Global Ways To Tackle Global Warming
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Global Ways To Tackle Global Warming






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Global Ways To Tackle Global Warming Global Ways To Tackle Global Warming Presentation Transcript

  • Global ways to tackle Global warming
    • Kyoto Protocol
    • It was set up in 1997 at the Rio Earth Summit
    • The aim was to reduce the amount of carbon emissions going into the atmosphere
    • Industrialised countries like the UK and US had to reduce their Greenhouse Gas emissions by 5.2%
  • Ways to achieve the reduction
    • Carbon Credits
    • A country was allowed an upper limit to how much CO2 they could produce.
    • Countries like the US and UK often produced over their limits.
    • However some countries did not produce CO2 emissions to their limit.
    • The US and UK could buy the space left by other countries.
  • Carbon credits example
    • UK – Limit is 100 tonnes
    • UK produced 130 tonnes
    • Cuba – limit is 60 tonnes – produced 40 tonnes – 20 tonnes spare
    • Ghana – limit is 40 tonnes – produced 30 tonnes – 10 tonnes spare
    • The UK could buy the combined spare of Cuba and Ghana to prevent going over their limit
  • Common but differentiated responsibility
    • This is important
      • Every country as a responsibility to reduce the rate of global warming
      • However the role different countries pay depends on how developed they are
      • For example MEDC’s will have to play a bigger role than LEDC’s
      • MEDC will have to pay for technology to help LEDC’s develop sustainably
  • One big issue
    • India and China want to achieve the same standard of living as people have in the UK and US
    • They want to develop quickly and the easiest way is to use fossil fuels to develop
    • They also say this – ‘why should we use more expensive sustainable (renewable) methods when richer countries do not use those more expensive methods?’
  • The future
    • Many countries will fail to reduce their CO2 emissions by the required amount
    • In February 2007 many leading countries agreed that they would discuss the possibility of a successor to the Kyoto Protocol
  • Tackling Acid Rain
    • To tackle acid rain scrubber brushes were attached to chimneys in factories
    • The scrubbers reduced the amount of CO2. sulphur dioxide and nitric oxides
    • This means a reduction in the amount of acid rain causing gases in rain