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  • i need ppt of smart home based on mobile ip
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  2. 2. Its Americas best home automation system :Have you ever experienced one-touch Home Automation? Once you do, youllnever go back! Imagine every room in your home timed to your schedule, and totalcontrol right in the palm of your hand. Whether you want to never touch anotherlight switch or just control every light and appliance in your home by remote, X10sActive Home Pro home automation system is what you need!Imagine your home working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It knows whereyoure going to be and when youre going to be there - whether you want to bewelcomed in the morning by a brightly lit kitchen and fresh pot of coffee, or lulledto sleep by your favorite jazz station before you go to bed, you can easily programyour Active Home Pro home automation system to meet your needs! No morefumbling with car keys in a dark driveway, youll get out of the car and watch yourlights come on all the way to your door and through to the hallway and living room.Come home to a cool house in the summer with fans that come on automatically anhour before you get home, or a well-lit front porch in the darker wintermonths. Once youve set your Active Home Pro home automation system to dowhat you want, you wont even have to think about it!
  3. 3. How you control your home is up to you! Never want to touch another switch? WithActive Home Pros PC home automation, you wont have to! You can createcustomized home automation routines according to your schedule, so you can wake upto dimmed lights and soft music, come home after work to a brightly lit house, and goto the bed without thinking about turning off all your lights - theyll just turn right offfor you. Of course your routine cant be the same all the time, and thats why youllalso get a Credit Card Controller!It goes right on your keychain, so you dont even have to enter the house to triggeryour home automation modules. Perfect for weekends, you can simply get out of thecar and turn on your house lights before you even hit the front porch. It really is thatsimple! With the included Lamp Module, you can also dim the lights from anywhere inthe house!Youll be amazed at how much you enjoy living in a home that works for you. Dont waitanother minute - your total home automation experience starts here!
  4. 4. Use your Active Home Pro home automation system as basic home security! ActiveHome Pro can automatically adjust scheduled timers to turn on lights for a randomnumber of minutes when youre not at home, giving your home that "lived-in" lookIts easy to track home automation routines - Active Home Pro software lets yousort by rooms, so you can easily see whats scheduled to happen, and whenHome automation software is easy to expand with plug-ins, so you can have thecompletely customized system you needFeatures: Control lamps, appliances, and wall switches with X10 home automation modules- youll never have to touch a light switch in your home again Set up timed eventsand youll never have to walk into a darkened room when your home automationsystem knows youll be there User-friendly interface means anyone can mastersimple home automation and create new routines. Wireless so youll never have to trip over extra wiring, the Active Home Pro homeautomation system even works when your computer is off - simply program a timeror macro and your home automation system will remember it, so you can controlyour entire home by remote.
  5. 5. Active Home Pros dawn/dusk controls do the thinking for you - your night andmorning routines can automatically adjust for the changing times of sunrise andsunset throughout the year, so you wont have to worry about reprogramming yourdriveway lights when it starts getting darker in the winter.The 5-in-1 Platinum Remote is the universal remote youve been waiting for - notonly will it control your X10 home automation modules, itll control yourTV, stereo, DVD player, and so much more.You can take advantage of your whole entertainment system with oneergonomically-designed remote, and even work your home automation modules, allwithout leaving your couch!Home automation control is in the palm of your hand with the Credit Card Controller- the ideal keychain remote, it lets you control up to 4 lights and appliances, so youcan turn your lights on before you even enter the houseBrighten and dim lamps that couldnt before - perfect for romantic dinners in, or asoothing wakeup with low lights in your bedroom.Timed home automation routines are great for the holidays! Set up your homeautomation system for amazing timed holiday lighting displays - youll be the mostimpressive house on the block!
  6. 6. Whats included: 1 PC Transceiver + RF Transceiver (CM15K) 1 Credit Card Remote Controller (KR22A) 1 Lamp Module (LM465) 1 Active Home Professional Software (SW31A)
  7. 7. Its total home automation in your hands3-Way Home ControlPC Control - Directly control your lights and appliances in anyroom, while sitting at your computer.Remote Control - With the Credit Card Remote, you can controland dim your included Lamp Module, and control any other X10-enabled lights and appliances with the touch of a button fromanywhere in the house.PC Automation - Let your PC turn things on & off, ordim/brighten lights based on schedules you create. Thesecustomized routines are also extremely useful for when youreasleep or away, and they still work while your PC is turnedoff! Sets up in only 5 minutes!How it works ...Active Home sends command signals across your homes existingelectrical wires directly to your lights and appliances for safe andeasy control. PlugNPlay: No new wiring is needed, so itsextremely simple and quick to setup. (X10 Home Automationtechnology also enables you to safely dim and brighten yourlights, even if they dont do that normally).
  8. 8. Its home automation right on your keychainWhile safely sitting in your car, turn on your homes lights with the simple press of abutton on your credit card controller. Control up to 4 lights and appliances. It evenhas brighten and dim buttons so you can dim your lights, even if they couldnt dimbefore. With its elegant, sleek design and additional buttons to control even morelights and appliances, Credit Card Controller brings added excitement to homecontrol! X10s Home Automation Lamp ModuleControl your lights from across the room or from the other side of the house!Incandescent lights can be dimmed too, even if they dont normally (halogen andfluorescent bulbs cannot dim). Set the best lighting level for any lamp or light in yourhouse. Plug the lamp into the Lamp Module and plug the Lamp Module into any normalwall socket - its that easy! This device is ideal for controlling nearly any lamp in yourentire home.
  10. 10. PRESENTED BYSeva For Poor People