Complexity in fiction

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a descriptive slideshare about the complexity that can sometimes be found in narratives and fiction.

a descriptive slideshare about the complexity that can sometimes be found in narratives and fiction.

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  • It’s interesting to note that many of the same factors that cause reading to be challenging can also create challenges in real life. It is important to remember those different times, cultures, environments. and perspectives can also be fascinating. Complexity helps us to grow because it can broaden our perspectives and increase our confidence.
  • Let’s talk about the overall structure of fiction. Fiction is story.


  • 1. Complexity in Fiction
  • 2. Fiction can be complicated by 1. Complicated or unexpected structure or process 2. Unclear communication 3. Different times, cultures, environments or perspectives than we are used to 4. Subjects or themes that are dense or highly technical
  • 3.    We know that format, structure and text features in writing give us information about the purpose of the writing. If the structure varies from what we are used to it can sometimes be confusing For example, sentence structures vary and can sometimes require careful reading.
  • 4. Setting-Characters-Plot-Point of View and Theme
  • 5. All stories don’t always have all the elements present in the same amounts. Some stories have a lot of characters that can be challenging to keep track of. In The Hero, the main character, Jamie, had a lot of • Narrative and story plots usually begin at the beginning and progress chronologically through time to the resolution or end of the story. • Do you remember in The relatives to keep track of. Hero, when the plot flashed back to tell us about when In Tolstoy’s novel, Dennis first came to Jamie’s War and Peace there are school? almost six hundred characters!
  • 6. PLOT Plot Development is the structure of how a story’s plot develops. Plot is what happens in a story. What happens in a story springs from the conflicts or problems in a story.
  • 7. CONFLICT can be either • Internal- a character’s emotions or thoughts • External- from outside or around a character
  • 8. 4 Basic Kinds of Conflicts in stories Human VS. Human • In The Hero-Jerry and Dennis have this kind of conflict because Jerry acts like a bully to Dennis Human VS Nature • Like the boys vs the river in The Hero Human VS Society • Like what Dennis’s family experiences from the whole town. Human VS Self • Like when Jamie worries
  • 9. Complexity in Fiction