just making sure your people are aware of bank scams and how to set proper security settings on Facebook.
    This is helping them to understand how to recognize for themselves the implications of sharing personal information indiscriminately and of the shifting boundaries of privacy in their professional lives.
    The second challenge for leaders in this environment is finding the balance between accountability and empowerment. If you're going to empower your people to communicate, you need to stick with it as you lead by example.
    Adm. Gary Roughead
    Chief of Naval Operations
  • 20. What does your digital presence look like?
  • 21.
  • 22. Digital Footprint
  • 23. How to enhance your digital presence
    You can control this - the more you add, the more the search engines find.
    Industry Standards
    Domain Name / Blogging
    Photo Sites
    Member Sites
  • 24. Marketing Secret: If you are suffering from negative comments, then comment yourself. It will push the negative comments up and into the feed. Same thing goes for a bad website. Add more content to the web and the bad content loses traction.
  • 25. What are you known for?Write a brand statement for yourself.
  • 26. Brand Statement
    To (target audience), (your name) is the (blank) provider/service of (blank) delivered through (blank).
    To Notre Dame Campus Communicators and employees, Don Schindler is the thought leader for creative marketing and communications solutions in both digital and print.
  • 27. Brand Statement
    To (target audience), (your name) is the (blank) provider/service of (blank) delivered through (blank).
    To Hispanic Business Leaders in my region, Don Schindler is the connector, the advocate and the educator of Hispanic business community through networking events and classes.
  • 28. blogging
    Search Engines love blogs
    Easy to do
    Inbound Links
    Did I mention search engines love blogs?
  • 29. Linkedin secret – open up your profile
  • 30. Facebook secret– using lists!
  • 31. Twitter secret – don’t use Twitter
  • 32. Google+ - Google Profile is more important
  • 33. Geo-location
  • 34. Review sites
    Directory services
  • 35. What if you can’t be found?
    Buying adwords
  • 36. How do you keep up?
  • 37. Google Alerts
  • 38. MonitoringTools
    Social Mention
  • 39. Quick, Smart Responses
    I post.
    I get Retweeted.
    I thank them.
  • 40. How much time does it take?
  • 41. How do you measure the return?
    You can:
    Track Your Time
    Measure Your Connections
    Ask People If You Are Who You Say You Are
    Measure Your Digital Footprint
  • 42. Brand: Digital You and Real You Merge
    You are trusted.
    You will be example for your Chamber.
    Does this mean everything will be fine and dandy?
    Nope. You’ll have other issues to contend with but you will be on the right track and you’ll gain experience on how to deal with digital issues – which will help your network.
    Your employees will follow your example as well.
  • 43. Now for your business
  • 44. Social Media is not owned in marketing
    Think real time communications in every area of your business
  • 45. Your audiences expect your digital presence
  • 46. Your workforce has an audience
    How many people know that he really dislikes being here?
  • 47. So what do you need to do?
    Listen / Monitor
    Back to Marketing Basics
  • 48. Communication Goals
    Promote and Protect Your Reputation.
    Connect with audiences in real time and form trusted relationships.
    Increase engagement with members.
    Increase membership enrollment.
  • 49. Listen / Monitor
    Use the free tools available (takes more time and people).
    Buy good monitoring tools.
    Play attention to what is being said and by whom.
    Set benchmarks.
  • 50. Set Policy
    Establish a policy / guidelines for employees.
    Educate your employees about social media and how to conduct themselves online.
    Give them a place to go if things go wrong.
  • 51. Enact Education
    Take classes or get someone to teach you how to use your digital presence.
    Teach your staff these things as well.
    Encourage staff to learn about social media and how it works.
    Encourage staff to use social media to promote themselves and the chamber.
  • 52. Back to traditional marketing
    Objectives and Goals
    Competition Research
    Target Audience Profile
    Key Insight
    Brand Statement and Story
  • 53. Marketing Objectives or Goals
    What is success for you?
    Can it be measured in dollars?
    How will you track it?
  • 54. Competition Research
    What is the competition doing?
    How are they doing it?
    What is the message?
  • 55. Target Audience Profile
    Who is your best customer?
    How do you see him or her?
    How would you talk to them?
    How do they see you?
    Where are they?
  • 56. Key Insights
    What is the simple unique thing that really speaks to your audience?
  • 57. Your Brand’s Story / Voice
    Take your target audience and the key insights you’ve learned and write out what you think they would like to hear from you.
  • 58. My chamber is the connection point for Hispanic businessmen and businesswomen.
  • 59. My chamber is the advocate to the government for Hispanic businessmen and businesswomen.
  • 60. My chamber educates Hispanic businessmen and businesswomen on best business practices.
  • 61. Communication Strategy Brief
    Help you think through what you are trying to accomplish.
    Keep you on track and on message.
  • 62. Creative Brief
    Helps you think out each and every tactic.
  • 63. Communication Editorial Calendar
    Keeps you on the deadlines so you know when things are supposed to happen.
  • 64. Strategy – Be The Connector for the Hispanic Business Community
  • 65. Tactics:
    Paper Directory
    Direct Mail Lists
  • 66. Online Membership Group on website
  • 67. Webinar
  • 68. Digital Directory
  • 69. Linkedin Group
  • 70. Strategy – Be the Hispanic Business Community Advocate
  • 71. Tactics
    Direct Mail
  • 72. Organizing Individuals Online
  • 73. Email Petitions / Sign-ups
  • 74. Email Newsletters
  • 75. Strategy – Be the Hispanic Business Community Educator
  • 76. Tactics
    Paper Resources
  • 77. Classes
  • 78. Online Resource Aggregator
  • 79. Where does all this happen?
  • 80. Your website
    Should have:
    Good design
    Search Engine Friendly
  • 81. Content Management System
  • 82. Design is power too.
  • 83. CALL TO ACTION – Join, sign-up email, get listed
  • 84. Google Analytics
  • 85. Does it speak search engine?
  • 86. How search engines work
    Inbound links
    Domain name URL
    Keyword Density/Research
  • 87. Don’t forget Mobile (first screen)
  • 88. More power
    Increase your digital presence with all the other digital pieces you’ve learned.
    Social Media
  • 89. The power of a blog
    Specific Answers
    Search Engines love them
    Inbound Links
    Easy to use
    Must be on your website for benefits
  • 90. Email Marketing
  • 91. Blacklisted
  • 92. Tracking
  • 93. Test, test, test
  • 94. How often should you send?
    Make sure you have something relevant to say.
    Test, test, test.
  • 95. Tip: Don’t blow everything on the website and nothing on outreach
  • 96. Strategy – Be Found Everywhere
  • 97. Strategy – Be Found Everywhere
  • 98. Search Marketing
  • 99. Rankchecker
  • 100. Google Adwords – Keyword Research
  • 101. Google Analytics will tell you
  • 102. Keyword Density tools
  • 103. Linkedin
  • 104. Linkedin Power
    More connections, more touches
    Connected to Twitter and Facebook
    Open up your profile
    A group can offer sharing
    Being a community manager takes time, patience and planning
    Encourage others to talk
    Automatically emails others with updates they control
  • 105. over 750 million
  • 106.
  • 107.
  • 108.
  • 109.
  • 110.
  • 111. Facebook brings
    More conversations
    More personality
    More chances to get into their “life” stream than other pieces
  • 112. Facebook secrets
    Bias against newcomers
    “Most Recent” is not really your friends
    Links are favored over updates.
    Photo and Videos trump links.
    Stalking won’t get you noticed.
    Get people to comment.
    Popular kids won’t see you.
  • 113. What to delete
    People should be able to vent but not attack or curse
    Be careful what you delete
    Put up a facebook policy
  • 114. Facebook CALL TO ACTION
    Join the email list
    Visit our website
    Encourage followers to go to website via links, photos, & video
    Be careful of contests
  • 115. BRAND NEW - Subscribe
  • 116. Using iframes on facebook
  • 117. Facebook Ads
  • 118. Facebook Ads
  • 119. Twitter
    Hispanic – 18%
    Black – 13%
    White – 5%
  • 120. PROS
    Power of instant conversations
    Spreading the word quickly
    Helping out member businesses
    Companies are not the answer – your personality is.
    Company Twitter as an aggregator
    You can collect users with bots
  • 121. what is this?
  • 122. CONS
    Lots and lots of noises
    Interface is not friendly
    No SEO
    Twitter will disappear – need your list to engage in other places
  • 123. Bots
  • 124. Google+
  • 125.
  • 126. Google+ started with lists
  • 127. Google understands threads and keeping conversations together. I do think that Google+ is more suited for rapid communication over Twitter as it threads the whole discussion in one place, and also allows for longer responses.
  • 128. where I work, where I live
  • 129. Review sites
    Directory services
  • 130. What if you can’t be found?
    Buying adwords
  • 131. Geo-location
  • 132. Traditional learns from social media
  • 133. Direct Mail
    Use landing pages on website
    Use social media for other places to connect
    Offer incentives for following (member discounts)
  • 134. Landing Page
  • 135. Landing Pages
  • 136. Advertising – QR Code
  • 137. Vontoo Calls
  • 138. Measurement
    Memberships / Money is the only true measure
    Gain from Investment minus the Cost of Investment divided by the Cost of Investment
    ROI = (G – C)/C
  • 139. Google Analytics
  • 140. Adjustment
    I used to say that once you stepped in, there was no way back out.
    But that’s not true.
    Building back your trust takes a lot of work.
  • 141. Project Management
  • 142. To sum up:
  • 143. Brand is both you and your employees and the services your provide
    Your chamber’s brand is you, your employees and the services you provide.
    Real Time Communications are expected not a luxury you can’t afford. Consumers demand it.
    Real Time Communications are everyone’s responsibly.
    But it all starts with you.
  • 144. In 3 years ago, everything may change
  • 145.
    Don Schindler
  • 146. Credits:
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