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Donna Sample MockUp1

  1. 1. StaubachMock Up Sample Slides
  2. 2. The Staubach Difference…Staubach identifies and eliminates the invisible risks existing in any real estate decision.IntegrityWe will not compromise our individual or corporate integrity for any reason. Everyone will be held tothe highest ethical standards of honesty and integrity in all business dealings, both internal andexternal to the company. Every individual pledges to preserve the corporate integrity.RespectWe encourage and embrace the inclusion of diverse perspectives and cultural backgrounds. Inclusionbuilds a work environment that is positive for all regardless of race, age, gender, religion or sexualorientation.TeamworkTeams work. The collective efforts of varied specialists will produce extraordinary results; lone effortsdo not. Fidelity to the team ethic will result in personal achievements beyond one’s own capabilities.BalanceBalanced lives will make for a healthier and consistently productive organization. While hard work anddevotion to our profession are desired qualities, all employees are encouraged to balance their faith,family, community and self with those of their vocation.LeadershipOur continued success relies on our ability to attract and motivate leaders of character throughout theorganization. If we invest in people who demonstrate integrity and achievement, success will be thenatural consequence. Principled-leadership and technical competence will never become obsolete.
  3. 3. Created by: Donna NewmanAbout Staubach- Staubach identifies and minimizes the invisible risk existing in any real estate decision- For 30 years, Staubach professionals have been solving business and real estateproblems resulting in cost-savings of 15-25% often more.Staubach’s 1,600 professionals in over 65 offices throughout the Americas save you hundreds of man-hours. The Staubach Company ( is a market leading global real estate advisory firmthat delivers cost-effective solutions for office, industrial and retail clients. It has extensive experience instrategic consulting, site selection, acquisition, disposition, construction consulting / project management,real estate administration, portfolio management, facility management, business and economic incentivesand financing and capital solutions. 1,600 people in more than 65 offices throughout North Americarepresent Staubach’s 3,000+ clients. Staubach completed 7,280 transactions totaling $28 billion and 200million square feet during the fiscal year ending June 2007. Worldwide, the DTZ Staubach Tie Leungpartnership has 12,000 professionals delivering services and solutions to multinational clients.
  4. 4. Created by: Donna NewmanOfficeStaubach solves business problems caused by real estate, which increases your profits and reduces occupancycosts by an average of 20%.Recognized as a market leader in OFFICE tenant representation, Staubach CorporateServices has one type of client: real estate users, not owners or developers. Driven to provide innovativesolutions, we align real estate and corporate goals by consistently reducing client occupancy costs by 20% andmore. Known for our integrity and delivering best-of-class services, we take a consultative approach, saving ourclients time as well as money while minimizing real estate risks. Your time is extremely valuable. At Staubach,we sort through the changing market complexities - available locations, tax abatements, zoning restrictions andother factors - to give you as many viable office space options as possible, including hidden opportunities thatare known only to Staubach. We do this while saving you 15-25% (often more) and protecting you against theinherent risks of real estate.Services for users of office space include:• Acquisitions• Dispositions• Design & Construction Consulting• Financial & Strategic Consulting• Research• Corporate Real Estate Outsourcing• Specialty Groups
  5. 5. Created by: Donna NewmanIndustrialStaubach minimizes risks, creates real estate strategies that advance corporate objectives and reduces occupancycosts by 20%, including the negotiation of business and economic incentives. Providing integrated real estateservices, Staubach INDUSTRIAL helps clients optimize operational efficiencies. Motivated by our clients’operational and financial considerations, we leverage our market knowledge and experience. We use front-endresearch and analysis to provide strategic solutions to unique real estate and business challenges. Today, manycompanies require sophisticated industrial facilities and logistics, not just warehouses. From mechanizeddistribution facilities to R&D to customized manufacturing space, we match the right facility to your specificrequirements. In addition, our negotiating strategies generate total occupancy savings of 15-25% verses themarketServices for users of industrial space include:• Acquisitions• Dispositions• Design & Construction Consulting• Financial & Strategic Consulting• Research• Corporate Real Estate Outsourcing• Specialty Groups
  6. 6. Created by: Donna NewmanRetailAt Staubach Retail, we are passionate about client service excellence. Through a strong culture of trust, teamwork andaccountability, we continuously strive to develop innovative retail real estate solutions for our clients. The deepstrength of our people and their commitment to these goals is what brings value to our clients every day.Clients typically seek help across three dimensions: 1) retail and real estate strategy, 2) real estate process managementand 3) tactical execution of real estate transactions. Staubach Retail has built a company to respond to these needs. Weassemble custom solutions so you can realize the most value in terms of revenue growth, reduced occupancy costs,increased speed to market, improved returns on invested capital and a more efficient real estate process. We call thisbrokerage+.Brokerage Services• User Representation• Land Brokerage• Project Leasing• Investment BrokerageConsulting & Managed Services• Retail Management Consulting• Acquisition Management• Design & Construction Management• Real Estate Administration• Portfolio & Disposition Management• Full Real Estate OutsourcingDevelopment & Capital Solutions• Single & Multi-Tenant Development- Retail & Mixed Use- Automotive- Resort & Hospitality• Sale-LeasebackStaubach AutoGroup• National Site Selection Services• Automotive Property Sales & Marketing• Design & Construction Management• AutoPark Development
  7. 7. Created by: Donna NewmanCapital MarketsStaubach Capital Markets assists real estate users and investors in optimizing theeconomics of their real estate investments through innovative capital financesolutions. We have completed over $23 billion in transactions nationwide since1995.Staubach Capital Markets, the real estate investment banking division of The Staubach Company (Staubach), is a premier provider ofcommercial real estate financial, investment and advisory services to institutional, corporate, non-profit and private investor clients.We blend capital markets experience and expertise with hands-on local real estate knowledge to create a powerful advantage for ourclients to achieve their real estate finance and investment goals. Our mission is to build lasting relationships with clients andinvestors while setting the highest standards of excellence and integrity.Built on the client-first and high-integrity culture that has been the foundation of Staubach’s success for the past three decades, ourinvestment banking approach utilizes multi-disciplinary teams and firm-wide responsiveness for all assignments. We also leveragethe local real estate knowledge, relationships and access of Staubach’s approximately 1,500 people in 68 offices throughout NorthAmerica.The primary business lines of Staubach Capital Markets include:• Occupier Financial Services• Investment Sales• Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services• Investment ManagementStaubach Capital Markets is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, Orange County andOrlando.
  8. 8. Created by: Donna NewmanContact UsStaubachs 1,100+ professionals in over 50 officesthroughout the Americas save you hundreds of man-hours.Its easy to find help anywhere in the world withStaubach - with over 50 offices in the United States andthroughout the Americas to over 170 offices in 40countries around the world with our DTZ Staubach TieLeung partnership.Corporate HeadquartersThe Staubach Company15601 Dallas ParkwaySuite 400Addison, Texas 75001800.944.0012info@staubach.com