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•C All 2009 3 24 •C All 2009 3 24 Document Transcript

  • Loftus questions Punta Gorda dock funding OUR TOWN PAGE 1 CharlotteSun STUDY: RED MEAT CAN BE DEADLY The largest study of its kind finds that older Americans who BASEBALL SCHILLING OUT AND WEEKLY HERALD eat large amounts of red or processed meat face a greater Curt Schilling announces his risk of death from heart disease and cancer. FRONT PAGE 6 retirement on his blog. SPORTS PAGE 5 AN EDITION OF THE SUN VOL. 117 NO. 83 AMERICA’S BEST COMMUNITY DAILY TUESDAY MARCH 24, 2009 www.sunnewspapers.net 75 cents Dow surges 497 points Wall Street rejuvenated by bank, home sales news By TIM PARADIS Investors added rocket indicators surged about 7 began last fall. But the day’s AP BUSINESS WRITER fuel Monday to a two-week- percent, including the Dow, banking and housing news NEW YORK — Wall Street old advance, cheering the which had its biggest per- bolstered the growing belief got the news it wanted on the government’s plan to help centage gain since October. that the economy is starting economy’s biggest problems banks remove bad assets Analysts who have seen to heal, and that is what had — banks and housing — and from their books and also the market’s recent false investors buying. celebrated by hurtling the welcoming a report showing starts are still hesitant to say “It’s just hard to argue that Dow Jones industrials up a surprising increase in Wall Street is indeed recover- nearly 500 points. home sales. Major stock ing from the collapse that SURGE | P4 AP PHOTO A “For Sale” sign is attached to a house in Newark, N.J., Monday. Florida housing sales rise STAFF, WIRE REPORTS The sale of existing Florida homes and condos rose for the sixth straight month as buyers took Highly advantage of falling prices and a sense of rising consumer confi- addictive dence, the Florida Association of Realtors said Monday. drug may Sarasota-Bradenton area sales fell slightly, but Charlotte County sales rose 7 percent, the state association destroy said. That came as no surprise to Charlotte Realtors. users “I think our local board is report- ing even higher numbers than that,” said Dave Nelson of Investors By SUSAN E. HOFFMAN Choice Real Estate in Englewood. “I DESOTO ASSISTANT EDITOR can tell you that we’ve been WAUCHULA — Detective extremely busy for the past two Clay Nicholson was stunned months.” when Kathy Hawk invited The rest of the country followed him to her special celebra- Florida’s example as sales of existing tion. It was he, after all, who homes grew 5.1 percent nationally. It had arrested her a year was the largest sales jump since July before for possession of 2003. Industry experts had been methamphetamine. predicting a drop in sales. Hawk, of Wauchula, was In Florida, existing home sales angry with Nicholson for a rose 20 percent in February. Thirteen long time. At one point, she of Florida’s metropolitan statistical said, "I wanted to go to him areas reported increased existing with a gun in my hand, and PHOTO ILLUSTRATION, INSET PHOTOS PROVIDED BY THE FACES OF METH home sales last month and 11 MSAs kill myself in front of him." showed gains in condo sales. The The Faces of Meth, a project of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon, But it was also Nicholson, a shows some of methamphetamine’s physical effects. Users may have sores on the median sales price for existing member of the Hardee face caused by “meth bug” delusions, rotten and missing teeth from “meth homes last month was $141,900, County Sheriff's Drug Task mouth,” and the haunted “living dead” appearance of a hard-core addict. Visit down from $199,300 last year. That Force, who first reached out to www.facesofmeth.us for more information. marks a 29 percent drop in price. help her by suggesting she The number of houses sold in the visit his church. When she fingers and toes the number who the appetite. Unlike most drugs that Punta Gorda MSA, which includes finally did, she took that first have gotten off it and stayed off." last only an hour, the effects of meth step on her road to recovery. Col. Claude Harris of the Hardee linger for up to a day. But it can also HOUSING | P4 So it was Nicholson she County Sheriff's Office said, "If you cause paranoia, hallucinations and called to help celebrate the Jail mulls get clean, there's always someone delusions, according to the National first-year anniversary of her who wants you not to be clean: your Institute on Drug Abuse, under the new life, the one without dealer, or a customer you used to sell National Institutes of Health. meth. Nicholson, surprised, drugs to." "Lieutenant A," an undercover anti- but honored to be asked, was proud that she turned her life around. Methamphetamine is a very addic- tive stimulant, said to be more power- ful than cocaine and more addictive drug agent with the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office, said, "Because the drug increases paranoia, dealers tend electronic "In 12 years we've arrested thousands of people on meth charges," Nicholson said, than heroin, according to www.drug- rehab.org. Its immediate effects include making the user feel ener- to be paranoid and less likely to sell to someone they don't know." This monitoring "and I can count on my gized, increasing libido and decreasing CHOOSE | P4 BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS OCALA — A central Florida county is considering electronically moni- toring nonviolent offenders instead of keeping them in jail. The Marion County Commission Obama targets toxic assets AP FILE says a pilot program could release PHOTO some inmates with ankle bracelets In this would reduce overcrowding at the jail By TOM RAUM March 16 and cut expenses. Inmates would pay ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER WHAT ARE TOXIC ASSETS? file photo, the cost of their own supervision. WASHINGTON — The Obama What exactly are these toxic assets the Treasury Commissioners are seeking more administration aimed squarely at government wants to get off the banks’ Secretary information from potential contrac- books — and how are they be poisonous? Timothy tors. Some county judges approve the crisis clogging the nation’s • See page 2 Geithner the plan, saying “the answer is not credit system Monday with a plan always banishment.” to take over up to $1 trillion in sour makes in crucial blanks in the administra- remarks to Sheriff Ed Dean says he’ll comply if mortgage securities with the help of tion’s financial rescue package and judges approve the program, but he private investors. For once, Wall small formed what President Barack business opposes the idea “if it’s only a way to Street cheered. Obama called “one more critical save money.” He says an ankle owners in The announcement, closely stage- bracelet wouldn’t change behaviors Washington. managed throughout the day, filled TARGETS | P4 that landed many inmates in jail. INDEX| FRONT: Nation 2,6 | World 6 | State 7 | Business 8-10 | Weather 12 | OUR TOWN: Calendar 2 | Police Beat 3 | Obituaries 4 | Crossword 9 | Viewpoint 10 Daily Edition 75¢ High Low Look inside for valuable coupons This year’s savings to date ... CHARLIE SAYS ... SUN COUPON 80 58 VALUE METER $110,820 What are those baboons thinking? It’s way better to raid the supermarket. 7 05252 00025 8 Mostly sunny, breezy
  • Front Page 2 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net NATIONAL NEWS NEWS The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | NATION 1 in 5 workers Meltdown 101: What the ‘toxic’ assets are has no health WASHINGTON (AP) — A assets on banks’ books. dollars that they wouldn’t formally adopt the new assets. That could include insurance fresh effort to end the Q: So how will the new likely get back. standards early next securities backed by paralysis in lending was plan for getting toxic Another problem: With month, putting them in credit card debt, student WASHINGTON — launched Monday by the assets off banks’ balance the markets tumbling force for the second loans or auto loans. American workers — Obama administration, sheets work? lower, there just wasn’t quarter. Q: How did these whose taxes pay for which will join with A: It’s what the govern- enough time to figure out Q: Are there other toxic things come to be called massive government investors to buy up around ment calls a public-private how to price the assets. assets, besides mortgage- toxic assets, anyway? health programs — are $500 billion in soured investment partnership, So the Bush officials linked securities, that are A: The precise origin of getting squeezed like assets from banks. with the goal of scooping abandoned the idea. involved here? the phrase is somewhat no other group by the But what exactly are up about $500 billion, and Instead, they opted to use A: The main focus for shrouded in mystery, nation’s health insur- these toxic assets the eventually $1 trillion, in hundreds of billions in the new program is on though it seems to have ance woes. While just government wants to get toxic assets. The govern- rescue funds mostly to assets tied to residential come into usage not about all retirees are off the banks’ books — and ment will put in $75 billion directly inject capital into and commercial mort- long ago, in mid-2007. It covered, and nearly 90 how did they get to be to $100 billion taken from banks to get them to lend gages. But the Treasury may have been a Wall percent of children have poisonous? its $700 billion financial again. Department said that Street analyst who first health insurance, Here are some questions bailout program. Now we’re back to could evolve, based on used the phrase, workers now are at and answers about the For every $100 in bad buying up toxic assets. The market demand, to observers say. It caught significantly higher risk holdings that are at the assets being purchased, idea behind the Obama embrace other types of on, big time. of being uninsured than heart of the financial crisis private investors would plan is that private in the 1990s, the last time lawmakers and that now figure in the government’s solution. put up $7, to be matched by $7 from the govern- investors would help jump-start a robust market ENGLEWOOD DESOTO attempted a health care Q: Toxic assets? Sounds ment. The remaining $86 for the securities, poten- CIRCULATION CIRCULATION overhaul, according to a dangerous. And they would be covered by a tially lifting their value Customer Service Customer Service study to be released sound more like liabilities government loan, provided because they could be sold 941-681-3000 863-494-2434 Tuesday. than assets.What are they, in many cases by the — and establishing a Fax: 941-681-3008 Fax: 863-494-3533 The study for the and how many are there? Federal Deposit Insurance logical price for them. info@sun-herald.com Robert Wood Johnson A: Toxic assets are, Corp. — the same folks Q: Don’t banks have to Foundation found that mostly, the investments who provide insurance to periodically disclose NORTH PORT CHARLOTTE nearly 1 in 5 workers is backed by risky subprime make sure depositors don’t estimates of how they are CIRCULATION uninsured, a statistically mortgages that are held by lose all their money when valuing these assets? So CIRCULATION Customer Service significant increase the larger U.S. banks and a bank fails. then, how can people say Customer Service from fewer than 1 in 7 that have lost value. They Q: Right. So why is this it’s hard to figure out their 941-206-1300 941-429-3000 Fax: 941-629-2085 during the mid-1990s. hang like shackles from the plan just now coming out? price? Fax: 941-423-2318 info@sun-herald.com banks’ feet, dragging down A: When the financial A: That’s right, banks info@sun-herald.com Robin Williams their balance sheets and crisis raged in September, have to peg the value of Punta Gorda Herald office recovering from their fortunes. the Bush administration their assets every quarter. 941-205-1000 heart surgery It started in early 2007, first looked to have the In another twist, the when the mortgage crisis government buy up Financial Accounting Display Advertising NEW YORK — Robin hit and defaults on hundreds of billions of Standards Board — under Williams was recov- subprime home loans, dollars in banks’ toxic prodding from Congress — North Port 941-429-3000 National & Regional Advertisers ering at the Cleveland those made to borrowers assets. That raised prickly last week proposed easing Charlotte 941-206-1214 941-206-1270 Clinic after heart with tarnished credit questions of how to price requirements for valuing Englewood 941-681-3000 ads@sun-herald.com surgery that his histories, began to climb. them. They are complex assets under the so-called DeSoto 863-494-2434 doctors deemed That gutted the value of and no one, not even the mark-to-market successful, his publi- cists said Monday. the mortgage-backed securities — subprime banks themselves, truly knows how much they are accounting rules. Those rules require banks to Classified Advertising The 57-year-old mortgages bundled worth. value assets at current 866-463-1638 actor had an operation together and sold on Wall Considering them prices. The leeway Fax: 866-949-1426 to replace an aortic Street to investors — held radioactive, investors were proposed by the standard- classified@sunnewspapers.net valve on March 13, on the books of the big loath to touch the assets — setting board would allow publicists Mara banks. although they could fetch them to be valued at what Buxbaum and Chris When the banks — like higher prices in the future they would go for in an Kanarick said. He was expected to make a Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp. and after the housing market recovers. “orderly” sale, as opposed to a forced or distressed Sun Newspapers complete recovery in JPMorgan Chase & Co. — If the government paid sale. MEMBER of the Audit Bureau of Circulation the next eight weeks. started writing down the too little for the assets — You see, the official value “His heart is strong value of the securities, they that is, close to recent sales of these assets has become President..................................Derek Dunn-Rankin ....................941-206-1001 and he will have reported billions of dollars prices of only a few cents very low because current Publisher..................................David Dunn-Rankin.....................941-206-1003 normal heart function of losses. Their capital on the dollar — it could market conditions would Editor........................................Chris Porter .................................941-206-1134 in the coming weeks eroded and they didn’t potentially wipe out the make it hard to fetch much Managing Editor.......................John Hackworth ..........................941-206-1147 with no limitations on have the money to make net worth of many banks for them. The theory is DeSoto Sun Editor ...................Laura Schmid .............................863-494-0300 what he’ll be able to loans. Credit dried up. and set off a wave of bank that they’d be worth a DeSoto General Manager ........Joe Gallimore..............................863-494-0300 do,” said Dr. A. Marc Banks large and small failures. On the other higher and more realistic Charlotte Sun Editor.................Christy Arnold..............................941-206-1168 Gillinov, a cardiotho- foundered and failed. The hand, if Uncle Sam paid price if sold in a more North Port Sun Editor...............Lorraine Schneeberger................941-429-3003 racic surgeon at the crisis was in full throttle. too much, he could risk orderly, less “forced” North Port General Manager ....Steve Sachkar.............................941-429-3003 Cleveland Clinic. “A There now are an costing taxpayers manner. Englewood Sun Editor..............Mike Billington............................941-681-3000 couple of hours after estimated $2 trillion in bad hundreds of billions of The board could Englewood General Manager ...Lang Capasso.............................941-681-3000 surgery, he was entertaining the medical team and EPA: COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR making us all laugh.” Great Lakes ice Global disappearing CLEVELAND — Ice warming Tuesday, March 24, 2009 cover on the Great Lakes has declined more than 30 percent threatens 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. since the 1970s, WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is Sandhill Gardens Retirement Residence leaving the world’s largest system of reviewing a proposed 24949 Sandhill Blvd., Deep Creek, FL 33983 freshwater lakes open finding by the to evaporation and Environmental Protection lower water levels, Agency that global according to scientists warming is a threat to public health and welfare. TOPICS & SPEAKERS associated with the National Oceanic and Such a declaration 10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Atmospheric would be the first step to regulating carbon dioxide DEMENTIA AGE MANAGEMENT Administration. Amy Mellor, M.D., Neurology Robert Watine, M.D., Internal Medicine They’re concerned and other greenhouse about how the milder gases under the Clean Air Act and could have broad 10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. 1:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. winter freeze may affect the environ- economic and environ- FIBROMYALGIA STROKE ment. But they’re also mental ramifications. It Leslie Tar, M.D., Rheumatology Xiaomei Gao-Hickman, M.D., Neurology trying to come to also would likely spur terms with a contradic- action by Congress to 11:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. address climate change tion — the same more broadly. SIGNATURE KNEE REPLACEMENT climate factors that might keep lake ice The White House Mark Davis, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery from freezing might acknowledged Monday make freezing more that the EPA had trans- mitted its proposed likely if lake levels drop due to evaporation. finding on global COMMUNITY RESOURCES warming to the Office of Management and Budget, PEACE RIVER CTR FOR BALANCE DISORDERS NUTRITIONAL SERVICES Police probe but provided no details. It ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION GE MEDICAL, INC. radio reporter’s also cautioned that the WELLNESS CENTER ALZHEIMER’S ASSOC. MEMORY MOBILE suspicious death Obama administration, which sees responding to NEW YORK — Police climate change a top are investigating the slaying of a longtime priority, nevertheless is ready to move cautiously EXHIBITORS radio reporter who was Alzheimer’s Association Charlotte Regional Wellness Ctr. Peace River Regional Medical Ctr. when it comes to actually found in his apartment American Eldercare Comprehensive Home Care Peace River Ctr for Balance Disorders regulating greenhouse bound with duct tape American Red Cross Family Home Health Peace River Home Health gases, preferring to have and stabbed to death. A Preferred Nursing G.E. Medical, Inc. Step Up Physical Therapy Congress act on the An autopsy found Caregivers For Seniors Hearing Aid Center St. Vincent DePaul Community matter. that George Weber, 47, Charlotte Regional Medical Ctr. Home O2 Healthcare The Supreme Court two died of repeated stab Charlotte Regional Joint Academy Hospice of S.W. Florida Vanguard Pharmacy years ago directed the wounds to the head, Charlotte Reg. Sleep Disorders Ctr. Lifeline EPA to decide whether neck, torso and arms. greenhouse gases, Police believe he was especially carbon dioxide free screenings! refreshments! register to win raffles! killed Friday, but his from burning fossil fuels, body was found pose a threat public Sunday after his boss health and welfare CALL 941-268-3711 TO REGISTER FOR LECTURES 350828 reported him missing. because they are warming — From wire reports the earth. The SUN (USPS 743170) is published daily at Sun Coast Media Group, Inc., 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33980-2100. Periodicals postage paid at Punta Gorda, FL. Postmaster: Please send address changes to the SUN, 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, Florida 33980-2100.
  • The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net Front Page 3 DR EXE L H E R ITA GE ® Coto SLLLOFF NO PAYMENTS, NO INTEREST UNTIL MARCH 2010! The Furniture Warehouse has bought 10 truck loads _ of famous maker Drexel - Heritage furniture at pennies on the dollar and is passing these savings along to you! Living rooms, Dining rooms, Bedrooms, Occasional Chairs, Entertainment Centers, Occasional Tables and Desks. Many fabrics and finishes to choose from. NEVER BEFORE AND NEVER AGAIN WILL YOU FIND SAVINGS LIKE THIS ON NATIONAL NAME BRAND Drexel - Heritage. Come by and SAVE BIG! Club occasional chairs choice textured fabric Was $1199 Now $299 Sofa choice of textured and styles Was $2599 Now $599 Apt size sofa many to choose from Was $2399 Now $499 in many fabrics Queen size sleeper sofa gold stripe Was $3399 Now $799 Cherry TV entertainment center Was $2349 Now $399 Cherry open wall unit 3 wood shelf’s Was $2399 Now $399 and door storage Cherry open wall unit 3 wood shelf’s Was $1299 Now $249 White wash bedroom 5 drawer chest, Was $2898 Now $599 king headboard and 1-night stand White wash china cabinet Was $3199 Now $499 Ash bedroom 2-twin headboard Was $1759 Now $399 and 1-night stand Ash occasional cocktail and 1-end table Was $1349 Now $249 Ash door chest, 2-twin headboard Was $ 3799 Now $899 and 1-night stand Cherry 7pc dining set-table Was $ 4599 Now $799 and 6 dining chairs Cherry 2pc buffet and china Was $4999 Now $899 1 % Cherry server Was $1399 Now $279 MW Too many other items to list - not all items at all stores. Some items similar to illustrations. LEATHER In Red In Chocolate In Vintage ACCENT PIECES YOUR CHOICE RECLINERS $299 $349 $399 $199 These Danish design recliners with matching ottoman are glove soft bonded leather. In Ivory In Sand In Beige Your choice of colors. Sand or Black $299 $349 $399 $249 sot $299 In Mocha In Cognac In Black Cherry $349 $399 PORT CHARLOTTE VENICE SARASOTA BRADENTON SARASOTA 1241 El Jobean Rd. BRADENTON 550 S. Seaboard Ave. VENICE PORT1100 West Cortez Rd. 4027 N. Washington (US 301) CHARLOTTE 4027 N. Washington (US 301) (776 across from Sam’s) Just North West Cortez Road 1100 of Venice Nissan 550 S. Seaboard Avenue of University 1 Mile South 1241 El Jobean Road Cortez Corner of 41 and 1 mile south of University on U.S. of Bypass Corner 41 41 and Cortez Just North of Venice NissanUS 301 on SR 776 (AcrossOffice Deport Next to from Sam’s) ta on US 301 Next to Office Depot on US 41 Bypass 764-8700 485-3211 se.co m 351-8600 749-6069 351-8600 749-6069 hou 485-3211 764-87009-9 ware Mon.-Sat. 9-9 Weekdays 9-6 Mon.-Sat. 9-9 Mon. - Sat. furn Sat. 9-6 Sun. 11-6 Sun. 11-6 Sat. 11-6 ST04841261 Sun. 11-6 Mon.-Sat. 9-9 Mon.-Sat. 9-9 . Mon.-Sat. 9-6 Mon.-Sat. 9-9 www 349566 Sun. 11-6 Sun. 11-6 Sun. 11-6 Sun. 11-6
  • Front Page 4 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net FROM PAGE ONE The Sun / Tuesday, March 24, 2009 CHOOSE: Methamphetamine addicts suffer a downward spiral death grip FROM PAGE 1 percent, and meth boosts In Florida, state Just getting the evi- makes it harder for law it by 1,200 percent. But the more dopamine ‘‘Meth was the only drug medical examiner statistics showed dence to arrest a seller is costly. To buy enough to enforcement to reach meth forces the body to he actually craved — for months methamphetamine was make a charge of selling those higher up in the supply chain. release, the more over- loaded the body's — after he took it just one time.” involved in 57 drug- related deaths from and distributing stick can mean an investment of Nicholson knew a man dopamine receptors — Det. Clay Nicholson, January through June almost $1,000, the Hardee "who took every kind of become, compelling the Hardee County Drug Task Force 2008, compared with 45 deputies said. drug you can think of, user to increase his doses meth-related deaths in "We usually have to do and he said meth was the or frequency of use or use the last six months of more than one buy to only one he actually a more direct delivery spreads rapidly among Centers for Disease 2007, representing almost solidify a case," Nichol- craved — for months — method. meth users. Control and Prevention, a 27-percent increase. son said. They also try to after he took it just one Davis said he has seen people with MRSA The most recent make buys within a time." A forest fire meth users carry note- infections were five times estimates indicate the thousand feet of a school NIDA said meth lasts in the brain books to record when more likely to have used illegal use of metham- or church, which increas- longer in the body than they last ate or bathed. meth. phetamine cost the es the penalties. cocaine. Meth causes the Researchers who Meth users may stay Among the most widely United States more than But merely arresting a body to release more studied meth users found awake for days at a time, known effects of the drug $23 billion. In a RAND dealer often has little dopamine, a chemical substantial changes in losing their sense of any is "meth mouth," exten- Corporation study using impact. naturally produced in the certain regions of the regular routine, as well as sive tooth discoloration 2005 data, just released It is rare for someone to human body that gener- brain controlling emo- personal hygiene. and decay, often of the last month, nearly two- go to prison on a first ates a sense of pleasure tions, mood and memory, The delusions created front teeth, with eventual thirds of that cost offense. Nicholson knew and euphoria. leading UCLA researcher by the drug include a loss from a combination stemmed from the one suspect who was The Meth Project, a Paul Thomson to dub it sensation that insects are of poor dental hygiene burden of addiction and sentenced to probation multi-state anti-drug "a forest fire of brain crawling on or under the and drinking sugary 900 premature deaths 17 times after meth sale consortium, said while damage." user's skin, especially on sodas. among users. The arrests. eating good food raises Nicholson said meth is the face and arms, a Hawk laments the second-largest category He asked, "At what the body's normal also associated with condition known as damage to her own teeth. of costs fell to law point do you say, 'Proba- dopamine level by 50 MRSA — methicillin- "meth bugs." The person "Now that I'm clean and enforcement, with the tion probably doesn't percent, and sex doubles resistant Staphylococcus scratches incessantly and have a reason to smile, burden of detecting, work for you?'" it, cocaine increases aureus, a highly conta- fosters open sores. In a I'm too embarrassed," arresting and jailing E-mail: shoffman@ dopamine by almost 400 gious skin infection that Georgia study by the she said. offenders. sun-herald.com ALMANAC Today is Tuesday, March HOUSING: Existing home sales up locally, as well as nationwide FROM PAGE 1 24, the 83rd day of 2009. HOUSING STATS fact that the Englewood-North Port area went into the reces- said. Sales were a little slow to start with because neither banks There are 282 days left in all of Charlotte County, went Get Florida county by sion earlier than other parts of nor Realtors were able to handle the year. from 201 to 216, but the median county statistics at the state and is now heading the flood of calls they got from price from year to year dropped www.sunnewspapers.net. out of it. people interested in foreclosure Today in history 36 percent from $151,300 to “People were afraid because sales. $96,400. comparing February to February they didn’t know where the “Since then the banks have On March 24, 1989, the That price also dropped from fell 7 percent and the median bottom was so they were just gotten better at that and so have supertanker Exxon Valdez ran January, when the median price price dropped 11 percent from waiting and waiting and waiting we,” Nelson said. “As a result, we aground on a reef in Alaska’s in Charlotte was about $99,500. $254,500 to $144,000. to buy,” Nelson said. can get these deals put together Prince William Sound and In the condominium market, The condo market in the The fear: They would lose pretty quickly now.” began leaking 11 million the Punta Gorda MSA reported a Sarasota-Bradenton MSA $10,000 in the value of their Nelson and other Realtors gallons of crude oil. 38 percent sales increase showed a 17 percent drop in the home almost from the moment said they are also seeing a rise in comparing the last two Februar- number sold and a 43 percent they signed their closing papers. consumer confidence. On this date ies and a 20-percent drop in drop in median price from In early January, however, “You can see it when you In 1882, German scientist median price from $110,000 to $211,500 to $120,000. people’s attitudes began to drive up and down the roads Robert Koch announced in $88,300. Nelson and other Realtors change, Realtors said. Northern- and look at the parking lots of Berlin that he had discov- In the Sarasota-Bradenton said there are several reasons ers looking for bargains and restaurants,” he said. “They’re ered the bacillus responsible MSA, which includes DeSoto for the increased sales figures in local people with cash on hand full now. Three months ago, they for tuberculosis. County, the number of sales Charlotte County, including the began hunting for deals, they weren’t.” In 1955, the Tennessee SURGE: Dow jumps up nearly 500 after bank, housing news Williams play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” opened on Broadway. In 1958, Elvis Presley was FROM PAGE 1 short covering, which still cautious; Wall Street inducted into the Army in occurs when traders are more than gave back its Memphis, Tenn. there isn’t an improve- forced to buy to cover big yearend rally and In 1995, after 20 years, ment in economic activity misplaced bets that stocks continued falling during British soldiers stopped on the horizon,” said Jim would fall. Short covering January and February. routine patrols in Belfast, Dunigan, executive vice contributed to the The Dow rose 497.48, Northern Ireland. president at PNC Wealth market’s surge after the or 6.8 percent, to Management. Citigroup news. 7,775.86, its highest finish Today’s birthdays The market began “There is definitely since Feb. 13. It was the turning around two weeks new buying,” he said. biggest point gain for the Fashion and costume ago on news that Citi- Rovelli also said the blue chips since Nov. 13 designer Bob Mackie is 70. group Inc. was operating approaching end of the when they rose 552 Actor R. Lee Ermey is 65. at a profit in January and quarter can make money points and the biggest Movie director Curtis Hanson February. A spate of more managers eager to buy percentage gain since is 64. Comedian Louie upbeat economic reports into a market to make the AP PHOTO Oct. 28, when they rose Anderson is 56. Actress Kelly helped the market build statements they send to The Dow Jones ticker in New York's Times Square is 10.9 percent. It was the LeBrock is 49. TV personality on its gains, although the clients look stronger. photographed Monday. fifth-biggest point gain in Star Jones is 47. Actress Lara rally stalled last Thursday Stocks shot higher at the Dow’s history. Flynn Boyle is 39. Colts QB and Friday. the opening and kept Corp. and the participa- the program last month Broader stock indica- Peyton Manning is 33. Rock Analysts said they saw going. The Treasury tion of private investors. but provided few details tors also surged. The musician Benj Gershman more fundamental Department said its bad The market had been then about how it would Standard & Poor’s 500 (O.A.R.) is 29. Actress Keisha strength in Monday’s asset cleanup program waiting for weeks to hear work, leading to a stock index rose 54.38, or 7.1 Castle-Hughes is 19. buying than they saw at would tap money from the details of the govern- plunge that sliced 380 percent, to 822.92, the start of the rally. Dave government’s $700 billion ment’s plan for helping points from the Dow. crossing the psychologi- NEWS OF Rovelli, managing director financial rescue fund and of trading at brokerage involve help from the banks get rid of bad But while analysts assets. Treasury Secretary were pleased with the cal milepost of 800. The Nasdaq composite index THE WEIRD Canaccord Adams, said Federal Reserve, the Timothy Geithner market’s performance rose 98.50, or 6.8 percent, Instilling monkey there appeared to be less Federal Deposit Insurance announced an outline of Monday, they were also to 1,555.77. morals, values Researchers recently revealed that they had observed monkeys (1) TARGETS: Administration homes in on bad bank assets FROM PAGE 1 finance themselves, and recorders were barred. down, the government clean up their balance planning future combat we can start getting this The fleshed-out plan is and private investors sheets and make it easier and (2) perhaps teach- element in our recovery.” designed to help fix a economy moving again.” would incur losses. for them to raise capital,” ing their young to floss. The coordinated effort value on damaged It was a huge gambit “This will help banks Geithner said. A researcher from by the Treasury Depart- mortgage loans and other and one that came like a Sweden’s Lund Univer- ment, the Federal Reserve toxic securities. tonic to Wall Street, which JOIN OUR FAMILY sity, writing in the and the Federal Deposit had panned an earlier If the value of the journal Current Biology, Insurance Corp. relies on outline of the program securities goes up, the a mix of government and described a daily ritual private money — mostly that lacked detail. private investors and WE'LL TAKE CARE OF YOURS of a 30-year-old chim- The introduction of the taxpayers would share in panzee that loathes his from institutional plan was closely choreo- the gains. If the values go human visitors at a zoo investors such as hedge graphed so that the north of Stockholm and funds — to help banks rid president — rather than Charlotte Sun Readers thus begins every their balance sheets of Geithner — would be the Said It Again This Year: real-estate related securi- first administration official morning by roaming his enclosure to collect ties that are now extreme- to appear on camera at Simply The Best! ly difficult to value. midday to discuss it. stones and place them The goal, said Obama, Geithner met earlier in the 1 +J J J J strategically in handy is to get banks lending day, before markets piles for subsequently again, so “families can get opened, with a group of hurling at irksome basic consumer loans, 1ST PLACE reporters at the Treasury visitors. And a auto loans, student loans, Department to go over r r researcher at Kyoto (and so) that small specifics. But cameras and 2002-2008 University’s Primate businesses are able to broadcast-quality audio Research Center told Popa p Agence France-Presse in March that he had observed mother long- LSand Spas New Construction New Constr uction 7 STRAIGHT YEARS! tailed macaques in BUELOW Renovations Diamond Brite • Re n o v a t i o n s • D i a m o n d B r i t e Thailand flossing their Pebble Tec • Pe b b l e Te c teeth (with strands of Weekly Pool Service, Repairs • We e k l y Po o l S e r v i c e , Re p a i r s TAX SERVICE Paver Decks Solar • Pa v e r D e c k s • S o l a r 353360 human hair) more Salt Generators Heat Pumps • Salt Generators • Heat Pumps frequently if their young “SAVING TAXES SINCE 1972” are present and hypoth- popapoolsandspas.com F R E E E S T I M AT E S FREE ESTIMATES 21942 Edgewater Drive esized that they were F i n a n c i n g Av a i l a b l e tto Q u a l i f i e d B u y e r s Financing Available o Qualified Buyers MEMBER OF Port Charlotte, FL 33952 teaching dental hygiene. 354067 941-629-1000 LIC. #CPC057330 SERVING CHARLOTTE, CALL 625.6534 353437 DESOTO & SARASOTA — From wire reports SINCE 1975 929-A Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte 9 2 9 - A Ta m i a m i Tr a i l , Po r t C h a r l o t t e www.buelowtaxservice.com
  • The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net Front Page 5 Virginia NEWS ACROSS forecast they increased the need to nearly 2 million HOT SPRINGS — Authorities county as well. Ten schools in Bath County and adjacent northeast Wyoming said they had heeded forecasts and stocked up AMERICA sandbags — about 500,000 each day by the end of the week. “We’re confident that we searched the mountains of western Virginia on Monday for a man suspected of shooting Alleghany County were closed Monday as a precaution. on groceries. “We are well prepared for a day or two of blizzard conditions,” Marcia can get the bags delivered,” and killing two of his supervi- Wyoming Shanks said in a telephone Alaska be replaced by a Web-focused said Bruce Grubb, Fargo’s sors at a posh resort. interview from her home in WILLOW — Alaska’s Mount community news operation enterprise director. “Getting Searchers focused on a steep, CHEYENNE — A blizzard shut Gillette. The National Weather Redoubt volcano erupted five built from the ground up. them made is a more wooded area across from The down major highways Monday in Service posted a blizzard warning times overnight, sending an ash Although AnnArbor.com plans daunting challenge.” North Homestead resort where Wyoming and parts of two for eastern Wyoming and western plume more than 9 miles into printed editions twice a week, Dakota State University suspect Beacher Ferrel adjoining states, and meteorolo- sections of South Dakota and the air in the volcano’s first officials stressed that the new canceled classes Monday and Hackney fled after the gists said one mountainous area Nebraska, with a winter storm emissions in nearly 20 years. free Web site won’t simply be Fargo high schools also shootings Saturday night, said might get as much as 40 inches warning for much of central Residents in the state’s largest the old newspaper delivered excused students to help. “The Bath County Sheriff’s Capt. of snow. Even Mount Rushmore Wyoming and mountain sections city were spared from falling in a new format. News students are eager to help. Richard Armstrong. However, National Memorial closed of Colorado. A tornado watch was ash, though fine gray dust was employees can apply for We’re ready to go,” Fargo Armstrong said his department because of the weather in South issued for northeastern Nebraska. falling Monday morning on positions with the new school spokesman Dan and Virginia State Police Dakota’s rugged Black Hills. small communities north of company, but “job losses will Huffman said. stepped up patrols of the wider Some residents of hard-hit — From wire reports Anchorage. The ash began be unavoidable,” Publisher falling around daybreak and Laurel Champion said in a SWIM & SANDAL S LE continued into midmorning. statement Monday. They were supposed to end by noon. “It’s coming down,” Rita Montana Jackson, 56, said early Monday morning at a 24-hour grocery BUTTE — Investigators will store in Willow, about 50 miles examine whether a single- north of Anchorage. She slid engine turboprop plane was starts today! ends Saturday, March 28th starts today! her fingers across the hood of overloaded when it nose-dived 25-40 25-40 her car, through a dusting of into a cemetery and killed 14 % ash. Ash from Alaska’s volcanos people on board who were is like a rock fragment with heading to a ski trip, a federal jagged edges and has been official said Monday. The plane used as an industrial abrasive. was likely designed to carry a It can injure skin, eyes and total of 11 people, including off breathing passages. two pilots, Mark Rosenker, acting chairman of the National storewide swimwear, storewide swimwear, California Transportation Safety Board, boardshorts & LOS ANGELES — A judge said at a news conference. Officials said seven adults and cover-ups refused to establish a seven children were killed in for misses • plus • men conservatorship for Peter Falk the crash. young men • juniors • kids on Monday, but has scheduled testimony to decide whether Nebraska Selection varies by store. court intervention is necessary featuring featuring 99 swim separates to allow visits between the LINCOLN — Residents of a ailing actor and his daughter. Los Angeles Superior Court small southwest Nebraska town have a question for state Judge Aviva K. Bobb scheduled officials: You’re not doing 19 19 for misses • plus from Reg. 30.00-45.00. Reg. 30.00-45.00. South Point® • Beach Diva® Suit Yourself® an evidentiary hearing on May anything with that old electric 27 to try to determine how close the “Columbo” star was to his adopted daughter, chair, are you? The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled last year that the state’s use of the 29 99 one-piece suits Reg. 65.00. Reg. 65.00. for misses from Maxine® • Paradise Bay® • Baltex® Catherine, before falling ill. electric chair was unconstitu- Catherine Falk petitioned for a tional. Some people in McCook conservatorship in December, — population just under 8,000 saying her father was suffering — think “Old Sparky” could be ti from Alzheimer’s disease and a tourist attraction and have advanced dementia. She has offered to take it off the state’s withdrawn a petition to take hands. Fifteen men were over her father’s estate, but has executed in the chair, which is A L L S A N DA L S O N S A L E ALL SANDALS ON SALE argued for a conservatorship about 210 miles east of Excludes Bealls Best Value. because she claims Falk’s wife, McCook at the Nebraska State save 40-50% Shera, is blocking attempts to Penitentiary in Lincoln. visit her father. Corrections department spokeswoman Connie Nemec Connecticut says there are no immediate on these featured sandal plans to move the chair. HARTFORD — Connecticut brands & more legislators are considering New Jersey making their state the first in BAYSTUDIO DOCKERS New England to apologize for TRENTON — An elderly woman slavery and other racist policies known only as “Jane Doe” since 4EROSO[fSS of old. A legislative committee she was found wandering in a ® NATURALIZER . ©© is hearing testimony on the New Jersey mall 15 years ago resolution Monday. The has finally been identified. Lt. L i l i rltla ii resolution says slavery was Eduardo Ojeda, a police officer practiced in Connecticut from with the New Jersey the 17th through 19th Department of Human centuries. There were about Services, discovered recently BOCA- 5,100 slaves in the that the woman is 74-year-old Connecticut colony by the mid- Elba Leonor Diaz Soccarras. cussics® Mud d 1770s. That’s about 3 percent She is a Colombian immigrant of the population at the time. who struggled for years as a The resolution also urges single mother and factory storewide schools and organizations to acknowledge Connecticut’s worker. Soccarras has been bedridden in a New Jersey color-slashed CLEARANCE EXTRA evolution from a colony to a psychiatric hospital since she leading state in the abolition was found at the Woodbridge permanently reduced 30-70% off 40off movement. Center mall in 1994. She has % Alzheimer’s disease and is Clearance offer valid March 24th-30th only and Indiana unable to speak. available at Bealls Department Stores. Clearance savin gs ex ampl offer not valid on BeallsFlorida.com, Bealls Clearance origin e INDIANAPOLIS — A money New York Stores or at Bealls Outlet. Offer valid on merchandise 50% o cleara a l price ff sav ings $ 24 .99 nce p -$ 12 manager accused of trying to permanently reduced 30%, 50%, or 70% off the original extra 40% rice $ 12 .49 .50 fake his death in a plane crash NEW YORK — Ignoring his off -$ 5 price with a color-slashed ticket. Interim markdowns f in .00 has taken another financial hit. friends has paid off big for a Under an Indiana judge’s order New York man. He won $26 may have been taken. Sorry, no price adjustments prical $ e 7.50 made public Monday, Marcus million in a Friday the 13th given on prior purchases. Selection varies by store. 70 %tot plus t ax Schrenker must pay $304,000 lottery draw. New York state al savin gs! in restitution to bilked investors lottery officials said Monday BE LLS and $280,000 in state fines. the winner is from Wyandanch, Investors told the judge in on Long Island. The identity of January that Schrenker cost the El Salvador native was not them hundreds of thousands of revealed. Officials said the man dollars in losses. Schrenker didn’t heed the warnings of FREE save 15% gift wrapping As already was facing millions in well-meaning friends who told judgments and potential penalties, ranging from an him to stay away from the lottery on Friday the 13th. in-store when you e in-store everyday! open & use a Bealls insurance company’s lawsuit seeking $1.4 million in North Dakota Florida credit card! Live the Florida Lifestyle ' Open daily 9-9 • commissions to a judge’s order Subject to credit approval. To order by phone or to find the See associate for details. Bealls nearest you call 1-800-569-9038 Sunday 10-8 that he pay $12 million in a FARGO — High school and lawsuit over the sale of a college students were let out Shop online 24 hours a day at BeallsFlorida.com plane. of class Monday to help with Bealls Stores and BeallsFlorida.com are operated by Beall’s Department Stores, Inc. and by Beall’s Westgate Corporation sandbagging as residents Michigan raced to hold off a threat of flooding from the rising Red ENGLEWOOD Merchants Crossing 1500 Placida Road (941) 473-3721 DETROIT — The Ann Arbor River. City officials planned to VENICE Jacaranda Crossings 4251 S. Tamiami Trail (941) 493-2992 News will cease publication in fill more than 1 million 353487 PORT CHARLOTTE Port Charlotte Town Center Mall 1441 Tamiami Trail (941) 235-2678 July after 174 years and will sandbags, but with more rain
  • Front Page 6 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net WORLD/HEALTH NEWS The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | WORLD Rewards offered Study: Red meat increases mortality risk CHICAGO (AP) — The eating habits, then benefits beyond improved for drug lords MEXICO CITY — largest study of its kind finds that older Americans Women who ate large amounts followed them for 10 years. There were more health. Livestock increase Mexico’s government who eat large amounts of of red meat had a 20 percent than 70,000 deaths during greenhouse gas emissions, on Monday offered $2 red meat and processed that time. contributing to global million each for meats face a greater risk of higher risk of dying of cancer Study subjects were warming, he wrote, and information leading to death from heart disease and a 50 percent higher risk of recruited from AARP nations should reevaluate the arrest of 24 top and cancer. members, a group that’s farm subsidies that distort drug lords in a public The federal study of dying of heart disease than healthier than other prices and encourage challenge to the cartels’ violent grip on more than half a million women who ate less. similarly aged Americans. meat-based diets. men and women bolsters That means the findings “We’ve promoted a diet the country. prior evidence of the Over 10 years, eating the For processed meats, may not apply to all that has added exces- The list indicated health risks of diets laden equivalent of a quarter- the increased risks for groups, Sinha said. The sively to global that drug gangs have with red meat like pound hamburger daily large quantities were study relied on people’s warming,” Popkin said in splintered into six hamburger and processed gave men in the study a 22 slightly lower overall than memory of what they ate, an interview. main cartels under meats like hot dogs, bacon percent higher risk of for red meat. The which can be faulty. Successfully shifting pressure from the U.S. and cold cuts. dying of cancer and a 27 researchers compared In the analysis, the away from red meat can and Mexican govern- Calling the increased percent higher risk of deaths in the people with researchers took into be as easy as increasing ments. The two most risk modest, lead author dying of heart disease. the highest intakes to account other risk factors fruits and vegetables in powerful gangs — the Rashmi Sinha of the That’s compared to those deaths in people with the such as smoking, family the diet, said Elisabetta Pacific and Gulf cartels National Cancer Institute who ate the least red lowest to calculate the history of cancer and high Politi of the Duke Diet and — each suffered said the findings support meat, just 5 ounces per increased risk. body mass index. Fitness Center in Durham, fractures that have the advice of several week. People whose diets In an accompanying N.C. given rise to new health groups to limit red Women who ate large contained more white editorial, Barry Popkin, “I’m not saying every- cartels, according to and processed meat amounts of red meat had meat like chicken and fish director of the body should turn into the list published by intake to decrease cancer a 20 percent higher risk of had lower risks of death. Interdisciplinary Obesity vegetarians,” Politi said. the Attorney General’s risk. dying of cancer and a 50 The researchers Center at the University of “Meat should be a Office. The list offers 30 The findings appear in percent higher risk of surveyed more than North Carolina at Chapel supporting actor on the million pesos ($2 Monday’s Archives of dying of heart disease 545,000 people, ages 50 to Hill, wrote that reducing plate, not the main million) in rewards for Internal Medicine. than women who ate less. 71 years old, on their meat intake would have character.” 24 top members of the cartels and 15 million pesos ($1 million) for 13 of their lieutenants. Alzheimer’s costs EM Suicide bomber kills 15 mourners BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber struck skyrocket M L a d i e s a p p a r e L a tent filled Monday CHICAGO (AP) — The TWO DAy with Kurdish funeral health care costs of mourners, unleashing Alzheimer’s disease a huge fireball that patients are more than killed at least 15 people triple those of other older in a northern town people, and that doesn’t sWiMWeAr where Kurds and Arabs even include the billions are competing for of hours of unpaid care power. from family members, a Also Monday, new report suggests. .t ; Turkey’s visiting Compared with people president pressed the aged 65 and older without Iraqi government to sPeCiAl PurChAse Alzheimer’s, those with crack down on Kurdish the mind-destroying s . a F 11 rebels who stage cross- disease are much more l y y sAle r border raids into often hospitalized and f Turkish territory from treated in skilled-nursing sanctuaries in centers. Their medical northern Iraq. costs also often include About 30 people nursing home care and were wounded in the Medicare-covered home 1 suicide attack in the health visits. f f r town of Jalula some 80 That all adds up to at f miles northeast of least $33,007 in annual Baghdad. costs per patient, f Baboon break-ins compared with $10,603 for an older person a Tues. Wed. spur crackdown CAPE TOWN, South without Alzheimer’s, according to a report March 24th March 25th issued Tuesday by the Africa — Baboons Alzheimer’s Association. seeking snacks are breaking into tourists’ cars in South Africa, The numbers are based on 2004 data and include Choose from a large selection of average per-person and authorities have Medicare, Medicaid and threatened to fine private insurance costs. New 2009 Arrivals visitors who give them Costs likely have grown food and encourage since then as the U.S their aggressive pursuit population has aged and of bananas and sandwiches. the number of Alzheimer’s diagnoses has risen, said from Maxine, There has been a spate of cases where baboons stole picnics Angela Geiger, the Alzheimer’s Association chief strategy officer. Ceeb & Penbrooke and snatched bags from people in popular According to the group’s report, nearly 10 Sizes 10-18. Compare to $84. tourist spots around million caregivers — $4999 - $5999 Cape Town. In one mostly family members recent reported — provided 8.5 billion incident, baboons hours of unpaid care for jumped into the car of Alzheimer’s patients last f Two DAyS oNly! American visitors who year. were taking pictures on “All of these statistics the side of the road. paint a really grim picture In a statement save $10 - $20 Off All Of These suits of what’s going to happen Monday, the city of ... unless we invest in Cape Town and solutions” to delay or 39.99 conservationists $ prevent the disease, voiced alarm that Geiger said. some tour operators This week a Senate ................................................. were apparently committee will hear from deliberately baiting the an independent coalition baboons, despite of experts that has been numerous signs working on a strategy for Valid through Sunday 3/25/09. Sale excludes Sag Harbour, Caribbean Joe and Variations. warning against Cannot be combined with any other discount. No adjustments made on previously purchased merchandise. dealing with the growing feeding the animals. Alzheimer’s population. An estimated 5.3 Seal hunt begins million Americans have the disease; by next year Plus... Now Through sunday, Take an Additional 40% OFF TORONTO — Canada’s annual seal nearly half a million new hunt started Monday, cases will be diagnosed, under pressure from a according to the possible European Alzheimer’s Association. ............................................... .. Union ban on As the disease imported seal progresses, people lose the ability to care for Entire Stock of Clearance Merchandise products. Valid through Sunday 3/29/09. Sale excludes Sag Harbour, Caribbean Joe and Variations. Cannot be combined with any other discount. The world’s largest themselves and need No adjustments made on previously purchased merchandise. A clearance item is one that has been reduced at least twice. Discount taken off of lowest price. marine mammal hunt help with eating, was called “inherently bathing, dressing and inhumane” earlier this other daily activities. Eventually, they may month by a European Punta Gorda (in Cross Trail Center) 941-505-2177 Parliament committee need help with breathing that endorsed the bill and swallowing. Fort Myers (at College Parkway Center) 239-275-3111 350635 to ban the import of From 2000 to 2006, while deaths from heart seal products to the 27-member union. disease, stroke, breast and www.anthonysfla.com prostate cancer declined, Alzheimer’s deaths rose Mon. - Fri. 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. • Sat. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. • Sun. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. — From wire reports 47 percent.
  • The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net Front Page 7 FLORIDA REPORT Astronauts take third stroll in space Former math, science teachers take mission to try to free up jammed storage shelf CAPE CANAVERAL (AP) — Two loosen a pin that Acaba and another hatch for both Acaba and Arnold. side of the framework and also needs astronauts who were teaching math astronaut accidentally inserted upside Their previous outings were with to be extended. But Mission Control and science to middle school students down on the platform during another astronaut, and they took told the spacewalkers to skip that just five years ago went on a spacewalk Saturday’s spacewalk. But the shelf pleasure in sharing this one together. because of all the trouble with the first together Monday, their path cleared of mechanism would not extend into the Both in their 40s, they were teaching platform. dangerous orbiting junk that had proper position, despite repeated when NASA picked them as educator- The spacewalkers did move a crew threatened the space station and efforts. astronauts in 2004. and equipment cart from one end of shuttle. “Three, two, one, go,” Arnold called “Take your time, enjoy it and do the space station to the other, and On Sunday, the linked shuttle- out as they tugged with all their might. good work. We’re counting on you,” unhooked some clamps on a hose. station complex had to move out of “Negative.” the space station’s skipper, Mike “You’ve left the space station in the way of a 4-inch piece of debris that Mission Control instructed the Fincke, called out. much better shape ... and we heartily had been projected to come perilously spacewalkers to tie the platform down The jammed storage platform is thank you,” Mission Control radioed as close during the spacewalk. using sturdy tethers. located on the left side of the space the 6 1/2-hour spacewalk ended. Astronauts Joseph Acaba and It was the first time two former station framework that holds the solar As for space junk, it’s becoming a Richard Arnold II had no luck trying to schoolteachers took a spacewalk wings. The platform is supposed to growing concern for the 220-mile-high free up a jammed equipment storage together, and was the third and final secure big spare parts that will be space station. Earlier this month, shelf at the international space station, spacewalk for shuttle Discovery’s needed once NASA’s shuttles stop space station residents had to seek one of their main tasks. mission. flying in 2010. shelter in their emergency getaway Using a hammer, they managed to It also was the second time out the Similar shelving is on the opposite capsule because of debris. | OTHER HEADLINE NEWS FROM AROUND THE STATE FPL offers heating plan Fla. ‘Stimulus czar’ named for manatees to ride herd over funds ST. JOHN — They winter in TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Charlie Crist drew chuckles Florida to take advantage of the recently when he introduced Don Winstead as weather. But experts say it’s still not Florida’s “stimulus czar” — the key official charged warm enough for manatees off the with riding herd over $13.4 billion in federal stimulus central Florida coast. money expected by the state. “It’s not funny,” Crist That’s why Florida Power & Light protested in mock anger as he announced Winstead’s Co. wants to install an electric appointment as a special adviser who will oversee the heating system to pump warm influx of federal funds to state programs over the next water and keep the gentle creatures three budget years. Winstead, 61, is on loan indefi- toasty when it converts a 43-year- nitely to the governor’s office from the state old Port St. John plant into a $1 Department of Children and Families and will billion natural gas plant. It’s sched- continue drawing the $134,451 salary he has been uled to go online in 2013. paid annually as deputy secretary. As ’stimulus czar’ Previously, manatees usually his top tasks will include making sure Florida gets all stayed south of Sebastian in the the federal money it’s entitled to and that the cash is warmest waters. On chilly winter spent properly and on time. days, more than 600 manatees — Associated Press huddle at plants along the Indian River. Otherwise, temperature can AP PHOTO drop into the 50s in the winter, Just a little shaver Dockside Home decor 20 weakening the creatures’ immune A bearded dragon that was turned in at the Miami Metrozoo is seen on systems. The Brevard County 1000’s of of9f Saturday during the zoo’s Nonnative Pet Amnesty Day. Wildlife officers commission will vote on the heating plan this week. — Associated Press accepted 102 animals that had become too big, too expensive or too troublesome to keep. Officials say they hope to stop people from releasing problematic pets into the wild. $ new items! low price guarantee $ 9 min. purchase 1 yr. return Less trash as economy tanks 350622 Miami vets get procedures policy with unsterilized equipment TAMPA — Tampa trash officials say the economy is Pt Charlotte - Promenades Mall 3280 Tamiami Trl. (941) 766-7355 MIAMI — A Veterans Affairs hospital here has making residents less likely to part with things they once Discounts off original prices. Other restrictions apply, see store for details. notified thousands of patients that their colono- considered waste. Hillsborough County had an 8 percent A scopies were performed with improperly sterilized drop in the flow of solid waste into landfills in 2008. equipment, officials said Monday. Pinellas County recorded almost the same drop-off in CAPT. J. P. C A P T. J.P. S OKE EE LAK The hospital urged about 3,260 patients who had waste tonnage. February figures fell 16 percent. People ECH E OBE 350925 are buying less so there’s less to throw away. There’s also E colonoscopies between May 2004 and March 12 of -M this year to get tests for HIV, hepatitis and other less home construction which means less debris. mI N W MAN WIN diseases. — Associated Press The VA insisted the risk of infection was minimal, saying the tubing that was improperly cleaned didn’t LAKE OKEECHOBEE CRUISE make contact with patients. WILKINS Tuesday April 7th Sail from Clewiston Cruising into Lake Okeechobee, then cruising 90 $ 9900 i n It was the second recent announcement of errors Monday miles west on the calm intra-coastal waterway going through 3 sets of PP + TAXES during colonoscopies at VA facilities. “The very notion that veterans have to contemplate FROHLICH, P.A. May 4th locks, includes bus ride, narration, continental breakfast, lunch, dinner, 10am - 6pm music & sightseeing. INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY CRUISE 7:30AM til 7:30PM this new reality now before them and visit special Attorneys at Law Monday care clinics to undergo blood testing is stomach- turning,” U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, D-Fla., said in a April 6th Cruise 65 miles east on the calm intra-coastal waterway going Tuesday through 2 sets of locks, includes bus ride, narration, lunch, dinner, May 5th music & sightseeing. $ 7600 PP + TAXES Social Security 10am - 6pm letter Monday to the VA’s inspector general. “This information is shocking.” Sunday EASTER BUFFET CRUISE Come aboard and take a scenic cruise from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on the historic — Associated Press April 12th Disability Claims Caloosahatchee River to Cape Coral, en route passing the Edison Home, Ford Minn. teen fell from Fla. $ 3600 PP + TAXES Estate and other points of interest while observing Florida wildlife. While on board enjoy a delightful All-You-Care-To-Eat Easter Buffet. On the way back, join us in our sing along, dancing to live music or just sightseeing on our open 3rd deck. balcony watching sunrise All cruises include a buffet meal, music for dancing, cash bar, 2 enclosed decks, open air 3rd deck, narration on our daytime cruises. DAYTONA BEACH — Police say a Minnesota teen 625-0700 Franklin Lock Buffet Cruise.........................Thurs. & Sat. 10AM to 3PM.....................................$32.50 + tax Gulf of Mexico Buffet Cruise........................Wed. & Fri. 11AM to 3PM........................................$29.00 + tax Historic Harbor Buffet Cruise.......................Tuesday 11AM to 2PM.............................................$27.50 + tax vacationing in Florida was trying to watch the sunrise 18501 Murdock Circle, 6th Floor, Port Charlotte Sunday Buffet Cruise....................................Sunday 12:30PM to 3PM.........................................$27.50 + tax when he fell to his death from a hotel balcony. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely Sunset Dinner Dance Cruise........................Fri. & Sat. Nights 7:30PM to 10:30PM.....................$31.50 + tax 361001 upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written Daytona Beach police say 16-year-old Barret Forst information about our qualifications and experience. jccruises.com Downtown Ft. Myers Yacht Basin Since 1972 (239)334-7474 Family Owned & Operated from the Ugland awoke before his family early Sunday morning and stacked some chairs on top of each other on the balcony to get a better view. Ugland then fell from the 24th floor of the Ocean Walk Resort. He { r Please Join us for Our Every Day J` Business Luncheon Special 44 was pronounced dead at the scene. Police Chief Mike Chitwood said the investigation is ongoing but the death will probably be ruled accidental. There was no sign alcohol played a role. Ugland was visiting central Florida with his family. — Associated Press .4 4 Common Cause closing Fla. operations 44 TALLAHASSEE — The leader of a nonpartisan government watchdog group isn’t going down without a fight. Even though Common Cause’s Ben Wilcox will be out of a job as of March 31, the group’s Florida We H a v e E V E RY T H I N G ! We Have EVERYTHING! Unlimited Soup of the Day or Chili executive director appeared Monday in a House Committee hearing to testify in favor of revising campaign financing. ““Carefree F l o r i d a Living”” C a r e f r e e Florida L i v i n g Traditional House or Caesar Salad & House Freshly Baked Banana Bread Resort Style $6.95 Common Cause is shutting its Florida operations at the end of the month due to falling contributions blamed on the nation’s economic woes. Wilcox, Adult Community though, said he may keep lobbying lawmakers on Only $58,700 to $159,900! open-government, elections and ethics issues MADISONS through the end of the legislative session on May 1. OPEN HOUSE THIS WEDNESDAY 3/25 “Even if I have to come up here as a private citizen, I may do that, too,” Wilcox said. “I don’t want to leave AND SATURDAY 3/28! 10-2 issues up in the air.” 27110 JONES LOOP RD., PUNTA GORDA, FL at Port Charlotte Town Center Wilcox and Sarasota-based development director Make Your Next Business Meeting At Madisons Alex Chavez are among about 20 staffers being let go nationally. www.floridaretire.com Call Roberta Phone: 941-613-1692 350317 350633 — Associated Press Hours M-F 9am-4pm • Sat 10am-2pm Banquet Rooms for Groups of 20 - 100 • Reservations Accepted
  • DOW 7,775.86 +497.48 BUSINESS ........................................................................................................ . NYSE ................................... ................................... .................................. 5,185.86 +353.75 . NASDAQ ................................... ................................... .................................. 1,555.77 +98.50 . S&P 500 822.92 +54.38 Tuesday, March 24, 2009 www.sunnewspapers.net Weighing the bank rescue JULIE MATHIS Wall Street likes it, but will it actually work? A few By STEVENSON JACOBS and investors to buy up to a half- of almost 7 percent. securities. It had proposed DANIEL WAGNER trillion dollars of bad assets, to Other investors are more leery. creating a reverse auction in AP BUSINESS WRITERS shore up banks’ capital and They first want to see guarantees which banks burdened with reminders ... NEW YORK — Wall Street gave the new bank rescue plan unlock credit. The program could later be expanded to $1 from Congress, well attuned to the epic backlash against bad loans would accept the lowest-price bids for the assets. an enthusiastic embrace. trillion. bonuses paid out at bailed-out By contrast, the Obama W ednesday evening is Whether it will actually work — Among the investors who financial firms, that it won’t administration will try to lure restoring solvency to the banks, endorsed it was Bill Gross, a punish investors who buy bank hedge funds, private equity the Business Card restarting lending and ultimately respected bond manager and assets and later turn a profit. firms and other big investors to Exchange at Joyce lifting the economy out of founder of the Pimco invest- “There’s a lot of fingers flying buy assets by offering them Vein & Aesthetics Institute in recession — is far less clear. ment firm. Gross said Pimco, around, and I’m very worried low-interest loans drawn from Punta Gorda. Their building is One big question is a conun- which has more than $840 about having a high profile right the $700 billion financial at Olympia and Tabor streets drum that stumped the last billion in client assets, would now,” said Steven Persky, a Los bailout and backed by the in Punta Gorda. Stop by from administration: How to deter- start buying troubled assets Angeles hedge fund manager Federal Deposit Insurance 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for networking mine a price for the thicket of possibly within 45 days. who has already invested $400 Corp. and the Federal Reserve. and more. mortgage-related securities so Another well-known investor, billion in toxic mortgage-backed The new plan leaves it up to From 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Friday, banks can move them off their billionaire Wilbur Ross Jr., a securities. investors to figure out a price. books and then ramp up lending specialist in distressed assets, Before investing any new The value of banks’ mortgage- you can hear from Alex to consumers and businesses. said he plans to invest $1 billion money in toxic assets with related securities imploded last Sanchez, president of the And even more critical to in the plan. He said it would help government help, Persky said year after the housing crisis Florida Bankers Association, investors: Will the boiling anger banks earn the “maximum he’d want an ironclad contract worsened and foreclosures who will discuss the “Troubled over Wall Street bailouts and rational price” for their hard-to- guaranteeing that his profits or soared. Assets Relief Program and How bonuses lead Congress to value assets. compensation wouldn’t be The government’s goal is to It Affects Our Community.” His impose harsh restrictions on “It’s a better way than to keep threatened later. He added: “The get investors to pay a price at a visit is sponsored by Charlotte would-be buyers of toxic assets, pumping equity in,” Ross told level of animosity is so high.” financial sweet spot: high State and Englewood banks. making them shy away from The Associated Press. So are the stakes. enough that banks will sell — doing a deal? Wall Street responded with its The Bush administration but low enough that the Please call our Port Charlotte The new program unveiled best day of 2009, sending the abandoned its own toxic-asset government won’t absorb too office if you plan to attend. Monday by Treasury Secretary Dow Jones industrial average purchase plan last fall because much risk in financing the On April 1, we’re having a Timothy Geithner aims to entice soaring almost 500 points, a rally of the complexity of valuing the deals. luncheon for past presidents of the chamber, and we can’t wait to hear from this very dedicated group who can offer sage advice about how we can Unemployment hits minorities harder continue to meet the needs of By JESSE WASHINGTON our growing membership. AP NATIONAL WRITER That evening we’re holding The ax fell without sound or shadow: our first Women’s Networking Tatiana Gallego was suddenly called into and Wine Tasting event at our human resources and laid off from her job as an admissions counselor for a fashion Punta Gorda office in the college. Freeman House. Space is “The way people tried to explain it to me limited, so please call our was, I was the last one hired so I was the office in Port Charlotte at 941- first one out,” said Gallego, 25, who had 627-2222 to reserve your wine worked there for 17 months. glass. Last hired, first fired: This generations- One thing was clear from old cliche rings bitterly true for millions of our recent membership survey Latinos and blacks who are losing jobs at a on what workshops we should faster rate than the general population during this punishing recession. offer during Small Business Much of the disparity is due to a concen- Week and that is that our tration of Latinos and blacks in construc- members are looking for tion, blue-collar or service-industry jobs information on a variety of that have been decimated by the economic topics from marketing to lines meltdown. And black unemployment has of credit. While we develop the been about double the rate for whites since workshops for May 18-22, I the government began tracking those just want to remind readers of categories in the early 1970s. But this recession is cutting a swath AP PHOTO the many resources available through the professional classes as well, Tatiana Gallego, 25, who was laid off in December from her job as admission counselor at a right here, right now to get which can be devastating to people who information to help your fashion school in New York, uses her laptop at her home in Elmwood Park, N.J., Friday. Last recently arrived there. hired, first fired: This generations-old cliche rings bitterly true today for millions of Latinos and business grow, including Since the recession began in December blacks who are losing jobs at a faster rate than the general population. Charlotte Technical Center, 2007, Latino unemployment has risen 4.7 941-255-7500, www.charlotte percentage points, to 10.9 percent, contacts, the same kind of seniority.” “When companies cut back their ad techcenter.com; Edison State according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are no recent government statistics dollars, minority budgets are where they College, 941-637-5629, Black unemployment has risen 4.5 points, that measure jobs lost by race and income. start,” said Salter, 62, who is black. www.edison.edu/charlotte; to 13.4 percent. White unemployment has But Darity and others believe that profes- “Unfortunately in this business, most risen 2.9 points, to 7.3 percent. sional Latinos and blacks are more likely to clients just view (minority advertising) as Florida Gulf Coast University, Gallego, whose parents were born in lose their jobs in the recession. an overlay or meeting an obligation that 941-505-7414, Colombia, graduated from the University of “Many times blacks and Latinos are the social organizations might place on them.” www.fgcu.edu/charlottecenter; Rhode Island. Her mother is self-employed, last to be hired, so naturally they are first to His last day was in January 2008. With Hodges University, 239-489- and her stepfather works in construction. be fired,” said Jerry Medley, who has been in alimony payments and two kids in college, 9269, www.hodges.edu; and She was stunned when she was told to the executive search business for 30 years. Salter moved from his four-bedroom house IMPAC University, 941-639- pack up and leave by the end of the day “Not saying that it’s racism,” Medley said, into an apartment and has scraped by on 7512, www.impacu.edu. because enrollment was down at her New “but if a manager or a senior executive is consulting gigs. Peter Keating, a business York City school. She said she had recently looking at a slate of individuals and has to Salter’s mother worked as a housekeeper, analyst with the Small received a positive performance review, let one of them go, chances are he or she and his father was a custodian. Before his and her bosses were planning to send her will not let the person go that they spend a divorce, Salter’s stepdaughter and her four Business Development Center to a conference. lot of time with at the country club or children lived with him for many years. at FGCU “Maybe I just don’t know that much similar places.” Professional blacks “don’t usually start (www.fgcu.edu/cob/sbdc) about the business world, because I felt The less wealth you have, the harder out with an inheritance,” he said. “On top spends two days a week in our like I did more, I went above and beyond unemployment hits. Darity cited 2002 data of that, quite often things happen in our Port Charlotte office offering more than other people in my office did,” that showed black households with a families to cause us stress. An unexpected free one-no-one business she said. median net worth of $6,000, Latino house- child or grandchild, drug problems. When counseling and members of William Darity, a professor of economics holds with a median of $8,000, and white you try to set aside money to put your kids the Service Corps of Retired and African-American studies at Duke households with a median of $90,000. through college, all of a sudden you have to University, said that “blacks and Latinos are Philip Salter was creative director for a say, ’I can’t let this family member fall and Executives are also available to relative latecomers to the professional Chicago advertising firm where about 75 become homeless.’ assist businesses. Our libraries world ... so they are necessarily the most percent of the revenue came from a “I would say eight out of 10 people I have online resources and our vulnerable.” contract with a Fortune 500 company to know have a similar situation.” CPAs, bankers, computer “We don’t have those older roots to create ads targeted at minorities. When the Then there are those clinging to the techies, financial advisers, anchor us in the professional world,” Darity firm lost that contract plus two general- bottom of the ladder, laid off from lower- business consultants and said. “We don’t have the same nexus of market accounts, Salter’s job evaporated. paying jobs. others can provide valuable information and answer your questions. Please don’t let your pride or lack of time or any other excuse stop you from Duffy Electric Boats to be shown at marina C getting information that can lass Electric Boats 5- Community open for viewing discuss current help your business. LLC, of Cape Charlotte yard sale during the yard sale. economic and stock I have 11 of the “sweet 16” Coral, will be Biz Bits For more information, market conditions showing and demon- Emerald Lake is please call 941-639- including critical basketball teams still on the strating Duffy Electric holding a community 3800. investment strategies tournament schedule. I’ve Boats at Laishley Nancy yard and bake sale on and 2009 forecasts for been a March Madness fan since my days at Indiana Marina located at Padgett Saturday beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at Free investment individual investors. The seminars are free, Laishley Park on April 4 seminars University when our claim to and 5. The boats, 4 p.m. There will be all include lunch, and are sports fame was basketball npadgett@sun-herald.com known to be comfort- types of items available Bob Quinn, CFP and open to the public, (and Mark Spitz). Ah, the good able and luxurious, marina building and for purchase, including financial advisor with however seating is ol’ days of chair throwing and provide the opportunity the new construction. household items, Edward Jones, is limited. Please call 941- tantrums. to experience clean The event is free, open furniture and home- holding free invest- 637-6787 to register. electric boating, which to the public and will baked goods. The ment seminars on April Julie Mathis is the executive is perfect for the be held each day from community is located 1 and April 16 at 3941 Nancy Padgett is the director of the Charlotte waterways of Southwest noon to 5 p.m. For at 24300 Airport Road, Tamiami Trail, Suite advertising manager of County Chamber of Commerce. Florida. The boats will more information, Punta Gorda. The 3173, Punta Gorda. The the Sun. be docked in the first contact Rob Mang at community model seminars titled “Rules E-mail: npadgett@ E-mail: jmathis@ slips between the 941-661-5704. homes will also be of the Road” will sun-herald.com charlottecountychamber.org
  • Tuesday, March 24, 2009 /The Sun BUSINESS NEWS www.sunnewspapers.net D/E/N/C Front Page 9 THE MARKET IN REVIEW NYSE AMEX NASDAQ FOREIGN STOCKS OF LOCAL INTEREST 52-Week Net YTD 12-mo YTD YTD MOST ACTIVE ($1 OR MORE) MOST ACTIVE ($1 OR MORE) MOST ACTIVE ($1 OR MORE) High Low Name Last Chg %Chg %Chg %Chg Name Div Yld PE Last Chg% Chg Name Div Yld PE Last Chg% Chg Name Vol (00) Last Chg Name Vol (00) Last Chg Name Vol (00) Last Chg 496.12 194.99 Amsterdam 220.90 +8.19 +3.85-10.18 -48.12 ActionPr h ... ... ... .17 -.02 -75.4 OfficeDpt ... ... ... 1.43 +.05 -52.0 Citigrp 7595364 3.13 +.51 PSCrudeDL n2909673.23 +.21 PwShs QQQ160478630.90 +1.72 3,971.91 1,523.47 Brussels 1,754.02 +45.36 +2.65 -8.10 -51.59 BkofAm 5470808 7.80 +1.61 EldorGld g 38373 8.55 +.38 Microsoft 69665518.33 +1.27 Avatar ... ... ... 15.00 +.51 -43.4 PGT Inc ... ... ... 1.08 +.18 -4.4 7,231.86 3,588.89 Frankfurt 4,176.37 +107.63 +2.65-13.18 -33.92 SPDR 369147282.22 +5.51 BarcGSOil 2994120.72 +.69 Cisco 63161316.98 +1.07 6,377.00 3,460.71 FTSE 100 3,952.81 +109.96 +2.86-10.86 -28.07 BkofAm .04 .5 14 7.80 +1.61 -44.6 RJamesFn.44 2.2 10 20.14 +2.64 +17.6 SPDR Fncl35876729.48 +1.34 CFCda g 2661712.49 -.07 Intel 62843115.52 +.87 26,387.37 10,676.29 Hong Kong 13,447.42 +613.91 +4.78 -6.53 -36.29 Carnival ... ... 8 23.31 +2.01 -4.2 DirxFinBull2792958 7.08 +2.07 NovaGld g 25380 2.32 -.04 FifthThird 513788 2.38 +.25 Ryder .92 3.3 8 28.10 +2.90 -27.5 5,142.10 2,465.46 CAC-40 2,869.57 +78.43 +2.81-10.83 -36.71 Chicos ... ... ... 5.16 +.59 +23.4 32,215.20 16,480.01 Mexico 20,346.43 +983.13 +5.08 -9.09 -31.34 StJoe ... ... ... 16.37 +1.78 -32.7 GAINERS ($2 OR MORE) GAINERS ($2 OR MORE) GAINERS ($2 OR MORE) 14,601.27 6,994.90 Nikkei 225 8,215.53 +269.57 +3.39 -7.27 -34.17 CrackerB .80 2.8 10 28.84 +1.68 +40.1 SimonProp3.60 9.2 21 39.10 +6.30 -26.4 Name Last Chg %Chg Name Last Chg %Chg Name Last Chg %Chg 15,154.77 7,479.96 Toronto 8,958.51 +452.16 +5.32 -.32 -31.19 Disney .35 1.8 9 18.92 +1.47 -16.6 LloydBkg 3.77 +1.27 +50.8 Lodgian 3.20 +.94 +41.6 DoverSadl 2.02 +.66 +48.2 SteinMrt ... ... ... 2.64 +.49+133.6 Eaton 2.00 5.4 6 37.15 +3.03 -25.3 DirxFinBull 7.08 +2.07 +41.3 MexcoEn 12.35 +3.50 +39.5 CEurMed 14.50 +4.50 +45.0 SunTrst .40 2.8 7 14.11 +2.06 -52.2 Modine 2.69 +.78 +40.8 Westmrld 9.50 +2.08 +28.0 PrmEgy 46.00+13.42 +41.2 FPL Grp 1.89 3.7 13 50.90 +1.55 +1.1 HarrisCorp.80 2.8 12 28.12 -2.68 -26.1 SuprUnifm .54 8.6 20 6.25 +.26 -17.7 MS AIG45 5.00 +1.40 +38.9 ParkNatl 59.95+10.95 +22.3 USecBcCA 8.69 +2.53 +41.1 KV PhrmB 2.60 +.72 +38.4 Banro g 2.00 +.35 +21.2 StrlF WA 2.25 +.61 +37.2 HltMgmt ... ... 3 2.33 -.05 +30.2 TECO .80 6.9 15 11.65 +.65 -5.7 EMBARQ` LennarA .16 1.6 ... 9.76 +1.65 +12.6 TechData ... ... 9 21.13 +.99 +18.4 LOSERS ($2 OR MORE) LOSERS ($2 OR MORE) LOSERS ($2 OR MORE) BUSINESS Name Last Chg %Chg Name Last Chg %Chg Name Last Chg %Chg } 1+ Lincare ... ... 7 21.66 +.56 -19.6 WendyArby.06 1.1 ... 5.39 +.33 +9.1 DirxFinBear19.20-15.80 -45.1 Velocity rs 3.41 -.69 -16.8 FFBcArk 4.94 -.81 -14.1 McClatch h ... ... ... .71 +.04 -11.3 WldFuel .30 .9 9 32.42 +1.53 -12.4 RdxInv2xF s24.33-12.70 -34.3 AlldDefen 4.30 -.76 -15.0 Poniard h 2.06 -.30 -12.7 ProUShtRE49.80-21.14 -29.8 PSCrudeDS n133.22-14.50-9.8 FstSecGrp 3.26 -.47 -12.6 ProUShtFn 90.63-38.46 -29.8 ComndSec 3.05 -.30 -9.0 HntgtnCp pf 7.95 -1.15 -12.6 DirxEMBear36.42-13.25 -26.7 PhrmAth 3.00 -.25 -7.7 CarverBcp 2.80 -.39 -12.2 CURRENCIES a' f f Ia ' Yesterday Pvs Day Yesterday Pvs Day DIARY DIARY DIARY Argent Peso 3.6870 3.6570 Jordan Dinar .7091 .7092 .. . . . Advanced Declined Unchanged 2,871 281 43 Advanced Declined Unchanged 412 169 64 Advanced Declined Unchanged 2,327 446 137 'b!! i33 ".,, . . . E, Does my Australia Brazil Dollar Real 1.4227 1.4554 2.2540 2.2652 Mexico Peso N. Zealand Dollar 14.3166 1.7503 14.1614 1.7892 Total issues New Highs 3,195 8 Total issues New Highs 645 2 Total issues New Highs 2,910 11 business Britain Canada Pound Dollar .6873 .6925 1.2276 1.2395 Norway Krone Pakistan Rupee 6.2802 80.26 6.3921 80.25 Chile Peso 579.30 587.25 Peru New Sol 3.145 3.116 crash if my New Lows 9 New Lows 6 New Lows 13 Volume 7,460,003,166 Volume 111,012,922 Volume 2,211,860,555 China Yuan 6.8348 6.8287 Philpins Peso 48.07 48.25 Colombia Peso 2358.50 2359.50 Russia Ruble 33.2027 33.5211 INDEXES High 52-Week Low Name Close YTD 1 Year Change Chg% Chg% Chg% se computer Czech RepKoruna Denmark Krone 19.72 19.69 5.4675 5.5006 Saudi Arab Riyal Singapore Dollar 3.7503 1.5085 3.7504 1.5172 13,136.69 6,469.95 5,536.57 2,134.21 Dow Jones Industrials 7,775.86 Dow Jones Transportation2,715.21 +497.48 +6.84-11.40 -38.03 +198.25 +7.88-23.24 -44.14 does? Euro Euro Hong Kong Dollar .7339 .7379 7.7501 7.7497 Sweden Krona Switzerlnd Franc 8.0000 1.1239 8.1633 1.1296 530.57 288.66 Dow Jones Utilities 340.49 +13.12 +4.01 -8.16 -28.50 Hungary Forint 222.62 222.17 Taiwan Dollar 33.80 33.79 9,687.24 4,181.75 NYSE Composite 5,185.86 +353.73 +7.32 -9.92 -41.47 Indnsia Rupiah 11555.0011775.00 Thailand Baht 35.36 35.31 2,433.31 1,130.47 Amex Index 1,372.18 +50.21 +3.80 -1.81 -38.18 2,551.47 1,265.52 Nasdaq Composite 1,555.77 +98.50 +6.76 -1.35 -33.14 NOT WITH EMBARQ® RescueIT . SM Israel Japan Shekel Yen 4.0455 4.0320 96.89 95.96 Turkey Lira Venzuel Bolivar 1.6610 2.1470 1.6916 2.1470 1,440.24 666.79 S&P 500 822.92 +54.38 +7.08 -8.89 -39.04 897.37 397.97 S&P MidCap 498.60 +34.22 +7.37 -7.37 -36.68 British pound expressed in U.S. dollars. All others show dollar in foreign currency. 764.38 342.59 Russell 2000 433.72 +33.61 +8.40-13.16 -38.15 E 877-4EMBARQ • embarq.com/bizrescueit NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE Div Name Last Chg 1.32 BectDck 66.42 +1.85 1.49 CorpOffP 26.94 +4.01 .40m PNC 32.73 +5.81 ... ReliantEn 3.44 +.44 ... Tenneco 2.33 +.05 A-B-C .90f Bemis 21.10 +1.01 ... CorrectnCp 13.94 +1.19 V1 1 Data Internet Wireless Entertainment .1 .50 PNM Res 8.93 +.26 .96f RenaisRe 50.41 +1.66 2.90 Teppco 23.14 +.68 .47e ABB Ltd 14.69 +1.18 .24 Berkley 23.56 +1.14 1.00 CousPrp 7.50 +1.17 .61e POSCO 70.10 +6.43 ... ReneSola 2.77 +.42 ... Teradata 16.86 +.44 1.09e ACE Ltd 40.40 +1.72 ... BerkH B 2941.07 ... CovantaH 14.15 +.23 2.12 PPG 37.00 +2.29 .76 RepubSvc 17.57 +.60 ... Teradyn 4.48 +.38 ... AES Corp 6.79 +.37 +188.07 ... CoventryH 12.96 +1.24 Services not available everywhere. Business customers only. © 2009 Embarq Holdings Company LLC. All rights 1.38f PPL Corp 29.68 +1.27 ... ResMed 33.68 +1.38 ... Terex 10.40 +1.28 353784 1.12f AFLAC 21.69 +3.31 .30 BerryPet 10.50 +1.50 .64 Covidien 32.85 +.84 reserved. The name EMBARQ and the jet logo are trademarks of Embarq Holdings Company LLC. EMB1-09-01931 .60m PackAmer 13.35 +1.09 1.26e RetailHT 74.46 +4.57 .40 Terra 27.41 +.81 ... AGCO 20.12 +2.24 .56 BestBuy 34.10 +1.80 ... CoxRadio 4.12 +.82 ... Pactiv 13.05 +.68 3.40 ReynldAm 37.81 +1.15 13.60e TerraNitro 134.78+4.79 .20 AK Steel 7.90 +.99 ... BigLots 20.95 +1.27 .10e CredSuiss 34.01 +4.12 .58f PallCorp 21.05 +1.03 5.44e RioTinto 132.79 .40 Tesoro 15.11 +1.16 1.12 AMB Pr 14.72 +2.67 ... BBarrett 24.67 +2.90 ... CrwnCstle 21.10 +1.65 ... ParkDrl 1.97 +.15 +18.69 ... TetraTech 3.89 +.66 ... CrownHold 21.15 -.18 ... Flotek 1.38 +.07 .81e iSh UK 11.03 +.75 1.80m MackCali 20.80 +3.79 1.00 ParkerHan 33.90 +2.49 ... RiteAid h .42 +.04 ... AMR 3.18 +.28 1.34 BioMedR 6.99 +.93 .30 Texas Inds 19.75 +2.76 1.91 ASBC pfA 16.55 +.14 1.50 Biovail 11.00 -.24 1.68 CullenFr 49.47 +4.55 1.08f Flowserve 60.08 +5.22 1.46eiShS&P100 13.46 -.15 .20m Macquarie 8.86 +.86 ... iShSilver s 39.21 +2.56 ... Macys 1.25 +.10 1.88f PartnerRe 64.36 +2.75 .48f RobtHalf 18.15 +1.38 .44 TexInst 17.01 +1.23 .70 Cummins 27.28 +3.80 .50 Fluor s 38.13 +1.58 ... PatriotC s 4.15 +.57 1.16 RockwlAut 24.70 +2.28 1.64f AT&T Inc 26.92 +1.59 1.68 BlackD 28.53 +2.68 FEMSA 26.51 +1.16 2.42e iShDJDv 32.73 +1.98 .72 MagnaI g 28.17 +3.05 .08m Textron 6.89 +.95 .82r AU Optron 8.79 +.83 3.12 BlackRock 133.96 +20.00 4.01e CurEuro 136.55+.87 .46e .24 PeabdyE 28.88 +2.07 .96 RockColl 33.28 +1.87 ... ThermoFis 34.90 +1.59 ... CypSemi s 6.43 +.33 .60 FootLockr 10.71 +.97 6.18e iShBTips 101.77-.02 ... MaguirePr .78 +.27 1.20 Pengrth g 6.40 +.30 ... RockwdH 8.20 +1.04 .50e AXA 13.96 +1.66 1.20 Blackstone 7.81 +1.51 ... 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Penske 9.87 +1.13 2.00 RoyalBk g 31.00 +2.63 .78 DNP Selct 6.93 +.23 ... Forestar 7.89 +1.46 .75e iSSPGth 43.20 +2.64 .37e MktVRus 16.29 +1.66 1.08 PepcoHold 12.58 +.51 ... RylCarb 8.87 +.99 .40f THorton g 26.63 +1.45 .24 AdvAuto 40.65 +.64 2.72 BostProp 40.28 +5.38 1.14f DPL 23.05 +.80 ... Fortress 2.09 +.56 1.16e iShSPLA s 27.56 +1.91 .28p MktV Agri 29.72 +1.87 ...TW Cable rs 27.32 +1.72 ... AMD 3.02 +.35 ... BostonSci 8.05 +.49 .68 PepsiBott 20.67 +1.08 3.20e RoyDShllA 47.36 +2.87 .15 DR Horton 9.89 +1.52 1.76 FortuneBr 25.31 +2.44 1.92e iSSPVal 39.21 +2.89 .35 MarIntA 17.11 +1.44 1.70 PepsiCo 51.63 +1.61 .92 Ryder 28.10 +2.90 .25 TimeWarn 8.62 +.76 .48 AdvEngy 2.29 +.07 .22t Bowne 3.74 +.95 ... DST Sys 33.60 +2.12 .55 40/86Strat 6.04 +.05 4.02e iShB20 T 103.02-.90 .80 MarshM 20.86 +1.11 .72 Timken 14.53 +1.24 ... AecomTch 26.00 +1.49 ... 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ChicB&I 6.15 +.48 .08 Kinross g 18.12 +.21 .16a NobleCorp 27.31 +2.13 .48 ProtLife 5.68 1.98f WP Carey 23.13 +.60 .52m AstoriaF 9.88 +1.30 3.96 EnbrEPtrs 31.17 +1.07 2.80e HatterasF n 22.29 +.30 .16 KnightTr 14.96 +1.15 .72 NobleEn 57.30 +5.33 +1.08 .68e SP Engy 46.54 +3.54 2.05e AstraZen 33.47 +.58 ... Chicos 5.16 +.59 1.48f Enbridge 31.77 +.90 1.24 HawaiiEl 14.19 +.67 .72 ProvET g 3.92 +.24 .47e SPDR Fncl 9.48 +1.34 .28 WABCO 11.50 +.22 .42e Chimera 3.15 +.54 ... Headwatrs 2.78 +.59 ... Kohls 42.70 +2.22 .52e NokiaCp 11.84 +.73 .76 WaddellR 19.11 +2.61 1.52m AtlasPpln 3.74 +.44 1.60 EnCana 45.26 +3.62 ... KoreaElc 10.29 +.78 ... Nomura 5.83 +.69 .58m Prudentl 21.11 .73e SP Inds 18.65 +1.26 1.32 ATMOS 23.59 +.48 .90e ChinaLife 51.51 +4.46 ... EncoreAcq 26.20 +3.08 2.72 HltCrREIT 34.82 +4.60 1.16 +4.42 .30e SP Tech 15.93 +.89 1.09f WalMart 51.48 +1.89 1.61e ChinaMble 43.93 +3.18 ... 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PulteH 11.08 .90e StarwdHtl 13.22 +1.58 ... WasteCon 25.25 +1.49 ... Aventine h .20 +.02 ... ChungTel wi 19.40 +.40 .10 ENSCO 31.22 +3.10 1.66 Heinz 34.58 +1.50 ... LSI Corp 3.38 +.27 1.72e Novartis 38.46 +.80 +1.28 .04m StateStr 29.97 +5.28 1.16f WsteMInc 25.90 +.79 1.64 AveryD 22.99 +1.84 .24 Cimarex 20.69 +1.79 3.00 Entergy 69.23 +2.18 ... HelixEn 6.04 +.82 1.56 LTC Prp 19.07 +2.07 1.40 Nucor 40.20 +2.73 .46 PMMI 5.45 +.09 1.66e StatoilHyd 20.09 +1.59 ... Waters 33.54 +1.55 ... AvisBudg h .84 -.25 ... CinciBell 2.21 +.16 2.12f EntPrPt 21.94 +.90 .20 HelmPayne 24.60 +1.65 ... LabCp 58.08 +1.32 .79 NuvDivA 10.96 +.10 ... QuantaSvc 22.14 ... Sterlite 6.83 +.64 ... WatsnPh 28.48 +.92 .72 Avista 14.35 +.20 .04m Citigrp 3.13 +.51 2.60m EnterPT 17.76 +2.73 .72 Hersha 1.50 +.07 ... LVSands 2.65 +.24 1.32 NuvEqtP 9.80 +.63 +1.76 ... StifelFn s 40.83 +3.48 ... WeathfInt s 13.07 +1.22 ... Avnet 17.95 +.92 ... Citigp pfM 17.21 +1.41 ... 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  • Front Page 10 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net BUSINESS NEWS The Sun/ Tuesday, March 24, 2009 MUTUAL FUNDS 4-wk MarsGrA t 12.30 +.67 +8.2 Income n 9.40 +.14 +2.4 Old Mutual Adv II: NasdaqInv n 8.31 +.48+11.4 ITTsry n 11.99 -.03 +1.7 Name NAV Chg %Rtn Columbia Class B: Fidelity Invest: HOW TO READ THE MUTUAL FUND TABLES TS&WSCVZ 11.52 +.66 +5.3 SEI Portfolios: LifeCon n 12.84 +.41 +5.5 IntlValB t 9.94 +.52+10.4 AllSectEq 8.64 +.59+13.1 Here are the 975 biggest mutual funds listed on Nasdaq. Tables Tc&ComZ 10.12 +.55 +9.4 CoreFxA n 8.85 +.01 -1.2 AIM Funds A: 21CentB t 7.44 +.50 +8.3 AMgr50 n 10.70 +.37 +5.8 Tuesday Old Westbury Fds: LifeGro n 14.84 +.86+10.1 GroAllo p 7.27 +.41 +9.3 show the fund name, sell price or Net Asset Value (NAV) and Schwab Funds: Columbia Class Z: AMgr20 r n 10.25 +.14 +1.8 daily net change, as well as one total return figure as follows: GlbSMdCap 9.54 +.30 +5.4 1000Inv r 24.26+1.59+11.0 LifeMod n 14.26 +.64 +7.9 AIM Investments A: Acorn Z 16.46+1.12+11.1 4-wk ChartA p 10.94 +.60 +9.2 Balanc n 12.79 +.57 +8.0 Name NAV Chg %Rtn Oppenheimer A: S&P Inv 12.74 +.84+10.9 LTIGrade n 7.80 -.03 -4.2 AcornIntZ 21.74 +.89+10.7 BlueChGr n 25.75+1.63+13.8 Tues: 4-wk total return (%) CapApA p 28.17+1.74+11.9 Const p 15.49 +.67 +1.9 AAL Mutual: S&P Sel 12.78 +.84+10.9 LTTsry n 12.47 -.06 +1.2 IntBdZ 7.68 ... -1.1 Canada n 34.52+2.22+17.7 Wed: 12-mo total return (%) Bond p 9.44 +.09 +2.2 DvMktA p 16.30+1.05+17.3 EuroGr p 18.75 +.71 +8.6 CaGrp 14.52 +.17 +3.9 S&PInstSl 6.52 +.43+10.9 IntTEBd 9.87 ... -1.1 CapAp n 14.86 +.95+12.2 Thu: 3-yr cumulative total return (%) MuBd 10.44 +.09 +3.3 GlobA p 36.21+1.98+12.7 Selected Funds: Morg n 11.07 +.62 +9.5 Inco p 4.34 ... -1.2 LCpVlZ 7.84 +.57+13.0 SmCoSt 10.28 +.19 +2.1 SmCEA p 6.93 +.53 +9.0 CapDevO n 6.42 +.37 +8.8 Fri: 5-yr cumulative total return (%) Wednesday IntBdA p 5.70 +.03 +3.4 AmShD 26.03+1.93+16.4 MuHY n 9.35 ... -0.7 ValRestr 27.93+2.00+14.2 CpInc r n 5.43 +.05 -0.2 Name: Name of mutual fund and family. MnStFdA 20.55+1.40+12.5 AmShS p 26.05+1.94+16.3 MuInt n 12.93 ... -0.9 AIM Investments B: ConstB t 14.05 +.60 +1.8 Credit Suisse Comm: Contra n 43.18+2.07 +8.0 NAV: Net asset value. 12-mo MidCapA 9.85 +.56+10.7 Seligman Group: GlbSmCp p 11.35 +.58 +5.7 DisEq n 15.90 +.93 +8.6 Name NAV Chg %Rtn StrInA p 3.26 +.02 -0.4 MuLtd n 10.83 ... -0.3 GlGrB t 14.27 +.54 +5.5 Chg: Net change in price of NAV. ComunA t 26.75+1.40+11.6 LgCapGr 11.26 +.69+11.2 DivIntl n 19.77+1.12+12.5 AAL Mutual: Oppenheimer Roch: Sentinel Group: MuShrt n 15.83 ... +0.1 LrgCGB t 7.28 +.34 +5.7 Total return: Percent change in NAV for the time period Bond p 9.44 +.09 -3.2 AIM Investor Cl: DFA Funds: DivGth n 14.96+1.14+15.3 CaGrp MuBd 14.52 10.44 +.17 +.09 +1.5 -3.0 LtdNYA p 2.94 ... -1.0 ComS A p 20.40+1.30+10.3 PrmcpCor n 8.73 +.48+11.1 IntlCorEq n 6.74 +.41+13.9 EmrMk n 13.09 +.87+17.7 shown, with dividends reinvested. If period longer than 1 year, SmCoSt 10.28 +.19 -8.5 RoMu A p 12.52 ... -1.9 Sequoia n 88.21 +4.11 +11.7 Prmcp r n 43.02+2.58+10.5 Energy 26.24+1.88+21.7 USCorEq2 n 6.42 +.47+12.8 Tech 17.90 +.94+15.5 Eq Inc n 27.94+2.22+16.5 return is cumulative. Thursday RcNtMuA 5.29 ... -3.0 St FarmAssoc: DWS Invest A: EQII n 11.91 +.94+16.4 PIMCO Admin PIMS: Gwth 38.16+2.21 +8.8 SelValu r n 11.03 +.61 +8.3 Utilities 12.08 +.54 +6.7 Data based on NAVs reported to Lipper by 6 p.m. Eastern. 3-yr GlbOppA 19.69 +.95+10.0 Europe 20.71+1.22+12.0 Name NAV Chg %Rtn ShtTmAd p 9.35 -.01 +0.1 Stratton Funds: STAR n 13.80 +.55 +6.8 Advance Capital I: StrGovSecA 8.53 +.01 +1.1 SmCap 29.49+2.10 +6.9 Balanc p 11.29 +.34 +3.8 Export n 14.15 +.84+14.0 Footnotes: e – Ex-capital gains distribution. f – Previous day’s AAL Mutual: TotRtAd 10.07 ... +0.1 STIGrade n 9.72 -.01 -0.4 Equity p 12.88 +.79+12.4 DWS Invest B: Fidel n 21.25+1.37+11.8 quote. n - No-load fund. p – Fund assets used to pay distribution Bond p CaGrp 9.44 14.52 +.09 +14.4 +.17 +16.4 PIMCO Instl PIMS: TCW Funds: STFed n 10.87 -.01 +0.5 DreHiRB 21.52+1.72+16.6 FltRateHi r n 8.08 +.03 -0.3 costs. r – Redemption fee or contingent deferred sales load may MuBd 10.44 +.09 +17.7 AllAsset 9.77 +.17 +4.9 TotRetBdI 9.17 ... +0.1 RetInc 7.32 -.02 -1.8 GlbOppB t 17.97 +.87+10.0 SmCoSt 10.28 +.19 NS STTsry n 10.92 -.01 +0.4 FrInOne n 18.39+1.04 +9.8 apply. s – Stock dividend or split. t – Both p and r. x – Ex-cash ComodRR 6.45 +.09+14.1 TIAA-CREF Funds: Alger Funds B: GNMA n 11.29 ... +1.2 Friday BondInst 9.78 ... +0.1 SmCapGr t 3.62 +.22+10.7 DWS Invest C: DevLcMk r 8.19 +.05 +4.8 StratEq n 10.43 +.72 +8.9 GlbOpp t 18.06 +.87+10.0 GovtInc 10.87 -.01 +0.5 dividend. NA - No information available. NE - Data in question. DivInc 8.40 +.05 +0.3 Templeton Instit: AllianceBern A: 5-yr TgtRetInc n 9.39 +.20 +4.1 DWS Invest S: GroCo n 48.98+2.99+11.3 NN - Fund does not wish to be tracked. NS - Fund did not exist Name NAV Chg %Rtn EmMkBd 8.44 +.06 +3.3 ForEqS 13.28 +.57 +8.3 IntlValA p 9.18 +.62+15.6 EmMkIn 8.50 +.03 +3.9 GroInc n 11.93 +.81+12.5 TgRe2010 n 16.95 +.61 +6.5 at start Wednesday, October 4, 2006. AAL Mutual: FrgnBd 8.98 -.03 -1.6 Third Avenue Fds: SmCpGrA 16.63+1.08+11.3 GNMA S 15.02 +.03 +0.9 HighInc r n 6.10 +.03 -1.9 Bond p 9.44 +.09 +43.4 HiYld 6.51 +.06 +0.1 Value 30.46+2.36+10.3 TgtRe2025 n 8.70 +.45 +9.0 Allianz Funds A: Source: Lipper, Inc. and The Associated Press CaGrp 14.52 +.17 +59.6 GlbOpp 20.19 +.97+10.0 J MuBd 10.44 +.09 +41.0 Indepn n 13.42 +.96 +9.8 InvGrCp 9.60 -.02 -1.2 Thompson Plumb: TgtRe2015 n 9.09 +.38 +7.3 NFJDvVl t 7.80 +.51 +8.5 GroIncS 10.42 +.72+10.9 InProBd n 10.87 +.03 +2.5 SmCoSt 10.28 +.19 NS LowDu 9.26 +.01 -0.1 Growth 19.28+1.42+15.4 Allianz Funds D: TgRe2020 n 15.67 +.73 +8.2 HlthCare r 17.84 +.65 -2.6 IntBd n 9.09 +.01 -0.5 RealRet 10.09 +.02 +2.3 Thornburg Fds: RCMWell p 16.44 +.59 -3.4 TgRe2030 n 14.49 +.81 +9.9 Alpine Funds: HiYldTx 10.08 -.01 -0.3 LatAmrEq 29.81+1.76+20.1 IntmMu n 9.83 ... -0.4 COMMODITIES MONEY RATES RealRtnI 9.89 +.02 +2.7 IntValA p 17.61 +.76+10.3 IntlDisc n 21.32+1.29+11.1 ShortT 9.35 -.01 +0.1 IntValue I 18.00 +.78+10.4 TgtRe2035 n 8.58 +.51+10.4 Dyn Bal 7.57 +.40 +9.6 LifeC2020 9.21 +.42 +7.5 InvGrBd 10.49 -.01 0.0 FUTURES Yesterday Wk Ago TotRt 10.07 ... +0.1 Thrivent Fds A: DynaDiv r 4.66 +.22 +9.6 Prime Rate TgtRe2045 n 8.88 +.53+10.4 MgdMuni S 8.29 ... -1.4 InvGB n 6.32 +.01 -0.4 Exch Contract Settle Chg Discount Rate 3.25 3.25 TR II 9.68 +.02 +2.3 Incom 6.75 -.01 -3.2 Amer Beacon Plan: Davis Funds A: LgCapVal n 8.74 +.62+10.9 0.50 0.50 TRIII 8.70 +.02 +2.2 MidCpGr 9.54 +.65+14.5 USGro n 12.04 +.70 +9.7 LgCpPln 11.66 +.80+11.8 NYVen A 21.64+1.62+15.7 LatAm n 30.52+1.87+22.9 Lt Sweet Crude NYMX May 09 53.80+1.73 Federal Funds Rate .00-.25 .00-.25 PIMCO Funds A: Turner Funds: Wellsly n 17.34 +.34 +2.8 Amer Century Inv: Davis Funds C & Y: LevCoStk n 13.51+1.08+13.1 Corn CBOT May 09395ø -1 Treasuries RealRtA p 9.89 +.02 +2.6 SmlCpGr n 17.81+1.14 +7.8 Welltn n 23.24 +.94 +6.8 CapVal 4.17 +.30+12.1 NYVenY 21.86+1.63+15.7 LowP r n 21.67+1.19 +8.3 Wheat CBOT May 09549ü -1 3-month 0.225 0.25 TotRtA 10.07 ... +0.1 Tweedy Browne: EqInc 5.51 +.23 +6.6 Wndsr n 8.44 +.59+15.0 NYVen C 20.93+1.56+15.6 Magelln n 45.70+3.06+17.4 Soybeans CBOT May 09955ø+3ø 6-month 0.39 0.445 PIMCO Funds C: GlobVal 14.11 +.30 +0.4 GrowthI 16.02 +.93+10.0 Delafield n 13.42 +1.02 +9.0 MA Mun n 11.21 ... -0.7 Cattle CME Jun 09 83.40+.55 5-year 1.67 1.91 TotRtC t 10.07 ... 0.0 UMB Scout Funds: WndsII n 17.12+1.08+10.7 HiYldMu 7.59 -.01 -0.4 Delaware Invest A: MegaCpStk n6.29 +.42+11.1 Intl 20.12+1.01+11.4 LifeSci 4.31 +.16 -0.7 Pork Bellies CME May 09 88.50-3.00 10-year 2.65 2.94 PIMCO Funds D: Vanguard Idx Fds: Diver Inc p 7.76 -.03 -1.3 MCpGr r n 6.69 +.39+10.9 Sugar (world) NYBT May 09 13.41-.13 30-year 3.69 3.65 TRtn p 10.07 ... +0.1 USAA Group: 500 n 76.24+5.04+10.9 TxFBnd 10.49 ... -0.8 CorPlsBd 6.84 ... -0.6 MidCap n 15.19 +.91+10.8 Perm Port Funds: BalStra 8.60 +.36 +5.5 Tech 12.71 +.74+15.0 Orange Juice NYBT May 09 73.75+1.00 Balanced n 15.86 +.65 +6.9 Dimensional Fds: MuniInc n 11.82 -.01 -0.7 SPOT Permannt 32.41 +.87 +3.7 Gr&Inc 9.35 +.61+10.9 Ultra 14.19 +.79+10.8 EmMktV 16.68+1.16+16.0 NwMill n 16.61+1.03+12.5 Pioneer Funds A: HYldOpp 5.48 +.03 -2.1 DevMkt n 6.63 +.40+12.6 American Funds A: IntSmVa n 9.83 +.47 +8.8 Yesterday Wk Ago OTC n 29.63+1.97+13.5 PionFdA p 26.28+1.72 +8.6 Inco 10.84 -.01 0.0 EMkt n 15.48+1.14+19.5 AmcpA p 11.70 +.69+11.3 USLgCo n 24.24+1.61+11.0 NYMX = New York Mercantile Exchange. CBOT = Gold (troy oz., spot) $952.10 $921.60 SciTech 7.45 +.40+11.9 100Index 6.03 +.40+10.6 Price Funds: Europe n 17.80+1.00+12.2 AMutlA p 17.69 +.90 +8.8 USLgVa n 11.50+1.04+15.3 Ovrsea n 22.36+1.27 +9.7 Chicago Board of Trade. CME = Chicago Mercantile Silver (troy oz., spot) $13.862 $12.905 Balance n 13.59 +.57 +7.6 TxFIn 8.79 ... +0.1 BalA p 12.94 +.57 +7.5 US Micro n 7.16 +.57+11.0 Puritn n 12.64 +.49 +6.6 Exchange. NYBT = New York Board of Trade Copper (pound) $1.8320 $1.7395 BlChip n 23.46+1.54+11.3 TxEIt 11.85 ... -0.3 Extend n 22.03+1.55+11.5 BondA p 10.53 -.01 -0.6 US SmVa 12.67+1.05+14.5 RealE n 10.83+1.56+10.4 CapApp n 13.71 +.65 +9.3 TxELT 11.58 ... -0.3 Growth n 19.84+1.13 +9.2 CapWA p 18.10 -.02 +1.8 IntlSmCo n 9.37 +.41 +9.0 StIntMu n 10.44 ... -0.2 CorpInc n 7.93 -.01 -1.3 CapIBA p 38.28+1.11 +5.4 VALIC : ITBnd n 10.31 -.03 +0.1 Fixd n 10.26 ... +0.3 STBF n 7.92 -.01 -0.2 Frank/Temp Mtl C: USLCCrPls n 12.89 +.88+12.9 TotRA 10.80 +.44 +6.7 EmMktS n 16.77+1.06+20.1 StkIdx 16.93+1.13+10.7 CapWGA p 24.43+1.14+10.9 IntVa n 11.17 +.84+19.2 LgCapIx n 15.14 +.99+10.9 SmllCpS r n 9.53 +.86+19.0 DiscC t 21.82 +.35 +2.6 Janus : ValueA 15.92+1.04+11.6 EqInc n 15.02+1.14+14.0 Value Line Fd: EupacA p 26.62+1.14+11.0 Glb5FxInc n 10.96 ... +0.1 StratInc n 8.73 +.02 +1.0 Frank/Temp Temp A: Balanced 19.93 +.50 +4.5 MFS Funds B: EqIndex n 22.25+1.48+11.0 PreGro n 15.73 +.98+10.1 LTBnd n 10.97 -.04 -2.0 FdInvA p 23.98+1.38+12.4 2YGlFxd n 10.21 ... +0.2 StrReRt r 6.84 +.15 +4.7 ForgnA p 4.23 +.24+14.0 Contrarian 8.50 +.61 +5.3 MA ITB 12.55 +.79 +9.2 FinSvcs n 8.76 +.83+21.2 Van Kamp Funds A: MidCap n 11.09 +.75+12.1 GovtA p 14.15 -.01 +1.0 Dodge&Cox: TaxMgd n 8.29 +.48 +8.4 GlBd A p 11.09 +.05 +5.4 Enterpr 31.59+1.96+11.3 GlbTech 4.64 +.27+19.6 CapGro 7.27 +.48+16.5 GwthA p 20.17+1.08+11.0 MainStay Funds A: Pacific n 7.37 +.50+13.0 Balanced 46.99+2.30 +6.3 TotalBd n 9.22 +.01 -0.6 GrwthA p 11.73 +.61 +8.8 Fund 18.92+1.04+10.0 HiYldBA 4.38 +.02 -1.4 Growth n 19.63+1.06 +9.3 CmstA p 9.71 +.69+15.4 HI TrA p 7.73 +.03 -0.9 Income 11.80 ... -0.3 USBI n 10.70 -.01 +0.1 WorldA p 9.94 +.52 +8.5 GlbOpp 8.08 +.55+10.5 HiYield n 4.74 +.03 -1.6 EqIncA p 6.07 +.25 +7.9 REIT r n 8.93 +1.29+12.3 Mairs & Power: IncoA p 12.03 +.39 +5.2 IntlStk 20.11+1.29+17.5 ValueDisc n 9.14 +.72+12.3 Frank/Temp Tmp Adv: GrInc 20.94+1.25+12.6 Growth 45.91+3.17 +7.9 IntEqIdx r n 7.77 +.43+12.1 GrInA p 12.64 +.81+12.0 SmCap n 18.05+1.36+11.3 IntBdA p 12.72 -.02 0.0 Stock 65.54+4.67+10.1 Value n 35.31+2.75+14.6 GrthAv 11.73 +.62 +8.8 HiYld 6.80 +.04 -1.1 Managers Funds: IntlBond n 9.00 +.01 +3.6 HYMuA p 7.88 -.01 +0.2 SmlCpVl n 8.62 +.72+12.9 ICAA p 19.49 +.98 +9.5 Dreyfus: Fidelity Selects: Frank/Temp Tmp B&C: Orion 6.39 +.45+13.9 Bond n 19.26 +.01 -2.4 Intl G&I 8.41 +.49+12.6 US MtgeA 12.44 -.01 +1.1 NEcoA p 15.31 +.84+11.1 Aprec 25.78+1.37 +8.3 STBnd n 10.23 -.01 0.0 Electr n 25.01+1.54+23.7 GlBdC p 11.11 +.05 +5.3 Ovrseas r 25.77+1.77+16.3 Marsico Funds: IntlStk n 8.00 +.42+14.3 Van Kamp Funds B: N PerA p 18.01 +.88+10.1 MunBd r 10.43 ... -0.3 Enrgy n 31.78+2.57+22.4 GE Elfun S&S: PrkMCVInv 14.53 +.88+10.7 Focus p 10.88 +.58 +7.3 MediaTl n 25.26+1.44+16.3 AmVlB t 13.76 +.87+11.7 TotBnd n 10.07 -.01 +0.3 NwWrldA 31.07+1.37+10.9 NY Tax r 13.76 ... -0.9 Gold r n 34.70 +.37 +5.6 S&S Inc 10.31 -.03 +0.2 Research 16.56 +.97+11.3 21stCnt p 8.18 +.59 +8.3 MidCap n 32.93+1.87+13.1 Vanguard Admiral: TotlIntl n 9.81 +.62+13.8 STBA p 9.88 -.01 +0.2 ST IncD 9.66 -.01 -0.4 Leisr n 51.39+2.65 +9.9 S&S PM 27.00+1.89+12.9 RskMgSk 8.59 +.56+10.3 MCapVal n 13.48 +.90+11.4 CAITAdm n 10.42 -.01 -1.2 SmCpA p 19.57 +.94 +8.8 Master Select: TotStk n 20.04+1.33+11.0 SmCoVal 14.05 +.95+14.7 MedDl n 26.50+1.27 -7.4 TaxEx 11.09 -.01 -0.3 Twenty 44.35+2.57+11.7 Intl 9.00 +.46+12.1 New Era n 30.87+2.08+19.5 CALTAdm n 10.45 -.01 -1.1 TxExA p 11.20 ... -0.6 Value n 14.00+1.05+13.0 Eaton Vance Cl A: NtGas n 22.75+2.11+26.3 GE Funds A: Ventur 27.40+1.77+11.1 Value r 7.14 +.36+16.1 N Horiz n 17.21+1.06 +9.6 CpOpAdl n 47.36+2.44+12.7 WshA p 18.86+1.18 +9.0 LgCpVal 12.81 +.77 +9.3 NatRes r n 20.12+1.45+21.9 PrmGrA p 13.79 +.96+14.1 Janus Adv S Shrs: Meridian Funds: N Inc n 8.58 -.01 -0.1 Energy n 86.10+6.12+20.8 Vanguard Instl Fds: American Funds B: NatlMun 8.18 ... -1.8 Wireless n 5.03 +.25+15.4 GMO Trust III: Forty 22.40+1.30+11.6 Growth 24.71+1.36+12.3 NJ Bond n 10.78 ... -0.1 500Adml n 76.26+5.04+11.0 BalInst n 15.86 +.65 +6.9 BalB t 12.90 +.57 +7.4 DivBldrA 7.66 +.36 +6.7 Fidelity Spartan: EmMk r 7.42 +.50+16.9 JennisonDryden A: R2010 n 10.85 +.41 +6.7 GNMA Ad n 10.66 -.01 +1.4 CapIBB t 38.30+1.11 +5.3 Metro West Fds: DvMktInst n 6.57 +.40+12.5 Eaton Vance Cl B: EqIdxInv n 29.28+1.94+11.0 For 8.72 +.48 +7.7 BlendA 10.57 +.66+10.6 TotRetBd 8.82 ... -0.2 R2015 n 8.02 +.35 +7.7 HlthCr n 39.61+1.43 -0.2 CpWGrB t 24.32+1.14+10.9 TMS B 8.29 +.49+11.3 500InxInv r n 57.00+3.78+11.0 USQltyEq 15.37 +.71 +4.9 UtilityA 7.02 +.35 +9.5 R2020 n 10.70 +.51 +8.5 HiYldCp n 4.30 +.02 -2.0 EuroInst n 17.80+1.00+12.2 TotRtBdI 8.81 ... -0.2 GrwthB t 19.54+1.04+10.9 Evergreen A: IntlInxInv n 23.51+1.45+12.6 GMO Trust IV: JennisonDryden B: Midas Funds: R2025 n 7.62 +.39 +9.3 InfProAd n 23.61 +.05 +2.6 ExtIn n 22.03+1.54+11.5 IncoB t 11.95 +.38 +5.1 AstAll p 9.11 +.29 +5.2 TotMktInv n 23.06+1.53+11.0 IntlIntrVl 15.43 +.88 +9.2 SmlCoB t 8.52 +.59+11.1 Midas Fd 2.48 +.08 +6.9 R2030 n 10.70 +.58+10.1 ITBdAdml n 10.31 -.03 +0.1 GrwthIst n 19.85+1.13 +9.2 ICAB t 19.42 +.98 +9.5 Evergreen B: Fidelity Spart Adv: GMO Trust VI: JennisonDryden C: Special 9.82 +.85+20.6 R2040 n 10.62 +.60+10.6 ITsryAdml n 11.99 -.03 +1.7 Artio Global Funds: OmegB t 18.97+1.14+10.0 InfProInst n 9.62 +.02 +2.6 EqIdxAd n 29.28+1.94+11.0 StrFxInc 17.65 +.02 +0.5 IntlEqC 3.98 +.26+12.1 Morgan Stanley B: SciTec n 14.53 +.89+19.6 IntGrAdm n 36.28+2.13+14.1 IntlEqI r 21.12 +.81 +6.6 Evergreen C: 500Ad r n 57.00+3.77+10.9 USQltyEq 15.37 +.71 +4.9 John Hancock A: DivGtB 10.33 +.68 +9.3 ShtBd n 4.64 ... +0.3 ITAdml n 12.93 ... -0.9 InstIdx n 75.76+5.01+11.0 IntlEqA 20.64 +.79 +6.6 AstAllC t 8.84 +.28 +5.1 TotMktAd r n 23.07+1.54+11.1 Gabelli Funds: HSciA 22.81 +.84 -6.4 FocGroB 16.45+1.14+17.4 SmCpStk n 17.96+1.26+10.7 ITGrAdm n 8.51 -.02 -0.7 InsPl n 75.77+5.01+11.0 IntEqII I r 8.60 +.34 +7.2 OmegaC t 19.02+1.14+10.0 Asset 28.04+1.75+10.3 LCpSel p 11.01 ... 0.0 HiYldB 1.23 +.01 -0.9 SmCapVal n 20.39+1.43 +9.0 LtdTrAd n 10.83 ... -0.3 Artisan Funds: First Eagle: TotlBdIdx n 50.75 -.05 +0.3 Evergreen I: GlblA 31.17+1.10 +6.8 EqInc p 13.03 +.79+12.1 TechA ... ... 0.0 PacGrB 13.33 +.83+13.3 SpecGr n 10.53 +.67+12.3 LTGrAdml n 7.80 -.03 -4.1 Intl 13.96 +.66+13.3 FdLgCpI 16.59+1.20+12.5 Value t 8.28 +.50+10.1 LT Adml n 10.36 ... -0.8 InsTStPlus n 18.09+1.20+11.0 OverseasA 15.55 +.39 +4.9 John Hancock Cl 1: Morgan Stanley I: SpecIn n 10.07 +.13 +2.4 MidCap 17.62+1.19+14.5 FPA Funds: First Investors A Gateway Funds: LSAggr 7.49 +.47+11.3 HiYldI 1.24 +.01 -0.8 SumGNMA n 9.88 ... +1.0 MorgAdm n 34.30+1.90 +9.4 MidCpIst n 11.11 +.75+12.1 MidCapVal 12.15 +.75+10.3 Capit 21.42+1.30+16.0 GloblA p 4.23 +.26+11.6 GatewayA 22.77 +.67 +4.9 LSBalanc 8.85 +.36 +6.5 MorganStanley Inst: SuMuInc n 9.98 ... -0.7 MuHYAdm n 9.35 ... -0.7 SCInst n 18.06+1.37+11.3 Baron Funds: NwInc 11.06 ... +0.3 TotRtA p 11.07 +.34 +4.3 Goldman Sachs A: LSGrwth 8.29 +.42 +8.5 IntlEqI n 9.93 +.44 +9.1 TxEfGr r n 6.47 +.36 +9.5 NYLTAd n 10.46 ... -1.1 Asset 32.51+2.16+11.4 FPACres n 19.32 +.39 +3.3 SmCpVlI n 8.64 +.72+12.9 Firsthand Funds: MdCVA p 20.57+1.26+10.0 LSModer 9.29 +.28 +4.6 Muhlenk 33.23 ... NA TxEfMul n 7.89 +.48+12.1 PrmCap r n 44.63+2.68+10.5 Growth 28.96+1.79+11.2 Fairholme 19.07 +1.23 +3.5 eComm r 2.91 +.17+17.3 ShDuGA 10.34 ... NA Keeley Funds: Mutual Series: TxFrSI n 5.41 ... -0.3 PALTAdm n 10.52 ... -0.4 TBIst n 10.07 -.01 +0.3 Partners p 10.98 +.76+11.4 Federated A: Tech Val 23.43 +.79 +8.6 Goldman Sachs Inst: SmCpValA p 13.69+1.10+11.8 BeacnZ 8.52 +.39 +7.8 Value n 13.89 +.94+12.7 STsyAdml n 10.92 -.01 +0.4 TSInst n 20.05+1.33+11.0 SmCap 13.18 +.71 +7.2 HiInBdA 5.32 +.04 -1.4 Frank/Temp Frnk A: HiYield 5.12 +.03 -1.7 Kensington Fds: DiscZ 22.25 +.36 +2.7 Principal Inv: STBdAdml n 10.23 -.01 0.0 IntSmCoA 20.03 +.87 +4.6 Vanguard Signal: Berkshire Funds: CalInsA p 11.43 ... -0.7 Harbor Funds: SelectInA p 11.87 +.54 +6.2 QualfdZ 14.23 +.28 +3.6 BdMtgIn 8.14 +.01 -0.7 ShtTrAd n 15.83 ... +0.1 500Sgl n 62.99+4.16+10.9 Focus 5.44 +.35+20.9 KaufmA p 3.38 +.18 +6.6 CalTFA p 6.43 ... -0.6 Bond 11.34 +.03 +2.3 Kopp EGA ... ... 0.0 SharesZ 14.10 +.62 +6.7 LT2020In 7.78 +.36 +7.3 STIGrAd n 9.72 -.01 -0.4 Bernstein Fds: Federated B: EqIncA p 11.20 +.56+11.3 CapApInst 23.56+1.25 +7.8 Lazard Instl: Needham Funds: SAMGrA p 9.04 +.49 +8.4 TxMCap r n 39.87+2.64+10.8 ITBdSig n 10.31 -.03 +0.1 IntDur 11.66 +.03 -0.8 CapAppB 13.30 +.79+10.6 FedTFA p 10.99 +.01 0.0 IntlInv t 35.45+2.07+12.8 EmgMktI 10.84 +.69+16.7 Growth p 19.59+1.06 +8.0 Putnam Funds A: TtlBAdml n 10.07 -.01 +0.3 STBdIdx n 10.23 -.01 0.0 DivMu 14.07 ... -0.8 MidGrStB 19.50+1.18+11.1 FLTFA p 10.84 ... -0.5 Intl r 35.76+2.10+12.8 Legg Mason: Fd Neuberger&Berm Inv: EqInA p 10.09 +.64 +9.9 TStkAdm n 20.05+1.33+11.0 NYMu 13.76 ... -0.9 Federated Instl: TotBdSgl n 10.07 -.01 +0.3 FoundAl p 7.24 +.29 +6.6 Hartford Fds A: AmLdTrC p 9.85 +.75 +9.9 GenesInst 27.64+1.65 +8.7 GrInA p 8.53 +.62+14.7 WellslAdm n 42.01 +.81 +2.9 TxMgdIntl 10.80 +.60+10.7 KaufmnK 3.39 +.19 +6.9 GrwthA p 26.89+1.36 +4.6 CpAppA p 20.76+1.28+14.1 ValTrC p 23.95+1.95+13.5 SmCpGrIn 10.75 +.64 +7.8 SmCVA p 5.23 +.42+10.3 WelltnAdm n 40.14+1.62 +6.8 TotStkSgl n 19.35+1.29+11.0 IntlPort 10.74 +.59+10.5 Fidelity Advisor A: GrOppA p 12.91 +.80+10.2 DivGthA p 12.95 +.85+11.8 Legg Mason Ptrs A: Neuberger&Berm Tr: VoyA p 12.42 +.86+14.2 Windsor n 28.46+1.98+15.0 Victory Funds: BlackRock A: IntBdA t 9.47 ... -0.6 HYTFA p 8.70 +.01 0.0 AgGrA p 64.87+4.22 +6.8 Genesis 28.79+1.72 +8.7 WdsrIIAd n 30.38+1.92+10.6 LgCapA t 10.05 +.79+16.7 Hartford Fds B: Putnam Funds B: DvsStA 10.59 +.68+12.2 GlAlA r 14.42 +.47 +5.7 IncomA p 1.56 +.04 +4.9 SmlCoB t n 9.84 +.60 +6.6 ApprA p 9.59 +.56 +9.1 Northeast Investors: IntlNop t 9.31 +.44+10.6 Vanguard Fds: BlackRock B&C: NwInsgh p 12.80 +.61 +8.0 InsTFA p 11.18 ... -0.1 Hartford Fds C: MgMuA p 14.17 +.03 -0.9 Growth 11.15 +.78+11.6 GlblUtilB 9.33 +.33 +3.4 AssetA n 17.13+1.01 +9.9 Waddell & Reed Adv: GlAlC t 13.50 +.44 +5.6 StrInA 9.79 +.02 +1.1 NYTFA p 11.02 +.01 -1.0 CapApC t 18.65+1.15+14.1 Longleaf Partners: Nuveen Cl A: Reynolds Funds: CapOpp n 20.51+1.06+12.7 AssetS p 7.25 +.19 +4.5 BlackRock Instl: Fidelity Advisor B: SMCpGrA 20.14+1.21+11.1 Hartford HLS IA : Partners 16.09+1.04+16.3 FLPrefMB 8.59 ... -0.8 BlChGr p n 31.93 +.80 +3.4 Convrt n 9.55 +.22 +4.0 CoreInvA 3.68 +.21 +8.2 GlbAlloc r 14.48 +.47 +5.7 EqGrB n 29.80+1.84+10.2 StratInc p 8.39 +.02 +0.2 CapApp 24.26+1.57+13.9 Intl 9.80 +.63 +7.3 Nuveen Cl R: RiverSource A: Energy n 45.86+3.26+20.8 IntCApB t n 5.56 +.45+18.0 Wells Fargo Adv : Brandywine Fds: TtlRtnA p 8.65 ... 0.0 Div&Gr 13.21 +.88+12.1 Loomis Sayles: IntDMBd 8.41 -.01 -1.0 DEI 6.37 +.43+13.3 EqInc n 14.01 +.90+11.6 BlueFd n 18.08 +.69 +0.2 IntmBdB n 9.46 ... -0.7 Advisers 13.37 +.68+10.7 LSBondI 10.25 +.06 -1.1 Explr n 39.51+2.38 +8.8 GrwthInv 16.96 +.92 +7.3 USGovA p 6.67 +.01 +1.5 NY MBR 9.81 +.01 -0.7 DivrBd 4.41 +.01 +0.3 Brndywn n 18.64 +.61 +0.6 LgeCpB p n 9.54 +.75+16.8 Frank/Tmp Frnk Adv: TotRetBd 9.58 ... -0.2 StrInc C 10.44 +.08 -1.2 Oak Assoc Fds: HiYdTEA 3.87 -.01 -0.7 FLLT n 10.70 -.01 -0.7 Wells Fargo C: BruceFund 227.02 ... NA Fidelity Advisor I: GlbBdAdv p ... ... +5.3 HodgesFd 11.61 +.91 +10.6 LSBondR 10.22 +.07 -1.2 BlkOkEm n 1.54 +.08+15.8 Royce Funds: GNMA n 10.66 -.01 +1.4 LgCoGroC p 30.74+2.24+13.5 CGM Funds: NwInsgtI n 12.91 +.62 +8.0 IncmeAd 1.55 +.04 +5.0 HussmnStrGr 12.71-.17 +1.8 StrIncA 10.40 +.09 -1.0 LivOakHlt n 8.72 +.38 -2.0 PennMuI r 6.23 +.44 +9.7 GlobEq n 10.84 +.67+12.3 Focus n 23.40+1.74 +2.4 Fidelity Freedom: Ivy Funds: Wells Fargo Admin: Frank/Temp Frnk B: Loomis Sayles Inv: PinOkAg n 14.22+1.02+17.5 PremierI r 11.14 +.73 +8.5 GroInc n 17.63+1.13 +9.4 Calamos Funds: FF2010 n 10.02 +.36 +6.1 IncomeB t 1.55 +.04 +4.9 AssetSC t 18.46 +.47 +4.4 InvGrBdA p 9.67 +.03 -0.4 RedOakT n 4.79 +.30+17.4 TotRetI r 7.79 +.52+10.4 HYCorp n 4.30 +.02 -2.0 DJTg2010Ad 10.69 +.19 +3.5 GrwthA p 29.76+1.98+14.2 FF2015 n 8.26 +.31 +6.4 Frank/Temp Frnk C: AssetStA p 18.86 +.48 +4.4 Lord Abbett A: Oakmark Funds I: Russell Funds S: HlthCre n 93.86+3.38 -0.2 Western Asset: Calvert Group: FF2020 n 9.60 +.43 +7.7 FoundAl p 7.15 +.30 +6.7 JPMorgan Sel Cls: AffilA p 7.36 +.62+14.1 EqtyInc r 20.42 +.59 +2.4 StratBd 8.96 -.01 -1.1 InflaPro n 12.02 +.03 +2.6 FF2025 n 7.84 +.38 +8.3 CoreBd n 10.77 ... +1.0 CorePlus 8.46 +.07 +0.7 Inco p 13.44 +.02 -0.6 IncomC t 1.57 +.04 +4.8 BdDebA p 5.84 +.04 -0.6 GlobalI 12.63 +.68+11.5 Rydex Advisor: IntlGr n 11.41 +.67+14.1 Clipper 36.80 +2.85 +18.9 FF2030 n 9.20 +.49 +9.4 HiYldBd n 5.83 +.04 -0.9 Core 8.54 +.06 -0.7 Frank/Temp Mtl A&B: MFS Funds A: Intl I r 10.35 +.51+18.4 Hlthcare n 10.59 +.39 -2.1 IntlVal n 21.30+1.29+12.5 Columbia Class A: FF2035 n 7.56 +.42 +9.7 DiscA 21.99 +.35 +2.7 IntmTFBd n 10.63 ... -0.8 MITA 12.83 +.79 +9.2 Oakmark r 23.59+1.64+13.1 Rydex Investor: ITIGrade n 8.51 -.02 -0.8 William Blair N: Acorn t 16.00+1.09+11.1 FF2040 n 5.23 +.29 +9.6 ShtDurBd n 10.66 ... +0.2 MIGA 9.42 +.54 +8.5 IntlGthN 12.47 +.64+11.3 21CntryA t 7.88 +.54 +8.4 SharesA 14.00 +.61 +6.6 Select r 15.34 +.92+17.8 ElectInv n 6.77 +.44+25.6 NASDAQ NATIONAL MARKET Div Name Last Chg ... BeacnRfg 13.00 +1.69 ... ColonialBk 6.28 +.11 .04 FifthThird 2.38 +.25 ... Incyte 2.53 +.23 .36 MaxCapital 17.99 +1.37 ... PF Chng 25.35 +1.48 ... Sapient 4.62 +.35 ... Tellabs 4.38 +.28 A-B-C .20 BebeStrs 6.03 +.58 .27f Comcast 14.08 +1.36 8.50 FifthT pfG 34.23 +3.73 ... IndevusPh 5.60 -.40 .80 MaximItg n 13.79 +.64 ... PMC Sra 6.75 +.50 ... SavientPh 5.73 +.54 ... TesseraT 13.32 +.84 ... A-Power 3.98 +.27 ... BedBath 24.41 +1.23 .27f Comc spcl 13.17 +1.26 ... Finisar .43 +.02 2.58f Inergy 23.31 +.33 ... Medarex 5.18 +.39 ... PSS Wrld 14.64 +.59 ... Savvis 6.11 +.79 ... TetraTc 22.42 +1.35 ... ADC Tel 3.52 +.07 ... BigBand 6.79 +.36 .96b CmcBMO 37.23 +3.64 .12 FinLine 6.30 +.76 ... Infinera 8.31 +.82 ... MedicActn 6.80 +1.35 .72a Paccar 28.44 +3.20 .07 Schnitzer h 31.34 +2.97 .52e TevaPhrm 45.51 +1.55 ... AMAG Ph 37.21 +3.66 ... Biocryst 1.33 +.17 ... Compuwre 5.79 +.28 ... FFedBk IA 1.77 -.23 ... Informat 14.18 +.63 ... MediCo 10.99 +1.02 ... PacerIntl 3.19 +.65 .24 Schwab 15.56 +1.85 ... TexRdhsA 9.50 +.22 ... AP Pharma .55 ... ... BiogenIdc 51.50 +1.53 ... Comtech 21.24 -.08 .04m FMidBc 9.61 +1.20 .84e InfosysT 27.62 +1.73 ... Medivation 17.96 +1.66 .44m PacCapB 8.27 +1.24 ... SciGames 15.11 +1.18 ... Theravnce 16.94 +2.29 ... ASM Intl 8.21 +.41 ... BioMarin 12.25 +.07 ... ConcurTch 20.62 +2.42 .56 FstNiagara 11.77 +1.20 ... Insight lf 3.12 +.18 ... MelcoCrwn 3.42 +.27 ... PacSunwr 1.75 +.10 .12m SeagateT 5.16 +.56 ...thinkorswim 8.65 +.44 .27e ASML Hld 17.95 +1.05 ... BlueCoat 11.92 +.25 .89 ConnWtrSv 21.41 +1.28 ... FstSolar 131.02 ... InsitTc 15.80 +1.35 ... MentGr 4.50 +.40 ... PaetecHld 1.46 +.17 ... SearsHldgs 42.88 +2.78 ... Thoratec 24.87 +1.00 ... ATP O&G 4.33 +.80 ... BlueNile 29.61 +3.86 ... ConstantC 14.01 +.19 +10.65 .04 IntegraBk 2.40 +.50 ... MercadoL 17.25 +.98 ... Palm Inc 8.00 +.11 ... SeattGen 10.09 +.48 ... 3Com 2.80 +.15 ... ATS Med 2.30 +.14 .64 BobEvn 22.60 +1.62 ... Copart 30.74 +1.21 1.16 FstMerit 19.55 +2.27 ... Integral s 8.69 +.52 .68f MeridBio 17.56 +.20 ... PanASlv 18.27 +.79 .52 SelectvIns 13.16 +.68 ... TibcoSft 5.09 +.08 ... Aastrom .37 +.02 ... Bookham .34 +.06 ... CorinthC 19.99 +.79 ... Fiserv 36.96 +2.86 ... IntgDv 5.02 +.30 ... MesaAir h .12 -.03 ... PaneraBrd 54.83 +2.68 ... Semtech 13.46 +.44 ... Tktmstr n 3.99 +.02 ... AcadiaPh 1.05 +.12 ... Borland .34 +.01 ... CorusBksh .30 +.06 ... Flextrn 2.65 +.29 .56 Intel 15.52 +.87 .62 Methanx 8.07 +.81 ... ParPet .94 +.19 ... Sepracor 14.01 -.04 ... TitanMach 10.08 +1.52 ... AcordaTh 26.97 +.15 .04 BostPrv 3.89 +.50 .64 Costco 47.54 +2.71 ... FocusMda 5.73 -.07 ... InteractBrk 15.90 +1.40 1.36 Microchp 21.26 +1.08 ... ParamTch 10.12 +1.05 ... Sequenom 16.44 +.38 ... TiVo Inc 7.26 +.58 ... ActivsBlz s 10.45 +.46 ... BrigExp 2.11 +.26 .80 CrackerB 28.84 +1.68 ... Fonar h .70 ... ... InterDig 23.72 +.73 ... MicrosSys 19.11 +1.15 ... Parexel 9.66 +.84 ... Shanda 36.36 +2.43 ... Tollgrde 5.99 +.08 ... Acxiom 7.53 +.34 ... Brightpnt 4.48 +.29 ... Cree Inc 24.39 +1.41 ... ForcePro 5.80 +.49 .01m Intrface 2.66 +.35 ... MicroSemi 11.92 +1.00 ... Patterson 18.84 +1.11 .30e Shire 36.55 +1.55 .20 TowerGrp 25.98 +.88 ... Adaptec 2.69 +.31 ... Broadcom 21.49 +2.09 ... Crocs 1.19 +.08 ... FormFac 16.97 +.62 ... InterMune 17.74 +.38 .52 Microsoft 18.33 +1.27 .20m PattUTI 10.94 +.95 ... ShufflMstr 3.00 +.23 ... TowerS h .18 +.01 ... AdobeSy 22.69 +2.23 ... BrcdeCm 3.20 +.26 ... CrosstexE 1.88 +.29 ... Fossil Inc 16.93 +1.33 ... InterNAP 2.76 +.12 ... Micrvisn 1.41 +.16 1.24 Paychex 24.25 +1.22 ... SiRF Tch 2.29 +.18 ... TractSupp 36.56 +1.60 .36 Adtran 16.49 +.82 .34a BrklneB 9.90 +.88 ... CrosstxLP 2.22 +.04 ... FosterWhl 19.12 +.86 .66 IntlBcsh 7.46 -.44 ... Middleby 31.05 +2.44 ... PnnNGm 24.84 +2.75 ... SigmaDsg 12.56 -.21 ... TrdeStatn h 6.25 +.46 ... AdvisBd 16.50 +1.34 ... BrukerCp 5.64 +.24 .24e Ctrip.com 28.10 +1.53 .08 FredsInc 11.61 +.56 .48 Intersil 12.05 +.70 .71 MdsxWatr 14.59 +.44 .60 PeopUtdF 17.81 +1.17 .58f SigmaAld 38.22 +2.31 ... TranS1 5.91 +.09 ... AeroViron 20.39 +.59 .10 Bucyrus s 15.65 +1.72 ... CubistPh 16.45 +.45 ... FrontFncl 1.49 +.51 ... Intuit 26.81 +1.38 .35 MillerHer 10.78 +.83 .22 Perrigo 23.33 +1.17 ... SignatBk 27.87 +3.89 ... TricoMar 2.56 +.32 ... Affymetrix 3.41 +.39 .16 CA Inc 17.43 +1.48 ... CybrOpt 4.74 +.34 ... FuelSysSol 11.65 +1.20 ... IntSurg 97.22 +3.54 2.40e Millicom 45.21 +2.54 ... PetMed 17.19 +1.04 .76f SilganHld 50.72 +1.48 ... TrimbleN 15.55 +.64 ... AgFeed 2.14 ... ... CDC Cp A 1.06 +.04 ... CybrSrce 14.08 +.92 ... FuelCell 2.99 +.34 ... Isis 14.29 +.80 .61 Molex 13.64 +.97 .12 PetsMart 20.37 +.19 ... SilicnImg 2.55 +.20 ... TriQuint 2.39 +.15 ... AirTrnsp h .70 +.07 .96 CH Robins 47.78 +3.96 ... CyprsBio 8.27 +.45 .12m FultonFncl 7.08 +.83 ... Itron 46.00 +3.13 ... MonPwSys 16.61 +1.31 .50 PharmPdt 23.77 +1.42 ... SilcnLab 27.74 +.82 .44 TrstNY 6.61 +.82 ... AkamaiT 19.79 +1.66 4.60a CME Grp 264.43+35.81 ... CytRx .32 +.01 ... IvanhoeEn .98 +.13 ... Move Inc 1.62 +.14 ... PinnaclFn 23.17 +1.48 .71r Slcnware 5.95 +.61 .92 Trustmk 19.82 +2.07 ... CSG Sys 13.95 +.54 G-H-I .86 AlaskCom 7.45 +1.46 ... Mylan 13.45 +.57 ... PinnGasR .24 +.07 ... SilvStd g 16.62 +1.34 .24m 21CentHld 3.30 +.35 ... CTC Media 4.75 +.65 D-E-F .20 GFI Grp s 3.72 +.44 J-K-L ... MyriadGn 81.00 +2.37 ... Plexus 15.01 +1.20 ... Sina 22.91 +1.05 ... Alexion s 38.79 +1.69 ... GMX Rs 8.26 +.49 ... UAL 4.79 +.31 ... CV Thera 19.88 -.01 ... DataDom 12.14 +.34 ... JA Solar 2.59 +.28 ... NII Hldg 16.24 +1.83 ... PlugPower .89 +.14 ... SiriusXM .33 +.02 ... AlignTech 7.66 +.75 ... GSI Cmmrc 12.79 +.99 .04m UCBH Hld 1.49 +.21 .34 CVB Fncl 7.97 +.90 ... DeckOut 50.54 +2.31 ... JDS Uniph 3.64 +.24 ... Nanophs .85 +.02 ... Polycom 15.60 +.27 ... SkillSoft 6.48 +.58 ... Alkerm 11.76 +.73 ... GT Solar n 4.86 +.64 .34f JackHenry 16.56 .70 UMB Fn 46.35 +5.99 2.86f AllnceRes 30.95 +1.68 ... Cadence 4.26 +.33 ... Dell Inc 10.45 +.57 +.72 ... NasdOMX 23.82 +2.72 .52 Pool Corp 13.92 +1.06 .16 SkyWest 12.52 +.60 ... DltaPtr 1.24 +.21 .75 Garmin 21.82 +1.77 .06 UTiWrldwd 13.13 +.82 ... AllosThera 6.64 +.27 ... CalifPizza 13.95 +.42 ... JackInBox 22.90 +1.71 .64 NatCineM 14.07 +1.34 .08m Popular 2.85 +.54 ... SkywksSol 8.51 +.82 ... UTStrcm .81 +.12 .04m CamcoF 1.48 +.03 ... Dndreon 4.34 +.32 ... GenProbe 45.61 +1.41 ... JamesRiv 14.21 +1.21 .48f NatInstru 19.06 +.95 .15ePwShs QQQ 30.90 +1.72 ... SmithWes 6.15 +.55 ... AllscriptM 9.40 +.41 ... UltaSalon 6.48 +.21 ... AlnylamP 19.47 +.76 ... CdnSolar 4.90 +.40 ... Dennys 2.04 +.28 ... GenBiotc h .29 -.01 ... JetBlue 3.98 +.42 .68m NatPenn 9.19 +1.22 ... Powrwav .41 +.03 ... SmithMicro 5.43 +.44 .20 Dentsply 26.05 +1.10 ... Genoptix 26.12 +1.70 .20 Umpqua 12.13 +1.67 .20 AlteraCp lf 18.00 +.76 ... CpstnTrb .77 +.03 ... JosphBnk 27.71 +.42 ... NektarTh 5.00 +.41 1.00f PriceTR 29.40 +4.52 ... Sohu.cm 40.13 +.78 1.16 UBWV 18.00 +2.26 ... Amazon 75.58 +5.62 ... Caraustar .13 -.06 .18 DiamondF 24.96 +2.34 .44 Gentex 10.18 +.93 .70 JoyGlbl 24.30 +2.10 ... Neogen 20.22 +1.21 ... priceline 82.11 +4.12 ... Solarfun 3.97 +.42 ... DigiIntl 7.55 +.36 ... Genzyme 57.94 +3.34 ... UtdNtrlF 18.24 +1.45 ... Amedisys 27.23 +.37 ... CareerEd 22.38 +.54 ... JnprNtwk 16.50 +1.41 ... Ness Tech 2.84 +.01 .04m PrivateB 14.98 +2.13 ... SonicCorp 9.28 +.75 .40 UtdOnln 4.33 +.40 ... AmCapLtd 1.63 +.44 ... Carrizo 9.91 +1.10 ... DigRiver 29.98 +1.43 ... GeronCp 4.39 +.31 .60 KLA Tnc 20.84 +1.33 .01p NetServic 7.88 +.44 .55 ProspBcsh 28.11 +1.96 ... Sonus 1.85 +.14 .20 Gibraltar 4.67 +.69 ... UtdThrp 64.72 +2.74 ... AmerMed 10.54 +.54 .30 Caseys 26.74 +1.48 ... Diodes 11.26 +1.10 ... KnghtCap 15.30 +.93 ... NetLogic 28.09 +1.67 .44 PrvBksh 7.64 +1.29 ... SourceFrg .85 ... ... GigaMed 6.07 +.51 ... UrbanOut 17.72 +.33 ... AmSupr 16.84 +1.36 .42 CathayGen 11.91 +1.76 ... DirecTV 23.45 +1.66 ... Knology 3.95 -.05 ... NetApp 16.01 +1.17 ... PsychSol 15.63 +.75 .04 SouthFncl 1.17 +.38 ... AmCasino 13.48 +1.43 ... CaviumNet 12.44 +.67 ... DiscCm A 16.60 +.73 ... GileadSci 45.68 +1.37 ... Kulicke 2.06 +.39 ... Netease 24.10 +1.80 ... QIAGEN 16.25 +.61 ... Spansion .05 +.01 V-W-X-Y-Z ... Amgen 50.91 +2.29 ... CeleraGrp 7.71 -.35 ... DiscvLabs 1.26 +.07 .52 GlacierBc 19.36 +2.80 ... LKQ Corp 15.05 +.70 ... Netflix 43.40 +1.75 ... QLT 1.75 +.10 .33 Staples 18.04 +1.03 ... VCA Ant 21.61 +1.14 ... AmkorT lf 2.74 +.45 ... Celgene 48.04 +2.52 ... DishNetwk 11.32 +.97 ... GloblInd 4.12 +.56 ... LaJollPh .06 +.00 ... NtScout 7.09 +.35 ... Qlogic 11.51 +.29 ... StarScient 4.46 +.14 ... ValVis A .43 -.02 ... Amylin 12.27 +.92 ... CellGens h .21 +.04 ... DllrTree 41.38 +.47 ... Google 348.60 ... LamResrch 25.00 +1.76 ... NeutTand 23.34 +1.39 .68f Qualcom 38.82 +1.76 ... Starbucks 12.06 +.90 ... ValueClick 8.05 +.85 .65e AngloAm 10.04 +.93 ... CellTher rsh .14 +.02 ... DrmWksA 21.76 +1.10 +18.44 ... LamarAdv 9.07 +.76 .12 NewsCpA 6.75 +.67 1.20 QualitySys 45.46 +1.97 ... StarentNet 16.02 -.23 ... Varian 23.70 +.84 ... Ansys 25.16 +1.83 ... CentlCom 8.26 +.03 ... DressBarn 12.01 +.66 ... GreenMtC 47.03 +1.76 .16 Landstar 33.60 +2.00 .12 NewsCpB 7.68 +.79 ... QuantFuel .71 +.08 .40 StlDynam s 8.25 +.76 ... VarianSemi 21.00 +1.73 .33 ApogeeE 11.36 +.56 ... CentEuro 11.36 +1.08 ... DryShips 4.90 +.41 .40 Griffin h 35.75 +1.44 ... Lattice 1.59 +.20 .60e Nissan 8.02 +.51 ... QuestSft 12.67 +.53 ... SteinMrt 2.64 +.49 ... Verenium .33 +.00 ... ApolloGrp 76.12 +3.16 ... CEurMed 14.50 +4.50 .15 DynMatl 8.30 +.92 ... Gymbree 19.63 +1.86 ... LawsnSft 4.53 +.47 ... NobleIntl h .50 -.05 ... Questcor 4.91 +.50 ... StemCells 1.60 +.10 ... Verigy 7.29 +.37 1.04 ApolloInv 2.39 +.34 ... CenGrdA lf 7.61 +.66 ... ETrade 1.38 +.20 ... HLTH 10.61 +.20 ... LeapWirlss 38.26 +2.83 1.12 NorTrst 64.60 +6.79 ... Quidel 9.32 +.84 ... Stericycle 48.04 +.88 ... Verisign 21.21 +1.43 ... Apple Inc 107.66+6.07 ... CentAl 2.03 +.29 ... eBay 13.06 +.97 ... HMS Hld 29.96 -2.00 ... Level3 .74 ... .88 NwstBcp 17.78 +1.58 ... RF MicD 1.07 +.05 .22 SterlBcsh 7.37 +1.04 ... VertxPh 30.12 +1.33 .24 ApldMatl 11.06 +.85 ... Cephln 68.02 +1.71 ... ev3 Inc 7.39 +.39 ... HSW Intl .15 +.04 ... LibGlobA 14.05 +1.19 ... Novell 4.43 +.31 ... RackSys 3.91 +.05 ... StrlF WA 2.25 +.61 .16 VirgnMda h 5.49 +.16 ... AMCC 4.38 +.39 ... Cepheid 5.90 +.87 ... EagleBulk 4.19 +.18 ... HackettGp 2.18 +.40 ... LibGlobC 13.53 +1.01 ... Novlus 15.33 +1.01 ... RadioO D h .36 -.05 .10 StewEnt 3.08 +.61 ... ViroPhrm 4.31 +.30 ... ArchCap 56.92 +4.09 ... Cerner 43.58 +.61 ... ErthLink 6.76 +.33 ... HainCel 14.12 +1.10 ... LibtyMIntA 3.42 +.32 ... NuVasive 28.10 +2.07 ... Rambus 10.20 +.26 2.00 Strayer 176.00 ... VistaPrt 27.17 +1.61 ... ArenaPhm 4.20 +.22 ... 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SanDisk 11.25 +1.10 ... TlCmSys 9.40 +.66 .16m ZionBcp 11.66 +1.74 ... BeaconPw .43 +.03 ... ColdwtrCrk 2.54 +.48 ... FiberTowr .20 +.07 ... ImunoGn 6.92 +.61 ... Mattson .83 +.17 1.00 PDL Bio h 6.43 +1.21 ... Sanmina .31 +.03 ... TeleTech 10.33 +.54 ... Zoran 9.03 +.57
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  • Front Page 12 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net NEWS The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 TODAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY THE NATION -10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s Five-day forecast Seattle provided by WINK-TV Mostly sunny and Mostly sunny Mostly sunny Partly cloudy and Partly cloudy and 50/40 breezy warm warm channel 11/cable Billings Minneapolis 44/29 54/35 channel 5. Tune in 80° / 58° 82° / 60° 84° / 62° 85° / 66° 86° / 67° New York Detroit 46/35 Jim Farrell at 6 and 11 p.m. 0% chance of rain 0% chance of rain 0% chance of rain 0% chance of rain 10% chance of rain 54/38 Chicago Washington CONDITIONS TODAY AIRPORT Clearwater Plant City San Francisco Denver 46/25 64/43 48/33 UV Index and RealFeel Temperature® Today Possible weather-related delays today. Check 80/63 64/48 Kansas City 80/56 Winter Haven 58/35 with your airline for the most updated schedules. 81/60 Hi/Lo Outlook Delays Tampa Brandon Los Angeles 8 8 Ft. Myers 83/59 part cldy none 82/60 78/52 Atlanta 4 4 79/58 68/51 Sarasota 82/61 part cldy none Bartow El Paso 1 1 79/56 70/46 SUN AND MOON Shown are noon posi- Houston 78/64 53 66 80 81 81 75 St. Petersburg 8 a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. The Sun Rise Set 80/63 Apollo Beach tions of weather systems Miami 79/61 Ft. Meade 79/67 The higher the AccuWeather.com UV Index™ number, Today 7:28 a.m. 7:42 p.m. 79/56 and precipitation. Temperature the greater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low; Wednesday 7:27 a.m. 7:42 p.m. bands are highs for the day. 3-5 Moderate; 6-7 High; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme. The Moon Rise Set Fronts Precipitation RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive AccuWeather.com composite of effective temperature Today 6:06 a.m. 6:04 p.m. based on eight weather factors. Wednesday 6:37 a.m. 7:01 p.m. Wauchula Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice New First Full Last Bradenton 81/55 AIR QUALITY INDEX 77/62 Today Wed. Today Wed. Air Quality Index readings as of Monday Myakka City City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Longboat Key Limestone Albuquerque 61 37 pc 61 37 s Jackson, MS 74 59 c 67 57 t 48 76/61 82/56 80/54 Anchorage 32 24 c 36 25 sn Kansas City 58 35 t 59 41 s 0 50 100 150 200 300 500 Mar 26 Apr 2 Apr 9 Apr 17 Sarasota Atlanta 68 51 pc 61 53 sh Knoxville 65 50 pc 58 49 t 82/61 Baltimore 48 28 s 51 38 pc Las Vegas 72 47 s 75 53 s 0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300 SOLUNAR TABLE Osprey Arcadia Billings 44 29 pc 46 22 sf Los Angeles 78 52 s 78 52 s Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous Minor Major Minor Major Birmingham 76 56 pc 66 56 t Louisville 72 56 pc 64 46 t 77/61 82/54 Boise 54 34 pc 51 32 sh Memphis 72 52 c 66 52 pc Main pollutant: particulates Today 4:33a 10:43a 4:54p 11:05p Wed. 5:12a 11:23a 5:34p 11:45p Venice Boston 40 30 pc 48 34 s Milwaukee 56 40 t 51 34 c Source: scgov.net 80/59 North Port Hull Buffalo 44 30 pc 52 38 pc Minneapolis 54 35 t 41 29 c Thu. 5:55a 12:06p 6:17p ---- Shown is today’s weather. 83/55 Temperatures are today’s 83/56 Burlington, VT 40 20 s 51 31 s Montgomery 75 58 pc 70 59 sh POLLEN INDEX The solunar period schedule allows planning highs and tonight’s lows. Charleston, WV 70 47 pc 58 45 sh Nashville 74 52 pc 68 48 t Pollen Index readings as of Monday days so you will be fishing in good territory or Port Charlotte hunting in good cover during those times. Major 80/58 Charlotte 59 44 pc 50 46 sh New Orleans 78 62 t 76 63 t Trees 1224 periods begin at the times shown and last for Englewood Chicago 64 43 t 50 35 c New York City 46 35 s 52 39 s Grass absent 1.5 to 2 hours. The minor periods are shorter. 81/59 Cincinnati 70 49 pc 60 42 t Norfolk, VA 50 31 s 51 42 pc Weeds 11 Gulf Water Punta Gorda Cleveland 54 38 pc 56 42 sh Oklahoma City 66 38 pc 61 44 pc Molds 4917 TIDES Temperature Placida 81/57 Columbia, SC 71 48 pc 61 53 sh Omaha 52 32 c 58 36 pc absent low moderate high very high 81/57 Columbus, OH 66 46 pc 57 42 t Philadelphia 47 30 s 52 36 s High Low High Low Source: National Allergy Bureau Punta Gorda 74° Boca Grande Concord, NH Dallas 40 14 pc 70 48 t 50 29 s 69 55 t Phoenix Pittsburgh 78 54 s 81 55 s 55 34 s 53 42 sh Today 2:19a 9:17a 3:11p 9:17p 76/64 Denver 46 25 pc 52 26 pc Portland, ME 40 22 pc 45 29 s ALMANAC Wed. 3:04a 9:40a 3:19p 9:55p Forecasts and graphics, except for the Fort Myers Des Moines 56 34 t 53 37 pc Portland, OR 53 40 c 53 36 sh Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Monday Englewood Detroit 54 38 c 53 40 r Providence 40 27 pc 50 31 s WINK-TV 5-day forecast, provided by 83/59 Temperatures Today 12:56a 7:33a 1:48p 7:33p AccuWeather, Inc. ©2009 Duluth 46 31 r 39 22 c Raleigh 55 38 pc 52 44 c High/Low 78°/55° Wed. 1:41a 7:56a 1:56p 8:11p Cape Coral Lehigh Acres Fairbanks 19 -6 s 22 7 c Salt Lake City 48 34 pc 50 32 sh Normal High/Low 81°/58° Boca Grande 82/60 82/58 Fargo 43 24 sn 38 21 c St. Louis 68 45 t 59 43 pc Record High 88° (2007) Today 12:01a 5:54a 12:53p 5:54p Hartford 45 24 s 54 32 s San Antonio 78 59 pc 75 65 t Record Low 41° (1996) Wed. 12:46a 6:17a 1:01p 6:32p MARINE Helena 44 29 pc 38 20 sf San Diego 69 53 s 70 55 s Precipitation (in inches) Wind Speed Seas Bay/Inland Sanibel Honolulu 81 70 pc 80 69 pc San Francisco 64 48 s 64 50 pc El Jobean Houston 78 64 t 76 60 t Seattle 50 40 c 50 36 r 24 hours through 5 p.m. Monday 0.01” direction in knots in feet chop 76/65 Today 2:51a 9:46a 3:43p 9:46p Indianapolis 68 52 pc 59 42 t Washington, DC 48 33 s 51 41 pc Month to date 0.11” Wed. 3:36a 10:09a 3:51p 10:24p Cape Sable to Tarpon Springs Bonita Springs Normal month to date 2.07” E 10-20 1-3 Light 82/59 Venice WORLD CITIES Year to date 1.23” Tarpon Springs to Apalachicola Normal year to date 6.60” Today 12:03p 6:12a 11:56p 6:12p Wed. 12:11p 6:35a --- 6:50p SE 7-14 3-5 Moderate Today Wed. Today Wed. Record 1.71” (1984) City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Amsterdam 46 37 sh 49 40 r Mexico City 81 52 t 77 49 t MONTHLY RAINFALL FLORIDA CITIES Baghdad 74 45 pc 73 46 s Montreal 36 18 s 45 37 s Month 2009 2008 Avg. Record/Year Today Wed. Today Wed. Today Wed. Beijing 54 36 pc 66 37 s Ottawa 40 23 s 49 33 pc Jan. 0.68 1.61 2.21 7.07/1979 City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Berlin 39 27 sn 37 30 sf Paris 52 39 pc 50 41 r Feb. 0.44 1.72 2.32 11.05/1983 Apalachicola 72 60 pc 70 62 pc Key West 78 70 pc 78 71 pc Pompano Beach 77 69 pc 79 67 pc Buenos Aires 84 66 s 84 68 s Regina 23 9 c 22 9 c Mar. 0.11 3.04 2.73 9.26/1970 Apr. 3.98 1.70 5.80/1994 Bradenton 77 62 pc 77 63 pc Kissimmee 78 57 pc 80 61 pc St. Augustine 72 59 pc 72 62 pc Cairo 70 54 pc 73 57 s Rio de Janeiro 80 74 r 80 72 r May 1.22 3.15 9.45/1991 Clearwater 80 63 pc 81 64 pc Lakeland 80 56 pc 80 61 pc St. Petersburg 80 63 pc 81 64 pc Calgary 41 21 pc 25 15 sn Rome 58 36 sh 59 37 s Jun. 6.60 8.45 23.99/1974 Coral Springs 77 67 pc 79 66 pc Melbourne 75 62 pc 76 62 pc Sanford 78 60 pc 79 61 pc Cancun 82 64 pc 86 67 s St. John’s 35 22 sf 37 31 sn Jul. 12.38 7.78 14.22/1995 Daytona Beach 74 57 pc 76 61 pc Miami 79 67 pc 80 67 pc Sarasota 82 61 pc 81 62 pc Dublin 52 41 r 50 41 pc San Juan 83 72 sh 82 71 sh Aug. 8.53 7.82 15.60/1995 Fort Lauderdale 77 69 pc 79 68 pc Naples 82 61 pc 81 63 pc Tallahassee 77 55 pc 75 57 pc Edmonton 28 16 sn 24 9 sn Sydney 84 64 s 84 66 pc Sep. 3.95 6.75 14.03/1979 Fort Myers 83 59 pc 84 62 pc Ocala 79 55 pc 78 57 pc Tampa 82 60 pc 80 63 pc Halifax 35 21 sn 39 26 pc Tokyo 59 47 c 55 46 r Oct. 0.92 3.12 10.88/1995 Fort Pierce 76 63 pc 77 62 pc Okeechobee 76 63 pc 77 62 pc Titusville 74 59 pc 75 61 pc Kiev 36 32 sn 41 30 r Toronto 38 33 pc 45 41 r Nov. 0.30 1.88 5.53/2002 Gainesville 78 54 pc 80 58 pc Orlando 78 57 pc 79 59 pc Vero Beach 76 61 pc 77 62 pc London 52 41 s 52 39 sh Vancouver 46 36 sh 46 32 pc Dec. 1.38 1.77 6.83/2002 Year 1.23 45.63 49.68 (since 1931) Jacksonville 73 53 pc 73 57 pc Panama City 75 60 pc 74 62 pc West Palm Beach 77 66 pc 79 67 pc Madrid 70 37 s 72 37 s Winnipeg 34 23 sn 30 16 sn Totals are from a 24-hour period ending at 5 p.m. Key Largo 75 67 pc 76 66 pc Pensacola 71 61 c 73 64 sh Winter Haven 81 60 pc 80 62 pc Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice. happening now at ' Da ds l lr i Limited ly! 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  • CHARLOTTE OUR TOWN Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Hauk scores big in her last season as maestra www.sunnewspapers.net PAGE 9 Charlotte Sun editor: Christy Arnold LUKE WILSON Dock funding questioned Snapshots of Loftus: Some floating dock money could be used elsewhere By STEVE REILLY recommended it receive county (boaters),” City remaining amount of the costs Pioneer Day STAFF WRITER MURDOCK — Punta $200,000 to install a 345-foot- long floating dock at Laishley Manager Howard Kunik said. The docks would allow day- out of its share of the county’s 1-cent infrastructure sales tax. I Gorda’s $200,000 funding Park. An original grant of trippers to the city to come by Commissioner Dick Loftus, can’t say enough about the $100,000 was increased by the request for a floating dock boat. however, would like to see if a DeSoto County Historical advisory board to $200,000 from Charlotte County may The project calls for the portion of the WCIND money Society’s Fifth Annual earlier this year, out of unallo- not be completely sunk, but floating dock to be installed at can be reallocated elsewhere. Pioneer Day Saturday, but I’ll cated funding from the city officials might see far less the city’s existing Laishley Park Specifically, Loftus said he’d cram all I can into what county’s share of West Coast money than they expected. Inland Navigation District’s marina, along its west wall. rather see some of that money column space I’m allowed According to the commis- Waterway Development The city estimates the entire go to pay for the construction here. It was great, and if you didn’t make it there, you sion’s agenda, the county’s Program. project will cost $330,000. The missed out. Marine Advisory Board “Basically, they would serve city plans to pay the FUNDING | P6 There’s no way to include all the activities, happenings and folks who were there, so this is but a brief overview of some sights I saw with my own eyes Here’s the mother behind the player that day: Vernon Keen cooking a Meet your cauldron of swamp cabbage and folks standing by, waiting for it to be ready. IGHB Children excitedly digging and sifting through sand for authentic fossils and John By DWIGHT TRACY Reynolds helping identify SUN CORRESPONDENT them. What’s behind a successful Shannon McKenna of North professional athlete? For many, Port stirring a kettle of soap it’s a dedicated parent or two. ingredients over a fire. Port Charlotte’s baseball Rodney McCray crooning to legend-in-the-making Matt a crowd of onlookers who yPAW LaPorta certainly followed the applauded him time and r?l pattern. From age 5 in the little again. kid “Grapefruit League,” to first Retired county commis- rr+? round draft pick by the sioner Felton Garner in his _ Milwaukee Brewers, the Olympics trademark white shirt and hat, }Y and his last year trade to the shaking ?1 9090l:?4t10Q44 Cleveland Indians, Mom has been hands nGna4 ag8np there. and chatting ‘‘There’s no ,? ORn00 Q1JQGQ " Qr 4470 She’s Cindy LaPorta, a mother 04 G ?30 with folks. way to r.M qq dedicated to her son’s athletic talent and now his career. ?4Al•n40eon4 eoO a :° i =_ - Carol Mahler include 4Q40?140QI619M140QW -? _ --?;? Matt’s $2.7 million draft two amazing all the years ago didn’t just happen. Along the way came Little League, children with her activities, Senior League, Port Charlotte culinary happenings, then Charlotte high schools — where his mother headed the skills in her and folks Special Ed department — and the pioneer who were University of Florida. On week- ends, vacations and spring breaks kitchen. there.” - ' w I I there were all-star games and Howard Melton “Baseball Showcases,” games in selling his local history books, which, for a price, aspiring and taking time to answer players could be viewed and questions from those curious evaluated by scouts. about DeSoto County’s past. The costs ran from $650 to Rusty Hipp reprising his role $1,000 for Cindy and Vince, Matt’s as Acrefoot Johnson, being father. While Matt honed his skills robbed at gunpoint by local first as a pitcher (he had an 83- outlaws, who then met their mph fastball in ninth grade), then demise when the good guys 1 4 4 a catcher, first baseman and now showed up to save the day. an outfielder, his parents prac- Phil Hall’s Boy Scout troop ticed paying and traveling. selling baked items and Cindy gave special credit to her helping out with traffic daughter, Nina, “who would control. SUN PHOTO BY DWIGHT TRACY much rather have been doing her Neil Butts explaining the workings of his antique Cindy LaPorta in the memorabilia-filled room that has become a Matt LaPorta shrine. MOTHER | P6 internal combustion engine as it chugged along, puffing smoke. Smells of pulled pork mingling with a blacksmith’s Commission eyes landscaping cuts fire, along with the sweet scent By NEIL HUGHES strategy, reassigning most of it explore the option of fire- preagenda meeting. of kettle corn being stirred. STAFF WRITER in South County to inmates at fighters doing landscaping at “This is just a huge Makayla and Megan Kinard MURDOCK — In an effort to the Charlotte County Jail. The their own fire stations. number,” Commissioner Bob and other 4-H students keep Charlotte County land- plan would utilize convict These proposed changes Starr said. “I think we need to displaying chickens and selling scape work in-house, officials labor in all but two locations: represent an effort to curb an take a hard look at what we’re baby chicks to raise money to may turn to the “big house.” the Human Services building existing landscaping bill that doing and what we don’t have go to national competition. Today the Charlotte County and the county facility on tops $2 million. That total did to do.” Cowboy George Pratt taking Commission will consider Cooper Street in Punta Gorda. not sit well with members of a nasty fall after his horse was revising its landscape work In addition, the county will the commission at Monday’s CUTS | P6 suddenly spooked. An ambu- lance showed up, but he shook San Pedro roof fire quickly contained it off like any good cowboy would and walked away from it. Marsha Heine conducting an By ELAINE ALLEN-EMRICH “When I saw the smoke and no 41 old-fashioned cakewalk for COMMUNITY NEWS EDITOR people working on the roof, I children and adults alike. NORTH PORT — God works in knew something wasn’t right, and Jahna Leonard quizzing mysterious ways. then the flames quickly followed,” children about the history of On Monday at about 5:45 p.m., said Quaderer, who is a member Peace River while operating a North Port Fire Rescue Deputy of San Pedro Church. “I stopped fishing pond. Chief David Quaderer was to look at the construction of the John Schudel enjoying a stopped at a traffic light across new fire station (on nearby North tasty bowl of lima beans and the street from San Pedro Catholic Port Boulevard). Otherwise, I rice. Church when he saw smoke would have already been gone Tourists turning their noses coming from the roof. Roofers, and not seen the fire.” up after their first taste of who have been working on the Father Pat Organ called swamp cabbage. church for about three weeks, Quaderer a “Godsend.” Al and Karen Smoke amazing appeared gone for the day. “The fire wasn’t, but David was,” children with their wooden As the light on North Port said Organ, adding no one was in toys from yesteryear. Boulevard at U.S. 41 turned green, the church at the time. “There Former coach Fred Carter Quaderer saw flames shoot was smoke inside the church. We SUN PHOTO BY ELAINE ALLEN-EMRICH, enjoying a good old-fashioned through the roof. do not have any major services eallen@sun-herald.com game of marbles. I turned Quaderer quickly called nearby until Sunday, so we think every- Firefighters use a ladder truck to access the fire inside down his challenge to play, firefighters and got a ladder truck the roof at San Pedro Church. The church should reopen assuring him that I’d “lost my to the church. FIRE | P6 for the public on Sunday. marbles” years ago. This well-worn cliche seems to sum it up best: a good time | CORRECTION was had by all. James Abraham is a writer and publisher. An article in Saturday’s Sun about the yet to be published book “Destination Punta Gorda” provided an incorrect title. Don’t miss next year’s gathering if you can help it! INDEX| Calendar 2 | Pride and Joy 2 | Police Beat 3 | Obituaries 4 | Crossword 9 | Viewpoint 10 | Opinion 11 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Our Town Page 2 C www.sunnewspapers.net LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 All phone number area codes Cafe Philo, philosophical are 941 unless otherwise indicated. Welcome to your community calendar discussion group, 7-8:30 p.m. at Florida Community Bank, Meeting If you would like to see your event listed on this page, Room,125 Nesbit St., Punta ■ TODAY we can make it happen. Gorda. Topic: “Why are we in Afghanistan?” Free; open to the ■ GOVERNMENT Contact me, Tracy Weikel, your community liaison. public. 764-8100. Charlotte County Coastal e-mail: calendar@sun-herald.com Conservation Association, Punta Gorda Building Board meeting, 9 a.m. at City Hall, 326 phone: 941-206-1180 fax: 941-629-2085 7 p.m. at Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center, 75 Taylor W. Marion Ave. 575-3369. Charlotte County Tracy Weikel, c/o Charlotte Sun, St., Punta Gorda. Speaker Earnie Fred. 575-9981. Commission meeting, 9 a.m. 23170 Harborview Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980. Charlotte County Concert at County Administration Band rehearsals, 7 p.m. at the Center, Room 119, 18500 collected with proceeds donated to limited seating. 743-1200. Charlotte. 624-4441. Tuesdays or 4-6 p.m. Fridays until Cultural Center of Charlotte Murdock Circle, Murdock. to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Bluegrass Jam, 7-10 p.m. at Families Against Drugs, April 21 at The Learning Place, County music room, 2280 Aaron 743-1944. Open to the public. 613-0060. Cafe Ruelle Too, Darkwood 8-9 p.m. at First Macedonia Cultural Center of Charlotte St., Port Charlotte. Musicians Punta Gorda Board of Zoning Charlotte County Historical Center, 502 King St., Punta Missionary Baptist Church County, 2280 Aaron St., Port needed. 423-5981. Appeals meeting, 4 p.m. at City Center Society 40th Anniversary Gorda. 575-3553. fellowship hall, 411 E. Charlotte Charlotte. For recent immigrants Hall, 326 W. Marion Ave. Charlotte County celebration, 5-6:30 p.m. at Ave., Punta Gorda. Support to wishing to learn the fundamen- Woodcarvers Club, 8 a.m.-noon 575-3369. Charlotte County Historical ■ SERVICES/ families affected with problems tals of the American financial at the Punta Gorda Boat Club, Charlotte County School Board meeting, 5:30 p.m. in the Center, 22959 Bayshore Road, SUPPORT GROUPS associated with substance abuse. 637-7743 or 833-9198. system; personal banking, loans, mortgages, checks and credit 802 W. Retta Esplanade, Punta Charlotte Harbor. A A celebration School Board Meeting Room, Gorda. 505-4246 or 639-1947. of the anniversary of the Blood drives, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Free bread, 2-4:30 p.m. cards. Free; open to the public. Charlotte County Public Schools Charlotte Ichiban Bonsai Kai, fundraising group, Charlotte at Murdock Family Monday through Friday at Punta Register at 421-4750. Murdock Center, 1445 Education 7 p.m. at the Cultural Center of County Historical Society for the Medicine,19531 Cochran Blvd., Gorda Alliance Church, 7500 Mini Medical Lecture Series, Way, Murdock. 255-0808. Charlotte County, Room K, 2280 Charlotte County Historical Port Charlotte; 4-7 p.m. at Deep Florida St., Punta Gorda. For 5:30 p.m. at Charlotte Regional’s Aaron St., Port Charlotte. Center. Refreshments served. Creek Elks 2763,1133 Capricorn individuals and families in need. Medical Office Building, fourth Workshop follows meeting. Raffle ■ EVENTS Free; open to the public. Blvd., Punta Gorda. Florida’s 637-6444. floor conference room, 713 E. for a bonsai. Open to the public. 629-7278. Blood Centers-Port Charlotte. Gulf Cove United Methodist Marion Ave., Punta Gorda. Dr. 743-0954. Lenten devotion, 6 p.m. The Yard Dogs, 6 p.m. at Mid- 625-1874. Church’s “Friend to Friend,” Thomas Kartis, Jr., presents “A Deep Creek Elks, 11 a.m.- devotions with soup supper to County Regional Library, 2050 Lap-Band Support Group, fellowship, 1-3 p.m. every Spot on the Lung and What 2:30 p.m. lunch; 5-7:30 p.m. follow at San Antonio Catholic Forrest Nelson Blvd., Port 7-8 p.m. at Fawcett Memorial Tuesday at 1100 McCall Road Causes Difficulty Breathing.” Italian dinner; karaoke by Sour Church, 22445 Rampart Blvd., Charlotte. Free; open to the Hospital, Executive Dining Room, (S.R. 776), Port Charlotte. A place Question and answer session to Notes at 1133 Capricorn Blvd., Deep Creek. A freewill offering public. Reservations required due 21298 Olean Blvd., Port where those who have experi- follow. Pie and beverages served. Deep Creek. Take $1.50 off any enced a loss can develop new Free. RSVP at 637-2570. special/menu meal between friendships. Free; open to the Poetry Writers Workout, 5-6 p.m. No take outs. public. Bring a non-alcoholic 6-8 p.m. at Peace River Center Reservations preferred, not beverage. 697-1747 or for Writers, Edison State College, required. 764-6825. www.gulfcoveumc.org. Charlotte Campus, 26300 Airport Faith Lutheran Church of Living Free support group, Road, Punta Gorda. Focus is on Punta Gorda-Men’s Tuesday 8-9 p.m. every Tuesday in the techniques of writing poetry using morning Bible Breakfast, fellowship hall of First Macedonia writing imagery, similes and 7-8 a.m. at Skyview Restaurant Missionary Baptist Church, 411 metaphors, word play, rhythm and at Charlotte County Airport, Punta E. Charlotte Ave., Punta Gorda. form. Carol Mahler will lead the Gorda. Bring your Bibles. Group for anyone suffering from a group. Free; open to the public. 637-8387. life-controlling issues. 637-7743 RSVP at 637-3514. Parent-Tot playgroup, or cheryllv1@gmail.com. “Farming Underwater” 10 a.m.-noon at the South Nar-Anon Support Group, presentation, 5:45 p.m. at Mid- County Regional Recreation 7:30-8:30 p.m. in the County Regional Library, Room B, Center, 670 Cooper St., Punta Community Room at Pilgrim 2050 Forrest Nelson Blvd., Port Gorda. Free; open to the public. United Church of Christ, building Charlotte. John Pether speaks 505-8686. in back, 24515 Rampart Blvd., about this topic and offers Port Charlotte Elks Lodge Port Charlotte. Support to friends environmental information. Free; 2153, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. lunch and family of anyone with an open to the public. 276-4219. Tuesday to Saturday; 4-7 p.m. addiction or substance abuse Aromatherapy demonstra- dinner Tuesday; 4-8 dinner problem. Not Narcotics tions, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday Wednesday to Saturday at PHOTO PROVIDED Anonymous. to Friday at The Essence of 20225 Kenilworth Blvd., Port Pride and Joy Easy Does it Club, 7:30 a.m., Harmony, An Aromatherapy Charlotte. 627-9811. noon, 5:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. Apothecary, Darkwood Center, 502 Port Charlotte Kiwanis, noon every day at 23312 Harper Ave., King Street, Punta Gorda. Free; at the Port Charlotte Elks Club, This is Sheba Bernard, a 9-year-old golden retriever, the Pride and Joy of Jim and Charlotte Harbor. Recovering open to the public. 735-8373. 20225 Kenilworth Ave., Blvd., Deborah Bernard, of Port Charlotte, who rescued her. Sheba works as a therapy alcoholics’ support group. Port Charlotte. 625-7571. dog for TideWell Hospice. Send us a photo of your Pride and Joy (it can be a car, 629-0110 or 426-7655. ■ CLUBS Port Charlotte Marine Corps relative, pet, house, tree, boat, etc.; limit one per sender, e-mail only and in .jpg Peer Counseling, Monday to format) to charpride@sun-herald.com. Don’t forget a short description identifying League Auxiliary, 2:30 p.m. Thursday at The Women’s American Legion Post 103, the subject(s) of the photo (including ages, genders, makes, models, breeds, and every fourth Tuesday of each Resource Center, 6919 Outreach 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. lunch at so on), as well as the sender, and tell us where in the area you live. month at Douglas T. Jacobson Way, North Port. Appointments at 2101 Taylor Road, Punta Gorda. State Veterans Nursing Home, 429-3720. 639-6337. 21281 Grayton Terrace, Port Free LUNCHEON American Legion Post 110 Charlotte. 629-9390. ■ CLASSES non-smoking Bingo, 3:30 p.m. Punta Gorda Elks, 11 a.m.- doors open; 5:30 p.m. early birds 2 p.m. lunch; 4-6 p.m. early bird Class for parents of students start; 6 p.m. regular games every specials; 4-8 p.m. dinner at with disabilities, 6-8 p.m. at Tuesday at 3152 Harbor Blvd., 25538 Shore Dr., Punta Gorda. and Information Seminar Meadow Park Elementary School, Port Charlotte. 11 a.m.-2 p.m. ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING. INFORMATION ONLY. 639-8180. 3131 Lakeview Blvd., Port lunch; 5-8 p.m. dinner. 629- Quilters’ Club, 9:30 a.m. LEAVE YOUR CHECKBOOK AT HOME! Charlotte. Deb Readron and Marti 7442 or www.post110.org. every second and fourth Tuesday Graf provide information on how Appalachian Strings Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 at 10AM (Lunch Follows) to navigate the needed Mountain Dulcimers, 10 a.m. in of each month at Faith Lutheran Church, 4005 Palm Drive, Punta Golden Corral • 1450 Tamiami Trail • Punta Gorda procedures for Social Security the music room, Cultural Center Gorda. 639-6309. Disability Income services for of Charlotte County, 2280 Aaron Rotary Club of Charlotte D I S C U S S I O N TO P I C S parents or caretakers of students St., Punta Gorda. Open to the Harbor, 7 a.m. at the Cultural • The 124 Decisions that must be made when • Why insurance should not be used for with disabilities. Free; open to the public. Center of Charlotte County, 2280 someone passes away. purchasing burial needs. public. RSVP at 255-0808, Business Network Aaron St., Port Charlotte. • The 4 Required items of burial. • How to transfer your Out-of-State burial ext. 3133. International, 7:30 a.m. at Twin Suncoast Statesmen • Veterans “Benefits” –EXACTLY what the property to Florida. Money Smart, Financial Isles Country Club, 301 Madrid Government does and does not provide. • After Care Services. Barbershop Chorus rehearsals, • Pre-Need vs. At Need purchase. Why you don t • Advanced Funeral Planning. Literacy course, 7-9 p.m. Blvd., Punta Gorda. 575-9777. 7 p.m. at Burnt Store want your children or heirs to make arrangements. • Cremation Options. Presbyterian Church, 1133 Burnt Store Road, Punta Gorda. All men Larry Presented by: 2002-2 CONTACT US WITH YOUR NEWS 353584 1 007 -C interested in singing welcome. TAYLOR FUNERA L The Sun news desk encourages readers to submit 505-6675. U.S. Air Force Auxiliary Senior and Cremation Services their story ideas, community briefs, club news, Civil Air Patrol Squadron, 7 p.m. photos, opinions and requests for coverage. RSVP by Noon Monday, Mar. 30th 833-0600 at the Charlotte County Airport, For story ideas or tion, call Diane 28000 Airport Road, Punta FREE Door Prizes • Seating is Limited • Reservations Required breaking news, e-mail Brinckman at 941-206- Gorda, next to Eastern Avionics. Hosted by Trusted Funeral Plans Charlotte Sun Editor Christy Arnold at 1028 or e-mail 639-1711. obituaries@ This offer valid for first time guests. carnold@ SUBSCRIPTIONS sun-herald.com. sun-herald.com, or call Send religion news or 941-206-1168. You can church happenings to also contact Deputy Home Delivery Rates: mputman@sun- Newspaper designated market: Charlotte Editor Garry herald.com. Overbey at overbey@ City Zone- Carrier home To send a letter to the delivered 7 days. sun-herald.com or 941- editor, e-mail 206-1143. Items can be letters@sun-herald.com Medical Practice Now Open For Internal Medicine & General Medical Care faxed to 941-629-2085. or write: Letter to the Rates as follows On Saturdays, contact Editor, plus 7% Florida Sales Tax: est Flor Assistant Charlotte Editor Monthly Bank/Credit Card $13.07 hw c/o Charlotte Sun, ou t Marion Putman at id mputman@sun- herald.com or 941-206- 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33980. 3 Months...........................$49.70 6 Months...........................$89.40 S For club news, events 1 Year................................$156.80 a Medical Center 1183, or call our news- or items on resident and for Age Management, Wellness and Rejuvenation room phone at student accomplish- Mail subscription rates: Rates as 941-206-1100. ments, contact Tracy follows (advance payment required): On Sundays, contact 7 Days Robert Watine, M.D. Weikel at Garry Overbey at 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year overbey@sun-herald.com calendar@sun-herald.com $95.00 $170.00 $300.00 Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine or 941-206-1143, or call or 941-206-1180. Sunday Only our newsroom phone at For problems with the 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 941-206-1100. crossword or other items $49.35 $92.40 $153.30 For business news, on the puzzle page, call Single Copy rates Now Accepting New Patients. Call 941/205-3034 for an appointment. e-mail business@ 941-206-1128. For TV Times informa- Daily . . . . .75¢ Sunday . $1.75 sun-herald.com or Unclaimed account balances under $10, call 941-206-1121. tion, call 941-206-1252. inactive for 15 months, will be used to Hormone Restoration & Balancing To contact David To place a classified purchase newspapers for classroom use. Morris for consumer ad, call 866-463-1638. Sclerotherapy, Botox, Dermofiller advocacy questions or For subscription Sun Newspapers CUSTOMER west Flor information, if you didn’t SERVICE POLICY – Delivery should be uth stories, e-mail dmorris@ Skin Resurfacing & Rejuvenation sun-herald.com or receive a paper, or to put expected prior to 5 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 5:30 a.m. id a So Medical Center call 941-206-1114. your paper on hold, call Age Management for Age Management, Wellness and Rejuvenation For obituary informa- 941-206-1300. Sunday. 713 E. Marion Ave., Suite 129 Customer Service hours: 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday; Saturday and Punta Gorda, FL 33950 NEW!!! Community briefs / calendar items: Sunday 7 a.m. to noon. To subscribe 353815 941/205-3034 To submit events, please visit www.sun- or to report any problems with your herald.com/com service, please call 941-206-1300 or munitycalendar, for questions, e-mail calendar@ toll-free at 877-818-6204. You may sun-herald.com or call 941-206-1180. visit our office at: 23170 Harborview Items can be faxed to 941-629-2085. Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33980
  • The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS C www.sunnewspapers.net Our Town Page 3 Whooping cough spurs health consciousness By PAMELA STAIK STAFF WRITER cases of the illness since at least June 2006, several by Murdock-based pediatrician Dr. Ben Department. To keep your chances PREVENTATIVE MEASURES cases of pertussis have Helgemo. of contraction down, she Take these simple www.vaccineinfor If you don’t regularly steps to prevent mation.org/video/pertussis wash your hands with popped up in Sarasota “It seems we’ve had a said there are a few spreading germs or .asp. If you think you or warm water and soap, and Charlotte counties couple of cases every two things everyone should getting sick: someone you know has now would be a good recently. to three months,” be doing. • Cover your pertussis, contact your time to start, explained Since January, a total of Helgemo said. “There’s a For starters, she said cough/sneeze with a local health care provider tissue or sleeve. or your county’s health health officials in 21 cases have been lot of kids who lose their everyone needs to get • Wash your hands department: Charlotte, Sarasota and reported to the Sarasota immunity as they get vaccinated. frequently with soap and • Charlotte County, 941- DeSoto counties. County Health older, and there are “I can’t emphasize water or alcohol-based 833-3050 or That’s because it’s the Department, reported people out there enough that this is a hand sanitizers. www.doh.state.fl.us/ Epidemiologist Scott who haven’t been vaccine-preventable • Stay home or keep chdCharlotte most basic defense your children home when • DeSoto County, against pertussis, a highly Pritchard. immunized.” illness,” Gomes said. “It they are sick. 863-993-4601 or contagious but vaccine- He said 19 of these These people can easily used to be that we would • Keep immunizations www.doh.state.fl.us/ preventable bacterial individuals are involved infect young children and never see pertussis cases, up to date. chdDeSot infection also known as in a recent pertussis infants, he said. and I think nationwide For information • Sarasota County, about whooping cough 941-861-2900 or the whooping cough. outbreak, all of which “Shots aren’t 100 we’re seeing a greater or pertussis, visit www.sarasotahealth.org Beginning with cold- have connections to a percent, and people need occurrence of it now.” like symptoms, pertussis private elementary to understand that In Florida, pertussis shot. This can be accom- “Nothing beats a good is noted by a long-lasting school in North County. whooping cough is still vaccinations are required plished with the DTaP old hand washing with cough that becomes Pritchard said the out there,” Helgemo said. at several stages of life, vaccination, which takes warm water,” she said. progressively worse. outbreak includes 14 In addition to the ranging from infants to care of diphtheria, “Sing happy birthday a Some cases involve a children, who have an diagnosis of a 5-year-old middle-school-aged tetanus and acellular few times to yourself as long series of coughs, or average age of 10, as well boy in Charlotte County students. pertussis. you lather up.” coughing fits, followed by as five adults that include on Monday, three cases Gomes added that Aside from keeping up For more information vomiting, turning blue or teachers and parents. were confirmed in the because the immunity with shots, Gomes about pertussis, a whooping noise. Believed to be county about six months with the vaccines can suggests covering your visit www.vaccine Although the DeSoto connected to this group ago, said Lillian Gomes, weaken with age, adults mouth when you cough information.org/video/ County Health is a 4-month-old baby the nursing program should consider a or sneeze, as well as pertussis.asp. Department hasn’t who was diagnosed with specialist with the booster whenever they washing your hands as reported any known pertussis two months ago Charlotte County Health get their 10-year tetanus often as possible. E-mail: pstaik@sun-herald.com Bradenton man charged in McDonald’s holdup PORT CHARLOTTE — to appear and driving while trespassing and two counts of following arrest: The Manatee County | POLICE BEAT license is suspended or battery. Bond: none. • Steven Richard Lucas, 50, Sheriff’s Office arrested revoked. Bond: $3,000. Cape Coral. Charge: battery on The information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriff’s office, the suspected gunman in • James Stevenson Taitt, 44, The Punta Gorda Police an emergency medical care Florida Highway Patrol, jail and fire rescue records. Not every arrest leads a Feb. 25 McDonald’s 11100 block of Carnegie Ave., Department reported the provider. Bond: none. to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system. armed robbery. Englewood. Charge: battery. Fred Delva, 21, of were 612 arrests. probation (original charge: Bond: none. Bradenton, was charged driving while license is • Donald Bernhard Paulsen, with armed robbery, The Charlotte County suspended or revoked). 24, 13400 block of Gershwin NASIR KHALIDI, M.D. aggravated assault, Sheriff’s Office reported the Bond: none. Lane, Englewood. Charges: habitually driving while license NEUROLOGY possession of a weapon following arrests: • Joseph Stanley Sikorski, ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY ELECTROMYOGRAPHY by a convicted felon and • Ismael Torales Torres, 22, 47, 200 block of Boa Vista St., is suspended or revoked, and resisting arrest. Venice. Charges: operating a Deep Creek. Charge: battery. fleeing the scene of an • Unsteadiness/Muscle Weakness Officials from the motor vehicle without a valid Bond: none. accident. Bond: $3,000. • Seizures or Blackouts Charlotte County Sheriff’s driver’s license and two counts • Marcus Antuan Parrish, 27, • Ryan Joseph Brooks, 25, Office reported that Delva 9000 block of Swiss Blvd., • Stroke/Slurred Speech/Head Injury of violation of probation 3100 block of Pinetree St., hid in a bathroom stall (original charges: driving while Port Charlotte. Charges: failure Punta Gorda. Charges: • Tremors/Twitches/Myasthenia Gravis until the restaurant on license is suspended or Peachland Boulevard in revoked and leaving the scene Nash A Family Tradition Of Most Insurances Accepted Port Charlotte closed for of an accident with damage). C a t a r a c t & L a s e r I n s t i t u t e Excellence In Eye Care the night. Upon emerging Bond: $2,500. Harbor Professional Centre from the bathroom, Delva • Alan Logan Valentine, 20, BOTOX TREATMENTS ® 3420 TAMIAMI TRAIL • SUITE 3 • PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA ordered everyone into the 941-629-2111 5400 block of Deer Run, Punta FREE CONSULTATIONS 0 351589 manager’s office, where Gorda. Charges: two counts of Please visit us at www.khalidi.net he allegedly told the night violation of probation (original 629-EYES (3937) manager to give him cash charge: resisting a merchant New Port Charlotte Location while sticking his gun and petty theft). Bond: Eric A. Nash, M.D., 18401 Murdock Circle S into her shoulder. F.A.C.S $1,250. TWO PRESIDENTS 2007 He then fled the store, • Anthony Rocco Torres, 23, Voted Charlotte County’s 351858 officials reported. 4300 block of Amanda St., Best Ophthalmologist Delva is currently North Port. Charges: failure to waiting to be transported appear (original charge: to the Charlotte County possession of drug parapher- Jail. On March 2, deputies arrested McDonald’s nalia) and violation of probation (original charge: DUI). Bond: $2,500. REAL ESTATE AUCTION employee and accom- • Preston Adgie McClain, 48, ILL plice Windlet Allen 1000 block of Lavilla Road, Barack Obama Dale Buelow Charles, 20, of the 200 Punta Gorda. Charge: battery. President President block of Bamboo Drive in Bond: none. United States Buelow Port Charlotte. • Errol Reeves Williams, 49, of America Tax Service 5 ⁄2 ACRES ZONED INDUSTRIAL 1 Sarasota. Charges: possession DUI checkpoints of less than 20 grams of WITH POSSIBLE RAILROAD Only one is President of a announced marijuana and possession of ACCESS company that can save taxes drug paraphernalia. Bond: on your 2008 Tax Returns. The traffic safety team $2,000. of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office will be • Edward Barnes Musgrave, 11 AM THURSDAY INCOME TAX 40, St. Petersburg. Charge: conducting low- violation of probation (original MARCH 26, 2009 manpower DUI check- points at multiple locations around the charge: possession of drug paraphernalia). Bond: $1,000. • David Alan Beck, 40, Fort 3240 Cooper Street HATE TAX county today through Myers. Charges: possession of Punta Gorda, Florida Sunday in an attempt to less than 20 grams of Auctioneer: Phillip F. Wilson, Wilson Realty locate impaired drivers. marijuana and two counts of TIME? 4485 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, Florida 33980 AB 2321 AU 1191 Exact times and possession of drug parapher- PhillipWilsonAuctioneer@CCIMphil.com locations haven’t been nalia. Bond: $3,000. Phone: 1-941-629-6624 • Fax: 1-941-629-8814 Pull up our web site for information: www.PhillipWilsonAuctioneer.com announced. • Raymel Roman, 30, first 350307 I In 2008, 654 people block of Taffrial Lane, Port were arrested with DUI- Charlotte. Charge: failure to * Tired of Tax-Time Stress? related charges in appear, habitually driving while Charlotte County, officials license is suspended or reported. In 2007, there revoked, and violation of DID YOU KNOW? * Paying Too Much Tax? * Need Year-Round Tax Advice? If you have a will, your estate must go through | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS Probate and if you own property in more * Want Tax Peace of Mind? than one state, multiple Probates will be Contractors’ forum Walking & Dining Club to meet required. We Can Make It Easier! Probate is expensive, time consuming and Charlotte County The Singles Walking & stressful for your loved ones. FOR INCOME TAX PEACE OF MIND CALL Building Construction Dining Club is for all Services Department is singles ages 55 to 70. The To learn how to avoid Probate through a FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY! providing a forum for contractors and citizens next meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Thursday and Revocable Living Trust, please join us for a 635-6534 on the changes to the begins from the band FREE LUNCH and SEMINAR at Charlotte Sun Readers BUELOW Charlotte County Code 3- shell Laishley Park, 100 E. 2 regarding contractor Retta Esplanade, Punta BENEDETTO’S Said It Again This Year: licensing. The forum will be held from 5 p.m. to Gorda. The group will be walking for about 40 STEAK HOUSE Simply The Best! TAX SERVICE 7 p.m. Thursday at minutes and then will 300 Retta Esplanade “SAVING TAXES SINCE 1972” Charlotte County stop for a light dinner Friday, March 27 at 1:00pm Administrative Center, and drinks. This is a new Room 119, 18500 Murdock Circle, group and all singles are welcome. For more Seating is limited so please 1ST PLACE Home of the Murdock. This program is information, call 941- reserve your place by calling: 2002-2008 “No IRS Hassle” designed to educate the 575-0387 or e-mail Guarantee! public on the recent changes to the code and pgsingles@hotmail.com. ALLIANCE TRUST 21942 Edgewater Drive how those changes might R Start your day with the SERVICES, INC. 350924 Port Charlotte, FL 33952 affect them. N E WS 7 Straight For more information, A U Crossword Puzzle Phone: 941-575-1283 941.625.6534 354038 call 941-743-1245. A D N Mon. - Sat. in the Classifieds Years! www.buelowtaxservice.com
  • Our Town Page 4 C www.sunnewspapers.net LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | OBITUARIES Freedom Ave. Port Funeral Home in North coaching, one of which and continue to St. Mary’s In Loving Memory Charlotte, FL 33980. Arrangements were made Port. A graveside service with military honors will remains the largest selling football text ever. In Ukrainian Catholic Church for 10 a.m. Burial will in Port Charlotte. be held at 9:30 a.m. Friday, addition, he was a past follow at Venice Memorial Wilna G. Murray and March 27, 2009 at Venice president of the Maine Gardens. Memorial Pat Deskins Memorial Gardens. In lieu Association of donations may be made to Edward P. Murray Jr. of flowers, memorial Independent schools, and the Ukrainian Catholic of Punta Gorda, Fla. This is a correction. donations may be made to was a member of the Education Foundation, Pat Deskins, 51, of Port TideWell Hospice & Commission on 2247 West Chicago Avenue, Charlotte, Fla., passed Palliative Care, 5955 Rand Independent Schools and Chicago, IL 60622-8957. To away Thursday, March 19, Blvd., Sarasota, Fla. 34238. New England Association send condolences visit 2009. To send a condolence visit of Schools & Colleges. He www.farleyfuneral Memorial Service will be www.farleyfuneral was an avid jazz fan and home.com. held 1 p.m. Thursday home.com. enjoyed playing jazz organ Arrangements are by March 26, 2009 at Arrangements are by and listening to music. Farley Funeral Home Presbyterian Towers onFarley Funeral Home in He will be greatly missed North Port Chapel. Aaron St. Port Charlotte. North Port. by his four children; four Arrangements were made step-children; 11 grand- Nicholas J. in Port Charlotte, FL. Rigoberto children; nine great- Zuvich Jr. Martinez grandchildren; and sister, Angelina Giramma JoAnn Walker of Miami Nicholas J. Zuvich, Jr., 74, Rigoberto Martinez, 90, of Lakes, Fla. Bob was of North Port, Fla., passed Angelina Giramma, 86, of Cape Coral, Fla., passed away Friday, March 20, Port Charlotte, Fla., passed away Sunday, March 22, preceded in death by his 2009 in Port away Friday, March 20, first wife of 45 years, Elaine 2009. Arrangements are by Pitts, and his second wife, Charlotte, 2009 at Coral Ridge Funeral Home Susie Voth. Fla. TideWell and Cemetery, Cape Coral. Nicholas Hospice & A private service will be was born Recently passed away 11 months apart. Palliative held. To express condo- January 27, Care House Mae L. Robinson lences to the family, please 1935 in New You will be greatly missed by your in Port visit www.LTaylor York City, Mae L. Robinson, 79, of daughter, family and friends in Denmark Charlotte. funeral.com and sign the N.Y. the son Punta Gorda, Fla., passed and the United States. Angelina away Friday, March 20, online guestbook. of Nicholas and was born Arrangements are by Helen (Grago) 2009. Jeg Elsker Dig February 2, 1923 in Italy. A Larry Taylor Funeral and Zuvich. She was born on loving wife, mother and Cremation Services. Nick after November 10, 1929 in Debbie grandmother, Angelina retiring, as a New York Hagerstown, Ind. and lived in Cranston, R.I. until moved to this area in 1976. ENGLEWOOD Harbor Tugboat Captain relocating to Port Charlotte Mae was a resident of pursued his love for flying. CHARLOTTE memory may be made to Alex F. Lomik He was the chief flight First Baptist Church of in 1987. She was a member Alligator Park in Punta instructor at an interna- Ethel C. Bauer Punta Gorda, Youth Group. of St. Charles Borromeo Gorda for 33 years and Alex Frank Lomik, 71, of tional flight school in Please visit the online Catholic Church and the retired from the State of Brighton, Mich., and Orlando, Fla. Nick also Ethel C. Bauer, 95, of Port tribute for Ethel C. Bauer Son’s of Italy Lodge 2507 in Florida. She was a member Rotonda West, Fla. passed traveled the United States Charlotte, Fla., died at www.kays-ponger.com. Port Charlotte. of Friendswood Baptist away Saturday, March 21, teaching the IFR rating and Thursday, March 19, 2009 Arrangements are by Angelina is survived by Church in Friendswood, 2009. Arrangements are by Nick flew until his health in Port Charlotte. Kays-Ponger & Uselton her beloved children, a Ind. National Cremation wouldn’t allow. Nick served She was born on Funeral Home, Port daughter, Margherita She leaves behind four Society of Port Charlotte. with U.S. Navy as a petty September 29, 1913 in Charlotte Chapel. DaCosta of Port Charlotte; sons, John (Tresea) officer 1st Class during the Birmingham, Ala. sons, Giovanni Giramma Robinson, Ed (Nadine) NORTH PORT Korean Conflict. He was a Ethel came to this area of North Port, Fla., Joseph Robinson both of life member of the North from Birmingham, after Frank K. Carbone Giramma of Pittsfield, Indianapolis, Ind. Port V.F.W. and the North Urvin E. Huber retiring in 1976, from Frank K. Carbone, 78, of Mass., and Louis Giramma Sherman (Wendy) Port American Legion and Jackson Insurance Agency, Port Charlotte, Fla., of Ashfield, Mass.; and Robinson of Port Urvin E. “Gene” Huber, the National Rifle after 30 years of service. formerly of North Port, Fla. nine grandchildren. She Charlotte, Fla., and Ken 70, of North Port, Fla., Association. He received a She was a member of First and Yonkers, was preceded in death by (Lynda) Robinson of passed away Sunday, federal license to sell Baptist Church of Punta N.Y., died her beloved husband of 62 Punta Gorda; eight March 22, 2009 at TideWell firearms, as a dealer and Gorda. Friday, years, Sisto Giramma. grandchildren and eight Hospice & Palliative Care did sell locally and online She is survived by her March 20, Visitation will be from great-grandchildren. in Venice. Arrangements and he firmly believed in daughter, Anita L.( Fred 2009. 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Arrangements are with are by National Cremation our constitutional right to Benny) Dees of Lake Suzy, He was a Wednesday, March 25, National Cremation Society of Port Charlotte. own and defend. Fla.; and her son, Robert veteran of 2009 at Roberson Funeral Society of Port Charlotte, He is survived by his (Anne) Lazenby of Pigeon the Korean Home, Port Charlotte In Memoriam mother, Helen; wife of 27 FL. Forge, Tenn.; five grand- Chapel. Mass of Christian years, Carolyn of North war from children, Karen (Jeff) Burial will be celebrated Eugene Steckiw Port; his sons, Nicholas T. 1952 to 1954 Charlene Skibinski Zuvich, Richard A. Zuvich, Darter of West Palm Beach, serving in the U.S. for Angelina 11 a.m. Dr. Eugene Steckiw, 87, of Fla., Benji (Debra) Dees of Charlene Skibinski, 55, of Sarasota, Fla., died Friday, and Michael Zuvich all of Army and was Wednesday, at St. Charles North Port; daughter, Punta Gorda, Fla., Steve awarded the Purple Heart. Borromeo Catholic Church Cape Coral, Fla., passed March 20, 2009. Christine A. (nee Zuvich) (Nancy) Dees of Lehigh Frank retired after a career in Port Charlotte. Burial away Sunday, March 22, Dr. Minisci; seven Acres, Fla., Sharon (Mark) in law enforcement with will follow at Restlawn 2009. Arrangements are by Steckiw was grandchildren; and Hopper of Henderson, the City of North Port and Memorial Garden’s Coral Ridge Funeral Home born on a great-grandson. N.C. and Cathy (David) Charlotte County. He was a cemetery in Port Charlotte. and Cemetery, Cape Coral. June 8, 1921 A visitation will be held Johnston of North Port, member of the Fraternal Friends may visit online at in Hrushiw, for Nicholas from 12 p.m. Fla.; and seven great- Order of Police, American www.robersonfh.com to In Memoriam Ukraine to to 1p.m.Thursday, March grandchildren. Ethel was Legion, VFW, Moose and sign the guestbook and Ivan and 26, 2009 at the Farley preceded in death by her Eagles Lodge. extend condolences to the Robert Walker Efruzyna Funeral Home, North Port grandson, Robert Mark. Survivors include his family. (Chychula) Chapel with a Funeral Robert “Bob” Walker, 83, Visitation will be held wife, Pat Burt; daughters, Arrangements are by Steckiw. Service beginning at of Punta Gorda, Fla., died from 10:30 a.m. until Debbie Boeschen of Roberson Funeral Home & He moved to 2:30 p.m. at the Sarasota Thursday, March 19, 2009 National Cemetery. To service time at 11 a.m. Venice, Fla., and Carolyn Crematory Port Charlotte Sarasota 20 years at the send condolences visit Wednesday, March 25, Brown of Sarasota, Fla.; Chapel. ago coming from Buffalo, Charlotte www.farleyfuneral 2009 at Kays-Ponger & granddaughter, Stephanie Regional N.Y. Dr. Steckiw was a Uselton Funeral Home, Boeschen; step-daughter, Earl W. Lempke home.com. Medical physician, humorist, writer Arrangements are by 2405 Harbor Blvd. Port Kay Votaw of Pioneer, Center in and philanthropist. He was Charlotte, Fl. Burial will be Ohio; and step-son, Jerry Earl W. Lempke, 89, of Farley Funeral Home. Port Charlotte, Fla. and Punta a member of the American private at Royal Palm Burt of Pioneer. Gorda. Society of memorial Gardens Memorial service will be North Port, Fla., passed DESOTO away Monday, Bob was Anesthesiologists, New Cemetery in Punta Gorda, held 6 p.m. Thursday at born on York State Society of Fl. Contributions in her VFW Post 5690, 23204 March 23, 2009. Sue Ladd He was born November 5,1925 Anesthesiologists, Erie in Indiana, Pa. County Medical Sue Treadwell Ladd, 77, of January 22, 1920 Lake Placid, Fla. died in Kewanee, Ill. He had been a Association, New York cs matI n cs matI n Earl was a veteran of the resident of Punta Gorda for State Medical Society, the past 19 years. Bob Ukrainian Medical Thursday, March 19, 2009 at the Florida Hospital, L 7 nc rals , Inc. 2620 D L 7 nc rals , Inc. 2620 D Highlands Road U.S. Army and served during W.W.II and he was attended Indiana High School. He received his Association of North America, Ukrainian Lake Placid. She was born in Arcadia, Highlands Road Harbour Heights, FL 33983 an electronics inspector Fla. Harbour Heights, FL 33983 for Raytheon. He moved to B.S. from Springfield Institute of America, Your Loved One Cremation With College, and a masters in Ukrainian American Sue formerly resided in North Port in 1985 from Jacksonville, Fla. and lived Never Leaves Memorial Service Somerset, Mass. education from Florida Veterans and the Caring Hands in Lake Placid since 1989. from $1095 Ukrainian American Club 352063 He is survived by his Atlantic University. He 352038 R.S.V.P. for Seminar of Southwest, FL, a She is survived by her RSVP for seminars daughter, Karen (Cleone served in the U.S. Navy as husband of 57 years, 941-240-2515 941-240-2515 Jr.) Cooper of North Port; a a torpedo man First Class Ukrainian Catholic member of St. Mary’s Daniel Ladd; children, 888-713-1224. 888-713-1224 son, Steven (Theresa) in the European and Michael Ladd of Fruita, Lempke of Somerset, Pacific Theatres of war. Church, North Port. Dr. Colo., Rachel Ladd Scott of Mass.; a sister, Ruth Bob spent his entire career Steckiw was a veteran of Stuart, Fla., Jonathan Ladd the U. S. Navy. PRE-NEED SIMPLE CREMATION Lennox of Albuquerque, New Mexico; grandchil- in education and coaching. He was the He is survived by his son, of Gotha, Fla., William F. Ladd of Zebulon, N.C. and FOR 1295 EA.* $ 00 in association with FL Pre-Planning Alliance & dren, Cleone L. (Vinetta) headmaster of the Ransom Andrew Eugene Steckiw, James A. Ladd of Fort Myers Memorial Funeral Home Cooper, III of Liberty, Pa., School in Coconut Grove, Esq. of Philadelphia, Pa.; Melbourne, Fla.; brother, Amanda (Ron) Sanner of Fla. from 1969 to 1974 and daughter, Roma (Dale) Robert R. Treadwell of R P OYAL ALM Maine and Adam (Laura) retired from Bridgton Long of North Port; sister, Stefania Tysowsky of St. Arcadia; ten grandchildren; M G EMORIAL ARDENS also leaves behind ten Lempke of Virginia. He Academy in N. Bridgton, Maine after serving as Paul, Minn.; niece, Ulana extended family and numerous friends. great-grandchildren. headmaster for 17 years. (Zenon) Stepchuk of A memorial service will 27200 Jones Loop Rd., Punta Gorda A visitation will be held Bob was an accomplished Minneapolis, Minn.; take place at 11 a.m. (941) 639-2381 *A $1000 Savings. from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and and respected football nephew, Dr. George (Robin) Tysowsky of Thursday, March 26, 2009 at the St. Francis of Assisi 353543 www.royalpalmmemorial.com Offer Expires 3/31/09 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, coach and authored 4 Buffalo, N.Y. Dr. Steckiw Episcopal Church in Lake March 26, 2009 at Farley books on strategy and Placid with the Rev. was preceded in death by VA BENEFITS his wife, Nila (nee Elizabeth Myers cele- JAMES W. MALLONEE, P.A. Bezkorowajny) Steckiw. brating. In lieu of flowers, donations are asked to be ATTORNEYS AT LAW Visitation will be held from 4:30 p.m. until made to Grandfather For Veteran s Widows JAMES W. MALLONEE ELLIE K. HARRIS Home For Children, P .O. 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Xavier Fernandez PA • Real Estate • Guardianship • Probate • Wills March 25, 2008 with a Box 98, Banner Elk, NC 28604-0098. Accredited VA Benefits Attorney Panachyda at 6:30 p.m. at • Wills/Trusts • Trusts Arrangements are by Port Charlotte • Punta Gorda • Ft. Myers Farley Funeral Home Michael A. Brochetti • Probate • Guardianship North Port Chapel. Funeral Funeral Home, 404 Plaza • Landlord Tenant Free Consultation • Your Home Office Hours – Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mass will begin at Ave., Lake Placid, Fla. 9:30 a.m. Thursday, March CALL 946 Tamiami Trail, Unit #206, Port Charlotte, FL 33953 33852. 354035 26, 2009 at Farley Funeral 350106 877-332-4519 (941) 206-2223 Home North Port Chapel DEATHS | P6
  • The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net Our Town Page 5 Comments? Opinions? Views? View and Map Open Houses Online at FloridaMoves.com. Blog today on FloridaMoves.com Confidence to Close with Coldwell Banker Rely on Coldwell Banker for the guidance and expertise you can depend on in today’s market. The strength and integrity of our preferred mortgage, title and home warranty services give you the confidence and security you need to close. We’re committed to going the extra mile to lead you all the way home. We never stop moving. FLORIDAMOVES.COM The Online Tools You Want. The Experienced Agents You Need. 5310781_C7000497 C7000242 C6997733 C6997480 5307307_C7000227 PUNTA GORDA $1,100,000 BURNT STORE MARINA $739,000 PORT CHARLOTTE $440,000 PUNTA GORDA ISLES $395,000 BURNT STORE MARINA $339,000 This is a high traffic count corner in downtown Marina luxury at it's finest! This 2790 SF water- Harbor Prof center is a class A medical & profes- Enjoy the golf course view from this quality custom Enjoy the Florida lifestyle in this elegant three-bed- Punta Gorda. Zoned city center allowing mixed front pool home defines taste & elegance. Bright sional office complex built in 2003 providing high built home. Enter through the double door entrance room home. The lanai and pool-with-spa offer lots uses, commercial, retail, services and offices. and airy home offers spectacular views through the quality office space. The 1,950 SF unit has 9 offices. & enjoy the light & bright open floor plan with of room for entertaining or just relaxing in the sun Adjacent to City Hall & Govt. offices. dramatic windows accented. Easy access to parking. cathedral ceilings. in this private getaway. MLS# C7000497 941-380-4277 MLS# C7000242 941-916-0538 MLS# C7000227 941-380-4277 MLS# C6997480 941-916-0538 MLS# C6997733 941-276-4028 LINDSAY HARRINGTON 941-639-0090 LISA LAFLAMME 941-639-0090 LINDSAY HARRINGTON 941-639-0090 LISA LAFLAMME 941-639-0090 CRAIG HAVEMEYER 941-639-0090 C6992663 5309715_C7000454 C6999161 5287009_C7000175 5305173_C7000411 PORT CHARLOTTE $309,900 ARCADIA $289,900 PORT CHARLOTTE $285,000 BURNT STORE ISLES $269,500 PUNTA GORDA $269,000 Beautiful, like-new 2004 gulf access pool home with Gorgeous Master builders former model on nearly Beautiful well maintained four bedroom home on 3BR/2BA pool home. This home features a living Brand new luxuriously appointed 2nd floor (w/ele- lovely great room design, numerous upgrades and an acre w/beautiful views of small lake & golf canal with access to the Myakka River & Charlotte room and family room, split bedroom floor plan. vator)2 BR+study+media room condo. Fabulous rarely available 2 large master suites. Tile, granite, course. Great room floor plan, soaring ceilings, tile Harbor. Second floor has bedroom with private Canal/salt gulf access. Seawall dock and lift await wide water views, large deeded dock and full size 1 5000 lb boat lift,& more. in main living areas. Awesome pool! bath. your boat. Being sold as is. car garage. Premium extras throughout! MLS# C6992663 941-380-5354 MLS# C7000454 941-380-5354 MLS# C7000411 941-626-6146 MLS# C6999161 941-626-6146 MLS# C7000175 941-380-5354 JOHN LITTLEJOHN 941-639-0090 JOHN LITTLEJOHN 941-639-0090 CAROLYN DEPENBROCK 941-639-0090 CAROLYN DEPENBROCK 941-639-0090 JOHN LITTLEJOHN 941-639-0090 5291243_C7000220 C6998753 C6995892 C7000457 C6997520 PUNTA GORDA ISLES $250,000 PUNTA GORDA ISLES $209,900 BURNT STORE MEADOWS $207,900 PUNTA GORDA ISLES $199,000 BURNT STORE MARINA $195,000 Three bedroom home with great room, large screen Curb appeal is just the beginning for this sweet This one has it all! 3 bedrooms, heated pool, pool Great value PGI Villa with sailboat water dock, Great Charlotte Harbor views from 7th floor. porch on canal with access to Charlotte Harbor. home. Built in 04 by Schaefer Homes, it offers bath, fenced backyard, new kitchen, large green- garage, two lanais, open floor plan with cathedral Furnished/turnkey. 2BR/2BA. Perfect for winter get- This is a must see, home is being sold as is. cathedral ceilings, open floor plan, tile throughout space in rear. Attractive, deed-restricted Burnt Store ceiling. two bedroom two baths, large eat-in away or investment. Next to North Yacht Basin of MLS# C7000220 941-626-6146 mail living with many upgrades Meadows. Great Location! kitchen. New A/C, community pool. Burnt Store Marina, a resort community. CAROLYN DEPENBROCK 941-639-0090 MLS# C6998753 941-662-9636 MLS# C6997520 941-662-9636 MLS# C6995892 941-661-3654 MLS# C7000457 941-276-4028 ROBYN SIGURDSON 941-639-0090 ROBYN SIGURDSON 941-639-0090 RICHARD MOLL 941-639-0090 CRAIG HAVEMEYER 941-639-0090 5291255_C7000195 C6997329 C7000292 5291265_C7000210 5291261_C7000206 PORT CHARLOTTE $189,900 PUNTA GORDA $189,000 BURNT STORE MARINA $179,900 DEEP CREEK $179,900 BURNT STORE MARINA $158,000 A Hobbist's Dream! Spacious 3/2 home features If you want fabulous water views, a park outside 2nd floor 2BR/2BA unit with carport. Open floor Florida living at its best in this artists pool home on Just reduced 30K Live the Florida lifestyle in beau- frontage on a wide canal ideal for fishing, kayaking your front door, walking distance to Fishermans plan, new carpet and tile. Heated community pool the golf course located on the 3rd fairway. Very tiful Burnt Store Marina & Country Club. The & canoeing with an optional Myakka River Village & the Charlotte Harbor Event Center, then and clubhouse. Direct Gulf access. Gated communi- open floorplan with great room and formal dining condo has been freshly painted, newly tiled lanai Community Boat Ramp just a mile away. you must see this condo. ty. Walking and bike paths. room. Eat in kitchen. and additional lighting. MLS# C7000195 941-204-2454 MLS# C6997329 941-662-9636 MLS# C7000206 941-380-8100 MLS# C7000292 941-286-6194 MLS# C7000210 941-456-4103 LARRY SIGURDSON 941-639-0090 ROBYN SIGURDSON 941-639-0090 LISA LEVENDOFSKY 941-639-0090 BETH JOHNSON 941-639-0090 KAREN SJURSEN 941-639-0090 C687592 C6997855 C6994846 3943719_697385 C6999401 PORT CHARLOTTE $149,900 PORT CHARLOTTE $138,999 PUNTA GORDA ISLES $124,900 DEEP CREEK $124,900 DEEP CREEK $119,900 2 homes for the price of 1. Main home over 2000 SF, Brand new 3BR/2BA home offers 1,561 SF of living Short Sale-Save! Vivante-Brand new unit on court- Beautifully furnished 3 BR ground floor condo Brand new! Premium greenbelt location. Lovely guest home w/720 under air. Homes are separated space. 18" ceramic tile in living area. Oversized yard directly across from the grand clubhouse & w/gorgeous lake views, attractive decorations, cov- 2BR plus den/office. Fantastic open floor plan. by a 15x30 heated, caged pool, 34x34 raised sun master bedroom offers a walk in closet seperate spa-less than 3 min. Oversized 1 car garage. ered parking and large heated pool just steps away. Volume ceilings. Oversized 2CG. Screened front & deck all on 1 1/2 lots. shower and bath. Spacious open design with 18" tile! Perfect winter home! lanai. Lots of upgrades & extras! MLS# C6997855 941-391-1061 MLS# C6994846 941-661-4798 MLS# C697385 941-380-5354 MLS# C6999401 941-380-5354 MLS# C687592 941-380-5354 MARILYN PURCELL 941-639-0090 GARY TEEPLE 941-639-0090 JOHN LITTLEJOHN 941-639-0090 JOHN LITTLEJOHN 941-639-0090 JOHN LITTLEJOHN 941-639-0090 C6998208 C6997500 C6997547 C7000114 5312104_C7000480 DEEP CREEK $114,900 PORT CHARLOTTE $112,500 PORT CHARLOTTE $109,900 TROPICAL GULF ACRES $89,900 BURNT STORE COLONY $84,900 2004 built 3BR/2BA/2CG home on lovely street. Located on the 11th fairway of Port Charlotte golf Home is being remodeled. Located in popular Key West style home. Just bring your fishing pole Furnished 2/2 in friendly Burnt Store Colony. Great room floorplan with spacious eat in kitchen. club. Situated among well kept homes, this is a Section 15. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is being and relax lake side. This is only house currently on Immaculate and well taken care of. Jacobsen-built Storm shutters. Split bedroom floorplan. Cul-de-sac wonderful opportunity for the avid golfer to live on updated. Home is being sold as is. A must see. this beautiful lake. Own your own unique piece of with rubber membrane roof and newer windows location. the course. A must see. MLS# C6997547 941-626-6146 paradise. throughout that shut out noise & dust. MLS# C6998208 941-286-6194 MLS# C6997500 941-268-5868 CAROLYN DEPENBROCK 941-639-0090 MLS# C7000114 941-626-6146 MLS# C7000480 941-204-2454 BETH JOHNSON 941-639-0090 KENT KRETZLER 941-639-0090 KIRK JOHNSON 941-639-0090 LARRY SIGURDSON 941-639-0090 C6998731 C7000296 C7000471 C6998032 C688615 DEEP CREEK $82,500 DEEP CREEK $79,900 BURNT STORE VILLAGE $70,000 DEEP CREEK $69,900 PUNTA GORDA $69,900 Totally renovated, like new! Wood cabinets in Not a short sale! Not bank owned! Just bank priced! Immaculate 3/2/1 built in 2003. Vaulted ceilings, Fantastic price! Lovely turn key furnished 1st floor Just outside PGI, this incredibly priced villa style kitchen. Screened lanai. Community heated pool Fantastic buy for this nearly new 2/2 end unit eat in kitchen, master suite w/ walkin shower in 2BR condo w/awesome golf course views. Covered 2BR condo has undergone extensive renovations & out your front door. Quiet setting in Deep Creek, a w/covered parking and wooded view in new gated bathroom. Sliding glass door to screened lanai that parking and sparkling heated pool. Low condo fees! awaits your finishing touches. Ceramic tile through- deed restricted community. community w/premium amenities. overlooks greenbelt. Just bring your suitcase! out & newer maple cabinetry. MLS# C6998731 941-268-5868 MLS# C7000296 941-380-5354 MLS# C688615 941-391-1061 MLS# C7000471 941-380-5354 MLS# C7000510 941-380-5354 KENT KRETZLER 941-639-0090 JOHN LITTLEJOHN 941-639-0090 MARILYN PURCELL 941-639-0090 JOHN LITTLEJOHN 941-639-0090 JOHN LITTLEJOHN 941-639-0090 SEASONAL & ANNUAL RENTALS AVAILABLE 3474941_689427 C6999090 FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED C7000449 C6995154 CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION! DIANE K. RULEY PROPERTY MANAGER Diane.Ruley@floridamoves.com NORTH PORT $59,900 PELICAN HARBOR $49,900 PORT CHARLOTTE $33,000 PORT CHARLOTTE $32,000 941-347-6371 Looking for a handy-person to make this 3 bed- 55+ Community. Gulf access Well cared for Pelican Home has been remodeled at some time in the past. Afforable Florida home looking for a new owner. 800-448-3076 room, 2 bath single family home new again. With Harbor Park. 2/2 Manufactured single wide home It now has two baths and the room that was a fam- Great starter home or rental. Tile in main living some repairs and paint you can make this home shine. Being sold as is. with bump out. Furnished. Community pool, club- house & shuffleboard. ily room now has a closet added for a third bed- room. Porch has been enclosed. area. Fenced back yard with storage shed. Close to major shopping. Sold as is. www.cbfloridarentals.com MLS# C7000449 941-626-6146 MLS# C689427 941-286-6194 MLS# C6999090 941-626-6146 MLS# C6995154 941-268-9016 www.cbfloridavacations.com CAROLYN DEPENBROCK 941-639-0090 BETH JOHNSON 941-639-0090 CAROLYN DEPENBROCK 941-639-0090 KEN DIEFFENBACH 941-639-0090 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate www.floridamoves.com 200 W. Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda 941-639-0090 800-422-2672 350316 ©2009 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC.
  • Our Town Page 6 C www.sunnewspapers.net FROM PAGE ONE The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 FUNDING: Questioned FROM PAGE 1 tant, I think we should put that forward.” of restrooms at the County Budget Spring Lake public boat Director Ray Sandrock ramp where the county and other staff members now rents portable suggested the WCIND toilets to accommodate funding might not be boaters. able to fund restrooms “The city saw this as since the monies are extra money just solely directed at floating around and boating improvement they wanted to add the projects. $100,000 (to the city County Administrator funding request),” Roger Baltz decided it Loftus said at the might be best to pull the commission’s pre- funding request from agenda meeting the consent agenda Monday. He said that he until staff could answer did support the dock at Loftus’ questions more Laishley Park, “but if we concisely. have other projects that we feel we are impor- E-mail: reilly@sun-herald.com CUTS: Lawncare issues PHOTO PROVIDED Undefeated FROM PAGE 1 commission. Starr noted a $600 annual bill for The County fire ant control at the Commission is sched- Family Services Center, Charlotte High School’s 17 and under USSSA basketball team, the Charlotte Suns, went undefeated 6-0 in the uled to meet at 9 a.m. at and Chairwoman Tricia recent annual Beef O’Brady’s Charlotte County Shootout. The team is coached by Chris Stephenson and his son, the Murdock Duffy set her sights on Matt. The team includes Adam Moore, Jonathan Ocasio, Nick Goshay, Thaddeus LeGree, Nicky Stephenson, Kyle Administration Center, mulch. Midgett, Steve Currier, D.J. Scott, Jason Maresca, Sean Bailey, Matt Schelm, Ryan Bailey and Scott Fisher. Adam at 18500 Murdock “We’re spending like Moore won MVP, with Sean Bailey and Nick Goshay winning All-Tournament Team. Circle. $1,100 just on mulch?” FIRE: North Port church roof blaze contained In addition to the in- Duffy noted. “We can house options, the get this down.” county has the option to The fire station revise its mowing and contracts involved FROM PAGE 1 the fire was at first Minutes before the San Monday, responding to a landscaping contracts various duties such as believed to be related to Pedro church call came, vehicle rollover on with outside companies. changing out plants. thing will be fine by the roof construction. firefighters responded to Interstate 75 near the County Administrator Starr said he feels it’s then, God willing.” However, the electrical a fire at Walgreens drug Toledo Blade Boulevard Roger Baltz said at time for the county to The church’s congrega- system is being exam- store on the corner of exit, a second interstate Monday’s preagenda revise what landscaping tion is in excess of 1,000. ined, said North Port Price and Sumter crash later in the meeting that bids for of those facilities entails. Police shut down the Fire Marshal Michael boulevards. evening, helping a Heron those contracts have “I would think,” he access road in front of Frantz. Although the fire “I passed that one Creek Middle School come in historically low. said, “mowing would be the church to allow is being actively investi- when I was on my way to student complaining of Various specifics of sufficient at a firehouse.” firefighters to work gated, repairs can the San Pedro fire,” chest pains, covering the county’s land- without additional continue, he said. Frantz said. “I was told it several other vehicle scaping contracts stood E-mail: nhughes@ hazards. “We expect repairs was a garbage can on crashes in the city and out to members of the sun-herald.com Firefighters cut small (from the fire) can be fire. Someone probably transporting multiple holes in the roof, which done before Sunday,” put a cigarette in the residents to area hospi- is undergoing a $400,000 Frantz said. can.” tals for medical Can’t find it anywhere? facelift with Firefighters secured the Local firefighters and emergencies. Don’t give up – check Mediterranean-style barrel tile. The cause of roof with plywood and a tarp by 7:30 p.m. paramedics were extremely busy on E-mail: eallen@sun-herald.com the Classifieds! SUN?-? NEW SPAPE RS Char lotte • DeSoto • Eng lewood • North Port • Venice MOTHER: Woman takes pride in son’s ballplaying FROM PAGE 1 Brewers’ organization. She went to Arizona first when the circle of photogra- phers for batteries. Most of the Gators players have visited in own thing with her Matt was invited to spring “Lady, we’re all waiting Port Charlotte and friends on breaks and training with the Brewers, to get a shot of the ‘million sampled Cindy’s well- CHARLOTTE COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS vacations” than traveling then again when he dollar baby,’ one photog- known spaghetti and NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING with the family to Matt’s played in the prestigious rapher finally said. We meatballs. A friend and BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS often far-flung games. But Fall League. don’t have batteries to dining fan whom Cindy Notice is hereby given that the Charlotte County travel she did. They all did Naturally she was with lend.” calls her second son, Board of Zoning Appeals will conduct a public in the developing of a top- her son in December But at last one man David Price of the Tampa hearing on the following petitions. Said public notch player. hearing will be conducted on Wednesday, April 8, when he married his took pity on Cindy and Bay Rays, was her most 2009 at 9:00 a.m. in Meeting Room 119, Building A, Also in on a lot of the college sweetheart, Dara, offered batteries from his recent spaghetti guest. Charlotte County Administration Center, 18500 preparations were his an athlete herself who, son’s case. Matt’s favorite dinner Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte, Florida. All great-aunt and uncle, Judy like Cindy, will deal with “By the way, who is also figured when Matt interested parties to the petitions should be and the late Carl Bolton, present at that time. The Board of Zoning Appeals the difficult job of your son?” he asked. asked her to make it in is not bound to consider the petitions in the order also of Port Charlotte. following and supporting “Matt LaPorta,” Cindy Arizona, then announced listed in this notice. Any of these petitions may be Matt hasn’t wanted for a professional. As Matt replied, and silence fell he’d invited the Brewers’ considered as soon as the meeting commences. fans and supporters. said, “You’re in a job over the group. Matt was coach to join them. “Don’t Copies of the petitions, along with their complete legal description, are available for review at the With the exception of a interview every day.” the “million-dollar baby.” worry Mom, he’s just Charlotte County Growth Management few faraway matches for Tension and exhaustion The Good Samaritan another of the guys,” Matt Department, Charlotte County Administration the Gators, Cindy never are part of the trade. received a baseball freshly assured his worried Center, 18500 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte, missed a game while Matt And thinking of autographed by Matt for mother. Florida. worked his way up to tension, Cindy remem- his kindness. Coach stayed five Petition #VAR-09-06 professional baseball. She, bers the opening day of Cindy’s baseball life hours and enjoyed several John Sullivan is requesting a variance to reduce the and often Vince, although spring training with the hasn’t been all her own helpings. required front yard setback from 25 to 17.2 to allow an addition to the existing single-family residence in a the couple later divorced, Brewers. There she was on son, either. A sportswriter So what’s next for the Residential Single-family-3.5 (RSF-3.5) zoning district. was there when Matt and the field with her digital once said of Matt when athlete and his best fan? A The property address is 149 Barre Drive NW, Port the Gators played in the camera, all ready to take a he was with the Brewers’ call-up to the Big Show Charlotte, Florida and is described as Lot 10, Block College World Series in picture of her suited-up organization, “If there sometime this season, 17, Port Charlotte Subdivision Subsection 02, located in Section 22, Township 40 South, Range 22 East. The Omaha. She went with son trotting out for his were a ‘nice guy team,’ Cindy hopes. He’s hitting property contains +/- 11,960 square feet. A complete him to Beijing when he first appearance with the Matt LaPorta would be well in spring training legal description and additional information are on file. played in the Olympics. big leaguers. captain.” And sure with Cleveland, and many Petition #VAR-09-07 Mom spent time with That was when the enough, Matt attracts predict it will happen. John and Judy Alvarez are requesting a variance to Matt in Huntsville, Ala., batteries in her camera many friends. Not When it does, we can increase the maximum square footage allowed for an when he played for the AA died. surprisingly, many are bet Mom will be heading accessory structure by 837 square feet, from 763 square feet to 1,600 square feet, to allow a 1,600 Huntsville Stars in the Desperate, she begged players. to the airport. square foot accessory garage for a 1,526 square foot residence located in the Residential Single-family-3.5 DEATHS (RSF-3.5) zoning district. The property address is 192 /tr memory will be held at Norfolk Avenue, Port Charlotte, Florida and is described as Lots 13 and 14, Block 63, Port Charlotte 3 p.m. today, Tuesday, Subdivision Subsection 05, located in Section 21, FROM PAGE 4 March 24, 2009 at the Fort Township 40 South, Range 22 East. The property Ogden United Methodist contains +/- 20,800 square feet. A complete legal Church in Arcadia. In lieu description and additional information are on file. Wilma J. Uloth of flowers, donations may Petition #SE-09-08 Wilma Jean Uloth,73, of be made to the United Visually Impaired Persons of Charlotte County, Inc. is requesting a special exception to allow a teaching and Arcadia, Fla., passed away Methodist Church in rehabilitation center for visually impaired persons in a Friday, March, 20, 2009. Arcadia. Residential Multifamily-15 (RMF-15) zoning district. She was born Sept. 15, Arrangements were made The property address is 26195 Sandhill Boulevard, 1935 in Pennsylvania. in Virginia. Harbor Heights, Florida and is described as Lots 7, 8, 9 and 10, Punta Gorda Isles Subdivision Subsection i r ? a wS' Wille was a member of OBITUARY POLICY ` 23, located in Section 09, Township 40 South, Range s the American Legion Post 23 East. The property contains +/- 81,000 square feet. 28 in Millsboro, Del. since A complete legal description and additional information 1988. She was also a Obituaries are accepted from are on file. funeral homes only. There is no member of the Red Hats Should any agency or person decide to appeal any charge for publishing an Society in Arcadia. abbreviated death notice once. decision made by these boards or commissions with respect to any matter considered at such Wilma is survived by her Full obituaries and repeat death meeting or hearing, they will need a record of the daughter-in-law, Lana notices will be subject to an proceedings and for such purpose they may need Perry; three grandchildren, advertising charge. to ensure that a verbatim record of the Steven Perry, Valerie Perry Obituaries must be received by - proceedings is made, which record includes the 2 pm for Tuesday through Saturday testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is and Haley Perry; and brothers, Arnold (Donna) publication. For Sunday publication to be based. l 1 Aoi , deadline is noon on Saturday. For Remann, Bill (Diane) Nicole C. E. Dozier, Zoning Official Z 4 f Monday publication deadline is r ' Remann and Frank noon on Sunday. Please note there The Charlotte County Commission meeting room is accessible to the physically disabled. However, if you need Remann. She was is no Monday edition in DeSoto assistance or require auxiliary aids and services, please . preceded in death by her County. The American flag contact our office at 941.743.1392. FM Sound r y?{ Enhancement Units for the Hearing Impaired are available l husband, James Uloth in accompanying and obituary at the Front Desk. May 2005; and son, Eric indicates a veteran of the U.S. PO # 2009001212 Publish: March 24, 2009 328204 .Call 4G 1200 to place yourad today.' Dove. A memorial service in her Armed Forces. Please send e-mails to obituaries@sun-herald.com.
  • The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS C www.sunnewspapers.net Our Town Page 7 Sarasota continues to shop for MLB team By CAROL SAKOWITZ Ricketts, noting that the Mesa, Ariz., which would Barbetta is not authorized teroffer, commissioners failed. The Reds have NORTH PORT sale has not yet been cost $4.2 million to break to negotiate for the said they would move on since opted to move from ASSISTANT EDITOR approved, replied in an e- in 2012. The Cubs will also county. to other issues. Sarasota to Goodyear, SARASOTA — The mail to Barbetta, “It is not not comment on how Last week, commis- Thaxton said following Ariz. for spring training Chicago Cubs are the my place to comment on much a move to Florida sioners voted unani- Monday’s commission starting in 2010. latest Major League any Cubs-related issues.” could cost or whether a mously to send a letter to meeting that to his Thaxton said he expects Baseball team targeted for Ricketts said he expects move would impact the the Baltimore Orioles that knowledge, there has been Sarasota County to tenancy in Ed Smith to close the deal sometime team’s current attendance includes a 30-day dead- no response from continue its search for a Stadium. County in spring, “and we may get average of 9,000 fans per line directing them to Baltimore. MLB team. He said he Commission Vice Chair back to you at that point.” game. return a written coun- “There has been no thought the commission’s Joseph Barbetta wrote a Peter Chase, director of Barbetta is the commis- teroffer with terms. In acceptance, no coun- approved offer to teams is letter March 10 to Tom media relations for the sion’s liaison to Major discussion, the commis- teroffer and no rejection. realistic. The problem, he Ricketts, the new Cubs team, said Monday that League Baseball, sioners said the deadline It’s been quiet,” he said. said, is “we’re constantly chairman and CEO, asking the Cubs organization is according to Commission is necessary to clarify Earlier deals between being one-upped (by him to consider Sarasota not going to “elaborate Chair Jon Thaxton. The Baltimore’s intentions. If the county and the competitors). County as a possible further” on its current letter is part of his autho- the 30-day deadline Cincinnati Reds and E-mail: csakowitz@ spring training site. contract with the city of rized outreach, but comes without a coun- Boston Red Sox have both sun-herald.com Missionary speaks about women’s role in Africa By PATTIE MIHALIK her compound to clean. SUN CORRESPONDENT “While she stood there ROTONDA WEST — talking with the gardener, When the Rotonda West she took off her tunic and Woman’s Club wanted a was bare from the waist guest speaker for its up. They don’t have the International Affairs same prohibitions about Picnic, its organizers knew baring breasts as we do,” the perfect person to ask. Reno said. “But it’s Englewood resident considered inappropriate Betty Reno returned in for women not to keep October after serving for themselves covered from 6-1⁄2 years as a missionary their ankles to their mid- in West Africa. As one who section.” has seen first hand the Basically, women seem importance of helping the content there, even poor, she complimented though the standards of the Woman’s Club for its living are far from what we active role in raising know in America, she said. money for international “Getting enough food to charities. eat is a constant struggle After teaching school for and women spend much 35 years, including 11 of their time trying to find years at Vineland ways to feed their fami- Elementary School, Reno lies,” she said. retired in 2001. At 13, a girl is considered “I asked myself what mature. else I could do with my “There is a big cere- life. My husband had died mony for 13-year-old girls in 1998 and I had the where each one is circum- opportunity to pursue cised, often with the same new ventures. I was always knife,” she said. interested in mission work Although women have so I figured this was a no voice in the choice of a PHOTO PROVIDED BY PATTIE MIHALIK perfect time,” she said. husband — their families Englewood resident Betty Reno displays some of the artifacts she collected in West Africa during the 6 1/2 years A member of First decide — generally they she spent there doing missionary work. She was the guest speaker during the Rotonda West Woman’s Club Baptist Church in accept the situation. They International Affairs Picnic. Englewood, Reno was also accept the fact that trained in missionary work their husband will have One of the distressing sisters,” she concluded. project of the Rotonda for adults. then was sent to Guinea several wives and that things for her was to see “We are all made by the West Woman’s Club. In addition to bringing and Senegal by the there is no such thing as the lack of health care and same Creator. The next Club members recently donations for Operation Southern Baptist privacy. Often, she said, how serious illness time you do an interna- sent $1,100 worth of Smile to the picnic, some International Mission several families live plagues the people, she tional project, perceive goodies to Operation members made blankets Board. While there, she together in houses with said. those you help as Smile and will continue to with a patriotic theme for taught children of no bathrooms or “Organizations such as brothers and sisters, not work to help international soldiers returning from missionaries and found kitchens. Operation Smile and just those you are helping charities as well as those Iraq. them to eager to learn. “When you see women Doctors Without Borders to take care of.” at home. “Helping others is an “The first thing I learned there, you always see do vitally important work. Helping to raise funds The club also finances important part of our there was to expect the them bending over — You can be proud that for Operation Smile, an scholarships for Lemon club,” said Marcia unexpected,” she said, working in fields, washing your organization helps international charity that Bay High School seniors Budday, who chaired the relating the story of a clothes, tending gardens,” these groups,” she said. treats children with facial and as well as continuing International Affairs young girl who came to Reno said. “We are all brothers and deformities, is a major education scholarships Picnic. | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS Cycling event Social Center, 17353 Road, Port Charlotte. The dance committee has Car wash family fundraiser car Geddes Ave., Port selected Deb and Ray to fundraiser wash from 10 a.m. to The Peace River Riders Charlotte. If you have Community perform music of the ‘50s 2 p.m. Saturday at the Bicycle Club along with talent — sing, dance, play and ‘60s, waltz, country The Builders Club of Kmart parking lot, 19400 four neighboring bicycle an instrument or recite dance night and more. Tickets cost $5 Murdock Middle School Cochran Blvd., Port clubs will host the poetry, or think you do — Alligator Park invites per person. Alligator Park will host a Heineman Charlotte. “Cycling with Neighbors then you are invited to the community to the last is located at 6400 Taylor BREAKING NEWS! event” on Saturday. Each participate in the dance of the season held Road, Lot 112, Punta club has teams of experi- showcase. at 7 p.m. Friday in the Gorda. For more informa- enced riders who will The event is open to all clubhouse with a tion, call 941-505-0175 or lead participants through children and adults. 586-321-6105. ILog onto www.sunnewspapers.net for the latest updates. “floating” wooden floor. the sights of the Punta Snacks and refreshments Gorda Area. Rides will will be available for depart 9 a.m., 10 a.m., purchase. Admission 11 a.m. and noon from: costs $2 per person. For First Financial, 3745 more information or to Tamiami Trail, Port sign up to perform, call Charlotte; Muscle Car 941-625-3622. City, 3811 Tamiami Trial, Punta Gorda; Winn-Dixie, Food cart 27680 Bermont Road, vendors sought Punta Gorda; and This O ne 's for You. Fishermen’s Village, 1200 The Charlotte County W. Retta Esplanade, Parks, Recreation & Punta Gorda. When the Cultural Resources groups reach Laishley Department is accepting Park, riders will have the applications for vendors opportunity to enjoy the to offer mobile food cart Taste of Punta Gorda or vending at Port Charlotte join one of the groups Beach Park, Bayshore Live visiting Muscle City, the Oak Park and Englewood restaurants, Fishermen’s Beach. Applications will Village and historical murals. Rides returning be accepted, on a first- come basis today through Min i Medical School Lecture Series people to their parking locations will continue Friday. Selection of vendors Tuesday, Ma rch 24 Lear n importan t health informati on and ask quest ions of some of the area's leading physicians. hourly until 4 p.m. will be conducted March Helmets and bicycles are 23 through April 1. m. Thomas Karns ,Jr ., M.D. 5:30 p. Lectures held at CRMC 's Medica lOffice Buildin g, 4th required. Open to the Applications may be Car diothora clc Vascular Surgeon Floor C mleren ee Room . located at 713 E Marion public. For more informa- downloaded by visiting Topic: A Spot on the Lung & Avenue, Punta Gord a.Time Medical OR R, Building tion, call Dannela Varel atwww.CharlotteCountyFL. What Causes Difficulty Breathing is located In t he hospital par king lot. Lecture Is free. 941-380-0306. com, click on the Parks, You bring sour qu est ions, and we'll br ing the pie. Recreation & Cultural Sealing is limited . All attendees must pre-regis ler Talent Resources link and print prior to the lectur e by calli ng 637-2570. Showcase held the application, or pick up an application by The Higher Ground visiting the Charlotte 353870 Performing Arts will present an Open Mic County Parks, Recreation Cha rlotte Re ional Medical Cen r & Cultural Resources Talent Showcase from Department 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday at Administrative offices * . 3131 - t109 E. Mar ion Are.. Punta Gorda - wwsimrl olleredlanal oom 811.639. lVeknow ma te by hear? Cresset Banquet and located at 2300 El Jobean
  • Our Town Page 8 C www.sunnewspapers.net LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Charlotte to decide on ‘neighborhood stabilization’ By STEVE REILLY earn 50 percent of median county to buy abandoned only allowed to purchase they want us to handle, The county has a real STAFF WRITER income. or “bank-owned,” fore- up to 85 percent of but you are only talking need for funding to help MURDOCK — The county will hold closed residential proper- appraised value and isn’t about 30 or 40 units.” those who are in danger Charlotte County the second of two public ties and rehabilitating allowed to purchase If commissioners of losing their homes. commissioners could hearings at 10 a.m. today. those properties for short-sales. decide to move forward, “We are currently doing decide today whether The grant program was purchase by low- to The question for the county would work foreclosure prevention federal neighborhood first established by moderate-income commissioners is whether with the nonprofit through the Housing stabilization funding will President George W. families who earn up to the program serves the Housing Corporation of Corp.,” Hebert said. serve the county well. Bush’s administration; 120 percent of the county’s present needs. Charlotte County and Charlotte County has The county can receive however, the uses of the county’s median incomes. “What we’ve been other nonprofit agencies an additional $2 million as much as $5.3 million to money were narrowed. Median incomes vary wrestling with is that it to manage and operate in state funding coming help buy foreclosed Originally, county officials according to the number doesn’t get to the begin- the neighborhood to it as a result of the properties and use them thought the money might of people in a household. ning of the problem — stabilization program commissioners decision to house low- to be used for foreclosure The county also would which is how to prevent “The county doesn’t to reduce county impact moderate-income prevention — but it have the option to acquire the foreclosures,” said want to become land- fees. Foreclosure preven- families. Another $1.4 cannot be spent for that and demolish abandoned Bob Hebert, the county’s lords,” he said. “But I tion, Hebert said, is million is specifically purpose. or “blighted” foreclosed housing manager. “We think the county can work allowable use with the identified for rental The stabilization properties. definitely can use the with (the stabilization state money. assistance to those who program calls for the The county would be money to handle what program).” E-mail: reilly@sun-herald.com FDOT workshop planned for stimulus contractors By STEVE REILLY Obama’s American and disadvantaged subcontractors to County Commission and estimates is the cost for a STAFF WRITER Recovery and businesses will attend the network, either to meet or Punta Gorda City Council, certified audit businesses The Florida Reinvestment Act. workshop. re-establish working council members and need to qualify with Department of However, the state agency But FDOT spokes- relationships with one commissioners discussed FDOT. An audit is neces- Transportation will hold a wants to prepare contrac- woman Debbie Tower another.” how contractors will be sary, she said, to deter- special workshop tors, subcontractors, encouraged all interested Like with all other expected to pay a $20,000 mine whether a Wednesday for consul- engineering and other businesses, construction FDOT projects, the prequalification fee and contractor can be bonded tants and contractors consultants on what will and consulting firms — contractors will have to be FDOT-approved on and is solvent enough to interested in federal be required to qualify for small and large — to send prequalify to work on projects $250,000 and tackle larger projects. stimulus road projects. stimulus projects. representatives to the stimulus projects. That larger. That requirement, “(FDOT) needs to The meeting is sched- Details of what it takes workshop. prequalification process county and city officials project the taxpayer,” uled from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to qualify for stimulus and “Wednesday, we want worries city of Punta believed, could keep local Tower said. The prequalifi- Wednesday at Harborside other FDOT projects can to provide equal opportu- Gorda and Charlotte contractors from bidding cation process helps to Events Center, 1375 be found on FDOT’s Web nities with upcoming County officials. on any stimulus projects ensure consultants, Monroe St., Fort Myers. site at www.dot.state.fl.us, projects so as to give coming to Charlotte and contractors, subcontrac- FDOT officials have yet under its “contract everyone a fair share at Prequalification neighboring jurisdictions. tors or other businesses to announce what road management” folder. state business,” Tower woes Tower said her agency can complete the jobs for and transportation As part of federal and said. The workshop will doesn’t collect a $20,000 which they are contracted. projects it will fund with state requirements, FDOT allow minority businesses, At a recent joint fee, rather the $20,000 $1.3 billion from President officials hope minority consultants, contractors, meeting of the Charlotte cost refers to what FDOT E-mail: reilly@sun-herald.com | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS Homeowners Charlotte Campus, 26300 available for purchase. association to meet Airport Road, Punta Charlotte County staff Gorda. and Charlotte County The South Charlotte Professor David Hanson Sheriff deputies will be County Coalition will will be on hand to discuss present to ensure a safe hold their next meeting at the night sky views and and fun experience for 9 a.m. Thursday at Punta answer any questions all. Admission cost $5 per Gorda Isles Civic visitors might have. student. For more Association Center, 2001 Possible views of Saturn, information, call 941- Shreve St. The guest a nebula in Orion, star 627-1074. speaker will be clusters and more. Doors Commissioner Bob Starr. open 45 minutes after Cancer A business meeting will sundown. Visitors are screening offered follow. All South reminded to dress for the Charlotte County home- weather. Fawcett Memorial owners are invited to For more information, Hospital will offer free join. call 941-637-3518 or visit cancer screening from For more information, www.edison.edu/ 8 a.m. to noon Saturday SUN PHOTO BY MIKE BILLINGTON, mbillington@sun-herald.com e-mail carrwell@ charlotte. at the Wound Sun, seafood and cool drinks msn.com. Management & Charlotte Hyperbaric Medicine Palestinian/ community rally center, 3280 Tamiami Shelby Palm Lawrence, 7, and Larie Cook David, 8, both of Cape Haze, were among Christian lecture Trail, Suite 491, some 4,500 people who spent at least part of the weekend at the Placida Seafood The Charlotte Harbor Promenades Mall, Port Festival. Sponsored by the Rotary Club, the annual festival raises money for a Samar Dahmash-Jarrah Visitor’s & Convention Charlotte. Fawcett variety of community projects. Club officials said they do not yet have a complete is a Kuwait-born Bureau is challenging physicians and staff will account of how much money they brought in, but they noted that this year’s Palestinian-American community residents to test for colorectal cancer, festival was one of their most successful. speaker, journalist and utilize their connections prostate cancer and oral educator. She will hold a to bring meetings and cancer. NEW PATIENT lecture at 7 p.m. Thursday at St. conferences to the Charlotte Harbor Event Additionally, Breast Cancer education will be Senior Specials Maximilian Kolbe and Conference Center offered. All services are Catholic Church, 1441 and to become Charlotte free of charge and open Spear St., Port Charlotte. Harbor Meeting to the public, however, Dahmash-Jarrah will Ambassadors. The details appointments are FREE 30 discuss “The History of of this program, “Bring required. EYE Save $ Palestine and The Plight Your Meeting Home Call 941-624-4441 for ON of Christians in the Holy Campaign,” will be appointments or for EYEGLASSES Land.” The public is presented at a press additional information. EXAM on any complete pair of (One Pair) invited to bring their questions. conference held at 10:30 a.m. Friday at the Charlotte Harbor Event Radio controlled air show COMPLETE MEDICAL EYE EXAM glasses (frame and lenses)! Gallery holds and Conference Center, annual spring sale 75 Taylor St., Punta Charlotte Sport includes prescription for eye glasses, and Coupon must be presented at time of Modelers Society (CSMS) purchase. Not valid with other coupons, Gorda. tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye The public is invited to The campaign is is holding a radio diseases. Offer applies to new patients discounts, package offers, sale items, promotional offers, most insurance join the Sea Grape artists designed to get the controlled, electric- 59 years and older. for their Spring Courtyard community involved to powered model airplane programs or non-prescription sunglasses. FOR AN APPOINTMENT CALL $150 minimum purchase. sale from 10 a.m. to help fill the Harbor “Air show” event, Spring 4 p.m. Friday and Center, introduce new Break E-fest, from 9 a.m. Port Charlotte - 766-7474 Port Charlotte - 766-7474 Saturday. Original revenue sources, generate to 5 p.m. on Saturday. U.S. Citizens Only Coupon Expires 4/5/09 U.S. Citizens Only Coupon Expires 4/5/09 artwork for sale includes more spending in local There will be several pottery, wood, fiber, businesses, and help contests including fastest N E W L O C AT I O N photography, wire create a strong economic and slowest speed for sculpture, jewelry and impact for Charlotte propeller driven fan jet Dr. Thomas Quigley paintings of all types and Harbor and the Gulf models and All Up/Last 20600-A Veterans Blvd., Port Charlotte, FL • 941-766-7474 sizes. Islands. All area residents Down and Combat. (Corner of Veterans & Atwater) Artists will offer demon- are welcome. RSVP to Prizes will be awarded to Complete Eye Care for Adults strations and are excited 941-743-1900 by winners and a raffle for a to talk about their work. Wednesday. chance to win a complete The gallery is located at radio controlled electric 113 W. Marion Ave., Punta Middle school model airplane with all Gorda. students’ social necessary accessories is For more information, offered to everyone. call 941-575-1718 or visit Harold Avenue Admission is free, . , ? www.seagrapegallery.com. Recreation Center will however, a $3 donation host a “Middle School for parking is requested. Stargazing Social” from 6:30 p.m. to Proceeds from the 10:30 p.m. on Friday session offered nights at 23400 Harold donations will go to , l. support the local Civil Air The public is invited to a Ave., Port Charlotte. Patrol teens. James Campbell, O.D. James Cole, M.D. Michael M. Lewis, M.D. Thomas A. Quigley, M.D. special opening of the Middle School students The air field is located 5 Board Certified Board Certified Board Certified Board Certified James and Barbara Moore have a new place to hang miles north of Interstate Optometric Physician Cataract and Retina Surgeon Eye Physician Eye Surgeon Fellowship Trained & Surgeon Cataract Specialist Observatory from 8 p.m. out and enjoy a game 75, exit 170 on Kings to 11 p.m. Friday at the of room, dancing and more. Highway, across from the 354032 “Experience Edison State College, Food and drinks will be Peace River Water Plant, Call Arcadia. and Care 941-766-7474 HEAR SOME GOOD NEWS? HEAR SOME GOOD NEWS? For more information, www.doctorquigley.com You Can Trust” NO HIDDEN CHARGES: It is our policy that the patient and any other person responsible for payments has the right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed by payment or any other service, C(-Z Charlotte 206-1100 LET US KNOW... DeSoto 494-0300 North Port Englewood visit www.csms-rc.org/ html/spring_break_ examination or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. 426-9544 474-5521 e-fest.html.
  • The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS C www.sunnewspapers.net Our Town Page 9 Winter, spring are whirlwind at the Cultural Center Cultural Center Amanda Segur Theater Manager W inter and spring are quite busy at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County. Every day there is something going on in one or more of our departments. As our population burgeons with seasonal residents, the demand for more events The Cultural Center of Charlotte County plays host to the at the Cultural Center also friendliest bingo game in town. increases dramatically. It pride ourselves on being weekly Open Market, is our mission “… to available to the public 365 Farmer’s Market and enhance the … recre- days each year. Community Awareness ational … well-being of Friday and Saturday, Day. the citizens of Charlotte the Cultural Center offers Our special event County and beyond,” so the friendliest bingo schedule is also bustling we strive to fulfill these games in town. We cater “out of season.” Our PHOTOS PROVIDED needs year-round. to players from novice to annual Open House, Area nonprofits providing information during last year’s anniversary open house at the Unfortunately this advanced, so join us. We along with the Cultural Center of Charlotte County. frenetic seasonal pace also offer weekly dances. Community Charity creates the impression There is “Fun with Music” Challenge, is June 6, the also have a number of has year-round. So come at www.thecultural that during the summer on Monday afternoons, Christmas in July Bazaar different card games share our air— air- center.com. there is nothing going on the Monday Night Dance is July 17-19, and the Back going year-round, and a conditioning, that is — at the Cultural Center. I in Centennial Hall, and to School Carnival is full schedule of classes and spend the summer at Amanda J. Segur, am here to dispel that the Friday Night Dance as Aug. 1. In addition to and workshops the center. For more Cultural Center of notion! Though our well. Speaking of music, weekly and special events, throughout the summer information on these and Charlotte County theater schedule becomes less we are also pleased to we will still be featuring as well. other events at the manager, can be reached hectic, we do our best to present The Romantic our themed luncheons, as These are just a Cultural Center, please at 941-625-4175, ext. 224, maintain many of our Trio each Wednesday well as our Summer sampling of the amazing call 941-625-4175 or or theater@thecultural events year-round, as we afternoon. We also have a Dinner Theater Series. We offerings that the center check us out on the Web center.com. Hauk scores big in her last season as maestra T he pre-concert With only three McCormick, a most first American woman nationalist music. announcement Music rehearsals, the orchestra gifted flautist, pleased composer. She was of The night’s celebration that Maestra Janita played in fine synchro- the audience with her Irish ancestry. of women concluded Review nization with each other ebullient tone and When Antonin Dvorak with Hauk and all the Hauk, after 16 years as music director and and with the soloist, technique, in the presented his “New women in the orchestra conductor of the Sandy without noticeable flaws. Stamitz Concerto. The World” Symphony in and its contributors Charlotte Symphony Copperman The concert began concerto was a fine Boston in 1893, with receiving roses. Orchestra, would retire with “Siegfried Idyll,” example in the tradition African-American CSO’s next concert of as of the April 5 concert performed in a subdued, of the Mannheim melodies as themes to the season, “Bridge to added special signifi- yet influential musical pastoral manner, as was School. represent American Romanticism,” featuring cance to CSO’s concert compositions, dedicated intended by the Amy Beach’s “Gaelic” music, Beach soon George Catandella on entitled “Celebrating to or performed by or composer. The fact that Symphony occupied followed by composing piano, will be April 5. Women,” on Sunday at composed by a woman: this 20-minute piece was most pleasantly the for the Boston For info, call 941-625- the Center for “Siegfried Idyll” by composed as a gift to his balance of the program Symphony her “Gaelic” 5996 or go to www.char- Performing Arts & Richard Wagner; second wife, Cosima, after the intermission. symphony, full of lottesymphony.com. Education in Punta Concerto for Flute in G after the birth of their The music was, in turn, Irish songs and jigs, Gorda. Major, op. 29, by Carl baby, Siegried, added sprightly, romantic and as more representative E-mail: sandycoppe@ Hauk demonstrated Stamitz; and the “Gaelic” historical interest to the dramatic. Beach was the of American earthlink.net her acumen in her Symphony No. 2 in E music. choice of lesser-known, minor by Amy Beach. Guest artist Kim Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis ACROSS 1 Overactors You can’t catch them if yo u 5 In pieces don’t know where they are! 10 Forget about C h e ck out the Fish Finder eve ry Thursday, only in WaterLine, only in 14 Object of worship 15 Ladies’ man SUM- 16 Costa __ 17 Centennial State rock? Finally a senior seminar that 20 Pilot’s could make a difference! announcement, briefly This is not the time to do nothing. 21 Frontier bases NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! 22 Wolverine State fire starter? 26 It’ll never fly Problem g 27 Bud’s buddy 28 Wetland You are tired of the same useless information and you are tired of being more confused when you 29 One in a “Flying” leave a seminar than when you got there. circus act Solution 32 __ generis: unique You are cordially invited to a FREE Educational 35 Peach State wide Workshop unlike any other. It will be 90 minutes open spaces? packed with valuable information - WITH NO COST 39 Sixth sense OR OBLIGATION! This program is fun and 40 Baggage claim By Dan Naddor 3/24/09 entertaining as well as informative. item 6 Pea’s place Monday’s Puzzle Solved 42 Firm way to 7 O’Neill’s “__ for TOPICS OF stand the Misbegotten” Come Join Us 45 Guy 8 Blunt rejection DISCUSSION Hear Fact, Not Fiction 46 Without 9 Play the piccolo ¦ precedent 10 Synthetic fabric LEARN how to rebuild retirement savings Monday, March 30th 47 Cotton State 11 “A living faith will without risk! 10:00 AM Delicious Steak Lunch sculpture? last in the __ of ¦LEARN how to protect your money from the Whiskey Creek Grill 51 Italian veal dish the blackest Route 41 near Animal Clinic and falling market. Port Charlottee 53 Pah preceder storm”: Gandhi 54 Cornhusker 12 “Rhyme Pays” ¦WHAT TO DO with your 401K options. State Town Car? rapper Tuesday, March 31tst 59 Quaint “Holy 13 Old salts ¦ 10:00 AM Delicious Italian Lunch LEARN how to earn up to 14% over the next Trattoria Limoncello moly!” 18 Bitter complainer 12 months... GUARANTEED! 10361 Tamiami Trail 60 John of England 19 Words before Route 41 South of Punta Gorda 61 Bay of Pigs smoke or flames LEARN how to earn HIGH returns on your locale 22 Copy cats? bank C.D. money and eliminate the taxes on Wednesday, April 1st 62 Disney dog 23 Reflection the ¦ earning... You will NOT receive a 1099! ¦ 10:00 AM Delicious Lunch 63 Catches one’s 24 Bell hit with a Howard’s Restaurant, Route 776 (c)2009 Tribune Media Servies, Inc. 3/24/09 McCall Rd., near Beach Rd., Englewood breath padded hammer LEARN how to receive predictable 64 To be, in old 25 Auto with a 38 When many go 49 Watery trenches GUARANTEED INCOME you can never outlive! Thursday, April 2nd Rome four-ring logo to lunch under 10:00 AM Delicious Lunch 30 Cut off, as 41 Dolly, the clone, drawbridges International House of Pancakes DOWN branches was one 50 Italian lawn game Featured Speaker is: Route 41 and Woodbine, near the Wal-Mart, South Venice 1 Juice drink with a 31 Remote batteries 42 Derivatives of it 51 Like Ogden DAVID H. MARINO. Dave is a Financial hyphenated 32 [error left as is] are used in Nash’s lama, in a Services Advisor and has done seminars in our area since 1992. With over 23 years of Friday, April 3rd name 33 Like a 12-0 sunscreen poem experience, Dave has helped thousands of 10:00 AM Delicious Lunch 2 Big fuss verdict 43 Privilege loser, 52 Big name in people save and maintain their living and Madison’s Port Charlotte Town Center Mall 3 Minute particles 34 Basketball Hall of often video games retirement “nest egg.” Dave can show how to 4 One of the Famer Dan 44 Bring down on 55 Place to park have safety, security and growth. Dave and his CA L L N O W ! deadly sins 5 Coach 36 Mountain lion the gridiron 56 Connections family have been North Port residents for over Reserve Your Seats. Seating is Limited! 37 Neeson of 47 Equally yucky 57 Barbell abbr. 367125 17 years. LUNCH IS ON US! 800-955-1172 Parseghian “Taken” 48 “Mercy me!” 58 Rob Roy’s refusal
  • VIEWPOINT Page 10 D/C www.sunnewspapers.net Derek Dunn-Rankin — President David Dunn-Rankin — Publisher Chris Porter — Editor Brian Gleason — Editorial page editor Stephen Baumann — Editorial writer Howard James — Editorial writer E-mail letter to letters@sun-herald.com Tuesday, March 24, 2009 wait for someone else to do | OUR VIEW it. You are someone else. Helene Sovern North Port Relief soon from Sewer is not the proliferation answer on key of speciality tags Editor: Counter to Sunday’s editorial, resistance to sewer installation on Manasota Key OUR POSITION: Florida is is precisely because of about to set a Guinness World environmental concerns. Record for speciality license plates. Properly installed and Stop. Even the Baltimore Sun has maintained septic systems been making fun of Florida. on large lots are kinder to the environment than central A t last count, Florida systems. produces 113 different Raw sewage containing license plates. life-threatening E coli and During the current legislative other virus is rarely dis- session state lawmakers will add charged from septic systems more. But the end is in sight. but often discharged from This may seem strange to The ticket line was right beside me how pumping billions of vacationers. But for the groups honored with the tags, it makes LETTERS TO some of food area, so you didn’t know if you were in right line. dollars into GM and Chrysler and banks is going to bring sewer transport pipes. Statistics show at least one sense. Many of the state’s colleges, THE EDITOR Everything was shoved into a small fenced in area. back the economy when the consumers have no money to sewer pipe break annually in the piping near open water necessary to serve North nonprofits, and other groups Maybe it was on The planning this year was purchase their high-priced, Manasota Key. receive a steady income stream poorly done. We left after only gas-guzzling cars. Flamingo Boulevard? being there a half-hour and It seems that GM and Englewood Water District from the tags without a lick of experienced a least two work. Editor: we weren’t the only ones. Chrysler think that restruc- major spills in the short time Speciality tags are an easy way I am thoroughly enjoying Unless things are different, turing means laying off serving the south part of the to raise funds without begging or the “Discover Port Charlotte this will probably be the last thousands of people. Grant key. This sewage is in large browbeating alumni and those & Punta Gorda 2009.” I have one we attend. If you are you, when you restructure, quantities, untreated, and who support your cause. It also is found it both interesting and going to require an admis- some jobs will be lost and pollutes the bay and gulf. a form of free advertising. informative. sion, say it up front and not that’s not just at the assembly Newly designed septic Sometimes individuals are I just have one question. disguise it. level but all positions. systems also offer superior broke, or forget to make a Where in Port Charlotte or Debbie Baylor Unions need to be flexible treatment to central systems donation to a charity. Punta Gorda did you find the North Port when it comes to wages. The which discharge nitrogen With a speciality tag, car flamingo pictured on the economy can’t support the enriched water, which owners are identified with a cover? I have spent many Chipping livestock high wages that are currently returns to the bay and gulf. group they belong to or admire. wonderful hours outdoors in does more harm in place. For example, the Buck Creek Tags also can add prestige. the 16 years I’ve lived here Lifetime paid health cost watershed, sewered centrally Someone who quit school in the and also volunteered for six Editor: was agreed upon back in the for years, inflows the most eighth grade can proudly display years at Peace River Wildlife Please do not go along with 1960s and 1970s when cars this proposed action about nitrogen-polluted water of all university plates. Center. The only flamingos I were selling like hot cakes water sources to Lemon Bay. Paying extra for these tags have ever seen are plastic the chipping of livestock. and the companies gave what I think it is happy-talk and Lemon Bay, itself, has not suggests the owner is a generous ones in people’s yards. ever the union wanted so to experienced improved water donor. Why wouldn’t you have might make it look as if avoid a strike. All of these something is being done quality since bureaucrats We have tags to fight breast used a picture of one of the benefits are in the Sticker here, to fix a problem, but it have spent millions on cancer, stop child abuse, pro- numerous, beautiful birds Price. will do more harm than good. sewers. mote golf, encourage safe that we see here on a daily Hats off to Ford. The union My neighbors don’t gripe driving, protect whales and basis? Jonathan Morgan has made concessions, they about sewer costs, rather support the military. Cheryl Bailey Port Charlotte haven’t borrowed from the about bureaucrats squander- But having a specialty plate Punta Gorda government and they contin- ing our money on projects doesn’t always pay off. Elderly drivers ue to develop cars that fit the that harm our world and From July 2006 to June 2007 the Political parties need road tests market demand. I have never environment. Orlando Predators arena football owned a Ford, but I will look team received just $50 from tags. are arrogant Editor: Your editorial states, “the at one when I purchase my most environmentally Yet to have a speciality plate you Editor: This letter is in response to next car. must pay an inital fee of $60,000 the large amount of automo- sensitive of the Englewood Thoroughly agree with the The government needs to and “prove” to the state at least letter from William Thwalts. I bile accidents that are the Water District service area get money to the consumer. deserves the most environ- 30,000 vehicle owners will really am sickened by the result of the physiological They are the ones that drive mentally sensitive sewage purchase one. arrogance of our political disabilities of the elderly the economy, not the treatment technology.” Another arena football team, parties to the will of the population. Let’s face it, the manufacturers. We agree wholeheartedly. the Tampa Bay Storm, did slightly people they serve. top causes of automobile better. The Storm received $100 They are self-serving, accidents are alcoholic Ronald Schaefer The answer is properly from the four people who bought ambitious, greedy people beverages, cell phones and Arcadia maintained septic systems. their plates. seeking power and “goodies” the elderly population. Fremont Thompson Florida Girl Scouts probably for themselves for the most Firstly, the elderly are Everyone can Englewood should focus on selling cookies. part. Not all, as that would known to have manifesta- help pitch in They took in just $120 in the not be fair, but far too many. tions that impair their ability Doonsbury needs Editor: 2006-2007 fiscal year. Americans, get up and say to operate a vehicle at Bottles, cigarette butts by to be larger Two of the newer speciality we aren’t going to take it optimal capacity. These the hundreds, socks, cans, Editor: plates, “In God we Trust” and anymore and replace these manifestations are physiolog- candy wrappers, school I did not mind too much “Horse Country” — specialty people from their “cushy” ical problems such as dimin- papers, cups, vacuum when you cut the Sports plate numbers 112 and 113 — jobs and corruption. ishing vision and slower received no support last year cleaners, broken glass, shoes, Section down to the size of Marie Guay reaction times. Impaired according to a state report. vision is usually caused by playing cards, pencils, fast the “never-read” TV Guide. Port Charlotte food bags, plastic bags, hair I really do not care that you The big winner is always the aging in general, as well as University of Florida. Their tags elastics, dirty diapers, fruit, put the Comics in with the Seafood Festival diseases such as diabetes, matches, umbrellas, broken Classifieds; but you have were purchased by 113,562 which causes vision to alumni and fans in 2008, up from a bad experience become unclear. Slower toys, empty packs of cigars squeezed Doonsbury down 105,361 in 2007. The school will reaction times prevent split- and cigarettes. Does anyone to the bottom of the page Editor: know what these things have receive more than $2.8 million. I went to the Seafood second decisions which could and it is almost too small to “Protect Wild Dolphins” placed Festival at Lashley Park. I went prevent accidents altogether. in common? These are the read. second, with 80,797 tags. “Protect last year and it was great. In addition, the elderly items that are strewn about Can you, please, either slop the Panther” was third in 2008 However, this year was not. become exhausted at an the streets in North Port. over on to Dr. Donahue or with 80,065 tag sales. Each will First, when my husband, accelerated rate when If North Porters don’t get squeeze one of the comics get more than $2 million. Not son and I tried to enter we compared to younger drivers. actively involved in cleaning with not much writing? I hate bad. were “made” to make a This prevents them from up the litter in this city, we having to fetch my magnify- More specialty plates cleared donation. My husband told traveling longer distances will be knee deep in garbage ing glass early in the morning. the Roads, Bridges & Ports Policy the lady collecting money he and increases the risk of the and no one will want to move Garland Wilson Committee in the Florida House only had $2. She promptly possibility of falling asleep here. I am out every night Port Charlotte a few days ago. One raises funds told him it would be $1 for while behind the wheel. with a paper bag, filling it for autism, another supports each person to enter. Overall, elderly drivers are a with debris that our lovely Winchester extension catch-and-release fishing. Two I asked her if this was risk to the millions of people citizens throw out of their car a road to nowhere surfing tags, “Endless Summer” supposed to be free admis- that drive every day. Should windows without a care in and “Let’s Go Surfing,” made that sion why is it mandatory to they be allowed to drive? Yes. the world. Would anyone like Editor: first cut. pay $1 donation? She basical- Restricting their licenses to join me? I do not get paid It looks like it’s a “done Other bills would create tags ly told me if I wanted to enter would be harsh and unneces- for my time. I just find deal” completing the 1.3-mile for Children First, the Bay of Pigs I would have to pay. I guess sary. A simple vision and road walking through trash rather extension of Winchester to Museum, the Florida Biodiversity my definition of free and test should be mandated every disgusting. Placida at total cost on the Foundation, Korean War veterans donation are totally different six months to assure that they I have a solution. Police long end of about $60 and the Fraternal Order of Police. from hers. are capable of operating a patrols on motorcycles could million. The list also included specialty We discovered there were vehicle without putting other hide out on the side of the Just like their brothers and plates for the St. Johns River and no bathrooms unless, you people’s lives at risk. roads and shoot out the tires sisters in D.C., another a Marion County horse park. exited the fenced in area, of the cars that are driven by grossly overpriced “Road to Anthony Vitiello Nowhere” pork barrel project A Go Green tag would support which was a good ways away Punta Gorda the culprits who get their renewable energy and technolo- from the festivities. I could jollies by making this one of that isn’t needed and gy. A Trinity plate would help see where an elderly person Get money the filthiest cities in America. designed to benefit the few at fund the Toomey Foundation for or a child would have prob- I am one person. Anyone the expense of the taxpayers the Natural Sciences. lems. You needed tickets to to consumers willing to get their neighbors en mass. Why this rush? Because a purchase a drink or food, Editor: involved in doing what the Please tell me I’m wrong. three-year moratorium became which when we went to buy I wish someone would city doesn’t do will feel really Donald F. Sullivan effective on July 1. An exception them was confusing mess. respond to this letter and tell good about themselves. Don’t Rotonda West was made for those who filed a notice of intent by May 2, provided a survey and their | LETTER SUBMISSION POLICY the number of letters received, we are able to run only one letter per person per month. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse and the opinions and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual marketing strategy, plus the Letters are welcome on virtually any subject, but we do have some rules. Please keep them writers. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these letters. Please $60,000 application fee by Oct. 1. less than 250 words. Letters will be edited for length as well as grammar and spelling. All send or bring correspondence to the Sun, Letters to the Editor, 23170 Harborview Good causes all, but some letters must be signed with full name — not initials. An address and telephone number must be Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980, or fax to 941-629-2085. Readers with access to believe it’s time to give it a rest. included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. Due to the Internet may e-mail letters to the editor to letters@sun-herald.com.
  • Page 11 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net VIEWPOINT The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Two suggestions name is Dick Durbin and we are an uneducated Kings Highway, and we man who vigorously LETTERS TO for Seafood Festival Barack Obama. and unprofessional were amazed when the pursued his right to ensure John L. Weber society. We are not taught manager of the restaurant that our flag be given the THE EDITOR Editor: Englewood the term “got” in school so how and why has it informed us that some- one had anonymously respect it deserves. This man is a Vietnam vet who The Peace River Strange happenings Seafood Festival was a become so used in our paid the check for the served two tours of duty in Family appreciates language? I have been entire group. that bloody conflict. He in the land of Odds wonderful event, held at a beautiful location. kind, respectful story teaching in the public Our residents, their was a U.S. Marine who Editor: I just have two sugges- schools for many years families and our staff are killed a number of Viet After a long, frightening tions for making the Editor: and am still teaching the overwhelmed by the Cong and carried a journey, I arrived in the event even more enjoy- The family of Nell proper terminology of the generosity of someone in number of his buddies, on land of Odds, a beautiful able. Some people didn’t Ziglar Palmer greatly English language and it’s this community, especial- his back, to safety. place but different from feel they could spend all appreciated the story grammar. Got is not in ly during the challenging Although this was not a the United States where I day at the festival but written by Luke Wilson. It my vocabulary. financial times we are declared war, he answered grew up. definitely wanted to be was written in an The media and press now in. We wish to his country’s call. Things are odd in Odds. there for one or two extremely respectful, need to speak and express a heartfelt I am appalled by the Old folks speak English. specific events. It would honorable and caring publish their articles with “thank-you” to this latest letter, ridiculing this The newer inhabitants, be nice to have a time manner. Luke described acceptable and proper stranger whose action decent and patriotic man. who recently conquered schedule for some of the her devotion to her grammar. It is very brought smiles and Instead of insulting him, Odds, speak a language special events. profession and to the embarrassing to hear how instilled each with a great the letter writer should brought with them from The ads I saw in the community of DeSoto poor their spoken and feeling of self-worth. thank him, as I did, for another land. paper clearly stated “no County accurately, with written words sound. Debbie Francis serving his country. I bought a home in remembrance, and Read an article out loud God bless every man pets.” Why did I see so insightfulness. Port Charlotte Odds. My property taxes many dogs there? Why and you will notice all of and woman who fought went up $1,100 after two weren’t people with dogs We, as her family, the incorrect grammar for and died for the Stars and years of Odds tax reduc- understood how much yourself. Something to sell Stripes. prevented from entering? tions. I’m scared we will Janice Urbanek she meant to us. It was Donna Yannias all homeowners Carol Murphy have another reduction very heartwarming to be Lake Suzy reminded how much the Punta Gorda Editor: Rotonda West this year. We have large toilets in community appreciated We hear so much about Odds. Our economy Big brother, and her as well. “Ziggy” Object to news, the unemployment rate With lower fees, accidentally got flushed his ilk, are watching Palmer lovingly served watch a game show at approximately 8 more will play down. Our Odds leaders the DeSoto community percent and how dreadful cried because they had to Editor: for over 50 years, so we as Editor: it is. But nobody talks Editor: cut expenses by $45 The Fairness Doctrine her family were excep- Limit TV and radio about 92 percent employ- With the economy million so they spent $42 is not dead, as the media tionally grateful for the news to one hour per ment rate. struggling, golf courses million on a jail expan- would like you to believe. wonderful tribute. day? The same can be said should consider lowering sion. They saved so much It lives on in a sneakier, The newspaper staff, I seem to remember a with the mortgage greens fees, allowing money cutting hours at more treacherous way in especially Laura Schmid, few other places where problems. Approximately, more residents and the taxpayers’ library they the Durbin Censorship was so courteous and the governments have 92 percent of mortgages visitors to play golf. could put a new library in kind to us during a very already tried something are being paid, but if you Charlotte County has Doctrine. their new jail. difficult and sad time. along those lines: Nazi listen to our politicians over 10 golf courses This enforces an visitors and residents can Odds movie stars only existing law with Laura Schmid and Luke Germany, the Soviet you would think nobody believe in marriage for Wilson are definite assets Union, China, North is paying their mortgage. play. However, with some regulatory powers to greens fees reaching over gay people. The stars go silence conservative to the newspaper and to Korea, North Vietnam. I would recommend on television and call the publishing profes- Get my point? that our politicians give $100, few people can speech and Christian afford to play golf. people who disagree with radio. (It’s not our fault sion. Their talents were That’s what they put a all homeowners the same them bad names. If a channel-changer button mortgage rate that Currently, the econom- no one listens to the few, appreciated and will be movie star happens to on the remote for. Try the Senator Dodd got, 4.5 ic downturn is not only feebled attempts liberals remembered by our marry, the ceremony Gameshow Network next percent. This should help affecting golfers, but also have made to find family for years. includes a property time. most homeowners with it is greatly impacting listeners willing to be Kaye Nell Wilkinson golf courses and their settlement for their bored to tears with their Marble, N.C. Ray Black their payments. Of upcoming divorce. revenue. In Business propaganda.) Arcadia course, the homeowners Week magazine, the If you are successful in cannot offer anything as Odds, the government Obama and his ilk, Have we got handle payback. Not to say that National Golf Founda- starts your punishment such as Durbin, are on proper grammar? Stranger brought tion discovered golf desperately searching for Senator Dodd did. And if by taking 54 percent of smiles to all you believe that, I have courses opening in the your earnings — 39 ways to silence Rush Editor: 2008 golf season are the Limbaugh because he is Editor: something to sell you. percent taxes and 7.5 to As I sit here enjoying lowest in more than two 15 percent for Social fearless and truthful. my Sunday morning As activity director for a Bob McGuire decades due to the lack Security. If you are not Makes you wonder what coffee and newspaper, I local nursing home, North Port of play from golfers. quite so successful, you they’re so afraid of. am once again taken Charlotte Harbor Health- Golf courses should are punished by an By the way, how many back by the grammar care, it is my privilege to Show some respect consider lowering their “alternative” tax. In Odds, of you know that when used in articles published take our residents on out for Stars and Stripes greens fees allowing income taxes are for George Bush was in the paper by educated trips to local restaurants a more people to play golf. regular law-abiding folks president, 51 percent of journalists. couple of times each Editor: By reducing fees, golf and optional for VIPs. the Democrats said they What ever happened to month. I hope this can be the courses will attract more I hope someday to find hoped he would fail? the proper term “have” in Recently, a group of last letter regarding golfers and increase my way back to the Funny, no one mentions our language? Everyone seven residents and four proper respect for the U.S. profit to survive this United States. that. uses the word “got.” staff members were flag versus a tattered flag. economic downturn. Glenice Reed Big Brother(s) is Personally, it sounds enjoying lunch at Cracker I recently had the Tyler Janz Punta Gorda watching you and his and looks (in script) as if Barrel restaurant on pleasure of meeting the Punta Gorda BEST DEALS AROUND! 360355 SUN COUPON SAVER r ican Bird F TI EE RMATES Pel ick R 0 4 style $15.0 ONLY B s to c ath s 29.0 hoose from Aft S E $ 0 Total Car Repair Specializing in Computer Diagnostics • Coolant Flush...........$59.95 Dex-cool extra A/C Service ays $15.95 Troy Schantz, Owner 6D Must Present • Oil Change................$18.95 up to 1lb. en eek Op W Coupon R134 Freon A Good Thru 5/8/09 GERt ?F TUNE UPS CV AXLES INSTALLED Most Cars FRONT BRAKES 4 cyl. $35.95 Good $74.95 6 cyl. $47.95 $149.95 Better $84.95 • palm trees • shrubs • rock • mulch • designs • curbing HOME OF THE STRONG CURB! CONCRETE SPECIALTIES HOURS Mon. - Fri. 7-5 8 cyl. $59.95 TRANSMISSION SERVICE $59.95 Best $94.95 REAR DRUM BRAKES Sat. 9-4 Includes spark plugs TRANSMISSION FLUSH #1 in Statues & Patio Stones $74.95 353937 0 Complete Design & Vans extra $79.95 Installation Services Christi Legere O Curbing, Landscapes Concrete Overlay 1340 El Jobean Road, State Road 776 Rick Legere 19800 Veterans Blvd., Unit A-12 Port Charlotte, FL 33948 Port Charlotte, FL 33954 (941) 426-3966 (941) 426-3966 625-4888 360284 Hrs: www.legereconcrete.com 629-5182 367151 ASE 1 - 8 7 7 - 4 2 6 - 3 9 0 6 w w w. h o m e c o s w f l . c o m 1-877-426-3906 www.homecosw fl.com Sam’s is located next to us! M-F 8-5 CERTIFIED GOT KURB? WE SELL PAVERS BUY 1 GAME • GET 1 FREE starting @$ 2 per ft. Starting @ $ 259 sq. ft. ASK NI W AYE VALID EVERYDAY • NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER DISCOUNT - S Adults Children Only $9.00 14 & under 18 holes OnlT y $7.00 j T j Tr 18 holes I SERVICE • REPAIRS • REM ODELING 'I j Ask Us About Our PRESSURE JETTING VIDEO PIPE INSPECTION , 1 Curbing and Curbing and _ _- - Drain Cleaning • Garbage Disposa ls a Faucets I Senior Wednesday Decorative Rock Decorative Rock ?? - 1 Water Heaters ? Water & Sewer Re-Piping & MORE I Specials We reseal curbing, pavers & tree trimming --- - WATER SYSTEMS - I 1 Fish Cove 1 KUSTOMIZED KURBING No Deposit, Softeners 6 Filters s Aerators Reverse Os mosla • Pumps _ , ..; 1Y[Bl?r ' ?+ INC. +T ? _ V I I 1 1 Adventure Golf 1 1 BACKFLOW 5 941-624-0188 No Down I®I 1 627-5393 364417 Payment i 1 351990 WE WILL BEAT ANY WRITTEN ESTIMATE ON 6 X 4 CURB. WE ALSO FREE FREE 423-2121 1 4949 Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41) • Port Charlotte OPEN 10am - 11pm 7 Days A Week 364468 INSTALL DECORATIVE ROCK. 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  • Our Town Page 12 C www.sunnewspapers.net LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Area artist turns trash into children’s treasures By ELAINE that when someone goes objects and create a her brother Ernesto, 10, bright colors and high- currently at the library. ALLEN-EMRICH into a hardware store and sculpture. made their own fun lighted how to paint the “This is a family-friendly COMMUNITY NEWS EDITOR wants a specific color and Young artists used old creations. “This is a texture of each project. show focused on the NORTH PORT — it doesn’t come out just Barbie dolls, handheld different kind of art.” Hinger created ESI importance of reusing, Holding up a plastic bottle right, he buys the rejected video games, old cell Children were treated to Public Arts, a no-profit reducing and recycling, filled with bright pink paint. “I have 150 bottles phones, plastic toys and a question-and-answer organization which and relating that to art and paint, Richard Hinger told of all different colors.” other once-cherished session on March 14 and offers public art storytelling,” said Hinger, a room full of children Hinger, a self-taught favorite items to create then introduced to the projects to children who is a member of the they were using “the assemblagist, held two their sculptures. new recycled art concept. and communities. North Port Art Guild. professional stuff.” “EnviroSculpt” Saturday “I’m having a lot of fun On Saturday, they were His work, which For more information “Paint like this can run workshops for children doing this,” said Ileana reunited with their includes a four-piece on Hinger’s artwork or $60 a gallon, but I get it for ages 9-15 at the North Port Rendon, 8, a Lamarque sculptures, which were sculpture for the library library show, go to $1 because the color is off Library. He taught them Elementary School black. Hinger showed the stating “R-E-A-D,” inlaid www.richardjhinger.com, a bit,” he said, explaining how to take household student, who along with kids how to paint them in with reused items, is or call 941-735-9993. Lemon Bay Garden Club show winners announced STAFF REPORT having the highest ENGLEWOOD — Todd number of points in the Schott was the winner of Design Division. the Edna Halliday Silver Petite Award blue Bowl Horticultural Award ribbons were won by at the Lemon Bay Garden Saundra Dale and Jean Club’s Annual Standard Corbin, while the overall Flower Show, “Fifty Petite Award winner was Fabulous Years. Dorothy Haase. Schott also won the The Artistic Crafts Sweepstakes Award for Award and the Helen having the highest total Coats Memorial Award number of points in the Silver Plate were Horticulture Division. presented to Carol The Flower Show is Hartley and Mary Daly, presented annually as the who tied in that division. club’s gift to the commu- Another blue ribbon nity, member Gail Choate design winner was said. Audrey MacElhiney, who Marie Bastk won the has competed for many Dora T. Smith Silver years. Barbara Jacobson Pitcher for her award- captured two blue winning creative design, ribbons in the Creative “Here’s to Another Year” Design section. in the Novice Division. Awards of Merit were This was her first year presented for entering the show. outstanding horticulture The Dolly O’Brian to Susanne McCaffrey, Silver Bowl Design Award Haase, Loretta Christen, was won by Patricia Shirley Greco and Kautz for scoring the Schott. most points in the Design Christen won the Division. Kautz also won the Award of Horticultural PHOTOS PROVIDED Floralia Award for the Excellence for her flower-filled anthurium, Above: Todd Schott with her award-winning datura flower most creative design took first place in the Horticultural Division at the titled “Under the Tuscan and Annette Coakley Lemon Bay Garden Club’s 50th anniversary flower show Sun.” This award is won the Arboreal Award. over the weekend. presented annually in Donna Pounds memory of Joan Pesola received an Award of Right: Creative Design winner Barbara Jacobson won two by the Sarasota Chapter Appreciation for her blue ribbons at the Lemon Bay Garden Club’s annual of Floralia. exhibit, titled “50 Years flower show. There were 261 entries in this year’s show. She also won the Table of Lemon Bay Garden Artistry Award for her Club,” a pictorial history winning blue ribbons for and horticultural dramatic exhibition table of past flower shows that their excellence. The specimens. design. As a result of have been presented. nine judges compli- There were eight these awards, she was This year’s show had mented club members entries in the Artistic also awarded the 217 horticultural entries for their unusually high- Design Class, and 36 Sweepstakes Award for with many of them quality creative designs Creative Design entries. | WEEKLY RECORD ■ MARRIAGES Middletown, Ohio, and Emily Susanne Ware, of Middletown, • Terry Lewis Hensley, of Ohio. Punta Gorda, and Linda Marie • Cory Allen King, of North Jackson, of Punta Gorda. Port, and Holly Mary Hollis, of • Timothy Raymond Jean, of North Port. Pawtucket, R.I., and Nancy • Ernest Wester Bryant, of Patricia Cawley, of Pawtucket, Punta Gorda, and Gloria R.I. Balanon Ramos, of Port • John Richard McGarry IV, of Charlotte. Port Charlotte, and Donna Jean • Eric Alan Provencal, of Port Menna, of Port Charlotte. Charlotte, and Gina Marie • Angel Alexei Delgado, of Dimeglio, of Port Charlotte. Punta Gorda, and Ellen Marie • Erling Arve Hielm, of Port Carlstrom, of Punta Gorda. Charlotte, and Debra Ann Reed, • Robert Franklin Horton Jr., of Port Charlotte. of Port Charlotte, and Christina Doris Marchese, of Port ■ DIVORCES Charlotte. • Marcos Abel Tellez-Moore, of • Shaun Connery Wray v. Port Charlotte, and Christina Crystal Denea Wray Amber Torres, of Port Charlotte. • Dale A. Fulk v. Leigh W. Fulk • Jonathan Henry Ewing, of • Phillip A. Dixon v. Christine Port Charlotte, and Majorie L. Dixon Alma Durborow, of Port • Brian Hutchison v. Shanna Charlotte. Hutchison • Francis Xavier Fiedler, of • Leslie A. Lambert v. Stephen Punta Gorda, and Mary Ann C. Lambert Cameron, of Punta Gorda. • Erin Sparks v. Daniel E. • Robert Arthur McDuffie, of Sparks Port Charlotte, and Jennifer Jo • Brian K. Spears v. Alisha SUN PHOTO BY PENNY DEUTSCH ‘Bye, Bye, Birdie Ball’ Norwood, of Port Charlotte. Spears • Benjamin Ray Warthen, of • Andrew J. McCarrick v. Fort Myers, and Rebecca Barret Kristin McCarrick Pagan, of Venice. • Carolyn Tucker v. Tommy G. • Jack E. McCormick, of Bella Tucker Cynthia Hassall, Cindy Gerber, Chairwoman Carol Thorn and Anne Small pose for a photo at the inaugural Bye, Vista, Ark., and Deborah S. • Thurman Guy Moore v. Bye, Birdie Ball held at the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club for the Peace River Wildlife Center. Hubbard, of Placida. Jeanne Moore • James Keith Jacobi II, of • Chenoa D. Butler Lingard v. Cicero, Ind., and Kristin Brian J. Lingard | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS Michelle, of Port Charlotte. • Marissa D. Lemier v. Joseph • Alfonse Vito Leonardis, of L. Lemier III Public INPUT Commission returns to Bayshore Live presentation at 23157 Hackettstown, N.J., and Evelyn • Jessica Rose Wyant v. Corey meeting Chairwoman Tricia Duffy. Oak Park for a special Bayshore Road, Charlotte Marie Hartmann, of Lewis Wyant A question-and-answer showing of “Mr. Harbor. There will be a Hackettstown, N.J. • Bonnie Lee Palon v. Joseph The El Jobean session will follow. For Magorium’s Wonder variety of concessions • Christopher Boryskewich Scott Palon Community League will more information, call Emporium” March 27. available. Boyd, of Punta Gorda, and • Michael Lee Pitts v. Nicole hold a public INPUT 941-629-3640 or e-mail The movie will begin at The event is free and Ashleah Marie Mast, of Punta Lin Pitts meeting at 1 p.m. Randy Spence at 7:30 p.m., with pre-movie additional parking will be Gorda. • Veronica Ann Cinicollo v. Thursday at the El Jobean prspence@comcast.net. entertainment starting at available on the corner of • Carl Edward Massey, of Joseph Michael Cinicollo Community Center, 7 p.m. Bayshore Road and 14344 Jamison Way. Community The public is invited to Oakley Street. Coolers are Featured will be a “State bring lawn chairs, not allowed. FREE ONLINE FREE ONLINE of the County” presenta- movie event blankets and the family For more information, CLASSIFIED ADS CLASSIFIED ADS tion by Charlotte County “Movie Under The Stars” to enjoy the movie call 941-629-7278. I www.sunfleas.com Enter your own Internet Ad for private party merchandise less than $500 - FREE! BREAKING NEWS! Log onto www.sunnewspapers.net for the latest updates. BUYING A B O A T? Log onto www.boatingandfishing.com
  • CYCLING: ARMSTRONG TUMBLES IN SPAIN Gators SUNSPORTS • PAGE 2 take aim at a fourth Final Four ... sort of • PAGE 6 Tuesday, March 24, 2009 www.sunnewspapers.net Sports editor: Patrick Obley . t +Y' ? ?' ? t "4 ? i k • PAGE 5 CURT OP - x. BLOGS 5 OFF Schilling goes online to call it a career
  • Sports Page 2 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net SPORTS The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY port charlotte • north port • lemon bay • charlotte • desoto Bobcats sport many new faces By DAWN KLEMISH stunt, or Randall and his ear- ■ GIVE IT UP FOR THE LADIES, TOO: The Bobcats girls track finished first of LAST WEEK’S RESULTS (March 17-23) Boys: finished eighth of 20 teams SPORTS WRITER to-ear smile. In short, he’s def- TUESDAY with a score of 32. NORTH PORT — There are initely a guy the younger ones 18 teams at the Booker Invitational, fin- Baseball Individual scores: 400 — Bensley a lot of new faces on the are drawn to. ishing 10th or better in 14 events and North Port 6, Port Charlotte 2 Melidor, 51.45 (2nd), Chris Balfour, claiming seven bronze-or-better medals. Softball 52.99 (6th); 3200 — James Tabor, Bobcats track this season; “They’re always learning Tavondra Price led the Lady ’Cats some of them first-timers and something from him,” Miller North Port 14, Bayshore 4 11:13.53 (10th); 100 relay — Jerome charge with two silver finishes (100- WEDNESDAY Marion, Javon Richardson, Robert others underclassmen, each said. “He’s a special kid, and a meter relay, long jump) and a bronze, in really nice kid to have Boys weightlifting Evans, Antjuan Randall 45.21 (10th); one eager to show his stuff. the 200-meter dash. Distance runner Sarasota 50, North Port 48 400 relay — Chris Balfour, Bensley The veterans know their rou- around.” Danielle Scaffidi finished second in the THURSDAY Melidor, Jeff Alphonse, Jake Moran tines well by now, but sixth- Randall’s not the only one to 1600-meter run, fourth in the 3200 and second as a leg of the 800 relay. Softball 3:44.93 (8th); 800 relay — Chris year head coach Tony Miller make a positive impact on the North Port 6, Southeast 1 Montgomery, Jake Moran, Marshall youthful Bobcats. There are a The North Port girls are now 56-6. and his staff typically go over Tennis Hodges, Thaddeus Simpson 9:07.78 workouts for the boys to work handful of veterans on the ■ UNDEFEATED? NOT ANY MORE: Boys (7th); HJ — Bensley Melidor, 6-02 through anyway, so that the team that work together to The baseball team handed a very Lemon Bay 5, North Port 2 (2nd), Danny Dillard 5-08 (9th); PV — younger Bobcats can ease into mentor their teammates. It’s a unhappy Port Charlotte squad its first Girls Evan Rhode, 11-06 (6th), Alex the program. close-knit group, Randall said, district loss on Tuesday by way of a 6-2 Lemon Bay 7, North Port 0 Callahan, 11-00 (9th); TJ — Antjuan A lot of trust goes with that and it’d probably be an awful- victory at The Preserve. Bobcats coach Track and FIeld Randall 42-01.5 (2nd). ly long season if they weren’t. Rob Rowe said this year’s team was Tornado Invitational at Booker FRIDAY laissez-faire approach. With so going to be speedier than in seasons Girls: finished first of 18 teams with Baseball many people in so many “At track meets, we’re up in a score of 90.33. North Port 9, Manatee 7 past, and he was spot-on in his projec- places, it’s impossible to the bleachers for hours at a tion: North Port put three on the board Individual results: 100 — Ann closely monitor them all. But time, the whole group of us,” during a third inning in which they relied Timmons, 13.78 (6th); 200 — Tavondra THIS WEEK’S GAMES (March 24-30) if the newcomers think prac- Miller said. “It doesn’t matter on short hits and fleet feet to rack up Price, 27.05 (3rd), Le’Naya Smith, TUESDAY tice is a time to screw around, whether it’s the seniors or the the base tallies. 27.64 (8th); 400 — Paula Lodge, Baseball they’ll eventually have to new kids, they all run together With the win, the Bobcats (9-3, 6-2 in 1:02.00 (4th); 800 — Ashlyn North Port at Southeast, 7 p.m. answer to Antjuan Randall, in practice, and they all work District 5A-12) are now just one game Straughan, 2:32.00 (4th), Fallon Mayer, Tennis out together. We’re always shy of a share of the district lead with, 2:34.00 (9th); 1600 — Danielle North Port vs. Lakewood Ranch, the team’s leader in more ways you guessed it, the Pirates. North Port, Scaffidi, 5:34.00 (2nd); 3200 — 4 p.m. than one. spending time with each who’s undefeated in March, brings a Softball Who wouldn’t want to imi- other and doing everything seven-game win streak to the table at 7 Danielle Scaffidi, 12:30.00 (4th); 100 North Port vs. Lakewood Ranch, tate Randall? He’s in about 100 together.” tonight when the Bobcats face relay — Tavondra Price, Shaneka 7 p.m. different events each meet, It’s an attitude Miller hopes Southeast in Bradenton. Brown, Le’Naya Smith, Damia WEDNESDAY from hurdles to relays to triple will carry some of the first- Pendegrass 50.56 (2nd); 800 relay — Baseball years over that initial stage of ■ SHE’S ON FIRE: Matilde DeJesus Ashlyn Straughan, Fallon Mayer, Megan North Port vs. Cardinal Mooney, jump, and appears to excel at was all the inspiration the Bobcats Grennell, Danielle Scaffidi 10:34.00 7 p.m. them all. He placed high in finding their feet. So far, so needed on the softball field this week. (2nd); HJ — Damia Pendegrass, 4-10 two events at his last meet, good. The Bobcats are holding THURSDAY North Port won games over Bayshore (5th); PV — Kaitlin Riedy-Callan, 8-6 Tennis the Booker Invitational: sec- their own in a tough region, and Southeast by a combined total of (3rd), Danielle Gustitus, Sam Wood, 7- North Port at Charlotte, 4 p.m. ond in the triple jump with a making their coach think the 20-5 to even their season record at 7-7. 0, (T5th), LJ — Tavondra Price, 15-2.5 It seems like things are falling into Weightlifting 42-foot, 11⁄2-inch leap, and best is yet to come. (2nd), Stephanie Henry 15-00.5 (3rd), County meet at Sarasota, 3:30 p.m. 10th on a leg of the 100-yard “I’m still excited to see what place for the Bobcats as well as Sahskia Celestin, 13-10.5 (8th); TJ — DeJesus, who won her second and third Softball relay team which finished in we can do as the season Shaneka Brown, 30-10 (7th), Le’Naya North Port vs. Lemon Bay, 7 p.m. decisions of the season last week. The 45.21. moves on,” Miller said. pitcher fanned six Seminoles on Smith 30-00 (10th); Shot put — FRIDAY Plus, he’s a comedian. Miller “There’s a lot of new, young Thursday and doubled, tripled and went Laurie Beauvais, 30-06 (5th), Rheisa Baseball has an endless repertoire of talent and the older boys are 3-for-3 at the plate in Tuesday’s 14-4 Burke 20-03.5 (7th), Janisha Registe North Port at Charlotte, 7 p.m. anecdotes involving Randall pitching in. We’re looking for- win over the Bruins. 28-09 (9th); Discus — Laurie Track and a joke, Randall and a ward to what happens next.” E-mail: dklemish@sun-herald.com. Beauvais 95-02 (4th). North Port Invitational, 3 p.m. CYCLING Prep baseball ■ PORT CHARLOTTE 9, IDA BAKER 4: At Ida Baker, Daniel Lance Armstrong breaks collarbone in crash Schiller pitched 6 innings, fanned 10 batters and added a dou- ble at the plate as Port Charlotte beat Ida Baker 9-4 on Monday. David Holmberg hit a home run for the Pirates. Ricky Knapp BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Armstrong is scheduled to com- can still do condition training.” and Yale Holton contributed doubles. BALTANAS, Spain — With the road pete in the Giro d’Italia from Armstrong was tossed off his bike Port Charlotte (11-3, 8-1) plays host to Bayshore tonight in narrowing and cyclists piling up in May 9-May 31, then the Tour de during a pileup 121⁄2 miles from the district play. front of him, Lance Armstrong tum- France from July 4-26. stage’s finish Monday. The Texan was “I think for the Giro it’s a very big grimacing and trying to hold Port Charlotte 401 013 0 — 9 12 1 bled hard off his bike. Ida Baker 111 010 0 — 4 7 1 He was left with a broken collar- problem,” Armstrong said as he left his right arm as he entered an Daniel Schiller (W, 2-2), Serrano (L). bone that will need surgery and Valladolid University Hospital. “For ambulance. 2B; Ricky Knapp (PC), Yale Holton (PC), Daniel Schiller (PC), York (B), Rubinski now, the biggest problem is just the “I’ve never had this happen (B) Rogowski (B). HR; David Holmberg (PC), Rubinski (B). questions about whether he’ll be able to contend for an eighth Tour pain.” before; it’s pretty painful,” he said. “I de France title in July. Armstrong won seven straight feel really miserable.” YOU PLAY FREE “I’m alive!” he wrote on his Twitter Tours from 1999-2005 before retir- After falling off his bike, Armstrong feed. “Broken clavicle (right). Hurts ing. He returned after 31⁄2 years, and sat in the grass beside the road, his like hell for now. Surgery in a couple at 37 was hoping for another tri- right shoulder slumped and his wrist of days. Thanks for all the well wishes.” umphant ride through Paris. Astana team leader Johan Bruyneel said on his Twitter feed resting on his right thigh. When help arrived, he motioned toward his right shoulder. Armstrong eventually WHEN YOU BRING A FOURSOME. Armstrong will fly back to the United States after being knocked there were no complications in the walked to the ambulance and out of the first stage of the Vuelta of break, and suggested Armstrong climbed into the back. Castilla and Leon stage race in could be riding soon. Astana teammate Levi Leipheimer “Clean collarbone fracture,” described the pileup on his Twitter Daily Rate $75 Per Person. Spain. “The crash has put my upcoming Bruyneel said. “Should be fast feed. calendar in jeopardy, but the most recovery.” “Lance was involved in a huge important thing for me right now is Added Astana spokesman Philippe crash as the road narrowed and to get back home and rest up and Maertens: “We are confident he can became very rough,” Leipheimer begin my rehab,” he said in a still race the Tour de France, of wrote. “He wasn’t far from the front, statement. course. He will be off the bike, but he as he was riding top 10 all day.” ON THE COVER: Index Contact us . f, SPORTS@SUN-HERALD.COM, AP PHOTO Prep sports......................page 2 941-206-1122 Boston Red Sox pitcher Cycling.............................page 2 • Patrick Obley, sports editor Curt Schilling returns NFL..................................page 3 pobley@sun-herald.com to the field and ges- • Matt Stevens, assistant sports editor tures to fans in 2006 Auto racing ......................page 3 mstevens@sun-herald.com after earning the 200th Baseball .....................pages 4,5 • Lee Anderson, sports designer, writer Y ( Wi .~L7L r C .l?v rN T win of his career. The College basketball.......pages 6,7 landerson@sun-herald.com Check out the Fish Finder 42-year-old right-han- • Gary Brown, staff writer NBA.................................page 8 brown@sun-herald.com every Thursday, only in Two Day Advanced Reservations: 239.652.0102 der says he’s retiring from baseball. Scoreboard...............pages 9-11 • Dawn Klemish, staff writer WaterLine, only in suIN dklemish@sun-herald.com 3.5 Miles North of the Shell Factory on US 41 354016 Lottery...........................page 11 J? ? • Rob Shore, staff writer lamL ! MagnoliaLandingClub.com T.V. listings.....................page 12 shore@sun-herald.com NEWS PAPER S
  • Tuesday, March 24, 2009/ The Sun SPORTS www.sunnewspapers.net D/E/N/C Sports Page 3 NFL NFL Draft 7 (33-242) Tennessee JACKSONVILLE — Lost: Terry Cousin, Steelers go prime time 7 (34-243) Washington Aaron Glenn, Sammy Knight, Bobby McCray, compensatory picks list 7 (35-244) San Francisco Ernest Wilford. Signed: Drayton Florence, Cleo NEW YORK — The 32 compensatory draft 7 (36-245) Seattle Lemon, Jerry Porter. choices in the 2009 NFL Draft (April 25-26) 7 (37-246) Chicago NEW ENGLAND — Lost: Randall Gay, awarded to teams that suffered a net loss of 7 (38-247) Seattle Asante Samuel, Donte’ Stallworth. certain quality unrestricted free agents last 7 (39-248) Seattle N.Y. GIANTS — Lost: Kawika Mitchell, year. The compensatory choices will supple- 7 (40-249) Cincinnati Reggie Torbor, Gibril Wilson. Signed: Danny BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS “It’s very important to us.” ment the 224 choices in the regular seven 7 (41-250) Jacksonville 7 (42-251) Chicago Clark, Sammy Knight. PITTSBURGH — Lost: Alan Faneca, Clark DANA POINT, Calif. — The Steelers Commissioner Roger Goodell rounds of the draft, with picks positioned within the third through the seventh rounds 7 (43-252) Cincinnati Haggans. Signed: Mewelde Moore. get their opening-night showcase as acknowledged there continues to be based on the value of the free agent lost. 7 (44-253) Jacksonville 7 (45-254) Arizona SAN DIEGO — Lost: Drayton Florence, Michael Turner. Super Bowl champions. The oldest discussions about rotating the Choices listed by round with overall selection 7 (46-255) Detroit SAN FRANCISCO — Lost: Marques in parentheses: rivalry in football has a first-week Thanksgiving afternoon contests. 3 (33-97) New England 7 (47-256) Kansas City Douglas, Kwame Harris, Maurice Hicks, Justin Smiley. Signed: Bryant Johnson, Justin Smith. renewal in prime time. An old AFL-style “We did not feel it was appropriate at 3 (34-98) Cincinnati Following are the compensatory free SEATTLE — Lost: Kevin Bentley, Josh 3 (35-99) Chicago doubleheader closes out the weekend. this time,” he said, adding the league’s 3 (36-100) NY Giants agents lost and signed by the clubs that will receive compensatory picks in the 2009 Brown, Chuck Darby, D.J. Hackett, Niko Koutouvides, Ellis Wyms. Signed: Keary That’s how the NFL will begin the competition and broadcast commit- 4 (33-133) San Diego NFL Draft: Colbert (acquired via trade from Denver), T.J. 4 (34-134) San Diego 2009 season, starting tees were looking into 4 (35-135) Tennessee ARIZONA — Lost: Bryant Johnson, Calvin Pace, Keydrick Vincent. Signed: Clark Duckett, Julius Jones. TENNESSEE — Lost: Jacob Bell, Chris with as juicy a matchup the matter. 4 (36-136) Indianapolis Haggans, Travis LaBoy, Bryan Robinson. Brown, Ben Hartsock, Travis LaBoy, Antwan The Monday night 5 (33-169) Pittsburgh CHICAGO — Lost: Brendon Ayanbadejo, Odom, Randy Starks. Signed: Jake Scott. as possible: Pittsburgh 5 (34-170) New England Bernard Berrian, John Gilmore. WASHINGTON — Lost: Mark Brunell. hosting the Tennessee doubleheader on ESPN 5 (35-171) San Francisco CINCINNATI — Lost: Landon Johnson, Titans, who merely had on Sept. 14 will feature 5 (36-172) Dallas 5 (37-173) Tennessee Bryan Robinson, Justin Smith, Alex Stepanovich, Madieu Williams. Signed: • Compensatory free agents are deter- mined by a formula based on salary, playing the league’s best record Buffalo, with Terrell 6 (33-206) Tennessee Antwan Odom. time and postseason honors. The formula in 2008 and who beat Owens, at New England, 6 (34-207) New England DALLAS — Lost: Julius Jones, Jacques was developed by the NFL Management 6 (35-208) Dallas Reeves. Council. Not every free agent lost or signed by the Steelers 31-14 in with, the Patriots hope, 6 (36-209) Cincinnati INDIANAPOLIS — Lost: Jake Scott. a club is covered by this formula. the 15th game of the a returning Tom Brady. season. That game will be fol- Opening kickoff is lowed by San Diego at Thursday night, Sept. 10 Oakland — all original on NBC, which also gets AFL franchises. the 178th meeting While the AFL began between the Bears and play in 1960 and is not 50 Packers, in Green Bay on Sunday years old until 2010, the NFL has night, Sept. 13. chosen to observe the 50th season of For those surprised that the Cowboys, play by those franchises. The celebra- who open their palatial new stadium tion of that league, which merged with the NFL in 1966 and began play as one COURSES COURSES this season, are not featured in a night ★★ ALL NEW USGA GREENS entity in 1970, begins with the Sept. 14 ARCADIA game in Week 1, well, baseball got in MUNICIPAL ★★ NEW TEES the way. So Dallas, the NFL’s biggest TV doubleheader. GOLF COURSE ★★ GREAT NEW CHALLENGES draw, which is moving to Arlington, Goodell said he was hopeful a pro- 18 Holes - USGA Rated ★★ BEST CONDITIONED PAR Texas, near the Rangers’ ballpark — the posal for an expansion of the regular $21 Walking or $35 w/Cart 62 COURSE IN SW FLORIDA 1769 N.E. Livingston St. 3 days advance Rangers are home that weekend — will season to either 17 or 18 games could (Highway 17 North) Arcadia tee time 629-1666 for Tee Times have to wait until the second week, be presented to the owners at the May Phone: 863-494-4223 reservations. and Membership information when the Cowboys are expected to host league meetings in Fort Lauderdale. The league is considering dropping one PORT CHARLOTTE the Sunday nighter. “We have the chance to get on the or two preseason games and extending Afternoon & Driving Range WALKERS GOLF CLUB Weekend 22400 Gleneagle Ter. the regular schedule, but remaining Open WELCOME national game the second weekend Special 18 holes w/cart For Tee ANYTIME Pt. Charlotte Coup within the current 20-game format, with not being able to get on the first 941-625-4109 Tee Time Required Times Call on expires 3/31/0 Must Present (941) 637-6191 weekend,” Cowboys vice president although not likely before 2011. Coupon or (800) 579-6191 www.portcharlottegc.com Stephen Jones said Monday at the own- To do so will involve discussions with 29201 S. Jones Loop Rd. • Punta Gorda, FL 5 ers meetings. “We’re having to work the players union and the league’s Burnt Store Golf Club RIVERWOOD with the league on some things.” media partners. Of course, the collec- COURSES GOLF CLUB The Cowboys and Lions get to keep tive bargaining agreement with the $35 $30 Great Membership before Noon after Noon Offers Available their traditional Thanksgiving hosting players expires after the 2010 season, so includes cart includes cart a longer schedule is just one of many 4100 RIVERWOOD DRIVE slots. 941-637-1577 941-637-1577 PORT CHARLOTTE, FL The Lions go back to meeting the issues in getting a deal done with the 20 mins. from Punta Gorda on Burnt Store Rd. 33953 • 941-764-6661 Packers that day, a matchup that NFLPA. occurred every year from 1951-63 and “I haven’t made a decision on Deep Creek Golf Club will happen for the 19th time. The whether we’ll have a 17-game or 18- “Nice People, Great Golf” Raiders will be at the Cowboys follow- game season. We’ll have a good feeling Call 625-6911 for ing that, and the NFL Network night on it when we come out of these meet- Tee Times & Lessons The The The game will feature the New York Giants ings,” Goodell said. “We have to sit Take a tour online at: Palms Links Hills at Denver. down with our partners and go through DeepCreekGolf.com 697-8118 697-8877 697-2414 “The Thanksgiving game is a tradition negotiations. We think our content Seminole Lakes and we’re proud to have it and to con- continues to be more valuable to our Country Club tinue it in the new stadium,” Jones said. partners.” March Rates AM PM & Weekends 3401 S. SUMTER BLVD., NORTH PORT $29 $26 Between US 41 & I-75 Exit 182 AUTO RACING: NASCAR 1/2 mile south of Burnt Store Rd. on US 41 in Punta Gorda 423-6955 941-639-5440 www.seminolelakes.net Hamlin ready for spotlight OPEN Z, T E PUBLI C 27 Holes Open To The Public BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS big dividends to that race nwmmmuomumw Toll Free: MT tr CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Denny Hamlin team. PM oM?a fMrlN 888-663-2420 For Golf Specials Go To: is so hungry for a victory that, if given That admission is proof i www.sunnybreezegolf.com the chance at Bristol Motor Speedway, just how far Hamlin has he most certainly would have moved come after three full sea- RETAIL STORES teammate Kyle Busch out of his way. sons with JGR. In the past, “For sure,” Hamlin said. “He’s won too the problem would have KINGSWAY COUNTRY CLUB much.” been anyone’s fault but BECOME A “MEMBER FOR THE DAY” 1 mile east off I-75 exit 170 (Kings Highway). He wasn’t kidding, either. HAMLIN Hamlin’s, and he would Left at Kingsway Circle America s Golf Store Alas, he never had the opportunity to have publicly placed the 941-625-8898 Murdock Carrousel Shopping Center 2000 Tamiami Trail, Suite 206 use Bristol’s legendary “bump-and-run” blame on his team. Port Charlotte, FL 33948 on Busch because Hamlin couldn’t get But Hamlin came into this season (941) 613-1400 • Fax (941) 613-1417 close enough to catch his Joe Gibbs determined to do things differently. Racing teammate. He had to settle for a Tired of being known as a driver with a To place your ad second-place finish Sunday that ton of potential, Hamlin wants to finally 20 White Marsh Rd., Rotonda here, please call stretched his winless streak to a frustrat- ing 35 races. start living up to his lofty expectations. Although he’s got four career victories, (941) 698-0918 “Golf on the Cape in an Old-Florida Setting” 941-429-3110 So Busch left Bristol with his second 61 top-10 finishes and a coveted spot in win in three races, 10th overall since the Chase for the Sprint Cup champi- joining Joe Gibbs Racing last season. onship in all three of his seasons, he’s Hamlin, meanwhile, has won just once yet to consistently contend for the title. over the same span and can’t help but He was a career-best third in the final wonder why his No. 11 team can’t con- 2006 standings but dropped off to 12th tend with Busch’s bunch. and eighth the next two seasons. “Those guys are solid. They qualify He spoke often during the offseason G o l f D i re c t o ry Golf Directory well and as a result get a good pit stall,” about his desire to become a champion, Hamlin said. “Their pit crew is always a goal that would require much more consistent, and they work really hard at maturity from the 28-year-old Virginian. it. And on the short runs, Kyle has a way His awakening coincided with two-time of taking off really, really good. He’s got champion Tony Stewart’s departure that car. He’s got that raw speed that I from JGR, leaving the organization in just don’t have for 20 laps. And it pays need of a team leader.
  • Sports Page 4 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net BASEBALL The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 PORT CHARLOTTE SPRING TRAINING DEEP THOUGHTS: By Jason hammel concerning his chances to win the roll of No. 5 starter: "Today, I wasn’t myself. I feel like I gave them a pretty good show up to that point. I hope there’s a little leeway for one bad game." Hammel humbled ........................................................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... . Rocky outing PIRATES 4, RAYS 1 Tampa Bay Pittsburgh keeps No. 5 Kapler cf Gross rf ab r 3 0 1 0 h 0 1 bi 0 Morgan lf 3 0 1 ab r McCutchen cf 1 0 h 1 0 bi 1 0 spot murky Navarro c Riggans c Aybar 2b 3 0 1 0 3 0 1 0 0 Vazquez 2b 4 0 0 0 Cruz 2b 0 LaRoche 1b 3 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 Ensberg 3b 1 0 0 0 Pearce 1b 1 0 0 0 By DAWN KLEMISH Pena 1b 2 0 0 0 Hinske 3b 3 1 2 0 SPORTS WRITER J.Weber lf 1 0 0 0 Machado 3b 1 0 0 0 Burrell lf 3 0 0 0 Moss rf 2 1 0 1 BRADENTON — Only one Richard 1b 1 0 0 0 Jones rf 1 0 0 0 Joyce dh 3 0 0 0 Wilson ss 2 2 2 0 word was needed to sum up Ruggiano rf 3 0 1 0 Bixler ss 1 0 0 0 Jason Hammel’s outing on Sadler cf 0 0 0 0 J.Jaramillo c 4 0 0 1 Monday, and it came from the Brignac ss 3 0 1 0 Duke p 2 0 1 1 Olmedo 2b 0 0 0 0 D.Veal p 0 0 0 0 mouth of the man himself: Kennedy 3b 1 1 0 0 An.LaRoche ph1 0 0 0 Unacceptable. Yates p 0 0 0 0 Bootcheck p0 0 0 0 When you’re gunning for the Salazar ph 1 0 0 0 final spot in the Tampa Bay J.Chavez p 0 0 0 0 Rays rotation, you can’t walk Totals 29 1 4 1 Totals 30 4 8 4 five. It’s not good to continual- Tampa Bay 000 000 010 — 1 Pittsburgh 020 200 00x — 4 ly miss spots with your fastball, and allowing four runs certain- LOB—Tampa Bay 4, Pittsburgh 8. 2B—Gross (3), ly doesn’t strengthen your bid. A.LaRoche (2), Wilson 2 (3), Duke (1). 3B—Hinske (1). SB—Ruggiano (3), Morgan 2 (5), Pearce (1). The good news is Hammel CS—Ruggiano (3), Brignac (1), Morgan (3). didn’t make excuses: He knew IP H R ER BB SO Tampa Bay his was a poor showing and he Hammel L,0-1 4 6 4 4 5 2 owned up. Also on his side is Cormier 2 1 0 0 1 0 p Nelson 1 1 0 0 0 1 the fact that he performed well DePaula 1 0 0 0 0 0 for the Rays last season both in 1 Pittsburgh IP H R ER BB SO the bullpen and as a starter. y y, Duke W,1-0 5 2 0 0 2 4 Also, Hammel had put in a D.Veal 1 0 0 0 0 0 strong push for the job in five Yates 1 0 0 0 0 1 Bootcheck 1 2 1 1 1 2 previous outings (16 innings) Chavez S,1-1 1 0 0 0 0 1 by punching out a team-high Umpires—Home, Charlie Reliford; First, Jerry 12 and walking just three total. Crawford; Second, Phil Cuzzi; Third, Rob Healey. Manager Joe Maddon A—4,947 (6,562). stressed that no decision on the No. 5 starter has been made, but also hinted the lack sive, I was nitpicking, trying to of fastball control during pick the corners.” Hammel’s past two outings Something else that troubled was something that merited Maddon was the running attention. game. Pirates hitters stole twice on Hammel, who “(The decision is based on) allowed three steals in his last more or less just looking at not start as well. On Monday, nei- necessarily the result, but how ther of those resulted in a run, it’s happening,” Maddon said. w '? but it pointed toward some- “We talk about fastball com- thing else for Hammel to fine- mand all the time. ... It shows SUN FILE PHOTO BY TOM O’NEILL tune before his final bid to up again here today, so that’s a Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Jason Hammel had a rough outing on Monday, allowing four runs on six hits and make the rotation. thing you’re always evaluating. five walks in four innings as the Rays lost to Pittsburgh, 4-1. No one was more critical of “Everything else works off of the outing than Hammel, who that. It’s always been a battle, lected just four hits. ing speedsters Nyjer Morgan single, eventually led to anoth- is hoping the past will speak and we’ll have to continue that Hammel walked the leadoff and Andrew McCutchen, regis- er pair of runs scored for him more than the present. battle with Jason.” hitter in three of the four tering back-to-back strikeouts. “For a rotation hopeful, “Today, I wasn’t myself,” he Monday afternoon’s 4-1 loss innings he pitched. In the In the second inning, he that’s definitely not what said. “I felt like I gave them a to Pittsburgh was nothing if other inning, he allowed a served up two doubles follow- you’re supposed to do,” pretty good showing up to that not a battle. The Rays scored leadoff triple to former Ray ing Hinske’s triple to put the Hammel said. “The guy I was point, and I hope there’s a little their lone run on a Gabe Gross Eric Hinske. He recovered nice- Pirates ahead 2-0. A fourth- the first few appearances was- leeway for one bad game.” double in the eighth, and col- ly in the first inning after walk- inning double, followed by a n’t there today. I wasn’t aggres- E-mail: dklemish@sun-herald.com. ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... .. 5 1. Joyce is nearing the finish line. was canceled because of the rain. So now, instead of enjoying the TUESDAY EDITION inning (he’d score on the next play). the Rays (six total innings), scattered 10 hits, struck out four, walked three and hit two batters. Rodriguez’s departure opens a Matt Joyce didn’t reach base in any of his three at-bats on sun with the rest of his Rays coun- There was some light-hearted spot on the Rays’ 40-man roster. Infielder Adam Kennedy and Monday, but Rays manager Joe Maddon was impressed enough with the outfielder that he predicted Joyce’s return from the injury terparts today (Tampa Bay’s last off day of spring), he’ll head to things we ribbing afterward in relation to Hinske’s speed in 2008, but pitcher Jason Isringhausen are two possibilities among several to claim the spot. which kept him out of most of the camp is on the horizon. “He’s getting ready, he’s getting close,” Maddon said. “He’s the ballpark again in hope of bet- ter luck. learned Maddon quickly came to his defense. 5. On deck. swinging the bat really well. ... He’s coming along, (his return) Upton is in the final stages of Observations from Port Charlotte “He stole like 10 bases last The Rays are off today, but Scott Kazmir still will pitch in a should be relatively soon.” rehabbing his surgically repaired year, and he stole third base a right shoulder and should see three at-bats and three innings in couple of times,” Maddon said. “He’s a very good baserunner and minor league game. On Wednesday, Pittsburgh travels to Charlotte Joyce lined out, popped out and grounded out Monday, leav- Sports Park to play the Rays for the fifth and final time this pre- ing the ever-optimistic Maddon to laud Joyce’s choice to run the field today. a good baseball player.” season. Jeff Niemann will get the start for Tampa Bay. He will be through first base on an infield fly. The outfielder came to Tampa Bay from Detroit in a trade involving starter Edwin Jackson. 3. Hey, Hinske’s got some wheels. 4. Going, going gone. followed by Troy Percival, Dan Wheeler, Jason Isringhausen, Brian Shouse and Joe Nelson. Jeff Karstens will start for the Pirates. The Few could remember former Rays outfielder-turned-Pirate Eric Pitcher Derek Rodriguez, a Rule 5 selection, was offered back game begins at 7:05 p.m. 2. It rained on B.J.’s parade. Hinske blazing a trail around the bases quite like he did Monday. to the Chicago White Sox. The team accepted, and repaid the Right-hander Matt Garza also will pitch Wednesday, in a minor Center fielder B.J. Upton was supposed to play in a minor Hinske tripled over center fielder Gabe Kapler’s head and cruised Rays $25,000, half of what Tampa Bay paid to select him. league game. league game at Charlotte Sports Park on Monday, but the game into third just ahead of the throw for the first hit of the second Rodriguez had a 7.50 ERA in five preseason appearances for — Dawn Klemish
  • Tuesday, March 24, 2009/ The Sun BASEBALL www.sunnewspapers.net D/E/N/C Sports Page 5 SPRING TRAINING: ROUNDUP Final battle for Marlins park under way BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS hours after the United States was elimi- MIAMI — Proponents of a nated and pitched into the fourth inning, giving up four runs and five hits. new ballpark for the Florida Guthrie struck out four and walked Marlins gathered outside three in 3 2-3 innings. Justin Morneau Miami-Dade County Hall in hit a two-run homer off Guthrie. anticipation of long-awaited vote on the project. ■ CARDINALS 6, NATIONALS 3: At Rowdy supporters with Jupiter, Chris Carpenter allowed his first whistles and signs appeared to two runs of spring training, both outnumber opponents of the unearned thanks to his error. Carpenter, who has missed most of plan to build a new stadium the last two seasons with arm trouble, on the site of the demolished matched his spring training strikeout Orange Bowl near downtown total of four when Washington’s fifth hit- Miami. ter of the game, Corey Patterson, was The Miami-Dade County caught looking in the second inning. He Commission was meeting ended the afternoon with six strikeouts. Monday afternoon to debate the project. City commission- ■ PHILLIES 8, YANKEES 3: At Clearwater, J.A. Happ limited the ers finally approved it last Yankees to an earned run in an impres- AP FILE PHOTO week. sive audition for the fifth spot in the Boston pitcher Curt Schilling announced his retirement today via his blog. The Marlins currently share Phillies’ rotation. Schilling bids a home with the NFL’s Miami Just hours after right-hander Kyle Dolphins, but have long want- Kendrick was optioned to the minor ed their own stadium with a league camp, Happ gave up five hits retractable roof. and three walks. He struck out three If the county approves the and allowed an unearned run. deal, the stadium is expected (blogs) farewell ■ CUBS 20, ATHLETICS 5: At to open in 2012. The team Phoenix, Paul Bako had four hits and would be renamed the Miami three RBIs even though he had his first Marlins. at-bat in the sixth inning, and the In other spring training Chicago Cubs roughed up Dana news: Eveland. Derrek Lee hit his first homer of ■ A-ROD MAKING PROGRESS: spring training and Ryan Theriot went 3- Right-hander will be remembered for perseverance Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is making progress in his rehab pro- for-3 with two RBIs and two runs scored for Chicago. Jake Fox, Reed Johnson and Bobby Scales each had during Boston’s historic 2004 World Series run gram after right hip surgery. Even so, he is unlikely to rejoin the team before three RBIs. New York breaks spring training camp BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS able to call friends, team- on April 1. ■ PADRES 9, ROYALS 7: At Peoria, BOSTON — From mates, mentors, coaches Yankees manager Joe Girardi said on Ariz., Chase Headley gave the Padres a bloody sock to bum shoul- and opponents, the travel, Monday that he doesn’t anticipate much-needed lift Monday, hitting a der, Curt Schilling rarely all of it, are far more than Rodriguez rejoining the team in the game-ending three-run homer in the anything I ever thought next 10 days even though his rehab is bottom of the ninth inning and lifting left the Red Sox spotlight. San Diego. On the field, the husky possible in my lifetime.” going well. Rodriguez had surgery on March 9. The Padres trailed 4-0 in the sixth right-hander pitched Schilling pitched bril- and 7-4 in the ninth before rallying to He is rehabbing in Vail, Colo., and is through pain to help end liantly in Game 6 of the expected to be out until May. beat an American League club for the the club’s 86-year champi- 2004 AL championship In other news, Girardi said if the reg- first time this spring (1-12-2) and onship drought in 2004 — series against the New ular season were under way that Xavier snapping a seven-game Cactus League then contributed to York Yankees just days Nady would be the starting right fielder skid overall. another World Series title after surgery to suture a over Nick Swisher. Girardi also confirmed that Chien- ■ ANGELS 10, DODGERS 4: At three years later. loose tendon to his right Ming Wang is scheduled to start the Tempe, Ariz., Manny Ramirez returned Off the field, the opin- ankle. from a hamstring injury and went 0-for- first exhibition game at the new Yankee ionated observer appeared at a congressional hearing on S CHILLING S ’ The procedure was repeated before another outstanding Stadium on April 3 against the Chicago 3 in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ loss. Ramirez missed six spring games Cubs. steroids use and campaigned BLOODY SOCK FROM outing in Game 2 of the World after he aggravated his sore left ham- for former President George W. Series sweep of St. Louis as string chasing down a double to left Bush. THE 2004 W ORLD Schilling led Boston to the title ■ RED SOX 7, TIGERS 6: At Fort Myers, Brad Penny pitched three hitless against the Colorado Rockies on March 15. He served as the designated hitter From a Thanksgiving dinner in 2003 at his Arizona home S in his first season with the Red ERIES IS NOW IN THE Sox after he was acquired in a innings in his spring training debut. Earlier in the day, Red Sox ace Curt against the Angels and won’t return to the outfield for at least a couple of where Boston general manager Theo Epstein lured him back to H F ALL OF AME . trade a few days after Thanksgiving. Schilling announced his retirement after missing all of last season with a days. shoulder injury. Penny is coming back the team that drafted him in In both games, blood seeped from shoulder trouble that limited him ■ MARINERS 5, GIANTS 1: At 1986 to his retirement Monday, weigh long hours of rehabilita- through his sock. to 19 starts with the Los Angeles Scottsdale, Ariz., the Seattle Mariners Schilling made his mark in a tion against the alternatives — “I think people will definitely Daodgers last year. weren’t fazed at all by San Francisco’s city of demanding fans. spending more time with his remember that, but I would say 1-2 pitching punch. three championships is a pretty ■ ASTROS 10, MARLINS 8: At The Mariners scored two runs off “I think in the end, we really wife and four children and Giants starter Randy Johnson and three didn’t need to sell it,” Epstein focusing on his video game big deal,” said Yankees outfield- Kissimmee, Lance Berkman homered twice and the Houston Astros beat more off designated reliever Tim said Monday. “The Red Sox company. er Johnny Damon, a member of Lincecum. Florida for their fourth consecutive vic- were perfect for him, because So Schilling, a free agent, the 2004 Red Sox. “It was a nice tory. he likes the big stage, the histo- scrapped his idea of possibly career. The writers will think Berkman hit a solo drive in the third ■ ROCKIES 7, BREWERS 1: At ry of the game. He likes to be signing with a contender in the about it in a few years if he’s inning and a two-run shot in the fifth. Tucson, Ariz., Todd Helton hit a towering the center of attention. It was a second half of the season. Hall (of Fame) material. He def- Miguel Tejada also had two hits for home run and played seven innings in As successful as he had been initely took advantage of what Houston, including a go-ahead RBI the field for a second straight game, good fit.” further proof that his surgically repaired Schilling enriched that histo- in 20 years of pitching for he was given.” double in the seventh inning. back is feeling just fine. ry throughout a career that Baltimore, Philadelphia, The bloody sock from the The Colorado first baseman finished ■ REDS 3, BLUE JAYS 0: At began with Baltimore in 1988 Houston, Arizona and Boston, World Series is now in the Hall 2-for-3 with two RBIs, leading the Sarasota, Cincinnati Reds shortstop when he retired the first major as competitive and driven as he of Fame. Alex Gonzalez is hurt again. Rockies. league batter he faced, Boston’s was on the mound, he had “It was freezing, raining, cold Gonzalez strained his right hamstring Wade Boggs, on a groundball. stood on it for the last time. as hell, and the guy just had beating out an infield hit in the second He threw his last pitch in 2007, The $8 million, one-year con- open surgery on his ankle,” inning. He left the game to get treat- a ball on a full count to tract he signed before the 2008 Boston designated hitter David ment. Manager Dusty Baker said the Colorado’s Todd Helton in season was his last. Ortiz said. “A lot of people injury wasn’t serious. Gonzalez missed r “It is with zero regrets that I come up to me and ask me, all of last season with a fracture in his Game 2 of Boston’s World Series left knee. sweep. am making my retirement offi- ‘Hey, he was bleeding for real?’ Check out the Fish Finder A shoulder injury and surgery cial,” Schilling wrote on his I’ll tell you what, man. He ■ TWINS 8, ORIOLES 7: At Fort every Thursday, only in sidelined him for all of 2008. blog. “The things I was allowed showed me a lot of guts. I had a Myers, Jeremy Guthrie returned from WaterLine, only in Then, at age 42, he had to to experience, the people I was lot of respect for Curt.” the World Baseball Classic less than 24
  • Sports Page 6 D/E/N/C www.sunnewspapers.net COLLEGE BASKETBALL The Sun /Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Tuesday, March 24, 2009/ The Sun COLLEGE BASKETBALL www.sunnewspapers.net D/E/N/C Sports Page 7 NIT: FLORIDA FI rSt Round Second Roun d Rsglonela Natio nal Samfna ls Nationa l SamMinMa Regionals Second Round Fir st Round First pound Second pound Rrlgi ana le NMional Semtfna ls NMlonal Semklnakt Rsgl onele Second Round First Round . i Louls y*e 74 L4nl9+dee ?9 Men' s Division I Pinehrag ha4 ; PKtslOUr gh 72 . w- ? - --- -- j. 1C ! - - 101 Canactic ul i omen s Division I 1 rJaryta ntl ?Mmy land 92 , -- - - - ,.? i ?Mae head 31 .54 E Te . St G2 . m ?Varn gnt 65 • DarUrwu lh 53 Dayrot4 old a I l vll? Basketball Championship , - - - Piasdrr gh - Ga ylen l7hla - M-rdt 2G ' Sta rs Cot, Mar. 2, Toad ., Basket ball Championship ?? ?, colhga Psrk , Md . -- - '?' oMerame s L 77 ? ;._ l y Nandve 30 ? Sena 72 f ? rCkleira na SI. 6 1 ?; Flori da 70 ! ids Man =72 I Temple 57 i Uleh au J I L - - ? Frk , Mardr 27 ? ?{ 20 ? . , . f? Utah ?1 - ;.. . -; Plonda SL 69 ?