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C All 2009 4 26


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Southwest Florida Cold Cases …

Southwest Florida Cold Cases
Who killed Sharon Gill?

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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  • 1. North Korea says it has restarted nuclear facilities FRONT PAGE 12 CharlotteSun BEA ARTHUR DIES 2009 NFL DRAFT BUCS TAKE QB FREEMAN AND WEEKLY HERALD Star of “Golden Girls,” “Maude” dead at Tampa Bay drafts for the future instead the age of 86 FRONT PAGE 5 of bulking up on defense. SEE SPORTS AN EDITION OF THE SUN VOL. 117 NO. 116 AMERICA’S BEST COMMUNITY DAILY SUNDAY APRIL 26, 2009 $1.75 Tragedy on Little Gasparilla Early morning fire claims 4 lives PHOTO PROVIDED BY GAIL JONES By DANA SANCHEZ what appeared to be only took place. He said the blaze The State Fire ASSISTANT ENGLEWOOD EDITOR charred pilings and an outside generated a fierce wind of its own. Marshal’s office staircase intact. Officials are investigating the is investigating LITTLE GASPARILLA ISLAND Neighbors say they woke to cause of the fire and did not a fire which — Four people died in an early what sounded like an explosion release the names of the victims burned a morning fire Saturday that bayfront home burned a house to its foundation. and popping sounds. They say Saturday, pending notification of next of kin. to the ground State Fire Marshal officials and they feared for their lives and and killed four Charlotte County Sheriff’s property as burning embers flew Sometime between 2 a.m. and people early deputies swarmed the island all overhead on the heavily treed 2:30 a.m., residents became Saturday day Saturday to look for human island. aware of the fire, Jones said. morning on remains and evidence after a fire “It looked like fireworks,” said “When we looked out the Little Gasparilla raged through a stilt home at Richard Jones, who lives three Island. 9660 Privateer Road, leaving doors away from where the fire FIRE | P4 Southwest Florida COLD CASES CHARLOTTE COUNTY • ADELE FROM WALMART THE SAME DAY. • THE BODY OF MERRITT WHEELER SR., 36, WAS DISCOV- EASTERLY, 25, WAS SHOT AND KILLED NOV. 6, 1979, AT THE FARM STORE IN RIDGE HARBOR, ERED OCT. 8, 1980, IN HORSE CREEK NEAR THE IN AN APPARENT ARMED ROBBERY. • HARRY HORSE CREEK BRIDGE, ALONG COUNTY ROAD SCOTT AND STANLEY SMITH WERE FOUND 769. BASED ON EVIDENCE FROM THE SCENE, SHOT TO DEATH IN THEIR BOAT NEAR CAPE HAZE INVESTIGATORS DETERMINED HE SUSTAINED SUB- ON OCT. 9, 1990. • TARA DANIELLE STANTIAL INJURY BEFORE BEING DUMPED INTO THE SIDAROVICH’S REMAINS WERE DISCOVERED IN WATER. • ROGER CHITWOOD, 28, REPORT- A WOODED AREA OFF BURNT STORE ROAD ON EDLY WAS ABDUCTED FROM HIS HOME IN AUGUST JULY 12, 2002. THE 19-YEAR-OLD PUNTA 1975; HE WAS FOUND DEAD DAYS LATER IN THE GORDA WOMAN WAS REPORTED MISSING OCT. 1, KISSIMMEE RIVER IN OKEECHOBEE COUNTY. • 2001. • SHARON GILL, 42, WAS FOUND JOSEPH KINVILLE, 16, WAS FOUND IN A STABBED TO DEATH AT HER RAMPART BOULEVARD FIELD OFF ROBIN ROAD IN MARCH 1999. HOME MARCH 21, 1990, IN DEEP CREEK. • THE ACCORDING TO AUTHORITIES, HE SUFFERED BODY OF VICTORIA ARENA, 32, WAS FOUND SUN PHOTO BY JASON WITZ, INJURIES CONSISTENT WITH A HOMICIDE. • JUNE 16, 2001, IN A WOODED AREA IN PUNTA The Deep Creek home where Sharon Gill was brutally stabbed to death on March 21, JULIAN MENDIOLA WAS KILLED ON CHRIST- 1990. The killing remains unsolved today. MAS EVE IN 1996, DURING AN INVASION OF HIS GORDA. SHE WAS LAST SEEN AT HER ENGLEWOOD WHO KILLED SHARON GILL? HOME FIVE DAYS EARLIER. • UNIDENTIFIED NORTHEAST GOOLSBY AVENUE HOME. THE INVES- SKELETAL REMAINS WERE FOUND NEAR THE LAND- TIGATION REVEALED TWO MASKED ASSAILANTS FILL ON ZEMEL ROAD IN THE SOUTHERN PART OF ENTERED HIS HOME DEMANDING MONEY. MENDI- CHARLOTTE COUNTY ON JAN. 6, 2002. THE Family still But after all these years, someone still has blood on OLA, 30, WAS SHOT WHILE RESISTING THEM. REMAINS ARE BELIEVED TO BE THOSE OF A WHITE hunts for clues his hands. HISPANIC MALE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 35 “It’s just frustrating that SARASOTA COUNTY • A NEIGHBOR OR AND 55. HE SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN BETWEEN 5 in brutal death after 19 years, we do not know anything,” said Krista, OF PAUL COLICCI FOUND HIS BODY NOV. 15, By JASON WITZ who has since moved to 1998, AT HIS SARASOTA HOME. • CINDY FEET 6 INCHES AND 5 FEET 9 INCHES TALL, STAFF WRITER Canada to raise a family. WEIGHING BETWEEN 150 AND 180 POUNDS. DEEP CREEK — Krista Gill Authorities, too, have ROGERS’ BODY WAS FOUND APRIL 7, 1992, is emotionally tired. gone cold with the investi- INSIDE A PLASTIC TRASH CAN, FLOATING IN THE For 19 years, she has gation, although tips DESOTO COUNTY • EILEEN SEYMOUR, waited and waited for a Sharon Gill continued to trickle in until POOL OF THE HOME WHERE SHE HAD BEEN LIVING. conviction in her mother’s the end of 2008. • DEBORAH DALZELL, 47, DIED IN MARCH 84, WAS FOUND DEAD IN HER FEMA TRAILER IN Krista’s youngest children brutal stabbing, to the point MARCH 2006. AN AUTOPSY REVEALED SHE SUS- of mental exhaustion. are starting to ask about it, despite 1999, AS THE RESULT OF A HOME INVASION ROB- TAINED HEAD TRAUMA, LIKELY FROM BLOWS TO THE Someone knows who did it. their naive understanding of death. BERY. • ESCO HUNTER WAS FOUND DECEASED Someone walked through the house With time, she will reveal the answers. HEAD. • THE BODY OF 17-YEAR-OLD JOHN IN A WOODED AREA NEAR CENTRAL AVENUE AND that March morning, as Sharon Gill’s Yet there remains a question that has WELLES WAS FOUND IN THE WATER ACROSS bloodied body lay on the bedroom eluded Krista all these years, the one 44TH STREET ON DEC. 1, 1999. HIS RED VAN floor. Someone washed in the bath- her grieving family cannot solve: Who FROM THE STREET FROM HIS HANSEL ROAD HOME room sink afterward, removing all IN JULY 2003. HE WAS LAST SEEN RETURNING traces of the act from his fingertips. KILLED | P6 UNSOLVED MURDERS | P6 Swine flu cases confirmed 100 days of Obama: Lots in at least six US states of energy, no miracles By NANCY BENAC ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER By MARK STEVENSON ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER MORE INSIDE • A glance at the world’s last three influenza pandemics. WASHINGTON — Barack Obama opened his presidency by drawing an unflinching MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s • The World Health Organization • What is swine flu, and why should portrait of the challenges. Then he set about president assumed new warned countries around the world to you be concerned about it? turning those perils into possibilities. powers Saturday to isolate be on alert for flu outbreaks. • See page 7 In a dizzying dash to the 100-day people infected with a deadly mark, Obama made a down swine flu strain as authorities California and suspected in New workers patrolled airports and payment on the changes he’d struggled to contain an York City, but health officials bus stations as they tried to promised and delivered a outbreak that world health said they didn’t know whether it corral people who may be trillion-dollar wallop to wake officials warned could become was the strain that has killed up infected with the swine flu, as up the moribund economy. a global epidemic. to 68 people in Mexico and it became clearer that the He put the country on track to New cases of swine flu were likely sickened more than 1,000. confirmed in Kansas and Mexican soldiers and health FLU | P7 OBAMA | P6 INDEX| FRONT: Nation 2,5,8,10 | State 9 | World 11,12,13,14 | Travel 11 | Weather 16 | OUR TOWN: Police Beat 4 | Obituaries 5 | Viewpoint 12 | Opinion 13 Sunday Edition $1.75 High Low Look inside for valuable coupons This year’s savings to date ... CHARLIE SAYS ... SUN COUPON 89 64 VALUE METER $120,149 So long, Bea.You’ll be with us forever in reruns. 7 05252 00075 3 Partly cloudy, warm and breezy
  • 2. Front Page 2 D/E/N/C The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 NEWS ACROSS police were looking for George Zinkhan, a marketing professor at remain closed by continuing repairs, including work by the degree temperatures, North Dakota turned colder and the said the man ran into an 18- month-old girl who was seated in AMERICA the school in Athens, which is about 70 miles east of Atlanta. Athens-Clarke Assistant Police Army Corps of Engineers to reinforce the breakwater along the length of the island. That work ground turned white. The National Weather Service had no reports of major snowfall amounts Friday a stroller. She was transferred to Vanderbilt’s children’s hospital in Nashville with serious injuries, Chief Alan Brown tells The Athens- also limits access to the beach. but Bismarck and some areas in Shankle said. Alaska feed in 50 pound sacks. The the Banner Herald that there is the southwestern part of the state JUNEAU — The state of Alaska St. Paul, Minn.-based company “some indication he may have Maryland got a light dusting in the morning. Utah will begin offering either direct said Friday that the feed has the had multiple weapons.” A system coming out of the deposit or debit cards to those potential to have higher than SHARPSBURG — Fire officials say Rockies is expected to bring more OGDEN — Ogden officials are receiving unemployment benefits. acceptable levels of salt. The Iowa a man accused of setting another snow, possibly mixed with rain, to warning a shopkeeper to remove The change starts Monday for maker says higher salt levels can on fire has been charged with the state Sunday, the weather an obscenity he scrawled across workers filing for benefits. Those cause serious health issues and, DES MOINES — The House first- and second-degree assault. service said. his windows in an escalating who qualified for benefits before at high levels, potential mortality agreed Friday to put new Nineteen-year-old Clayton Muller fight with city code officers. City Monday who did not choose in poultry. The recall was initiated restrictions on farmers applying of Sharpsburg was released Oregon workers erected a tarp across direct deposit will continue to after a small number of liquid manure to frozen ground, a Friday after posting $15,000 the message Bruce Edwards receive paper checks. The state customers complained that their move aimed at preventing runoff bond. According to the fire EUGENE— A ruling this week from wrote using the f-word to labor department says two free birds died, the company said. into Iowa’s waterways. The marshal’s office, the incident the Oregon Court of Appeals has describe his opinion of city withdrawals can be made measure prohibits producers from occurred March 15 at Muller’s highlighted concern among safety government. Ogden community monthly at participating ATMs. California applying liquid manure to frozen home. Muller is accused of officials and river guides about development manager Keith People also can request cash ground from Feb. 1 to April 1. spraying lighter fluid on a inflatable rafts and drinking. The Morey says the antique dealer back from purchases made at SANTA BARBARA — The Dalai fireplace and trailing it onto court ruled that inflatable rafts risks drawing a public-nuisance more than 4,300 participating Lama says the global economic Kentucky another man’s upper body. The are covered by the state laws that charge unless he erases the retail outlets. crisis will teach people that victim became engulfed in prohibit drinking and boating. The message. Edwards has a history peace of mind, family and friends LOUISVILLE — Rock great Bob flames; a witness helped put the inflatable rafts addressed by the of using his storefront to Arizona can bring happiness when money Dylan will perform at Louisville fire out. Authorities say the victim court can be dangerous, said Guy hammer the city with insults and is lacking. The spiritual leader Slugger Field this summer, and suffered second-degree burns to Santiago, owner of Oregon River says he won’t back down. He’s SIERRA VISTA — A Cochise said at a news conference Friday he’ll bring along a couple of his arm, chest and face. Sports in Glenwood. “They don’t gearing up for another legal County judge has declared a at the University of California, guests: Willie Nelson and John maneuver well, they puncture fight. The sign brouhaha is one mistrial in a murder case Santa Barbara that the crisis is Mellencamp. The show will be Missouri easily,” he said. “We call them thing. Edwards is resisting an because the defendant’s brother good because it reminds people July 8, and is part of Dylan’s disposables.” order to clean up another lot in dropped his pants, gestured and who only want to see money grow ongoing tour of minor-league KANSAS CITY — About 200 town where he collects made threatening comments in that there are limits. The head of baseball parks. The famed singer- people have attended a unity South Carolina restaurant equipment, light the presence of jurors. Judge Tibet’s exiled government songwriter began performing at march and prayer hour in Kansas fixtures, duct work and other Wallace Hoggatt ended the trial delivered two public lectures that the parks in 2004. He will release City in memory of a slain girl who CHARLESTON — Things will be a stuff. on Friday after jurors reported sold out within two hours. He a new album, “Together Through for years was known only as little wild and woolly along the seeing and hearing acts by blames the worldwide financial Life,” on Tuesday. Tickets to the “Precious Doe.” The event South Carolina coast this Virginia Steven Kastner outside the crisis on greed, lies and hypocrisy. Louisville concert are $69.50 and Saturday lasted more than an weekend as Middleton Place courtroom. Kastner was attending go on sale May 9. hour and concluded with a Plantation holds its annual sheep NORFOLK — Customs officials the trial of his brother, 28-year- Georgia dedication of a park honoring the and wool days festival. Sheep are have seized more than 20,000 old Jonathan Arthur Ramil. Ramil Louisiana girl and other slain or abused a big part of the plantation on pairs of counterfeit designer is charged with first-degree ATHENS — Three people were children. The site of the future the Ashley River outside jeans at the Port of Hampton murder for the June 2008 slaying killed Saturday at a community GRAND ISLE — Grand Isle State park is a wooded area where Charleston and graze on the Roads. U.S. Customs and Border of 43-year-old Patrick Gleason in theater near the University of Park is set to reopen Friday, eight 3-year-old Erica Green’s greensward in back of the Protection said Friday that the a Willcox home. Georgia, and authorities were months after it was shut down by dismembered body was found on plantation house. Visitors to the jeans were valued at more than searching for a professor in the Hurricane Gustav. Office of State April 28, 2001. The child wasn’t plantation will be able to see $403,000. Bill Blass, Rocawear Arkansas shooting deaths. Athens-Clarke Parks spokeswoman Sharon identified until May 2005, when sheep dog herding demonstra- and South Pole were among the County Coroner Sonny Wilson Broussard said the park needed her mother and the mother’s tions. They will also see sheep brand labels on the jeans, which LITTLE ROCK — Land O’Lakes said the three were shot off $527,000 in repairs and cleanup husband were arrested in being sheared, and artisans were shipped from China. Purina Feed LLC has initiated a campus about 12:30 p.m. He did work after the Sept. 1 storm and connection with the slaying in dyeing, knitting and weaving with Customs spokesman Tim Sushil limited voluntary recall of a single not immediately have any other Hurricane Ike, which hit less than Muskogee, Okla. The couple were their wool. said the jeans probably will be lot of a Country Acres poultry details. The school’s Web site said two weeks later. Ten camp sites convicted in the killing last year. destroyed, although they could Tennessee be donated with permission North Carolina from trademark owners. PARIS — A man on a four- ASHEVILLE — Chimney Rock wheeler lost control after having a Vermont State Park has been expanded by seizure and plowed into a crowd more than 300 acres. The along a parade route Friday BERLIN — Police in Berlin say a Asheville Citizen-Times reports the injuring 13 people — including an new kind of counterfeit $100 bill Foothills Conservancy of North 18-month-old, authorities say. The that somehow passes validation Carolina was able to secure two incident happened around noon tests is making the rounds in tracts to expand the park to Cane in Paris, a small town 120 miles Vermont. The Berlin Police Creek Mountain. One 174-acre northwest of Nashville near the Department and the U.S. Secret property was bought about a year Kentucky border, at an annual Service are investigating the bills, u ago, while an adjoining 156 acres event dubbed the “World’s 20 of which have been received was bought in February. The land Biggest Fish Fry.” Mike Shankle, by banks and businesses in coast $6.5 million. A total of director of Emergency Medical Berlin, Barre and Montpelier. 4,320 acres has been set aside Services for Henry County Instead of showing a black mark for Chimney Rock State Park. Medical Center, said the man on when written on by a currency the four-wheeler was following a validation marker, the bills have North Dakota float just as the parade was some sort of chemical coating ending when he lost control and that allows them to beat the test. Quality BISMARCK — After a day of 80- slammed into the crowd. Shankle Berlin police say they’ve located y a person traced to eight of the only comes ENGLEWOOD DESOTO bills, but the person’s name hasn’t been released. Telephone from CIRCULATION CIRCULATION calls to the investigating officer Experience Customer Service 941-681-3000 Customer Service 863-494-2434 weren’t returned Friday. Fax: 941-681-3008 Fax: 863-494-3533 West Virginia Ask about our 5% CHARLOTTE CHARLESTON — The head of a Pool Package Rebate Tr NORTH PORT CIRCULATION state psychiatric hospital in CIRCULATION Customer Service Huntington testified Friday that persistent overcrowding has led Customer Service 941-429-3000 941-206-1300 Fax: 941-629-2085 to routine violations of state 941-625-5909 Fax: 941-423-2318 regulations and an atmosphere of “chaos” at times. Mildred- 327796 Punta Gorda Herald office Mitchell-Bateman Hospital CEO 941-205-1000 Mary Beth Carlisle said in a Kanawha County Circuit Court Display Advertising hearing the 90-bed facility is North Port 941-429-3000 National & Regional Advertisers consistently pushed beyond that Charlotte 941-206-1214 941-206-1270 capacity. Staff members are Englewood 941-681-3000 working more overtime, some of Take advantage of the new DeSoto 863-494-2434 it mandatory, and the number of psychiatric emergencies has Federal Tax credit up to $1500.00* *Call dealer for details Classified Advertising increased as a result. “For every extra patient and every extra 866-463-1638 941-629-1712 Fax: 866-949-1426 staff member on the unit, the chaos increases,” she said. Also ask about Rheem Rebates up to $1200.00* Wyoming FPL Rebates up to $2100.00* CHEYENNE — Natural gas WE SERVICE ALL MAKES AND MODELS 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Sun Newspapers production in Wyoming set a new record in 2008, while oil MEMBER of the Audit Bureau of Circulation ----r production in the state declined President..................................Derek Dunn-Rankin ....................941-206-1001 slightly from the previous year. Publisher..................................David Dunn-Rankin.....................941-206-1003 Preliminary figures from the state _ Serving Southwest Florida since 1974 Editor........................................Chris Porter .................................941-206-1134 Oil and Gas Conservation Commission show Wyoming gas 355440 Managing Editor.......................John Hackworth ..........................941-206-1147 Lic.# RA0067079 DeSoto Sun Editor ...................Laura Schmid .............................863-494-0300 fields produced about 2.4 trillion DeSoto General Manager ........Joe Gallimore..............................863-494-0300 cubic feet last year. That is up Charlotte Sun Editor.................Christy Arnold..............................941-206-1168 from nearly 2.3 trillion cubic feet 351047 North Port Sun Editor...............Lorraine Schneeberger................941-429-3003 in 2007. North Port General Manager ....Steve Sachkar.............................941-429-3003 r! ! !' ' r Englewood Sun Editor..............Mike Billington............................941-681-3000 Englewood General Manager ...Lang Capasso.............................941-681-3000 — From wire reports The SUN (USPS 743170) is published daily at Sun Coast Media Group, Inc., 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33980-2100. Periodicals postage paid at Punta Gorda, FL. Postmaster: Please send address changes to the SUN, 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, Florida 33980-2100.
  • 3. The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 D/E/N/C Front Page 3 SW Florida’s #1 destination We guarantee the lowest price for appliances&electronics! Locally-owned and family and your total Beginning with the 1954 opening of a single showroom, Bill Smith operated satisfaction Appliances & Electronics has grown into an 8-showroom chain, becoming since 1954 one of the largest and most trusted independent dealers in the nation. 55 years later, the Smith family’s commitment to unmatched customer service has remained the same. Bill Smith’s knowledgeable and courteous sales consultants, our professional delivery department and Southwest Florida’s largest service fleet are ready to assist you. We are local people who truly care about our customers and our community. Our promise: You won’t have a better purchase experience anywhere, and we will always stand behind everything we do. STOREWIDE SALE! 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  • 4. Front Page 4 D/E/N/C FROM PAGE ONE The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 FIRE: Island home burns, four die FROM PAGE 1 other residents spent the friends of ours,” O’Hara rest of the night putting out said. “I talked to them last window, the sky was full of burn spots with hoses. night. We were supposed to flames,” he said. “It was a “The locals dragged out go there first thing this huge, huge fire.” hoses and probably morning and help them get Charlotte County prevented a mass disaster things out of the house and Fire/EMS and sheriff’s on this island,” said Midge get ready for the closing. It’s deputies responded to the O’Hara, chairwoman of a terrible tragedy.” fire around 3 a.m. and Little Gasparilla Island Fire The island has had found the house fully and Rescue Inc., a non- recent water issues and engulfed in flames, profit that operates the Moore said she’s angry that according to reports. island’s volunteer fire residents pay more than The island, which is department. their fair share of taxes for accessible only by boat, has The house was under the privilege of living there a volunteer fire department contract to be sold, with a without normal services. and a late-model firetruck. closing set for Wednesday, “We had no water here However, the truck ran out said O’Hara, who is a for three days last week, SUN PHOTO BY DANA SANCHEZ, of water and had to go and Realtor with Islander and when we got it back, it Pilings and charred remains are all that was visible at 9660 Privateer Road Saturday after refill while battling the Properties. was a trickle,” Moore said. police roped off the area with crime scene tape. blaze, according to Gina The owners were there “To have to rely on one Moore, who lives next door for a final visit, she said, volunteer truck is ridicu- waited quietly behind ers used seawater to put she said, worrying. to the house that burned and planned to remove a lous. It’s devastating and crime scene tape Saturday out the flames, according “Neighbors say they saw down. few remaining items from ridiculous. I feel absolutely on the island near the to Dee Hawkins, spokes- the four (victims) together Somebody beat on the house prior to Wednes- furious at the low level of property. woman for Charlotte at the Fishery restaurant,” Moore’s door and woke her, day’s closing. protection.” A fire boat was tied up to County Fire/EMS. she said. she said. She and several “They were very close Relatives wept as they the house’s dock. Firefight- “We could not make Support for an indepen- entry because of the dent special fire district for amount of fire,” Hawkins the island has not been said. “They could not have unanimous, O’Hara said. survived.” A request was scheduled Two fire boats — one to go before the Charlotte from Charlotte County and County Commission this one from the Englewood past December, but it was Area Fire Control District withdrawn after commis- — were on scene and both sioners received letters in had the capability of opposition, O’Hara said. drawing water from the “There are many people Talk about a sweet deal. bay, Hawkins said. Little Gasparilla Island’s volun- teer fire department is not on the island who don’t want to pay for Fire and EMS,” O’Hara said. Of the Buy any AT&T phone and part of the Charlotte 626 owners on the island, County Fire Department, 198 made donations she said. toward a fund that would Firefighters from Palm help create an indepen- get FREE Mother’s Day flowers. Island also came to help. dent fire district, she said. “Because there’s no “We’ve been trying very access by road, the only hard to raise awareness of way we can get there to the danger of fire on the assist is by boat, and that island,” she said. “We have creates a huge challenge,” some people on the island Hawkins said. “The who probably don’t care.” residents know that Richard Jones agreed situation. That’s why they that greater awareness is LIMITED-TIME OFFER formed their own little needed. volunteer fire department.” “Fire protection here is FOR EVERY PHONE PURCHASED GET A $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO Richard Jones said he felt very limited,” he said. fortunate the house was on “Something needs to be the bay, making it relatively done.” 'Il i easy to reach with a hose. As devastating as the Pick the best. We always cid. “If it had been three or night’s events were, some Must be activated by June 1, 2009. four houses inland, (the island residents say they hose) probably wouldn’t feel thankful they were have been long enough,” spared. BUY ONE FOR GET ONE Jones said. “I think someone was $ 4999 FREE after $50 mail-in rebate AT&T Promotion Card Neighbors say they knew four people were in the watching out for us,” said Sharon Oleson. “I still have with minimum $20/mo. data plan & 2-year svc house Friday night. a wrenching feeling in my agreement per phone. Samsung Propel™ $ 9999 after $50 mail-in rebate AT&T Gail Jones was up all night, sick to her stomach, stomach.” E-mail: Get a $50 gift certificate with each phone. Promotion Card with minimum $20/mo. messaging plan & 2-year svc agreement. LG XENON™ Mobile email, messaging & more - Y y PHOTO PROVIDED BY GAIL JONES Charred pilings and a flight of stairs are all that remain. ALMANAC Today is Sunday, April 26, the 116th day of 2009. There are 249 days left in the year. Today in history PLACES- at&t On April 26, 1865, John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of BEST COVERAGE WORLDWIDE' Your world. Delivered. President Abraham Lincoln, was surrounded by federal troops near Bowling Green, Va., and killed. AT&T STORES VISIT A STORE On this date FLORIDA Port Charlotte Port Charlotte (cont.) ▲Sarasota Sarasota (cont.) In 1607, English colonists went ashore at present-day Cape ▲Bradenton 2499 S Tamiami Trl. Port Charlotte Mall 2300 Bee Ridge Rd. ▲5398 Fruitville Rd. Henry, Va., on an expedition to establish the first permanent 1313 W Cortez Rd, (#35) (941) 743-3377 1441 Tamiami Trail (941) 924-2227 (941) 342-6758 (941) 751-1813 (941) 743-3801 English settlement in the Western Hemisphere. In 1968, the United States exploded beneath the Nevada AUTHORIZED RETAILERS desert a 1.3 megaton nuclear device called “Boxcar.” FLORIDA Bradenton (cont.) OTHER In 1986, the world’s worst nuclear accident occurred at the Sarasota 5193 Clark Rd. Venice NEW Bradenton 5917 Manatee Ave. W (next to Starbucks) 1207 US 41 Bypass South Bradenton Chernobyl plant in the Soviet Union. 303 US Hwy 301 Blvd W (941) 798-3040 (941) 921-6166 941-483-9200 5224 State Rd. 64 E In 1989, actress-comedian Lucille Ball died at Cedars-Sinai (DeSoto Square Mall) 7266 55th Ave. E 8201 S. Tamiami Trl. 1207 US 41 Bypass South (941) 750-0100 Medical Center in Los Angeles at age 77. (941) 746-2554 (941) 756-3040 941-927-9300 941-483-9200 5224 State Rd. 64 E ▲Palmer Ranch 8459 Tamiami Trl. ▲Servicio En Español (941) 750-0100 8459 S Tamiami Trl. (941) 922-5900 Today’s birthdays (941) 922-5900 Actress-comedian Carol Burnett is 76. R&B singer Maurice ‡The most phones that work in the most countries. Williams is 71. Singer Bobby Rydell is 67. Actor Giancarlo *AT&T imposes: a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge of up to $1.25 to help defray costs incurred in complying with obligations and charges imposed by State and Federal telecom regulations; State and Federal Universal Service charges; and surcharges for government assessments on AT&T. These fees are not Esposito is 51. Rock musician Roger Taylor (Duran Duran) is 49. taxes or government-required charges. Actress Joan Chen is 48. Actor-singer Michael Damian is 47. Offer available on select phones. Coverage is not available in all areas. See coverage map at stores for details. Limited-time offer. Other conditions & restrictions apply. See Actor Jet Li is 46. Actor-comedian Kevin James is 44. Actress contract & rate plan brochure for details. Subscriber must live & have a mailing addr. within AT&T’s owned wireless network coverage area. Up to $36 activ. fee applies. Equipment Marianne Jean-Baptiste is 42. 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Sales tax calculated based on price reporter), “People are of unactivated equipment. Certain email systems may require add’l hardware &/or software to access. ©2009 AT&T Intellectual Property. Service provided by AT&T Mobility. All rights Senate debate on taking these animals as reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo, and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein whether to exempt husbands?” are the property of their respective owners. 350676 “animal husbandry” from the law against bestiality, — From wire reports
  • 5. The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 NATIONAL NEWS D/E/N/C Front Page 5 | NATION ‘Lost’ actor suing ABC ‘Golden Girl’ Bea Arthur dies at age 86 LOS ANGELES (AP) — was quitting the show. Beatrice Arthur, the tall, “It’s been absolutely LOS ANGELES — A deep-voiced actress whose glorious; I’ve loved every woman who claims she razor-sharp delivery of minute of it,” she said. was sexually harassed comedy lines made her a “But it’s been six years, then fired from the TV TV star in the hit shows and I think it’s time to show “Lost” is suing “Maude” and “The Golden leave.” ABC and actor Henry Girls” and who won a Tony “Golden Girls” (1985- Ian Cusick. The lawsuit Award for the musical 1992) was another filed Friday in Los “Mame,” died Saturday. groundbreaking comedy, Angeles alleges that She was 86. finding surprising success Cusick, who plays Arthur died peacefully at in a television market Desmond Hume on the her Los Angeles home increasingly skewed show, fondled the with her family at her side, toward a younger, woman’s buttocks and family spokesman Dan product-buying audience. breasts and kissed her Watt said. She had cancer, The series concerned on the lips in October Watt said, declining to give three retirees — Arthur, 2007. The lawsuit claims further details. Betty White and Rue she reported the “She was a brilliant and McClanahan — and the incident to her super- witty woman,” said Watt, mother of Arthur’s char- visor, but was simply who was Arthur’s personal acter, Estelle Getty, who told to avoid the actor. assistant for six years. “Bea AP FILE PHOTO lived together in a Miami She states she was fired will always have a special This Dec. 25, 1985 file photo shows the stars of the television series “The Golden apartment. In contrast to 12 days later in retalia- place in my heart.” Girls” during a break in taping in Hollywood, Calif. From left are, Estelle Getty, Rue the violent “Miami Vice,” tion for reporting the Arthur first appeared in McClanahan, Bea Arthur and Betty White. Family spokesman Dan Watt says 86-year- the comedy was nick- alleged abuse. the landmark comedy old Bea Arthur died at home early Saturday. He says Arthur had cancer, but declined to named “Miami Nice.” series “All in the Family” as give further details. As Dorothy Zbornak, Former home of Edith Bunker’s loudly Arthur seemed as caustic silent star now outspoken, liberal cousin, after a long stage career, diately on its CBS debut in torrent of viewer protests. and domineering as a beach club Maude Finley. She proved recalling with bemuse- September 1972, and Maude became a standard Maude. She was uncon- a perfect foil for blue- ment CBS executives Arthur won an Emmy bearer for the growing cerned about the simi- SANTA MONICA, collar bigot Archie Bunker asking about the new Award for the role in 1977. feminist movement in larity of the two roles. Calif. — The former (Carroll O’Connor), and “girl.” The comedy flowed America. “Look — I’m 5-feet-9, I estate of silent film star their blistering exchanges “I was already 50 years from Maude’s efforts to The ratings of “Maude” have a deep voice and I Marion Davies, where were so entertaining that old. I had done so much cast off the traditional in the early years have a way with a line,” the rich and famous producer Norman Lear off-Broadway, on restraints that women approached those of its she told an interviewer. frolicked during fashioned Arthur’s own Broadway, but they said, faced, but the series often parent, “All in the Family,” “What can I do about it? I Hollywood’s Golden series. ‘Who is that girl? Let’s give had a serious base. Her but by 1977 the audience can’t stay home waiting for Age, opened Saturday In a 2008 interview with her her own series,”’ husband Walter (Bill started to dwindle. A something different. I as a public beach club The Associated Press, Arthur said. Macy) became an alco- major format change was think it’s a total waste of after more than 10 Arthur said she was lucky “Maude” scored with holic, and she underwent planned, but in early 1978 energy worrying about years of planning. The to be discovered by TV television viewers imme- an abortion, which drew a Arthur announced she typecasting.” 5-acre beachfront estate was built by William Randolph Hearst for Davies in the late 1920s while they Accused man says SC wildfire not his fault carried on a long-term CONWAY, S.C. (AP) — in damage. Torchi says the accusa- along the coast. been reported. love affair. They hosted Marc Torchi and his But Torchi is flabber- tions have damaged his Officials said homes Calm overnight weather lavish parties there in family have been getting gasted county firefighters reputation and endan- and a water treatment helped crews keep the the ’20s and ’30s, death threats since South aren’t taking responsibility gered his children. The plant, which was half-mile blaze under control, but a entertaining such stars Carolina officials blamed after they came to his 39-year-old landscaper from the containment forecast for the winds to as Clark Gable, Charlie him for the wildfire that Conway home not once said in an interview he line, were still threatened increase throughout the Chaplin, Jean Harlow has destroyed more than but twice to put out a doesn’t see how he can be even though the wildfire day had authorities and Joan Crawford. 70 homes and scorched small yard fire that faulted for the fire re- remained 80 percent warning people that 31 square miles, causing apparently rekindled four igniting Wednesday and contained Saturday embers could easily jump — From wire reports an estimated $16 million days later. beginning a raging trek morning. No injuries have fire lines. exclusively at a 3 DAYS ONLY! 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WE ALSO WELCOME VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINER’S CLUB & DISCOVER CARD. 355201 Port Charlotte Town Center, (941)255-1778 • Southgate Plaza, (941)955-2241 • Sarasota Square Mall, (941)925-1722: Mon.-Sat. 10-9, Sun. 12-6
  • 6. Front Page 6 D/E/N/C FROM PAGE ONE The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 KILLED: Murder of Sharon Gill remains unsolved 19 years after slaying FROM PAGE 1 Sushi and Sanchi, around stabbed a 14-year-old Still waiting killed Sharon Gill? the block. Krista entered the UNSOLVED MURDERS Punta Gorda girl. To this day, Krista As a mother, Krista has “It’s in the back of my house and noticed a believes one — or both — protected her four FROM PAGE 1 children from the publici- mind every single day,” puddle of blood on the of the Malsky brothers is she said. floor. She turned and saw responsible for her ty that followed her as a HAD BEEN BURNED AND LEFT ON A DEAD-END STREET NEARBY. • teenager. more blood, smeared mother’s death. March 21, 1990 against the wall. EVELYN REY, A KNOWN PROSTITUTE, WAS FOUND DEAD IN THE “Personally, I always But they still ask about Concerned that one of thought it was Shawn grandma. AREA OF 46TH STREET ON AUG. 24, 1988. • JENNIFER Krista Gill felt sick, but the dogs may be injured, because of the things he Krista would not budge something told her to Krista called for her HUNTER WAS STABBED TO DEATH IN OCTOBER 1989 IN A PARK- said,” Krista said. “I feel it during the first couple of stay at school. mother and headed is one of them.” inquiries, telling them ING LOT OF THE INDUSTRIAL AREA OF 61ST STREET IN SARASOTA. The decision may have toward the master only that grandma saved her life. bedroom. • JIM THOMPSON WAS SHOT AND KILLED APRIL 6, 1993, Sharon had sores over her At home, Sharon Gill No leads body and died. Sharon’s body was near WHILE WORKING SECURITY AT A SARASOTA STRIP CLUB. • KRISTY sipped coffee and read the bathroom. She had The Charlotte County Now she tells them the the newspaper. The 42- been stabbed 39 times, DEGG WAS REPORTED MISSING MAY 8, 1995, BY HER MOTH- Sheriff’s Office has six truth, and lets the older year-old preacher’s wife including an angry homicide investigations it ER. THREE WEEKS LATER, HER BODY WAS FOUND OFF THE BEE kids read some of the loved everything about cluster of 12 wounds to considers “cold cases.” newspaper articles the quiet neighborhood RIDGE ROAD EXTENSION, NOW THE HERITAGE OAKS AREA. • LISA Since Sharon Gill’s written about the case. the left side of her neck. and its miles of undevel- Krista had trouble SHAFFNER WAS FOUND OCT. 23, 1982, LYING NUDE IN A death, the agency has Time has not eased the oped greenbelts. registering the grisly received countless tips mental anguish, even Sharon and Krista, then FIELD OFF NORTH TUTTLE AVENUE, WITH MULTIPLE STAB WOUNDS and information. Yet it though Krista’s original scene, as she tried to 18, moved to Deep Creek convince herself her THAT CONTRIBUTED TO HER DEATH. SHE APPEARED TO HAVE BEEN has not been enough to suspects are not free in August 1989. Sharon’s mother was merely hurt. put the matter to rest. men. SEXUALLY BATTERED, ACCORDING TO INVESTIGATORS. • LUCINDA husband, the Rev. Percy “My whole body went Detective Jason Doher- In 2004, Shawn Malsky, Gill, visited from their into shock,” she said. “I MCCLEAN, 36, WAS DISCOVERED DEAD IN SEPTEMBER 1989 ty was the last person to 39, was sentenced to 16 Michigan home every completely review the years in prison as a was not putting two and IN A DRAINAGE DITCH ALONG FRUITVILLE ROAD. • THE BODY OF couple of weeks, while two together.” case in 2008. He couldn’t habitual felony offender continuing his pastor But the killer left his MARY JO SHELLEBY, 19, WAS DISCOVERED NOV. 10,comment about the for an array of charges duties at their former signature. ongoing investigation or 1973, IN THE ROADWAY OF MCINTOSH ROAD. • THE BADLY ranging from child church. suspects, but said it has neglect to arson. He was The separation was DECOMPOSED REMAINS OF ZANNIEL LEVERITT, 27, WERE not been cast to the side. convicted of injecting a rough on Krista, although Search for a killer “No one has forgotten 4-year-old girl with FOUND IN FEBRUARY 2003 ON THE RAILROAD TRACKS IN THE AREA she took comfort in Shawn Malsky could about this,” he said. “It’s heroin and giving her knowing her father would not keep his mouth shut. OF 46TH STREET AND CENTRAL AVENUE IN SARASOTA. just like any case that’s 19 crack cocaine. be a permanent Floridian Reports show that years old. People move Scott Malsky is serving within the week. following Sharon’s death, his mother’s house in Fort sat in jail, detectives and technology a life sentence at Polk As the morning hours the then-20-year-old told Myers, where they spent gathered evidence against improves.” Correctional Institution of March 21, 1990, melted friends and co-workers the day running errands, his younger brother, Percy Gill went to his for the Farrington away with the rising sun, he killed the woman who court records show. Scott, in relation to the grave five years ago murder. Krista’s uneasy feeling lived near his grandpar- Investigators also were 1993 murder of 79-year- without closure, haunted But Krista is awaiting calmed. ents’ home, revealing unable to secure any old Pauline Farrington. by a decision to cancel his justice. She took the bus home specific details about the physical evidence linking The Port Charlotte trip to the area the day his The question remains after school, happy the stabbing. him to the Gills’ Rampart woman was stabbed to wife was murdered. open, and the family day had concluded. He would spend two Boulevard home. death in her home and Krista, now 37, does not wants answers. She tried to unlock the years in jail for those The killer left behind a left in a sexually explicit want to go through life “I do not play the front door, but locked it statements, waiting for a single hair, a bloody position, similar to how with the same void of victim, because that was instead with the key. murder trial that wouldn’t shoeprint and numerous Sharon’s body was found. never knowing the not the way I was raised The Charlotte High happen. Prosecutors fingerprints, all of which Scott Malsky, now 33, identity of her mother’s — but I found my mother School senior did not would drop the charges remain unidentified, wasn’t charged with killer. murdered,” she said. think anything of it, as in 1995, due to a strong despite advances in DNA Farrington’s murder until “This should have been “Someone knows who her mother often would alibi. On March 20, 1990, testing. 2002. In-between convic- solved 18 years ago,” she did it.” walk the two Shih Tzus, Malsky spent the night at While Shawn Malsky tions, he raped and said. E-mail: OBAMA: No miracles but lots of energy in President’s first 100 days FROM PAGE 1 did his candidacy. Quotes from Obama’s first 100 days end one war, reorient another and redefine what it means to The president seem unafraid to admit he’s wrong. Or right. “I screwed up,” Obama said be a superpower. BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS after his nomination of former All this with a cool confidence that has made increasing Quotes from President Barack Obama during his first 100 days in office. “It took us a couple of Sen. Tom Daschle for health secretary failed. numbers of Americans hopeful days because I like to • • • • • “On this one I think I’m that the country may at last be “Today I say to you that the challenges we right,” he said to critics of his heading in the right direction. friendly exchange with Chavez. The public couldn’t get enough of it, fixating on Team face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America — they know what I’m talking The president, whose aides dismiss the whole notion of the Obama’s every move: the arrival of family dog Bo; the president will be met.” — Inaugural address on Jan. 20. about before I speak.” 100-day yardstick as the equivalent of a “Hallmark showing up for work in his shirt- • • • • • holiday,” came to office sleeves; the first lady’s moxie in “I can say without exception or equivocation — Comment after he was asked at a news imbued with sky-high expecta- baring her arms; Sasha and that the United States will not torture.” conference March 24 why it took him so long tions from the public and .................................. Malia’s swing set; even a visit to — Remarks on Jan. 22 to employees at the to express outrage over executive bonuses at emerged three months later the White House by the surviv- State Department, the same day he signed orders the big insurer American International Group Inc. with his approval ratings intact, ing Grateful Dead. Obama says to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center. at a solid 64 percent in the AP- it is a “weird fishbowl” that he • • • • • GfK poll. But it’s all been too has jumped into. “I will be held accountable. You know, I’ve got “It was like the Special Olympics or something.” much for many Republicans: Not everyone’s impressed. For four years. ... If I don’t have this done in three — Comment during an appearance March 19 on Seven out of 10 now disapprove all that went right with the years, then there’s going to be a one-term NBC’s “Tonight” show, telling host Jay Leno he’s been of his job performance, com- president’s liftoff (after that small proposition.” practicing at the White House bowling alley but wasn’t pared with 58 percent in matter of the flubbed oath of — Interview aired Feb. 2 on NBC’s “Today” show. happy with his score of 129. A spokesman quickly said February. office), Obama’s opening moves • • • • • Obama’s remark was not meant to disparage the Special And there are still a lot of have fallen short in the eyes of “I’m here on television saying I screwed up.” Olympics, only to poke some fun at his bowling skills. pages to be written. many, and have left others — Interview with NBC’s “Nightly News with Brian • • • • • Though Obama is on TV wondering where it all will lead. Williams,” on Feb. 3, after abruptly abandoning his “I remind everybody, the United States of almost every day, Stanley Republicans largely stiffed the nomination fight for Tom Daschle a little more America did not choose to fight a war in Renshon, a political psycholo- president on his call for biparti- than 24 hours after he had said he was “absolutely” Afghanistan. Nearly 3,000 of our people gist at the City University of sanship and cast him as a weak committed to his health nominee. Obama did similar were killed on September 11th, 2001, for New York who is writing a book leader on the world stage. interviews that day with all five television networks. doing nothing more than going about their about the president, says he’s Liberals groused that he could • • • • • daily lives.” still hard to read. have done more and wondered “We have begun the essential work of keeping — Remarks on March 27 announcing plans Sometimes, he says, “it’s hard whether he’s too prone to the American dream alive in our time.” to send 4,000 more U.S. troops to to get a handle on whether compromise. Deficit hawks — Before he signed into law a Afghanistan, part of a broad escalation troops. Obama’s being prudent or worried that he’s blown a gaping $787 billion stimulus package on Feb. 17. • • • • • radical.” a hole in the budget. • • • • • “The United States is not, and will never be, at Or, in the view of some Obama himself seems “The impact of this recession is real and it is war with Islam.” liberals, too cautious. energized. everywhere. But while our economy may be — Address to the Turkish parliament on April 6. Sorensen, the former “The decision-making part of weakened and our confidence shaken, though • • • • • Kennedy speechwriter, said it,” he says, “actually comes we are living through difficult and uncertain “It is time for us to transition to the Iraqis. some of the Americans who pretty naturally.” times, tonight I want every American to know They need to take responsibility for their invested such high hopes in As for the critics, Obama says, this: We will rebuild, we will recover, and the country.” “an unknown black man Washington is “a little bit like United States of America will emerge stronger — Comment to about 600 U.S. soldiers elected president in an over- ‘American Idol’ — but every- than before.” during a visit to Baghdad on April 7. whelmingly white country” body is Simon Cowell.” — His first address to a joint • • • • • now expect too much, too Almost overlooked in all the session of Congress on Feb 24. “I’m here to launch a new chapter of engage- soon. hoopla is the historic nature of • • • • • ment that will be sustained throughout my “He’s a very good leader with Obama’s tenure as the first black “It’s hard to move around out there sometimes, administration.” all the instinctive skills of president. There’s been little so I’ve got to bring the world to me.” — Statement to the heads of every democratic leadership, including superb time to even think about that — At a March 4 dinner with congressional government across the Western Hemisphere, at the judgment,” says Sorensen, “but issue, which commanded so leaders, Cabinet members and White House aides. opening of the Summit of the Americas on April 17. that doesn’t make him a much attention during the • • • • • • • • • • miracle worker.” campaign, as Obama has “Our government has forced what I believe is a “I try to figure out what’s right in terms of “There are no miracle workers.” grappled with a seizing econo- false choice between sound science and moral American interests, and on this one I think • • • • • my and has rushed pell-mell to values.” I’m right.” Having inherited two wars reverse the legacy of eight years — Remarks on March 9 as he signed documents — At an April 19 news conference, on and an economy in crisis, of Republican rule. changing science policy and removing what some critics of his friendly exchange with Venezuelan Obama talks often about the “You’d be hard put to find researchers have said were shackles on their work. President Hugo Chavez at that summit. high stakes for the nation in another president facing those getting things right. kinds of challenges who has acted Only rarely does he allude to as intelligently and aggressively to Others are less hesitant to leader Newt Gingrich says are still to come. The pledge to the stakes for him personally. meet the challenges head on,” draw conclusions. Obama’s foreign policy moves overhaul health care will make “I will be held accountable,” said presidential historian Andrew Ted Sorensen, a former have been looking “a lot like his successful expansion of he said a few weeks into his Polsky, a professor at Hunter speechwriter for President John Jimmy Carter,” a one-term children’s health coverage look presidency. “You know, I’ve College in New York. “Of course, F. Kennedy, says Obama “seems president regarded as a weak like child’s play. got four years. ... If I don’t whether any of this works is likely to be one of the great leader. • • • • • have this done in three years, another question, and it’s too presidents in our history.” Whatever the record so far, it’s Obama has settled into the then there’s going to be a one- soon to know that.” Former House Republican clear Obama’s biggest challenges presidency more easily than he term proposition.”
  • 7. The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 FROM PAGE ONE D/E/N/C Front Page 7 FLU: Disease confirmed in six states; world braces for possible pandemic FROM PAGE 1 WHO guidance calls for government may have isolating the sick and blanketing everyone CALIF. A deadly new swine flu strain has been detected in Mexico and the Q&A: What is swine flu? been slow to respond to around them with antiviral United States. At least 68 people in Mexico have died from pneumonia GENEVA (AP) — A swine flu outbreak that after contracting a flu-like virus. Tests confirm that at least 20 of them the outbreak in March and drugs such as Tamiflu. died of swine flu. The World Health Organization said the situation appears to have caused fatalities in humans in early April. Now, with patients has pandemic potential. Mexico and nonfatal cases in the United States Now, even detaining the showing up all across San Diego Co. UNITED STATES prompted the World Health Organization this Cases*: 4 ill may not keep the strain Mexico and its teeming Deaths: 0 weekend to urge countries around the world to be — a combination of swine, Imperial Co. capital, simple math Cases*: 2 alert for suspicious cases of influenza. San Diego Guadalupe Co. bird and human influenza suggests that kind of Deaths: 0 Cases*: 2 WHO chief Margaret Chan says the global body is that people may have no response is impossible. Deaths: 0 taking the outbreak very seriously, though compar- natural immunity to — TEXAS Mexico appears to have isons with the 1918 epidemic are premature. from spreading, epidemi- lost valuable days or San Antonio Here are some facts about swine flu: ologists say. weeks in detecting the MEXICO The World Health new virus. Cases*: 1000+ Q. What is swine flu? Organization on Saturday Health authorities 0 200 mi Deaths: 68 A. Swine flu is a highly contagious acute respirato- asked countries around ry disease normally found in pigs. It spreads through started noticing a threefold 0 200 km tiny particles in the air or by direct contact. According the world to step up spike in flu cases in late Pacific Gulf Of to WHO it tends to infect large numbers of a given pig reporting and surveillance March and early April, but Ocean Mexico population, killing between 1 and 4 percent of those of the disease and imple- they thought it was a late affected. Not every animal infected displays symptoms. ment a coordinated rebound in the December- Mexico City Q. Where do outbreaks occur? response to contain it. February flu season. States and counties A. Swine flu is considered endemic in the United The Mexican govern- Testing at domestic labs reporting influenza-like States, and outbreaks in pigs have also been reported illness outbreaks as of ment issued a decree did not alert doctors here Saturday, April 25 elsewhere in North America, South America, Europe, authorizing President to the new strain, although SOURCES: ESRI, World Health Organization AP Africa, and parts of eastern Asia. Felipe Calderon to invoke U.S. authorities detected Q. How do humans contract the virus? special powers letting the an outbreak in California Health Department isolate patients and inspect and Texas last week. Perhaps spurred by the Past flu pandemics A. People usually become infected through contact with pigs, though some cases of LIMITED human-to- human transmission have been reported. homes, incoming travelers U.S. discoveries, Mexico BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and baggage. sent 14 mucous samples to Flu pandemics occur whenever a new strain of Q. Is it safe to eat pork products? A. WHO says properly handled and prepared pork Officials said the decree the CDC April 18 and the virus arises to which most people have no products are safe to eat. The swine flu virus dies gives clear legal authority dispatched health teams to natural immunity. Experts believe they have been when cooked at temperatures of 160 F/70C higher. to Health Department hospitals looking for occurring at irregular intervals since at least the workers who might patients with severe flu or 16th-century. A glance at the last three pandemics: Q. How high is the risk of a pandemic? otherwise face reprisals. pnuemonia-like symptoms. A. Since the swine flu outbreaks in Mexico and 1918: The Spanish flu pandemic that started in U.S. Were identified, the risk of a pandemic has At Mexico City’s interna- Those teams noticed increased. Health officials worry the swine flu might tional airport, health something strange: The flu 1918 was possibly the deadliest outbreak of all time. develop into a form easily spread among humans. To workers passed out written was killing people aged 20 It was first identified in the U.S., but became known do this, it could combine with a human flu virus or questionnaires seeking to to 40. Flu victims are as the Spanish flu because it received more media mutate on its own into a transmissible form. Experts identify passengers with flu usually either infants or attention in Spain than in other countries, which worry that the more the virus circulates, the more likely a pandemic strain will emerge. But there is no symptoms. Surgical masks the elderly. The Spanish flu were censoring the press during World War I. The way to predict when a pandemic strain will develop. and brochures were handed pandemic, which killed at 1918 flu was an H1N1 strain — different from the out at bus and subway least 40 million people one currently affecting Mexico and the U.S. — and Q. Does a vaccine exist? stations. The U.S. embassy worldwide in 1918-19, also struck mostly healthy young adults. Experts estimate A. Pigs in North America are routinely vaccinated it killed about 40 to 50 million people worldwide. for swine flu, but no vaccine exists for humans. In any in Mexico posted a message first struck otherwise case, the flu virus evolves quickly, meaning that advising U.S. citizens to healthy young adults. vaccines are soon obsolete. Health officials say there avoid large crowds or using As recently as Wednesday, 1957: The 1957 pandemic was known as the Asian is no suggestion that the vaccine prepared for the subway. authorities were referring to flu. It was sparked by an H2N2 strain and was first seasonal flu will protect against swine flu. But with confirmed it as a late-season flu. identified in China. There were two waves of illness While people who are given the seasonal flu swine flu cases in at least But mid-afternoon during this pandemic; the first wave mostly hit vaccine will probably be not protected against swine children while the second mostly affected the flu, it may prevent them from getting the seasonal flu. six states — and possibly as Thursday, Mexico City If they are then infected with swine flu, that reduces many as 14 — the efforts Health Secretary Dr. elderly. It caused about 2 million deaths globally. the possibility of the two flus mixing in that person to seemed unlikely to stop the Armando Ahued said, create a potential pandemic strain. 1968: The most recent pandemic, known as the spread of the disease. officials got a call “from Hong Kong flu, was the mildest of the three pan- Q. What other treatment is there? WHO Director-General the United States and demics this century. It was first spotted in Hong Kong A. The swine flu virus detected in Mexico and the Margaret Chan said the Canada, the most impor- United States appears to respond to treatment with in 1968 and it spread globally over the next two years. outbreak of the never- tant laboratories in the oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza). In The people most susceptible to the virus were the before-seen virus has field, telling us this was a terms of prevention, maintaining good hygiene, for elderly. About 1 million people are estimated to have example regular hand-washing and staying a safe “pandemic potential.” But new virus.” been killed by this pandemic, an H3N2 flu strain. distance from those infected, may help. she said it is still too early Doctors reported that to tell if it would become a anti-viral medications and pandemic. even steroids were working of Health and Environment floridacentral has “The situation is well against the disease, on Saturday confirmed two evolving quickly,” Chan noting no new deaths had cases of swine flu in two said in Geneva. “A new been reported in the adults in the same house- disease is by definition poorly understood.” WHO lays out three criteria necessary for a capital in the last day. Airports around the world were screening travelers from Mexico for hold. One of the patients had recently traveled to Mexico. Another eight students at a New York City money to lend! global epidemic to occur: flu symptoms. But high school probably have The virus is able to infect people, can readily spread person-to-person and the containing the disease may not be an option. “Anything that would be human swine influenza, but health officials said they don’t know for sure whether We can’t fix the economy - just put more money global population has no about containing it right it is the same strain. immunity to it. The agency now would purely be a A “seed stock” genetical- held off raising its pan- political move,” said ly matched to the new in your pocket. demic alert level, citing the Michael Osterholm, a swine flu virus has been need for more informa- University of Minnesota created by the CDC, said tion. Out of the many pandemic expert. Dr. Richard Besser, the cases in Mexico reported, The same virus also agency’s acting director. If relatively few samples sickened at least 11 people the government decides have been tested. in the United States, vaccine production is Early detection and though there have been no necessary, manufacturers With rates as low as 3.95APR treatment are key to deaths north of the border. would need that stock to stopping any outbreak. The Kansas Department get started. %* y WHO alerts countries to watch flu cases GENEVA (AP) — The World Health suspected cases are likely to occur in the on new, used, and Organization warned countries around the world on Saturday to be on alert for coming days because of global air travel. A French government crisis group refinanced Auto Loans! any unusual flu outbreaks after a began operating Saturday. The govern- unique new swine flu virus implicated ment has already closed the French in possibly dozens of human deaths in school in Mexico City and provided Great rates available on mortgages North America. WHO Director-General Margaret French citizens there with detailed instructions on precautions. and other loans. Chan said the outbreak in Mexico and Chilean authorities ordered a sanitary the United States was evolving quickly alert that included airport screening of Contact us or visit us online today! and was a very serious situation. She passengers arriving from Mexico. No said it had “pandemic potential” cases of the disease have been reported because it is an animal virus strain so far in the country, Deputy Health You can bank with floridacentral if you live or infecting people, but the agency cannot Minister Jeanette Vega said, but those say “whether or not it will indeed cause showing symptoms will be sent to a work in Desoto, Charlotte or Sarasota county. a pandemic.” hospital for tests. z r z acen ra F “It would be prudent for health In Peru, authorities will monitor o TM officials within countries to be alert to travelers arriving from Mexico and the z z outbreaks of influenza-like illness or U.S. and people with flu-like symptoms pneumonia, especially if these occur in will be evaluated by health teams, Peru’s months outside the usual peak influen- Health Ministry said. za season,” Chan told reporters by Brazil will “intensify its health The credit union you can bank on. telephone from Geneva, where she surveillance in all points of entry into convened an emergency meeting of the country,” the Health Ministry’s influenza experts. National Health Surveillance Agency Rated ★★★★★ by Bauer Financial. “Another important signal is excess said in a statement. Measures will also cases of severe or fatal flu-like illness in be put in place to inspect cargo and groups other than young children and the elderly, who are usually at highest luggage, and to clean and disinfect aircraft and ships at ports of entry. (941) 627-4900 | (800) 528-3330 risk during normal seasonal flu,” she WHO’s emergency committee, called said. together Saturday for the first time since Several Latin American and Asian it was created in 2007, draws on experts countries have already started surveil- lance or screening at airports and other from around the world. They may decide that the outbreak constitutes an NCUA A EQUAL HOUSING LEND ER points of entry. international public health emergency. So far, no countries besides Mexico If so, they will consider whether WHO *Annual Percentage Rate based upon individual applicant's creditworthiness, year, make, model of vehicle, and the loan and the U.S. have reported suspicious should recommend travel advisories, paperwork being completed at a floridacentral branch. Rate as low as 3.95% is valid for vehicles 2007 and newer. cases, according to WHO. trade restrictions or border closures and This is a limited time offer that can not be combined with any other offer. Rates are subject to change without notice. 350668 Existing floridacentral and SPMECU loans are not eligible to be refinanced. But the French government said raise its pandemic alert level.
  • 8. Front Page 8 D/E/N/C The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 NORTHERN REPORT Landfills hurting as consumers repair, reuse Tough economic times drive population to discover treasures in their trash DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — Thrift-driven tion and from discarded drywall and figures won’t be available for months, five or have reduced hours of opera- Americans are fixing up, making do lumber. Restaurant waste is down the association is hearing about the tion, said spokeswoman Lisa Kardell. and reusing so much to cope with the because people are eating out less. decline from many members. Waste Management’s fourth-quarter recession that the drop in throwaways “We’re seeing this all over the Landfills in Ohio received 15 percent profit slid 29 percent on declines in its means less fill for landfills. country,” said Bruce Parker, president less waste from August to January than recycling business and one-time To deal with the drop-off in dropoffs, and CEO of the National Solid Wastes they did for the same period a year charges. But in its earnings report, the landfills are laying off workers, Management Association. earlier. The waste stream at Miramar Houston-based company also reducing hours of operation and hiking Environmentalists applaud the trash Landfill near San Diego has dropped 35 mentioned declines in the collection of disposal fees, with the increases passed slash. percent over the past year. Waste at industrial waste. along to cities, businesses and “That will mean the landfills will last Puente Hills Landfill near Los Angeles Landfill operators rely on disposal consumers. longer,” said Ed Hopkins, director of is down from 12,500 tons of trash a day fees to fund operations. If the amount “You can look at waste and see what the environmental quality program for to about 8,500. of waste decreases, operators have to the economy is doing,” said Tom the Sierra Club. “That is good for the About 82 temporary workers have cut costs, dip into reserve funds or Houck, manager at the Defiance public because nobody likes to live been laid off at Puente Hills and its two increase the fees, which are passed County Landfill in northwest Ohio. He’s next to a landfill.” sister landfills, shrinking the work force along to consumers. watched the amount of trash arriving Hopkins said the reduction in waste to about 280 and forcing permanent In the Columbus suburb of Grove at the landfill plunge 30 percent in the is good for the environment because employees to take over traffic control, City, the Solid Waste Authority of past year. even modern landfills can leak, windy-day litter pickup and land- Central Ohio landfill— with 10 percent With consumers cutting back on new enabling pollutants to seep into scaping. less waste — has raised disposal fees by purchases, there is less packaging to groundwater. Several landfills operated by Waste $2 a ton to $35.50 and dipped into its throw away. The downturn in new Thom Metzger, spokesman for the Management Inc. — which runs about reserve fund. The landfill also is housing means less waste from National Solid Wastes Management 270 active landfills in 47 states — have considering accepting trash from out of construction materials such as insula- Association, said that while national gone from operating six days a week to the district. one-time tax holiday for Big Dig debt. order on sewage viola- Massachusetts next fall. As of Friday, tions and $825,000 for New Jersey Community goes to bat eight of the 13 members drinking water prob- of the Taxation lems. A Summit County Committee had signed Immigration rally judge ordered the for robbed Little Leaguers on to the bill, and one ELIZABETH — Citing apartment complex against. The bill provides the need to correct connected to the an exemption from the “serious flaws” in the county's sewage system state sales tax for all nation’s immigration within the next 30 days. LAWRENCE (AP) — The bad news Vaughn, had made $11,000 in dona- items sold on Columbus If they comply, the about a huge theft from a Lawrence tions, as of Friday night. League system, hundreds of Day weekend. As people came to a New Helms would be reim- youth baseball league has turned into president George Herman said a man amended, it limits the bursed for the fines. The good news, thanks to generous from Louisiana donated $300. A New Jersey church on tax holiday to one year Saturday for a town ruling is part of a long donors. Thieves made off with $1,500 Hampshire man who played in the only. The bill also sets in baseball gear from the South league 40 years ago pledged $1,500. meeting led by a federal legal fight over water out exemptions to the lawmaker. The “Family quality at the complex. Lawrence East Little League this week Vaughn declined to tell The Eagle- sales tax holiday The Environmental and the league said it didn’t have the Tribune of Lawrence how much he Unity” day event was weekend, and requires a part of a national effort Protection Agency has money to replace it. But people from gave. He told the paper he couldn’t report on sales tax losses Louisiana to Los Angeles, including stand for the thieves “messing with to end deportations and ruled the drinking water as well as revenue raised raids that immigration was contaminated with former Boston Red Sox slugger Mo kids.” from personal and bacteria. The EPA has activists say destroy corporate income taxes families. “There are also said the owners as a result of the sales millions of people across neglected to test the Indiana $1 million Hoosier Lotto Wednesday’s drawing. tax holiday weekend. drinking water, treat it jackpot Friday on their The couple played the United States who 44th wedding anniver- numbers based on their suffer on a daily basis with chlorine or notify Lucky birthdays sary. The couple defied grandchildren’s birth- Massachusetts because of an immigra- tenants of the problems. INDIANAPOLIS — odds of one in more than days. Belinda Rasche tion system that stopped Belinda and Gary Rasche 12 million by matching bought the winning Turnpike rest stops working years ago,” said Rhode Island of Jasper claimed a all six numbers in ticket on Wednesday at a BOSTON — The Martin Perez, who heads convenience store in Massachusetts Turnpike the Latino Leadership Bridge project Huntingburg. The Authority has received Alliance of New Jersey, PORTSMOUTH — It’s Douglas Radish, O.D.Deep Creek Rasches, who own a four bids to buy or lease which co-sponsored the been 15 years of trying, Eye Care the Pike’s 11 service Deep Creek Eye Care Caring for your eyes... sporting goods store and forum at the Iglesia but construction on a since 1982 a livestock equipment station plazas. Colin Jesucristo el Senor replacement for the 375 Kings Highway company, opted to take Durrant, a spokesman church. “Some children Sakonnet River Bridge is Port Charlotte, FL 33983 their prize as an annuity. for the Executive Office are forced to live apart underway. Officials broke (Inside Walmart Vision Center) They received $43,000 of Transportation, said from their parents, while ground Friday on the before taxes, and will the bids were submitted others live in the $164 million project. The 941-255-5776 receive $33,000 annually for the next 29 years. The before Friday’s deadline. He said the proposals shadows, hoping they will not be victims of a rusting span, built in 1956, is in such bad Over 25 Years Experience retailer will receive a will now be evaluated to workplace raid or (a) shape that an 18 ton 353388 $10,000 bonus for selling see which would best knock on the door of weight limit forces large the winning ticket. help the turnpike’s their residences,” Perez trucks to make a long financial needs. Durrant told the crowd of about detour around it. That’s a Maine said, however, that state 1,000 people, which major inconvenience on TEETH IN A DAY Tax holiday law requires proceeds from the service plazas to be spent on the included U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez and a bridge that links southeastern Rep. Albio Sires, both D- Massachusetts to WOBBLY DENTURES? MESSY ADHESrVTS? AUGUSTA — A Maine Western portion of the N.J., and many other Aquidneck Island. The NOT EATIN G WHATYOU WANT? legislative committee’s Turnpike, and they officials. new bridge will be 28 feet majority is embracing a cannot be used to pay wider to allow for break- NEW IMPLANT New York down lanes, left lane TECHNOLOGY | CANADIAN NEWS BRIEFS — from AP wire reports Whopper of an error shoulders and a pedes- trian path. It also won’t be Y What used to take a year VALLEY STREAM — flashy. No towers, cables Dumpster love one of their regular visits Nassau County police say or arches are planned. It can now be ac hieve d in to the Medicine Hat a few short months. SAANICH, B.C. — A a pill that turned up in a will look much like an Society for the Prevention kid’s meal at a Long Island elevated roadway. Saanich, B.C., police .Perfect for those with officer who responded to of Cruelty to Animals. Burger King was a “We figured he ran away dentures, partials,and missing teeth. a suspicious persons call or got eaten by coyotes common painkiller. A Wisconsin probably wishes he hadn’t 6-year-old girl was he just didn’t come apparently unhurt after .Tired of messy glue after he stumbled upon home,” said Bachmeier. Train kills man two naked adults in a she chewed on the pill e Cat Scan,Implant Surgery, Zeus always was a Thursday as she ate a PEWAUKEE — A man garbage dumpster. The roamer and one day just and Final Restorations macaroni and cheese killed when a train hit officer was called to a didn’t come home. The ALL I OUR OFFICE N meal her mother bought his car was a former local parking lot early couple filed a lost pet at a restaurant in Valley pastor of an Friday morning, where he report with the SPCA, but Stream. Police said Friday Oconomowoc church 2009 heard noises coming soon decided that Zeus SEMINAR. May 21, that the girl had spit the destroyed in a natural from the bin. He called was gone. “We called (the pill out, and they have gas explosion a year ago. in general dentistry,smile makeovers and out to the people inside SPCA) back and couple implants. Call to reserve 924-9080 now identified it as the Authorities identified but when no one of times they thought painkiller acetaminophen. the victim of Dr. Burr Bakke,D.D.S. responded, he they might have found approached the dump- They still don’t know how Wednesday's accident as him but it was never it wound up in the girl’s 64-year-old Paul Prowitz ster. The 30-year-old Zeus,” said McInnes. But woman and a 26-year-old food. Burger King says it is of Oconomowoc. He was rrrr every month, Bachmeier cooperating with the a former pastor of the $' 1 rS man were oblivious to his said she dropped into the investigation and has First Baptist Church but presence. The two adults SPCA to visit with the pulled the product from was not pastor at the were ordered to put their kittens. “And lo and clothes on and get out of the restaurant until it can time of the blast. Village behold, Tuesday we walk figure out what happened. of Pewaukee Police Chief the dumpster. The in and there’s Zeus,” she Edward Baumann said BEFORE AFTER woman was told to go said. Zeus had been home, while the man was taken in by another Ohio Prowitz was driving west into the village from Dr. Bakke has more than 25 years experience in dentistry. arrested on an unrelated family who eventually Capitol Drive when he matter. turned him over to the Water fines went around another shelter. The couple said AKRON — The owners car, bypassed the 341321 The cat came back the once the cat was of an Ohio apartment railroad crossing gates MEDICINE HAT, Alta. finally home, he was complex have been and was hit by the train Dr. Dr. Wor ld Class — They thought he was a back to his old self, fined more than at 10:53 p.m. Wednesday. Jill Morris BurrBakke Dentistry'" goner, but after a two- snuggling with the $3 million for sewage The chief said police are Cosmetic & Implant Surgery & year absence, Zeus the family’s dog and and drinking water continuing to investigate Restorative Dentistry Restorative Dentistry cat came back. After stretching out on the violations. Joel Helms the incident, including reporting Zeus lost in couch. "Though he and his father, James health issues that he m 941-924-9080 2007, Todd McInnes and smacked the new dog in Helms, both of Green, said could be involved. Kandis Bachmeier found the face a couple of were fined $3.1 million 3951 Swift Road d Sarasota,FL 34231 times," said Bachmeier. for violating a consent their long-lost cat during — From wire reports
  • 9. The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 D/E/N/C Front Page 9 FLORIDA REPORT Traffic flows again on Alligator Alley Highway shuts down for the night on Saturday to forego visibility issues By MARK S. KRZOS and RACHEL MYERS decision officially won’t be made the fire, which has been burning He said it’s not clear where the FORT MYERS NEWS-PRESS until this morning. since Tuesday, is that it has affected additional manpower will come COLLIER COUNTY — After DeGross said during the time the approximately 12,500 acres. He said from, but he said help will also temporarily reopening Interstate highway was closed, there was an strong winds blowing from east to assist in relieving local firefighters 75’s Alligator Alley shortly before increased amount of traffic on U.S. west are causing some concern, and who have been working long, noon Saturday, officials were 41, an alternate route connecting have caused firefighters to refocus exhausting shifts. A request for reporting few problems on the the west and east coasts of the state. their efforts on containing flare-ups additional firefighters has been sent roadway, while a brush fire there “It wasn’t backed up, but it was west of State Road 29. The fire is at through an interagency team that continues to burn. very steady,” DeGross said. “Due to 20 percent containment. will dispatch available units. The Florida Highway Patrol still everyone’s patience and coopera- “We haven’t been able to advance Sprankle said a lieutenant will planned to shut the highway down tion, there were no incidents during on that containment because our patrol I-75 around 5 a.m. today until again at 7 p.m. Saturday, because that heavy congestion.” focus has shifted to the State Road about 7 a.m. to review the condi- cooler evening temperatures would FHP Duty Officer William Sprankle 29 corridor,” DeGross said. “We tions. At 7 a.m., there will be more bring the smoke lower to the said the main problem on I-75 right hope to bring on more firefighters meetings to discuss whether the ground, creating visibility issues. now is not visibility issues, but over the next couple of days that alley can be opened today. If condi- Bob DeGross, spokesman for the rather motorists forgetting to fully will allow us to focus not only on tions improve, Sprankle said it’s National Parks Service, said it is fuel their vehicles before crossing — that corridor, but also on contain- possible the highway will be likely the highway could have the an everyday occurrence. ment efforts on the east and south reopened permanently through same hours today, although a DeGross said the latest update on side of the fire activity.” Sunday night. | OTHER HEADLINE NEWS FROM AROUND THE STATE Crist plants tree Polo team vet grieves Tri-Rail to increase Officials: Man arrested to celebrate Arbor Day over horse deaths fares starting June 1 for impersonating officer TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Charlie Crist WELLINGTON — When Argentine veteri- GAINESVILLE — Authorities say joined Florida Girl Scouts to plant a red narian Felix Crespo injected 21 elite polo POMPANO BEACH,— It will they arrested a man accused of crape myrtle in celebration of National horses with a vitamin supplement shortly cost more to ride Tri-Rail impersonating an officer in north Arbor Day. before a championship match in Florida, he starting June 1. Florida. A release from the governor’s office never imagined they would all be dead the Tri-Rail’s board of directors The Alachua County Sheriff’s says the tree was planted Friday next day. on Friday agreed to raise fares Office says 58-year-old Dennis Brady, outside the House Office Building. A week later, with the horses felled by a across the board by 25 percent. who was a traffic guide at a school, Crist said much of Florida’s natural mysterious poison, the grief in Crespo’s eyes One-way fares to travel the 72 was arrested Friday on charges of beauty can be attributed to its trees. He speaks volumes. Deep pain lurks beneath the miles between Miami impersonating an officer and added that planting trees is one of the brim of his ball cap. “I am not living,” Crespo International Airport and carrying a prohibitive weapon. A jail most effective means of drawing excess told The Associated Press on Saturday in his Mangonia Park will rise from official says he has been released on carbon emissions from the atmos- first interview since the horses died last $5.50 to $6.90. A monthly adult a $100,000 bond. phere. Sunday. “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst pass will cost $100. Authorities say Brady had a can of National Arbor Day was founded by enemy.” Board members say they pepper spray that is only supposed J. Sterling Morton in 1872 and is “For me, it’s really a tragedy,” said Crespo, hope the increase would send a to be available to officers. Officials celebrated on the last Friday in April. who has spent his life around horses and message to lawmakers that Tri- say Brady also had a white Crown — Associated Press breeds them in his home country. Rail is doing what it can to Victoria with a cage for the back seat, — Associated Press shore up its own finances. a German shepherd and a spotlight — Associated Press like those on a real police vehicle. — Associated Press Appeals court revokes deportation order Fire truck involved in crash Swimmer drowns near Pensacola ATLANTA — A federal appeals court Immigrant Advocacy Center in Miami, JACKSONVILLE — Authorities say a has revoked a deportation order for a said it is an important case because the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue PENSACOLA — Authorities say a woman who pleaded no contest to taking BIA should go by the facts “instead of Department truck responding to a man drowned after he and a woman a pair of shoes from a store in Florida, basing its decision on a presumption.” medical emergency was hit by another were caught in a rip current off then was presumed by immigration Remon is a Macedonian native and vehicle. Perdido Key, near Pensacola. officials to have committed a crime of lawful permanent resident of the United A fire department spokesman says a The U.S. National Park Service moral turpitude. States, married to a U.S. citizen, the heavy-rescue truck driving through an reports that a witness saw the two A three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. attorney said. Her dilemma began, intersection with lights and sirens on people caught in a current Friday Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday that Galloni said, when she was accused of Friday morning when another vehicle afternoon on a section of the Gulf the Board of Immigration Appeals made a taking the shoes and was offered a plea of began to enter the intersection. The Islands National Seashore. The mistake “in going beyond the record of no contest — which doesn’t admit guilt — spokesman says that vehicle eventually witness called 911, and lifeguards conviction” of Kristina Zorba Remon. The to a Florida charge of general theft. That stopped but then a sedan crashed into stationed 300 yards away responded. panel returned the case to the BIA for charge covers both a temporary or the fire truck from behind. The 59-year-old man from further review. permanent taking, Galloni said. The driver of the sedan was taken to a Robertsdale, Ala., was pulled him Remon’s lawyer, Tania Galloni of the — Associated Press nearby hospital with non-life-threat- from the water by lifeguards and ening injuries, and the two firefighters transported by helicopter to a nearby in the truck were not injured. hospital. He was later pronounced — Associated Press dead. — Associated Press Police officer FUR STORAGE suspended for shooting self PORT ORANGE — Authorities say a Port And where will your fur spend the summer? Orange police officer who accidentally shot himself with a colleague’s gun will be suspended without pay for a month The three-year drought is and then go back on the street as a patrolman. taking its toll on our region. We An internal affairs report says 14-year- can’t control the drought, but veteran Gerald Zito, who was responsible for we can control our water use. firearms training with the Please reduce your use of water. department, was alone in a training room March 11 when he shot himself in the lower abdomen with Here are a few easy steps to help you a .22-caliber handgun. save water: Zito was considering buying the firearm for his • Water only on your watering day and personal use. only if your lawn needs it Zito underwent emergency surgery, but • Check faucets, sprinklers and spigots the slug was not for leaks removed. The internal investiga- • Make sure you’re watering the plants, tion determined that Zito not the sidewalk or street violated department policy for the use and Planning your summer retreat includes planning for your fur. handling of weapons. May we suggest a getaway to the fur vault at Macy’s? — Associated Press Controlled for both temperature and humidity, our vaults will protect all your furs from Florida’s summer heat. We also clean, For more water-saving tips, visit repair and re-line. So bring your fur to the Macy’s nearest you A RMATTEI"'S RG O and enjoy a worry-free summer. the magic of k. Sout1 '' ater 1 Florida Mana gementDistrict Check out the Fish Finder every Thursday, only in 355950 353752 WaterLine, only in E - L! AO , 1
  • 10. Front Page 10 D/E/N/C NATIONAL NEWS The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 Homebuyers hope to time the bottom | NATION Pirated captain By J.W. ELPHINSTONE nascent signs of recovery feted back home AP REAL ESTATE WRITER in the housing market could be short-lived if JERICHO, Vt. — Less With white tin ceilings, than two weeks after original woodwork, bay employers continue to lay off staff in bulk. the U.S. Navy rescued windows, and a $699,000 Capt. Richard Phillips price tag, the two- The speed of real estate recovery also varies by from captivity by bedroom apartment at 719 Somali pirates, the Carroll St. in Brooklyn region. Since February, sales volumes have been skipper got a hero’s would have been snatched welcome Saturday up in a New York minute a trending upward at different rates in 50 major from a crowd of about couple of years ago. 500 of his neighbors Instead, it’s been on the metro areas tracked in The Associated Press-Re/Max and well-wishers from market for more than two around New England. months. On a recent Monthly Housing Report. The report includes “Now I know why I spring weekend 14 buyers moved to Vermont,” came through, and still no transactions from all real estate agents in the metro Phillips, a U.S. cargo bids. ship captain, said in a “We’re in the early stages areas, regardless of company affiliation. thick accent of his native of the search,” said Joanna Massachusetts. “It’s not Brett, 33, as she checked Compared with March of last year, sales are only just the maple syrup, the out the apartment with foliage and the snow- Sarah Madigan. “We’ve up in 10 cities — all of them saturated with boarding. This is true been looking on and off for American community six months.” AP PHOTO deeply discounted foreclo- sures. In San Diego, Los and it’s a true caring for Welcome to the spring In this April 19 photo, Tanya, left, and Erick Bernotas inspect a bedroom during an each other.” selling season. open house tour in the Park Slope neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough of New York. Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Miami and Orlando, Phillips was skipper of The number of house the Maersk Alabama hunters out this spring is predict, because it will be expect sales volumes to dropped 12 percent from a Fla., for example, sales when Somali pirates an encouraging sign that gradual and obscured by recover at least six months year ago to $201,400, and volumes are up at least 50 percent over last year. boarded the ship April 8. the real estate market is conflicting signs like recent before home prices the price tag for a previ- beginning to turn around. housing reports that stabilize. ously owned home also fell “A quarter of the There’s just one problem showed sales of previously “Prices will continue to 12 percent to $168,200. purchases this year in Music is muse — a lot of them are in no occupied homes fell 3 fall sharply this spring and The real estate crisis, Vegas have been cash for Big Easy fest hurry to buy, according to percent from February to summer and will stabilize fueled by reckless lending purchases, so that’s crazy,” NEW ORLEANS — Big interviews with dozens of March, while new home at year’s end,” said Mark and borrowing from 2001 said Craig Stott, a real Sam’s Funky Nation, one shoppers at open houses sales seemed to have Zandi, chief economist for through 2006, triggered estate agent with Coldwell of New Orleans’ most last weekend. bottomed out. Moody’s not only the U.S. recession Banker Premier Realty. energetic brass bands, The market’s turning Even more puzzling for In March, the median but also a global financial “You have a lot of had a crowd of thou- point will be tough to homebuyers, economists price for a new home meltdown. And the investors back in the sands on its feet at the market.” New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival on Piracy suspect makes it to US — as a prisoner Saturday, the second day of the outdoor music fest. NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — we live,” the mother longer live in their one- walls of a U.S.-flagged ship smiles. He caught himself Fans danced and The scrawny teenager recalled. room shack, where water as it sailed off Somalia’s a big fish.” clapped to the music promised his mother She said her son often for cooking and bathing treacherous coast, and ••• under a sunny sky. On comfort and riches beyond spoke of the has to be hauled in on the fired a shot at the captain, Unlike so many other another stage, The her wildest dreams. American backs of donkeys. Richard Phillips. According pirate attacks off Somalia, Imagination Movers, a It was a steamy day at dream, “I will take you wherever to the criminal complaint this one did not end with a children’s band with a their crumbling home in longing to you want,” the teenager filed against him, Muse million-dollar payout. television show on the central Somalia with no cross the said. “You will no longer acted as the leader. After a five-day standoff, Disney Channel by the running water or elec- seas and live under this boiling It marked the first armed U.S. snipers killed Muse’s same name, had parents tricity, and the mother’s strike it rich sun.” takeover of a U.S.-flagged three comrades. Phillips, and their little ones face glistened with sweat in the richest Earlier this week, vessel in more than three who apparently offered dancing. In all, the after a morning of selling country in MUSE Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse decades, and when he himself as a hostage to festival features milk. He looked up from the world. arrived in the country he realized the ship was save his crew, was rescued hundreds of acts on 12 the bowl of rice she had He promised he would aspired to for so long. But American, he whooped and returned home a hero. stages this weekend and just served him and said: “I give her anything she he sleeps in a cramped jail with joy. In his first appearance next. The festival will am saddened by the way wanted, that she would no cell in New York City, “He was surprised he Tuesday in a New York continue Sunday and awaiting trial on charges of was on a U.S. ship,” said courtroom, Muse’s defense pick up again on piracy that could keep him crew member A.T.M. lawyers portrayed him as a Thursday. Among this Bring behind bars for life. ••• “Zahid” Reza, among the first to encounter Muse. scared kid. At 5-foot-2, he stood no taller than his year’s headline acts are Bon Jovi, Neil Young, Sexy On the morning of April “He kept asking, ‘You all female attorney. His prison Kings of Leon and 8, Muse was the first of come from America?’ Then uniform hung off his Back! four pirates to scale the he claps and cheers and skinny shoulder blades, Sugarland. Bad Breath may be swallowing him. When the Student aces Pop a p judge asked him to raise a sign you have periodontal disease LS and Spas New Construction New Constr uction his right hand, he stretched it as high as it ACT, SAT, PSAT CANTON TOWNSHIP , would go, like a child Mich. — Willa Chen has Laser Gum Therapy Renovations Diamond Brite • Re n o v a t i o n s • D i a m o n d B r i t e Pebble Tec • Pe b b l e Te c Weekly Pool Service, Repairs • We e k l y Po o l S e r v i c e , Re p a i r s eagerly answering a a knack for tough tests. question in school. The Detroit News Paver Decks Solar • Pa v e r D e c k s • S o l a r One of the lawyers said Call For A Free Consultation! Salt Generators Heat Pumps • Salt Generators • Heat Pumps reported Saturday that they planned to contact the 17-year-old senior at 350601 F R E E E S T I M AT E S FREE ESTIMATES his father in Somalia to southeast Michigan’s Joseph H. Farag, D.M.D. We Accept MEMBER OF F i n a n c i n g Available to Q u a l i f i e d Buyers Financing Av a i l a b l e t o Qualified B u y e r s testify. There was a lag as Canton High School got 3441 Conway Blvd, Port Charlotte All an interpreter relayed in perfect scores on the 941-629-1000 LIC. #CPC057330 Insurances SERVING CHARLOTTE, Somali what the lawyer ACT — and the SAT — 353963 (941) 764-9555 DESOTO & SARASOTA SINCE 1975 929-A Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte 9 2 9 - A Ta m i a m i Tr a i l , Po r t C h a r l o t t e had said. As soon as he and the PSAT. understood his family ACT Inc. spokes- u uuu uuu: r ;;; : I I !! , r r; : : I : I !! .9 would be contacted, Muse let out a howl and woman Mary Owens says it’s “quite an then broke into sobs, accomplishment.” 99 $ BERBER CARPET BERBER CARPET $ .99 hiding his face with his The College Board, hand. made up of 5,000 5 Colors in Stock Stock 5 Colors in • sq. ft. sq. ft. ••• schools, administers the Muse was born on an SAT and PSAT but says it STAINMASTER ® 1 $1 19 STAINMASTER $ 19 ® Textured Twist old sack on the floor of a thatched-roof house in Bur doesn’t track statistics on whether anyone has Textured Twist in Stock 4 Colors sq. ft. Yaqab, a village in central scored perfectly on both 4 Colors in Stock sq. ft. 5” HANDSCRAPED WOOD Somalia. His mother, Adar of its tests. Chen plans $4 89 Abdirahman Hassan, 40, to attend Princeton 5” Handscraped $ 89 489 f Color Warm Cherry I- had grown up herding University. She partici- Wood In Stock sq. ft. sheep. Like most of Africa’s pates in the Math Color HANDSCRAPED WOOD 5” Warm Cherry In Stock sq. ft. poor, she knows neither Olympiad and also finds 5” Handscraped 5 $ the date nor year her first time to enjoy jazz, tap r Hickory, Maple, Walnut $ 5 r $ 89 child was born — but both and ballet dancing. In Stock sq. ft. she and his father insist he HARDWOOD Wood CERAMIC TILE .99 SmartStrand FEATURING SCOTCHGARDTM is 16. $3 million Hickory, Maple, Qty. In Stock 18”x18” Lim. Walnut sq. ft. Prosecutors say he is at $ 99 4 STARTING AT Starting at sq. ft. awarded to least 18, a two-year Smartstrand® with 99¢ former worker CERAMIC TILE $ 50% STARTING AT window that will mean the AREA RUGS 1 SQ. FT. DuPont Sorona Carpet • Permanent, built in stain protection that $ 88 r : INSTALLATION AVAILABLE Why choose Mohawk 18”x18” Lim. Qty. Up To OFF difference between whether he is tried as an DENVER — A federal court jury in Denver hardwood with Scotchgard? sq. ft. AREA RUGS .59% will never wash or wear off = Smart! SQ. FT. Starting at • adult and faces a awarded $3 million to a • Exceptional Durability = Smart! INSTALLATION AVAILABLE • Keeps germs, dirts, stains, and spills from REMNANTS RED DOT minimum of life in prison, 50 ¢ adhering to your floor. Sizes up to 12 x21 SALE sq. ft. former United Airlines • Super soft to the touch = Smart! • Grimy build up is reduced, so your floor Values up to $4.50 or tried as a minor, to be employee Friday after .79 • 37% made from renewable resources = Smart! looks newer, longer. plus per Sq. Ft. SMART for your family. SMART for your wallet. MOHAWK • Quick and easy clean-up, no scrubbing Ft. Myers, Cape Coral & Punta Gorda Stores Only BLUE DOT released by his 25th finding the company SMART for the planet. COLORS OF SPRING or cleansers necessary. Sale Ends Date 5/03/09 Up To SALE OFF sq. ft. birthday. retaliated against her for A classmate, however, complaining about FLOORING SALE said he believed Muse discrimination. The trial Call ahead and schedule a 2010** could be older. FREE Hessler’s offering the latest trends NO PAYMENT began Monday in Senior and styles in floor covering since “I think he was one or Judge Richard P . LIMITED TIME ONLY “1951”. We pride ourselves in the & NO INTEREST **See store two years older than me, Matsch’s courtroom. for details and I am 16,” said :!#!#!!!#807 quality of products, installation and service. UNTIL APRIL The jury deliberated IN-HOME FLOORING SALE ENDS MAY 3 Our job is not complete until you OPEN MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 10am ’Til 5:30pm Abdisalan Muse, reached about seven hours by telephone in Galkayo, before reaching a verdict ESTIMATE are satisfied. Our experienced sales staff will help you coordinate Saturday 9am ’Til 3pm, ALSO BY APPOINTMENT about 470 miles north of Friday. Jennifer your selections and promptly estimate your projects. Somalia’s seaside capital of McInerney, 37, of 355739 Mogadishu. “We did not Centennial lost her job know him to be a pirate, as a United ramp- Please visit one of our showrooms in Naples, Ft. Myers, Punta Gorda, and Cape Coral Please visit one of our showrooms in Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers, Cape Coral and Naples but he was always with services supervisor in NAPLES ... 6000 Trail Blvd., N. • 239-597-2195 DOWNTOWN PUNTA GORDA, 261 W. Marion Ave. • 239-639-2610 RODRCOKERNMO older boys, who are likely to be the ones who March 2006 after 12 years with the company. r_ _ _ _ . : : - _ _ _ : __ _ _ _ . ::: .-: : : :---:- - 'urJi var .. . corrupted him.” — From wire reports
  • 11. The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 WORLD/TRAVEL NEWS D/E/N/C Front Page 11 Italy’s Mafia thrives in global financial meltdown NAPLES, Italy (AP) — real estate and credit cafes in Rome, police While businesses around markets. seized assets of some of the world are hunkering The crime syndicates these businesses, down for survival, the are flush with billions of although the establish- Italian mob is living a euros from extortion ments remain open. golden moment. rackets, drug trafficking “These places are well Italy’s various orga- and booming sales in run because they want to nized crime syndicates — fake designer clothing make money,” Capaldo often lumped together made in China expressly said. He declined to colloquially as Mafia Inc. for the Italian mob — an identify the establish- — are gobbling up gas increasingly lucrative ments because the probe stations, muscling in on trade as hard-hit is still being conducted, supermarket franchises, consumers search for saying only that “you’ll making loans to cash- bargains, prosecutors and find some of them in starved businesses, taking police said in recent tourist guide books.” over trattorias and interviews. Capaldo’s office also acquiring buildings in For the mob bosses, the confiscated auto dealer- swank neighborhoods in global economic melt- ships in Rome from Rome and Milan, investi- down “is only an advan- suspected Camorristi or gators say. tage,” said anti-mafia their allies. These mobsters have prosecutor Franco AP FILE PHOTO “The Camorra makes lots of what is in short Roberti, in his office in This photo taken on June 11, 2008 shows an Italian policeman during a press conference the money here in the supply for many busi- Naples, the chaotic port holding a fake Prada shoe sized in Naples, Italy. While businesses around the world are south, but it invests it in nesses these days — city that is home to the hunkering down for survival, the Italian mob is living a golden moment. The crime syndi- legal activities up north,” liquidity — as well as Camorra, one of the Italy’s cates are flush with billions of euros from extortion rackets, drug trafficking and booming customs and tax police centuries-honed exper- major crime syndicates. sales in fake designer clothing manufactured in China expressly for the Italian mob. Gen. Giovanni Mainolfi tise in preying on the Italy has scored some said in his Naples office. vulnerable, whose ranks spectacular successes in shakedowns. In Rome, in the high- Giancarlo Capaldo said in If the mobsters built are swelling in the current its decades-long fight But the mob keeps rent neighborhoods a courthouse interview. posh places in the largely financial crisis. against the Mafia, growing — and its drive in around the Spanish Steps, In probes of what undeveloped south “they It all means the mob is capturing top bosses, recent years to grab Piazza Navona and Trevi Capaldo described as would stand out, but do it free to sink cash into two persuading turncoats to chunks of legitimate Fountain, mobsters are “indications” that in Milan ... and they areas that lie at the heart testify, and encouraging business is paying off big snapping up real estate, mobsters have taken over blend right in,” Mainolfi of the global meltdown: ordinary citizens to resist time in the financial crisis. anti-Mafia prosecutor hotels, restaurants and said. Sicily: Contrasts at a Mediterranean crossroads MONREALE, Italy (AP) time are the palaces of — I am inside one of the IF YOU GO the Sicilian nobility, those most glittering monu- SICILY: haunted by Burt ments to Christianity — Lancaster in the 1963 film the mosaic-filled cathe- turismo/web—turismo/ “The Leopard.” dral of Monreale — ATTRACTIONS: Most Take two palaces where talking to a conservator, attractions listed have an you can arrange to stay: whose apron is covered in admission fee, usually The countryside villa of Arabic script, about between $5-9 (4-7 euros). A Baron Luigi Bordonaro di President Obama. car is necessary as Chiaramonte, built in the As our chat about distances are considerable; 13th century inland from possible new American it’s about 250 miles from Agrigento, and the policies in the Middle Noto in the southeast to gorgeously frescoed East interrupts his Segesta in the northwest. Palazzo Ajutamicristo of excruciatingly slow the Barons Calefati di But don’t drive in downtown restoration of the Canalotti in Palermo’s Duomo’s 900-year-old Palermo, where congestion, historic center. Both floor mosaic, I can’t help scarce parking and the local young owners are thinking, only in Sicily. driving style are difficult to gambling that tourism Throughout its 2.5 cope with. will help their historical millennia of history, this PALACE ACCOMMODA- treasures stay vital. jarringly gorgeous AP FILE PHOTO TIONS: To visit or stay in the -1 Mediterranean island has The Mediterranean laps the eastern shore of the island of Ortigia, the Siracusa two noble residences listed, AH IORSI IWAY been at the crossroads of neighborhood that houses architectural treasures ranging from ancient Greek to see and drastically different Baroque, Jan. 4. www.palazzo- 1 .. MFamfaml Tr 03 PC FL 33933 cultures. Miraculously, it BMW plak mrr " 7D a " WNW has managed to fuse carved wooden ceiling. Antiquity alive been aimed at the ugly PIZZO-FREE ESTABLISH- those contrasts in a Under the patronage of concrete buildings from MENTS: Check out Sicily’s first Catholic king, Ancient Greek colonizers modern Agrigento Alaska A Hawa ii peaceful dialogue. The snapped up the best for a list $ g from 9 lLar&Iu fruits of that fusion make Muslim artists executed looming over the next vistas in Sicily. I can’t of Palermo businesses that Sicily one of the most the ceiling, complete with hillcrest, but I find the Kufic inscriptions, while decide if the most scenic contrast can’t possibly have gone public in refusing NOW FROMONLY. 1s , intriguing regions of archeological site in the to pay bribes to the Mafia. 499a. Europe. Greek artists created spoil this view. At most, I mosaics representing Mediterranean is Segesta find it shames our floral arrangements. Once Twice over the last in its splendid valley Christ and New modern cookie-cutter literally crumbling in decade, I have done weeklong tours of the Testament scenes in the isolation among pines and honey-scented architecture juxtaposed decay, they have been I I Byzantine tradition. to the hushed, solemn scrubbed to a shine like 14-Night Cruise island, marveling at everything from Catholic Straight from the era of wildflowers; Selinunte, perfection of these framed by eucalypti on its temples. aristocratic drawing I 1a Fo1 9au from yen ° chapels bejeweled by the crusades comes the rooms. Subtler and more L,ude ratl. vis4fr p c o s.ti t ueas , Africa-facing sandy Ac.pidao. Flu.eako .Plall.nm.s, fii Muslim artists to the most dazzling artistic and sumptuous at the same Iaaa.<t a1Ihs Pmams Csae< 8 aw n cultural synthesis of the shores; the Taormina Hidden treasures everyday heroism of anti- Mafia businesses. A visit medieval Mediterranean theater opening over the NOWFF ro+ onnr..1 . to Sicily is a study in the world. Nobody knows sea and the volcano, Mount Etna; or If Sicilians 2,500 years ago stunned by vistas, PANAMA.CANAL 1 ,9 e 19 e v 11 Days/FREE BUS.$499 I exactly how this harmony , unexpected fusion of 349492 came about, but it’s both Agrigento’s Valley of those who built palaces times and cultures. And Temples, by sheer size the and piazzas in the these are a few of my inspiring and humbling Just Announced! BRAND NEW ship favorite pairings: to feel they had figured most stunning of them Baroque era astonished to Panama, Caribbean, & Cancun! I 15-Night I out a way to live symbiot- all. I like the latter best in by intricacies. Noto, VEGAS CRUISE $699 ............ Transa tl antic ically despite differences the late afternoon, when Ragusa Ibla and my 13 Days/FREE Air, Thanksgiving, I plus London Stay I Multicultural Los Angeles, Hollywood Christmas we are still struggling the wind-eroded stone of favorite, the Ortigia island Parade,.Crystal Cathedral Christmas 99 fr om Landon to Fad Laududel. its two best-preserved neighborhood of 5 Day Mexico Cruise. FANTASTIC! of 1oa Indep.ndena. the sa.. yip Bleary-eyed from the with 900 years later. Eng4a d,F* ce, $p.a Pn to I! hr ! 450 B.C. Greek temples — Siracusa, are full of Hub/Spoke.Cruise.$1699 1, overnight ferry that took Other can’t-miss glories me from Naples to of the Palermo area from the nearly intact Tempio churches and palaces 26 Days/FREE Air, brand new ship OW-Y- 459 via New York Palermo, Sicily’s capital, I the time of the Normans della Concordia and the exuberantly carved with Portugal, Spain, England. 1 Week at made a beeline for the are the fortress-looking Tempio di Giunone up mythical figures and 1 Europe Hotel day trips Holland, the ridge — turn straw- France,.Rhine River, Belgium, more! Cappella Palatina, the churches that hide eerily SHORT CRUISE $129 chapel built in the early realistic golden mosaics: berry gold in the dusk ............ 5 Days/FREE BUS.& Cocktail Party, 1100s by the Norman The Monreale Duomo, and then are floodlit 3 Ports, 2009/2010 Buy of the Year! 4Nlght Mexico perched high on a barren, among the dark silhou- 1 ' ALASKA Cruise $799 king in his palace I I ................ complex. At 8:30 a.m., I prickly-pear studded ettes of olive trees and 16 Days/FREE Air, best Alaska ever, had it for myself for a mountain; the Martorana agave plants. Much criticism has 9 Day Caribbean / Panama Glaciers, AK Ports, Inside Passage! ROSE.BOWL.Cruise..$999 Mka iCaribbean 7-Night blissful few minutes church in Palermo, across 10 Days/FREE Air,.New Years Eve, 1 s before the tourist buses from the mosque- Fall & 2010 Tours, Parade, CRUISE included! e I I NORTH PORT US1 TRAVEL arrived, enough to be looking, red-domed transported by the glitters church of San Cataldo; of gold chasing each and the Cathedral at 426-7816 HARD ROCK TAMPA 5/6 & 5/27 $20pp Group incentives! FREE BUS! 499 I fr. $ NEW ENGLAND $699 CRUISE Boston, Caribbean, Florida . .......... 19 Days/FREE Air,.Fall Foliage tour, I 14-Night Caribbean I OWFRo a O Y e899r I other from the wall Cefalu, standing sentinel 5 & 6 Day Caribbean BERMUDA Cruise $499 ... fr. 999 RCV: $25 Free play, $5 meal credit 350131 mosaics into the painted over the medieval fishing village. Family Special! Jun ~ Aug $ LEGENDARY JOURNEYS I I kaleidoscope that is the 5/18 HARD ROCK IMMOKALEE 4toaroom! ShipsRegistry:Bahamas 2009.CRUISE Agency of the Year 1-800-721-2469 $20pp RCV: $30 Free Play 17 Day Around the Horn OPEN..SUNDAY .10.-.6.calls only.ST29220 Rates after all discounts Plus taxes R.ndnlena alppllcar .. e...d m 6/14 HARD ROCK HOLLYWOOD Buenos Aires to Santiago! Sarasota.953-7988.Englewood.681-3336 dci prrsyc ww.4MilI .Klud. pa l iL $x4Irns rd $30pp RCV: $10 Free Play $5 meal Venice.484-7030 Pt Charlotte.743-3600 ar. . a di r l l Tram . N.Fl.Ada fl 1799 CA1 .GM If rn*U94p M S. America 2009/10! $ . ith 1l 800-511-5411 FaiIBI-47.71 GULF STREAM PARK 7/13 RACE TRACK & CASINO FREE AIR & BUS fr. $30pp RCV: $15 Free Play 16/17 Day Panama Canal Free Lunch It’s About Self Confidence fr. 999 Summer Day Trips with 2 nts in Los Angeles $ 4/26 Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Bobby Rydell $64 FREE AIR & BUS! 6/23 Boatyard Bingo Cruise w/Lunch $64 6/26 Medieval Times Joust w/Lunch $65 15 Day England, France, Spain BREAST AUGMENTATION fr. 999 6/28 Cirque de Soleil’s Saltimbanco $75 &PortugaltoFlorida $ Christopher G. Constance, MD, FACS 7/19 Tarpon Springs w/Lunch 7/21-23 Key West Tour $65 $305 FREE AIR & BUS! ShipsRegistry: Bahamas BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON Storm clouds rush down from nearby volcano Mt. Etna 8/4 Rays vs Red Sox $52 on Jan. 4 to hover above the Greek theater at Taormina, 10/3 Rays vs Yankees $52 hewn from a seaside mountain in the 3rd and 2nd 11/30-12/3 St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Call (941) NEW-LOOK 355313 (639-5665) G r rC 355731 G centuries BC, . 366784 Amelia Island $385 ,' 1' 1 1 I' i 11 1 14385A Tamiami Trail, North Port 34287
  • 12. Front Page 12 D/E/N/C WORLD NEWS The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 | WORLD Clinton: US stands by Iraqis, withdrawal on track Hitler paintings BAGHDAD (AP) — U.S. and would not affect Secretary of State Hillary efforts to improve Iraq’s sold at auction Rodham Clinton tried to security forces, or FRANKFURT — A reassure nervous Iraqis complete reconstruction pair of watercolors that the U.S. won’t and development projects. signed “Adolf Hitler” abandon them, even as Zebari welcomed and depicting farm she said the American Clinton’s “very assuring scenes fetched a troop withdrawal would message that the United combined total of stay on schedule despite a States would continue to euro32,000 ($42,000) at recent surge in violence. support the efforts of the an auction in Germany On her first visit to Iraqi government and the on Saturday, an Baghdad as chief U.S. enhancement of Iraqi auction house official diplomat, Clinton said security and stability.” He said. Saturday that Washington said Iraqi authorities Kathrin Weidler, a remains committed to wanted to ensure there is manager at the Weidler moving U.S. soldiers out of “no vacuum” when U.S. Auction House in urban areas by June 30 troops leave. Nuremberg, declined and pulling out combat Clinton made clear, to identify the new troops from the country however, that Iraqis and owner of the two by 2011. their security forces in paintings — “Our strategy in working particular need to over- “Farmstead,” which with you may be in a new come sectarian and other AP PHOTO went for euro18,000, phase, but we pledge our differences if they are to and “Farm Buildings U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, left, and Iraqi Prime Minister Hoshyar full and continuing build a united, secure on the River,” which Zebari, address the media at a press conference in Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday. Clinton commitment to Iraq and nation, she said. sold for euro14,000. condemned a spate of bombings over the past two days in Iraq but says the “reaction the Iraqi people,” she told Suicide bombings from the Iraqi people and Iraqi leaders was firm and united in rejecting that violence.” The minimum a news conference after Thursday and Friday that bidding price for each meeting Iraqi Foreign primarily targeted Shiite said, claiming the attacks intended goals.” These fire will burn themselves,” painting was Minister Hoshyar Zebari. worshippers killed more were a sign that extremists attacks, she said, “do not Iran’s state TV quoted euro3,500. “As we drawn down than 150 people, many of are afraid Iraq’s govern- reflect any diversion from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as The two watercolors, militarily we will deepen them Iranian pilgrims. The ment is succeeding. the security progress that saying on Saturday. listed in the catalog as our civilian cooperation,” second attack, at a revered But she said the has been made.” Clinton said it was “signed and dated Clinton said, standing Baghdad tomb, was the response by the govern- Iran’s supreme leader “disappointing for anyone 1914,” did not show beside Zebari in an single deadliest bombing ment and its people was blamed the U.S. and Israel to make such a claim since evidence of a “good auditorium at the Foreign in the country this year. “firm and united in for the attacks. “Dirty it is clearly traced to the al- painting style,” Weidler Ministry. “I condemn these rejecting that violence and hands and evil brains that Qaida remnants and other said. The withdrawal will violent recent efforts to refusing to allow it to set founded this blind and violent groups who wish proceed in a “responsible disrupt the progress that Iraqi against Iraqi, which uncontrolled terrorism in to disrupt the progress of Czechs tell David and careful way,” she said, Iraq is making,” Clinton is obviously one of its Iraq should know that the Iraq.” Duke to leave PRAGUE — Czech N. Koreas says nuclear facilities are restarted authorities have released former Ku Klux Klan leader David SEOUL, South Korea cope with the increasing have been negotiating to develop its space nuclear site at Duke from detention (AP) — North Korea said military threats from for years on disarming program. The U.N. Yongbyon, north of the and ordered him to Saturday it has begun hostile forces,” the it, but North Korea has Security Council called capital. leave the country. harvesting plutonium official Korean Central walked away from the the rocket launch a With eight of 11 steps Police spokeswoman from spent fuel rods at News Agency quoted a talks. violation of resolutions toward disablement Katerina Rendlova says its main nuclear plant to North Korean Foreign Saturday’s announce- barring the North from complete at Yongbyon, Duke must leave the build up its atomic Ministry spokesman as ment, which could not missile-related activity, outside experts have Czech Republic by arsenal. The move, in saying Saturday. be independently since the delivery said it could take midnight Saturday defiance of tightening North Korea carried verified, came just hours systems for satellites months for the North to after he was detained U.N. sanctions, threat- out a nuclear test in after the U.N. imposed and missiles are similar. get the plant fully on suspicion of ened to further damage 2006 and is thought to new sanctions on three North Korea retaliated restarted. denying the Holocaust. efforts to dismantle the have enough North Korean compa- by quitting the disarma- Kim Yong-hyun, a Duke was in Prague communist nation’s weaponized plutonium nies in response to the ment talks and vowing professor at Seoul’s on an invitation from a rogue program. to make more than half country’s controversial to restart its atomic Dongguk University, neo-Nazi group to “This will contribute a dozen atomic bombs. April 5 rocket launch. facilities. Last week, called the newest move promote the Czech to bolstering the nuclear Five nations — Russia, North Korea says it Pyongyang expelled a bluff designed to translation of his book deterrence for self- China, South Korea, sent a satellite into orbit international nuclear pressure Washington “My Awakening.” defense in every way to Japan and the U.S. — as part of a peaceful bid monitors from the main into holding direct talks Police took him into with Pyongyang outside custody Friday on of the six-party process. suspicion of denying PRESENTS CHARLOTTE COUNTY’S 3RD ANNUAL Kim predicted the the Holocaust, which is EV TH T C North will take further a crime in the Czech P ol o - SPRING EN Republic. E N EN provocative steps as long as the U.S. Prague’s Charles EW TER continues to ignore it. University also banned U.S. Secretary of State Duke from giving a Hillary Clinton, lecture there Friday. speaking in Iraq hours after North Korea’s Pirates seize statement, said German vessel Washington hopes to resume talks with the NAIROBI, Kenya — communist country over Pirates have seized a its nuclear ambitions. German-owned ship in The disablement the pirate-infested process culminated in waters between - " "" " iii the dramatic destruc- Somalia and Yemen, a tion of a cooling tower U.S. Navy spokesman ● See the newest in home improvement in June 2008. But the said Saturday. products & services process halted weeks Pirates captured the HOME & GA l DEN later because of a Maltese-flagged MV ● Furnishings, accessories, decorating dispute with Patriot early on Washington over how to Saturday in the Gulf of & remodeling ideas Aden about 150 verify North Korea’s past ● The latest from floor to roof, patio nuclear activities. nautical miles south- SS-H W - O S The latest round of east of the coastal to pool, deck to dock, inside & out talks in December failed Yemeni city of to end the deadlock. Muqalla, said U.S. The new U.N. sanc- Navy 5th Fleet tions require nations spokesman Lt. Nathan Christensen. it-IN that have dealings with three North Korean companies — the Korea South Africa’s Mining Development ANC sweeps vote Trading Corp., Korea Ryongbong General PRETORIA, South Corp., and Tanchon Africa — The leader of Commercial Bank — to South Africa’s long- freeze their assets. dominant ANC was The deputy chief of treated like a presi- WIN THOUSANDS $$$ dent-elect Saturday North Korea’s diplo- IN HOURLY DRAWINGS & DOOR PRIZES matic mission to the after his party swept parliamentary elec- Saturday & Sunday U.N., Pak Tok Hun, rejected the decision. tions — though not “The peaceful use of with the two-thirds space is a right that majority it won easily in the last vote. April 25 & 26 cannot be deprived of HUGE any country,” Pak said, A split in the ANC and questions about FLOWER according to South 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. & Korea’s Yonhap news agency. Jacob Zuma’s fitness to govern after sex PLANT SALE... Russian Foreign and corruption CHARLOTTE HARBOR EVENT CENTER GREAT PRICES! Minister Sergey Lavrov, scandals no doubt contributed to the 75 Taylor Street (on the river - downtown Punta Gorda) who made little progress during a visit to North party’s loss of Korea on Thursday, support. FREE ADMISSION & PARKING assured South Korean But Zuma insisted he was not disap- President Lee Myung- SPONSORED BY: pointed, telling bak in Seoul on Saturday that Moscow reporters: “We have WINKS SUNA- would continue trying won a decisive NEWS --Eq-- EE to draw Pyongyang to majority.” 355734 the negotiating table, Lee’s office said. — From wire reports
  • 13. The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 WORLD NEWS D/E/N/C Front Page 13 Iceland’s government ISCOUN T shows signs of early win REYKJAVIK (AP) — W AI!REHOUSE Iceland’s leftist govern- ment was headed Call For More Information Saturday for a strong (941)391-6651 Ta . vd victory in the country’s mi Bl am general election, 2651 Tamiami Trail, on iT rp according to preliminary ra Port Charlotte Ta il W. results. Early results showed STORE HOURS comcast . that a left-wing coalition Monday-Friday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm made up of the Social Democratic Alliance and Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm M C Authorized Dealer 351041 the Left Green Movement has won 35 out of the 63 EVERYTHING I S O N S A L E , ALL DAY, E V E R Y DAY ! E V E R Y T H I N G IS ON SALE, A L L DAY, EVERY DAY! seats in parliament. The two parties are part YOUR PERMANENT LOCALLY OWNED & of a caretaker government AP PHOTO OPERATED DISCOUNT STORE! that took office in An Icelandic man seen exiting a booth after casting his February after public preliminary vote, open to those unable to vote Saturday, in 19” LG TV 20” LG TV 22” LG TV 26” LG TV protests about Iceland’s Reykjavik, Iceland, Friday. Icelanders vote in an early economic collapse parliamentary election Saturday and are expected to turn toppled the previous their backs on the lawmakers who were in charge when the conservative administra- tiny Nordic nation’s financial system collapsed last year. tion. The left-wing coalition is led by interim closer ties with the The global financial Prime Minister Johanna European Union, has crisis washed up hard on 32” WESTINGHOUSE TV 37” LG TV 32” LG TV 37” Toshiba Sigurdardottir. performed slightly worse the shores of this volcanic The results are an than expected, leaving the island of 320,000 people. overwhelming rejection of Social Democrats a After racking up massive the conservative, pro- chance to lead a parlia- debts during years of business Independence ment with a pro- laissez-faire economic Party, which headed a European majority. regulation and rapid coalition government last “It (the results) gives expansion, the country’s fall when the banking the Social Democrats a three main banks 42” LG TV 47” Toshiba 50” LG TV 52” Toshiba system failed. For the first strong position and puts collapsed within the time in the party’s 70 pressure on the Left space of a week in years history it is not the Green Movement,” said October. largest party in the political analyst Egill The government sought parliament. Helgason. a $10 billion International Sigurdardottir was in an The Social Democratic Monetary Fund-led upbeat mood at the Alliance has won 22 seats bailout and the country’s election party. in parliament with 33 currency, the krona, has TV COUPON TV COUPON TV COUPON TV COUPON “The nation is settling percent of the votes plummeted. $ 250- 499 $ $ 500-UP $ 750- 999 $ $ 1000-UP the score with the counted, while the Left Unemployment and neoliberalism, with the Independence Party, who have been in power for Green Movement has 13 seats with 19.9 percent of votes, early results show. inflation have spiraled and the IMF has predicted that the $ 25 OFF $50 OFF $75 OFF $125 OFF Saturday-Monday Saturday-Monday Saturday-Monday Saturday-Monday much too long,” she told The Independence Party economy will shrink by Only! Only! Only! Only! supporters. “The people has 15 seats with 22.5 about 10 percent in 2009, are calling for a change of ethics. That is why they have voted for us.” percent of votes. The centrist Progressive Party has nine seats with which would be Iceland’s biggest slump since it won full independence ALL ND?V'S INCLUDEA 2 YEAR WARRANTY! The results represent a 12.8 percent of votes and from Denmark in 1944. strong victory for the Citizens Movement Iceland’s election ALL ADVERTISED APPLIANCES ARE BRAND NEW Iceland’s pro-European Social Democratic has four seats with 8.2 percent of the vote. commission announced the early results Saturday WITH 1 YR. FACTORY WARRANTY! Alliance. The Left Green Around 38 percent of all night shortly after polls Movement, which has votes have been counted closed around the “NEW” LAUNDRY PAIRS “NEW” LAUNDRY PAIRS “NEW” LAUNDRY PAIRS “NEW” CHEST FREEZERS traditionally opposed so far. country. It’s That “NEW” REFRIGERATOR “NEW” REFRIGERATOR “NEW” REFRIGERATOR “NEW” REFRIGERATOR Time Again! “NEW” RANGE “NEW” RANGE “NEW” RANGE ICE CREAM MAKER $ 67 SMOOTHIE MAKER STAINLESS STEEL DEEP FRYER PROFESSIONAL BLENDER COOKWARE SET $ 3977 $ 27 $ 3777 37 $ SLOW COOKER DISHWASHER DISHWASHER TOASTER OVEN WHITE/BLACK STAINLESS $ 1477 37 $ $ 197 SAVE $402 $ 247 SAVE $552 LUXURY TWIN LUXURY QUEEN HARMONY QUEEN HARMONY FULL r1W r 'VVR RR Euro-Top Twin Euro-Top Queen Plush Top Plush Top $ 147 SET $ 197 SET $ 257 SET SET 227 $ Look For LIBERTY TWIN Pillow Top Twin Set LIBERTY FULL Pillow Top Full Set LIBERTY QUEEN Pillow Top Queen Set LIBERTY KING Pillow Top King Set Sun Saver Magazine SET 347 SET $ 497 SET $ 247 297 $ $ Today! SET DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME TOUCH 8GB MP3/MP4 4GB MP3/MP4 DIGITAL TUNER BOX w/ WEATHER STATION CAMERA/VOICE RECORDER CAMERA/VOICE RECORDER F7 $ 97 Only To Advertise, $ 32 $ 57 $ 67 l in your locaL 0 Call 941-206-1262 SANYO GPS 7.0 DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME 6.2 MEGA PIXEL DIGITAL CAMERA 10.3 MEGA PIXEL DIGITAL CAMERA T, 4 351038 sUN NENVS Today! M", AM $ 87 SAVE $92 $ 67 SAVE $32 $ 117 SAVE $82
  • 14. Front Page 14 D/E/N/C WORLD NEWS The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 US journalist on hunger strike in Iranian jail Ethiopia arrests 35 over coup plot TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — didn’t give me any time her sentence could be British Broadcasting An American journalist to protest,” her father, commuted. Corp. She received jailed in Iran for Reza Saberi, told The Iran’s judiciary chief Iranian citizenship allegedly spying for the Associated has ordered a full because her father was NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) site of the university in U.S. was on her fifth day Press. investigation into the born in Iran. — The Ethiopian govern- Lewisburg, Pa. of a hunger strike The case case, and President Saberi’s parents have ment has arrested 35 “It is the party led by Saturday and does not has been a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad traveled to Iran from people suspected of a Berhanu Nega,” said plan to stop until she is source of has urged Tehran’s chief their home in Fargo in a coup attempt allegedly Ermias. “If he comes to freed, her father said. tension prosecutor to ensure bid to help win their backed by an Ethiopian- Ethiopia, we’ll arrest Roxana Saberi, a dual between Saberi be allowed a full daughter’s release. Her American economist now him.” American-Iranian citizen the United defense during her father has said his teaching at a He said the alleged who will turn 32 on States and SABERI appeal. daughter, who was Miss Pennsylvania university, coup plotters were Sunday, was convicted Iran at a Saberi was arrested in North Dakota in 1997, an Ethiopian government arrested Friday. more than a week ago time when the Obama late January and initially had been working on a spokesman said Berhanu, an econo- and sentenced to eight administration has said accused of working book about the culture Saturday. mist, was elected mayor years in prison after a it wants to engage its without press creden- and people of Iran, and Government of Addis Ababa in 2005 swift, one-day trial longtime adversary. The tials. But earlier this hoped to finish it and spokesman Ermias but was arrested after- behind closed doors. She U.S. has called the month, an Iranian judge return to the United Legesse said the group, ward along with more began her hunger strike accusations against leveled the far more States this year. which calls itself “May than 100 other opposi- Tuesday to protest her Saberi baseless and serious allegation of Reza Saberi said he 15” after the date of tion politicians and stood imprisonment, her demanded her release. espionage. hoped to see his controversial 2005 trial for treason. He and father said. Saberi’s father said her Saberi, who was born daughter in prison on elections in Ethiopia, the others were freed in “She said that she has lawyer appealed the in the United States and Monday and was was led from the U.S. by 2007 in a pardon deal. He started a hunger strike court’s ruling on grew up in Fargo, North concerned about her former opposition left Ethiopia after the and this is the fifth day Saturday — less than a Dakota, moved to Iran health. leader Berhanu Nega, trial. and that she will week after Iran’s judi- six years ago and worked “After five days, I am who teaches economics The group of suspects continue until she is ciary spokesman said an as a freelance journalist pretty certain that she at Bucknell University. was comprised of two free. I tried to tell her Iranian appeals court for news organizations must be very weak now, He is an assistant cliques, one of former that this can be would reconsider her including National because we know she is professor of economics, soldiers, another of dangerous, but she verdict, an indication Public Radio and the already frail,” he said. according to the Web civilians, Ermias said. J Today is the Day.... To get out and RIDE! Today is the Day.. To get out and RIDE! Shutters J J SALES - SERVICE PARTS - RENTALS Celebrating 40 YEARS 1969-2009 GRAND Blinds J TREK, CANNONDALE, OPENING te County Family YMCA Charlot REDLINE BMX, TRAILMATE TRIKES Drapery 4 4 J $ 1000 OFF Any purchase New Edgewater Child of $40 Development Center or more!* See exclusions below • New 10,000 S.F. Center Infants (6 weeks) thru 5 year olds including VPK & School-age Care Guaranteed Lowest Prices! $ 1000 OFF • New & Expanded Family Programming (Dance & Movement Classes/Soccer Skills Program/Tumbling Classes) Many Repairs While You Wait! 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  • 16. Front Page 16 D/E/N/C WEATHER The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 TODAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY THE NATION -10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s Five-day forecast Seattle provided by WINK-TV Partly cloudy, warm Mostly sunny, hot and Mostly sunny, warm Partly cloudy & warm Partly cloudy & warm 59/41 and breezy breezy and breezy channel 11/cable Billings 46/29 channel 5. Tune in 89° / 64° 90° / 64° 89° / 65° 89° / 65° 88° / 66° Minneapolis 57/43 Detroit 73/58 Jim Farrell at 6 and 11 p.m. 0% chance of rain 0% chance of rain 0% chance of rain 0% chance of rain 0% chance of rain New York Chicago 86/63 San Francisco CONDITIONS TODAY AIRPORT Clearwater Plant City 58/49 Denver 60/33 75/61 Washington 90/62 UV Index and RealFeel Temperature® Today Possible weather-related delays today. Check 88/67 Kansas City 87/63 Winter Haven 74/57 with your airline for the most updated schedules. Los Angeles 86/64 70/54 10 10 Hi/Lo Outlook Delays Tampa Brandon Atlanta 6 6 Ft. Myers 88/64 sun none 88/66 86/63 El Paso 82/60 82/56 Sarasota 87/62 sun none Bartow 1 1 86/63 SUN AND MOON Shown are noon posi- Houston 82/72 63 75 89 90 87 80 St. Petersburg 8 a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. The Sun Rise Set 88/67 Apollo Beach tions of weather systems Miami 85/65 Ft. Meade 82/72 The higher the UV Index™ number, Today 6:54 a.m. 7:59 p.m. 86/62 and precipitation. Temperature the greater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low; Monday 6:53 a.m. 7:59 p.m. bands are highs for the day. 3-5 Moderate; 6-7 High; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme. The Moon Rise Set Fronts Precipitation RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive composite of effective temperature Today 7:44 a.m. 10:04 p.m. based on eight weather factors. Monday 8:39 a.m. 11:11 p.m. Wauchula Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice First Full Last New Bradenton 87/60 AIR QUALITY INDEX 82/66 Today Mon. Today Mon. Air Quality Index readings as of Saturday Myakka City City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Longboat Key Limestone Albuquerque 70 44 pc 73 48 s Jackson, MS 82 63 pc 83 66 pc 51 79/66 87/62 86/60 Anchorage 48 38 r 57 37 c Kansas City 74 57 t 63 45 r 0 50 100 150 200 300 500 May 1 May 9 May 17 May 24 Sarasota Atlanta 82 60 s 80 60 s Knoxville 83 56 s 82 56 s 87/62 Baltimore 89 60 s 89 58 s Las Vegas 80 55 s 83 61 s 0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300 SOLUNAR TABLE Osprey Arcadia Billings 46 29 sf 48 28 c Los Angeles 70 54 pc 68 54 pc Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous Minor Major Minor Major Birmingham 84 63 s 82 63 s Louisville 84 63 s 80 61 pc 81/65 88/59 Boise 56 36 pc 62 41 pc Memphis 83 65 pc 81 66 pc Main pollutant: particulates Today 7:11a 12:56a 7:41p 1:26p Mon. 8:16a 2:00a 8:47p 2:32p Venice Boston 84 53 pc 68 56 s Milwaukee 64 59 t 69 43 t Source: 84/63 North Port Hull Buffalo 66 53 pc 81 56 pc Minneapolis 57 43 r 56 37 pc Tue. 9:25a 3:09a 9:56p 3:41p Shown is today’s weather. 88/60 Temperatures are today’s 88/60 Burlington, VT 65 48 sh 81 59 pc Montgomery 84 59 s 85 61 s POLLEN INDEX The solunar period schedule allows planning highs and tonight’s lows. Charleston, WV 87 52 s 85 53 s Nashville 84 60 s 82 62 pc Pollen Index readings as of Saturday days so you will be fishing in good territory or Port Charlotte hunting in good cover during those times. Major 89/64 Charlotte 86 56 s 84 56 s New Orleans 83 68 s 83 68 pc Trees 72 periods begin at the times shown and last for Englewood Chicago 75 61 t 70 49 t New York City 86 63 s 79 65 s Grass 2 1.5 to 2 hours. The minor periods are shorter. 85/63 Cincinnati 84 59 pc 80 57 pc Norfolk, VA 88 66 s 89 62 s Weeds 24 Gulf Water Punta Gorda Cleveland 76 60 pc 81 59 pc Oklahoma City 76 62 t 73 54 t Molds 5394 TIDES Temperature Placida 88/61 Columbia, SC 86 56 s 82 59 s Omaha 72 49 r 58 39 sh absent low moderate high very high 88/61 Columbus, OH 86 57 pc 82 59 pc Philadelphia 89 66 s 89 65 s High Low High Low Source: National Allergy Bureau Punta Gorda 75° Boca Grande Concord, NH Dallas 78 45 pc 78 68 c 75 50 s 78 64 t Phoenix Pittsburgh 85 61 s 89 63 s 86 58 s 87 58 pc Today 5:48a 9:40a 3:37p 11:59p 80/67 Denver 60 33 pc 57 33 pc Portland, ME 72 43 pc 57 48 s ALMANAC Mon. 6:59a 9:50a 4:16p --- Forecasts and graphics, except for the Fort Myers Des Moines 72 53 t 57 41 sh Portland, OR 61 42 pc 61 42 s Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Saturday Englewood Detroit 73 58 t 78 57 t Providence 86 57 pc 73 56 s WINK-TV 5-day forecast, provided by 88/64 Temperatures Today 4:25a 7:56a 2:14p 10:15p AccuWeather, Inc. ©2009 Duluth 42 33 r 51 29 c Raleigh 90 56 s 86 57 s High/Low 87°/57° Mon. 5:36a 8:06a 2:53p 11:12p Cape Coral Lehigh Acres Fairbanks 56 36 c 62 38 pc Salt Lake City 50 34 c 58 44 s Normal High/Low 85°/62° Boca Grande 87/63 88/62 Fargo 48 32 r 49 32 pc St. Louis 83 65 pc 76 55 t Record High 93° (1999) Today 3:30a 6:17a 1:19p 8:36p Hartford 84 53 pc 81 54 s San Antonio 81 70 pc 83 71 pc Record Low 47° (2005) Mon. 4:41a 6:27a 1:58p 9:33p MARINE Helena 39 25 sf 46 27 c San Diego 67 56 pc 64 57 sh Precipitation (in inches) Wind Speed Seas Bay/Inland Sanibel Honolulu 81 66 s 81 68 s San Francisco 58 49 pc 59 48 s El Jobean Houston 82 72 c 84 70 pc Seattle 59 41 pc 59 41 s 24 hours through 5 p.m. Saturday 0.00” direction in knots in feet chop 79/70 Today 6:20a 10:09a 4:09p --- Indianapolis 81 60 pc 76 56 t Washington, DC 90 62 s 89 63 s Month to date 0.64” Mon. 7:31a 12:28a 4:48p 10:19a Cape Sable to Tarpon Springs Bonita Springs Normal month to date 1.45” E 10-20 1-3 Light 88/65 Venice WORLD CITIES Year to date 2.40” Tarpon Springs to Apalachicola Normal year to date 8.71” Today 2:40a 6:35a 12:29p 8:54p Mon. 3:51a 6:45a 1:08p 9:51p ESE 8-16 3-5 Moderate Today Mon. Today Mon. Record 1.74” (1979) City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Amsterdam 61 56 c 57 50 c Mexico City 80 48 t 79 49 t MONTHLY RAINFALL FLORIDA CITIES Baghdad 79 57 pc 89 59 pc Montreal 55 41 sh 77 64 pc Month 2009 2008 Avg. Record/Year Today Mon. Today Mon. Today Mon. Beijing 73 52 s 77 54 s Ottawa 57 42 sh 80 54 pc Jan. 0.68 1.61 2.21 7.07/1979 City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Berlin 73 54 s 73 53 pc Paris 61 50 r 60 49 pc Feb. 0.44 1.72 2.32 11.05/1983 Apalachicola 79 65 s 80 64 s Key West 83 74 s 83 74 s Pompano Beach 83 74 s 82 74 s Buenos Aires 72 55 pc 79 61 s Regina 54 31 pc 44 21 c Mar. 0.64 3.04 2.73 9.26/1970 Apr. 0.64 3.98 1.70 5.80/1994 Bradenton 82 66 s 82 67 s Kissimmee 85 63 s 86 64 s St. Augustine 80 65 s 78 64 s Cairo 82 57 s 84 61 s Rio de Janeiro 80 68 s 76 67 sh May 1.22 3.15 9.45/1991 Clearwater 88 67 s 86 68 s Lakeland 86 62 s 87 62 s St. Petersburg 88 67 s 87 68 s Calgary 39 21 pc 34 17 c Rome 66 59 sh 68 50 t Jun. 6.60 8.45 23.99/1974 Coral Springs 82 73 s 82 73 s Melbourne 78 70 s 80 68 s Sanford 85 63 s 85 64 s Cancun 86 71 t 88 71 t St. John’s 55 32 s 43 31 s Jul. 12.38 7.78 14.22/1995 Daytona Beach 80 64 s 80 65 s Miami 82 72 s 84 72 s Sarasota 87 62 s 86 65 s Dublin 56 43 c 56 48 sh San Juan 85 75 pc 85 73 c Aug. 8.53 7.82 15.60/1995 Fort Lauderdale 84 74 s 83 73 s Naples 87 65 s 87 67 s Tallahassee 85 61 s 85 61 s Edmonton 42 22 sh 41 22 sn Sydney 66 50 s 64 52 pc Sep. 3.95 6.75 14.03/1979 Fort Myers 88 64 s 88 64 s Ocala 86 59 s 87 60 s Tampa 88 66 s 88 66 s Halifax 59 32 sh 59 42 pc Tokyo 64 50 s 61 46 sh Oct. 0.92 3.12 10.88/1995 Fort Pierce 78 69 s 82 67 s Okeechobee 81 69 s 82 67 s Titusville 78 65 s 79 65 s Kiev 64 45 s 70 46 s Toronto 56 49 t 76 56 pc Nov. 0.30 1.88 5.53/2002 Gainesville 86 59 s 86 60 s Orlando 84 65 s 85 63 s Vero Beach 78 70 s 81 68 s London 55 46 c 54 45 c Vancouver 58 42 pc 57 42 s Dec. 1.38 1.77 6.83/2002 Year 2.40 45.63 49.68 (since 1931) Jacksonville 82 58 s 81 59 s Panama City 82 64 s 82 64 s West Palm Beach 81 73 s 83 72 s Madrid 54 39 t 54 37 r Winnipeg 46 32 r 47 33 c Totals are from a 24-hour period ending at 5 p.m. Key Largo 79 73 s 80 73 s Pensacola 79 64 s 79 66 s Winter Haven 86 64 s 87 64 s Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice. Thirty million trees and still growing LANCE M O O D Y reclamation supervisor “I’m a sixth-generation Floridian, and I plant trees for a living. Trees that give shade and oxygen. Trees that birds build their nests in. Trees for parks and playgrounds and wild spaces that will be here when my grandkids are grown. The people I work for have planted more than 30 million trees. That’s a lot of trees. How do I know? I work for Florida Florida Phosphate.” So America Grows 353719
  • 17. CHARLOTTE OUR TOWN Sunday, April 26, 2009 It takes wonderful sponsors to raise a crazy day PAGE 5 Charlotte Sun editor: Christy Arnold Sheriff’s budget scrutinized DEREK DUNN-RANKIN CCSO: Compare with county Fire/EMS, not constitutionals Shameful behavior By NEIL HUGHES Char , d ;..County. SHERIFF’S OFFICE in the Legislature STAFF WRITER tiu d `Woes 1997/98 2007/08 '" With numerous jail expan- Good morning. sions, locally imposed initia- County Population........................ 133,655............ ...165,781 It does seem ironic that the tives and state mandates, the Budget............................................. $22,054,507........$60,202,020 Florida Legislature should Charlotte County Sheriff’s Cost Per Resident (2008 dollars)... $217.96 ..............$363.14 propose drilling for oil 3 miles off Office’s budget has seen Operational only (no correctional).. $17,710,507........$44,326,020 our beaches while the nation is significant spending increases Cost Per Resident (2008 dollars)... $175.03........... ....$267.38 celebrating Earth Day. If there is a over the last decade. No. of Employees.......................... ..370.................... ..635 prize for lobbyists, the equivalent The boom, which took the of a moviemaker’s Oscar, it should total budget from $22 million owned jail, and will run the portion of the sheriff’s budget go to the band of professional in 1998 to $60 million in 2008, D new $42 million jail expansion from $4.3 million in 1998 to persuaders who managed to craft came regardless of who was due to open later this year. The $15.9 million 10 years later. the bill and sneak it past the sheriff — and four served in current jail opened its doors Isolating the sheriff’s budget normal hearing and debate that span: Richard Worch, Bill Bill Cameron. within the last decade, process at a time when both the Clement, John Davenport and The sheriff staffs the county- increasing the correctional BUDGET | P7 House and Senate are tied in knots over unprecedented budget Oil, challenges. Lobbyists and legislators moved in secrecy and managed to keep both reporters and members of the Legislature solar itself ignorant of their grand plan. A radical departure, the bill passed out of committee 12 hours after first being made public. It was disappointing that local Rep. bills in Paige Kreegel was one of the disciplined majority that voted the bill out before organized opposition could coalesce. limbo Liberal or conservative, the reaction of the state’s editorial pages were articulately angry, shocked and indignant. From the Tampa Tribune: “The effort to open up Florida waters By GREG MARTIN to oil drilling illustrates how ill- STAFF WRITER equipped the legislative leader- Florida House leaders are ship is to rebuild the state’s working to pass energy economy … It is a dangerous pipe legislation in this final week of dream that could ruin Florida’s the 2009 session that contains economy and coastal waters.” both oil drilling and renew- From the Sun Sentinel in Fort able energy measures, said Lauderdale: “Rep. Dean Cannon’s Rep. Baxter Troutman. plan to open Florida’s coast to oil Troutman, R-Winterhaven, and gas drilling deserves all the is the chairman of the House ridicule it’s getting, given its sheer Policy Council that sponsored preposterousness. The unpre- a bill requiring the governor a 4 dictability of oil-lease payments • and Cabinet to consider working to help finance the state’s applications for oil and gas land-buying program is a pipe drilling leases in Florida ¦ dream. waters. “If Cannon’s giveaway is approved, things could get really That bill, HB 1219, has a dangerous. The Minerals companion bill in the Senate Management Service reported t that has become stalled. 124 oil spills caused by hurricanes The Senate has a renewable in 2005. No wonder Congress has energy bill that mandates that imposed a drilling ban in the Gulf power companies ramp up of Mexico covering federal waters how much electricity they 10 to 125 miles off Florida’s coast.” generate from renewable From The Miami Herald: “A bill • sources to 20 percent by 2021. passed by the House Policy a That bill, SB 1154, has no Council on Tuesday was the first companion bill in the House. crack in the heretofore impene- It’s anyone’s guess, however, trable wall against oil and gas whether the final bill will take drilling off Florida’s coast in the r the form of a merger between Gulf of Mexico. Supporters, those two bills, Troutman said. however, used a stacked deck to He said he understands the get the job done. need for renewable energy “... The measure represents a ' t legislation, but doesn’t agree breach in years of solid opposi- tion among Florida politicians, with the magnitude of the Republicans and Democrats, to mandates in the Senate bill — offshore drilling. Even still, there and the associated costs for is no good reason to reverse SUN PHOTO BY BETSY WILLIAMS consumers. A citrus grower, Troutman Hey, that’s not a redfish! Florida’s well-justified opposition to drilling. Gov. Crist should veto said the Senate’s bill should any measure that reaches his encourage solar energy less desk.” Trent Robinson, 10, and his father, Roy (not pictured) had the most unusual catch of the day — an and biomass — such as From the Naples Daily News: anchor that they brought in along with their redfish catch at the annual Kids’ Cup Fishing agricultural waste — more, as “Oil rigs 3 miles offshore? This is Tournament for children ages 10-16 Saturday afternoon. After the weigh-in on the dock in front of the state’s primary renewable no small matter. It ought not be Harpoon Harry’s at Fishermen’s Village, the top five anglers will go on to fish again next weekend energy source. A biomass treated as an afterthought. as part of the ESPN2 Redfish Cup May 3 in Punta Gorda. For more photos from the Kids’ Cup, see “Even proponents of domestic today’s Sunsports section. LIMBO | P6 energy production, the ‘drill here, drill now’ crowd, have to take pause at the suddenness with which the issue popped up on the Tuesday agenda of the Florida Hundreds of job seekers vie for hotel positions House Policy Council. By JASON WITZ officials plan to hire only 25 to “The fact that its supporters STAFF WRITER 35 people initially. } were well-prepared to make their PUNTA GORDA — At this Once inside, residents filled case and likely opponents in the point, William Parchment out applications and waited in a environmental community were would take any available job. shorter line to speak to a given scant notice to form a He has kids to feed. representative in their desired rebuttal suggests a strategy that Like so many others, the 49- field. The hotel has positions seeks to avoid, rather than year-old Port Charlotte man has available for executive house- welcome, the sunshine of open exhausted his wrist by filling out keepers, room attendants, wait governance.” applications with countless staffers, night auditors, front From the St. Petersburg Times: employers — to no avail. desk agents, bartenders and “House Speaker-designate Dean Now, he’s one of the hundreds line cooks. Cannon’s attempt to pitch his vying for a position at the new For many, any secure legislation to open waters off luxury hotel located along the employment would be a Florida’s shores to drilling as the welcome change. harbor. beginning of a ‘mature, “I’ll take whatever I can find,” Residents — young and old thoughtful conversation’ about said Punta Gorda resident — packed a small meeting the state’s energy future is an Curtis Roberts as he completed room at Laishley Marina insult to Floridians and disingen- his application. Saturday morning for a chance Parchment agreed. uous. House Republican leaders to interview with management are showing a shameless willing- He has been out of work from the Four Points by since February 2008, when he SUN PHOTO BY JASON WITZ, ness to put the interests of a Sheraton, a 106-room hotel powerful industry over their was laid off as a plumber. A line of job seekers stretches into the parking lot Saturday scheduled to open May 21. Since then, finding a job — constituents in pursuit of an easy The line of job seekers morning during a job fair at Laishley Marina in Punta Gorda. buck.” any job — has proven difficult. Hundreds showed up to vie for about 25-35 open positions at the stretched into the parking lot by This week we need to watch the mid-morning, although hotel SEEKERS | P6 new Four Points by Sheraton hotel, which is set to open May 21. House leadership as they try for a trade of support with the Senate. INDEX.|.................................|...............................................................................................Arts..9............................................ | | | Charlotte | ...................Calendar........Police..Beat..4.....Obituaries..5..........................................Directory..10 Family Album 11 iewpoint 12 Opinion 13.. ............. .. 2 . ..... . Class |V |
  • 18. Our Town Page 2 C LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 All phone number area Cost, $6. Open to the public. codes are 941 unless otherwise indicated. Welcome to your community calendar 575-1384. If you would like to see your event listed on this page, ■ SERVICES/ ■ TODAY we can make it happen. SUPPORT GROUPS ■ EVENTS Contact me, Tracy Weikel, your community liaison. Burnt Store Presbyterian Church Angel Food program e-mail: order dates, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Delta Psi Omega Theater Fraternity presents “LuAnn phone: 941-206-1180 fax: 941-629-2085 at 11330 Burnt Store Road, Punta Gorda. No orders Hampton Laverty Oberlander,” Tracy Weikel, c/o Charlotte Sun, accepted after May 17. Pick up 2 p.m. at Edison State College, Charlotte Campus, 26300 23170 Harborview Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980. is between 9-11 a.m. on May 30. Low-cost food program Airport Road, Punta Gorda. A open to the public. No eligibility warm-hearted comedy about a 2280 Aaron St., Port Charlotte. Veteran Motor Car Club of ■ CLUBS Advisory Board meeting, restrictions. Obtain copy of the young girl in a small town with Sell your homemade and America exhibits antique 9 a.m. at City Hall, 326 W. current menu and order form at big dreams. Tickets, $5 for homegrown items. Rental space autos, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Porto Charlotte County Marion Ave. 575-3369. and pay students; $10 for the general $20 each. 625-4175, ext. 253. Bello restaurant, 3200 Republican Club’s “Wild Hog Charlotte County Public by cash, credit card, money public and may be purchased Christ Community United Matecumbe Key Road, in Burnt Wild fundraiser,” 11:30 a.m.- Pre-Agenda meeting, 9 a.m. order or food stamps. in the auditorium before each Methodist Church offers Store Marina, Punta Gorda. The 3 p.m. at Port Charlotte Beach at County Administration 639-0001 or e-mail info83@ performance. 626-2432 or children’s activities, 1:30 p.m. public is invited to check out complex, 4500 Harbor Blvd. Center, Building B, Room 106, www.edison.educharlotte. each Sunday at 27000 these classic cars from the Dine“old-fashioned Florida BBQ 18500 Murdock Circle, Community Life Center Guided nature hikes, 9 a.m. Sunnybrook Road, Harbour past. 575-0202. style” on Piney Woods Rooter Murdock. 743-1944. offers Share food program, today and May 2 at Prairie Heights. Children’s activities Hog with all the trimmings, Charlotte County 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday to Creek Preserve (off U.S. 17, include art, crafts, dance, ■ SERVICES/ beer, wine and soft drinks. Cost, Commission Budget Friday at 19048 Edgewater east of Punta Gorda). Hike drama and sports. Free; open to the public. Register at SUPPORT GROUPS $20 per person. Local officials Workshop, 1:30 p.m. at Drive, Port Charlotte. No orders County Administration Center, accepted after May 15. Pick up considered a “good workout.” will cook. All Republicans Dress appropriately. RSVP at 268-1739. Burnt Store Presbyterian encourages to join. Parking Room 119, 18500 Murdock is between 9-11 a.m. on May 575-5435. The Magic of Bronze Church Angel Food program vouchers provided. 505-8557 Circle, Murdock. 743-1551. 31. Low-cost food program ‘Soar Above Violence’ Paper handbell concert, 4 p.m. at order dates, 8 a.m.-noon at or Punta Gorda Planning open to the public. No eligibility Kite Festival, 3-5 p.m. at the Port Charlotte United Methodist 11330 Burnt Store Road, Punta Coastal Cruisers bicycle Commission, 2 p.m. at City restrictions. Payment is made Port Charlotte Beach Complex, Church, 21075 Quesada Ave. Gorda. No orders accepted club ride, Sharkey’s on the Pier Hall, 326 W. Marion Ave. upon placing an order. 4500 Harbor Blvd. All children Blanche Marie Lewis directs after May 17. Pick up is — Ride the Beaches. Helmets 575-3369. 629-0999 or sharefood@ and adults are invited to make Orlando group. Freewill offering between 9-11 a.m. on May 30. required. Open to the public. Gulf Cove Street & paper kites and bring them to accepted. 625-4356. Low-cost food program open to 488-1456 or www.sharkeyson- Drainage MSBU meeting, Career Counseling, by the beach for a contest. The Dan Boyer in concert, the public. No eligibility 3 p.m. at County appointment at The Women’s kites should display the theme, 10 a.m. at Peace River restrictions. Obtain copy of the Deep Creek Elks Bingo, Administration Center, Building Resource Center, 6919 “Soar Above Violence.” Cash Wesleyan Church, 25180 current menu and order form at 1-5 p.m. at 1133 Capricorn B, Room 106, 18500 Murdock Outreach Way, North Port. Harborview Road, Charlotte and pay by Circle, Murdock. Assistance with resume writing, prizes awarded to: Best Use of Blvd., Deep Creek. 21 games. Harbor. Christian musician and cash, credit card, money order interviewing skills and job Theme, Best Flying Kite, Most All proceeds benefit local search resources. 429-3720. Unique, and others. Limited vocalist. 624-5111. or food stamps. 639-0001 or school scholarship fund. Open ■ EVENTS Peer Counseling, at The number of free paper kite kits Exsultate! Chamber Chorale to the public. 764-6825. presents “Starlight Serenade,” Easy Does it Club, Women’s Resource Center, available at the offices of the Jazz Jam Session, 1-4 p.m. Military Heritage Museum 6919 Outreach Way, North Port. Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda 7:30 p.m. today; 3:30 p.m. 7:30 a.m., noon, 5:30 p.m. and sponsors POW presentation, Appointments at 429-3720. 8 p.m. every day at 23312 at Port Charlotte Golf Club, chambers of commerce, the Sunday in the Grace United 22400 Gleneagles Terrace. 5:30 p.m. at American Legion Dual Diagnosis-Co-occuring, Methodist Church sanctuary, Harper Ave., Charlotte Harbor. sheriff’s annex at the Port Cost, $4 members; $6 Post 103, 2101 Taylor Road, 11 a.m. to noon at The Haven 400 Field Ave. E., on Venice Recovering alcoholics’ support Charlotte Town Center mall, the Punta Gorda. Cash bar and Island. Last concert of the group. 629-0110 or 426-7655. nonmembers. 766-9422. Drop-In Center, 4428 Parmely Family Services Center in Port Moose Lodge 1693 offers hors d’oeuvres at 5:30 p.m.; St., Charlotte Harbor. Regular season. Venice High’s Le Voci di Blood drive, 8:30 a.m.- Charlotte, and at New 6:30 p.m. program begins. hours are from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. 2 p.m. at First Alliance Church, Sunday Breakfast, 8-11 a.m. Operation Cooper Street in Venezia chamber ensemble is every Sunday at 27590 Disston Col. Ben Purcell shares his Monday to Saturday. 613-1450. 20444 Midway Blvd., Port Punta Gorda. Participants must the special guests. Tickets, $17 Charlotte. Florida’s Blood Ave., Punta Gorda. Cost, $5 per MIA story of being held Free bread, 2-4:30 p.m. register when picking up a kite for adults; $5 for students at Centers-Port Charlotte. person; open to the public. captive in Vietnam. Tickets, Monday through Friday at Punta kit. Complete rules available at the door or at 484-8491. 625-1874. 639-7666. $25 for adults; $10 for Gorda Alliance Church, 7500 639-5499, or e-mail Acme Sunday breakfast Port Charlotte Elks Lodge students and are available for Florida St. For individuals and ride, 7 a.m. from Winn-Dixie ■ CLASSES 2153, 9 a.m. to noon Breakfast purchase at the museum, families in need. 637-6444. Parents Without Partners parking lot, 27680 Bermont Buffet every Sunday at 20225 Fishermen’s Village, 1200 W. Overeaters Anonymous, support group hold “Ice Road, Punta Gorda. Moderate Kenilworth Blvd. Cost, $6.99 Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda, 6 p.m. at St. Nathaniel’s The Adult Learning Center or at 575-9002. Proceeds Episcopal Church, 4200 S. Cream Social,” 2-4 p.m. at the ride of 49 miles to Arcadia. offers Adult Education, days or per person. 627-9811. Family Services Center, 21450 Breakfast at the Clock support the operation of the Biscayne Drive, North Port. evenings in Port Charlotte Town Punta Gorda Elks, Peel-n- Gibralter Drive, Port Charlotte. Restaurant. Return before noon. Center mall, 1441 Tamiami Trail eat shrimp, noon in the lounge museum. Every Monday night. 391-2394. All single parents of any age Adults only, helmet required. GAEA Guides — Guided Easy Does it Club, and Family Services Center, at 25538 Shore Drive. and their children are welcome Call to confirm ride. 639-2263. 21450 Gibralter Drive, Port Kayak Nature Tours, 10 a.m.- 7:30 a.m., noon, 5:30 p.m. and 639-8180. 8 p.m. every day at 23312 to attend. There will be games Alex Keller, noon-3 p.m. at 2 p.m. today and May 4 from Charlotte. Classes available in Spanish American Society Harper Ave., Charlotte Harbor. provided. www.parentswithout Sun Flea Market & Kidstar, Allapatchee Shores Park, reading, math, language, of Charlotte County, 1 p.m. Recovering alcoholics’ support 18505 Paulson Drive, behind 3100 Hickory Court, Punta English and GED exam every last Sunday of each group. 629-0110 or 426-7655. Outdoor Farmers Market, Walmart, Port Charlotte. Gorda. Kayak along Alligator preparation. GED online class month at Cultural Center of Blood drive, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. 8 a.m.-2 p.m. at Cultural Wheelchairs available. Creek. Cost, $45 per person. available. Free; open to the Charlotte County, 2280 Aaron at Pulsafeeder, 27101 Airport Center of Charlotte County, 255-3532. public. 255-7555. RSVP at 239-694-5513 or St., Port Charlotte. 629-7166. Road, Punta Gorda. Florida’s 866-256-6388. Kool Katz dance, Blood Centers-Port Charlotte. ■ GAMES 7:30-10 p.m. at the Cultural 625-1874. Center of Charlotte County, Double Deck Pinochle Centennial Hall, 2280 Aaron ■ CLASSES Z, Club, 4-8 p.m. at VFW Post St., Port Charlotte. Doors open r 5690, 23204 Freedom Ave., 6:30 p.m. Refreshments until Congressional redistricting ) O ? .? Port Charlotte. Members 9 p.m. Cost, $4. 625-4175. discussion, 10 a.m.- needed. 804-432-4111. 12:30 p.m. at the Punta Gorda “Fun with Music” dance, Isles Civic Association, 2001 ; Al? Pinochle, noon-3 p.m. at 1-3:30 p.m. at the Cultural i the Cultural Center of Shreve St. Caroline Emmons- 1 4 "? 1 Center of Charlotte County, Schramm discusses congres- T 1 Charlotte County, 2280 Aaron Centennial Hall, 2280 Aaron St., Port Charlotte. 625-4175. St., Port Charlotte. Live music. sional redistricting reform. Free; open to the public. 916-9021 Cost, $1. 627-5962. ■ MONDAY or 1_ 1 AV^ Karaoke Night, 7-10 p.m. Aromatherapy demonstra- at Cafe Ruelle Too, Darkwood tions, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday ■ GOVERNMENT Center, 502 King St., corner of to Friday at The Essence of northbound U.S. 41 and Harmony, An Aromatherapy Advertise Punta Gorda Utility Charlotte Street, Punta Gorda. Apothecary, Darkwood Center, for ages 6-15 502 King St., Punta Gorda. Registration Your Free; open to the public. 735-8373. begins May 1; “Entertain Your Brain” with space is limited. Class our Charlotte-Renaissance ■ CLUBS Academy. Classes for adults, seniors and retirees. No exams For information, call 639-8810 or visit Here American Legion Post 103, or grades, just the joy of learning. Visit our website at: (see “Learn to Create”) Call 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. lunch at 2101 Taylor Road, Punta Gorda. 941-206-1262 639-6337. 355654 351046 Or call (941) 505-7414 210 Maud St. Punta Gorda American Legion Post 110,11 a.m.-2 p.m. lunch; 5-8 p.m. dinner at 3152 FREE LECTURE 0 Harbor Blvd., Port Charlotte. Nonsmoking post. 629-7442 PHOTO PROVIDED or E 7 r 7 Pride and Joy Boy Scout Troop 95, 7 p.m. at Temple Shalom, 23190 Utica Ave., Port Charlotte. For boys New Techniques with Minimally Salty, 6, and Skipper, 4, spoiled and loved Maltese dogs, are the Pride and Joy of Lynne and Rich Oakley 10 and older seeking outdoor fun. 661-7366. www.troop95 Invasive Hernia Surgery of Punta Gorda Isles. Send us a photo of your Pride and Joy to Don’t forget a Charlotte County Chamber Board, 5:30 p.m. at the by short description identifying the subject(s) of the photo (including ages, genders, makes, models, Chamber of Commerce office, 2702 Tamiami Trail, Port Dr.Alvaro Bada & Dr. Domingo Galliano breeds, and so on), as well as the sender, and tell us Charlotte. where in the area you live. Charlotte SCORE,10 a.m. at Wednesday, April 29, 2009 SUBSCRIPTIONS 3 Months $49.35 6 Months $92.40 1 Year $153.30 1777 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte. SCORE volunteers 5:00 p.m. Home Delivery Rates: Single Copy rates provide free confidential L Newspaper designated market: Daily . . . . .75¢ Sunday . $1.75 counseling on starting, Charlotte Urgent Care Center City Zone- Carrier home delivered 7 days. Unclaimed account balances under $10, inactive for 15 months, will be used to managing, buying or selling a 3067 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte purchase newspapers for classroom use. business. 743-6179. Deep Creek Elks, 11 a.m.- Rates as follows Free Screening to Follow plus 7% Florida Sales Tax: Sun Newspapers CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY – Delivery should be 2:30 p.m. lunch; 3 p.m. day at Monthly Bank/Credit Card $13.07 expected prior to 5 a.m. Monday the races; 5-:30 p.m. taco and RSVP to 941-766-4011 3 Months...........................$49.70 through Saturday and 5:30 a.m. margarita specials at 1133 Sunday. Capricorn Blvd. Reservations 6 Months...........................$89.40 Customer Service hours: 6 a.m. to V Peace River 1 Year................................$156.80 preferred, not required. 5 p.m. Monday - Friday; Saturday and Sunday 7 a.m. to noon. To subscribe or 764-6825. REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Mail subscription rates: Rates as L i Ff Yo Hosplralf orufe ur follows (advance payment required): to report any problems with your Myakka Wood Carvers, 7 Days service, please call 941-206-1300 or 8:30 a.m.-noon every Monday 2500 Harbor Blvd, Port Charlotte, FL 33952 941-766-4122 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year toll-free at 877-818-6204. You may at El Jobean Community 342104 THE PATIENT AND ANY OTHER PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT HAS A RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PAY, CANCEL PAYMENT OR BE REIMBURSED FOR PAYMENT FOR ANY OTHER $95.00 $170.00 $300.00 visit our office at: 23170 Harborview Center, 14344 Jamison Way. SERVICE, EXAMINATION OR TREATMENT WHICH IS PERFORMED AS A RESULT AND WITHIN 22 HOURS OF RESPONDING TO THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE FREE, DISCOUNTED FEE OR REDUCED FEE SERVICE, EXAMINATION OR TREATMENT - FLORIDA LAW Sunday Only Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33980 697-9235.
  • 19. The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 DENC Our Town Page 3 Ego J • WE HAVE YOUR CAR COVERED City Sisters Cit y Sis ters COMING SOON! Couture Consignments Coutur e Consignments We Provide Options, A Friendly Courteous Staff, And Piece Of Mind. All At A Great Rate $ 5.00 Off! Registration Fees The Best For Less With This Ad, Ad Code “1st in Town” Registration B r a n d n a m e c l o t h e s and Brand name clothes a n d every Tuesday and Thursday accessories f o r l e s s ! a c c e s s o r i e s for less! through April from 5pm - 7pm Bebe, DKNY, Liz at 23278 Harborview Rd. 350299 The Flechsig Coach & more Fac tory Unit B Insurance For More Information Agency 2705 Tamiami Trail, Ste. 111 941-624-2494 Call Renee: 941-628-3748 or 350749 Punta Gorda, FL 33950 Eddisse: 305-761-8861 941-639-5855 360919 2672 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte Or Email to: CONSIGNMENT C O N S I G N ME N T Acer Netbook 359 starting $ WOMENS & All Items are at only Everything In JUNIOR only $3 - $6! ti a Like New CLOTHING ? t Condition! Everyday • PC Repair & Service Low • New Computers Many Name Brand Items! Prices off On your next SAVE 10 $ boat rental • Parts & Accessories • Skirts • Style Shirts • Jeans • Swim Suits • Bras • Sandals • Shorts • Shoes Code #SB0322 Expires 05/17/09 941-697-7500 Our boat rental facility is located at beautiful Stump Pass Marina (N26°54.350 W82°19.696) two blocks south of NEXT WAVE COMPUTERS 2465 Tamiami Trail • Port Charlotte • Purses 2 Piece Sets • Capris • Dresses-long & short Prom Dresses • Scarfs San Casa and Placida Rd at 260 Maryland Avenue, Englewood $8.00! $12 - $20! 941-697-7500 (941) 764-5800 21202 Olean Blvd B-4 • Port Charlotte, FL 33952 w w w . N E X T W AV E C O M P U T E R S . c o m 350148 260 Maryland Avenue, Englewood, FL 34224 355868 (941) 769-4077 Open Monday - Friday 9am-6pm; Saturday 10am-4pm 355637 (behind Bob’s Lock N Key) .0104d** ?Wgl-q Looking for a G R E AT deal?? GREAT now open “HAP PY HOU R “HAPPY HOUR Call or Stop by for a Toledo Blade Animal Clinic PA Tiki Bar Dr. Kris Minnich DVM & Grill S P EC IA L” 2 Fo r 1 SPECIAL” For F R E E Foreclosure List FREE 3535 Bobcat Village Center Rd on the water at HAPPY HOUR 800-898-7353 800-898-7353 North Port • (941) 426-9502 Royal Palm 4PM-6PM 3941 Tamiami Tr. #3121 Marina Enjoy a drink while Punta Gorda looking over the water 866-755-0506 866-755-0506 HOURS:Thurs & Fri 3pm-Close 750 Tamiami Tr. #1 Sat & Sun 1pm-Close Port Charlotte/North Port 10% 779 W. Wentworth St., OFF Englewood, FL 34223 941-475-6882 1st Service By Water: ICW Marker #39, Located in Lemon Bay 355817 356007 366827 “Each office independently owned and operated” Wendy’s Wendy’s W are house INVESTORS FREE Wash & Vac w/ Full Nail Service Boaters ' Nails Nails Sell Your Boat! 623-2524 Pay Off Your Loan! We Buy and Sell All Popularly Traded Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium Bullion Detail FREE Manicure w/ We Buy & Consign Used Boats! • Gold American Eagles • Silver American Eagles Doctor Full Detail Service • Canadian Maple Leafs • U.S. Silver Coins • No Hidden Fees • No Long Contracts Full Service & Detailing Depts • S.A. Krugerrands • Silver Canadian Maple Leafs • No Storage Fees 875-0632 • No Haul Out Fees A Clean Maintained Boat Has Greater Value! • Austrian Philharmonics • Silver Philharmonics 355246 • No Trailer - We Supply • All Gold Bars • U.S. Silver Dollars 6640 Taylor Rd., Punta Gorda • All U.S. Gold • Sterling Silver • Rare Coins • All Scrap Gold & Silver SAVING MONEY IS IMPORTANT TODAY OLD We can help you conserve Commissions As Low As 1% WATER & ELECTRICITY! GO GREEN! S Michael A. Joyce P.N.G. Professional Numismatic Guild Life Member America Numismatic Association Life Member Florida United Numismatics Call Chuck Anytime! 941-204-9969 353676 Precious Metals Trader & Numismatist For 34 Yrs 4 Create a lush, colorful, low-maintenance landscape and let us install unique, low 941-255-1167 1-800-465-3909 GULFCOAST® voltage Halogen Lighting to save energy Repower Center • Factory Certified Service Center Free Estimates! 18 Years Experience 4295 Laura St., Port Charlotte • Coin & Jewelry, LLC 350922 Located at the Corner of 41 and Edgewater next to Walgreens 941-624-2296 Since 1975 360923 19185 Edgewater Dr. Southwest Florida’s Gold, Silver, Diamond & Rare Coin Exchange Port Charlotte 350558
  • 20. Our Town Page 4 C LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 Why so few yellow boxes? ‘I started buying (the) nuances of the old is Why paper from the gone. It becomes neces- does my yellow boxes. Soon sary to acclimate anew. newspaper the box on Dearborn “I tried the puzzle for do that? across from my shop days without much disappeared. Then the success. Then one day — one by St. Raphael’s was David I got it! Well, most of it. gone. I eat a lot at Dunn-Rankin Then a few more days Stefano’s, only to find that and not much success. box gone too! Today a Then another day — I snowbird came in the got it again! Today, I got • crossword puzzle (oh to most of it. I’m slowly shop and was talking control that ‘must about the economy and learning the author’s (or comment’ gene!). authors’? — don’t know said it was so bad that “I had the same our local paper went out how many persons reaction everyone else compose) nuances. of business. did when the old puzzle “I told him that was not “People who do was discontinued. When crosswords KNOW THIS! true and he told me, I lived in L.A., I didn’t do I’m in my early 40s and it ‘Well, the park we stay in the LA Times puzzle, but seems to me that people only has one paper box then, that was in college who do crosswords this year ... the white before I really started one.’ Now what does that regularly are older and doing puzzles. And, like more experienced than I tell you! And by the way, Ithat other reader have found a few Yellow — and are, or should be, commented, it was work, very well aware they vary boxes, only to find they and in school I surely • were out of papers!” S.B. — even significantly. had enough of that so I They’re just out of their You are right, S.B. We didn’t want it in my have fewer yellow boxes comfort zone. paper as well. “If you change the than we used to. Yellow “So after a couple of I Y ELL boxes are mini-retail stores. During the days of not being a puzzle again, readers will still have to adjust to that happy camper with the new puzzle’s subtleties — economic slowdown, we new puzzle, and realizing ditto for each new puzzle noticed that some of our it wasn’t a booboo, that it you attempt to imple- • LEARN different strategies that can potentially allow you to pull HUGE sums of money out of your IRA with LITTLE mini-retail locations were was here to stay, I OR NO TAX not profitable because ment. So that may not recalled a few things. necessarily be the • LEARN how to create a steady income stream that they did not sell enough. “When I first got to cannot be outlived When times were a little solution. • Get on the fast track to RETIREMENT PLAN REPAIR FLA I hated your puzzle “As nice as you were in better, those small • Make your Money “SAFE” (perhaps the same one your paper, I vote for unprofitable locations that you’d just made give it a chance. If these were something we could FIND SOLUTIONS! ATTEND OUR WORKSHOPS!* carry. disappear, of which I did crossword aficionados We are not going out of grow fond). It wasn’t the give the LA Times puzzle business and have more one I’d been doing for a chance, I believe Wednesday, April 29 & many years that I’d come they’ll adjust and be just Wednesday, May 6 @ 3:30pm circulation than the Sarasota paper in all of to know. fine. And if you want to The Lion s Den at King s Gate “Whenever I visit prove that point, just sub our daily newspaper 24000 Rampart Blvd., Port Charlotte markets. In fact, we will friends or family and try the NY Times puzzle. end our fiscal year with to do the puzzle in their They’ll be begging for “It’s Not What You Make - the highest paid May local paper, it is a L.A.” It’s WHAT YOU KEEP!” circulation in our history challenge. OK, I can’t do Thanks, M. We do have for our core markets. them. the best newspaper Seating is Limited! Call For Your Reservation Today! “Crossword puzzles readers in the country. 350191 1-800-925-6203, Code #CS1 More on are like shoes. They grow Because the author of *Complimentary Dinner Will Be Served. First time attendees, age comfortable and we our old puzzle retired, 55-75 should encourage their spouse to attend if married. crosswords grow accustomed to we have to find a new “Me, M., here again — them, and people are puzzle. We are going to 351048 not to criticize or predominantly creatures start running a test complain so don’t spit of habit and don’t like crossword puzzle in Our LA& out your coffee ... relax. change. Then it comes Town in addition to the Wanted to comment on time to break in a new LA Times puzzle. We’re the tidbit that was in pair of shoes. The looking forward to our Sunday’s paper about the familiarity of the readers’ feedback. Two injured in vehicle rollover Magnifcent Seven ® SOUTH GULF COVE — Two men were hospital- ized early Saturday with | POLICE BEAT The information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriff’s office, Only $3.99! life-threatening injuries after both were ejected Florida Highway Patrol, jail and fire rescue records. Not every arrest leads from their vehicle. to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system. Charlotte County • Thomas William Gainey, 57, North Port. Charge: violation of Fire/EMS responded to the 26000 block of Jones Loop probation (original charges: DUI Served Monday–Friday intersection of Gasparilla Road and Rotonda Trace at Road, Punta Gorda. Charge: DUI. Bond: $750. • Fabio E. Carrion, 26, 17000 and driving while license is suspended or revoked). Bond: $1,700. 1:27 a.m. in response to a call about a single-vehicle block of Murdock Circle, Port • William Perry Bell, 49, 24000 rollover. Charlotte. Charges: possession of block of Yacht Club Blvd., Punta Firefighters arrived on drug paraphernalia and Gorda. Charge: violation of the scene to find the possession of cocaine. probation (original charge: no occupants outside the Bond: $3,000. valid driver’s license). Jeep; one was trapped • Michael Konakh, 23, of North Bond: $575. underneath the vehicle. Carolina. Charge: driving while • Rebecca Anna Robles, 28, The men, who appeared license is suspended or revoked. 100 block of Bamboo Drive, Port to be in their late-teens or Bond: $500. Charlotte. Charge: violation of 20s, were flown to area • Tina Kay Hanlon, 41, 13000 probation (original charges: petty hospitals. Neither were block of Alandra Drive, Punta theft and possession of less than wearing seat belts, Gorda. Charges: habitually driving 20 grams of marijuana). according to authorities. while license is suspended or Bond: none. The Florida Highway revoked and DUI with property damage. Bond: $3,500. The Florida Highway Patrol Patrol is investigating the • Bradly Michael Badger, 20, reported the following arrests: I l k, incident. 300 block of W. Green St., • James Franklin Broomfield, The Charlotte County Englewood. Charge: violation of 23, of Cape Coral. Charges: Sheriff’s Office reported the probation (original charge: possession of crack cocaine following arrests: battery). Bond: none. with intent to sell/distribute • Michael L. Kasankiewicz, 41, • Lyle Edward Grosklos, 18, and possession of firearm • ti 3000 block of Sunset Trail, Port 17000 block of Stanley Ave., Port by convicted felon. Charlotte. Charges: possession of Charlotte. Charges: possession of Bond: $17,500. drug paraphernalia and drug paraphernalia and • Jakalia K. Rutledge, 25, of possession of a controlled possession of less than 20 Cape Coral. Charges: possession substance. Bond: $3,500. grams of marijuana. of crack cocaine with intent to • Tabitha Lynn Walker, 24, Bond: $2,000. sell/distribute and possession of 4000 block of Duncan Road, • Julie Ann Fahey, 35, 7000 firearm while engaged in a felony. Punta Gorda. Charges: two block of Yardley St., Englewood. Bond: $12,500. RESTAURANT counts of possession of a Charge: violation of probation • Gary David Honish, 43, of For a limited time only at participating restaurants. BAKERY &c controlled substance. Bond: (original charge: driving while Tampa. Charges: DUI with Sales tax, if applicable, must be paid by customer. Printed in the U.S.A. © 2009 Perkins & Marie Callender’s Inc. Breakfast is just the beginning. $5,000. license is suspended or revoked). property damage and DUI with • Illicia Gordon, 31, 11000 Bond: $1,050. bodily injury. Bond: $1,500. block of Visby Ave., Port • David Michael Wixom, 29, of Port Charlotte • 1700 Tamiami Trail • 941-255-1155 Charlotte. Charge: scheming to defraud. Bond: $2,500. Venice Island. Charge: violation of probation (original charge: The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office reported the following • Gilbert Homer Harmon, 43, burglary). Bond: none. arrest: 2000 block of Bailey Ave., Punta • Beth Ann McLynch, 42, • Peter Andrew Merva, 45, SAVE $5.00 FREE ENTRÉE* Gorda. Charge: violation of probation (original charge: 25000 block of Sandhill Blvd., Punta Gorda. Charge: violation of 2300 block of Lemon Ave., Englewood. Charge: DUI, 0.20 or $5.00 Off Any $20.00 Purchase With Purchase of Any Adult Entrée* trespass). Bond: none. probation (original charge: DUI). higher. Bond: $500. • Kelly Allison Pickel, 47, of Bond: none. Purchase any regularly priced items totaling $20.00 or more, Try any of our delicious adult breakfast, lunch or dinner and use this coupon for $5.00 off your total bill. entrées at the regular price and receive a second entrée Punta Gorda. Charge: retail theft. • Christopher Lee Payeur, 30, — Compiled by Jason Witz (of equal or lesser value) for free! Bond: $500. 3000 block of Lullaby Road, and Susan E. Hoffman *Excludes Seniors’ Menu and Kids’ Menu. 355915 , M You can’t catch them if you don’t Coupon Expires: May 17, 2009. Coupon Expires: May 17, 2009. Valid only at Perkins® Restaurant & Bakery Breakfast is just the beginning. Valid only at Perkins® Restaurant & Bakery Breakfast is just the beginning. know where they are! Check out the located at 1700 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL. One coupon per person per visit at participating Perkins Restaurant & Bakery locations. Not valid with any other discount or offer. Coupon void if purchased, sold or bartered for cash. located at 1700 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL. One coupon per person per visit at participating Perkins Restaurant & Bakery locations. Not valid with any other discount or offer. Coupon void if purchased, sold or bartered for cash. Fish Finder every Thursday, only in Only original coupons accepted. Mutilated, tampered, forged or photocopied coupons are not accepted. Sales tax, if applicable, must be paid by customer. Please present coupon when Only original coupons accepted. Mutilated, tampered, forged or photocopied coupons are not accepted. Sales tax, if applicable, must be paid by customer. Please present coupon when WaterLine, only in ordering. Prices may vary in Canada. Printed in the U.S.A. ordering. Prices may vary in Canada. Printed in the U.S.A. © 2009 Perkins & Marie Callender’s Inc. © 2009 Perkins & Marie Callender’s Inc.
  • 21. The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS C Our Town Page 5 | OBITUARIES It takes wonderful sponsors to raise a crazy day CHARLOTTE Eric LePage, Jason School Teacher. He also LePage, Madison LePage, was a U.S. Air Force In Memoriam Veronica Milo, Anthony veteran of World War II. T Milo and Dominic Milo, He is survived by his William S. Carr all of Port Charlotte, and he adage that it Gorda; Swiss Chocolate daughters, Sandra R. View from takes money to +; Tampa Bay Rays; The William Stanley “Bill” Oliveria Milo, Liam (Peter) Huff of Mebane, Main make money rings Perfect Caper; The Carr, 56, of Port Walker and Aidan Walker, N.C., and Donna S. Street true when an organiza- Tropical Store; and Charlotte, Fla., and all of New York; a brother, (Anthony) Cortese of tion chooses to hold a Walmart. formerly of Monroe, James (Evelyn) Parla Sr. of Buena Vista, Colo.; sister, community event. From Linda Thanks, also, to Ron Mich., died unexpectedly New Jersey; a sister, June Reed of Brick, N.J.; Thursday, April 23, 2009, Josephine (Vinny) six grandchildren, Sarah insurance to park rental, Dobson Thomas, who provided his special brand of Pellergrino of New York; Huff and Jesse, Luke, from coconut cups to at his residence. tent permits, the list of announcing all day — He was born Jan. 13, and several nieces and Ruth, Samuel and Anna expenses appears Lovejoy; Farr, Farr, that is, when he wasn’t in 1953, in Highland Park, nephews. Frances was Cortese. He was preceded prohibitive. Indeed, it Emerich, Hackett and the water with the nuts Mich., to Rolland C. and preceded in death by her in death by his wife, would be, if not for the Carr, P.A.; Gulfcoast or eating an entire Arline B. (nee Davidson) daughter, Barbara. Barbara; brother, Robert; generosity of businesses Engraving; Sea Tow coconut cream pie with Carr. A memorial Mass will be and granddaughter, and individuals who Charlotte Harbor; no hands. Mr. Carr moved to held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Abigail Cortese. have faith in your Spoonwhipsea Tippling Here’s a new adage. It Florida eight years ago. May 2, 2009, at San Pedro A memorial service was organization’s ability to and Boating Society; takes wonderful spon- He retired from Ford Catholic Church in North held at First Baptist raise funds, and who Sunart Gallery and sors to raise a Craze Day, Motor Co. after 20 years Port, Fla. In lieu of Church in Englewood. support the work you Custom Framing; The and Main Street Punta of service. Bill was proud flowers, donations may Private funeral services accomplish with them. Dottie S; The Neighbors Gorda is both grateful to be the Mayor for the be made to TideWell and burial will be held in Everyone at Main Street of Appian; and The Soup and proud to have so Day of the Englewood, Hospice and Palliative Basking Ridge, N.J., at a Punta Gorda is thrilled Lady. many. Fla., Pioneers in 2007, Care, 5955 Rand Blvd., later date. Memorial that so many rallied as Additionally, we wish to ••• and was recently installed Sarasota, FL 34238. donations can be made sponsors for the cause of thank even more Main Street Nights as a prelate of the Gulf Arrangements are by to First Baptist Church, keeping the heart of businesses for their in- Raffle Winner: Coast Moose Lodge 2554. James A. McKee Funeral 278 Mango St., Punta Gorda healthy via kind support, which Congratulations to April He was the past president Homes, North Port. Englewood, FL 34223. You Coconut Craze Day. For does so much to keep Anderson, who will of the Englewood may express your condo- financial support, our the bills down: Harbor enjoy two nights at The Fraternal Order of the Elaine N. Serven lences to the family at thanks to The Wyvern Style Magazine; Boy Wyvern Hotel (in her Eagles Aerie 3885, past Elaine N. Serven, 76, of Hotel; Mosaic Fertilizer; Scouts of America very own hotel robe), gift Men’s Auxiliary president Port Charlotte, Fla., died Arrangements are by Centennial Bank; Explorers Post 29; Coca certificates to The of the Englewood VFW Lemon Bay Funeral suddenly Sunday, March Creekmore Livingston Cola Fort Myers; Perfect Caper and 10178, and a member of Home, Englewood. 22, 2009, at Peace River Inc.; Dean’s South of the Smugglers Inc.; Papillon, and a sunset the AMVETS 312 and the Regional Medical Center Border; Punta Gorda Charlotte Harbor Visitor cruise for two with Punta Rotonda, Fla., American in Port Charlotte. NORTH PORT Downtown Merchants & Convention Bureau; Gorda River Boat Tours. Legion 113. Bill also She was born in Geneva, Association; Marianne Do-All Rental; Domino’s Redfish Cup enjoyed fishing, boating John W. White Pizza Punta Gorda; Tournament: Friday to N.Y., and graduated from and Harvey Goldberg; and collecting light- Geneva High School in John W. “Big John” Marketing Arm Hookah Lounge; Jack’s May 3, Laishley Park, houses. He truly enjoyed 1950. White, 74, of North Port, International; Martella Restaurant; Papillon Punta Gorda. living in Florida and Elaine attended Potstam Fla., passed away Law Firm; Mathews Gifts, Books and More; Main Street Punta being surrounded by his State Teachers College. Tuesday, April 21, 2009, in Taylor; The Gateway Pies & Plates LLC; Punta Gorda Executive Director many good friends. While in high school and Seaford, Del. Group; Bayside Eye Gorda River Boat Tours; Linda Dobson can be Survivors include his college, she enjoyed He was the son of Ralph Centre; Brightway River City Grill; Salty reached at 941-575-9099 loving companion of nine performing with a wide S. and Pearl (nee Clark) Insurance; Charlotte Paws; Sweetbay or lindadobson@ years, Karen Borgman, variety of musical groups. White, born Sept. 27, County Speaks — Ken Supermarket Punta and her son, Jeremy; his She spent much of her 1934, in Louisville, Ky. son, William (Myrna) Carr adult life living and John worked for Flour II of Streling, Va.; daughter, Danielle (James) Hydro of working in Syracuse, N.Y. After retiring in 1990, she moved to Port Charlotte, Daniels Construction Co. He spent six months in North Port and six Learning occurs in many ways S Woodbridge, Va.; brother, where she worked for months in Seaford, and chool graduation Edison degrees. We were and are Richard (Ella) Carr of worked part-time at ceremonies are just better armed for success Winchester, Tenn.; two nine years as the ward State knowing that we secretary for the Publix Supermarkets after around the corner. sisters, Suzanne (Rick) Radiology Department at his retirement. Students are completing College “learned to learn.” Ward of Trenton, Mich., John will be greatly the assignments and Edison State College and Bon Secours-St. Joseph and Wendy Carr of Leslie, Hospital (now Peace Tom our other fine local missed by his son, John projects to successfully Mich.; and three River Regional). Elaine (Marie) White of Gaston, finish their studies. Rath institutes of education grandchildren. left the hospital and S.C.; daughters, Pamela Families are anticipating can provide you with A memorial service will accepted a position with (Richard) Adams of North seeing someone they diplomas and degrees, be held at 4 p.m. There are many graduations and Charlotte County Public Port, Cynthia (Mark) love cross the stage to Saturday, May 9, 2009, at Schools in 1999. She was venues to acquire this commencements, and a Bowman of Port get that diploma. the Englewood VFW Post employed as a parapro- learning: the oral history sense of educational Charlotte, Fla., and Jonna When I sat through my 10178. You may express teachings of families; place. But the best thing fessional, assigned to Marie (Kevin) English of first university your condolences interacting with peers, with which we can work with the Special Seaford; brothers, Arther commencement and to the family at www. mentors, and children; provide you is an Education Department at L. White of Louisville, Ky., heard my name called as travel; self-directed appreciation that Murdock Middle School. Joseph A. White of a graduate, I thought of Arrangements are by education; etc. But often “learning never ends.” Elaine is survived by her Marietta, Ga., the Rev. it as an end rather than a Englewood Community more worth is given to Tom Rath is dean of daughter, Sherry L. Joseph Patrick Rhodes of beginning to a process of Funeral Home and formal education in academic affairs at Serven; her adopted Conyers, Ga.; sister, Alice learning. Even though I Cremation Services, formal settings, and the Edison State College daughter, Rebecca S. Rhodes Mudd of Mount knew I would go on to Englewood. minimal levels we must Charlotte Campus. Rosenthal; and her foster Washington, Ky.; seven get my master’s and achieve for us to survive daughter, Janine M. grandchildren; two great- doctorate, I felt the and thrive seemingly get In Memoriam Davis; a cousin, G. grandchildren; and many achievement of that higher and higher. My Frances R. Milo Stephen Cleere of San Francisco, Calif.; other family members and friends. John was degree was a discrete event, walled off in a grandfather was consid- cs matI n Frances Rose (nee Parla) Milo, 94, of Port numerous nieces and nephews; and many preceded in death by his wife of 32 years, Mary S. way from other stages of my education. ered well educated, and was well paid, with just a L 7 nc rals , Inc. 2620 D high school diploma. Highlands Road Charlotte, Fla., left for her beloved pets. White. I was wrong. Harbour Heights, FL 33983 Now a bachelor’s degree A memorial service will The family will receive Backpacking through journey home Tuesday, be held at 11 a.m. friends from 6 p.m. to 8 Europe the summer after or greater is de rigueur Traditional Funeral April 21, 2009. for most high-paying including Casket Saturday, May 2, 2009, at p.m. Tuesday, April 28, college, the training I She was born July 5, jobs. from $3500 1914, in Brooklyn, N.Y., to St. James Episcopal 2009, at Larry Taylor received in my first My parents and I were 350120 R.S.V.P. for Seminar Church in Port Charlotte. Funeral and Cremation professional job, the Melchiore and Josephine Memorial contributions Services. The service in challenge of moving to well armed to succeed 941-240-2515 Parla. with formal college 888-713-1224 Frances and her beloved may be sent to Best celebration of John’s life Florida and moving up husband of 59 years, Friends Animal Society, will be at noon the career ladder again, Gennaro Jr., owned and 5001 Angel Canyon Road, Wednesday, April 29, and, most important, operated Milo’s Kanab, UT 84241; or to 2009, at the funeral the social interactions I JAMES W. MALLONEE, P.A. Restaurant in Brooklyn any charity of your home. To express condo- have had since that ATTORNEYS AT LAW for more than 50 years, choice. lences to the family, graduation day in 1988, JAMES W. MALLONEE ELLIE K. HARRIS before his death in 2000, Arrangements were please visit all share one common- • Real Estate • Probate after retiring to Port made in Port Charlotte. ality — I was always • Guardianship • Wills Charlotte. and sign the online learning. • Wills/Trusts • Trusts She is survived by her ENGLEWOOD guestbook. I am now more apt to • Probate • Guardianship sons, Gennaro Milo II of Arrangements are by realize that the value • Landlord Tenant Pearl River, N.Y., Michael John F. Reed Larry Taylor Funeral and and lesson of learning Office Hours – Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Theresa) Milo Sr. of New John F. Reed, 82, of Cremation Services. is that learning is 946 Tamiami Trail, Unit #206, Port Charlotte, FL 33953 necessary, needed and OBITUARY POLICY 350126 Hyde Park, N.Y., Peter Englewood, Fla., died (941) 206-2223 (Linda) Milo Sr. of Port Thursday, April 23, 2009. essential to survive and Charlotte; seven grand- He was born Obituaries are accepted from thrive in our culture. It !? children, Gennaro (Tracy) June 21, 1926, in funeral homes only. There is no also is continuous and, Milo III of Virginia, Somerville, N.J., charge for publishing an most important, should • r abbreviated death notice once. be fun. Here at Edison Denise Milo (Ken) to Frederick T. Full obituaries and repeat death i c Sullivan of New York, and Gertrude (nee State College, I often notices will be subject to an tell students that f - r ,i? Stacey (Roger) LePage Jr. Dunster) Reed. advertising charge. Serving Charlotte County since 1992 and Peter (Christie) Milo John moved to the Obituaries must be received by learning is best Our Floral Specialist Jr., all of Port Charlotte, Englewood area 24 years 2 pm for Tuesday through Saturday achieved when done will help you create a with others, when given 350280 and Michael (Reagan) ago from Asbury, N.J. He publication. For Sunday publication Sympathy Tribute for Milo Jr., Julieann Milo frequented Stefano’s deadline is noon on Saturday. For enough effort and time, your loved one and Brian (Dianna) Restaurant for many Monday publication deadline is and when it is fun. noon on Sunday. Please note there Owner/Operator Port Charlotte Punta Gorda Walker, all of New York; years. John was a very Although there are 14 great-grandchildren, active member of First is no Monday edition in DeSoto some hard lessons ®0 2711 S. Tamiami Trail 941-206-4441 Corner N. 41 & Marion Ave. 941-575-4441 County. The American flag learned, most effective Alexia Milo of Florida, Baptist Church of accompanying and obituary Stephen and Nicole Englewood, where he indicates a veteran of the U.S. learning happens in an Sullivan of New York, Will served as a Deacon, a Armed Forces. Please send e-mails environment of enjoy- to ment. and Lucy Milo of Virginia, Trustee and a Sunday ROYAL PALM OYA L A L M ?? Memorials in the Sun MEMORIAL GARDENS EMORIAL ARDENS ?' .: ry r? ??yy PEACE OF MIND Secure yours with our Honor your passed loved ones anytime with a Affordable Finance Options-Call or stop by personalized memorial tribute. for a FREE Pre-Planning Guide Call (941) 206-1028 for rates. Check out the Fish Finder 27200 Jones Loop Rd., Punta Gorda, FL 33982 941-639-2381 350291 every Thursday, only in WaterLine, only in l 7
  • 22. Our Town Page 6 C FROM PAGE ONE The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 SEEKERS: Hotel positions sought | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS FROM PAGE 1 postal worker, who didn’t There was relief for Motorcycle joined together to create Book need to find work for some Saturday, as eight the Charlotte Premier. “It’s rough,” he said. more than 30 years. The positions had been filled club BBQ discussion series This new league will hold Roberts, 53, has been economic recession by noon, according to a The Charlotte County its competitive boys and The Charlotte County searching for a job since changed everything, hotel administrator. Chapter of the Defenders girls team tryouts for the Library System has last summer, when he including his plan to There will be a second Law Enforcement 2009/2010 season. announced the April was let go by the U.S. retire within four years. job fair for the hotel Motorcycle Club will hold Tryouts will be held from Book Discussion Series. Postal Service. “In all my life, I’ve positions from 11 a.m. to its inaugural Memorial 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. May 29 Participants are respon- The whole concept of never been without a job 5 p.m. May 2 at the weekend barbecue from for ages U-9 to U-12, and sible for obtaining their job-hunting remains this long,” he said. “It’s Laishley Marina noon to 4 p.m. May 24 at from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. for own copies of the foreign to the veteran difficult.” building. American Legion Post ages U-13 and above, at featured book. 103, 2101 Taylor Road, the North Charlotte • 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Punta Gorda. Live music County Regional Park, the Mid-County Regional will be provided by 1185 O’Donnell Blvd., Library, 2050 Forrest Sudden Impact, and there Port Charlotte. Nelson Blvd., Port will be raffles and door Tryouts also will be held Charlotte. The chosen prizes available. The club from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. book is “The Broker” by is designed for any active May 30 for ages U-9 to U- John Grisham. For more and retired law enforce- 12, and from 10 a.m. to info, call 941-613-3166. ment, emergency 11 a.m. for ages U-13 and services, military, govern- above, at the South Military Officers ment and public safety Charlotte County group to meet professionals to join and Regional Park, 670 promote safe, fun riding Cooper St., Punta Gorda. The Charlotte Harbor and reflect a positive Players need to arrive 30 Chapter Military Officers image within their minutes prior to the Association will hold its community. Tickets cost tryouts’ starting times to next meeting 6 p.m. $8 each and are available fill out paperwork. Tuesday at the Isles Yacht now at American Legion Participants are required Club, 1780 W. Marion Post 103. For more to bring shin guards, a Ave., Punta Gorda. The information, call 941- soccer ball and some- speaker will be Vic 627-6564. thing to drink. It is Fredlund, of Fort Myers recommended to attend Veteran’s Administration. Soccer both tryout dates. For All current and former team tryouts more information, visit military officers are the Web site at www.char- invited to attend. For Charlotte United and or e-mail reservations and more Red Star Leagues have info, call 941-505-1604. SUN PHOTO BY JASON WITZ, William Parchment, 49, of Port Charlotte, completes an application for the Four LIMBO: Working to pass legislation FROM PAGE 1 and I have talked about would have no impact on Points by Sheraton hotel during a job fair Saturday. Hundreds of residents submitted the energy problem and gasoline prices or resumes for various positions at the new hotel in downtown Punta Gorda. Parchment industry would do more the renewable standards national security. has been unemployed since February 2008. to spur economic devel- that are needed. The America’s oil reserves opment in rural areas, he downside is trying to set amount to only 2 percent said. reasonable standards that of the world’s supply, he FREE PAPER SHREDDING—for Charlotte County Residents The oil drilling drew at get us there.” said. & Charlotte County Environmental Campus Open House least two hours of At least two local Sue Reske, chair of the questions, if not debate, residents said Friday they Charlotte Harbor Group Paper Shredding by Secure Document Destruction, Inc. on the House floor Friday, oppose oil drilling off of the Sierra Club, said Bring up to 4 boxes of paper for FREE (banker sized boxes). when it was read for the Florida’s coast. she fears oil drilling will Each additional box is $ 10.00 per box. Shredding done on our premises. Charlotte County put derricks within sight second time. The House Thursday, May 7th, 2009 9:00 AM—12:00 PM can vote on it after it gets Commissioner Adam of the coast. That will 25550 Harbor View Road, Port Charlotte 941.764.4360 read a third time, perhaps Cummings, a former hurt tourism and real Monday or Tuesday, merchant mariner who estate, she said. according to legislative worked in the Gulf of Also, the environment Come learn more about: Mexico servicing oil rigs, will suffer, Reske said. • Insect Display staffers. Composters & Rain Barrels will be for sale • Solid Waste & Recycling Facilities • Shore Birds & Sea Turtles “This we do know: The said he saw the effects on Even if the industry has • Water Conservation • Sea Grant House stands ready and a small coastal oil town, taken steps to avoid spills Shower Heads will be • Extension Services • 4-H we’ve been prepared to Cameran, La. The town offshore, hurricanes and exchanged • Bicycle Safety • Keep Charlotte Beautiful pass a copious energy bill was not wealthy or floods still could cause • Master Gardeners • Florida Yards & Neighborhoods all session,” Troutman attractive, he said. spills at onshore installa- 328230 • Mosquito Control & Aquatic Weed Control said. “This is a big issue Cummings also argued tions, she said. A program of Charlotte County Government in our state. The governor that drilling in the Gulf The Eastern Gulf of Mexico Planning Area, which includes an area of NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING FOR ONE OR MORE OF THE federal waters south from Pensacola along Florida’s FOLLOWING MATTERS: PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE FUTURE west coast, is estimated to contain up to 9 trillion LAND USE MAP AND COMPREHENSIVE PLAN ELEMENTS, cubic feet of natural gas and up to 2.8 billion DEVELOPMENTS OF REGIONAL IMPACT OR CHANGES THERETO, barrels of oil, according a legislative committee’s REZONINGS, PRELIMINARY PLATS, STREET AND PLAT VACATIONS staff report. State royalty and A PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSALS AND PETITIONS AS DESCRIBED BELOW WILL BE CONDUCTED BY THE PLANNING AND ZONING BOARD ON MONDAY, MAY severance taxes would be 11, 2009, AT 1:30 P.M. OR AS SOON THEREAFTER AS THE MATTER MAY BE HEARD DURING THE COURSE OF ACTION. THE HEARING WILL BE HELD IN COMMISSION CHAMBERS, ROOM 119, FIRST FLOOR, BUILDING A, THE CHARLOTTE COUNTY ADMINISTRATION CENTER, 18500 MURDOCK CIRCLE, PORT based on how much oil is CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA. THE PLANNING AND ZONING BOARD IS NOT BOUND TO CONSIDER THE PETITIONS IN THE ORDER LISTED IN THIS NOTICE. ANY OF extracted from the state’s THESE PETITIONS MAY BE CONSIDERED AS SOON AS THE MEETING COMMENCES. submerged lands. That COPIES OF SAID PETITIONS WITH COMPLETE LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS AND SUBSEQUENT STAFF REPORTS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW AT THE CHARLOTTE area extends from 3 miles COUNTY GROWTH MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT, AND ALL CHARLOTTE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARIES. ADOBE PORTABLE DOCUMENT FORMAT (.pdf) FILES OF to 10 miles offshore. ALL PETITION PACKETS AND AN AGENDA WILL BE PLACED AT THE FOLLOWING INTERNET ADDRESS: Troutman said oil drilling would generate ALL INTERESTED PERSONS ARE URGED TO ATTEND THESE PUBLIC HEARINGS. THE PUBLIC IS WELCOME TO SPEAK; THERE WILL BE A FIVE-MINUTE TIME $31 billion for the Florida LIMIT FOR EACH CITIZEN’S PRESENTATION ON AN AGENDA ITEM. IF YOU HAVE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS, YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO CONTACT A STAFF PERSON AT ANY TIME IN ADVANCE OF THE PUBLIC HEARING(S). PLEASE CALL 941-764-4903 AND MENTION THE PETITION NUMBER OF THE MATTER economy over 20 years. YOU WISH TO DISCUSS. With its lease revenues, the state could spend up PETITIONS to $300 million per year PA-09-01-01 Legislative Commission District IV on Florida Forever, $20 An Ordinance pursuant to Section 163.3187(1)(C), Florida Statutes, for an amendment to the Future Land Use Map of the Charlotte County Comprehensive Plan million on counties that from Medium Density Residential to Commercial Center for property located north of Environmental Way, south of South McCall Road (SR 776), east of play host to drilling, and Gulfstream Blvd, and west of the Sioux Waterway; in the West County Planning District, containing 3.76± acres; Commission District IV; Petition No. PA-09-01-01; applicant: Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners. $20 million for beach renourishment, the bill Z-09-03-02 Quasi-Judicial Commission District IV states. An Ordinance pursuant to Section 125.66 and 166.41, Florida Statutes, amending the Charlotte County Zoning Atlas from Residential Multi-family 10 (RMF-10) to Oil drilling has Office, Medical, and Institutional (OMI), for property located north of Environmental Way, south of South McCall Road (SR 776), east of Gulfstream Blvd, and west of the Sioux Waterway; in the West County Planning District, containing 3.76± acres; Commission District IV; Petition No. Z-09-03-02; applicant: Charlotte County improved technology to Board of County Commissioners. protect the environment, Troutman said. PP 09-03-04 Quasi Judicial Commission District III “The reality is, we have Lemon Bay Partners, Ltd., along with all current property owners and Mortgage Holders within Placida Bay Estates, has applied for a re-plat of Placida Bay Estates. The site consisting of 16 lots, as well as Tract A and Tract B, is located in Sections 2 and 11, Township 42 South, Range 20 East. The purpose of this re-plat is to resources available that correct inaccuracies and defects in the original survey of the plat, which included the failure to place permanent control markers and reference monuments on the we need to take advan- property at the time of the plat; faulty interior math of the plat, and failure to establish a tie-line system to address the inherent problems in platting property that tage of,” he said. “At the contained so much wetlands. The site, containing 33.67 acres, more or less, is located on the southwest side of Placida Road, northeast of Placida Harbor, and end of the day, it will be a southeast of Placida Harbour Condominiums, in Commission District III. function of a balance of PP 05-01-02 Legislative Commission District IV that risk.” Mr. Richard W. Arnold, Flagship Builders & Developers, is requesting a one year extension of the Preliminary Plat approval for River Haven Estates Subdivision, E-mail: gmartin@ Petition PP 05-01-02. This project had preliminary approval from the Planning and Zoning Board on March 5, 2005, and from the Board of County Commissioners on April 19, 2005. A one year extension was granted by the Planning and Zoning Board on April 9, 2007 and a second one year extension was granted on April 14, 2008. The site is in Section 8, township 40 South, Range 21, located north of Markham Avenue, east of Apollo Waterway, south of Hughes Avenue and west of ALL THE NEWS Casper Street, in Commission District IV. The site consists of 22.5 acres, more or less, for 32 single family lots. Since the project construction has not yet been completed, the applicant is requesting a one year extension in order to complete the project. PP 06-10-07 Legislative Commission District III YOU NEED, Charlotte Engineering & Surveying, Inc. has applied for a one year extension to the Preliminary Plat approval of PP 06-10-07 – West Charlotte Harbor Boat and Tennis Club. The project was approved for 135 single family residential lots in Section 9, 10, 15, and 16, Township 41 South, Range 21 East. The site, consisting of 99.6 acres, more or less, is located east of Gasparilla Road (CR 771, south of the Butterford Waterway, north of Abalone Road, in Commission District III. SHOULD ANY AGENCY OR PERSON DECIDE TO APPEAL ANY DECISION MADE BY THE BOARD WITH RESPECT TO ANY MATTER CONSIDERED SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. AT SUCH MEETING, A RECORD OF THE PROCEEDING, AND FOR SUCH PURPOSE, A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE PROCEEDING IS REQUIRED, WHICH RECORD INCLUDES THE TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE APPEAL IS TO BE BASED. The Charlotte County Commission meeting room is accessible to the physically disabled. However, if you need assistance or SUN- require auxiliary aids and services please contact our office at 941-743-1392. FM Sound Enhancement Units for the Hearing ? Impaired are available at the Front Desk. " P.O. #: 2009001446.EE A l WSPAPERS Publish: April 26, 2009 Charlotte • DeSoto • Englewood • Nod Pmt • Venice 328232 11 1
  • 23. The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 FROM PAGE ONE C Our Town Page 7 BUDGET: CCSO numbers studied | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS FROM PAGE 1 construction. But unlike with the modular units National Baseball game, 5243, 941-473-3500 or the county, which had the that we had,” Cummings 941-575-5228. without courts and opportunity to stop said. Day of Prayer fundraiser corrections addresses building new facilities and The Sheriff’s Office has The National Day of The baseball game Fashion show solely payroll and cancel or postpone significantly increased its Prayer is May 7. This between the Charlotte personnel planned ones to reduce staff thanks, in part, to a year the theme is Stone Crabs and the Hilary’s Modeling expansion. In spending, the sheriff must five-year plan adopted in “Prayer, America’s Palm Beach Cardinals Agency presents that span, still staff the jail. Without 2004. That plan set a goal Hope.” There are three will not only entertain Southwest Florida adjusted for construction projects in to have two officers per local observances: baseball enthusiasts, but Fashion Week from inflation, the his budget, cuts were thousand residents of • 12:15 p.m. to also will benefit the 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. May 22 cost-per- more difficult to find. Charlotte County. 12:45 p.m. at the County Charlotte County Police and 23 at the Charlotte resident for Cameron said given the Currently, the CCSO has Administration Center, Athletic League. The Harbor Event and law enforce- fact that the county’s 1.9 officers per thousand. 18500 Murdock Circle, game will be held at Conference Center, 75 Fire/EMS employees Murdock. 7:05 p.m. May 22 at Taylor St., Punta Gorda. CAMERON ment went Cameron said it’s too from $175.03 received raises last year early to tell if there will be • 12:15 p.m. to Charlotte Sports Park, The show will include to $267.38 a decade later. while the Sheriff’s Office any layoffs in the coming 12:45 p.m. at the Punta 2300 El Jobean Road, famous guest designers The total number of did not, he believes it year. Gorda City Hall Annex at Port Charlotte. The from New York and Paris, employees, including jail would be unfair to hold He believes the County West Marion Avenue and Zooperstars and various and live music. Proceeds staffing, went from 370 pay levels flat again for Commission’s self- Harvey Street. superheroes will be go to benefit Grant After to 635. another year. • 6:30 p.m. worship and present throughout the School Academy. imposed millage-rate “The jail changed by prayer service at the park for the kids to meet Tickets cost $20 in hold is not the best almost four times, and A coming YMCA Dotzler Outdoor and take pictures with. advance or $25 at the decision. If the commis- that’s a county function, conflict? Center, 22801 Bayshore Special tickets are being box office. Vendors are sioners were to increase not our function,” said Road, Charlotte Harbor. sold for $15 each and welcome. For more the millage rate to equal information, call 941- Col. David Bonsall, CCSO The Sheriff’s Office last year’s revenue, the Includes a ministry and include the game, a free executive officer. “On the recently asked for an nonprofit expo, begin- Charlotte Stone Crabs 629-0319 or 347-661- situation would be 9981, or visit other hand, law enforce- extension until June to ning at 6 p.m. baseball cap, and a free resolved. www.swflfashion ment didn’t change provide the preliminary For more information, game program. For “They don’t have to or anywhere near as dramat- budget totals. Members of call Debbie at 941- tickets and more infor- increase,” Cameron said. ically.” the County Commission 456-6804. mation, call 941-575- “They can maintain the voted to not grant that extension, meaning exact same levels that Constitutional they had last year, which Cameron must meet the comparison May 1 — Friday — does not create an deadline. emergency for the The Sun’s analysis of constitutional officers.” constitutional office Taking the hardest stance against the E-mail: nhughes@ budgets has addressed the general revenue portion Sheriff’s Office has been of the budget — the pot of Commissioner Bob Starr, advertisement advertisement money from which the who believes all of the Business Profile County Commission has county’s departments by Glen asked the constitutionals have experienced signifi- cant bloat over the last Nickerson to cut 15 percent, or $10 million. Given the sheer decade. Does your business qualify? Call 941-206-1262 size of the Sheriff’s Office, “We asked them for 15 the lion’s share of the percent,” Starr said of the constitutional cuts would Sheriff’s Office, “and the “ A b s o l u t e B l i n d s ” S e l l s A l l S t y l e s O f Tr e a t m e n t s have to come from the feedback was, ‘We can’t A very common trend today in clean and uncluttered look that s company who provides the best CCSO. give you 15 percent.’” regards to window fashion is both practical and attractive. If quality verticals and service. I think Bonsall and Cameron He said he feels it’s vertical blinds. Verticals provide a you re interested in buying custom you ll be very impressed with their have taken issue with the unacceptable that the vertical blinds, you ll want to endless selection of styles. Also, Sun’s budget analysis combined cost of police contact a place called Absolute Absolute Blinds Etc. is an official methods. They believe and fire protection in Blinds Etc. at 2842 Tamiami Trail Graber and Hunter Douglas that isolating the general Charlotte County is over in Port Charlotte, phone 627-5444. Priority dealer. They sell and install revenue, most of which is $100 million. Absolute Blinds Etc. is one of the best quality plantation shutters, replenished through “We need to have the top vertical blinds wood horizontals, mini-blinds, property taxes, is an adequate protection, but I manufacturers/dealers in South pleated shades as well as top unfair approach. just believe we’re getting West Florida. They make their treatments, cornices, draperies They also feel that hosed,” Starr said. i vertical blinds right here locally and wallpaper. Again, no one although the sheriff is a To an observer, the and are able to sell them to you at beats their fantastically low prices. constitutional office, as a budget dispute between F much lower, factory-direct prices. Oh, and just in case you need public safety entity it the county and the You would be pressed to find some help making an informed should not be directly Sheriff’s Office might anyone who offers more styles to decision, Absolute Blinds Etc. has “Absolute Blinds Etc.” sells the compared to the other seem like it is escalating world s best designer blinds and choose from and you just can t a talented interior decorator on-site four constitutionals: the to an eventual confronta- window treatments at lower prices. beat the savings they offer. to assist you and they provide free clerk of court, the prop- tion. The County They also provide excellent service. Absolute Blinds Etc. is a terrific installation. erty appraiser, the Commission has the right supervisor of elections to reject the sheriff’s and the tax collector. They proposed budget, at Bailey s Beef Country Is A Cut Above The Rest feel the county-controlled which point the sheriff There are some things are just Bailey s Beef Country is not only They also offer food packages at Fire/EMS, which is not a has the ability to appeal to too important to be stingy about. your beef provider but it carries a very reasonable rates and will even constitutional office, the state. Beef is definitely one of those variety of products such as fresh take food stamps. Whatever your would be a reasonable Cameron said he does things. So when you are looking chickens, home made sausage, culinary needs may be Baileys Beef comparison. not anticipate that he will for the prime cut, there is only one lamb, veal, bacon, premium all Country has just the right cut for At $60 million, the have to go to the state for place to go in Charlotte County, beef hot dogs and a full line of you. budget approval, but he Bailey s Beef Country located at pork. To round out your meal you sheriff’s budget is far and will not rule out the 2320 Tamiami Trail in Port can also pick up your choice of away the largest of Charlotte, phone 629-6965. homemade side dishes like potato Charlotte County’s option. Commissioner Dick Bailey s Beef Country is salad, twice baked potatoes, constitutional offices. It’s licensed to sell Certified Angus chicken salad, cole-slaw, ham also been subject to the Loftus has taken a softer t L . approach to addressing Beef (CAB). As a CAB distributor, salad and much, much more. most scrutiny from Bailey s is obligated to dedicate its If you re looking for that rare members of the County the sheriff’s budget prior entire red meat cast to CAB. CAB butchered item ask shop owner Commission, as the to Friday’s deadline. meats are the most flavorful, juicy Gary Bailey about cuts of Buffalo, county looks toward the “I just feel that we’re all and tender cuts of beef you can Maple Leaf Duck, Alligator, Dry 1 2009-2010 fiscal year. a part of a family,” Loftus buy and the standards exceed the Age Strips and Rib Eyes. They The commissioners said. “We all have to hang USDA Prime Choice and Select even carry Amish Wedding foods. believe that each consti- in here together. We’re Graded beef criteria. Bailey s Beef Bailey s Beef Country offers food tutional office has been going through difficult Country prides itself on providing samples daily and they carry a asked to cut 15 percent times. We’ll work through the highest quality products and limited supply of frozen seafood, Gary Bailey at Bailey s Beef from their general it. I’m hoping that the outstanding service in a clean, wild caught salmon, Mahi and Ahi Country sells premium Certified revenue-funded budget, sheriff will be willing to fresh atmosphere. Tuna. Angus Beef. although Cameron look at it and scrutinize disputes that point. He his budget.” Q: My car desperately needs a new paint job. Do you know Prompt Towing is conveniently located in the central part of However, he added that someone reputable in the area that does good quality paint southwest Florida which gives them easy access to all areas of the said he never was asked jobs? state. Their office hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM and explicitly to cut that much he does expect to see cuts A: It is no secret to readers of my column that I encourage you to take they are of course available 24 hours a day for emergencies. — and even if he was, from Cameron’s office. your car over to Jackie s Auto Body at 19888 Veterans Hwy. in Port Charlotte, phone 255-5967. Jack D Amico at Jackie s Auto Body is one Q: My car just isn t running right but I m not doing so would be “He’s got to look into it of the best auto body pros in the business and he does gorgeous custom sure who I can trust to fix it. Can you impossible. and be more cost- paint jobs. Jack is well known locally for his fine quality auto body and recommend a reputable mechanic who does paint work and many area residents and car dealers use Jackie s Auto “I’m anticipating that effective in the way that Body. In addition to beautiful custom paint jobs, Jackie s is a full service good work? A: If you need an honest evaluation told to you we will probably have he delivers the services,” shop where they do everything from repairing minor dings and dents to in terms you can understand, then let the Dr. D s major collision damage. They re on the Preferred Insurance list and do a another decrease over last Loftus said. lot of insurance claims. Jackie s Auto Body enjoys an excellent Auto Repair give you the prognosis. They will repair and service all makes and models of cars year,” the sheriff said. “It’s reputation in the community and has very reasonable rates. It goes and light trucks; both foreign and domestic! They without saying that they stand behind their work. just not going to be near The plan are located at 23415 Janice Ave. (Whidden 15 percent. I’ll be lucky to vs. the cost Q: I seem to be having some problems with water pressure. I Industrial Park) in Charlotte Harbor; phone 941- get 1 percent.” think that I m having some issues with my pipes. Can you 743-3677. Owners Dean Mintone and Mike True recommend a reputable company to get my water treated? are two of the best and most experienced ASE Commissioner Adam A: It sounds to me like you may have a bad case of Silica in your technicians in the area, give them a call. Historical Cummings said the pipes. Silica comes from the weathering of silicate minerals in the ground. It causes no harmful effects to humans, but large amounts can Q: I walked into a big name electronics store to buy a flat perspective sheriff’s budget is a price cause scaling in pipes that impacts water flow. s c r e e n L C D T V, b u t I h a d t w o d i f f e r e n t s a l e s m e n t e l l m e the county chose to pay OK, you caught me, I didn t know that either but I did ask Chris conflicting things about the set I was interested in. Where can I Tutsch, owner of Aquaflow, LLC, and he gave me the scoop on this From 1998 to 2008, the for safety. issue. Chris also informed me that the installation of a water softener buy a good flat screen TV and get my questions answered correctly? Sheriff’s Office’s budget “A real big percentage of will usually solve this problem. A: Before you open your wallet and drop down that hard earned their budget is payroll,” Aquaflow, LLC is located at 17218 Toledo Blade Blvd, Unit #8, Port increases closely mimic Charlotte, FL 33954, Phone 941-255-9213. The retail store hours are cash, I advise you to visit “Quality TV” at 14212 S. Tamiami Trail in the trend also seen by the Cummings said. “Do you Monday-Friday 8:00am-12:00pm Saturday 9-4 and 24 hour North Port, phone 426-1773. Talk to owner Mike Morales. Now celebrating their 38th year, “Quality TV” is one of the best TV retail/ County Commission- want a fully manned, emergency service is always available. service centers in South West Florida. Since they re also a repair Aquaflow, LLC sells and services water treatment system controlled budget. The professional Sheriff’s equipment. From pumps and pressure tanks to filters and membranes, center, “Quality TV” knows which brands are the best engineered and Office or not? How many most reliable. “Quality TV”sells the sensational flat screen LCD and difference is, after the there is no aspect of purifying the water coming into your home that plasma TVs by LG (20 inches to 60 inches). No one has lower prices Aquaflow, LLC can t install or improve. Aquaflow installs and services peak in 2008, the county deputies do you want on equipment throughout North Port, as well as Venice, Port Charlotte and “Quality TV” provides excellent customer service. They re also an made significant cuts, the street?” and Punta Gorda. authorized dealer/installer for Dish Network and DirectTV, so they can have you channel surfing in no time. while the CCSO saw a He said before the Q: I have some heavy equipment that I minor budget decrease county invested in its n e e d m o v e d t o a d i ff e r e n t l o c a t i o n h e r e i n Q: When we moved to Florida, we carted down a house full of I J under the leadership of existing jail, which Florida. Who can help me with my antiques, art glass and paintings, now we just don t have the transportation needs? r o o m f o r a l l o f i t . We w a n t t o s e l l a l o t o f i t e m s . W h o i n t h i s a r e a John Davenport — opened in 2001, the A: Weather you need your car towed or you will buy what we have? thanks, in most part, to a modular facilities used to need a crane moved the name that should always A: There s an outstanding place you can contact called Westchester be at the top of your list is Prompt Towing. They Gold at 4200-F Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte (behind ABC Liquor), freeze on raises. house inmates were are located at 11139 Tamiami Trail, 639-4000. It phone 625-0666. Ask for owner Steve Duke. Now celebrating their Of course, much like unsafe for the public. He doesn t matter if you need to tow an RV or a VW, 36th year, Westchester Gold is one of the area s largest and most Prompt has the right truck for any job. Prompt reputable buyers of jewelry, antiques and collectibles. Steve is always the sheriff’s costs have cited a case where Towing has been in business in Charlotte County purchasing estate jewelry, diamonds, older-style men s watches, risen due to the jail convicts managed to push I for 22 years. They provide all manner of coins, antiques, Oriental rugs, paintings, art, glass and a whole lot expansion, most of the comprehensive towing, transport, heavy out a window and escape equipment, dealer towing and private property towing. They can even more. Really he s interested in anything that may be old and unusual. He will buy just one piece or entire estates. I urge you to contact Steve county’s budget increases the facility. move small sheds and generators. You can get a hook on all their at Westchester Gold for a free evaluation and cash offer. were due to new “I was not impressed services at 355273
  • 24. Our Town Page 8 C LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 You can’t catch them if you don’t | WEEKLY RECORD know where they are! Check out the ■ BIRTHS Renei Skywatcher and Jacob 5:25 p.m. April 18. He weighed Fish Finder every Thursday, only in Riddell of Englewood, at 11:27 9 pounds, 8 ounces. Benjamin Kao, to Faith a.m. April 14. He weighed Gisele Elise Hickmott, to WaterLine, only in Sorbino and Leo Kao of North 6 pounds, 10 ounces. Miriah Rose Hickmott of Port, at 7:23 p.m. April 9. He Mia Mae Mackey, to Punta Gorda, at 8:42 p.m. April NEWSPAPERS weighed 6 pounds, 9.5 ounces. Elizabeth Baatz and Kyle 20. She weighed 5 pounds, Emily Lynn Briner, to Nicole Mackey of Englewood, at 6 ounces. Marie and Eric Briner of Port 12:04 p.m. April 14. She Cierra Renee’ Chavez, to NEW PATIENT Charlotte, at 11:34 a.m. April 12. She weighed 7 pounds, weighed 6 pounds, 1 ounce. Preslee Paige Kolb, to Sara R. Lindenbusch and Daniel R. Chavez of Sarasota, Senior Specials 7 ounces. Megan and James Kolb of at 8:08 a.m. April 21. She Daniella Maria Caradonna, North Port, at 3:57 p.m. April weighed 5 pounds, to Angelina and Rosario 16. She weighed 6 pounds, 15.8 ounces. Caradonna of Port Charlotte, at 12 ounces. Kolton Leland McIntosh, to FREE 30 8:18 a.m. April 13. She Faith Deann Kinsey, to Kay Shelby and Michael McIntosh EYE Save $ ON EYEGLASSES weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces. Lynn Kinsey and Jeffrey Madalyn Frances Sinift, to Thursam of Port Charlotte, at of Port Charlotte, at 5:48 a.m. April 22. He weighed 7 pounds, EXAM Amber Blanche Parker and 10:27 a.m. April 17. She 12 ounces. (One Pair) Clyde Angel Sinift of Port weighed 6 pounds, Sofia Elena Labrador, to Charlotte, at 2 p.m. April 13. 2.5 ounces. Maday and Luis Labrador of on any complete pair of She weighed 8 pounds, Nathan Allen Murray, to Port Charlotte, at 8:44 a.m. COMPLETE MEDICAL EYE EXAM glasses (frame and lenses)! 6 ounces. Dylan Tyler Woodside, to Jenny Conway and Zack Murray of Port Charlotte, at April 22. She weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces. includes prescription for eye glasses, and Coupon must be presented at time of tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye purchase. Not valid with other coupons, diseases. Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older. discounts, package offers, sale items, promotional offers, most insurance | WINNERS CIRCLE programs or non-prescription sunglasses. FOR AN APPOINTMENT CALL $150 minimum purchase. Bayfront Pinochle winners on April 16 Garbowicz, 1569; Paul Day, were: Bonnie Weithman, 1672; 1541. Port Charlotte - 766-7474 Port Charlotte - 766-7474 Duplicate Bridge Club Rita Harkey, 1540; John Monday Night Pinochle U.S. Citizens Only Coupon Expires 5/1/09 U.S. Citizens Only Coupon Expires 5/1/09 winners on April 13 were: Garbowicz, 1533. winners on April 20 were: 1-Lynn and Fred Grimm; 2-Earl Duplicate Bridge Club 1-Virginia Clayton, 740; 2-Jug N E W L O C AT I O N Lewis, Sue Jones; 3-Marilyn Grant, Evelyn Palmer. April 15: winners on April 14 were: N/S: 1-Gerald Unger, Chuck Gogia, 687; 3-Sally Durban, 647. Dr. Thomas Quigley 1-Florence Burns, Sue Jones; Skarvan; 2-Marilyn Grant, Lois Port Charlotte Cribbage Club 2/3-Judy Johnson, Peggy 20600-A Veterans Blvd., Port Charlotte, FL • 941-766-7474 Pearson; 2/3-Charles Lapidus, Kenyon; 3-Paul and Rhoda St. 147 winners on April 22 were: (Corner of Veterans & Atwater) Laurent. E/W: 1-MaryJo Joe Cornelissen, 16; Ed Pierce, George Renner. April 17: N/S: Dunnebacke, Beverly Arbizzani; 15; Bill Farrow, 15; Jim Marshall, Complete Eye Care for Adults 1-Ernie Bourque, Owen Devet; 2-Isabel James, Mildred Noble; 3-George Renner, Sue Jones. 2-Nancy and Ted Thelin; 3-Helen Sullivan, Mike Labick. April 16 (a.m.): N/S: 1-Evelyn 15; Fran Bourque, 15; Roger Dreyling, 14; Bea Cook, 14. Wednesday Night Double E/W: 1-Richard Fasnacht, Jerry Palmer, Judy Johnson; 2-Jim Deck Pinochle winners on April Chada; 2-David Valliant, Joe Vail, Tom Kirk; 3-Dorothy and 22 were: Doug Harkey, 1826; Potter; 3-Chuck May, Audrey Roger James. E/W: 1-Mary Bonnie Weithman, 1728; Wanda Seay. Pender, Margaret Burt; 2-Dick ? ? 4 Hutchinson, 1636. Locker, Bert Rockower; 3-Bill Charlotte Harbor Marten, Marie Maloney. April Rebekah Lodge Yacht Club 16 (p.m.): N/S: 1-Charles , Lapidus, Brad Steele; 2-Chuck Friendly Bridge, Golden Rule l. Ladies Bridge winners on winners on April 14 were: April 21 were: 1-Beverlee May, Joe Potter; 3-Joyce and James Campbell, O.D. James Cole, M.D. Michael M. Lewis, M.D. Thomas A. Quigley, M.D. Owen Devet. E/W: 1-Helen Mitchell Movement, N/S: 1-Mid Board Certified Board Certified Board Certified Board Certified Winslow; 2-Louise Bankard; and John Noble; 2-Val and Nay 3-Lee Dutka; 4-Phoebe Sullivan, Rosemary Mack; Optometric Physician Cataract and Retina Surgeon Eye Physician Eye Surgeon 2-Judy Johnson, Kathryn Haag; Bentley; 3-Jan and Dave Fellowship Trained & Surgeon Cataract Specialist McMillan. Atkinson. E/W: 1-Julia and Slam Bridge winners on April 3-Bill Marten, Harold Schwartz. 355721 Euchre Winners on April 17 Zenon Stromeckyj; 2-Anne and “Experience Call 22 were: 1-Glenn Tschetter; were: 1-Janet Knechtel, 81; Bill Thiebodeau; 3-Joyce and and Care 2-Geri Dempsey; 3-Harold You Can Trust” 941-766-7474 Clark; 4-Frank Chulay. 2-Bill Heron, 80; 2-Marty Webb, 80; 3-Mary Lewis, 77. Wally Downs. April 21: Howell Movement: 1-Mid and John Sunday Double Deck Noble; 2-Anne and Bill NO HIDDEN CHARGES: It is our policy that the patient and any other person responsible for payments has the right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed by payment or any other service, Cultural Center Pinochle winners on April 19 Thiebodeau; 3-Val and Nay examination or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Thursday Night Double Deck were: Flo Nelson, 1573; John Bentley. I | BIRTHDAYS Enjoy the SUN NEWSPAPERS FAMILY DAY at the Charlotte Stone Crabs Game Happy 11th birthday to Happy 12th birthday to Happy 14th birthday to Joshua Haynicz on his Tiffani Lee Sweet on her Victoria Marie Sweet on special day April 24. special day April 17. her special day May 14. TODAY! Find The Perfect Companion CLASSIFIEDS! SUN '4?? In the SUN --'? NEWSPAPER S NEWS PAPERS America's BEST Community Daily Family Day STARTING AT $19,400!! Complete Pool Package Four Pack Find it Find it ars Seven Ye r s y of Reade Choice g pOOIS Awards ! in the in the 353959 Lic./Insured 625-5056 Classifieds!! C l as s i f i e d s 4 Reserved Seats Lic.#CPO56749 SPECIALIZING IN NEW 1212 Enterprise Drive CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATIONS Port Charlotte, FL 33953 - 4 Hot Dogs CALL FOR DETAILS 4 Soft Drinks I’m so tired of yo-yo dieting. 4 Chips I’m ready for something that works. : .f Mississippi 45 Call for a FREE Gastric Banding seminar, $ 1 Presented by Matthew Bagan, D.O. Gaming Casinos May 10th & 24th & June 14th 113.00* I I 941-624-4441 $ Call to register Biloxi *Pay $219 & receive H2u at Fawcett Memorial Hospital ONLY 3 Meals & $70.00 Bonuses 3280 Tamiami Tr., # 493 • Port Charlotte, FL 33952 ($106 value) ppdo (located in Promenades Mall) Includes 4 Days, 3 Nights 351040 Isle of Capri Must Present Coupon at the Box Office Escorted Motorcoach for your pleasure & safety. Offer Valid Sunday, April 26, 2009 Only (941) 473-1481 355392 1 (800) 284-1015 357797 21298 Olean Blvd. • Port Charlotte, FL 33952 • 1-877-4-HCA-DOCS ON THE ROAD AGAIN TOURS
  • 25. The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS C Our Town Page 9 The week ahead in Arts & Humanities I want to thank Valerie be ordered online at hors d’oeuvres and a cash Web site: http://north- The award presentation Sneade and Turning www.turningleaf bar. The program begins will take place during the Leaf Productions for at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are Register by phone at 941- FTHP’s annual confer- making the Arts & Monday evening, the $25 for adults, $10 for 423-6360, or in person at ence in Palm Beach Humanities Council the Judy Military Heritage students. The program is the Art Center. County on May 15. beneficiary of last Malbuisson Museum plays host to a fundraiser for the The council is thrilled Congratulations to all weekend’s show, retired U.S. Army Col. museum. to learn the Historic involved with the project. “Legends: Viva Las Vegas.” Ben Purcell for a special The North Port Art Charlotte County Judy A. Malbuisson is We raised $500 through homage to middle age, POW presentation. Purcell Center is registering for Courthouse rehab project the executive director of the generosity of Valerie’s “Estro-Gin & Tonic,” to will tell his courageous its next two sessions of won a 2009 Preservation the Arts & Humanities audience. the Cultural Center story of being held classes. The five-week Award in the category of Council of Charlotte Turning Leaf Theater at 7 p.m. Tickets captive in Vietnam for sessions start May 11 and Restoration/Rehabilitatio County. She can be Production’s Summer are $16 and may be more than five years. Held June 12 and cost $55 for n from the Florida Trust reached at 941-764-8100 Series starts Saturday purchased by calling 941- at American Legion Post members and $85 for for Historic Preservation. or charlottearts@ when Boston-based 206-LEAF (5323), or after 103 on Taylor Road in nonmembers. You can Tom Hammer of Rowe Visit the singer-actress Ida Zecco hours at 941-380-2507. Punta Gorda, the event find specific class infor- Architects nominated the Council’s Web site at brings her hilarious Reserved seats also may begins at 5:30 p.m. with mation on the center’s project for this award. FREE ONLINE FREE ONLINE Bringing science to the range CLASSIFIED ADS CLASSIFIED ADS Enter your own Internet Ad for private party merchandise less than $500 - FREE! By SUSAN E. HOFFMAN DESOTO ASSISTANT EDITOR Look... ARCADIA — When you bite into that juicy burger or sizzling steak, science is probably the last thing on your mind. But raising cattle Ten Years Younger! depends on science. These days, to be successful a rancher has to be a bit of a botanist, geologist, meteorologist, Call Dr. Watine chemist and hydrologist. Helping ranchers learn and Find Out How! and implement agricul- With fifteen years experience in Age Management tural science is the job of the Range Cattle Research and Rejuvenation Procedures, Dr. Watine is and Education Center, trained in Advanced Non-SurgicalTechiniques of under the University of Botox, Derma Fillers & Schlerotherapy. Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Science. Situated in Ona, Hardee SUN PHOTOS BY SUSAN E. HOFFMAN, See What He Can do For You! County, the Range Cattle Soil scientist Maria Silveira of the Range Cattle Research and Education Center hw est Flor ou t id REC investigates ways to describes to ranchers how the minerals in soil can influence the type and amount of improve the business of fertilizers needed. S cattle ranching, focusing on Florida soils and One persuasive reason Medical Center for Age Management, Wellness and Rejuvenation a conditions. may be the costs of Recently, the Range transporting cattle and 941-205-3034 Cattle REC held an open feeding them grains such house to show off two as corn. 713 E. Marion Ave., new buildings — a new There may be health Suite 129 Robert Watine, MD 355779 (Board Certified Internal Medicine) laboratory and a dormi- reasons, too. Research Punta Gorda tory for graduate students done at Kansas State and visiting scientists. A University suggests cattle few hundred people fed certain grains have an attended to learn the increased propensity to latest in ranch research. harbor E. coli bacteria, IF YOU’RE NOT AT YOUR LAST JOB, YOUR 401 (k) Rancher Duane which can be deadly for Brummett of Wauchula humans. said, “I come here every Others feel grass- Joanna Newman, left, Jerry Bennett, Tim White and Mary year and I learn some- feeding cattle is “greener,” Duryea discuss a plot of switch grass, while from the thing new every time. “I learn what I did more environmentally acceptable, than giving background Brent Sellers of the Range Cattle REC explains switch grass can be used for biomass production. SHOULDN’T BE EITHER. wrong,” he laughed, “and them all those grains. It Leaving a 401(k) with a previous employer could mean now they’ll show us how has an “organic” appeal. leaving it alone with no one to watch over it. to do it right.” But the feed industry At Edward Jones, we can explain options for your 401(k) points to research in Iowa and help you select the one that’s best for you. If you’d like Grass claiming grass-fed beef to roll it over into an Edward Jones IRA, we can help you versus grain generate more green- do it without paying taxes or penalties. So you can feel con- house gas emissions than fident someone is looking out for you and your 401(k). This year, Range Cattle their grain-fattened REC director John cousins. Arguably, cattle To find out why it makes sense to talk with Edward Arthington brought a can reach market size in a Jones about your 401(k) options, call or visit your group out to the cow shorter time and require local investment representative today. pens to talk about grass- less acreage. finished beef. Another Range Cattle Janet M Bresky, Jim Koinis, “Now we have to ship REC researcher, Joe Financial Advisor Financial Advisor 100 Sullivan Street, cows to Texas, Oklahoma, Vendramini, said grass- 14969 Tamiami Trail Suite 111 Kansas to a feed lot,” he North Port, FL 34287 fed beef may fill a niche- 941-426-4437 Punta Gorda, FL 33950 said, “but we want to 941-639-1170 market — possibly a finish them on grass right niche that has yet to be Austin Bateman, left, herdsman for the Range Cattle here and not have to ship created. Research and Education Center, explains a new method using a fabric called “Cattle Carpet” to help keep pens 366788 them away.” For some businesses Most cattle will graze (hotels or restaurants) clean and dry. on grasses during some that want to certify their the REC to hear scientific attention. They ask part of their lives, but it’s food comes from within a lectures, the kinds of sophisticated questions I Member SIPC I when they are grain-fed certain distance, grass- articles usually associated about different forms of that they bulk up and add fed beef may be the only with highbrow academic nitrogen fertilizer and marbling from fat that option. It would be in types. when to apply phos- helps flavor the beef. Pasture-grazing or Florida, where there are no big feed lots. But for Maria Silveira, a phorus. Good Shepherd Day School professor with the Ranchers were equally forage-fed cattle tend to be leaner and the fat is now, the REC is just trying to figure out what RCREC, led a group to an interested in the forage 2009 Classic Golf Scramble open, grassy meadow and weed display Brent more yellow. would make grass- dotted with signs. Most in Sellers of the RCREC “It’s a different taste,” finished beef more her audience wore created. Here one could said Arthington. “My wife profitable. cowboy hats and boots; see a specimen of tropical likes it, but I don’t some chewed absently on soda apple, a vicious- particularly care for it.” Almost 70 years stalks of grass plucked looking weed with inch- Still, he is researching of agri-science from Silveira’s research long thorns, not only on how long the cattle pasture. its stems, but covering should graze on which types of forage to attain The REC has been answering questions like Silveira, a soil scientist, the leaves as well. Saturday, May 2, 2009 ideal weight gain. that for almost 70 years. is studying the chemical nature of Florida’s soils Ranchers wandered among the plots as Sellers Kingsway Country Club Last year, Arthington Established in 1941, it is and how they interact talked about ways to 7:30am Registration - 8:30am Shotgun Start said, they took several the largest of the 13 with the water table. The manage weeds and cattle and put them on a University of Florida IFAS signs mark her test plots. enhance the growth of forage diet — so many research centers and the She’s examining soil forage. $75 Entry Fee Includes: days eating bahia grass, only one in the southern chemistry to ascertain All this work is Continental Breakfast • Cart & Greens Fee so many days eating rye part of Florida that which fertilizers should intended to help Florida’s Beverages on Course • Lunch Buffet grass, etc. — along with focuses exclusively on be applied, when and beef industry survive and various nutritional livestock, forage and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Team Prizes • Raffle how much. It’s the kind of prosper. For almost 70 supplements. The state’s grazing lands. With high-level geochemistry years, the Range Cattle Major Sponsors: purpose of the research is its own herd of more than Sun Flea Market/KidStar Park that might seem out of research station has done Weiler Engineering/Exotic Pools by Janeen to find out what combi- 1,000 head of cattle and place beyond a college just that. Dr. & Mrs. Donald Woytowitz nations of grasses are more than 2,800 acres of classroom, but her E-mail: shoffman@ Halsey & Co. Advisory Services best to achieve the ideal land, the Range Cattle audience pays close growth rate. The goal is to REC’s mission is to bring For More Information, Please Call: have the cattle reach a science to bear on market weight of 1,100 improving productivity of HEAR SOME GOOD NEWS? HEAR SOME GOOD NEWS? 941-575-2139 I 355270 pounds at no more than beef cattle. LET US KNOW... two years old. Now it is a valuable Why raise cattle on resource for area Charlotte DeSoto North Port Englewood grass without grain? ranchers who come to 206-1100 494-0300 426-9544 474-5521
  • 26. Our Town Page 10 C LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Sunday, April 26, 2009 | CLASS DIRECTORY (All phone number area codes are • Pine needle weaving workshop, Center of Charlotte County, 2280 Regional Park, 670 Cooper St., Punta 8:15 a.m. Saturdays, Punta Gorda 1312 Market Circle, Unit 11, Port 941 unless otherwise noted.) 9 a.m. first Tuesday and Thursday, Aaron St., Port Charlotte. Prices vary. Gorda. $35 per person per month; Club, 2905 Tamiami Trail. 505-0999. Charlotte. 286-3475. 22959 Bayshore Road, Port Charlotte. 625-4175, ext. 223. www.cultural $60 per couple. 505-8686. • Body pump, 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. • Sit-N-Fit chair aerobics, beginners ARTS $12 for members; $15 for nonmembers. 629-PAST (7278). • Various computer classes, Visual • Ballroom dancing, 1:30 p.m. instructions, 2 p.m. dancing Tuesdays, Mondays, 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. 12:30 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and 9 a.m. Thursdays Thursdays; intermediate 11 a.m. • Various arts classes, Visual Arts • Youth strings group lessons, Arts Center, 210 Maud St., Punta Alligator Park, 6400 Taylor Road, Punta and Saturdays, Twist Fitness for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; Center, 210 Maud St., Punta Gorda. 4 p.m. Fridays, Good Shepherd Day Gorda. Prices vary. 639-8810. Gorda. $5 per couple; $3 per person Women, Port Charlotte Town Center, advance 11 a.m. Sundays, Tuesdays Prices vary. 639-8810. www.visualart- School, Lower School campus, 1800 each week. 639-8912. 1441 Tamiami Trail. 743-2348. and Thursdays, Body One Fitness Club, Shreve St., Punta Gorda. $5. • Various computer classes, IMPAC • Belly dancing, 6 p.m., Fridays, • Body sculpt, 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays 12355-B S.W. County Road 769, Lake • Various art classes, Cultural Center 575-2139. University Campus, 900 W. Marion Higher Ground Performing Arts Studio, and Thursdays, Edison State College Suzy. $10 each; $40 month. of Charlotte County, 2280 Aaron St., • Woodcarving, 8 a.m. Tuesdays, Ave., Punta Gorda. $60. 2672 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte. YMCA, 26300 Airport Road, Punta 766-0003. Port Charlotte. Prices vary. 625-4175, Punta Gorda Boat Club, 802 Retta 941-833-3474. $32 per card; $10 per class. Gorda. 505-4000. • Stretch ‘n’ Tone, 11 a.m. Mondays, ext. 223. Esplanade. $10. 505-4246 or 625-3622. • Body step, 8:15 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, First United • Knitting, 1 p.m. Tuesdays, 10 a.m. Saturdays, Knit Wit Studios, 4300 575-4276. DANCE • Belly dancing, 11 a.m. Mondays, Punta Gorda Woman’s Club, Sullivan Wednesdays and Fridays, 9:30 a.m. Methodist Church of Punta Gorda, Saturdays, Punta Gorda Club, 2905 507 W. Marion Ave. 639-3842 or Kings Highway, Suite 207, Port Charlotte. $45 for four weeks. COMPUTERS • Ballroom dancing, 7 p.m. Tuesdays, 11 a.m. Wednesdays, Street. $5. • Belly dancing, 6 p.m. Tuesdays, Tamiami Trail. 505-0999. 575-2034. • Boot camp, 8:30 a.m. Fridays, • Tai Chi Qi Gong, 9:30 a.m. 629-4600. • Various computer classes, Cultural 4:30 p.m. Fridays, South County Ancient Traditions Healing Studio, Franz Ross branch YMCA, 19333 Saturdays, Gilchrist Park, 400 W. Retta 18260 Paulson Drive, Unit C, Port Quesada Ave., Port Charlotte, Esplanade, Punta Gorda. Free. Cataracts? Charlotte. 626-3113. 629-9622. • Tai Chi, 10 a.m. Mondays, Laishley • Belly dancing, 5:30 p.m. Fridays, • Boot camp, 6 p.m. Tuesdays and Park, 100 E. Retta Esplanade, Building Franz Ross YMCA, 19333 Quesada Thursdays, Body One Fitness Club, 111, Punta Gorda. $10 per class; $50 Ave., Port Charlotte. 629-9622. 12355-B S.W. County Road 769, Lake for six weeks. 276-0674 or Smart Lenses : SM Dr. Thomas Quigley’s SmartLens procedure can produce clear vision without eyeglasses close up, • Country line dance lessons, 7 p.m. Wednesdays, Fishermen’s Suzy. $10 each; $40 month. 766-0003. • Tai Chi, 4 p.m. Thursdays, The Yoga far away and in between. Village center court, 1200 W. Retta Irv1 Esplanade, Punta Gorda. $3. • Cardio pump, 10 a.m. Mondays and 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Twist Fitness Sanctuary, 403 Sullivan St., Punta “Freedom from Gorda. 505-YOGA or www.theyoga Call for SmartLens eye glasses now a 639-8721. for Women, Port Charlotte Town Center, evaluation with ?r • Latin dance, 12:15 p.m. 1441 Tamiami Trail. 743-2348. • Tai Chi (adults), 9:30 a.m. 355720 reality for many” of Port Charlotte Wednesdays, Progressive Health Club, • Circuit training, 5:15 p.m. Fridays, Mondays, South County Recreation Call Today at: Dr. Quigley Thomas Quigley; Map. 17751 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte. Charlotte Regional Medical Center Center, 670 Cooper St., Punta Gorda. Port Charlotte Board Certified Eye Surgeon COUPON EXPIRES January 15, 2007 743-8700. Wellness Center, 733 E. Olympia Ave., $70 for six weeks. 505-8686. 766-7474 • Salsa dance, 6:30 p.m. Mondays, Punta Gorda. 637-2450. • Tai Chi, Body One Fitness Club, em reim1- Nn HIDDEN CINAGES nlsorpairymmme pa a aatl envame r pam reapmab l e MpaYman6 lmame ?ammreroeempaY. eaa? peyi yanemor rte wnxn ?s ?em?m m a resanmana wnnm zz man mrespenamammaaaerusememrormercee ,e?amamm rcercreaaemme ance, enmma?en ero-eamrem byneYmema aavmAaraeM¢,wminenon ortrramem }+ Higher Ground Performing Arts Studio, • Conditioning, 9:30 a.m. Thursdays, 12355-B S.W. County Road 769, Lake 2672 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte. Punta Gorda Club, 2905 Tamiami Trail. Suzy. $10 each; $40 month. 625-3622. 505-0999. 766-0003. • Line dancing, 5:30 p.m. Leadership Charlotte Wednesdays, Franz Ross branch • Cross training, 8:30 a.m. • Tae kwon do, 6 p.m. Wednesdays Mondays, Franz Ross branch YMCA, and Fridays, South County Recreation YMCA, 19333 Quesada Ave., Port 19333 Quesada Ave., Port Charlotte. Center, 670 Cooper St., Punta Gorda. Charlotte. 629-9622. 629-9622. $40 per month/$20 additional family • Line dancing and lessons, • Dance Fit, 9 a.m. Wednesdays, member. 505-8686. Come enjoy a classic night out filled 9:30 a.m. Saturdays, Sun Flea Market Progressive Health Club, 17751 • Trimnastics, 9:30 a.m. Mondays, with fun, friends and the panache of the and Kidstar, 18505 Paulson Drive, r Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte. Wednesdays and Fridays, Harold 4 S , Las Vegas glory years! Port Charlotte. $3 per person. 743-8700. Avenue Recreation Center, 23400 1 I The event will raise funds for Charlotte 255-3532. • Dance exercise, Body One Fitness Harold Ave., Port Charlotte. $40 for 20 County students to attend Enterprise • Square dance lessons, 7 p.m. Club, 12355-B S.W. County Road classes. 627-1074. a Village, a simulated city where students Mondays, Harold Avenue Recreation 769, Lake Suzy. $10 each; $40 • Warm Water Aquatic exercise, learn how to make critical business, Center, 23400 Harold Ave., Port month. 766-0003. noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. financial, and personal decisions. Charlotte. Cost, $5 per class. • Fencing (ages 7 and older), Tuesdays and Thursdays, Fawcett 627-1074. 6:30 p.m. Thursdays, South County Memorial Hospital Sports & Rehab, For Tickets or more info, call 941-627-2222 or log on to Recreation Center, 670 Cooper St., Promenades Mall, 3280 Tamiami Trail, ? ;s = EDUCATION Punta Gorda. $56 per month. Suite 11, Port Charlotte. $3/class, Lh s 505-8686. paid monthly. 764-1333 or Sponsored by: • Adult beginner Spanish classes, • Fitness boxing, 7 p.m. Mondays 575-2034. 351004 Fawcett Memorial Hospital 6 p.m. Tuesdays, Community and Thursdays, 10 a.m. Saturdays, • Yoga for kids and adults, 10 a.m. f r rY rL: i v i - a , ' r. . , j . iY. l '^y• i i ?r._;.£, • Harbor Style Magazine Education Center at the Port Charlotte Elite Training & Fitness, 1312 Market April 26, World Martial Arts Academy, Kingsway Country Club Town Center, 1441 Tamiami Trail. Circle, Unit 11, Port Charlotte. 3846 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte. $5, Charlotte Sun 639-1677. 286-3475. kids; $10, adults. 380-5845 or Strang, Olsen & Lynch • Children’s Spanish classes, • Fitness, 5 p.m. Thursdays, Twist Murdock Family Medicine 4:15 p.m. Tuesdays, Kids Playworld, Fitness for Women, Port Charlotte Town • Yoga (various classes, times, Kirschner Chiropractic & Wellness 3857 Acline Road, Unit 112, Punta Center, 1441 Tamiami Trail. days), The Yoga Sanctuary, 403 D.M. Construction Gorda. $40 for four weeks. 637-7529. 743-2348. First Community Bank Sullivan St., Punta Gorda. 505-YOGA; • Fitness (various classes, times, Golf USA Florida Community Bank EXERCISE days), Franz Ross branch YMCA, • Yoga, Body One Fitness Club, Suncoast One Title 19333 Quesada Ave., Port Charlotte. 12355-B S.W. County Road 769, Lake • Aerobics, 10 a.m. Tuesdays and 629-9622. Merrill Lynch Suzy. $10 each; $40 month. Thursdays, Twist Fitness for Women, • Fitness class, 9 a.m. Wednesdays; Olmsted & Wilson, PA 766-0003. Riverside Appraisal Services Port Charlotte Town Center, 1441 5:15 p.m. Thursdays, Progressive • Yoga (ages 16 and older), 6 p.m. Fritsch & Powell, LLC Tamiami Trail. 743-2348. Health Club, 17751 Murdock Circle, Tuesdays and Fridays, South County Harbor Audiology, PA • Aerobics, 8:30 a.m. and Purchase your tickets online at Gulf Pointe Surgery Center Mary Byrski, Attorney at Law 6:30 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays Port Charlotte. 743-8700. • Ball fitness, 9:30 a.m. Mondays, Recreation Center, 670 Cooper St., Punta Gorda. $48 per month. at Y-Express, 1928 Kings Highway, Port www.LeadershipCharlotte Gale West - Charlotte State Bank Charlotte. 258-3131. Y-Express, 1928 Kings Highway, Port Charlotte. 258-3131. 505-8686. • Mixed-level yoga, 8:30 a.m. • Aerobics, 9:15 a.m. Mondays and • Gymnastics (ages 3 and older), Thursdays at the Punta Gorda Isles Wednesdays, The Punta Gorda Club, 4:45 p.m. Tuesdays, South County Civic Association, 2001 Shreve St. 2905 Tamiami Trail. 505-0999. Recreation Center, 670 Cooper St., Five-session punch card, $40; drop-in Join Kathi Quinn • Aerobics, 11 a.m. Mondays and Punta Gorda. $40 per month/$20 fee, $10. 204-0095 or Wednesdays, South County Regional additional family member. 505-8686. Park, 670 Cooper St., Punta Gorda. of Floriani Embroidery • Hula hoop, 7 p.m. Thursdays, • Yoga, noon Mondays, Faith 505-8686. Gilchrist Park, Punta Gorda. Free. Lutheran Church, 4005 Palm Drive, • Aerobics, 8 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. 815-7542 or Punta Gorda. $65 for eight weeks. for an Mondays, 8:30 a.m. Wednesdays and • Jazzercise, 6 p.m. Mondays, 639-6309. Thursdays, 7:30 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, South County Fridays, Edison State College YMCA, • Yoga, 10:45 a.m. Mondays, informative class on: Recreation Center, 670 Cooper St., Wednesdays, Fridays, Punta Gorda 26300 Airport Road, Punta Gorda. Punta Gorda. $32 per month; $25 505-4000. Club, 2905 Tamiami Trail. $10 drop-in registration fee. 505-8686. fee for nonmembers. 505-0999. • Aerobics, Body One Fitness Club, • Jazzercise, 9 a.m. Mondays, 12355-B S.W. County Road 769, Lake