Getting Limerick Clare and Tipperary Business Online
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Getting Limerick Clare and Tipperary Business Online

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Notes used by Donncha Hughes during GIBO training. This is a checklist of features rather than a How To guide with detailed instructions.

Notes used by Donncha Hughes during GIBO training. This is a checklist of features rather than a How To guide with detailed instructions.

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  • 1. So can you really learn how to create and publish a website for your business in one day?
  • 2. Are your wondering? • How do I get started to create a FREE website using the Blacknight Website Builder • So that I can update my website as often as I wish • And get a Professional Email address for my business?
  • 3. This slidedeck Lists some sample sites created using the Blacknight Website Builder and provide summary instructions on how to build your website Plus Talks about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) within the tool which facilitates your website to be found by web users.
  • 4. • Contact your Local Enterprise Board to book to attend a training workshop? OR • Check out 5
  • 5. BUT FIRST 6
  • 7. What should be on your website? • How many Pages – What information will be on your pages? • • • • YouTube videos Pictures Contact Form Links to Social Media • What are your competitors doing online? • What are your suppliers or partners doing online? • What will your potential customers be looking for? 8
  • 8. Some examples • • • • • • www.japaneseknotweedcontrolservic • • www.patrickbrennantrainingconsul • • • • (online products) A website address (e.g. www. is also known as a domain name or URL. With Getting Irish Business Online you'll get it for free for the first year and only pay a small annual renewal fee thereafter to include your hosting charge! 9
  • 9. Firstly download 10
  • 10. Sign Up Process • • • • Signing Up Choosing a Domain Application Form Verifying your application – via text SMS to your phone • Your first page • Choosing a theme • Choosing your login details 11
  • 11. Adding email • Go to WEB Hosting Menu See blogpost 12
  • 12. Adding email cont. 13
  • 13. Get your email online • Go to to signin to your email • VIDEO Tutorial • 14
  • 14. Email to your Desktop • To receive email to MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird [open source] • I already have thunderbird so I need to add another email account to the package (you can have more than one) • TOOLS • ACCOUNT SETTINGS – ACCOUNT ACTIONS (the grey button at bottom left which is in fact a drop down menu) 15
  • 15. Setting up email • Add Username (your new email address) • Add Password • Click on MANUAL Configuration and replace text which probably lists your URL so that the settings are as follows: • Incoming mailserver: outgoing mailserver: 16
  • 16. Website Functionality • Add contact details + contact form • Include a Google Map of your location • Add link to your Facebook Business Page • Edit your home page • Adding pages • Adding Text • Adding a Table • Links to other sites • Twitter feed to sidebar • Working with Images – Gallery – Media Uploader • Banners Blacknight Control Panel Blacknight SiteBuilder 17
  • 17. And • Search engine optimisation – Meta Tags • Google Analytics • Adding Email to match your URL • eCommerce 18
  • 18. Where to Start? • Select BUILD YOUR SITE • Click on Site Settings and Contact Details in the Dropdown Menu – Add your Phone Number and Opening Hours • These appear at the top of Website (Click Preview to see how it looks) – Add Address • This will appear in the SIDEBAR – You have to activate the SIDEBAR on each page … Click the RED Button so that it turns GREEN 19
  • 19. Google Maps • When you view your Google map in the sitebuilder it will take a best guess at your location from your address. After this you may move around the map and click on a point to drop a marker on the exact location where your address is. When you drop the pin you will see it sets the coordinates field which will then be used to display your marker on your live site. If you want to remove the pin simply return to the sitebuilder and delete the coordinates field and leave only your address. • 20
  • 20. The Contact Form >> Contact Settings • Turn On the Contact Form Option • Option to reveal email address • Form will appear when website is published 21
  • 21. Integrating Social Media • Each page has an automatic Social Share Bar • You can now create links to your Business’s Social Media Accounts How to create a FACEBOOK BUSINESS Page 22
  • 22. Add links to Facebook • If you have a facebook page for your business you can create a link direct from your new home page • Simply copy in the URL of your facebook page – SITE SETTINGS + SOCIAL NETWORKING how to change your Facebook personal page into a Business page Amanda is a brilliant blogger on any things social media 23
  • 23. Twitter & LinkedIn • Open your Twitter Account and Your Profile Page The link that you paste into Blacknight should be in these formats 24
  • 24. Add Twitter Feed to SideBar • Add your twitter ID ie @donnchadhh to Feeds under Pages & Tools (below Gallery) 25
  • 25. Add Blogpost Feed to your SideBar • If you have a Wordpress blog you can add an automatic feed which will appear in the Sidebar • Format of feed should be – 26
  • 26. 27
  • 27. Search Engine Optimisation in brief • No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google or Yahoo or Bing. 1. All about Organic Search ... Content in your site including headings 2. Meta title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Alt tags (Images) ... This is text that is not seen by the visitor to your website. It helps search engines. 3. Links to your site (backlinks) from other sites. For more see: 28
  • 28. So what are Meta Tags etc My blogpost on SEO for GIBO 29
  • 29. View Source This is HTML • <title> Donncha Hughes - About Donncha Hughes </title> • <meta name="DESCRIPTION" content="homepage of Donncha Hughes trainer, mentor - marketing ; business plans 0861724887"> • <meta name="KEYWORDS" content="Donncha Hughes marketing start up Sales Business Plans Limerick Tipperary Galway Mentor"> 30
  • 30. Google Donncha Hughes Website Title Meta Description 31
  • 31. More results My Sample Site appears in top ten search items Website Title Meta Description Google Images 32
  • 32. MetaTags in Knightbuilder • Website Title + Each Webpage Title • Headings & Keywords within the text 33
  • 33. Pages • One standard page plus 11 other pages which you can name • For instructions on adding more pages A website must be hosted on a server. This allows it to be viewed by anyone anywhere in the world. With Getting Irish Business Online you'll get your website hosted for free by Blacknight for the first year and only pay a small annual renewal fee thereafter. 34
  • 34. Adding Text • Type in your text • Add Headings and subheadings to make it look nice for the reader – Use the format button (Headings 2 and 3 are plenty big enough) 35
  • 35. How to copy from MS WORD • If I want to move text from the top of a page to the bottom, i use the control keys – Hold down Ctrl Key and the X key to Cut. – Hold down Ctrl Key and the V Key to Paste. – Ctrl and C is Copy. • Also work for emails and websites. • Use the Paste button on the Page Editor Menu to add text from Microsoft Word to your webpages 36
  • 36. Tables 37
  • 37. Add a table to a Page • Within Blacknight Tool, go to a Page and click on Add Table • Select number of rows and columns, background colour, border colour • May be suitable for a list of services, list of contact people, prices or a timetable 38
  • 38. Can I provide a link that will link to another website? • Yes – See this video • Copy the URL you want to link to • Within the page Select the Text for the ‘hyperlink’ • The LINK icon below will become active and a pop up box will appear • Paste the URL in the box provided • Select OPEN in New Tab from the drop down menu 39
  • 39. How to Add Top to each Page? • How to Add to each page Top so that visitor to brought to the top of that page – Type in the text at bottom of the page and Select the Text – The Link Icon (looks like a chain) will activate (change colour) – Create a ‘link’ to the page from the Link List dropdown menu – Select ‘open in this window’ 40
  • 40. Gallery • You can add 12 images/photos to a Gallery • Its under "Pages and Tools" in the site builder. • When you click on an image in the Gallery it expands to full size. SOURCEs of FREE IMAGES for Your Website 41
  • 41. Gallery – Detailed • You probably have the images on your hard drive or a memory stick. Make sure that they are under 1MB. If they are bigger you can resize using Paint. • To add images to the Gallery. You firstly add the Gallery to your site … click on Pages and Tools and Add Pages. Click on the grey button to make Gallery active. It will now be green and say active. You then add pictures to the gallery…. Click on Pages and Tools and on the Gallery Page in the dropdown. You first click on Show Gallery so that it goes Green. • Next step is to upload images. You ‘browse’ to the file location and select one image at a time. You can add a caption. You then click on the upload button. 42
  • 42. Media Uploader • You can add photos to your Media uploader. • You can then display them on any page. • Also allows Pdfs to be uploaded (menus or brochures for instance) so that links can be inserted to allow viewers to download. If Media Uploader is not displaying Click on Build Your Site Click the remove frames link and follow this by clicking Switch to HTTP (both of these links are located in the top section). 43
  • 43. How to ‘display’ photos on my pages • Go to Media Uploader • Upload photo or photos (under 1MB) • Right click on the photo that you have want to display on a page – Copy the URL of the Photo (Copy Link Location) • Go to page that you want to insert the photo • Click on Insert/Edit Embedded media (see picture above) • Paste the link in the box • The second TAB is Appearance. Please note that a photo of about 600 across will fill across most of the page (will look nice if centred using the menu button) 44
  • 44. Video Uploads • Surf to your YouTube Video. • Copy the URL of the Video • Within Blacknight Tool, go to page you want to insert the Video. • Click on Insert/Edit Embedded media. • Paste the link in the box (see popup on next slide) 45
  • 45. Image Slideshow • In your pages you can add a slideshow of images • Create a Google picasa account • Follow instructions provided by Google to embed the image slideshow into your website. • You will need to add HTML code provided by Google to a Page on your site via the HTML Editor 46
  • 46. Banners (banner logo) • Excellent new video on the Forum • • Edit your images using • Instructions for Using Pixlr Editor • 3jiuU&list=PL931F7D402AF4DD10&index=1 47
  • 47. Google Analytics • Sign up to Google analytics ie create a google account • Follow the instructions to add Google Analytics to your site 48
  • 48. Google Adwords 49
  • 49. E Commerce See Video etting-irish-business-online-ecommerce-5942254 See blogpost http://www.startupwebtraining. com/how-to-sell-your-productson-your-getting-irish-businessonline-website/ Example : 50
  • 50. URL Redirect • Example from Blacknight direct&title=directadmin_enhanced_eu_re direct • Tell Google that your site has moved in/ =2371325&ctx=topic 51
  • 51. Summary • You can update your website at any time. All you need to do is login to • Add new pages • Text + Pictures • Email • Social Media • PUBLISH • User support forum 52
  • 52. Donncha Hughes 086 1724887