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NT Session 4 Major Letters of Paul
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NT Session 4 Major Letters of Paul


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Galatians, Romans & Corinthians slides for Foundations Bible School (copyright Don Palmer).

Galatians, Romans & Corinthians slides for Foundations Bible School (copyright Don Palmer).

Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. Foundations (Year Two)“Encountering the New Testament” Session #4. Encountering GALATIANS, ROMANS & CORINTHIANS
  • 2. Written earlier: The NT Writings Letter of James (40’s/50’s)Letters of Paul: Written later:Galatians (48/49 CE) Letters of Peter (64-66)1 & 2 Thessalonians (51-52) Mark (68-70 )1 & 2 Corinthians (53-57) Matthew (70-80)Romans (56-57) Luke-Acts (70-80)Prison letters (61-62): Hebrews (50’s/60’s?) (Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon & Philippians) Letter of Jude (50’s ?)Pastoral letters (64-66): Writings of John: (1, 2 Timothy & Titus) Gospel, Letters & Revelation (90-96)
  • 3. Paul(by El Greco c. 1587- 92)
  • 4. Conversion& early journeys of Saul (Acts 9,11,12/ Gal. 1)“I was blind but now I see”
  • 5. Paul: The missionary (Acts 13 ) Paul’s three (post-conversion) convictions:1. His whole previous way of life lay under the rebuke of God (Phil. 3:4-11)2. The Jesus whom he had been persecuting was the Son of God, truly alive and in ultimate control (1 Cor. 15; Col. 1:15-20)3. He (Paul) had been called to take this message to the world (Gal. 1:1, 13-17)
  • 6. Paul’s GospelA New LORD – Jesus, the Christ (Phil. 2:5-11)A New Message – Forgiveness/ Eternal Life as gift (Acts 5:20; Gal. 1:6-9)A New People – Church (Jew/ Gentile) incorporates & replaces Israel (Acts 13:47; 14:27; Gal. 3:28)A New Life-Principle - “Life by the Spirit” (Rom. 8; Gal. 5)
  • 7. The first missionary journeyPaul & Barnabas GALATIA 47-49 CE
  • 8. The Gospel (or Christian Message)Galatians: the importance/ foundation of the Gospel (Gal. 1:6-9; 2:16)Romans: the content/ structure of the Gospel (Rom. 1:1-4, 15-17)Corinthians: the application/ outworking of the Gospel (1 Cor. 1:18-25; 15:1-5 & 11 Cor. 4:3-4; 5:17;11:4)
  • 9. Galatians“There is no document in the NT more indisputably Paul’s than the letter to the Galatians” FF Bruce“The magna carta of Christian freedom”“The Christian declaration of independence”“The battle cry of the Reformation”“The letter to the Galatians is my letter - To it I am, as it were, in wedlock. Galatians is my Katherine!” (Martin Luther)
  • 10. Paul writes to the Galatian churches?
  • 11. The first Christian heresy Jewish legalism What this teaches us: Christ +…… Resolving conflicts in the churchThe Church Council at Jerusalem Lessons from Acts 15:1-35 49 CE
  • 12. The difficulty (vv.1-5)A disagreement…or something more?Is doctrine important?Primary & secondary doctrines?What’s going on up in Galatia?Heresy = any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established doctrine
  • 13. The discussion (vv. 6-21)Setting the scene (vv.1-5)The testimony of PeterThe testimony of Paul (& Barnabas)The verdict of JamesThe consent of the (whole) church
  • 14. The decision (vv. 22-35)The letter (make it clear for all)The couriers (Judas & Silas)The requests (not absolutes!)
  • 15. What’s all this got to do with us?1. Diversity in non-essentials unity in essentials2. Knowing where & when to draw the line3. Acknowledge dependence on the larger Church (orthodox = right thinking)4. Celebrate what God is doing Don’t let the fundamentals become incidental – or the incidentals will be come fundamental
  • 16. The Message of GalatiansIntroduction A defence of the Christian messenger (1:11-2:21)PERSONAL A defence of the ChristianDOCTRINAL message (3:1-4:31)PRACTICAL A defence of the Christian’sConclusion liberty (5:1-6:10)
  • 17. Paul’s introductionOf himself: Of the gospel:Sent by God To alter with it is toSupported by the desert God church leaders There is only onePaul’s signature gospel To tamper with it is(“Grace & peace…”) to risk damnation Test the messenger
  • 18. Paul’s credentials“Called by God, Saved by God & Given the Gospel by God” (1:11-24)“Accepted by the Church” (2:1-10)“Took his stand – no matter who opposed him” (2:11-21)
  • 19. Two key texts“Know that a person is not “I have been crucified justified by observing the with Christ and I no law, but by faith in Jesus longer live, but Christ Christ. lives in me.So we, too, have put our faith in Christ Jesus that The life I now live in the we may be justified by body, I live by faith in faith in Christ and not by the Son of God, who observing the law, loved me and gave because by observing the himself for me.” (2:20) law no one will be justified.” (2:16) I live by faith Christ lives in me
  • 20. Defence of the Gospel #1. (Ch.3)“You foolish Galatians” (A promised gift)On what basis did you receive it?On what basis did Abraham receive it?What’s the (real) alternative?An illustration: A covenant A promise A law (to lead us to faith)
  • 21. Defence of the Gospel #2. (Ch.4)“You are all sons of God through faith” (Adoption)God redeemed us as slavesGod adopted us as sonsGod treats us as heirsAn illustration: Two sons Two women Two cities
  • 22. Living out the Gospel (5-6)“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” Stand firm in your freedom Don’t give in to legalism (in any form) Keep running the good race Serve one another in love”“Live by the Spirit”Watch yourself/ Carry one anothers burdens“Sow to the Spirit”Watch yourself/ Don’t get caught up in pride
  • 23. The second missionary journeyPaul & Silas EUROPE 49-52 CE
  • 24. The second missionary journeyConflict between Paul & Barnabas Barnabas & Mark go to Cyprus/ Paul & Silas to AsiaTimothy joins the mission team“The man of Macedonia” - Go West young man!Philippians conversions: Lydia, Slave girl & JailorThessalonica (The persecutors)Berea (The disciples)Athens (The philosophers)Corinth (18 months of fruitful ministry)Ephesus - Antioch
  • 25. Paul writes his first two letters“To the Thessalonians” (from Corinth)
  • 26. The third missionary journeyPaul GREECE & ASIA 53-58 CE
  • 27. The third missionary journeyAsia MinorEphesus (three levels of spiritual warfare) …but three years of fruitful ministryMacedonia – Greece (3 months) - MacedoniaMiracle at Troas (Eutychus)Farewell to the Ephesian eldersTyre – Caesarea – JerusalemReport to James & the bishops “When they heard this, they praised God”
  • 28. Paul writes “To the Corinthians” 56-57 CELetter #1 From the CorinthiansLetter #2 1 Corinthians (56)Letter #3 A severe letterLetter #4 2 Corinthians (57)
  • 29. Paul writes “To the Romans” 57-58 CE
  • 30. The Letters to the Corinthians1 Corinthians 2 CorinthiansA severe letter (2 7:8) An encouraging letterWarning: Repent & sort Thanksgiving: Gratitude out the problems for responseIssues: Social Ministry: Comfort Moral Reconciliation Practical Generousity Spiritual Warfare Doctrinal Suffering