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Content Management System Selection Guide at Notre Dame
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Content Management System Selection Guide at Notre Dame


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Web Content ManagementSystem (CMS) Selection Guide Jan 31, 2012
  • 2. What does your website need?• Usability and content• Technical infrastructure• Ease of administration
  • 3. What is a CMS? Content CMS WebsiteA content manager The CMS enables the The content appearsgenerates or edits content manager to on the website ascontent. make the changes. intended.
  • 4. What CMSs are offered at ND?• Conductor Content Management System: – built, supported and maintained by Marketing Communications: Web Team• Wordpress Content Management System: – built by Wordpress, install/maintenance by Marketing Communications: Web Team• Other Content Management Systems: – Some individual departments implemented their own CMS solutions after conducting evaluations
  • 5. Major CMS Environments at NDCMS Sites ExamplesConductor 317 Admissions, Law School, DevelopmentWordpress 169 Blogs.nd.eduOther 7 Mendoza, Architecture, Kroc, ACE, Engineering, DPAC and Alumni01/01/2012
  • 6. Common FeaturesAll three web content management systems provide the following:Internet-Based Database BasedCentral Authorization via ND OIT Email FormsMeets University Security Standards Embed MediaCustom Design Upload MediaMultiple Users Mobile StylesBlogs or News Module Share Content with other sitesEvents Calendar
  • 7. CMS DifferentiatorsPlatform DifferencesConductor CMS • Two day set-up when using a pre-defined template • Easy to use simplified interface • Small setup fee of $300 charged to departments • Maintenance costs are covered by the University • Training and support provided by Marketing CommunicationsWordpress CMS • Two day set-up when using a pre-defined template • Easy to use but large interface • No fee charged to departments • Maintenance costs are covered by the University • No ND-specific training, but many resources available online • Support provided by Marketing CommunicationsOther CMS • Setup times vary by product • Interface varies by product • Department bears the entire cost of implementation and maintenance • Training and support provided by vendor
  • 8. What is Conductor?Conductor is a web-basedwebsite content managementsystem (CMS) that enablesnon-technical users to performcontent updates to theirwebsites.Conductor is intended to servethe needs of the majority(90%+) of web projects oncampus.
  • 9. Conductor Stats (01/31/2012)317 websites 913 content managers 20,945 pages Who is using Conductor?Admissions Innovation Park ScienceArts and Letters Law School SRIsCommencement Nanovic Institute Student AffairsDevelopment ND Magazine SustainabilityFirst Year Studies Public Relations VocationsForum Pre-College Prog.Game Day President, Provost,Graduate School EVP
  • 10. Predesigned Templates• $300 one-time setup fee• Up and running in as little as two days• Four templates to choose from• Upgrades available for graphics and applications• Several FTEs dedicated to constant maintenance and upgrades of the system.
  • 11. Custom Templates• College of Science Templates• SRI Templates• Arts & Letters Templates• Athletics Templates• Faculty Templates
  • 12. Full Custom Websites
  • 13. What is Wordpress? WordPress is content management system you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and when you’re ready for more there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web they call “home”. - excerpt from the Wordpress Website• Free to set up• One to two day launch• Upgrade available
  • 14. Wordpress Templates There are currently 20 themes.
  • 15. Custom Wordpress
  • 16. Specialty CMS at ND• Costs can vary by vendor.• Hosting, server maintenance and CMS maintenance and upgrades will vary.• College or Dept is responsible for maintaining web standards defined on
  • 17. Next Steps1. Review your needs with your college or dept2. If you would like to use: 1. Conductor, please go to or contact Nick Johnson ( in Marketing & Communications: Web Team. 2. Wordpress, please go to and request a site. 3. Specialty CMS, please contact Don Schindler ( in Marketing Communications to begin the process.