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The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011–2021 - Country Analysis: Market Profile
The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011–2021 - Country Analysis: Market Profile
The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011–2021 - Country Analysis: Market Profile
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The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011–2021 - Country Analysis: Market Profile


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heck for Discount on The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011–2021 - Country Analysis: Market Profile report by ICD Research.

heck for Discount on The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011–2021 - Country Analysis: Market Profile report by ICD Research.

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  • 1. The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011–2021 - Country Analysis:Market ProfileSynopsisThis report offers detailed analysis of the global Global Cyber Warfare Market market over thenext ten years, and provides extensive market size forecasts by country and sub sector. It coversthe key technological and market trends in the Global Cyber Warfare Market market.SummaryGlobal Global Cyber Warfare Market market-country analysis provides details of the keymarkets in each region, offering an analysis of the top segments of Global Cyber WarfareMarket, expected to be in demand. It also investigates the top three expected Global CyberWarfare Market programs, in terms of demand in the key markets in each region.Reasons To Buy"The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011–2021 - Country Analysis" allow you to:• Have access to a detailed analysis of defense spending patterns including forecasts of GlobalCyber Warfare Market spending till 2021 by region.• Gain insight into various defense modernization initiatives around the world.• Obtain detailed information on leading Global Cyber Warfare Market programs of majordefense spenders across the world.• Gain insight into sub-sector markets with comprehensive market values and forecasts of theleading defense spending nations.Buy your copy of this report @ Details:Published: August 2012No. of Pages: 44Price : Single User License: US$ 2950 Price : Corporate User License: US$ 8850
  • 2. Table of contents1 Introduction1.1 What is this Report About?1.2 Definitions1.3 Summary methodology1.4 About Strategic Defence Intelligence ( Country Analysis – Cyber Warfare Market2.1 US Market Size and Forecast 2011–20212.1.1 Cyber security in the US expected to attract increased funding despite defense budgetcuts2.1.2 US military services to provide appropriate component support for the US CyberCommand2.1.3 US to respond to cyber attacks with military retaliation2.2 France Market Size and Forecast 2011–20212.2.1 France launched its cyber security strategy in 20112.2.2 Steps to be taken by the government to tackle cyber threats2.3 The UK Market Size and Forecast 2011–20212.3.1 Cyber-weapons program to be the only major program during 2011–20142.3.2 Cyber security strategy for 2011 released in November 20112.4 Russia Market Size and Forecast 2011–20212.4.1 Military doctrine released in 2010 lays down guidelines for securing cyberspace2.4.2 Russia believed to be conducting cyber war against Estonia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan2.5 UAE Market Size and Forecast 2011–20212.5.1 UAE to procure cyber security systems from EADS2.5.2 UAE to create cybercrime courts2.6 Iran Market Size and Forecast 2011–20212.6.1 Iran invests plans to support offensive and defensive capabilities2.6.2 Iran plans to expand cyber warfare unit2.7 Brazil: Market Size and Forecast 2011–20212.7.1 Brazilian Army to collaborate with Panda Security to fight cyber terrorism2.8 Colombian Market Size and Forecast 2011–20212.8.1 Colombian Computer Emergency Response team to be at the centre of all policies tocombat cyber terrorism2.8.2 TB Security to advise Colombia on cyber defense issues2.9 India: Market Size and Forecast 2011–20212.9.1 The government has established an Inter Departmental Information Security Task Forceto counter cyber terrorism2.9.2 India and the US collaborate to combat cyber terrorism2.1 China: Market Size and Forecast 2011–20212.10.1 Market driven by the need to raise levels of cyber security2.10.2 China has established a specialized cyber warfare team called the ‘Blue Army’2.11 South Korea: Market Size and Forecast 2011–2021
  • 3. 2.11.1 South Korea to equip its cyber space with state-level defense systems2.11.2 South Korea to open cyber warfare school alongside its cyber war center2.12 South Africa Market Size and Forecast 2011–20212.12.1 Highlights – draft cyber security policy of South Africa2.12.2 Cyber crimes in South Africa are increasing3 Appendix3.1 Methodology3.2 Contact us3.3 About ICD Research3.4 DisclaimerTable 1: US Cyber Warfare Market OverviewTable 2: Key Cyber Warfare ProgramsTable 3: French Cyber Warfare Market OverviewTable 4: Major French Cyber Warfare ProgramTable 5: UK Cyber Warfare Market OverviewTable 6: Key UK Cyber Warfare ProgramsTable 7: Russian Cyber Warfare Market OverviewTable 8: UAE Cyber Warfare Market OverviewTable 9: Iran’s Cyber Warfare Market OverviewTable 10: Key Cyber Warfare Programs of IranTable 11: Brazilian Cyber Warfare Market OverviewTable 12: Colombian Cyber Warfare Market OverviewTable 13: Indian Cyber Warfare Market OverviewTable 14: Chinese Cyber Warfare Market OverviewTable 15: South Korean Cyber Warfare Market OverviewTable 16: South African Cyber Warfare Market OverviewFigure 1: Cyber Warfare Market inthe US (US$ Billion), 2011–2021Figure 2: Cyber Warfare Market in France (US$ Million), 2011–2021Figure 3: Cyber Warfare Market in the UK (US$ Million), 2011–2021Figure 4: Cyber Warfare Market in Russia (US$ Million), 2011–2021Figure 5: Cyber Warfare Market in UAE (US$ Million), 2011–2021Figure 6: Cyber Warfare Market in Iran (US$ Million), 2011–2021Figure 7: Cyber Warfare Market in Brazil (US$ Million), 2011–2021Figure 8: Cyber Warfare Market in Colombia (US$ Million), 2011–2021Figure 9: Cyber Warfare Market in India (US$ Billion), 2011–2021Figure 10: Cyber Warfare Market in China (US$ Billion), 2011–2021Figure 11: Cyber Warfare Market in South Korea (US$ Billion), 2011–2021Figure 12: Cyber Warfare Market Size in South Africa (US$ Million), 2011–2021Contact: for further details.