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Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce - Practical Tips for Building Productive Business Relationships
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Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce - Practical Tips for Building Productive Business Relationships


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A presentation developed for VIU MBA students by …

A presentation developed for VIU MBA students by
Donna Mercier - Memebership and Marketing Coordinator at the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce
Paul Mycroft - Owner at Paul Mycroft Designs
Bijesh Kumar - VIU MBA intern for Marketing Communications at Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Practical Tips for Building Productive Business Relationships 15th February, 2013Speakers:Donna MercierMembership & Marketing CoordinatorGreater Nanaimo Chamber of CommercePaul MycroftOwner – Paul Mycroft Designwww.paulmycroft.comSpecial Guest:Bijesh KumarVIU MBA Marketing InternGreater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce
  • 2. Agenda Introductions: “What is my current challenge?” Why Network? How Not to Network Quintessential Networking Tips Your 30-second Elevator Pitch Keeping it real – Adding Value Networking opportunities in Nanaimo Evaluation and Feedback
  • 3. Introductions• What do I want to learn today?“I like to define networking as cultivating mutuallybeneficial, give-and-take, win-win relationships… Theend result may be to develop a large and diverse groupof people who will gladly and continually refer a lot ofbusiness to us, while we do the same for them.”Bob Burg, Speaker, Bestselling Author - The Go-Giver & Endless Referrals
  • 4. Why Network?• Become familiar with people so they think of YOU first when they think of what you provide.• Develop your contact list – your business will not grow without it.• Learn, come away with something new.• It’s good to get away from the cubicle, man!Video Courtesy of the National Business Information Clearing House and Entrepreneurial Development
  • 5. How Not to Network!!• It’s not all about you!• It’s not about collecting the most business cards.• It is not about, “What can I sell you?”• It IS about developing trusted and quality business relationships which are mutually beneficial.• Let’s see what we can learn what not to do from Will Kintish, the UK’s leading expert on Business Networking
  • 6. Quintessential Networking Tips at Events• First of all, be yourself!• Ask how can you add value? Prepare your 15-30 second Elevator Pitch• Have your business cards handy before you go in – not tucked in your wallet or bag• Spend a few dollars on a professional business card – no paper ones!• Dress well and appropriately• Be positive and smile. If you are not in the mood don’t go!
  • 7. Quintessential Networking Tips (cont’d)• Set goals for your networking event – meet at least 3 new people• Try to remember first names; use a rhyme or a tip (repeat 3-5 times to yourself)• Ask what they do and be genuinely attentive for the time being. Practice active listening skills• Follow-up the very next day with a phone call, email, LinkedIn connection, or forward your email newsletter to them so they can sign up.
  • 8. “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you”• This is true!• Networking is extremely important• More than ever before – and increasingly expected as more and more people understand its importance• Effective networkers are open, natural, know what a network is and how to use it. They are vigilant about nurturing and growing their networks
  • 9. Your 30-Second Elevator Pitch• What is my company, product, service, or cause?• Who are my customers?• What problem do I solve?• How am I different?• How do my customers benefit?Something witty, memorable or funny that leads toquestions and more conversation……. Let’s Practice!
  • 10. Keeping it “Real” – Adding value to your connections
  • 11. Check out these organizations in Nanaimo• Young Professionals of Nanaimo -• Mystic – Also known as Innovation Island -• BNI British Columbia -• Rotary Clubs of Nanaimo - =387• Halo Networking www.halo-
  • 12. Great Networking Resources1. The Frog THE FROG AND PRINCE: Secrets of Positive Networking By Darcy Rezac with Judy Thomson and Gayle Hallgren. Lays out the new reality of networking. In this age of business and personal uncertainty, never have you needed your network more. Equally as important are the revolutionary new scientific discoveries that prove that networks, including social networks, form and act in a certain manner. In this book you learn how to tap into this new knowledge, and how to build your own powerful positive social networks— for both business and life.2. Work the Pond. Also by Darcy Rezac3. Top 10 Traits Of A Master Networker - Ivan Misner And BNI Richard Branson – CEO Virgin Tips to keep a conversation going with anyone. ThePeoplesCoach Marie Forleo: Networking Basics: 8 Tips to Networking Without Being Fake practical tips from our special guest Bijesh and his experience with the NanaimoChamber of Commerce……
  • 13. Questions for us?
  • 14. • Bibliography• Mitchell, R., 2009. [Online] Available at: aspx?d=2157&utm_source=newsletter&utm_ medium=email&utm_campaign=20091103 [Accessed 14 02 2013].