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Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
Huntly Primary School   Junior School
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Huntly Primary School Junior School


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Huntly Primary SchoolICT - Integration<br />Junior Syndicate<br />Yrs 1-4<br />
  • 2. Samantha Ellery – Yr 1 Our Learning Intentions with the integration of ICT in Shared reading/ writing<br />Our learning outcomes:<br />We are learning to:<br /><ul><li>predict what will happen in the text which we are reading.
  • 3. Read along with the text
  • 4. Click and drag the correct icons to complete the sentences.
  • 5. Use a variety of questions to clarify our understanding and knowledge of the text
  • 6. Participate in discussion about the main ideas of the text.
  • 7. All children participated in the reading along to the text
  • 8. Students increased their knowledge of computer skills to successfully click and drag content
  • 9. Students develop confidence to share ideas in regards to the text</li></li></ul><li>This cow is blue. The cow went to the play ground to play on the swing. Weeee went the swing.<br />Tre – 5yrs<br />The Children read an interactive story called “Blue Cow in the playground” and completed the following mural to support the story they had read. Through out the text they predicted what might happen to the cow, and wrote their own stories to accompany their mural.<br />I like to play on the swing. So did the silly blue cow – <br />Danielle 5 yrs<br />Look at this silly cow. He thinks he can slide. Come and see the cow slither down the slide and bump his blue head. I think he felt and ouch. – Levi 5yrs<br />
  • 10. Our Learning Intentions with the integration of ICT in Math<br />:<br />Learning outcomes<br />Learning intentions :<br /><ul><li>All students participated in this activity and got to take a pictures of various shapes around the school
  • 11. Students knowledge and understanding of shapes and their attributes has increased
  • 12. Students have engaged with the activities more with the use of computer generated teaching point and increased knowledge of counting and recognising numbers.
  • 13. go on a shape hunt and use our knowledge of the digital camera to take pictures of various shapes around the school.
  • 14. Discuss the pictures of our shapes and why we have placed them.
  • 15. Create a graphical display of how shapes to show which shapes fits
  • 16. Increase number knowledge and strategies for </li></li></ul><li>How we have used the digital camera to support other maths strands<br /><ul><li>Each child got to take a picture of various shapes with in the school grounds as part of our geometry strand
  • 17. The children were paired up with more able children and went on a shape hunt.
  • 18. Children were given a specific shape they needed to look for with in the school.
  • 19. Each child took their photo and we presented them in a graph.
  • 20. We discussed which shape the photo was </li></ul>showing and we then placed it on the table.<br />Each child was then given their own set of pictures to cut and paste in to the correct shape columns. What great fun we had.<br />
  • 21. Learning intention: To use our pictures to create a discussion board with regards to where and why we should place the shapes there.<br />This is the completed graph that we as a class worked through to place the shapes in the correct place. We had a lot of discussion as to where the shapes could go and why we would put them their.<br />Photo taken by<br /> Emma Woods<br />
  • 22. Margaret Pratt – Yr 1/2<br />Learning intention: The children in Room 2 have just begun using the computers to assist their reading.<br />Outcome: A group read together the book “The little Snowman, then they went on to the Ed Resources site and did the “Ten little Snowmen” activity.<br />On this site is the reading of the story, each word is written out and said then they have to follow the instructions and complete the activity related to that sentence. When they have finished it the ten little snowmen is sung to the tune of the Ten Little Indians.<br />
  • 23. Examples of children at work<br />
  • 24. Sarah Williams –Yr 2<br />Learning intention: At Huntly Primary we learn about and use a different virtue each week. The children had to write poems about the virtues as if they were real people. They had to use their knowledge of the virtues to create an original piece that showed what a virtue would look like if it were a person. They had to include details like appearance, friends, where they would live and what they would eat. The children then used their writing to create a visual image of that virtue person using the paint programme. They had to make sure it matched their description. <br />Learning Outcome: This activity allowed the children to become more accurate with their hand motions while drawing (with the mouse). They learnt how to change colours and fill areas. They learnt how to erase their mistakes and they learnt how to save their image as a JPEG file so they could insert it into their writing. They really enjoyed this activity and we got some very interesting poems and pictures.<br />
  • 25. Examples of work<br />Happiness – By Bronwyn Thomas-Thompson.<br />If happiness was a person she would have long <br />hair with curls like the waves from the sea and <br />she would be pretty like a pretty princess.<br />She would eat love hearts and she would live in a flower.<br />Her friends would be kindness and joyfulness and love<br />because they are happy and kind and they do stuff for her like<br />giving her presents and making her food and buying her lollies.<br />Peacefulness – By Linkin Williams-Randall.<br />If peacefulness was a person he would have shiny eyes.<br />He would have red hair and red eyes and shiny red slip-ons – like Clifford the big red dog.<br />He would have red pants and a red t-shirt.<br />He would have white skin like the moon.<br />He would eat cake and feijoas.<br />He lives in a house that is full of food.<br />I will be his friend.<br />He looks clean.<br />
  • 26. Rina Pretorious – Yr 2/3<br />We integrated ICT with Social Sciences and English. Topic Communication Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.  Our learning intentions were to :   Process InformationLearners had to ask questions, and listen to, interpret and present information , using appropriate technology.Explore LanguageUnderstand that communication involves verbal and visual features which have conventionally acceptable meanings <br />
  • 27. How we hvae integrated ICT in our Classroom <br />Learning Outcomes were to:Use eye contact when speakingParticipate in a conversationArticulate clearlyParticipate in a discussionAsk a question in relation to a topic. Key CompetenciesThinking( critically, creatively and logically)Relating to othersParticipating and contributing Activities were:Letter writingWriting, sending and receiving an emailSkyping  people in both South Africa and Canada<br />
  • 28. Skyping to South Africa and Canada<br /><br />
  • 29. Email sent to a school in South Africa<br />
  • 30. Digital Work<br />Photographs of us enjoying a day at school.<br /> Taken by Sam and Patriece.<br />