Power and Energy Measurement: Worldwide Market Forecasts - First Edition


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Digital power management is part of almost all energy management solutions, since “intelligent” data communication is an essential feature of these systems. Accuracy of data acquisition and power measurement is challenging from a number of perspectives, and its importance (and how precise it needs to be) determines, in part, the market penetration rates used to derive a forecast.

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Power and Energy Measurement: Worldwide Market Forecasts - First Edition

  1. 1. Power and Energy Measurement: Worldwide Market Forecasts - First EditionMeasuring real-time energy consumption, and adjusting power delivery at critical loads (asopposed to simple “on-off” functions), are becoming increasingly important in today’scommercial, residential and industrial environments. The ability to “fine-tune” energy usagerequires sophisticated power monitoring and measurement techniques.Driven by such diverse trends as Zero Net Energy and data center infrastructuremanagement, this type of “advanced” power measurement has value in Distributed PowerSystems, Metering, Home Automation, Industrial Automation, and Building Automation. Themarket for Power & Energy Measurement in these applications is projected to grow from25.3 million units in 2012 to 108.4 million units in 2017, a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 33.8%.Each application has very specific dynamics, however, and is expected to grow at varyingrates. Applications need different levels of advanced power measurement, for instance. Inother cases, a single application will provide several opportunities. “Smart” meters, forinstance, will provide board-level power opportunities, with a subset of that market –“demand response” meters – leading to specific power supply opportunities.Request a Sample for or Inquire before buying the report Power and EnergyMeasurement MarketDarnell has identified four markets that will benefit from advanced power and energymeasurement functions: Embedded AC-DC Power Supplies, Power Distribution Units; MotorDrives; and Telecom Rectifiers. Embedded AC-DC power supplies are a strong unit marketwith healthy sales between 2012 and 2017. But all of these products have been targeted bycompanies making ICs for advanced power measurement functions; and they are all likelyto be good markets, both in terms of market share and growth rates. Other power supplies,such as photovoltaic inverters and uninterruptible power supplies, are not forecast, but theirrole in this market is put in perspective.“Zero net energy” is one of the drivers that could lead to an increased need for accuratepower and energy measurement. Renewable energy micro-grids with decentralizedmanagement and control offer increasing degrees of grid reliability, stability, and resiliencyin the face of power outages. In this situation, the role of the utility may expand over timeto include both power management and power generation (exporting and importing power).Such power generation and management includes PV rooftops systems, PV/zero-energyhomes and vehicle systems, and other distributed energy resource systems. Linking PVsystems at the community level can offer some of the economies of scale of utility-scale PVapplications. Many of these PV applications are already cost-effective for certain markets,and they are likely to expand over the next few years. PV inverters, although not included inthis forecast, represent a potential, longer-term market.Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:  Introduction Background and Demand Characteristics Utility Demand Response
  2. 2. Other Demand Characteristics Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Standards and Regulations Digital Power Management and Accuracy Requirements Market Drivers Power Factor Correction (PFC) Worldwide Power & Energy Measurement Forecasts Application Forecasts Distributed Power Systems Metering Home Automation Industrial Automation Building Automation Wattage Forecasts Power Supply Forecasts Selected Company Profiles Allegro Microsystems Analog Devices C&D Technologies Cirrus Logic Fairchild Semiconductor Maxim Integrated Products Microchip Technology Inc Pulse Electronics ROAL Electronics STMicroelectronics Texas Instruments  Appendix A: Energy Management Systems: Conference Reports  Appendix B: Terms and Acronyms  List of Tables  List of FiguresExplore Comprehensive list of Tables and Figures available in the report @http://www.reportsnreports.com/reports/147974-power-and-energy-measurement-worldwide-market-forecasts-first-edition.htmlReport Details:Published: February 2012No. of Pages: 71Price: Single User License – US$3200
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