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UX Design Process: User Stories for Android App Concept
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UX Design Process: User Stories for Android App Concept


Walk-through of initial steps in the UX Design Process …

Walk-through of initial steps in the UX Design Process
- Vision
- Analysis
- Design (Includes User Stories and Personas for an Android app that saves women time and money when shopping)

Published in Design
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  • 1. Android App conceptby Donna Lee MedugnoFrom vision through design, Visionthe UX design process of a Why are we doing this? UX Design Who are we working for?women’s clothing app Who will benefit? How will they benefit?that saves women time Analysis Processand money when shopping. What is the need? Who had the need? Discover the goals. Create the user personas. Determine the features. Test Test the solution. Design Recruit user advisors. Write draft stories. Review Create mockups. Review user personas. Iterate stories. Review final user stories. Perform rapid testing. Review prototypes. Refine user stories. Design final prototypes. Development Write technical stoires. Code solution. Release Test Release items Test the solution. that passed testing.
  • 2. Vision• Why are we doing this? ◦ To save women time and money when clothing shopping• Who are we working for? ◦ The consumer• Who will benefit? ◦ Women between the ages of 14 and 85 ◦ Women who buy clothes that label sizes as 0,2,4,6 … and xx‐small, x‐ small, medium … ◦ Women who want to save time and money• How will they benefit? ◦ They will save time when clothing shopping because they will only need  to try on the size that fits them ◦ They will save money swapping clothes with friends and family ◦ They will get the best price for the clothes they buy ◦ They will know what clothes they own, what they want to own, and what  they can afford to own
  • 3. Analysis• What is the need? ◦ Women 18‐34 swap clothes to save money because of college costs and  college loans ◦ Women of all ages spend too much time shopping for clothes and trying  on different sizes because the sizes are different from clothing label to  clothing label ◦ Women do not like to pay full retail price for clothing ◦ Women cannot remember all the clothes in their closet ◦ Women want to buy clothes that look good on them• Discover the features ◦ Record clothing size measurements ◦ Track clothing owned ◦ Connect with friends and family and swap clothes ◦ Receive sale and event alerts• Who has the need? ◦ Women between the ages of 14 and 85 who hate guessing what size they  need to try on when clothes shopping ◦ Women who love a good bargain ◦ Women who don’t mind wearing used clothing• Create the user personas
  • 4. Single female – Sara Brown Primary persona Age: 22 Gender: Female Occupation: Graphic Designer Run, but don’t hide Area of residence: Lives with parents Home life: three younger teenage brothers Personal Attributes: Ethnicity / cultural background: Irish Catholic •Health-conscious and active Hobbies & recreation: Soccer, Swing dancing •Sportswear fashion style What keeps him or her up at night? •Money-conscious Owes $120K in College loans •Tech-savvy Goals Sample Life Scenarios Needs Ideal System FeaturesPay off her student A big chunk of her paycheck Pay very little to Swap her clothes withloans goes to her student loans nothing for new clothes friends, family & others Recommends clothes To look her best so she based on body-shape,Meet someone to Goes out dancing on the can attract the man of previous purchases, andshare her life with weekends with her friends her dreams existing wardrobe Based on her measurements, know To know what is going what size would fit herNot waste time to fit her before she best for various clothingbargain hunting for Shops discount stores and buys it or chases a manufactures orclothes attends swap parties purchase designers
  • 5. Married mom – Lisa Williamson Primary persona Age: 44 Gender: Female Live, Love, and Laugh Occupation: Marketing Manager Area of residence: Owns a home in the suburbs Personal Attributes: Home life: Married for 15 years, two girls age 9 & 12 •Cautious Ethnicity / cultural background: Australian •Down-to-earth, friendly Hobbies & recreation: techno music, beach, sudoku •Somewhat controlling What keeps him or her up at night? •Conservative Thinking about her girls growing up too fast Goals Sample Life Scenarios Needs Ideal System FeaturesBe empathetic to what To know what the The ability to see the clothingit is like to be young Takes her girls clothing latest trends are for styles that are being marketedgirl in today’s world shopping young girls and teens to young girls Makes her girls returnBe very involved with clothing that they bought To know what her The ability to control what herher girls lives including with their friends that girls are buying and girls can buy to monitor whatthe clothes they wear she found to be too racy wearing for clothes they wear for clothing The ability for friends andBe very aware of what Friends and family are To teach the girls family to add money to the girlsthe girls spend their generous with their gifts responsibility about account and track balancesmoney on to her girls money and purchases
  • 6. Young girl – Melanie Williamson Primary persona Age: 12 Gender: Female Occupation: 7th grade studentWe’re all in this together Area of residence: Lives in the suburbs with her parents Personal Attributes: Home life: Daughter of Melanie Williamson •Studious Ethnicity / cultural background: Australian & Brazilian •Shy, quiet Hobbies & recreation: Tennis, Hip-Hop, ballet, and •Athletic biology •Open-minded What keeps him or her up at night? A bully at school Goals Sample Life Scenarios Needs Ideal System Features To know what The ability to see the clothingFit in and be accepted Her mother was buying everyone else is styles that her friends areby her friends all girls for her wearing buying and wearing Gets restless when To know what style The ability to see how clothingFind clothes that fit her going clothes shopping and size to look for will look without having to try itright with her mother when shopping onMake the most of the To make the most ofgifts she receives for Sometimes she gets gift the gift cards that she The ability to trade gift cardsher birthday and other cards to stores that she doesn’t like before that she doesn’t like for onesholidays doesn’t like they expire that she does like
  • 7. Recently married female – Melissa Emerson Secondary persona Age: 31 Gender: Female Occupation: Events coordinatorI deserve to have it all Area of residence: Rents a condo Home life: Recently married, no childrenPersonal Attributes: Ethnicity / cultural background: French, Irish, and English•Trendy fashion style Hobbies & recreation: Live alternative rock bands, movie•Free-spirit collection•Loves to travel What keeps him or her up at night?•Status-conscious How to save money to buy a high-rise high-end condo Goals Sample Life Scenarios Needs Ideal System Features RSS feeds from her favorite magazine sites Reads Vogue, Allure, and blog sites for newStay informed about the Elle, and Travel To know what the latest articles or posts aboutlatest fashion trends magazines fashion trends are new fashion trends Buys clothes and accessories from the To get the best quality for Alerts for when herDress to impress trendiest designers the best price favorite items go on sale Invited to and attends Invited to special sales openings to new night and fashion events. BeWants to be seen at all clubs, restaurants, and rewarded for all of herspecial events in her city boutiques To be treated special purchases
  • 8. Design• Recruit user advisors • Write draft stories * • Stories would typically be tracked and prioritized in a spreadsheet, Team  Foundation System, or some other product life‐cycle management  system.• Create mockups• Iterate stories• Perform rapid testing• Refine user stories• Design final prototypes* From the design phase of the UX Design Process, only draft stories will be included in this presentation.
  • 9. The following phases of the UX Design Process will not be  included in the presentation:ReviewTestDevelopTestRelease
  • 10. Sara Brown’s ideal system featuresFEATURES • Swap clothes with friends, family & others • Know best size for various clothing manufactures • Record measurements  • Recommends purchases • Based on measurements, body‐type • Based on previous, new, and future purchases
  • 11. Sara Brown’s stories for ideal system feature “swap clothes”STORIES As a single 22 year old female, I, Sara Brown, want to… • Setup a swap event • Manage my swap event • Receive invitation alerts to new swap events • View my invitations to swap events • Manage my invitation to swap events • Forward an invitation to a friend
  • 12. Sara Brown’s Setup a Swap Event As a single 22 year old female, I, Sara Brown, want to setup a swap event so  that I can swap clothes with friends, family & others.STORY I will know this is done when, I can… • Setup a date, time, and place for the event • Name the event • Describe the event • Add pictures and descriptions of items that I want to swap at the event • Set the maximum # of people that can attend the event • Send out invitation to the event
  • 13. Sara Brown’s stories for ideal system feature “know best size”STORIES As a single 22 year old female, I, Sara Brown, want to… • Record my measurements • Update my measurements • Search for a clothing manufacturer, label, or designer • View my size recommendations for the clothing manufacturer, label, or designer selected
  • 14. Sara Brown’s stories for ideal system feature “recommend purchases”STORIES As a single 22 year old female, I, Sara Brown, want to… • Create a wish-list • Use my phone to purchase clothing and accessories • Track the history of my purchases • View recommended purchases • Purchase an item from recommended purchases
  • 15. Lisa Williamson’s ideal system featureFEATURES • Add money to account • Track balances • Track wardrobe • Previous purchases • Current purchases • Wish‐list purchase
  • 16. Lisa Williamson’s stories for ideal system feature “Add money to account”STORIES As a 44 year old married mother of two young girls, I, Lisa Williamson, want to… • Setup an account on my daughter’s phone to make purchases • Add money to her account • Choose friends and family that are allowed to add money to her account • View her account balance from my phone • View her purchase history from my phone
  • 17. Lisa Williamson’s stories for ideal system feature “Track wardrobe”STORIES As a 44 year old married mother of two young girls, I, Lisa Williamson, want to… • Take pictures of clothing and accessory items in daughter’s closets and store them as current wardrobe • Scan barcodes from magazines for wish-list purchases • Scan barcodes when shopping for wish-list purchases • Add items found from online websites to wish-list purchases • View daughter’s wish-list purchases
  • 18. FEATURES Melanie Williamson’s ideal system feature • View the clothing that her friends are buying and wearing • Comment about the clothing  • View what something will look like on her before she buys it • Trade gift cards that she has and doesn’t like for ones that she does  like
  • 19. Melanie Williamson’s stories for ideal system feature “View clothing that her friends are buying and wearing ”STORIES As a 12 year old girl in 7th grade, I, Melanie Williamson, want to… • Invite friends to connect • Connect with friends • Share previous, current and wish-list purchase images with connections • View connections’ purchase images • Setup private and public style groups • Accept an invite to a group • Invite others to a group
  • 20. Melanie Williamson’s stories for ideal system feature “View what something will look like on her before she STORIES buys it” As a 12 year old girl in 7th grade, I, Melanie Williamson, want to… • Setup a style profile • Try different clothing on my style profile • Invite friends to comment on my style profile wearing different styles • Comment on a friend’s style profile trying something • Recommend a style for a friend
  • 21. Melanie Williamson’s stories for ideal system feature “Trade gift cards that she has and doesn’t like forSTORIES ones that she does like” As a 12 year old girl in 7th grade, I, Melanie Williamson, want to… • View my list of gift cards • Purchase an item using my gift card from my phone • Post my gift card that I want to trade or sell • Make a gift card trade • Sell a gift card • Acquire points for selling a card • Apply points to any phone purchase
  • 22. Melissa Emerson’s ideal system featuresFEATURES • Receive RSS feeds • Get alerts • Wish-list purchases go on sale • Recommended purchases go on sale • Invitations to special events and sales • Rewarded for purchases • Tracks reward points • Applies reward points
  • 23. Melissa Emerson’s stories for ideal system feature “Receive RSS feeds”STORIES As a recently married 31 year old female, I, Melissa Emerson, want to… • Setup RSS feeds to my favorite fashion magazine websites, blogs and online clothing stores • Manage my RSS feeds • View my RSS feeds • Search my RSS feeds • Receive RSS feed alerts • Forward an RSS feed alert to a friend
  • 24. Melissa Emerson’s stories for ideal system feature “Get Alerts”STORIES As a recently married 31 year old female, I, Melissa Emerson, want to… • Setup alert notifications • Manage alert notifications • View alert notifications • Search alert notifications
  • 25. Melissa Emerson’s stories for ideal system feature “Rewarded for purchases”STORIES As a recently married 31 year old female, I, Melissa Emerson, want to… • Setup reward programs • Manage reward programs • Track reward points • Apply reward points • View available reward points • Search reward programs