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Introduction to Nextdoor for Waverly Hills

Introduction to Nextdoor for Waverly Hills



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Nextdoor2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Proposal: Transition from the current Google listserv to a listserv from a company called Nextdoor.
  • 2. Nextdoor has a similar listserv experience to Google Groups, and offers more features.
  • 3. Listserv Comparison
  • 4. Sell stuff or give it away Neighborhood Alerts Find out about services, e.g. house painters, and piano tuners. Announce meetings or events. Additional Features
  • 5. I propose that we keep the Google Main listserv, but make Nextdoor the default listserv. The Social listserv will be dropped.
  • 6. 1. Google Main Listserv 2. Google Social Listserv 3. Website 4. Facebook 1. Google Main Listserv 2. Nextdoor 3. Website 4. Facebook T R A N S I T I O N Google Main Listserv will be for non-residents of WH and residents reluctant to switch N O WA P R I L 2 0 1 4
  • 7. That’s the main proposal. Following are some more slides about using Nextdoor.
  • 8. Nextdoor has a geographic component that promotes knowing your neighbors. No one outside the neighborbood can see this information.
  • 9. Or not. Residents have option showing identity.
  • 10. Names can only be seen by other Waverly Hills neighbors.
  • 11. Members can limit address info to just the street.
  • 12. Nextdoor creates a neighborhood website that serves as a central location for activities: classifieds, professional services, etc.
  • 13. Navigation Menu
  • 14. Account Info
  • 15. Nextdoor gives each user the option to access comments, classifieds, and services from immediately adjacent neighborhoods.
  • 16. Nextdoor shows other Nextdoor Groups around Waverly Hills
  • 17. Newsfeed for Waverly Hills Newsfeed for Waverly Hills + Surrounding Neighborhood s Two Tabs on the Newsfeed show either just Waverly Hills info, or info from adjacent neighborhoods and Waverly Hills.
  • 18. Nextdoor offers much of the website experience in app form too.
  • 19. for iPhone
  • 20. That’s it. If you’d like to try out Nextdoor, click here. No operator assistance needed.