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Open Badges: Making Learning Visible - BADGE CHALLENGE VERSION
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Open Badges: Making Learning Visible - BADGE CHALLENGE VERSION


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Shortened version with an open challenge for an Open Badge for "Discerning Learners". Find the misleading slide and add a piece of helpful information to earn the badge.

Shortened version with an open challenge for an Open Badge for "Discerning Learners". Find the misleading slide and add a piece of helpful information to earn the badge.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 1. Open Badges Making Learning Visible BADGE CHALLENGE VERSION MADLaT 2014 May 2, 2014 Don Presant PRESENTATION SUPPORT PAGE:
  • 2. Badge Challenge! Earner has: Viewed the online presentation Open Badges: Making Learning Visible - CHALLENGE VERSION AND Emailed don[at]learningagents[dot]ca, with: •Identification of a false statement in one slide with a suggested correction; AND •One or more suggestions for improvement, such as: •A helpful link •A new significant point •A short reflection Manually awarded by Learning Agents, by assessing the email, with up to two resubmissions. You can earn this badge
  • 3. What are Open Badges?
  • 4. Brief introduction
  • 5. Origins • Badges, medals, ribbons since pre-Roman times • Military, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides • Public recognition rewarding positive (desired) behaviour • More recently: video games – “leveling up” Girl Guides of Canada via Flickr CCBY
  • 6. Leveling up at Khan Academy Internal Badges for Learning
  • 7. Digital certificates with Open Badges Think: “online micro credential” Richard Wyles, Totara LMS at MaharaUK12 Video: Chicago Summer of Learning
  • 8. Open Badges Simple structure: image + data
  • 9. Open Badges An evolving ecosystem
  • 10. Badge Pathways Mozilla Webmaker
  • 11. Open Badges and Digital Certification • Competency based – Can parallel formal certification, or feed into it • Visually efficient and appealing – Fun, motivating to earn (?) • Transparent, trustable – Criteria, evidence, issue/expiry date – Ongoing connection to issuer • Individual learning pathways – Granular milestones; see progress in MOOCs, OERs • Progress in incomplete programs can still be recognized – Flexible, diverse, blendable, portable, shareable • Automatically / manually awarded
  • 12. How do Open Badges support learning? Inside Higher Ed, Jan 2014 Badging “can help speed the shift from credentials that simply measure seat time, to ones that more accurately measure competency.” Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, 2011
  • 13. Open Badges Assessment and display
  • 14. Badges in PSE Purdue Video playlist:
  • 15. Badges in PSE University of California – Davis • “media-rich, tiled portfolios” Inside Higher Ed article: UC Davis article: Presentation: HASTAC case study:
  • 16. Badges in PSE UCD high level walkthrough
  • 17. Open University MOOC Motivator? Badge Attainment Badge Display Intrinsic Motivation Extrinsic Motivation Formative Summative ‘They make me smile! Which is a good thing – learning should be fun and I think this was a fun element of the course’ ‘Earned my Week 1 Badge from #oldsmooc! Unexpectedly pleased to have a reward for effort! What fun and motivates ‘I’m not sure yet if I’ll really use them [externally]’ ‘I decided that they might be useful as evidence of professional development … I don’t know if anyone in my institution will care, but in case they do, I have the badges.’
  • 18. Open University Open Learning Design Studio (OLDS) MOOC See analysis: MOOC Badging and the Learning Arc
  • 19. Open University Beyond the MOOC
  • 20. Another MOOC with Badges David Wiley makes you work…
  • 21. Pearson getting involved Acclaim
  • 22. Orientation/Onboarding Survival skills at George Brown College
  • 23. Open Badges Making learning visible • Progress markers – Motivating learners, supporting advisors • Learning pathways – Granular, incremental, flexible • Visual branding – Issuers and learners • Online trust system – Demonstrate skills & capabilities
  • 24. Six Ways to Look at Badging Systems Designed for Learning • Alternative Assessment • Gamifying Education • Learning Scaffolding • Develop Lifelong Learning Skills • Driver for Digital Media & Learning • Democratize Learning Barry Joseph, Global Kids, Inc Quoted by David Wiley
  • 25. Emerging Research • Digital Badges: An Annotated Research Bibliography v1 Curated by HASTAC • Badges for Learning Research HASTAC blog • DML Design Principles Documentation Project Digital Media and Learning; 30 funded projects • Remediating Assessment Blog: Daniel Hickey et al, Indiana University • Do badges work? Internal badge system in Peerwise (n>1000) • Open University (Simon Cross) Upcoming journal article, Slideshare
  • 26. How do I get started?
  • 27. Incremental steps Get your feet wet and keep on wading in • Set up your personal Backpack account – • Earn your first badge – • Create and issue your first badge – is a good exploratory platform – Visual design: custom is best, but experiment with this online designer: • Research and reflect – education • Design and implement a small system… – Sound pedagogy, robust technology
  • 28. Open Badges Designing a badge for your context
  • 29. Recommended Badge Practices • Set clear, objective criteria to make them easy to understand • Make them easy to accept and display • Make them a valued “currency” – Hard to start, getting easier • Add new ones on a regular basis to maintain interest • Use technical support wisely to support educators, solve problems and ensure sustainability Based on:
  • 30. Templates See also:
  • 31. Technology Getting serious about implementation • Badge Creation and Issuing Platforms – – – Wordpress: BadgeOS, WPBadger – Moodle, Blackboard (D2L – coming?) – Mozilla Badge Kit – (Moodle/Mahara/Open API) – Mozilla spreadsheet: “Platforms for issuing Open Badges”:
  • 32. Technology LMS and ePortfolio example
  • 33. Technology Open Badge Factory
  • 34. Bringing Badges in… …should you decide to do so • Begin with “why”? (lead with the need) – Engagement, retention, behaviour change, branding, etc. • Consider building a logic model • Find early adopters • Start small, get it working, improve over time • Insist on excellent visual design • MAKE THE MECHANICS EASY for both issuers and earners • Get admin support to scale up • Get appropriate technical resources • Market! – Presentations, elevator pitches, gentle nagging – Publicize adopters (news, awards, etc.) – Reports, statistics Based on:
  • 35. Badge Challenge!
  • 36. Twitter: donpresant ePortfolio: LONGER PRESENTATION SUPPORT PAGE: