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•C All 2008 5 26


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This Memorial Day, veterans and their families predict how Iraq, Afghanistan conflicts will be remembered

This Memorial Day, veterans and their families predict how Iraq, Afghanistan conflicts will be remembered

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  • 1. Animal shelter seeks DeSoto location OUR TOWN PAGE 1 CharlotteSun MISSION TO MARS LANDS INDIANAPOLIS 500 AND WEEKLY HERALD Phoenix Lander touches down on Martian soil; NASA DIXON DRINKS THE MILK New Zealander wins iconic American race. SPORTS preparing to conduct experiments. FRONT PAGE 2 PAGE 1 AN EDITION OF THE SUN VOL. 116 NO. 147 AMERICA’S BEST COMMUNITY DAILY M O N D A Y M AY 2 6 , 2 0 0 8 50 cents This Memorial Day, veterans and their families predict how Iraq, Cummings: Afghanistan conflicts will be remembered County should hire Roger Baltz By JOHN HAUGHEY commissioner, Cummings STAFF WRITER said he has interviewed Charlotte County Com- candidates for nine admin- missioners Tuesday will istrator or executive direc- decide whether to launch a tor positions with the nationwide search for a county, the Peace new county administrator River/Manasota Regional or hire the candidate most Water Authority, the feel is ideally suited — Southwest Florida Regional Interim County Administra- Planning Council and other tor Roger Baltz. entities. “When you got the right “The most difficult part is man in front you, use him,” getting a handle on the Commissioner Adam character of the person,” he Cummings said. said. Baltz, an assistant county That’s not an unknown administrator, was named quality with Baltz, Cum- interim administrator April mings said. 8, after Bruce Loucks “We have worked with resigned. Roger Baltz for years and we Commissioners gave know he has the right stuff,” Baltz a 60-day contract with he said. a $13,860 raise, bringing his Cummings said it would annual salary to about be “unfair” to invite other $140,000. candidates in a “pointless” Although they can extend and expensive executive the contract, Cummings search. and several fellow commis- Commissioner Tricia sioners want to resolve the Duffy has suggested matter in Tuesday’s meet- conducting a free candidate ing, which begins at 9 a.m. search through the Florida in commission chambers at City and County Manage- the County Administration ment Association. SUN PHOTO BY PAM STAIK, Center, 18500 Murdock You can e-mail Circle. John Haughey at Carl Gause, 62, of Arcadia, says the U.S. has no other choice but to stay the course in Iraq. In his 14 years as a Sun staff writers Jason Witz, Pam Staik, Ed Scott and Steve Smith interviewed area veterans and their families and asked them how the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan will be remembered by veterans in 10 or 20 years. Here are their responses. Mahoney honors Becky Hall and Vietnam veteran Carl Gause have experienced war in two dramatically different ways. veterans and Their experiences will color how they recollect the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hall will always remember the Middle East conflict active personnel as the most tragic event of her life. By PAMELA STAIK tion briefings. STAFF WRITER After leaving “It was the war that took my son’s innocence,” she said. “It took his childhood, and it took his life.” Paying homage to India, Eric Hall wasn’t the same when he returned from veterans and active service Mahoney will Afghanistan in 2004. He could no longer remember personnel was a priority meet with simple things and his behavior had become erratic. for U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney President The 24-year-old U.S. Marine was deployed to Iraq Sunday. Pervez in 2005. His tour ended several months later when “I can tell you that on MAHONEY Musharraf in Sun File photo a roadside bomb severely wounded his leg. this Memorial Day, Ameri- Islamabad, Doctors repaired the bone and muscle, but Hall ca has a lot to be proud Pakistan. Becky Hall says the war of,” Mahoney, D-Palm Despite his various in Iraq took her son Eric’s never recovered mentally. Hall, who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress Beach Gardens, said stops, the most inspira- innocence and life. Eric Hall, disorder, disappeared in February following a war during a media conference tional for him was at a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, returned home with flashback. He was found inside a drainage pipe near call while in New Delhi. Landstuhl Regional post-traumatic stress disorder his aunt’s Harbour Heights home March 9. “The veterans should be Medical Center in Ger- and went missing from his “I still cry every day,” Becky Hall said. very, very proud because many, where Mahoney met Charlotte County home. He was Gause, 62, of Arcadia, served for 20 years in the their legacy is being with staff members and found dead days later. United States Army, beginning in 1963. carried on by this genera- wounded soldiers. He retired in 1983 with the rank of special forces tion of the military.” Mahoney reported that master sergeant. The call came during morale was high. Considering the things he saw in his life and his Mahoney’s weekend trip, “As we went from room experiences in the military, Gause said the war in Iraq which took him to a to room and talked to the will probably be looked upon as a necessary evil. hospital in Germany, as soldiers, these men and “We didn’t want to go,” he said, “but we needed to.” well as Kabul, Afghanistan, women, it’s inspirational,” where he attended Drug REFLECTIONS | P6 Enforcement Administra- MAHONEY | P7 China aftershock AP PHOTO Chinese walk on a collapsed bridge destroys 71,000 homes following the May 12 earthquake at Xiaoyutong near Pengzhou town, By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN explosives to unblock a debris- southwest China's ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER clogged river threatening to flood Sichuan Province CHENGDU, China — A powerful homeless quake survivors. Sunday. One of the aftershock destroyed tens of thou- The fresh devastation came after a most powerful sands of homes in central China on magnitude 6.0 aftershock — among the aftershocks to hit Sunday, killing two people and most powerful recorded since the initial quake-ravaged straining recovery efforts from the May 12 quake, according to the U.S. central China country’s worst earthquake in three Geological Survey. The China National damaged thousands decades. More than 480 others were Seismic Network said the aftershock of homes, killing one injured. person and injuring Meanwhile, soldiers rushed with CHINA | P7 dozens more Sunday. INDEX| FRONT: State 2 | Nation 2,5,8,9 | World 5,9,10 | Health 13 | Weather 14 | TV Grid 13,14 | OUR TOWN: Police Beat 3 | Obituaries 5 | Abby 17 | Crossword 16 Daily Edition 50¢ High Low MAKE A WISH CHARLIE SAYS ... Grillin’ and chillin’ are great, but just 89 66 Sunny and less humid A teen cancer survivor from North Port and her family go to Hawaii. OUR TOWN PAGE 1 remember those who sacrificed so you could have the opportunity. 7 05252 00025 8 Send suggestions to
  • 2. Front Page 2 D/E/N/C STATE/NATIONAL NEWS The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008 | STATE Lotto jackpot Phoenix spacecraft makes soft landing on Mars grows to $41M PASADENA, Calif. (AP) study whether the ice ever — A NASA spacecraft melted at some point in TALLAHASSEE — The plunged into the atmos- Mars’ history when the jackpot in the Florida phere of Mars and suc- planet had a warmer Lotto game has grown to cessfully landed in the Red r. environment than the at least $41 million after Planet’s northern polar current harsh, cold one it no one matched the six region on Sunday, where it currently has. winning numbers in the will begin 90 days of Scientists do not expect latest drawing, lottery digging in the permafrost to find water in its liquid officials said Sunday. to look for evidence of the form at the Phoenix A total of 63 tickets building blocks of life. landing site because it’s matched five numbers to Cheers swept through too frigid. But they say that win $6,563 each; 3,802 mission control at NASA’s if raw ingredients of life tickets matched four Jet Propulsion Laboratory exist anywhere on the numbers for $88 each; and when the touchdown planet, they likely would 79,080 tickets matched signal from the Phoenix be preserved in the ice. three numbers for $6 each. Mars Lander was detected Phoenix, however, The winning Florida after a nailbiting descent. cannot detect signs of Lotto numbers selected Engineers and scientists alien life that may exist Saturday: 19-30-36-41- hugged and high-fived one now or once existed. 44-52. another. The only other time “In my dreams it NASA searched for Amber Alert couldn’t have gone as chemical signs of life was girl found ‘OK’ perfectly as it went,” AP PHOTO during the Viking mis- project manager Barry This undated photo released by NASA made available from the European Space Agency sions. Neither lander BELLEVILLE, Ill. — The Goldstein said. “It went shows an artist’s rendering of NASA’s Marian lander “Phoenix,” which landed on the Red found conclusive evidence father of an Illinois girl right down the middle.” Planet Sunday night. of life. found in Florida with a 49- Among Phoenix’s first Phoenix avoided the year-old man says he’s heat shield and backshell, chutes and cushioned air Like a tourist in a foreign doom of its sister space- tasks were to check its been told she’s OK and will and firing thrusters to slow bags to bounce to the country, the lander initially craft, the Mars Polar power supply and the be home in a few days. to a 5 mph touchdown. surface. will take in the sights health of its science Lander, which in 1999 Husien Ahmad’s daugh- The radio signal confirm- Phoenix’s landing is a during its first week on the crashed into the south instruments, and unfurl its ter disappeared from ing the landing came at relief for NASA since Mars Red Planet. It will talk with pole after prematurely solar panels after the dust Belleville East High School 4:53 p.m. PDT. has a reputation of ground controllers settled. Mission managers cutting off its engines. The on Tuesday. A school “Touchdown detected!! swallowing spacecraft. through three Mars said there would be a two- Polar Lander loss, along surveillance camera We’re on the surface of More than half of all orbiters, which will relay hour blackout period as with the earlier loss of an caught images of 15-year- Mars and there is celebra- nations’ attempts to land data and images. Phoenix conducted the orbiter the same year, old Roza Ahmad being tion in Mission Control!!” on Mars have failed. Phoenix is equipped checks while out of view forced NASA to overhaul picked up in the school JPL engineer Brent Phoenix’s target landing with an 8-foot-long arm from Earth. its Mars exploration parking lot by a man. Shockley blogged from site was 30-mile-wide capable of digging trench- program. Phoenix plunged into Authorities in Florida inside mission control. shallow valley in the high es in the soil to get to ice the Martian atmosphere at Phoenix, named after arrested Heriberto Torres It’s the first successful northern latitudes similar that is believed to be more than 12,000 mph the mythical bird that is Rodriguez on Friday, soft landing on Mars since in location to Earth’s buried inches to a foot after a 10-month, 422 reborn from its ashes, saying a tip led them to a the twin Viking landers Greenland or northern deep. Then it will analyze million-mile voyage inherited hardware from a residential address in touched down in 1976. Alaska. The site was the dirt and ice samples through space. lander mission that was Opa-Locka, Fla., where NASA’s twin rovers, which chosen because images for traces of organic It performed a choreo- scrapped after the back- the girl was found. successfully landed on from space spied evidence compounds, the chemical to-back Mars losses, and graphed dance that The father says FBI Mars four years ago, used of a reservoir of frozen building blocks of life. included unfurling its carries similar instruments agents have seized his a combination of para- water close to the surface. The lander also will parachute, shedding its that flew on Polar Lander. daughter’s personal computer. He says his daughter is now with police, and he’s told she’s well. “People tell me she’s OK,” he says. Clearwater eyes sewage for drinking water Authorities earlier had CLEARWATER (AP) — While the permitting water for crops and residents. The county the treated water to the said the girl met Clearwater residents process alone takes lawns for decades. But, plans to double the aquifer, said Robert Rodriguez in Puerto Rico could someday be about five years, the most recognizing the differ- plants capacity next year. Fahey, the city’s utilities about a year ago. drinking treated sewage. difficult part of the ence between giving To turn sewage into engineering manager. City officials are change could be con- treated wastewater to drinking water, lightly Each well could cost as looking to meet the ever- vincing residents that it’s plants and giving it to treated wastewater is much as $1 million. Body of missing increasing demand for safe. So at a public people, city officials have processed through a Not everyone is sold on swimmer found drinking water with meeting in the next few engineers looking at microfilter to remove any the change. Critics claim PANAMA CITY BEACH, purified wastewater. months, Clearwater’s city other areas that have solids or bacteria. The the process is too vulner- — Authorities have found They say recycling manager and mayor plan already started using the water is treated again to able to human error, and the body of a swimmer wastewater would take to drink water from a relatively new technolo- remove any viruses, drugs dangerous contaminants who went missing in pressure off the aquifer, community that is gy. or contaminants. Ultra- could pass through the Panama City Beach, but cut the amount of already using purified In California, Orange violet light and hydrogen filtration process. are searching for another sewage running into wastewater. County has become one peroxide are used to Thomas W. Reese, a St. missing swimmer. local waters and eventu- “We’re going to have to of the first places in the remove anything else. The Petersburg attorney who Bay County Sheriff’s ally trim water bills. drink a glass to demon- country to treat sewage water is then pumped specializes in environ- Office spokesman Sgt. Clearwater’s plan is to strate the credibility to to a level fit for human into the ground, and it mental law and water Robbie Newsome says treat the sewage, and our discussions,” City consumption. The takes about six months to issues, cited a 1998 21-year-old Pierre E. then pipe it into the Manager Bill Horne told county opened the reach residents. report from the nonprofit Allen of Water Valley, ground to recharge the the St. Petersburg Times. world’s largest water- Clearwater has the group National Research Miss., was spotted by a aquifer. That’s where Recycling wastewater is purification project in equipment to upgrade Council that said recy- helicopter Sunday most communities in nothing new in Florida. January. It’s a $500- wastewater to drinking cling wastewater should morning about 100 yards the state get their Many communities have million plant that serves water but needs at least be a last option. off shore in 15 feet of drinking water. been using reclaimed about a half-million four injection wells to get water. He was close to the location where he was last seen Saturday afternoon. Real-life inspiration for NEED CASH? Sell your items in the Classifieds. Miami officer shot MIAMI — A Miami- ‘Family Circus’ mom dies Call (941) 206-1200 Dade County Police PHOENIX (AP) — The Australia. She was a officer is recovering after Thelma Keane, the Associated native Australian work- authorities say he was inspiration for the Press from ing as an accounting HARDEE/DESOTO ENGLEWOOD shot in a gunbattle trying Mommy character in his home secretary, and Bil CIRCULATION CIRCULATION to catch as many as three the long-running in Paradise worked next to her as a Customer Service Customer Service burglary suspects. “Family Circus” comic Valley on promotional artist for 863-494-2434 941-681-3000 Police say the 27-year- created by her husband, Sunday. the U.S. Army. Fax: 863-494-3533 Fax: 941-681-3008 old officer, who has not Bil Keane, has died. She KEANE “When the “I had this desk been identified, was was 82. cartoon alongside the most airlifted to Jackson She died Friday of first appeared, she beautiful Australian 18- Classified Classified Memorial Hospital’s Alzheimer’s disease, the looked so much like year-old girl with long 863-494-2434 941-475-2200 Ryder Trauma Center on family said. Mommy that if she was brown hair,” Bil Keane Fax: 863-494-3533 Fax: 941-485-3036 Sunday. His condition is “Family Circus,” which in the supermarket said. “And I got up unknown. Keane began drawing in pushing her cart enough nerve to ask her Police say officers were 1960, depicts the good- around, people would for a date.” NORTH PORT CHARLOTTE responding to a burglary humored life of two come up to her and say, The two married in CIRCULATION CIRCULATION call at the North Miami- parents and their four ‘Aren’t you the Mommy 1948 and moved to Bil Customer Service Customer Service Dade home around 1 children. It is now in ’Family Circus?’ and Keane’s hometown of featured in about 1,500 she would admit it.” Philadelphia. They had 941-429-3000 941-206-1300 p.m. As they searched for Fax: 941-423-2318 Fax: 941-629-2085 the suspects, gunfire newspapers. Bil and Thelma “Thel” five children and moved erupted. “She was the inspira- Keane met during World to the Phoenix suburb tion for all of my suc- War II in the war bond of Paradise Valley in Punta Gorda Herald office Classified ads 941-205-1000 cess,” Bil Keane, 85, told office in Brisbane, 1958. — From wire reports 941-429-3000 Port Charlotte Town Center mall kiosk President..........................................Derek Dunn-Rankin....................941-206-1001 Display Advertising 941-206-1700 Sun Newspapers i J? Publisher..........................................David Dunn-Rankin ....................941-206-1003 Li Editor ...............................................Chris Porter.................................941-206-1134 Managing Editor...............................John Hackworth..........................941-206-1147 North Port Charlotte Englewood 941-429-3000 941-206-1214 941-681-3000 Classified MEMBER of the Audit Bureau of Circulation DeSoto/Hardee Sun Editor..............Laura Schmid.............................863-494-0300 DeSoto 863-494-2434 DeSoto General Manager ................Joe Gallimore..............................863-494-0300 941-206-1200 Hardee 863-494-2434 Charlotte Sun Editor ........................Lorraine Schneeberger ...............941-206-1168 Fax: 941-629-7740 Pulitzer Prize finalist 2005 National & Regional Advertisers North Port Sun Editor.......................Elaine Allen-Emrich.....................941-429-3003 941-206-1270 North Port General Manager............Steve Sachkar ............................941-429-3003 Winner of 93 National and State Awards in 2005 Englewood Sun Editor......................Christy Arnold .............................941-681-3000 Englewood General Manager...........Lang Capasso ............................941-681-3000 The SUN (USPS 743170) is published daily at Sun Coast Media Group, Inc., 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33980-2100. Periodicals postage paid at Punta Gorda, FL. Postmaster: Please send address changes to the SUN, 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, Florida 33980-2100.
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  • 5. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun NATIONAL/WORLD NEWS D/E/N/C Front Page 5 | NATION Indiana Jones gets box office gold As WWII vets die, their memories are preserved NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Reunions tell the story beaches on D-Day in June LOS ANGELES — They were a swashbuck- of the decline. 1944, and fought its way to Indiana Jones unearthed ling lot — parachuting The PT boat organiza- Germany. box office gold at domes- behind enemy lines, tion Peter Tare Inc., for “There were only four tic theaters, according to charging onto sandy example, held its last veterans at this reunion,” studio estimates Sunday. beaches as bullets reunion in 2007 with only said McDonough. “Some Estimated ticket sales: whizzed by, liberating 16 members after meeting of them aren’t in real good 1. “Indiana Jones and countries from a totalitari- since 1947. health, and getting around the Kingdom of the an grip. “I miss the reunions,” is hard. Crystal Skull,” $101 They jitterbugged the said William Paynter, 91, “We’re coming to the million. nights away, sang about who commanded both a end of the line, soon there 2. “The Chronicles of faraway sweethearts and PT boat and a squadron in won’t be anyone around Narnia: Prince Caspian,” painted the noses of their the South Pacific. “But age who was part of that war.” $23 million. B-17 bombers with bawdy is catching up with us and The World War II 3. “Iron Man,” $20.1 pinups. “They’re overpaid, AP PHOTO time is running out.” museum has a small million. over-sexed and over here,” Paynter, who received television studio where it 4. “What Happens in A woman walks with her two daughers between the graves the British groused about during Memorial Day ceremonies at the Henri-Chapelle the Navy Cross and gave records everything on Vegas,” $9 million. their American allies. his World War II history to high definition video, said cemetery in Hombourg, Belgium, on Sunday. This 57-acre 5. “Speed Racer,” $4 And now, they’re dying World War II cemetery contains the graves of 7,992 the Navy, added: “There spokeswoman Clem million. off, and with them the Americans. was a time when it was Goldberger. In addition 6. “Made of Honor,” memories that defined difficult to talk about there are four museum $3.4 million. what has been called the of Congress and the U.S. “I think that’s low now,” some parts of it. But not historians who travel the 7. “Baby Mama,” $3.3 Greatest Generation. Latino and Latina WWII said Martin Morgan, any more. Now it’s impor- country “almost continu- million. As their ranks shrink, Oral History Project. historian for the World tant to get it down.” ously,” collecting histories, 8. “Forgetting Sarah the National World War II Once 16 million strong, War II Museum in New John McDonough, 84, of she said. Marshall,” $1.7 million. Museum is one of several U.S. veterans of World War Orleans of the number of Plainview, Texas, last The museum now has 9. “Harold & Kumar organizations rushing to II are dying at a rate of vets dying each day. “But summer attended what over 3,000 histories. It is Escape from Guan- preserve the personal more than 1,000 a day and judging by the passing of likely was the final reunion now collecting based on tanamo Bay,” $900,000. accounts of veterans. now number about 2.5 the World War I veterans, of the Army’s 554th anti- upcoming displays, such 10. “The Visitor,” Other such efforts are million, the Department of we’re predicting they will aircraft battalion. The unit as the Battle of the Bulge, $800,000. sponsored by the Library Veterans Affairs estimates. all be gone by 2020.” landed on the Normandy Goldberger said. United Steelworkers to merge with British union 20 missing after severe storms rip into Minnesota LONDON — Britain’s HUGO, Minn. (AP) — Ericson said. Many of the area, but that hadn’t and then I bear-hugged on when a possible tornado largest union said Sunday Severe thunderstorms them could be out of town been confirmed by the top of them,” Petree said. touched down near it is merging with United packing large hail and for the holiday weekend, National Weather Service. As he huddled in his Parkersburg, authorities Steelworkers, creating the possible tornadoes rum- he said. Emergency crews basement against a said. first trans-Atlantic labor bled across the nation’s Ericson said a 2-year-old descended on the town to foundation wall with his Jim Waterbury, a organization. midsection on Sunday, child died. look for those who hadn’t wife and 2 1/2-year-old spokesman for Allen UNITE, which repre- killing at least one person, “It’s horrible,” Ericson been accounted for and to daughter, Petree said they Hospital in Waterloo, said sents more than 2 million injuring nine others and said. “The citizens are very assess the damage. heard the thunderous people came from nearby workers in Britain’s damaging dozens of shook and scared.” Hugo Public Works sound of their house Grundy Center, Aplington transportation, energy homes. Hugo Fire Chief Jim Director Chris Petree said coming off the ground. and Eldora for treatment of and public sectors, is set At least 20 people were Compton said nine people, his family took shelter in “All you hear is glass mild to moderate injuries. to join United Steelwork- unaccounted for after a including a child in critical the basement before the breaking and wood tearing “It looks like most of ers, which has 850,000 swift storm blew through condition, were taken to storm lifted his house off and breaking in half,” them are fractures and members in the United the St. Paul suburb of area hospitals for treat- the ground and completely Petree said. broken collarbones,” States, Canada and the Hugo, damaging about ment. wiped out the second floor. In northeastern Iowa, at Butler County sheriff’s Caribbean. four dozen homes, City Residents reported a “I put my daughter down least six people were department said. “One is Administrator Mike tornado touching down in first, my wife on top of her injured, one critically, in critical condition.” — From wire reports S H O P T O D AY 1 0 A . M . T O 9 P. M . Huge Markdowns Just Taken! memorial day sale Summer starts here! Don't miss this giant storewide event with savings up to 75% off! ® Misses’ Contemporary Designers Apparel ® Ladies’ Caribbean Joe Apparel ® Ladies’ Classic American Designer Apparel ® Contemporary Dresses ® Ladies’ Spring Dresses % ® Ladies’ Modern American Designers Apparel 75 ® Ladies’ Better Career Collections ® Ladies’ Suits ® Ladies’ Liz Claiborne Apparel ® Ladies’ Shoes OV( ® Ladies’ Jones Sport Collections ® Junior Prom & Social Occasion Dresses O ® Ladies’ Kasper Collections ® Junior Spring Dresses off off ® Ladies’ I.N. 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  • 6. Front Page 6 D/E/N/C FROM PAGE ONE The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008 Pause for a minute at 3 p.m. today to remember all those who have given their lives to protect our freedoms. ROBERT ‘RADAR’ BAILEY, ARCADIA Army “buck” sergeant Robert “Radar” Bailey, 61, of Arcadia spent ¦ seven and one-half years in the service, fighting in Vietnam. He said it’s difficult to guess what the American public will think about the war in Iraq, especially since many of the people he talks with today compare it to Vietnam. I. While he said he hopes the two conflicts aren’t looked at in the I same light, particularly in how the returning soldiers are treated by the `5^ - rest of society, he said the end result will probably be the same. “The main thing is when it is over, we’ll ask ourselves, ‘What did we accomplish?’” he said. “And the answer is, not a damn thing.” FIEFL ZTiNC SUN PHOTO BY PAM STAIK, TOM SKYM, ARCADIA Korea veteran Tom Skym, 61, of Arcadia, - ? n served for one year before exiting the army as a private. In his opinion, Skym thinks the war in Iraq will be regarded the same as many of the other wars the country has been involved with over the years. “All we’ve been doing in all these wars is put a white feather in someone’s hat at the White House and wasting taxpayer’s money,” he said. While Skym said he proudly fought for i s the government and the red, white and blue, this current war is nothing but political nonsense. “We’ll see that this was a worthless fight,” he said. “It was political RANDY SPENCE, deal and we’ve got our young men and EL JOBEAN women dying every day for what? A white The Vietnam feather in someone’s cap.” SUN PHOTO BY PAM STAIK reference rings true to Air Force veteran Randy Spence. The El Jobean man CHARLES FALZONE, spent two years in the ROTONDA WEST SUN PHOTO BY MOLLY DEMPSEY, Communist country. Charles Falzone says when we look back some day, William Trahan, 84, is an Englewood veteran of World War II. While he will always people will believe the United States made a colossal He spent four months on Anzio. He said the U.S. should not support the troops, mistake by invading Iraq in 2003. And now, many lives be in Iraq. Spence said Iraq — have been destroyed because of that decision. The like Vietnam — will be 87-year-old Rotonda West man served in the U.S. known as a political war. “When we went Army during a time of political unrest in post-Nazi Germany. Evidence of the Cold War was everywhere. In Veterans, families reflect into Vietnam, it was a no-win situation,” said this circumstance, Falzone said U.S. leaders used poor intelligence to justify the Iraq War, when the real on Iraq, Afghanistan conflicts Spence, the former threat was Afghanistan. “I just feel we got ourselves REFLECTIONS, FROM PAGE 1 Trahan would not commander of the VFW involved in something that we didn’t have proper speculate on how we’ll Post 10476. “I believe intelligence on,” said Falzone, a former military WILLIAM L. TRAHAN, recall Iraq and Afghanistan Iraq is a no-win doctor, who served in Korea and Germany. “It was the ENGLEWOOD in the next 20 years or so. situation.” same in Vietnam and even Korea.” William L. Trahan, of SUN PHOTO BY MOLLY DEMPSEY “There’s no telling what Englewood, is 84 and a will happen there,” Trahan veteran of World War II. said. “I wouldn’t be able to FRED MILLER, VENICE He still recalls his serial guess anything like that. Miller is the commander of the Clyde number: 31319603. My dad always told me not E. Lassen Memorial VFW Post 10178, Trahan served in the to talk politics or religion, 550 N. McCall Road. He is a veteran of Army as a private first but I saw a sign on the Desert Storm. He attained the rank of class and said he refused road the other day that E-8, Senior Chief in the Navy, second several promotions said ‘Support Our Troops. from the top highest enlisted rank. claiming, “I had enough “Well, we’re committed,” Miller said, Bring Them Home.’ That ? people to look after says it for me.” of the Iraq war. “And I just wish it was V I over and they were home. We’re without having more.” Trahan would not PHOTO BY STEVE SMITH absolutely justified, if that’s where our His was part of the mince words about how commander in chief sends us. We’re famed 3rd Division, he feels the Iraq war is FRED SCHANTEK, committed to him and that’s who we which also boasted Audie going. ENGLEWOOD support.” SUN PHOTO BY ED SCOTT Murphy and James Arness. “We should get the hell Schantek was a Trahan spent four months out of Iraq,” Trahan said. “I Marine in World War II, on Anzio as part of that don’t feel we’re right in attaining the rank of famous, pivotal battle. He spending (the lives of) our platoon sergeant. had two older brothers, youth over there. Leave Schantek’s two older Raymond and Leo, both (Iraq and Afghanistan). brothers, Rudy and _ 1 now deceased, who also Give them all the guns Steve, served in the Marines and Navy, served in that war. they want and let them respectively. Raymond went on to serve shoot each other. But keep in Korea, as well. our young people here.” .F N.0RlH P-0RT, “As far as Iraq goes, they screwed up in the beginning by not ". T having enough troops WILLIAM and not securing the JOHN MAXCY, borders,” Schantek NORTH PORT: said. Johanna Maxcy of “With open North Port is proud borders, everybody’s coming in.” of her son, a U.S. Army Schantek believes specialist in explo- now is the time to get sives and mines who local governments has “worked in involved in taking over Baghdad five times,” their own conflicts. she said. U.S. Army “They’ve got all Master Sgt. William that oil revenue now,” John Maxcy, 43, is he said. “Why should stationed in the we keep paying for United States now, but their safety when they is still on active duty. can do their own SUN PHOTO BY ED SCOTT, When her son was in thing? (Meanwhile) Baghdad, Johanna Halliburton’s making JEFFREY RENNISON, VENICE: Maxcy “had him on billions of dollars. To U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Rennison of Venice returned from Iraq in May of last year every prayer list in me, it’s asinine. Let’s and is in the inactive reserves. Cpl. Rennison, who was at the North Port VFW Thursday, town,” she said. “I get the hell out of was stationed nine months in Ramadi, Iraq, where the infantry “tried to reduce the thank everybody for there, before more violence in the city and reopen businesses and schools. “We reduced violence by 98 their prayers. When I lives are endangered. percent while my unit was in the city,” he said. Ten or 20 years from now, Rennison said see a guy in uniform, I It’s ridiculous. Let he hopes people remember that the soldiers “made a difference. A lot of people want to say, ‘Would you like a those countries take ‘pull out now, pull out now.’ But (considering) the guys we lost when we were over there, mother’s hug?’ and care of their own.” to us, it’s all for nothing. Let’s finish the mission.” they hug me back.” SUN PHOTO BY ED SCOTT
  • 7. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun FROM PAGE ONE D/E/N/C Front Page 7 CHINA: Serious aftershock destroys MAHONEY: Representative pays tens of thousands of homes homage to military personnel FROM PAGE 1 safe for habitation. Chinese government has FROM PAGE 1 year in office, but also that need to be asked She had spent most of appealed for tents to help make him better pre- and they need to be was the strongest of dozens the time since the quake shelter survivors. he said. “Their No. 1 pared to support the asked now,” he said. in the nearly two weeks caring for her 95-year-old State television report- concern is to get well so next president, who will Mahoney also spoke of after the disaster. mother. ed Sunday that a survivor they can get back with be assessing the situa- the Pakistani govern- The new tremor killed “I don’t know if we’ll be trapped by the initial their comrades, their tion overseas. ment’s “instability,” and two people and injured back,” she said as her quake was rescued alive buddies.” As to how the govern- that the U.S. must work more than 480 others, 41 husband handed her part Friday, more than 11 days But Mahoney’s trip ment should tackle this, aggressively with the seriously, the official of a cooking stove through after the disaster. abroad was not only to Mahoney said several Pakistani government to Xinhua News Agency said. the front window of their Xiao Zhihu, an 80-year- honor those serving their questions need to be “root out” al-Qaida and Some 71,000 homes that ground floor apartment. old bedridden man, was country. answered, including find Osama bin Laden. had survived the original “These apartments weren’t found in Mianzhu north of He said he wanted to figuring out what Ameri- You can e-mail quake were leveled, and that safe before the quake. Chengdu, the report said. examine the situation in ca’s national priorities Pamela Staik at another 200,000 were in My husband worked for He survived because his Afghanistan, making sure are, whether the U.S. is danger of collapse from the coal mine and it’s wife was able to get food he has the facts so he winning the war on the aftershock that caused supposed to rebuild the to him through the rubble can be better informed. terror, and whether the S TAY H A P P Y— office towers to sway in company apartments. But of his collapsed house, but This, he said, will country’s mission in S TAY H E A LT H Y ! Beijing, 800 miles away. who knows when.” there were no further enable him to not only Afghanistan is to build a Before the aftershock, More than 15 million details given or a reason support President nation or to fight al- Feeling Fit the Cabinet said the homes were destroyed in for the two-day delay in George W. Bush during Qaida. Every Sunday – confirmed death toll from the disaster, and the reporting the rescue. the remainder of his last “These are questions only in the disaster had risen to 62,664, with another 23,775 people missing. Premier Wen Jiabao has FINAL DAY! warned the number of dead could surpass 80,000. A mudslide caused by the aftershock blocked a road, but Xinhua said no serious landslides were reported. Previous landslides loosened by the quake jammed rivers across the disaster area, creating 35 ## Shop 10 AM to 8 PM ## new lakes that placed 700,000 survivors in jeopardy of floods, Vice Minister of Water Resources E Jingping told reporters in Beijing. The biggest concern was the new Tangjiashan lake in Beichuan county, where some 1,600 police and soldiers were hiking BA E RS with 22 pounds of explo- sives each to blast through debris, according to Xinhua. Hazy weather prevent- ed helicopter flights to the area, and forecasts for rain increased the risk that INLeather 111$E lakes could overflow. Rain will “not only LOST l Store Only ... OUR LEASE cause the amount of water T going into the lakes to increase, but also influence their normal structure, so the situation is quite serious,” said Vice Minister E. “It is a daunting task because of the unpre- dictability of when the barrier lakes will burst.” About 20,000 people have been evacuated from the disaster area due to Baer’s the flood risk, and the total relocated could rise to 100,000, said Liu Ning, chief engineer at the Must Sell Everything! Ministry of Water Resources. The ministry also said THE BRANDS YOU KNOW AND TRUST: Stanley, Natuzzi, Broyhill, 69 dams in Sichuan were Bernhardt, Universal, Hickory White, Serta, Tommy Bahama Home, in danger of collapse from quake damage, but Lexington, Hooker, Better Homes And Gardens, Kingsdown, & Much More. reservoirs have been drained to lessen the risk. Authorities have said the All In-Stock Decorative Nautica SOFA, world’s largest water Accessories & Lamps Better Homes And Gardens LUXURIOUS BROWN LEATHER 2 PC. CHAISE END SECTIONAL 3 PIECE SECTIONAL by Nordic CHAIR AND OTTOMAN 65% off project — the Three Woven frame Gorges dam, located about 350 miles east of the PRICE BREAK! $ Reg. $2999 688 PRICE BREAK! $ Reg. $7000 1788 with wood accents $ Reg. $5500 1788 epicenter — was not damaged. Elsewhere in the Lexington “Bilai” NATUZZI TOP GRAIN Palliser “Melrose” 3 SEAT ASSORTED OCCASIONAL 5 PC. King Bedroom Set ALL LEATHER SOFA LEATHER HOME THEATHER TABLES FROM 248 disaster zone, people Reg. $3499 2788 1488 1488 $ King Bed, ventured cautiously back Dresser, Mirror, $ PRICE BREAK! $ LIMITED $ to homes to retrieve & 2 Nightstands. Reg. $4499 QUANTITES belongings, but some decided the risk of enter- BROWN LEATHER & FABRIC 3 DAYS ONLY! Reg. $9530 Nautica “Harrison” ASSORTED RECLINERS SOFA WITH NAILHEAD TRIM Mattress Sets 6 PC. KING BEDROOM SET ing damaged buildings STARTING FROM 788 55% off 2988 Reg. $3499 King Bed, Dresser, PRICE BREAK! $ Mirror, Door Chest $ 278 was too great. In Hanwang, 58-year- $ FAMOUS BRANDS Reg. $3160 & 2 Nightstands. old Zhang Heqing was carrying a handful of plastic bags and had # ACCESSORIES # LEATHER SEATING # BEDROOMS # LIVING ROOMS planned to go into his apartment block, but the # ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS # DINING ROOMS # MATTRESSES # HOME OFFICE coal mine employee said he had second thoughts. # ACCENT TABLES # SOFAS # MANY ONE-OF-KIND ITEMS # RECLINERS “I just don’t dare to go in,” he said. “I live on the fifth floor and the staircase Memorial Day 10 to 8, Weekdays 10 to 9 & Saturday 10 to 8 is blocked and you can’t even open the doors.” Extra Sales Staff, Extra Office Staff To Assist You In Your Selections. Down the street, retiree BAER’S PORT CHARLOTTE LOCATION ONLY! Huang Huimei, 75, and her husband were busy stacking pots, pans, chairs and bed boards in a pile for movers to take to the provincial capital of Chengdu, where her son 4200 Tamiami Trail (North of Kings Hwy.) 941-624-3377 lives. Her building # ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALES # ALL SALES FINAL # NO REFUNDS # FINANCING AVAILABLE 329312 remained standing but had serious cracks and was not
  • 8. Front Page 8 D/E/N/C NATIONAL NEWS The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008 ‘Laugh-in’ comic Dick Martin dies in California LOS ANGELES (AP) — women dancing in take acting lessons, and Dick Martin, the zany half bathing suits with politi- Martin, who had written of the comedy team cal slogans, or sometimes gags for TV shows and whose “Rowan and just nonsense, painted on comedians, was tending Martin’s Laugh-In” took their bodies. Other times, bar in Los Angeles to pay MLK’s first television by storm in the Gibson, clutching a the rent. grandchild born at 1960s, making stars of flower, would recite Rowan, hearing Martin Atlanta hospital Goldie Hawn and Lily nonsensical poetry or was looking for a comedy Tomlin and creating such Johnson would imperson- partner, visited him at the ATLANTA — The first national catch-phrases as ate a comical Nazi spy. bar, where he found him grandchild of slain civil “Sock it to me!” has died. “Laugh-In” astounded eating a banana. rights leader Martin He was 86. audiences and critics “Why are you eating a Luther King Jr. is a girl. Martin, who went on to alike. For two years the banana?” he asked. A family spokeswoman become one of television’s show topped the Nielsen “If you’ve ever eaten says Arndrea Waters King, busiest directors after ratings, and its catch- here, you’d know what’s wife of Martin Luther splitting with Dan Rowan phrases— “Sock it to me,” with the banana,” he King III, gave birth to in the late 1970s, died “You bet your sweet replied, and a comedy Yolanda Renee King on Saturday night of respira- bippy” and “Look that up team was born. Sunday at Northside tory complications at a in your Funk and Wag- Although their early Hospital in Atlanta. hospital in Santa Monica, nall’s” — were recited gigs in Los Angeles’ San Spokeswoman Sandra family spokesman Barry across the country. Fernando Valley were Tarver says the mother Greenberg said. Stars such as John often performed gratis, and baby are healthy. The baby was named “He had had some Wayne and Kirk Douglas they donned tuxedos for after her aunt, Martin pretty severe respiratory were delighted to make them and put on an air of Luther King Jr.’s eldest problems for many years, brief appearances, and success. daughter Yolanda, who and he had pretty much even Richard Nixon, “We were raw,” Martin died in May 2007, stopped breathing a week running for president in recalled years later, “but Tarver says. ago,” Greenberg said. 1968, dropped in to shout we looked good together Martin had lost the use AP FILE PHOTO a befuddled sounding, and we were funny.” of one of his lungs as a This 1966 file photo shows comedians Dan Rowan, left, “Sock it to me!” His They gradually worked ALMANAC teenager, and needed and Dick Martin, hosts of “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.” opponent, Vice President up to the top night spots Today is Monday, May 26, the supplemental oxygen for Martin died Saturday night at age 86. Hubert Humphrey, was in New York, Miami and 147th day of 2008. There are most of the day in his offered equal time but Las Vegas and began to 219 days left in the year. This is later years. political satire and Rowan provided the voice declined because his appear regularly on the Memorial Day observance. He was surrounded by madhouse antics from a of reason, striving to handlers thought it would television. family and friends when cast of talented young correct his partner’s appear undignified. In 1966, they provided Today in history he died just after 6 p.m., actors and comedians absurdities. Martin, Rowan and Martin the summer replacement One hundred years ago, on Greenberg said. that also included Ruth meanwhile, was full of landed the show just as for “The Dean Martin May 26, 1908, the first major oil “Laugh-in,” which Buzzi, Arte Johnson, bogus, often risque their comedy partnership Show.” Within two years, strike in the Middle East took debuted in January 1968, Henry Gibson, Jo Anne theories about life, which was approaching its they were headlining their place as engineers working for was unlike any comedy- Worley and announcer he appeared to hold with zenith and the nation’s own show. British entrepreneur William Knox variety show before it. Gary Owens. unwavering certainty. counterculture was The novelty of “Laugh- D’Arcy and led by George B. Rather than relying on a Presiding over it all Against this backdrop, expanding into the In” diminished with each Reynolds hit a gusher more than series of tightly scripted were Rowan and Martin, audiences were taken mainstream. season, however, and as 1,100 feet below ground in song-and-dance seg- the veteran nightclub from scene to scene by The two were both major players such as Masjid-i-Suleiman, Persia (Iran). ments, it offered up a comics whose standup quick, sometimes psyche- struggling actors when Hawn and Tomlin moved steady, almost stream-of- banter put their own delic-looking visual cuts, they met in 1952. Rowan on to bigger careers, On this date consciousness run of distinct spin on the show. where they might see had sold his interest in a interest in the series In 1521, Martin Luther was non-sequitur jokes, Like all straight men, Hawn, Worley and other used car dealership to faded. banned by the Edict of Worms because of his religious beliefs and writings. In 1938, the House Un- American Activities Committee Gasoline not the only rising cost for drivers was established by Congress. WASHINGTON (AP) — Travel agency AAA tomer, whose car needed losing less money on But Benjamin Sann, In 1940, the evacuation of Does filling the gas tank estimates that the a transmission fluid flush claims and face competi- founder of the Web site Allied troops from Dunkirk, France, leave your wallet empty average cost of owning asked if it could last tive and regulatory, which began during World War II. and spirit sputtering? Get and operating a car in another three months pressures to avoid rate tracks rates in Boston, In 1981, 14 people were used to both because 2008 will be $8,121, up without the $159 service increases, said Donald Manhattan, Philadelphia killed when a Marine jet crashed almost everything car- from $7,823 last year. since gas prices had Light, senior analyst for and Washington, said onto the flight deck of the related is costing more. “Purchases I’m making sapped his funds. Celent in San Francisco. more companies have aircraft carrier USS Nimitz off From oil changes to for our cars now are all Shell Oil subsidiary Jiffy If high gasoline prices dropped prices recently Florida. parking lot fees, sticker driven by a preventative Lube has seen its car prompt less driving, as they struggle to attract shock will make this mentality,” said Tony count drop by roughly 2 accidents — and insur- and maintain business. Today’s birthdays summer even stickier. Farrell, a freelance writer percent in the last year as ance rates — should drop Indeed, some automo- Actor James Arness is 85. “Everything is more in Richmond, Va., who gas prices have surged further, Light said. bile-related businesses Actor Alec McCowen is 83. expensive,” said Raj has a 2001 minivan and a and new vehicle technol- In big cities, drivers are are trying to avoid Sportscaster Brent Musberger Amber, a partner at AAA 20-year-old Honda Civic ogy gives drivers a better finding it more expensive passing their rising costs is 69. Singer Stevie Nicks is 60. Limousine in Alexandria, he had considered idea of when mainte- to park. An annual survey onto customers. Actress Pam Grier is 59. Actor Va., bemoaning the selling. “A year ago, I nance is needed, said by real estate services To retain his best Philip Michael Thomas is 59. recent oil change cost would have let it run Lisa Carlson, global provider Collier’s Interna- limousine clients, Amber Former astronaut Sally K. Ride increase to $30, up from ragged. Now I want that director of marketing for tional found that daily has not yet raised rental is 57. Actress Margaret Colin is $25. car in good working Jiffy Lube International. parking rates rose in 2007 rates but has been forced 51. Actress Genie Francis is 46. Amber’s frustration is order because I want it to The dollar’s decreased for the fourth straight to include a fuel sur- Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait is common among con- last.” value, which makes year, a trend the compa- charge of up to $5 on 46. Singer Lenny Kravitz is 44. sumers facing $4 a gallon Mirwais Niaz, manager imports more expensive, ny expects to continue in some trips. Customers, Actress Helena Bonham Carter for gasoline, $45 a day for of a Midas franchise in is an important factor 2008. he said, “are not happy.” is 42. Actor-producer-writer Matt car rentals that cost $31 Arlington, Va., said many driving up prices for oil, Stone is 37. last year, and bigger bills customers are opting for steel and other raw from mechanics, tire the most basic repairs, materials used in auto ,. .. SUMMER SPECIAL NEWS OF shops and parking garages. Cost-fighting trying to buy time and save for more expensive parts, said Harry Veryser, an economist at the STARTING AT $23,725!! THE WEIRD tactics are somewhat work. University of Detroit Complete Pool Package Get your schizophrenic: vigilant For example, a recent Mercy and former rs Six Yea rʼs e of Read e tune ups to stave off new Midas customer whose chairman of an automo- Choic ! name out there car purchases or bare- car needed extensive tive parts supplier. Awards Working its way minimum crucial fixes brake work told Niaz: “I One spot of relief is 625-5056 through multimillion- combined with a hope- don’t care about the auto insurance. Rates 1212 Enterprise Drive FINANCING AVAILABLE TO dollar proposals for for-the-best mentality. squeaking, just do have remained steady or QUALIFIED BUYERS Port Charlotte, FL 33953 334531 naming rights on campus Fuel remains the single something so the car fallen in many states biggest expense for car stops.” Another cus- because insurers are CALL FOR DETAILS Lic#CPC056749 buildings in exchange for donations, the University owners over the lifetime of Colorado decided in of a vehicle at about 30 January to accept the percent of costs, fol- offer of venture capitalist Brad Feld, who made a lowed closely by depre- ciation and insurance. Lookingf or a Better way to Grow YourSavings? Open a 40-month Fixed rate CD at $25,000 donation to the But the prices for school in exchange for maintenance and having a second-floor repairs, which com- men’s room named for him in a campus technol- bined account for less than 10 percent of an 4.20%APY* & you can earn an even higher rate wi th our ogy building. automobile’s costs, are creeping up. Step -Up CD Special ! — From wire reports 2 GUYS GUN SHOW FCB Flor ida Once during your 40-mon t h term you can May 31st & June 1st C.eimu idt y Step-Up to a Higher Rate Vr/ Bank / Rooted to History ...Gr owing the Future & Earn More Money 4 for the remainder of the 941-624-4225 or 941-637-8909 r- - ori gina l CD terFTl?#* P- . a--a t i 320078 •Ar uniil 1nrllatM Y14W (f4 PY) applwr so 4t -ii m rh Itrtn n nod awt nres dear rnrr roa rar na ilu no deposit arni rum doer mr Ara m " iyat l ii !unr y . Rr re r :ns 320137 r ' ' 4 subj ect ro chmrg e. "Step up alk, s a Owr bore rot e clunge 1 41M treo posCe d rare Cot tre tenuin irrp ren d of drc CD_ A n mm ?llEM depo sit Of $I J000-OD it . k Z N i requnvd to open and opemnp auroro d cnmwt e?er d 399,000. A subsl?nttal penolty m y Lr ]mposed for art y Airi -wd PWC r.b d - of 5121f20D8 m i r
  • 9. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun NATIONAL, WORLD NEWS D/E/N/C Front Page 9 | WORLD Man, 76, climbs Oil prices stir worries over week on Wall Street Mount Everest NEW YORK (AP) — Wall third weekly gain after vacationers to reduce how KATMANDU, Nepal Street ended a week of big surging to a record far they plan to travel for — A 76-year-old losses with more selling $135.09 a barrel on the holiday. Nepalese man reached Friday as rising oil prices Thursday. Some “It is taking a toll on the the summit of Mount again raised worries that investors are buying on consumer and it remains to Everest on Sunday and strained consumers will the belief that global be seen how that will became the oldest cut back spending and demand from countries impact corporate earnings.” person to climb the hurt the overall economy. like China and India will Beyond consumers, world’s highest moun- The Dow Jones industrials outstrip supply. A weak investors worried about tain, a tourism official fell nearly 150 points in dollar also makes each the harm higher energy said. the final session before the barrel more expensive. prices are having on Min Bahadur Sher- three-day holiday week- “Crude oil is still weigh- businesses. The rise in oil chan reached the end. ing on the market and hammered sectors such as 29,035-foot summit Investors are uneasy particularly because this is airlines. Continental early in the morning about consumers, who at a traditional driving Airlines Inc. fell nearly 27 with his climbing the start of Memorial Day holiday,” said Chris percent for the week, while guides, said a Nepal weekend are paying Orndorff, director of AP PHOTO United Airlines parent Tourism Ministry gasoline prices that have equity strategy at Payden A gas tanker truck flies by a gas station price sign in Port- UAL Corp. dropped nearly official, Ramesh Chetri. gone up nearly 20 percent, & Rygel in Los Angeles. land, Ore., Wednesday. 46 percent. Sherchan was just 25 or 65 cents a gallon, in the The concerns sent Dow Bond prices rose Friday days away from his 77th past year. down 145.99, or 1.16 and the Nasdaq fell 3.33 its close of 11,740.15 on as investors sought the birthday, Chetri said. Wall Street’s fear is that percent, to 12,479.63. percent. March 10, when credit safety of government debt. consumers, who account Broader stock indicators The economic fallout concerns weighed on the The yield on the bench- NATO: Insurgents for more than two-thirds also declined. The Stan- from higher energy prices market. mark 10-year Treasury rise in Afghanistan of U.S. economic activity, dard & Poor’s 500 index fell commanded Wall Street’s “I think while the eye of note, which moves oppo- will pare spending to make 18.42, or 1.32 percent, to focus during the week. the credit storm may have site its price, fell to 3.85 KABUL, Afghanistan room in their budgets for 1,375.93, and the Nasdaq Stocks managed to post passed, the tidewater is percent from 3.92 percent — Insurgent activity is gas that has topped $4 a composite index slid gains Thursday following still rising on the con- late Thursday. rising in Afghanistan gallon in some parts of the 19.91, or 0.81 percent, to the Dow’s biggest two-day sumer and investors can’t The dollar fell, while despite recent peace country. 2,444.67. loss since late February. lose sight of that,” said gold prices rose. agreements between Light, sweet crude rose For the week, the Dow Despite the declines in the Jack Ablin, chief invest- Orndorff said the spike the new government of $1.38 to settle at $132.19 lost 3.91 percent, suffer- major indexes for the ment officer at Harris in oil has rekindled neighboring Pakistan per barrel on the New ing its worst week since week, stocks are off their Private Bank in Chicago. concerns about stagflation and Islamic militants in York Mercantile February, while the S&P mid-March lows. The Dow He noted that higher gas — when stalling growth a tribal area along the Exchange. Oil saw its 500 gave up 3.47 percent is still up 6.3 percent from prices had led some accompanies rising prices. countries’ border, a NATO official said Sunday. Meanwhile, a suicide bomber struck a Fed: Further cuts in interest rate unlikely Canadian military WASHINGTON (AP) — two decades may be cent, a four-year-low, at its Here’s what Fed policy- vote for a new president, convoy in southern Sounding a gong couldn’t winding down — finally. next meeting on June 24- makers are up against: Cut some analysts said. Afghanistan and killed have made it clearer. The cuts started in Sep- 25 and probably through rates and bolster a weak “The Fed has spent the a boy, while a U.S.-led Federal Reserve officials tember and take months to much, if not all, of 2008. economy where employers last eight months ushering coalition soldier was are putting out the word work their way through the Holding rates at this level are eliminating jobs and homeowners with killed in an operation that further interest rate economy. should help foster better consumers are pulling adjustable-rate mortgages in the west, officials cuts are unlikely. That does not mean the economic and employ- back; raise rates and fend to safety by repeatedly said. Fed Governor Kevin economy, badly bruised by ment conditions and off inflation. cutting interest rates. They NATO spokesman Warsh ditched the central housing, credit and moderate inflation, Kohn With the housing market won’t want to throw them Mark Laity said militant bank’s cryptic word tangles financial woes, is out of the said. still flailing and foreclo- back under the bus by violence in Afghanistan and actually waxed poetic. woods. The Fed, though, is “The Fed’s advertised sures at record highs, raising interest rates too seems to be getting “Even if the economy were hoping its powerful doses reluctance to cut again is a policymakers probably much, too soon,” said Greg worse as Pakistan to weaken somewhat of cuts, along with the wise one,” said Terry would shy from pushing McBride, senior financial pursues peace with further, we should be government’s relief plan of Connelly, dean of Golden up rates — even with the analyst at militants in an effort to inclined to resist expected, tax rebates and breaks will Gate University’s Ageno specter of inflation — as “Candidates would have a end a wave of bomb- reflexive calls to trot out help lift the economy in School of Business. the country prepares to field day,” he said. ings that have killed the hammer again,” Warsh the second half of this year. hundreds of Pakistanis said, referring to the Fed’s Zooming prices for in recent years. key interest rate. energy and food and other Filipino marines battle militants Speaking more central- bankerly, the Fed’s No. 2 official, Vice Chairman commodity prices are raising some concerns that inflation could take off and Need a safer car to drive? SAVE GAS & TIME! Donald Kohn, said the spread through the econo- MANILA, Philippines current stance of interest- my. Further reductions in — Two Muslim rebel rate policy “appears to be interest rates would groups, including the appropriately calibrated aggravate the situation. al-Qaida-linked Abu for now.” Janet Yellen, In fact, the Fed’s last rate Sayyaf, attacked a president of the Federal reduction in late April was military outpost and a Reserve Bank of San “a close call,” according to convoy of troops Francisco, called the recently released docu- Sunday in the southern current level of rates ments of those private Philippines, sparking a “appropriate.” deliberations. At that time, clash that killed two They are amplifying a two Fed members favored guerrillas and wounded signal sent by Chairman no cut at all, given the 14 marines, the military Ben Bernanke and his concerns about inflation. said. colleagues last month that Many economists the Fed’s most aggressive believe the Fed will hold its — From wire reports rate-cutting campaign in key rate steady at 2 per- Don’t Miss The go to Coupon Magazine 1 For Savings! Coming May 31st Find Over In Your Local 5,000 Cars J L within an hour’s drive! A4 SUN? ` America's BEST Community Daily oo,- - 311971 re C I f To Advertise, Call 941-206-1262 10% O FF Any Deli Itonis Today •raro.?. sr ?w . Iu.5 vtws i uu SOL ?emrner?sr M s war. r.M+ w.?? wr rs all 320342 16
  • 10. Front Page 10 D/E/N/C WORLD NEWS The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008 | WORLD Mugabe threatens to expel US envoy Iraqi military: Al-Qaida fleeing Mosul BAGHDAD (AP) — Al- military spokesman Rear HARARE, Zimbabwe Qaida fighters and other Adm. Patrick Driscoll. — President Robert Sunni insurgents have “We will not allow them Mugabe threatened largely scattered from the to reorganize them- Sunday to expel the U.S. northern city of Mosul in selves.” ambassador for provid- the face of a U.S.-Iraqi After past sweeps, ing advice to the sweep, fleeing to desert Sunni insurgents have opposition opponent in areas further south, an regrouped to carry out the upcoming presiden- Iraqi commander said major attacks and domi- tial runoff. Sunday. He vowed the nate other cities to use as Mugabe, speaking at forces will not allow them a planning base. the formal launch of his to regroup. U.S. and Iraqi officials campaign for the June The U.S. military said have been taking a more 27 runoff, said Ambas- al-Qaida in Iraq was “off- confident tone over sador James McGee had balance and on the run” security gains in Iraq in publicly urged opposi- but remains a very lethal recent weeks, particularly tion leader Morgan threat, tempering since the high profile Tsvangirai to return to remarks by the U.S. crackdowns in Mosul and Zimbabwe to lead his ambassador a day earlier Sadr City, and the south- embattled supporters. that the terror network ern city of Basra. Those Tsvangirai returned was closer than ever to sweeps aim to impose being defeated. AP PHOTO Iraqi government control Saturday after more than six weeks abroad. The comments came An Iraqi policeman guards arrested suspects in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Thurs- in areas that have been “As long as he carries amid a flurry of attacks in day. Some 1,300 people were detained since the start of the Iraqi army operations in under the control of on doing that, I will kick Baghdad and other areas, Mosul last week. Shiite militias or Sunni him out of the country,” most likely attributable to insurgents. Mugabe said of McGee, Sunni insurgents. A said. Police officials in military have called suspicion, he said. U.S. Ambassador Ryan a Vietnam War veteran. roadside bomb targeted a both cities spoke on Mosul the last remaining He said some 2,000 al- Crocker said Saturday “I don’t care if he fought patrol of U.S.-allied Sunni condition of anonymity urban stronghold for al- Qaida and other Sunni that Iraqi forces have in Vietnam. This is Arab fighters near a because they were not Qaida in Iraq after insurgent fighters were made important progress Zimbabwe, not an mosque in northern authorized to talk to the successes against the believed to have been in in confronting extremists, extension of America.” Baghdad, killing one of press. terror network in Baqou- the city before the sweep adding, “You are not the so-called Awakening Iraqi security forces ba and major towns in was launched. He could going to hear me say that Council members and also conducted their first the western province of not say how many al-Qaida is defeated, but Lebanese wounding three others, a major roundup of Anbar. remained in the city, but they’ve never been closer parliament names police official said. weapons caches in Iraqi Defense Ministry said most who managed to defeat than they are new president Bombings and shoot- Baghdad’s Shiite district spokesman, Maj. Gen. to flee were believed to be now.” BEIRUT, Lebanon — ings killed three people in of Sadr City, where troops Mohammed al-Askari, taking refuge in deserts Driscoll sounded a Lebanon’s parliament and around the city of and police deployed last said security forces had near the cities of Tikrit cautionary note, however. elected a new president Baqouba, north of week — a move that arrested some 1,030 and Ramadi, further He said that while al- Sunday, taking a step to Baghdad, where U.S. could raise tensions in people during their south. Qaida in Iraq fighters stabilize the country forces waged a fierce the military’s truce with sweep the past week in “Now they are in a “certainly are off-balance after a long, violent offensive last year to the powerful Mahdi Army Mosul. Another 251 confused situation,” he and on the run,” the political crisis and break al-Qaida domina- militia. detainees had been freed said at a joint news group “remains a very ushering in a shift in tion of the city, police The U.S. and Iraqi after being cleared of conference with U.S. lethal threat.” the balance of power in favor of Iranian-backed Hezbollah. The election of army chief Michel Suleiman Donors pledging aid to cyclone-ridden Myanmar brought palpable relief YANGON, Myanmar had been reached in Myanmar’s prime in through Yangon port.” distributed by non- to ordinary Lebanese (AP) — Donor nations said getting Myanmar’s isola- minister, Lt. Gen. Thein That seemed to nix plans governmental organiza- who feared in recent they were ready to provide tionist junta to allow Sein, said international aid for U.S., British and French tions. weeks that their country Myanmar with more than foreign aid workers “with no strings attached” warships loaded with The French government was in danger of $100 million to help it unhindered entry into the was welcome. But he humanitarian supplies to said it is “particularly another civil war. recover from Cyclone devastated Irrawaddy hedged on the sensitive join in the relief operation. shocked” by the refusal to Celebratory gunfire Nargis, but warned the delta. issue of direct access, The ships have been off accept the aid directly, but reverberated across the ruling junta Sunday they “I’m cautiously opti- saying only civilian vessels Myanmar’s coast for more believes in the “responsi- capital Beirut as the will not fully open their mistic that this could be a could take part in the aid than a week. bility to protect” the needy. election results were wallets until they are turning point for Myanmar operation, and they would France said Sunday it Myanmar’s leaders have announced in the early provided access to the to be more flexible, more have to go through Yan- would unload the 1,000 virtually barred foreign aid evening. Glittering hardest-hit areas. practical, and face the gon. tons of aid on its ship, the workers and international fireworks lit the night U.N. Secretary-General reality as it is on the “Relief supplies can be Mistral, in Phuket, Thai- agencies from the delta sky over downtown a Ban Ki-moon, speaking to ground,” Ban told the AP . transported by land, air or land. The aid, which because they fear a large couple hours later as The Associated Press after But Myanmar’s leaders sea,” he said. “But if relief amounts to 30 planeloads influx of foreigners could cars formed motor- a one-day meeting of 51 — and potential donors — supplies have to be of supplies, would then be lead to political interfer- cades and honked their donor nations, said he continued to take a transported by water, taken to Myanmar by the ence in their internal horns. believed a turning point guarded tone. civilian vessels can come World Food Program and affairs. “He will be the savior. He is the hope for the future,” Amer Eido, 29, said of Suleiman as he French classroom drama tops Cannes fest awards watched the fireworks. CANNES, France (AP) Matteo Garrone’s day, forced me to this. ... Turkish filmmaker Nuri “Lorna’s Silence,” about “All the people are — The French film “The “Gomorrah,” a study of He was there pushing it, Bilge Ceylan was named an immigrant woman placing hopes on him Class,” a frank tale about the criminal underworld and he pushed all of us.” best director for “Three who enters a sham and, God willing, he will classroom life using real in Naples, took the grand Soderbergh directed Del Monkeys,” which centers marriage to gain Belgian bring prosperity.” students and teachers at a prize, while Paolo Sor- Toro to the supporting- on a father who takes the citizenship. junior high school, won rentino’s “Il Divo,” a lively actor Oscar for 2000’s rap for his employer’s The prize for a film by a 50 people dead top honors Sunday at the portrait of former Premier “Traffic.” crime in exchange for first-time director went to in South African Cannes Film Festival. Giulio Andreotti, won the Sandra Corveloni was financial support for his British filmmaker Steve violence wave Directed by Laurent jury award. chosen as best actress for wife and son, only to have McQueen’s “Hunger,” set Cantet, “The Class” Benicio Del Toro won “Linha de Passe,” in which the scheme backfire amid at a Northern Ireland JOHANNESBURG, (“Entre les Murs”) was the the best-actor prize for she plays the mother of bitter repercussions. prison where IRA volun- South Africa — South first French film to win “Che,” Steven Soder- four brothers struggling to Belgian siblings Jean- teer Bobby Sands and Africa has been dis- the main prize, the Palme bergh’s four-hour-plus make better lives for Pierre and Luc Dardenne, other inmates seeking graced by a wave of d’Or, at Cannes since epic about Latin Ameri- themselves in a Brazilian two-time winners of the Irish independence violence against “Under Satan’s Sun” in can revolutionary Che slum. It was her first role Palme d’Or, received the staged a hunger strike in foreigners that has left 1987. The docudrama was Guevara. Presented as two in a feature film. screenplay prize for 1981. at least 50 dead, shot in a raw, improvisa- films, “Che” follows President Thabo Mbeki tional style to chronicle Guevara and Fidel Castro’s said Sunday. the drama that unfolds triumphant guerrilla In a 10-minute, prime time nationally over one school year. The win was a unani- campaign to overthrow Cuba’s government in the Take Our Town with you televised address on mous decision among the late 1950s and Guevara’s the state broadcaster, nine-member Cannes downfall and execution Mbeki said South jury, said Sean Penn, who after trying to foment a Africans’ heads were headed the panel. similar rebellion in Bolivia “bowed” and called the “The movie that we in the 1960s. violence an “absolute wanted to make had to Del Toro, who co- disgrace.” resemble French society, starred in Penn’s “21 “The shameful had to be multifaceted, a Grams,” also won in a actions of a few have bit teeming, complex, and unanimous jury vote, blemished the name of had to sometimes portray Penn said. South Africa,” he said. frictions that the film didn’t “I’d like to dedicate this He said South Africans try to erase,” Cantet said. to the man himself, Che should remember their Italian films won the Guevara,” said Del Toro. economy was built second-place grand prize He also thanked Soder- with the help of and third-place jury prize. bergh, “who got up every migrants from across the continent, and its neighbors had helped s1 a s rri, fight apartheid and dition un E-e The S 99 0 some had died for their efforts. 50 ly 3t.h! On mon $$ Earlier Sunday, When you re away, you don t have to lose touch with your town. police raised from 42 per (plus tax) to 50 the number of With the Sun s E-edition you have access to the daily paper anywhere you people killed in two have an internet connection — looks exactly as it appears in print! it ? h The Sun E-edition appears The Sun E-Edition appears weeks of anti-foreigner exactly as it does in print. exactly as it does in print. 311943 clashes. 4 ?c • Go to to Go to now to subscribe! f Go 311942 A I A 9T r ? ? • . ?y . r r . v: ? r — From wire reports to to subscribe today! subscribe today!
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  • 13. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun HEALTH NEWS D/E/N/C Front Page 13 Spider bites sometimes Do You Hear Me Now? require a doctor’s attention Your healthcare is DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I live in a place where Dr. flow. An asthma attack, therefore, makes a person handled by a team warm weather always Donohue gasp for air, cough and of specialists . . . brings newspaper stories Readers may wheeze. of brown recluse spider write Dr. A TIA is a temporary bites. How are they best Donohue at interruption of blood flow . . . why not have your hearing treated the same way? treated? Is there some P.O. Box to a part of the brain. way to avoid being 536475, Orlando, FL Sometimes it’s due to a bitten? I have an unnat- 32853-6475. little blood clot in a brain Walk Ins ural fear of spiders. — artery. Symptoms can Welcome L.M. include any of the follow- TM ANSWER: Spiders are In a matter of hours it ing: numbness or weak- our friends. Of the more becomes white with a red ness of an arm, leg or the than 20,000 spider ring. Then a blister face when the numbness species in the Americas, develops, which turns is on one side of the only 60 bite humans, and into a black patch of dead body; confusion; slurred of those 60, only four skin and then an ulcer. speech; inability to find Announcing the first hearing aid with a Lifetime Circuit Warranty! pose any danger. The The bitten skin is quite the correct word; vision brown recluse spider is painful. troubles; dizziness; and one of those four. It lives If the bite is on an arm loss of balance. Symp- mostly in the Southeast- or leg, it should be toms last for minutes to ern and Central United elevated, with ice applied hours, but never more States, with pockets in the to the bite. If the sore than one day. When Southwest. Because of caused by the bite is circulation is restored, interstate and intercoun- larger than an inch, a they go away. A TIA is a try transportation, it can doctor should take care of warning of an impending be seen in other places. it. Tetanus shots are stroke. This spider measures recommended. The DEAR DR. DONOHUE: about an inch in length, complications of a large It’s said you need to Call Us TODAY to receive our FREE 4-Step Hearing Check-Up! and its legs spread to a bite can be severe. drink eight 8-ounce distance of 2 inches. It DEAR DR. DONOHUE: glasses of water a day. has a tan color, and on its Would you write about The other day in the back is a distinctive mark the difference in symp- paper it said there is no that looks like a small toms from an asthma evidence that people violin. attack and a little stroke? need that much water. I As its name implies, the It’s called a T something. I would appreciate your brown recluse spider is can’t remember the exact view. — J.R. reclusive. It doesn’t seek acronym. — M.G. ANSWER: The advice out people. It likes to live ANSWER: They’re quite to drink eight 8-ounce alone and undisturbed, different, with quite glasses of water a day One pack of often in woodpiles, among rocks, in closets and attics, and under different symptoms. The acronym you’re looking for is TIA, transient had been raised almost to the level of a com- mandment. People don’t Batteries SAVE 40% FREE furniture. Your major defensive prevention is to ischemic attack. Asthma is the sudden narrowing of bronchi need to drink that much water. They need to drink $1.00 Limited Time Offer off a pair of Zon hearing aids 4-Step Hearing Checkup be careful when you are fluid when they are Limit 2 Limited Time Offer Limited Time Offer in such places, if your (airways) through which thirsty. In hot weather or area has a large recluse air reaches the lungs. when engaged in physi- Better Hearing With A Human Touch. At T&J Nobile Hearing Center spider population. It’s not Mucous glands that line cal activity that produces we understand our customers and their needs, because an aggressive spider. It those airways pour out lots of sweat, more water we see our patients as people not as clients. bites only in self-defense, thick, sticky mucus, is needed. Older people’s and that often happens which adds to the diffi- thirst perception is often when a person rolls over culty of air reaching the a little dulled, so they Call Today For Your Personalized Appointment lungs. Furthermore, the MOVIES 941-629-8808 on it in bed or while need to be careful about dressing. airways become swollen, increased fluid during SPECIALS Since 1991 NEWS SPORTS La Playa Plaza KIDS At first the bite is red. and that also blocks air summer months. 320477 2811 Tamiami Trail Ste. A • Port Charlotte, FL MORNING AFTERNOON ARC SAR SPG VEN E-N PC MAY 26 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30 ABC 7 7 7 10 7 Morning 645775 Paid Prog. 359828 Martha 657510 The View 644046 News (N) 203688 AMC (R) 212336 One Life 914317 GH (TVPG) 143607 Crosswords Jeopardy ABC 7 11 7 Morning (N) 84539 Regis 438046 The Medal: 63046 The View (N) 76510 Feud Feud All Children 35152 One Life (R) 46881 GH (TVPG) 59133 Insider TMZ (N) CBS 5 5 5 5 Early Show 38607 Morning (N) 65862 Million. Beautiful Price (TV G) 37978 News (N) 73794 Restless (N) 82442 World Turn 14779 Guiding (N) 97775 Oprah (N) 77210 CBS 10 10 10 Early Show 34881 Inside Million. Studio 10 20688 Price (TV G) 33152 News Restless 542268 Beautiful World Turn 14733 Guiding (N) 27779 News (N) 12084 NBC 5 2 2 2 (7:00) Today The B-52’s. (N) (HD) 710620 Ellen (TV G) 20268 Today (N) 24684 News (N) 62268 Days Lives 48688 Martha 70775 Rachael (N) 93539 News (N) 72046 BROADCAST NBC 8 8 8 8 (7:00) Today The B-52’s. (N) (HD) 458404 Daytime 97336 News (N) 77572 Today (N) 52152 Montel (R) 38572 Days Lives 70171 Rachael (N) 79355 Oprah (N) 58862 FOX 4 4 4 4 4 News (N) 953733 Morning 479794 Better TV 703030 Maury (N) 303274 Paid Prog. 670336 Raymond Will Maury (N) 381065 Law Order 592959 Wife King FOX 13 13 13 13 News (N) 43355 Regis 29084 Morning (N) 41220 Alex (R) Alex (R) News (N) 82666 Cristina Cristina Brown Brown Divorce Divorce Judy Judy PBS 3 3 3 3 Sesame 425607 Curious Clifford Super Why Dragon Flavors Gourmet’s Our Prime Painting Painting Needle Mr.Rogers Betw. Lion Reading Curious WordGirl WordGirl WEDU 3 17 3 Curious Clifford Super Why Dragon Sesame (R) 66442 Betw. Lion Reading Rose (N) 95620 Antiques (N) 21268 Memorial Day (TV G) 69317 Maya WordGirl WordGirl CW 11 38 6 Wink News (N) Judy Brown Brown Young Young Hatchett Lopez Lopez News (R) 8426404 Frasier Jim All Us I Like Reba Reba CW 9 9 9 Cosby Cosby Lopez Lopez Hatchett Hatchett Young Young Home Vid Lopez Lopez Jim Wife Wife All Us I Like Reba Reba MYN 11 11 11 Paid Prog. Bel-Air 700 Club 3281881 Maury (R) 7380602 Court (R) 3980846 Mathis (R) 7509171 Scrubs Bel-Air Feud Feud Wilkos (R) 1141268 Maury (N) 1120775 MYN 8 8 Cristina Cristina Tyra Banks Show Steve Wilkos (R) Montel Williams Temptation Temptation Crosswords Crosswords Court (TVPG) (N) Judge Mathis (R) Divorce Divorce IND 12 12 4 21 Paid Prog. Copeland News Degrassi One One Half Half Standing Standing Springer (R) 88268 Tyra (TVPG) 99997 Cheaters Cheaters Springer (R) 19256 ION 2 2 2 13 26 15 Paid Prog. Robinson Paid Programs Sponsored. 43715 Paid Programs Sponsored. 522959 Paid Programs Sponsored. 43751 Paid Programs Sponsored. 253572 A&E 26 26 26 26 39 58 CSI: Miami 460171 CSI: Miami 559846 CSI: Miami 666268 CSI: Miami 646404 CSI: Miami 205046 CSI: Miami 214794 CSI: Miami 916775 CSI: Miami 145065 CSI: Miami 124572 AMC 56 56 56 56 30 34 Guadalcanal Diary (‘43, War) 389607 Bataan (‘43, War) aaa Destroying a bridge. 974997 Fixed Bayonets! (‘51, War) aac 196997 Hamburger Hill (‘87) aac Battle to take hill. 681775 APL 44 44 44 44 36 64 Pet Star 5692688 Me or Dog Me or Dog Me or Dog Me or Dog Me or Dog Me or Dog Me or Dog Me or Dog Me or Dog (TV G) Groomer 9217794 Groomer 4181713 Groomer 4160220 BET 35 35 35 35 40 68 Inspiration 851510 Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent Diff’rent BRAVO 68 68 68 68 35 Clear and Present Danger (‘94) aac Cartel link found. 154084 Outrag. Outrageous (R) Housewives (R) Housewives (R) Top Chef 630336 Top Chef 155355 Top Chef COM 66 66 66 66 15 46 MADtv 5374978 Wayne’s World 2 (‘93) aa (HD) 1298510 Spaceballs (‘87, Comedy) aac 8680133 Wayne’s World (‘92, Comedy) 1209626 Wayne’s World 2 (‘93) aa (HD) 7826510 DISC 43 43 43 43 25 29 Paid Prog. 442775 Deadliest 654030 Deadliest 631572 Deadliest 651336 Deadliest 210978 Season 229626 Season 921607 Season 150997 Deadliest 139404 DISCH 73 73 73 73 47 136 Babies 6777133 Make Room Birth Day Diaries House Adoption ER 1269997 ER 1245317 ER 7561794 ER 2670065 ER 2659572 E! 46 46 46 46 27 49 E! Story (R) 499959 E! Spec. 229828 Coyote Ugly Singer tends bar. 266423 E! Spec. 269510 25 Memorable Swimsuit (TV14) 967775 E! Story (R) 183591 Kardashian Kardashian FAM 55 55 55 55 10 42 A Civil Action (‘98) 116046 Living 700 Club 826688 Gilmore 839152 Full Hse Full Hse Sister Sister Sabrina Sabrina Full Hse Full Hse I Like I Like FOOD 37 37 37 37 - 62 Paid Programs 4439220 Home Ck Neelys Emeril Grill (R) Delicioso Unwrap Unwrap Diners Diners Guy Bite 30 Min. Quick Fix Tyler’s Semi-Hm Italian FX 51 51 51 51 58 53 Dharma Dharma ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s ‘70s GSN 179 179 179 179 34 102 Paid Prog. Match Match Match Gme Match Match Match Match Gme Match Match Gme Match Gme Match Gme Match Gme Truth Friend or Weakest L. HALL 17 74 6 17 66 Pandemic Los Angeles battles a bird flu epidemic. 7022713 Supernova (‘05) a A powerful force threatens home. 7013065 Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island ac Isolated island. 1991959 HGTV 41 41 41 41 53 54 Yard Sale Save Bth Carter Can Carter Can Kitchens 8188046 Get Out 8191510 Hse Hunt Hse Hunt Designed Design Design 2 2528591 Curb App. Curb App. RV 2008 5446997 CABLE HIST 54 54 54 54 33 30 Monster 3837404 Monster 2809268 Monster 3572775 Monster 3592539 Monster 4259688 Monster 4268336 Monster 9564797 Monster 4365607 Monster 1462355 LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 33 Nanny Nanny Gold Girl Gold Girl Frasier Frasier Sex, Love, and Lies (‘04) aa (R) 526997 Sex & Mrs. X (‘00, Drama) aac 192133 Sex, Lies and Obsession (‘01) 689065 NICK 25 25 25 25 24 47 Sponge Sponge Backyard 454012 Go Diego 662442 Dora (TVY) 659978 SpongeBob SquarePants (‘04) 931084 Sponge Drake & Josh (TVY) 362065 Zoey 101 137046 QVC 14 14 12 9 14 24 Morning 7541779 Bose 3071065 Black Hills Gold: 20th Anniverary - Gold Month 5041959 It Figures 5379317 Kitchen 4265317 Summer Survival 5518442 SCI 67 67 67 67 56 Enterprise (TVPG) Enterprise (TVPG) Enterprise (TVPG) Enterprise (TVPG) Enterprise (TVPG) Enterprise (TVPG) Enterprise (TVPG) Enterprise (TVPG) Enterprise (TVPG) SPIKE 53 53 53 53 29 57 Paid Prog. 813355 CSI: Crime 240510 CSI: Crime 892862 CSI: Crime 812626 CSI: Crime 471268 CSI: Crime 457688 CSI: Crime 168317 CSI: Crime 379201 CSI: Crime 398336 TBS 59 59 59 59 32 51 Save Bell Save Bell Bel-Air Bel-Air Ace Ventura: Pet Detective aac 860997 Wild Wild West (‘99, Adventure) 562978 Men in Black (‘97) Will Smith. 417794 Queens Queens TCM 65 65 65 65 105 Wings Patrol aaa 6191591 They Were Expendable (‘45) PT boats. 71429688 Tomorrow Is Forever (‘46) 80050591 Since You Went Away (‘44) aaa Wartime turmoil. 9664423 TLC 45 45 45 45 57 41 Bigfoot Bindi Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate TNT 61 61 61 61 28 31 Charmed 673959 Charmed 233220 Law: D-Girl 885572 Law (TV14) 805336 Law (TV14) 464978 Law: DWB 473626 Law (TV14) 184355 Law (TV14) 302539 Law (TV14) 381046 TOON 48 48 48 48 46 50 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 2016201 Billy (‘07) 3780648 Pokémon Ranger and Temple (‘07) aaa 2468862 Z.E.R.O (‘06) aaa 3206997 Gym (R) 1138794 Wilt (‘06) 1401881 TRAV 69 69 69 69 38 (7:00) Paid Prog. Sand Blast (TV G) Sand Blast (TV G) Disney (R) 8100268 Cruises 9133775 Wonders 9142423 Outdoors 2537249 RV Crazy! (TV G) Beaches 5448355 TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 65 (7:00) Paid Prog. Beach Beach Pat. Beach Beach Beach Pat. Beach Beach Pat. Beach Beach Pat. Beach Pat. Beach Pat. Beach Beach Beach Pat. Beach Beach TVL 62 62 62 62 31 71 4-0 (R) 4-0 (R) 4-0 (R) 4-0 (R) 4-0 (R) the Look Reunion 9217274 Reunion 8437510 Reunion 8413930 Reunion 9202862 Reunion 4176881 Reunion 4162688 USA 34 34 34 34 22 44 NCIS (HD) 608065 NCIS (HD) 647268 NCIS (HD) 291978 NCIS (HD) 204442 NCIS (HD) 861626 NCIS (HD) 847046 NCIS (HD) 574713 NCIS (HD) 785607 NCIS (HD) 797442 WE 117 117 117 117 74 (7:00) Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Rich Bride (TVPG) Rich Bride (TVPG) Rich Bride (TVPG) Rich Bride (TVPG) Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding WGN 16 16 14 14 41 18 Hllbillies Hllbillies Matlock 868930 Nash 429930 Nash 449794 Homicide 122256 News (N) 827864 @ MLB Baseball: Los Angeles vs Chicago (Live) 98746220 CNBC 39 39 39 39 63 Billion (R) 3771688 Big Mac 1801249 Fighting 8137046 The Call 8140510 Suze Orman Suze Orman Suze Orman Suze Orman Suze Orman NEWS CNN 32 32 32 32 18 32 American 253210 CNN Newsroom News for the classroom. 973930 Issue #1 836930 CNN Newsroom News for the classroom. 635268 Situation 554317 CSPAN 18 18 18 18 37 9 (7:00) Washington Journal (N) 263978 Today in Washington (N) 43171 U.S. House of Representatives 52442 U.S. House 40607 The Capitol 9061978 U.S. House FNC 64 64 64 64 48 60 FOX Friend (N) America’s 7673607 America’s 5272201 Now (N) 5292065 Now (N) 5997713 Live Desk 5973133 Pulse (N) 7289794 Studio B 1217220 Your World (N) MSNBC 42 42 42 42 40 MSNBC Live Live news. (N) 7281152 MSNBC Live Live news. (N) 5967572 MSNBC Live Live news. (N) 2917794 MSNBC Live Live news. (N) 2073539 CSS 28 28 28 28 49 SportsNite Talkin Out Raceline Reel Advnt Tales Paid Prog. 940152 Paid Prog. 159688 Outback Championship Series 507336 AFL Football: Cleveland at Tampa Bay 471607 ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 27 SportsCenter (HD) 145046 SportsCenter (HD) 108355 SportsCenter (HD) 541423 Road/OmahaCollege Lacrosse: NCAA Championship 677572 Best/Mike 258201 1st & 10 SPORTS ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 28 Mike and Mike in the Morning 1596775 ESPN First Take (HD) 9156626 ESPN First Take (HD) 2532794 Best/Mike 2520959 1st & 10 3 Death of a driver. 1652046 FSN 72 72 72 72 FSN Secrets Paid Prog. 426978 Paid Prog. 673210 Paid Prog. 578666 Paid Prog. 627510 Billiards 603930 Ms. Ftness 351065 Poker 534201 Stories Top 50 GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 55 Post Game In Bag? Paid Prog. Big Break 8139404 Big Break 8159268 Paid Prog. Top 10 LPGA Tournament (Replay) 7112084 Paid Prog. SPEED 52 52 52 52 42 162 NASCAR 3822572 D. Despain Monster 3590171 Setup NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series 8498317 S Rolex Sports Car Series: Lime Rock (Live) 3246775 SUN 38 38 38 38 45 37 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. 321442 Powerboat Arnd. Trck Island Hop M. Martin Hall Fame Cheerleading & Dance Comp 18084 Paid Prog. 43779 Tennis 19591 B. Bunch Glf Amer. DISN 136 136 136 136 136 76 Einsteins Mickey Han. Man Friends Zack (R) Phineas Hannah Wizards Herbie: Fully Loaded (‘05) ac (G) 703404 Zack (R) Zack (R) Derek Derek Phineas Phineas ENC 150 150 150 150 400 3 Men and a Little Lady (‘90) 93057201 Blew Up Kid (‘92) 68791305 Smokey and the Bandit II ac 37516607 D2: Mighty Duck ac 7365133 (:20) RoboCop 2 (‘90) ac (R) 2384171 77 77 PREMIUM HBO 302 301 301 301 17 500 The Devil Wears Prada (‘06) 2444268 Just My Luck Luck reversed. 87294336 Mantle 687626 Recount (‘08) A power struggle. 378591 Music and Lyrics 9526510 HBO 1st Lk HBO2 303 302 302 302 501 Making of Poseidon Trapped with fear. 93520065 Extras (TV14) (R) 2356775 American Dreamz (‘06) aac 3292713 Justin Timberlake Concert 56664317 (:15) F. Four 2 (‘07) HBO3 304 303 303 303 502 Andre 65097862 Parenthood (‘89) aac Parents have kids. 76913133 Starter for 10 (‘07) 1224626 (:15) My Cousin Vinny (‘92) aaa A Brooklyn lawyer hits the Deep South. 66436133 76 76 76 540 Constant Firehouse Dog (‘07) 2729862 (:20) You Kill Me (‘08) aaa (R) 73221249 Lk. Placid 9397355 (:20) Disturbia (‘07, Thriller) 27985959 The Matrix Reloaded (‘03) (R) 62368775 MAX 320 320 320 320 63 MAX2 321 321 321 321 541 Great Race Haunted Hill (‘99) 37835046 Road Trip Teens on the road. 28051171 El Cantante (‘07, Drama) ac (R) 9717220 (:55) The Black Dahlia (‘06) aa 30752171 Road Trip 9288341 SHO 340 340 340 340 19 520 Miss Potter Aspiring author. 32594317 Maxed Out (‘06) aaa 334978 Mad Love (‘95) ac 4181959 (:15) The Pink Panther (‘06) ac 61331713 Nacho Libre (‘06) 8758065 Potter TMC 350 350 350 350 20 550 Employee of the Month (‘06) aa 1227959 (:15) The Odd Couple II (‘98) 74892107 Caffeine (‘06) aac (R) 5137152 (:35) G (‘05, Drama) 46260626 Population 436 aac 62249862 Unzipped
  • 14. Front Page 14 D/E/N/C WEATHER / TV LISTINGS The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008 TODAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY THE NATION -10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s ot l Five-day forecast Seattle 68/53 provided by WINK-TV Sunny and less humid Partly cloudy Partly cloudy, isolated Scattered afternoon Scattered afternoon rain rain rain channel 11/cable Billings 53/36 Minneapolis channel 5. Tune in 89° / 66° 90° / 68° 91° / 70° 90° / 72° 90° / 72° 66/45 Detroit New York Jim Farrell at 6 and 11 p.m. 0% chance of rain 20% chance of rain 20% chance of rain 40% chance of rain 40% chance of rain 2 ?i22 N, 79/53 81/63 SPECIALS , MOVIES NEWS San Francisco Denver 64/44 SPORTS Chicago 80/49 KIDS Washington CONDITIONS TODAY AIRPORT I I Plant City 9 67/54 85/68 Kansas City UV Index and RealFeel Temperature® Today Possible weather-related delays today. Check with Clearwater 86/65 J Winter Haven 86/62 00 your airline for the most updated schedules. 86/70 1 NICE 86/66 ?" r Los Angeles Hi/Lo Outlook Delays 70/56 10 10 0. 0 Tampa Brandon k Atlanta Ft. Myers 87/68 sun none 83/64 88/67 i 86/66 El Paso 6 6 2 2 0 0 2 Sarasota 87/67 sun none Bartow r 92/64 0 0 86/64 SUN AND MOON Shown are noon posi- Houston 90/74 70 78 87 89 88 83 St. Petersburg 8 a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. The Sun Rise Set 87/71 Apollo Beach tions of weather systems HOT Miami 87/65 Ft. Meade The higher the UV Index™ number, the Today 6:36 a.m. 8:15 p.m. 85/64 and precipitation. Temperature 85/73 greater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low; 3-5 Tuesday 6:35 a.m. 8:16 p.m. bands are highs for the day. Moderate; 6-7 High; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme. The Moon Rise Set Fronts Precipitation RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive composite of effective temperature based on eight weather Today 12:52 a.m. 12:01 p.m. factors. Tuesday 1:25 a.m. 12:58 p.m. Wauchula Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice Last New First Full Bradenton 87/63p l , i AIR QUALITY INDEX 3, 84/68 `' Y . Today Tue. Today Tue. Air Quality Index readings as of Sunday r City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W 0 Longboat Key r Myakka City i r I l Limestone Albuquerque 83 56 s 87 58 s Jackson, MS 89 70 t 87 67 t 39 82/67 f 88/65 0 88/62 Anchorage 62 45 s 67 43 s Kansas City 86 62 t 68 53 t N w o May 27 Jun 3 Jun 10 Jun 18 Sarasota Atlanta 83 64 s 84 65 pc Knoxville 86 63 s 84 63 t 0 50 100 150 200 300 500 87/67 Baltimore 85 65 s 82 57 t Las Vegas 79 60 s 87 66 s 0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300 SOLUNAR TABLE Osprey Arcadia I Billings 53 36 c 55 45 c Los Angeles 70 56 pc 72 56 pc Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous Minor Major Minor Major T Birmingham 85 67 s 84 66 pc Louisville 87 71 pc 79 52 t 83/67 88/62 Boise 72 55 t 74 55 pc Memphis 89 72 t 86 63 t Main pollutant: ozone Today 11:35a 5:24a 11:58p 5:47p Tue. 12:23p 6:12a ---- 6:34p Venice Boston 78 62 pc 78 51 t Milwaukee 78 43 t 52 42 pc Source: 85/66 North Port Hull Buffalo 74 53 t 56 41 t Minneapolis 66 45 c 63 48 pc Wed. 12:46a 6:57a 1:08p 7:20p Shown is today’s weather. 88/62 Temperatures are today’s 89/63 Burlington, VT 76 55 t 63 40 t Montgomery 86 65 s 88 66 s POLLEN INDEX The solunar period schedule allows planning days highs and tonight’s lows. Charleston, WV 86 65 s 79 57 t Nashville 87 67 pc 82 60 t Pollen Index readings as of Sunday so you will be fishing in good territory or hunting Port Charlotte in good cover during those times. Major periods 89/66 Charlotte 84 60 s 86 62 pc New Orleans 87 73 t 87 70 pc Trees 11 begin at the times shown and last for 1.5 to 2 Englewood Chicago 80 49 t 58 42 pc New York City 81 63 s 77 55 t Grass 7 hours. The minor periods are shorter. 87/65 Cincinnati 83 63 pc 73 48 r Norfolk, VA 83 63 s 86 66 pc Weeds 6 Gulf Water Punta Gorda Cleveland 81 56 t 63 44 r Oklahoma City 90 70 pc 88 63 t Molds o- o 10461 TIDES 87/65 Columbia, SC 87 62 s 88 65 pc Omaha 79 53 t 64 51 pc Temperature Placida absent low moderate high very high 87/65 Columbus, OH 84 65 t 68 44 r Philadelphia 83 64 s 79 58 t High Low High Low Source: National Allergy Bureau Punta Gorda 81° Boca Grande 0 Concord, NH Dallas 79 60 pc 94 74 pc 78 45 t 93 69 s Phoenix Pittsburgh 89 65 s 82 62 t 94 71 s 70 46 t Today 10:13a 2:57a 7:17p 1:22p 82/69 Denver 64 44 t 60 43 r Portland, ME 71 58 pc 73 45 t ALMANAC Tue. 10:36a 3:43a 8:33p 3:17p Forecasts and graphics, except for the Fort Myers Des Moines 83 52 t 66 47 pc Portland, OR 69 54 c 70 56 c Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Sunday Englewood Detroit 79 53 t 62 40 pc Providence 78 60 s 76 52 t WINK-TV 5-day forecast, provided by 87/68 Temperatures Today 8:50a 1:13a 5:54p 11:38a AccuWeather, Inc. ©2008 Duluth 54 32 sh 60 38 s Raleigh 85 61 s 88 64 pc High/Low 93°/69° Tue. 9:13a 1:59a 7:10p 1:33p Cape Coral Lehigh Acres Fairbanks 59 43 pc 57 41 c Salt Lake City 68 50 t 72 53 c Normal High/Low 90°/68° Boca Grande 87/66 89/67 Fargo 58 35 pc 65 40 s St. Louis 87 66 t 69 49 r Record High 96° (1986) Today 7:55a 9:59a 4:59p --- Hartford 79 61 pc 82 51 t San Antonio 91 75 s 91 72 pc Record Low 58° (1967) Tue. 8:18a 12:20a 6:15p 11:54a MARINE Helena 56 41 c 64 45 c San Diego 67 61 pc 69 60 pc Precipitation (in inches) Wind Speed Seas Bay/Inland Sanibel Honolulu 86 73 s 86 73 s San Francisco 67 54 pc 68 52 pc El Jobean Houston 90 74 s 92 72 s Seattle 68 53 c 70 54 c 24 hours through 5 p.m. Sunday 0.00” direction in knots in feet chop 82/71 Today 10:45a 3:26a 7:49p 1:51p Indianapolis 84 64 t 69 43 r Washington, DC 85 68 s 83 60 t Month to date 0.25” Tue. 11:08a 4:12a 9:05p 3:46p Cape Sable to Tarpon Springs Bonita Springs Normal month to date 2.09” ENE 10-20 1-3 Light 87/67 Venice WORLD CITIES Year to date 10.60” Tarpon Springs to Apalachicola Today 7:05a 10:17a 4:09p --- AccuWe ® Normal year to date 11.14” Today Tue. Today Tue. Record 1.16” (1991) Tue. 7:28a 12:38a 5:25p 12:12p E 8-16 2-4 Light City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Amsterdam 68 58 r 69 63 c Mexico City 79 51 t 76 49 t MONTHLY RAINFALL FLORIDA CITIES Baghdad 106 81 s 106 75 pc Montreal 77 51 t 61 44 pc Month 2008 2007 Avg. Record/Year Today Tue. Today Tue. Today Tue. Beijing 95 66 s 84 57 s Ottawa 77 50 t 60 42 pc Jan. 1.61 1.01 2.21 7.07/1979 City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Berlin 72 52 c 76 58 c Paris 67 56 r 70 64 r Feb. 1.72 1.28 2.32 11.05/1983 Apalachicola 82 65 s 83 65 s Key West 84 76 pc 84 75 pc Pompano Beach 82 76 pc 84 75 s Buenos Aires 63 48 c 55 37 sh Regina 57 34 pc 65 36 s Mar. 3.04 0.06 2.73 9.26/1970 Apr. 3.98 1.30 1.70 5.80/1994 Bradenton 84 68 s 84 68 s Kissimmee 84 65 s 86 68 s St. Augustine 81 66 s 82 66 s Cairo 90 66 s 93 65 s Rio de Janeiro 80 69 s 82 71 pc May 0.25 0.83 3.15 9.45/1991 Clearwater 86 70 s 87 70 s Lakeland 86 66 s 86 67 s St. Petersburg 87 71 s 89 70 s Calgary 56 40 c 62 43 pc Rome 83 63 s 89 63 s Jun. 3.75 8.45 23.99/1974 Coral Springs 82 74 pc 85 74 s Melbourne 80 70 s 81 68 s Sanford 84 66 s 86 67 s Cancun 91 69 pc 89 69 t St. John 85 78 t 87 78 t Jul. 5.72 7.78 14.22/1995 Daytona Beach 79 67 s 83 66 s Miami 85 73 pc 85 73 s Sarasota 87 67 s 87 67 s Dublin 57 48 r 57 48 r San Juan 88 75 pc 86 75 pc Aug. 6.62 7.82 15.60/1995 Fort Lauderdale 83 76 pc 84 75 s Naples 86 67 s 87 70 s Tallahassee 87 62 s 89 63 s Edmonton 65 41 pc 68 45 s Sydney 66 48 pc 63 48 sh Sep. 5.37 6.75 14.03/1979 Fort Myers 87 68 s 89 69 s Ocala 84 60 s 88 63 s Tampa 88 67 s 89 69 s Halifax 60 46 pc 59 41 sh Tokyo 75 63 pc 75 63 s Oct. 3.11 3.12 10.88/1995 Fort Pierce 81 69 s 82 69 s Okeechobee 81 69 s 82 69 s Titusville 79 67 s 82 66 s Kiev 59 44 pc 66 45 pc Toronto 77 50 t 58 42 pc Nov. 0.03 1.88 5.53/2002 Gainesville 84 60 s 86 61 s Orlando 83 66 s 86 68 s Vero Beach 81 70 s 84 67 s London 63 54 r 74 61 c Vancouver 67 56 sh 68 55 c Dec. 0.31 1.77 6.83/2002 Year 10.60 29.39 49.68 (since 1931) Jacksonville 81 59 s 84 63 s Panama City 84 65 s 84 67 s West Palm Beach 83 73 s 83 73 s Madrid 68 54 c 68 54 c Winnipeg 52 32 s 62 41 s Totals are from a 24-hour period ending at 5 p.m. Key Largo 81 76 pc 82 75 pc Pensacola 83 68 s 85 68 s Winter Haven 86 66 s 89 69 s Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice. PRIME TIME ARC SAR SPG VEN E-N PC MAY 26 5 PM 5:30 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 ABC O 7 7 7 10 7 News (N) News (N) News (N) World News Wheel (TV G) Jeopardy! (R) Vacation Swap Campsite chaos. The Bachelorette 4 Three men get to live in with DeAnna. News (N) Nightline 795959 449268 439881 420133 708423 426317 (R) 854201 (TV14) (N) 864688 4872065 31903572 ABC 7 11 7 Dr. Phil (TVPG) 13220 News (N) News (N) ET 21249 Extra (N) Vacation Swap 91607 The Bachelorette 4 Magic Castle trip. (N) 94794 News (N) Nightline CBS 77 5 5 5 5 News (N) 9881 News (N) 1794 News (N) 8607 CBS News (N) News (N) 6317 Inside Edition The Big Bang How I Met (R) Two & 1/2 (R) Rules Engage CSI: Miami Politician killed. (TV14) News (N) Late Show 9959 1171 5065 4572 77274 74423 (R) 38510 3810404 95586626 - CBS F11 10 0 i 10 10 Dr. Phil (TVPG) 1862 News (N) News (N) Inside (N) Million. (R) Big Bang How I Met Two & 1/2 Rules (R) CSI: Miami (R) 41084 News (N) Late Show NBC 20 5 2 2 2 News (N) 36133 News (N) 80442 News (N) 87355 NBC News (N) Wheel (TV G) Jeopardy! (N) American Gladiators (TVPG) (N) 36442 Dateline NBC An abducted college student. (N) News (N) Leno (TV14) 78607 56997 67591 900713 97175862 5513881 NBC 8 8 8 8 News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N) ET 2959 Extra 6881 American Gladiators (TVPG) 89930 Dateline NBC (N) 13688 News (N) Leno (R) BROADCAST FOX 36 4 4 4 4 4 Malcolm (HD) Simpsons Friends Friends Raymond Seinfeld So You Think You Can Dance So You Think You Can Dance FOX News at Ten (N) 226404 News (N) Seinfeld 179997 807268 897881 888133 159133 884317 (TVPG) 236881 (TVPG) 223317 505423 379220 FOX 73 13 13 13 13 Fox 13 Special 5220 News (N) 95930 TMZ 3249 Insider (N) You Can Dance 79881 You Can Dance 66317 News (N) 69404 News (N) TMZ (N) PBS 30 3 3 3 3 WordGirl WordGirl News (TV G) Bus. Rpt (N) The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Antiques Roadshow Movie prop. American Experience: Truman, Part 2 Truman wins re-election Charlie Rose (N) 61125 37959 81268 71881 62133 (N) (HD) 33607 (TV G) 42355 over Dewey. (TVPG) (R) 45442 WEDU 3 17 3 WordGirl WordGirl News 171 Bus. Rpt NewsHour (N) 5591 Antiques Rdshow 1539 American Experience: Truman, Part 2 (R) 4626 Sgt P Smit Heroes Fro CW 46 11 38 6 Judy Million. (R) Queens Queens Two & 1/2 Two & 1/2 Gossip Girl (R) 1596336 One Tree Hill 1576572 News (N) Jim (HD) Family Family CW 94 9 9 9 Friends Malcolm Two & 1/2 Queens Simpsons Two & 1/2 Gossip Girl: Pilot 77423 One Tree Hill (R) 64959 Queens Jim 72591 ‘70s 55713 ‘70s 97012 MYN 38 11 11 11 Court (TVPG) 7753539 Judge Mathis 7505355 Raymond Seinfeld The Movie Preview Awards (N) 3448084 News (N) Raymond Seinfeld Sex City MYN FBI 8 8 Judge Alex (TVPG) Scrubs (TVPG) George Lopez George Lopez Scrubs (TVPG) Access (TVPG) The Movie Preview Awards Hollywood celebrates the art and Jerry Springer: The Deer Hunter South Park (HD) (HD) (N) creativity of movie promotion. (N) (TV14) (R) (TVMA) Reno 911! (TV14) IND 12 12 4 21 The Tyra Banks Show (TVPG) Family Guy Family Guy Frasier (TV14) Frasier (TV14) Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Race the Sun aa Misfit high school kids design a Will & Grace Will & Grace (R) 34862 73249 57201 35591 86713 F.P.S. 37423 solar-powered car for a race in Australia. 30510 69715 87152 ION 66 2 2 2 13 26 15 Wayans Wayans Harvey Harvey @ MLB Baseball: Texas Rangers vs Tampa Bay Rays (Live) 334862 Drew Drew Paid Programs 42539 A&E 26 26 26 26 39 58 CSI: Miami 709152 CSI: Miami 294930 CSI: Miami 887539 CSI: Miami 863959 The Andromeda Strain, Part 1 (‘08) (HD) 866046 CSI: Miami 667997 AMC 56 56 56 56 30 34 The Great Raid (‘05) The 6th Ranger Battalion rescues POWs. (R) 372775 The Longest Day (‘62, War) aaa Henry Fonda. 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Bingo Lingo Poker 4 1500779 World Poker Tour 8350256 Chain Lingo HALL 17 74 6 17 66 Shark Swarm (‘08) Seaside town harbors aggressive sharks. 5323201 Killer Wave (‘07) Man-made tidal waves devastate coast. 7111539 Supernova a 7195591 HGTV 41 41 41 41 53 54 Landscaping 2702404 Open Hse Potential Worth (R) Hse Hunt Designed Curb App. Potential Potential Hse Hunt Hse Hunt Buy Me Sleep It CABLE HIST 54 54 54 54 33 30 MonsterQuest 1487607 MonsterQuest 4248572 MonsterQuest 6939355 Journey to 10,000 BC North America. 6919591 Clash of the Cavemen (TVPG) (R) (HD) 4364978 LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 33 Sex & the Single Mom (‘03, Drama) aa 764249 More Sex & the Single Mom (‘05) aac 834607 Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict (‘08) 452274 Will Will NICK 25 25 25 25 24 47 OddParents (R) 712626 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie aac 868404 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial A boy befriends an alien. 501930 Lopez Bel-Air Bel-Air QVC 14 14 12 9 14 24 Gold Gallery 4551046 Lock & Lock 5382881 Bose Sound 8742997 PM Style Fashion trends. 8722133 Black Hills Gold 2916862 SCI 67 67 67 67 56 Enterprise 4609404 Enterprise 5968201 Enterprise 8104775 Enterprise 8113423 Enterprise 8100959 Enterprise 8103046 Enterprise 5288862 SPIKE 53 53 53 53 29 57 CSI: Crime 929220 CSI: Crime 460152 CSI: Crime 326125 CSI: Crime 175973 A History of Violence (‘05, Drama) aaa (R) 871210 CSI: Crime 893591 TBS 59 59 59 59 32 51 Seinfeld Seinfeld Friends Raymond Raymond Raymond Family Family Family Family Earl (HD) Earl (HD) Engvall Engvall TCM 65 65 65 65 105 The Best Years of Our Lives (‘46, Drama) aaac Coming home. 4218046 The Bridges at Toko-Ri (‘54, War) aaa 3440442 The Eagle Has Landed Churchill plot. 22813268 TLC 45 45 45 45 57 41 Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate Jon & Kate (N) 326305 Jon & Kate 176882 Jon & Kate Jon & Kate TNT 61 61 61 61 28 31 Law & Order 912930 Law & Order 453862 Law & Order 526323 Law & Order 526143 Law & Order 126387 Law & Order 976864 The Closer (R) 886201 TOON 48 48 48 48 46 50 Good Wilt Hunting (‘06) aaa 1401881 Ben 10: Race (‘07, Action) 5919442 Zathura (‘05, Fantasy) Game turns real. 3435510 Gym (TVY7) 3421317 Family Family TRAV 38 Beach Goers 2704862 Barbecue (R) 9139959 Hot Dog (R) 8918133 Ice Cream (R) 8927881 Anthony B. (R) 8914317 Anthony B. (R) 8917404 Trip (N) Trip (N) =FI 69 69 69 69 TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 65 Beach Pat. Beach Police Videos 8246794 Cops Cops Speeders Speeders Beach Miami Investigators 6967084 Investigators 8156171 TVL 62 62 62 62 31 71 the Look Myths (R) Myths (R) Myths (R) Myths (R) Myths (R) Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith Griffith MASH MASH USA 34 34 34 34 22 44 NCIS (TV14) 335626 NCIS (TV14) 850510 Law & Order 410881 Law & Order 496201 WWE Monday 416065 WWE Monday Law & Order 8600930 WE 117 117 117 117 74 Wedding (R) 8119220 Wedding (R) 8431336 The Best 1505084 Wedding (R) 1581404 Wedding (R) 1501268 Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum WGN 16 16 14 14 41 18 10th Inn’g Sister Pets Pets Home Videos 658355 Rocky (‘76, Drama) aaac A boxer trains. 638591 News (N) 657626 Scrubs Scrubs CNBC 39 39 39 39 63 Deal or No Deal Instincts. (TVPG) 1316794 Deal or No Deal Instincts. (TVPG) 8132591 --77777 No Deal Instincts. (TVPG) 6952152 Deal or Deal (TVPG) 7460249 NEWS CNN 32 32 32 32 18 32 The Situation Room Wolf Blitzer. (N) 554317 Lou Dobbs (N) 425713 Election Center 401133 Larry King Live 421997 Anderson Cooper 360° (N) 782510 CSPAN 18 18 18 18 37 9 U.S. House 54132084 U.S. House of Representatives (N) 87404 The Capitol 85839713 Washington The Capitol 1803189 FNC 64 64 64 64 48 60 Election HQ 4694572 Spec. Rpt. (N) 5993997 FOX Report 8122171 O’Reilly (N) 8108591 Hannity (N) 8128355 Cops, Cases 8121442 O’Reilly (R) 5273930 MSNBC 42 42 42 42 40 Hardball (N) 4607046 White House 5999171 Hardball (R) 8102317 Lockup (R) 8111065 Lockup (R) 8191201 Lockup (R) 8101688 Lockup (R) 5286404 CSS 28 28 28 28 49 Inside LSU Playing SportsNITE 60862 WNBA Basketball: Detroit vs Atlanta 61107 College Baseball: Teams TBA (Taped) 241688 ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 27 SportsCenter (HD) 242775 NBA Shoot 180336 A 2008 NBA Playoffs Game 4, Boston at Detroit (Live) (HD) 979317 SportsCenter 502442 SPORTS ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 28 3 1652046 NASCAR Now 2216626 NBA Spec. Video Game 8934171 C AFL Football: Georgia vs New Orleans (Live) (HD) 7406997 Baseball Tonight (HD) 6581323 Best Damn Poker Show FSN: Extra Marlins Deck MLB Baseball: Florida Marlins at New York Mets from Shea Stadium (Live) 598336 Arnd. 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A teen The Devil Wears Prada (‘06, Comedy) aaa A woman works Recount The 2000 U.S. presidential election becomes an Alive Day Memories: Home From HBO 302 301 accidentally changes the past. 933317 for a demanding boss. (PG-13) 753715 unprecedented power struggle. 213930 Iraq 353779 Fantastic Four: Rise aac Alien Recount (‘08, Drama) Kevin Spacey, John Hurt. Inside the 2000 The Patriot (‘00, Drama) aac Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger. A war veteran seeks vengeance when Recount (‘08) A power struggle. PREMIUM HBO2 303 302 302 302 501 attack. 49958997 presidential election. 9498959 his son is taken prisoner by the British. (R) 2772978 (NR) 9527539 HBO3 304 303 303 303 502 The War (‘94, Drama) Elijah Wood, Kevin Costner. Two kids face (:15) The Astronaut Farmer (‘07, Drama) aac An Starter for 10 (‘07) aaa A blue collar student Making of Jarhead (‘05) aaa The first Gulf neighborhood bullies. 29527591 astronaut/farmer builds a rocket. (PG) 30821882 attends college. 8527997 16728317 War. 92408539 MAX 76 76 76 Reloaded License to Wed (‘07) aa A couple attends a Borat (‘06) aaa A foreign reporter learns Over the Hedge (‘06) aaa Animals raid a Disturbia (‘07, Thriller) A teen suspects a Naked Sin 320 320 320 320 63 540 62368775 marriage prep class. 624220 about America. (R) 969713 human suburb for food. 613862 neighbor of murder. 5190688 71031881 MAX2 321 321 321 321 541 Road Trip (:35) Big Momma’s House (‘00) FBI stakeout (:15) Big Momma’s House 2 (‘06, Comedy) a FBI agent in Night at the Museum aac Museum exhibits Sin City Diaries: Portrait Art dealer. Negotiator 9288341 goes to extremes. 64907442 disguise watches suspect. 72054084 come to life at night. 3008775 36426959 50454881 SHO 340 340 340 340 19 520 Miss Potter (‘06) aaa Aspiring (:15) Dick (‘99) aac Two teen girls work for Dex. Promo Am. Life (R) Am. Life (R) WEEDS (R) WEEDS (R) The Tudors Anne’s charges. The Tudors Anne’s charges. author. 18584539 President Nixon. 23671510 (TVMA) 329065 308572 777688 846317 (TVMA) (R) 426442 (TVMA) (R) 209997 TMC 350 350 350 350 20 550 Unzipped (‘95) aaa Fashion (:10) Modigliani (‘05) Andy Garcia, Elsa Zylberstien. Italian artist Dex. Promo Caffeine (‘06, Comedy) aac Secrets of cafe Employee of the Month aa Slacker strives to The Boys designer. 20808423 enters art competition. 42316133 (TVMA) patrons are revealed. 909978 be star employee. 5448607 2616997 5 PM 5:30 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 CNN-HN is also available on: Ven 27, ENG 27, SAR 27, PTC 27, ARC 27, SPG 59. TWC is available on VEN 31, ENG 31, SAR 31, PTC 31, ARC 31, SPG 52. CNN Headline News :20 - Sports (ON THE HOUR) :20 - Day Planner :47 - Season Update Convenient - Complete - Satellite (HALF HOUR) :24 - Local News/People & :00 - Today’s Weather :25 - Morning’s Weather :55 - Drivers Report ONLINE TV Listings :00 - National and International Places :05 - Extended Forecast :30 - Today’s Weather And Storm Stories every News :10 - Radar Update :35 - Extended Forecast night at 8 and 8:30 p.m. :15 - Dollars & Sense :17 - Traveler’s Update :40 - International Weather
  • 15. ARREST: PAGE 3 Escaped Crossroads teens captured MONDAY, MAY 26, 2008 DAVID MORRIS IN YOUR CORNER Travel agency accused of hotel switch OUR TOWN Charlotte Sun Editor – Lorraine Schneeberger 941-206-1168 Animal shelter seeks move to DeSoto ‘A ttached you will find a letter recently mailed to Vision Travel complain- By JOHN LAWHORNE Kings Highway. put down. Commission, which is not ing about some unfair and STAFF WRITER The site is located at 2895 When EARS went before the bound by the Planning Com- deceptive actions on their part DESOTO COUNTY — The Southwest County Road 769, DeSoto County Planning mission’s recommendation. perpetrated against a group of EARS Animal Rescue Sanctuary north of Environmental Lab Commission in November “We are anticipating the Senior Citizens from Kings Gate. will go before the DeSoto Street, on the west side of 2007, that board recommend- community will support us,” The letter was sent certified mail County Commission at a County Road 769. ed denial of the request by a 6- said EARS chairman Jaxzann on April 15th but no response public hearing on June 23 to EARS describes itself as a 1 vote, based on incompatibili- Riggs-Berkowitz. She declined has been received to date. request a special exception “care-for-life animal sanctu- ty of the facility with the to speculate what EARS would Documentation is available that would allow the nonprofit ary” and is part of a national surrounding area. do if the special exception is which shows a reservation for organization to build a no-kill no-kill initiative, in which EARS pressed ahead to our group was made at the shelter on a 25-acre site along healthy, homeless pets aren’t present its case to the County EARS | P6 Promenade Hotel on January 15th and canceled on April 2nd without notification to us. Any assistance you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciat- ed.” — Addie DiGregorio, Port Charlotte. Hawaii trip is a wish fulfilled APP, Addie, I contacted Noelle Connolly, activities director for Kings Gates Homes, who verified everything in your letter. She organized the trip and said Vision Travel had confirmed reservations for all 38 of you for three nights at the Promenade Hotel in Savannah’s historic i district. It was a surprise to Connolly as well, when your bus went to a Days Inn 17 miles away. She too has been unable to contact anyone at Vision Travel. y After many repeated attempts, I finally got a return call from Richard Brown. Brown is the husband of Victoria Brown, who is listed as the principal agent for 4et A . Vision Travel of Pinellas County ' t Inc. in Seminole. All Brown would say was that in their literature, “everything is subject • to change without notice.” When t . . . ? i ? t i ?1 ti I asked why they switched the hotels, his reply was “no com- ment.” When I questioned if there was any financial relief that could be offered since the Days Inn was approximately $50 a night cheaper than The Prome- y. nade, his response was “no r comment.” And then he hung up. That doesn’t happen to me very often. Since I was unable to get any help from the company, I went to the Florida Department of SUN FILE PHOTO BY KHARLI ROSE, Agriculture & Consumer Ser- vices. This is the state’s clearing- Cancer survivor Kerri Donnelly, 16, left, led the first lap during the American Cancer Society’s 2008 Relay For Life of North Port at Butler Park. house for consumer complaints. Donnelly and her family recently left for Hawaii on a trip that was made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. While able to help mediate any dispute, the Division of Con- sumer Services actually regulates Young cancer survivor experiences a trip of a lifetime a few industries including motor vehicle repair shops, health By ANNE KLOCKENKEMPER A-Wish Foundation. North Port High School. The throats and couldn’t get rid of studios and gyms, intrastate STAFF WRITER It’s been a difficult year for family car has logged more them, and we got all kinds of movers and sellers of travel. NORTH PORT — For the the Donnellys. Their 16-year- than 5,000 miles traveling to antibiotics, but it wasn’t the Companies in violation of Donnelly family, leaving their old daughter, Kerri, was diag- Orlando and Gainesville for step throat.” regulations can be fined, lose home at 5 o’clock Friday nosed with Hodgkin’s lym- Kerri’s treatments. Since 1980, the Make-a- their license to do business in morning was absolutely worth phoma in September 2007, and “She was actually sick for Wish Foundation has helped the state or — in the case of it. They were on their way to spent most of this year hospi- over a year,” Kerri’s mom, criminal fraud — face possible Hawaii, courtesy of the Make- tal-bound instead of attending Cindy, said. “She had strep WISH| P6 arrest. That’s why it’s vital to file a consumer complaint with DOACS, especially involving companies it directly oversees. Vineland student places Complaints are also public record and can be accessed by consumers and other state second in state flag-drawing contest agencies. By DANA SANCHEZ Ladies Auxiliary, Rotonda Post “We were very pleased To file a complaint or verify a STAFF WRITER 10476. because we’re a small auxiliary company’s proper registration ROTONDA WEST — Brittany Brittany’s flag drawing fea- to begin with,” said Olga and check a history of any filed Sangiovanni, a fifth-grader at tured a yellow ribbon around a Durham, chairperson of the complaints, call 800-HELP-FLA. Vineland Elementary School, tree and a squadron of troops. contest. “We were working with Complaints can also be filed won second place in a state She beat out hundreds of one school so we were lucky to online by going to contest for her drawing of the students by winning at the local have gone that far.” American flag. and district levels before taking The auxiliary has about 11 Addie, DOACS has your The contest was hosted locally second place in the state com- by the Veterans of Foreign Wars petition. CONTEST| P6 MORRIS | P6 BRITTANY SANGIOVANNI INDEX TODAY IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA COUNTY AGENT: PAGE 7 Calendar ....................2 North Port celebrates Memorial Day at Veterans Park — American Legion Post 254 and the city of North Port will sponsor a Memorial Day ceremony at 11 a.m., at Veter- Will grass grow in shade? Police Beat ................3 Find out what to do about growing grass in shady areas. ans Park. ......... ......... ......... ........ . Obituaries ..................5 American Legion Post 110 Memorial Day remem- COMMUNITY FOUNDATION: PAGE 9 brance ceremony, at 3152 Harbor Blvd., Port Charlotte. Viewpoint ................18 Honor veterans and also the memory of those who have given their lives for our country. The post will be open to Who will remember...? Who will remember those who have fought for us? Who will Opinion ....................19 the public. 941-629-7446. remember those suffering the after effects of such bravery?
  • 16. Our Town Page 2 D/E/N/C The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008 | DESOTO EVENTS | CHARLOTTE EVENTS | NORTH PORT EVENTS | ENGLEWOOD EVENTS Editor’s Note: All phone numbers All phone number area codes are The Community Calendar is a free All phone number area codes are 941 have the local area code of 863 941 unless otherwise indicated. forum listing events in North Port unless otherwise indicated. unless otherwise noted. and surrounding areas. Listings ■ TODAY will run the day of the event, and ■ TODAY ■ TODAY possibly in advance on a space Gulf Pines Memorial Day Service • DeSoto County AMVETS ■ SPECIAL NOTICE available basis. E-mail cal@ A Memorial Day Service, “Veterans Memorial Day Ceremony at the Charlotte County administration Remembering Veterans” will be presented Please do not AMVETS Post 60 building on U.S. offices, the Charlotte County Jus- by VFW Post 10178 and VFW Post 10476 send attachments. All area codes to honor fallen veterans, beginning at Highway 17 South at 9 a.m. tice Center and Punta Gorda City are 941 unless otherwise Hall will be closed today in observance 9:30 a.m. at Gulf Pines Memorial Park, 2401 • 52nd British Memorial Service specified. Englewood Road. More than 1,800 flags will of the Memorial Day holiday. Also at the Oak Ridge Cemetery will be placed on veterans’ graves. 474-2413. closed will be schools, Edison College, begin at 10 a.m. most local banks, libraries, the state ■ SPECIAL NOTICE • Memorial Day Service at Department of Children and Families, America’s Boating Safety ■ UPCOMING 11 a.m. at the DeSoto County Court congregate meal sites and post Course — 6:30-9 p.m. on June 4, House Veterans Memorial, on the offices. 6, 11 & 13, taught at the U.S.C.G. ■ TUESDAY south side of the courthouse. Auxiliary Station, 7030 Chancellor Chamber Early Bird Exchange, the • Brownie Troop 606 meets from ■ EVENTS Blvd. This is a 10-hour course Englewood-Cape Haze Area Chamber of 6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. at the Arcadia VFW Post 5690 Memorial Day spread over four evenings. Upon Commerce Early Bird Exchange will be Girl Scout House, 619 Oak St., in services, 11 a.m. at Restlawn Ceme- successful completion of the pro- held from 7:30 a.m.-9 a.m. at the host, Arcadia. This is open to girls from tery on Forrest Nelson Boulevard, Port gram participant will receive a Farlow’s on the Water, 2080 S. McCall first through third grade. You can join Charlotte. Veterans graves will have certificate from the Coast Guard Road. Members, $3; prospective members anytime. flags placed on them that will remain Auxiliary and a Boating Safety or guests, $5. Bring lots of business cards • Cub Scout Pack 39 meets at until after the services. Congressman Education ID card from the State of and a door prize to promote your business. Tim Mahoney from Florida’s 14th Florida. Registration is required For more information or to schedule an 6:30 p.m. at the Trinity United District, keynote speaker. Other state Early Bird Exchange, call Angela Hernan- Methodist Church. Call Sandy Wolfe before classes begin. Cost is $40 and local officials will also attend to dez, Peninsula Bank, 474-7738. at 884-2351 for more information. honor all veterans from all combat for materials. Call Al Yeno at 235- Luncheon and Card Party, the Engle- • Boy Scout Troop 39 meets at operations. Full dress color guard, 21- 1362 or e-mail oneytwo@ wood Does 203 Luncheon and Card Party 7 p.m. at the Boy Scout House on gun salute and taps. Memorial ser- For more informa- will be held at 11 a.m. at the Englewood 610 Oak St. All boys in grades 6-12 vices inside the chapel in the center of tion on the US Coast Guard Auxil- Elks Lodge, 401 N. Indiana Ave. This event are welcome to attend. Call Sandy the cemetery. Additional parking iary, call Commander Jim Hamilton is open to the public. Cost is $5 and Wolfe at 884-2351 for more available at the First Baptist Church at 423-5611 or Vice Commander reservations are required. Call Jackie at information. parking lots. 629-4200. Liz Frey at 627-3837. 474-2470. SUBSCRIPTIONS Fishing For Home Delivery Rates: Newspaper designated market: TODAY’S ADVERTISERS FR (Front), OT (Our Town), SP (Sports), B (Business) A New City Zone- Carrier home delivered 7 A.C. REFRIGERATION FUNERAL HOME/CEMETERIES Nobile Hearing Aid ...................FR13 Edward Jones .............................OT7 days. Grande Aire Services, Inc. ..........OT9 Symbiont Services .....................OT9 Royal Palm Memorial Gardens ...OT5 Restlawn Memorial Gardens.......OT5 Harbor Audiology........................OT2 Dr. Tom Lane / Guardain Angel...OT7 REAL ESTATE AGENCIES Wendy Reinhardt Realty, Inc. ......OT2 Career? Rates as follows plus 7% Florida Sales AUTO REPAIRS Larry Taylor Funeral And Cremat .OT5 John Janick MD..........................OT7 Murdock Realty ..........................OT7 Tax: Little Richies Auto Ctr Inc .........OT19 FURNITURE/PATIO STORES Dr. Stampar .............................OT11 Renaissance Real Estate ConsultOT8 Monthly Bank/Credit Card Draft$11.67 BANKS Kanes/Savon Furniture ..............FR3 Miracle Ear...............................OT12 Remax Properties/Firth ............OT13 Florida Community Bank............FR8 Baers Furniture ..........................FR7 Nasir Khalidi MD......................OT14 Re/Max Group Ad ....................OT15 3 Months...............................$44.50 Suntrust Bank..........................OT14 Furniture Warehouse ................FR12 Southwest Florida Pain Center .OT14 Re/Max Harbor ........................OT16 6 Months.................................$80.00 BARBER/BEAUTY SHOP-AVON GOLF COURSES/GOLF STORES Lawrence Kantrowitz, MD, LLC ..OT16 RESTAURANTS 1 Year.....................................$140.00 Frenz-Finesse Inc. ....................OT13 Bobcat Trail Golf Club ................SP5 Ekiong Tan MD .........................OT19 Johnny Leverocks Seafood..........OT4 Mail subscription rates: Nails By Tiffany.........................OT16 Boca Royale Golf & Cntry Club ..SP7 MEMBERSHIP-GYM/KARATE Ej's Fishbones Grill...................OT13 Rates as follows (advance payment CAR DEALERSHIP NEW & USED Rotonda Golf Partners................OT2 Results Weight Loss .................FR11 Harpoon Harrys........................OT14 required): Lexus Of Fort Myers ...................SP3 Pinemoor Golf LLC ...................OT19 MORTGAGE COMPANIES SECURITIES/INVESTMENT 7 Days CARPET/UPHOLSTERY CLEANING HOME HEALTH CARE SERVICES Rose Rex....................................OT7 Raymond James & Assoc.........OT15 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year Hygenic Carpet Cleaning ..........OT14 Quality Health Care ....................OT8 PLUMBERS/PLUMBING SPORTING GOODS $95.00 Sunday Only $170.00 $300.00 CONTRACTORS/HOME IMPROV Sliderman Inc ..........................OT13 LAWN/LANDSCAPING/PLANT Sea Oats Nursery/Gulf Breeze .OT16 J.C. Little Plumbing Inc ...............OT2 POOLS/POOL SUPPLIES Harry Schorry's Lemon Bay GolOT16 TV/ELECTRONICS STORES Check Out The 3 Months $49.35 6 Months $92.40 1 Year $153.30 DENTIST Western Shores Dental Care ....OT13 LEGAL/ATTORNEY/GOVERNMENT Kevin Russell, PA........................OT7 Casa Pools.................................FR8 Sparkle Brite Pools Of S.FL Inc.OT14 Ubid.Com / Inc..........................FR4 WATER SUPPLIERS Classifieds In The Single Copy rates North Port Dental .....................OT14 Robert K Kennett .....................OT13 Premier Pools...........................OT19 Jons Water-Mart .........................SP8 Daily . . . . . .50¢ Sunday . . . $1.75 DEPARTMENT STORE Wilkins Frohlich PA...................OT14 PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS Ecowater Systems....................OT15 Unclaimed account balances under $10, Dillards S.E. Division ..................FR5 MEAT/FISH MARKETS Guitar Cottage..........................OT16 WOMENS/GIRLS CLOTHING inactive for 15 months, will be used to FLOOR COVERING West Coast Wellness/Dr.Barr......OT8 purchase PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION Anthonys Inc. .............................OT7 newspapers for classroom use. Grande Designer Flooring...........OT8 West Coast Wellness/Dr.Barr....OT15 Glassman Grossi Inc. ...............OT19 MEDICAL DOCTORS/CLINIC Sun Newspapers CUSTOMER SERVICE S e rving Sarasota & Charlotte County Since 1989 POLICY – Delivery should be expected prior to 5 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 5:30 a.m. Sunday. E XERCISE B IKE C OLLECTING D UST ? (941) 206-1200. 1 Time to sell it in the Classifieds. Call 1 Customer Service hours: 6 a.m. to 5 P1 p.m. Monday - Friday; Saturday and Sunday 7 a.m. to noon. To subscribe or L t .t i ICI e um in to report any problems with your The Best Golf Rates In Town! service, please call or visit the office CLIP THIS COUPON % nearest to you. RECEIVE $20.00 OFF Englewood: 941-681-3001 167 W. Dearborn St. Long Marsh $26 am$21pm YOUR INVOICE FOR ANY SERVICE Charlotte: 941-206-1000 941-698-0918 • 20 White Marsh Rd. - This offer expires 4 ,30/ 08. Present a d a t tinke of sale. m The Palms 24 am 19 pm 23170 Harborview Rd., Port Charlotte $ $ Mot to be used in conjunction witil anv atheF offei. North Port: 941-426-9547 04'40 GET TH A T LE A KY FAUCET OR 13644 Tamiami Trail, North Port 941-697-8118 • 266 Rotonda Cr. The Hills 22 am $17pm DeSoto: 863-494-0300 or toll-free at $ 108 S. Polk Avenue, Arcadia or call toll free 877-818-6204 HAT RUNNING TOILET FIXE D 941-697-2414 • 100 Rotonda Cr. The Links $14 am $12pm 941-697-8877 • 4055 Cape Haze Dr. .. . SERVICE & RE MOD ING Your Englewood Waterfront * Rotonda Summer Card required for above rates. Video Pipe Inspection i Pr essur e Jetting mReal Estate Specialist NOW OPEN 27 Holes at Long Marsh Faucets , Water Heaters Visit my website to find your Garba ge Disposals ,Re-Pi ping & MORE °O a Dream Home today! 293366 N EW CONSTRUCTION WENDY REINHARDT 293372 REALTOR® Book your tee times online: 941.321.1671 L i = L 100 Rotonda Circle, Rotonda West We n d y S e l l s Wa t e r f r o n t . c o m Resident ial & Commercial Backflow Device Install & Certi Harbor WATER SYSTEMS Audiology ofteners • Aerators Filte amps 6 Reverse is Welcomes Dr. Ricar do Gauthier Dr. Ricardo Gauthier to our practice Doctor of Audiology Professional Hearing Care Personal Service ATUR A L E E o M Featuring Most Major Brands of INC . #17648 Fine Hearing Instruments. LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED 7, Offering 3 Year Sonus Solution Stat e Licensed & Warranty Package with Free Insured # QB52151 319888 Batteries. VISA & Accepting Medicar e & MasterCard c?423,2121 Marilyn K. Larkin, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology Most Insurances Accepted New Patients Welcome 941-505-0400 100 Madrid Blvd. Suite 315 J.C. LITTLE P LUMB ING, Punta Gorda, FL 33950 3146 Commerce Parkway, Ste. i North • 302059 6 34289
  • 17. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS D/E/N/C Our Town Page 3 Teen charged with gun possession 00 TAX REFUND | POLICE BEAT The information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriff’s office, Florida Highway Patrol, jail and fire BLOWOUT rescue records. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system. A 17-year-old boy was 401 SALE arrested Saturday morning after a Char- lotte County Sheriff’s - r Office deputy found him asleep in a truck while wearing a semiautomat- ic handgun in a shoul- der holster. MEMBER OF THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE THE BEST OF TORO 3 0 The deputy, who was dispatched to a loud party in the area of TOP 5 REASONS TO BUY MAY IS Glenholm Avenue and Gulf Breeze Land in Punta Gorda, woke the FROM A TORO DEALER 1. Locally owned and operated 4. Products professionally NATIONAL BETTER D A Y teen to find out why he was wearing the gun, which was later found to 2. Experienced, knowledgeable & courteous staff 3. Competitive Prices set up, serviced & ready to go 5. Factory-trained service technicians HEARING MONTH be holding 15 rounds of ammunition, according TimeCutter® Z Zero Turn Radius Mowers Super Recycle r ® Mowers • 21 premi um cast alumin um deck HEARING AID SALE • Personal Pace self-propel drive to a report. $ The teen “grinned and / Paymema 8Ylaw 82 49 Per MeaM Pr/ces stsrtle g at $2499 • SuperCere w/ 5 Free Blade Sharpenings • Choose manual star t , electric star t or blade override system * drew his weapon” upon M O N E Y • Powerful Kohler ° Coumge ° - • Model 20092 $499 as show n waking, the report engines,19 - 25 hp* 1 • 42" 1 0.. deck s w/ Tara RECYCLERMOWER PRICES INTRODUCING BREAKTHRU stated. t otting syste m $ STARTING AT BLUE WAVE TECHNOLOGY The deputy then } • Dual hydrostat ic drive system • Rugged unl-body steel frame 299 as seen on Dancing with the Stars, + t • Precision steering ' system worn by Marlee Matlin , called for backup and • 3-year limited ? ®. . $ ordered the teen to put the weapon away. wartant r 500 OFF EXPIRES 5/31/08 ZON 7 & ZON 5 The teen eventually Action Mower Action Mower laid the gun on the truck 54325432 Constitutional Avenue floor and was hand- Constitutional Avenue Punta Gorda, FL 33982 Punta Gorda, FL 33982 BUY 1, GET 1 319570 941-637-0030 941-637-0030 cuffed. FREE Count on it. e TORO HOMEOWNER PRODUCTS TORO Z MASTER- DEALER • A search of the vehicle NOT ALL PRODUCTS AVAILABLE AT ALL LOCATIONS. www .toro.coMdaler OFF MSRP EXPIRES 5/31/08 found a revolver with six *The gross horsepower of these engines was laboratory rated by the engine manufacturer in accordance with SAE J1940. As 1 S F. configured to meet safety, emission, and operating requirements, the actual engine horsepower on these classes of mowers will be B A C K ? 1 rounds of ammunition, significantly lower. **See retailer for full details. Now until July 31, 2008 on qualified Toro equipment. No down payment required. Min finance charge is $1.50/mo. Subject to credit Destiny 1200 or 400 BTE approval by GE Money. See dealer for complete details. Participation optional. Prices are based on MSRP. (2) Reduced payments two fixed-blade knives, for first 24 months with a 9.99% APR. Low intro payments of $29/49/79/119 for min. amounts financed of $1500/2501/5501/9001 respectively. After 24 months, payments will be based on 3% of outstanding balance at 9.99% APR. (3) Finance charges accrue one folding knife, a from date of purchase at a variable APR of Prime + 13.95% and will be waived if financed amt paid in full within 12 mos. • Virtually Eliminates Annoying Whistling baseball bat, one small • #1 Rated Background Noise Reduction System in the Industry club, one wooden • Automatic or 4 Hi nightstick, a police Manual Adjustments scanner, numerous • Free Lifetime Office Visits rounds of shotgun • Over 4,000 Service Centers in the USA ammunition, a ski mask • 30 Day Trial Period and a black hooded Not good with prior purchases or any other discount. Expires 5/31/08. T R I A L sweatshirt. FREE HEARING Also, five Xanax pills Call Today for a EVALUATION were found. After his arrest, the by N. Richard Nash No-Cost DEMO WALK-INS WELCOME teen admitted that the on this Exciting pills belonged to his mother, and that he had Breakthru $ BATTERIES been drinking prior to Technology 1 per pack (LIMIT 3 PACKS) falling asleep in the truck, the report stated. The teen was then HEARING CENTERS OF charged with openly CHARLOTTE COUNTY 327250 P E R I O D carrying firearms, improper exhibition of a firearm, using a firearm AI A-lay-23-hine 19 2008 while under the influ- ence of alcohol, posses- ;r. , • sion of a firearm by a minor and possession of prescription drugs Adults $14.00 Port Charlotte Punta Gorda 320451 without a prescription. (941) 255-0038 (941) 575-0399 He was transported to Students $7.00 Doctors Plaza 2866 Tamiami Trail, Suite D Towles Plaza 2705 Tamiami Trail, Suite 114 a juvenile detention BOARD CERTIFIED IN HEARING INSTRUMENT SCIENCES facility. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office reported _ - the following arrests: t , • Teneesia Simone Gomillia, 29, Rochester, }y NY. Charge: driving • Automobile • Aluminum Cans t ? • Tins & Appliances • Copper while license is sus- $100 Open Mon - Fri 8:00 - 4:30 pended or revoked with Saturdays 8:00 - 12:00 knowledge. Bond: $500. I Call for more information Redeem Coupon by 5/31 & receive • Michael L. Flanagan, 941-575-0586 an extra 5¢ on all non ferrous Expires 5/31/08 31, Naples. Charges: l Bank Financing Available Arcadia Hwy. 17 N possession of a con- 319597 land No credit needed for Rent-To-Own vehicles Punta Gorda trolled substance and TMR Cleve TRADEMARK METALS RECYCLING LLC DUI. Bond: $3,000. (2 Yr. Warranty Included) 5005 Dalewood St. • Punta Gorda, FL Dalewood St. ? Low payments r- • Christopher Robin Swatzell, 18, 800 block International drivers licenses accepted of Forest Hill Lane, Port Charlotte. Charge: retail ? If you have a job, insurance & downpayment.... SUN’S S READER Ban-A-Bug 5 theft. Bond: $500. YOU CAN DRIVE! SUN’S S READER 2006 SUN’S S DER 2008 2006 SUN’S S READER REA • Jason Michael Holt, WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! 20 05 2006 2 007 2006 , 24, 23300 block of Patera Avenue, Port ??p8 Ito S? ? Charlotte. Charge: retail ? - theft. Bond: $500. 50% discount on an exterior • John A. Simmons, 22, power spray with any Initial 328893 2400 block of Deedra Street, Port Charlotte. 941•764•0400 albla Pest Control Service. Charges: driving while 23212 Freedom Ave, eh *Sspanol Charlotte Harbor e 629-4015 or 475-9551 322239 license is suspended with knowledge, Coupon expires 7/31/08. Can not be used in conjunction with any other discount 320349 POLICE | P4
  • 18. Our Town Page 4 D/E/N/C LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008 • Barbara Jeanetter POLICE Allen, 23, 3600 block of • Brett Anthony Root, 26, 1700 block of Bridge Charlotte. Charge: uttering forged bills and Drive, Punta Gorda. Charges: possession of Fla. Charge: no driver’s license. Bond: $500. FROM PAGE 3 Easy Street, Port Char- Street, Englewood. petty theft. Bond: cocaine, possession with • Preston Deon lotte. Charges: driving Charges: habitually $20,000. intent to sell and posses- Edwards, 30, Myakka while license is suspend- driving while license is • Tammy Anne Suttles, sion of drug parapher- City, Fla. Charges: introduction of contra- ed or revoked with suspended or revoked 44, 2000 block of Placida nalia. Bond: $8,500. driving while license is band into detention knowledge, possession and not having motorcy- Road. Charge: battery. suspended or revoked, facility, and two counts of a controlled sub- cle endorsement. Bond: Bond: none. The Florida Highway giving a false name to a of violation of probation stance and possession of $3,000. Patrol reported the law enforcement officer (original charges: driving drug paraphernalia. • Paul Louis Scribner, The Punta Gorda following arrests: and criminal use of while license is suspend- Bond: $6,000. 26, 21500 block of Police Department • Milton Jerome personal identification. ed or revoked with • Daniel Eric Fergu- Beaverton Avenue, Port reported the following Peterson, 26, Tallavast, Bond: $5,500. knowledge and reckless son, 47, 13400 block of Charlotte. Charge: arrest: driving with alcohol). Bennett Drive, Port leaving the scene of an • David Michael Bond: $5,850. Charlotte. Charge: accident with property Peters, 37, 6300 block of • Kevin Morris Fitzger- ald, 50, 25000 block of violation of probation (original charge: petty damage. Bond: $500. • Paul Lenwood Wisteria Drive, Punta Gorda. Charges: no DIGITAL Harborview Road, Port Charlotte. Charges: theft). Bond: $2,000. • Richard Allen Cafaro, Mitchell, 57, 18200 block of Wolbrette Circle, Port vehicle registration, attaching tag not HEARING Pinellas County warrant 33, 200 block of Martin Charlotte. Charge: assigned and lack of for violation of proba- tion (original charge: Drive, Port Charlotte. Charge: DeSoto County battery. Bond: none. • Larkin Nicole Inter- minimum required insurance. Bond: $1,500. AIDS unemployment compen- warrant for grand theft. val, 26, 21500 block of • Patricia A. Ollek, 42, sation fraud). Bond: none. Bond: $10,000. • Heather Louise Beaverton Avenue, Port 25800 block of Aysen I JOHN NOBILE • Damon Glenn Oliver, Archer, 29, 11300 block BC-HIS CAN 29, 21000 block of Riddle of Poplin Avenue, Avenue, Port Charlotte. Englewood. Charge: ;W; 'LL Casual Waterfront Dining ?• - ti "fn's - ' .'s._ /4 ',$: Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences HELP YOU Charge: introduction of driving while license is ? LL . ? 'lf t . ice . contraband into correc- tional facility. 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  • 19. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS D/E/N/C Our Town Page 5 | OBITUARIES | DESOTO NEWS BRIEFS CHARLOTTE Bliss and Quinten Bliss Golf Tournament bring their own lunches. Sign up Rodeo Cost is $89 per week for summer Association both of Port Charlotte; his The Rams Booster and includes a materials football camp meetings father, Martin (Jean) Bliss Memorial Elementary Maxine Sandretto of Stockbridge, Mich.; his fee. School four-person The Teen Leadership The second annual The Arcadia Rodeo Maxine Sandretto, 82, of mother, Mary (Ken) scramble golf tourna- Program, for youth ages Darrel Nicklow and Association meets on Port Charlotte, Fla., and Rysenga of Kalamazoo, ment will be held May Mich.; his siblings, 13-16, or entering Kenny Christian Foot- the following dates: formerly of Waukegan, Ill., 31 at 8 a.m. Shotgun grades seven through ball camp will be held June 19, July 17 and died on Sunday, May 18, Deedee (Todd) Mortimer, registration is at 7 a.m. 10, will engage June 23-27. It will be Aug. 21. All meetings 2008, at St. Catherine’s Jenny Love and Brian Bliss; and four grand It will be at the City of teenagers in activities held from 9 a.m. to 3 start at 6 p.m. and will Hospital in Pleasant Arcadia Golf Course on that foster self-confi- p.m. at DeSoto County be held at the rodeo Prairie, Wis. children. A visitation will be from N. Highway 17. It costs dence and self-esteem, High School. DCHS clubhouse unless She was born Sept. 12, $220 and includes head football coach otherwise noted. Addi- 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Thurs- teamwork and group 1925, in Red Bay, Ala., and lunch. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gary Morton will be the tional meetings will be day, May 29, 2008, at the dynamics. Pool and gym moved to Waukegan in special guest. scheduled before each Kays-Ponger Funeral place finish. Longest activities will be includ- 1950, from Calumet, Home, 2405 Harbor Blvd., drive, closet to pin, cash ed. Tuition is $79 per To sign up, you must rodeo. For more infor- Mich. Port Charlotte, FL. The prizes, door prizes and week and includes be ages 6-17. The fee is mation, call 863-494- Maxine retired in 1981 from Goodyear Tire and funeral service will follow a 50/50 raffle. All materials. Space is $75 per person. All 2014. Rubber Company in at 12 p.m. at the funeral proceeds will benefit limited. participants will receive North Chicago, Ill., and home. To leave the family Physical Education Registration forms are a T-shirt. Lunch will be SFCC tours prior to that, had worked condolences and to sign Equipment. Please mail available at the Web provided. You will learn Austria, Germany at Deep Freeze. She also the online guestbook, entry to 3144 S.E. site, the fundamentals of the and Switzerland worked, during World War visit Creekwood Terr., Arca-, game as well as team II, in a Panama City, Fla., Please direct memorial dia, FL 34266. Or turn it or by calling Communi- work, leadership and Have you ever donations toward the self discipline. Develop- dreamed of traveling to ship yard, doing welding in at the golf course pro ty Education at 863-784- for the war effort. She was family of Martin Bliss to 7388, 863-784-7422, or ing basic skills and love a fairy-tale land com- help them through these shop. Entry deadline is a member of the Moose, 863-784-7392. for the game will helps plete with castles, snow- difficult times. May 30. For more Elks and American make the camp a capped mountains and Arrangements are by information, call 863- forests? How about Legion, all of Port 990-2299. Hospital offers successful one for Charlotte. Kays-Ponger Funeral attendees, on and off touring a gothic cathe- Home, Port Charlotte sleep apnea dral or sampling some She is survived by her the field. For more two sons, Robert (Bar- Chapel. Summer presentation information, call Darrel of the world’s finest bara) Sandretto of Day Camp DeSoto Memorial at 863-444-0722 or chocolate? Perhaps you DESOTO Winthrope Harbor, Ill., The Arcadia Parks and Hospital’s Better Breath- Kenny at 734-717-3777. have wanted to take a and Michael Sandretto of Recreation Department ing Club will hold a step back into the Pleasant Prairie, Wis.; two Earl L. Moore will be offering a sum- presentation about Sign up early world’s more recent and grandchildren, Daniel mer day camp for youth obstructive sleep apnea for sheriff’s solemn history with an (Kim) Sandretto and Earl Lester Moore, 40, of Tuesday from 2 p.m. to excursion to Dachau, between the ages of 6- summer camp Michelle (Daniel) Arcadia, Fla., passed away 3 p.m. in the McSwain site of a Nazi concentra- 12, to be held at the Michael; five great- Saturday, May 24, 2008. room. The DeSoto County tion camp. Now you can grandchildren, Marshall He was born Feb. 16, Speer Recreation Center. The first session Skip Brant, a sleep Sheriff’s Office and the when South Florida and Dylan Sandretto and 1968, in Arcadia. Florida Sheriff’s Youth Community College Jacob, Nicholas and Ryan Lester enjoyed hunting is June 12 through July 2 consultant from from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Respironics, will share Ranches will present sponsors an affordable Michael; and one sister, and fishing. his knowledge of sleep “Harmony in the 12-day educational tour Irene Petty of Zion, Ill. She He is survived by his and the second is July 8 through July 25 from 9 apnea, including symp- Streets” summer camp through Austria, Ger- was preceded in death by father, Gerald A. Moore of many and Switzerland a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Chil- toms, diagnoses, how to for the fifth year, from her husband, Raymond; Arcadia; fiancée, Alicia in May 2009. two brothers, Gilbert and Hutto of Arcadia; one dren must bring their get tested, and treat- June 9-13. The camp own lunch. There is a ment options. Brant will will be held at the The price of the trip Frank Hall; and her brother, Burrell Moore of limit to the number of be talking about com- DeSoto County fair- includes round-trip parents, Columbus and Gainesville, Fla.; one stepsister, Vicki Lowery of children who may plications of sleep grounds. Registration airfare, 10 overnight Pearl Hall. Visitation will be from 5 Arcadia; and several attend, so please pre- apnea and will give tips will be held for the stays in hotels with p.m. until 8 p.m. Wednes- nieces and nephews. register. Anyone inter- about how to live with mobile camp until 5 private bathrooms, day, May 28, 2008, at Lester was preceded in ested in registering can CPAP/BIPAP machines. p.m. May 30, for those complete European Kays-Ponger Funeral death by his mother, Lois call 863-494-2000 or Some of the common children ages 6 to 12 breakfast and dinner Home, 2405 Harbor Blvd., A. Moore. stop by the parks and symptoms of sleep years. daily, full-time bilingual Port Charlotte. Mass of Visitation will be from 6 recreation office located apnea are snoring, not Registration forms tour director, six sight- the Christian burial will p.m. to 8 p.m. today, May in the Speer Center (185 feeling refreshed when seeing tours, one will be available be at 10 a.m. Thursday, 26, 2008, at Ponger-Kays- W. Winifred St.) for a list waking, and falling walking tour, two through your school May 29, 2008, at St. Grady Funeral Home, 50 of camp fees and field asleep during the day. orientation tours, and resource officer and can Charles Borromeo N. Hillsborough Ave. trips. The purpose of Better be obtained in the lobby seven visits to special Catholic Church. Services will be at 11 a.m. Breathers is to educate attractions, including of the Sheriff’s Office. an excursion to beauti- Entombment will be at Tuesday, May 27, 2008, at SFC offers the public about breath- Rest Lawn Memorial Ponger-Kays-Grady Enrollment is limited to ful Mount Pilatus. Gardens. Chapel. Burial will follow summer programs ing problems improve that they can and ways the first 60 children Students and area Arrangements are by at Joshua Creek Cemetery. for youth their quality of life. The applying, but a waiting residents who are Kays-Ponger Funeral On-line condolences group is co-sponsored list will be taken in an interested in learning South Florida Com- Homes, Port Charlotte. maybe made at www. by the American Lung attempt to accommo- more about this educa- munity College’s Com- Association. The group date as many as possi- tional tour should call munity Education ENGLEWOOD Arrangements are by ble. The fair association Dr. Theresa James at Department is register- meets on the fourth Ponger-Kays-Grady Tuesday of every month is providing its facility 863-453-6661, 773-2252, There were no deaths ing students for its Funeral Home and at 2 p.m. in the and grounds for free, 465-5300, or 494-7500, reported in Englewood on Youth Enrichment Cremation Services, McSwain room. including use of utili- ext. 7185. Sunday. Arcadia. Summer Program and Teen Leadership Pro- The meeting will be ties, to support this The deadline to lock gram. followed by a blood program. For more in prices is Saturday. All NORTH PORT HARDEE information, contact Both run June 9 pressure clinic from of SFCC’s educational There were no deaths through Aug. 1 from 3 p.m. until 4 p.m. Harry Evers, Sheriff’s tours are available to In Memoriam reported in Hardee on 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the For more information, Office public informa- the general public and Sunday. SFCC Highlands Cam- call Dian Cox at 863- tion officer, at 863-993- can be taken for college Martin R. Bliss pus, Avon Park. Early 491-4245. 4700, ext. 236. credit or no credit. Martin Randolph OBITUARY POLICY dropoff times and late “Marty” Bliss, 45, of North Obituaries are accepted pickup times are A Thought Port, Fla., passed away on from funeral homes only. extended a half hour. Saturday, May 24, 2008. There is no charge for The Youth Enrich- He was born Aug. 25, publishing an abbreviated ment Summer Program To 1962, in Jackson, Mich. death notice once. Full is open to youth ages Marty graduated with obituaries and repeat death 7-12, or entering his bachelor’s degree in notices will be subject to an grades two through six. business from Cleary advertising charge. Faxed Remember Activities will include College in Michigan. He obituaries must be received computer technology, was a third-degree black by noon and e-mailed language arts, science, belt in Tae Kwon Do, obituaries must be received math, art, swimming second in the world in sparring and first in by 2 p.m. for next day publication. The American and gym. Participants by flag accompanying an may enroll by the Ken Roberson sparring in Michigan. He obituary indicates a veteran week. Lunch will be loved the beach and of the U.S. Armed Forces. available at no addi- scuba diving and spend- ing time with his family. Please send e-mails to tional cost, and partic- ipants are welcome to Through wars around the world, American blood has been shed He was a CW 5 Pilot in the Army National Guard. He in the cause of freedom. Those whom we honor each year on married his wife, Jennifer Memorial Day paid the highest price anyone can pay - their lives. Baldwin, 17 years ago, ROYAL PALM MEMORIAL GARDENS They did so because they believed, as we do today, that freedom and moved here in C EMETERY a ND M AUSOLEUMS is worth any price to be preserved. January 2007 from Grand On Memorial Day, families and friends join in tribute to honor Ledge, Mich. Offering Complimentary He is survived by his Grave Spaces to our those fallen heroes who died in service to their country. The honor wife, Jenny Bliss of North Honorably Discharged we pay our heroes is reflected in three words... Port; his children, Martin Veterans Duty...Honor...Country... 319511 Ross (Courtney) Bliss of Our fallen heroes understood those words. They exemplified 4 . Z (941) 639-2381 Jackson, Mich., Brandon (Alissa) Bliss of Port 27200 Jones Loop Rd. Punta Gorda them. All of us should remember those words as part of our Charlotte, Fla., Megan American heritage. It will help us realize the depth of sacrifices made that enables us to live in liberty and freedom. We can never o, e y repay the debt we owe to those who lived and died under the code Larr TAYLO R FUNERA L of “Duty - Honor - Country”... _' , ,( We should be ever mindful of it... and Cremation Services 12002-2007 We’re not just in your neighborhood... X / A We’re part of your community. 629-3141 639-7500 319575 2151 Tamiami Trail • Port Charlotte 215 Mary Street • Punta Gorda 11-1. 833-0600 1515 Tamiami Trail j 327478 Punta Gorda
  • 20. Our Town Page 6 D/E/N/C LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008 Sunny skies kick off week MEMORIAL DAY CLOSINGS Charlotte County Charlotte County administration offices, the Charlotte County Justice Center and Punta Gorda STAFF REPORT with a slight wind gusting weather trend in the 90s, with both days having an City Hall will be closed today in observance of the While sunny skies and as high as 24 mph. as a calm wind blows expected high near 91. Memorial Day holiday. Overnight, the sky will through the area. The rain chances will Also closed will be schools, most local banks, warm weather are expect- libraries, the state Department of Children and ed for Memorial Day in be mostly clear with a low Wednesday night, the continue into the evening Families, congregate meal sites and post offices. Southwest Florida, the of 64. skies will be partly cloudy with lows in the upper 60s. Garbage collection in Charlotte County will not National Weather Service The service reports that with a low around 67. The service also reports be affected. Residential and commercial cus- reported that the week Tuesday will have a high A 20 percent chance of a 30 percent chance of tomers will receive their regularly scheduled near 89, and a low showers and thunder- showers and thunder- pickups. The Charlotte County Landfill will close at may end with some rain. 1 p.m. Monday will have a around 66. storms is predicted for storms on Saturday, with Residents of the city of Punta Gorda will see no high near 88 degrees, Wednesday will begin a Thursday and Friday, a high near 91. change in their trash or yard waste collection. All areas of the Charlotte Campus of Edison College in Punta Gorda, including the Child Care Center and YMCA Fitness Center, will be closed. The Sun business offices will be closed Memo- rial Day except for circulation calls between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. The Punta Gorda office will be closed, but the kiosk at the Port Charlotte Town Center mall will be open during regular mall hours. Sarasota County Sarasota County government offices, including libraries, will be closed today. Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT) bus service will not operate today. Collection for trash, recyclables and yard waste will not change. • The Chemical Collection Center at 8750 Bee =z, Ridge Road in Sarasota and the South County Center at 250 S. Jackson Road in Venice are - closed on Monday. • The landfill administration office will be closed. (The landfill will be open normal hours.) • The Sarasota History Center will be closed. • All Sarasota County recreation centers will be closed. Open on Monday, May 26 are the following: • The landfill will be open normal hours. (The landfill administration office will be closed.) • The Arlington Park pool will be open noon- 5 p.m. • The Payne Park Tennis Center will be open 7 a.m.-2 p.m. • The Sarasota County Visitors Center and History Center Museum, 701 Tamiami Trail N., will be open. • The Citizens Convenience Center at 4010 Knights Trail Road in Nokomis will be open from PHOTO FROM SPOTTED 8 a.m.-5 p.m. What is it? DeSoto County All DeSoto County and Arcadia government offices will be closed today. In the caption, “gaylynn829” writes that it is done. But does anyone possibly know what it is? Check it out on “You There will be no trash pickup today. Today’s Spotted.” Just go to and see all that “gaylynn829” posted there. And, if you’ve got some- route will be picked up on Tuesday, and Tuesday’s thing to post, go ahead and do it. It’s easy, it’s free and all you need is a picture or two. route will be picked up on Wednesday. Thursday’s and Friday’s routes will remain the same. MORRIS: Travel agency’s deceptive tactics inconvenience travelers FROM PAGE 1 business” if there’s no the hotel and confirm the might want to compare a While Savannah’s Prome- for the group upon arrival” timely response. Any other reservations personally,” it similar itinerary with other nade Hotel sales manager, if you so choose. complaint and sent it to members of the travel notes. “Also, ask the hotel travel agencies. Jana Biggins, confirmed Something tells me Vision Travel with a letter group who want to should personnel about their One way to do that is to Vision Travel’s April 2 arrangements won’t be explaining it has 30 days to file separate complaints. knowledge of and relation- go to the American Society cancellation of the Kings made through Vision Travel. respond with a warning On its Web site, DOACS ship with the travel of Travel Agents and search Gate group, she had no Do you have a consumer that “the matter will be recommends obtaining company.” for an accredited member other information as to why issue or problem? Contact IN forwarded to the Investiga- specific information and Additionally, make sure by destination or special it was done just four days YOUR CORNER c/o The Sun, tive Section to perform a details of your trip in you understand all cancel- areas of expertise like prior to your arrival. Biggins 23170 Harborview Road, compliance audit and writing directly from the lation policies before ecotourism or historical- wants your group to return, Port Charlotte, FL 33980 or possibly initiate administra- travel agent. “If accommo- making your purchase. To educational. ASTA’s Web site though, and would like to e-mail inyourcorner@ tive action against your dations are included, call see if the price is fair, you is “offer a welcome reception EARS: No-kill animal rescue shelter seeks a home in DeSoto County FROM PAGE 1 of the project is $200,000 Riggs said EARS antici- The sanctuary would be foot receiving and admin- If the special exception for land development and pates becoming opera- a “no kill” shelter in which istration building, and 19 is approved, EARS must turned down. “We are $250,000 for a “flex tional within 12 to 18 animals — cats and dogs octagonal “dormitory” submit an improvement focusing on June 23.” building” that could also months after approval by — would be cared for buildings at build out, a plan for the first phase of Riggs said EARS had be used for an adminis- the County Commission. indefinitely or until they landscaped park area and the kenneling facility adequate funding to tration building and a The 25-acre tract is could be fostered out. parking facilities. The within three months. begin developing the storm shelter. currently zoned Agricul- In its application for the dormitory buildings would You can e-mail property. She said the The first two pods, each ture-5, and kenneling special exception, EARS house up to 70 animals John Lawhorne anticipated cost of being 2,500 square feet, facilities are allowed in A- provided a site plan each with a potential for atjlawhorne@ developing the first phase would cost about $250,000. 5 as special exceptions. depicting a 5,200-square- 1,330 animals at build out. WISH: Hawaiian trip is a dream come true for cancer survivor FROM PAGE 1 who are terminal,” Cindy Now that Kerri is better, “It’s absolutely great said. “Kerri has lym- the family, plus Kerri’s that they have these trips children with life- phoma. It can go into best friend Megan — “her and things for the kids, threatening conditions remission, but it can number one choice” — because there’s not very achieve their dreams. To always come back.” are taking the trip of a much support and receive a wish, a child And Kerri is in remis- lifetime: five days in groups and places to go r' . . must be diagnosed with sion after three rounds of Waikiki. in this area for a child i a life-threatening chemotherapy. “She’s thrilled,” Cindy with cancer; you have to medical condition — a “Lymphoma reacts very said. “Actually, she go to St. Pete, Tampa or progressive, degenera- well to chemo,” Cindy wanted to go to Italy, but Orlando,” she said. “And tive or malignant said. “They did a biopsy with all the walking and it’s hard when kids are condition — that has and removed a tumor stairs, people at the sick and traveling back placed the child’s life at from her neck, and that’s Make-A-Wish Foundation and forth. I just wish a?4 risk. how they knew she was in didn’t think she’d be up to there was someplace Wishes aren’t granted remission. it, so they suggested here.” just for terminally ill “Non-Hodgkin’s lym- Hawaii. They’ll go snorke- For more about the children, though. phoma is the bad one. All ling, swimming with Make-A-Wish Founda- “(The Make-A-Wish the doctors told me, if she dolphins, and we’re going tion, visit Foundation) is for chil- had to have any type of to a luau.” You can e-mail SUN PHOTO BY KHARLI ROSE, dren who have life- cancer, (Hodgkin’s Cindy said the Make-A- Anne Klockenkemper at Traveling in a limo, Kerri Donnelly, 16, left, and her family threatening illnesses, but lymphoma is) the one to Wish Foundation has aklockenkemper@ left North Port at 5 a.m. Friday for their trip to Hawaii, it’s not just for children have.” been wonderful courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. CONTEST: Vineland Elementary student places second in state competition FROM PAGE 1 increase children’s aware- Brittany won $50 and Valerie Cotton, art teacher “Some faces were angry. when she learned she had ness of Americanism and received a ribbon, certifi- at Vineland. Only Brittany Some didn’t know what to placed second in the state posts in the local district patriotic activities. cate and letter of com- drew an entire troop. feel. Some had confident contest. and 26 districts in the “Many children are not mendation. “She did her own thing,” faces,” Brittany said. “I didn’t think I was state, according to exposed to much patrio- To be eligible for the Cotton said. “It was the “There’s a leader and he going to make it that far,” Durham. tism and we want them to contest, each child had to most unique.” has an American flag in she said. The Ladies Auxiliary be aware of the history draw a yellow ribbon Brittany said she his hand, and he raises it You can e-mail sponsors an annual and the purpose of being along with a flag “done in thought about each up high.” Dana Sanchez at contest at Vineland to patriotic,” Durham said. a respectful way,” said soldier as she drew. Brittany was surprised
  • 21. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS D/E/N/C Our Town Page 7 What is the deal with grass and shade? Empire, has a moderate as it is weaker and has Harborview Road, Suite Peachland Promenades W hen we think of a lawn, we shade tolerance close to less density. Perhaps the 3 in Port Charlotte. Publix, second Saturday often have Floratam. Bahia grass biggest problem faced in Our Plant Clinics are of the month; Home images of a sunny and Bermuda grass will a shaded lawn is the available across the Depot Murdock, Punta inviting expanse of not tolerate shade at all. competition from trees county: Gorda and Englewood, Ralph There are some man- in the landscape. Trees Demonstration Gar- the third Saturday of the green studded with landscape features. Mitchell agement practices that have extensive and den, 6900 Florida Street month; Lowe’s Garden What happens when we can enhance the toler- aggressive roots that will Punta Gorda Thursday Center Murdock, fourth expect grass to grow in ance of shade-tolerant take up space, water, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday of the month. filtered, dappled or full received in the form of grass in your landscape. oxygen and nutrients. Englewood Charlotte Resource: Trenholm, L. shade? While we cannot partially filtered light at Remember that the lack This competition will Public Library every E. (2008) Growing expect common grass the edge of trees. Of all of light is a stress on affect grass growth. Thursday from 10 a.m. – Turfgrass in the Shade. species to look as good the grass species avail- grass that we must try to Removal of trees or 1 p.m. The University of Florida in shade as they do in able, certain St. Augus- reduce or limit. For trimming may help Mid-County Regional Extension Service, IFAS. full sun, certain types of tine varieties do the best instance, increase your alleviate this issue. Library first and third Ralph Mitchell is the turf and turf cultivars in dealing with moder- mowing height. This While our local grasses Thursday of the month county extension direc- can tolerate some shade ately shady conditions. action will not only leave will grow best in full sun, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. tor/horticulture agent for and can be managed as As a matter of fact, some more grass blade and the sometimes there are Edison College Learn- the Charlotte County useful and ornamental. types of St. Augustine ability to absorb light, areas in our landscape ing Resources Library Cooperative Extension First, keep in mind will tolerate a degree of but it will also influence that are shaded or third Tuesday of the Service. You may contact that there are limits as to shade — up to about 30 the grass to develop partially shaded creating month from 1 p.m. to him by e-mail what grass will take percent filtered sunlight. deeper roots. Grass that a challenging growing 4 p.m. Ralph.Mitchell@charlot- regarding shade. If grass Of all of the cultivars of is growing in the shade condition. Selecting the South Gulf Cove You may also does not get sufficient St. Augustine grass, the needs less fertilizer. Less right grass, and using learning garden third contact a volunteer sunlight, you will notice most shade tolerant are nitrogen fertilizer in a proper management Wednesday of the month Master Gardener from 1 long, spindly leaves as Seville, Delmar, Flo- slow-release form will techniques, will help from 9 a.m. to noon. p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, they attempt to survive. raverde and Captiva. accomplish this goal. assist you in doing the Monthly Plant Clinics Wednesday and Friday at With time, loss of carbo- These cultivars are noted Water less in shade best in up to 30 percent are Saturdays from 764-4340 or by e-mail hydrates will reduce turf as being able to do well areas. Water only as shade — it can be done! 9 a.m. to noon at the Master.Gardener@ vigor and overall health. with five to six hours of needed (when the lawn For more information following locations: If shade is a common sunlight per day. Consid- shows symptoms of on all types of lawn denominator in your er that our most com- water stress) and in questions, please con- ?• l4ock yard, try an alternative monly used St. Augustine compliance with your tact a Master Gardener s? 9? alty,- GInc. non-turf groundcover grass, Floratam, has poor local watering restric- volunteer on the Plant S u -' p ' that will be better shade tolerance and tions. Keep traffic on Lifeline on Mondays, °;? adapted to this condi- really needs six to eight your shaded lawn to a Wednesdays and Fridays tion. Most of our com- hours of light. minimum. Grass grown from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at 2221A Tamiami Trail, in shade may not recover 941-764-4340 for gar- Port Charlotte, FL 33948 mon turf species will The other common 624-4444 • 1-800-326-4440 need a minimum of six grass species available as quickly as grass in the dening help and insight sun. Grass grown in into their role as an Email: hours of sunlight per day have only moderate to Wayne E. Rose 327094 to look good and thrive. poor shade tolerance. shade may also be more Extension volunteer. Our Some of this sun can be Zoysia grass, such as open to weed invasion, office is located at 25550 Licensed Real Estate Broker RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE Mm i i Can’t find it anywhere? Don’t give up – check Diabetic Foot Care A GOOD RETIREMENT MEANS YOUʼRE Diabetic Shoes READY FOR ANYTHING. the Classifieds! DR. TOM LANE & ASSOCIATES You’re Invited ... Podiatrists Foot Specialists and Wound Care After years of work, you now have the opportunity to experience the retirement you’ve always wanted. By taking 473-3338 322085 some time now to prepare for life in retirement, you’ll be 2400 S. McCall Rd., Suite F, Englewood, FL (Located in Suncoast Plaza) more likely to enjoy everything you’ve dreamed about. To get started, join us for our free Smart Choices in APPAREL Retirement seminar. You’ll learn 10 principles to help make --? ?. CLEARANCE SALE! Prices too low to advertise CABINETS PLUS your money last with the goal of providing a stable, steady retirement income. That’s one of the best ways we know to ? ?. OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA, INC. help you prepare for the future. .? Remodel Seating is limited, so reserve your place today. 1 Get Your Clubs “Re-gripped” While You Shop! a your kitchen Refreshments will be served. We All Golf Gloves 50% OFF # IY . & bath.... Date: Thursday, May 29, 2008 Restring Paragon 15 Pack Balls $9.49 OR Time: 9:00 - 10:30 AM Tennis Rackets All Golf Bags $15.00 OFF iI ._I $ave by Place: Edward Jones, 14969 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287 F Check Out Our New line of NIKE TENNIS APPAREL refacing Janet M Bresky Gift Cards & Gift Certificates Available your existing Financial Advisor Member SIFC HOURS: M-F 9-6PM • SAT 9-5PM • SUN 12-4PM iI cabinets 14969 Tamiami Trail North Port, FL 34287 ? ? ? • Kitchens & Baths 941-426-4437 328715 Dr. ʻDocʼ James R. Van Winkles & Rose M. Rex (Owners) • Laundry Rooms 941 • Closet Systems • Home Offices 429-1767 • Outside Kitchens & Bars • Entertainment Centers North Port Commons 14888 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287 Stop By Our Showroom Today! We have it all from durable laminates to fine woods. Full lines of countertops, If you arenʼt playing up to your potential, include mica, gibraltar, corian, cambria, zodiaq and solid wood. 334657 come to Golf Etc. North Port for a • Quality • Experience • Excellent Craftsmanship MEMORIAL DAY SALE professional bag check. We will check CALL TODAY FOR YOUR d & O p er at ed FREE CABINET CONSULTATION! Fa m ily O w ne 86 ! your loft, lie, length, swing, grip and Si nc e 19 328605 distance for each club in your bag. 941-639-6688 • 611 Charlotte St., Punta Gorda JANICK 0 “For over 23 years I have assisted PRO FESSIONAL T O D AY O N LY ! HOLIDAY HOURS 10 TO 5 individuals and businesses in ?? “NEW PATIENTS” WELCOME, “OLD PATIENTS” ADORED accomplishing their goals.” 30%Off Entire Stock Of Entire Stock Of Entire Stock Of Regular & Reduced Regular & Reduced Serving Erika Swimwear Coordinates Sportswear Charlotte County from from and JOHN J. JANICK, M.D. STEVEN P. HALASZ, M.D. Roxanne • Gabar Koret Novelty Tees Robby Len • Jantzen Alfred Dunner Campshirts Sarasota County FACP, FACE, ABFT, BCTS BOARD CERTIFIED INTERNAL MEDICINE and more! Cathy Daniels Shorts • Capris 320054 BOARD CERTIFIED INTERNAL MEDICINE SPECIALIZING IN ENDOCRINOLOGY Now $16.99 to $74.99 Now $19.99 to $54.00 Now $9.99 to $24.99 SPECIALIZING IN ENDOCRINOLOGY OFFICE LOCATION: TODAY ONLY TODAY ONLY TODAY ONLY 14295 S. Tamiami Trail North Port, FL 34287 Areas of practice: 1189-$5249 $ $ 1399-$3780 6 - 1749 $ 99 $ PH: 941-429-1871 FAX: 941-429-8961 Plus... Today Only! Take An Additional real property law 40% Ott title insurance estate planning MICHAEL D. ADLER, DO CHERYL A. O’DONNELL BOARD CERTIFIED IN PHD, ARNP, CDE wills FAMILY PRACTICE BOARD CERTIFIED IN FAMILY MEDICINE OFFICE HOURS: & GERONTOLOGY MONDAY - FRIDAY trusts CERTIFIED DIABETIC EDUCATOR Entire Stock of Clearance Merchandise A Clearance Item is one that has been reduced at least twice. 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM corporation FULL SERVICE LABORATORY AND DIAGNOSTIC TESTING ON SITE No adjustments on previously purchased merchandise. 331891 The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. and business 629-3366 omn Juno 561-622-2924 • West Lake Worth 561-965-4665 • Boynton Beach at U.S. One & Woolbright 561-369-1773 West Boynton in Village Square 561-733-4490 • Stuart in Cedar Point Plaza 772-220-8066 • Vero Beach 772-562-0480 Naples in the Pavilion 239-596-1872 • Naples in South Plaza 239-774-1010 Fort Myers at College Parkway Center 239-275-3111 • The Villages in Colony Plaza 352-391-5174 319804 Before you decide, ask us to send you free written 4369 TAMIAMI TRAIL, PORT CHARLOTTE Punta Gorda in Cross Trail Center 941-505-2177 • Nokomis Village 941-488-7643 Sarasota at Bee Ridge & McIntosh 941-342-9943 2718809 information about our qualifications and experience. LOCATED @ JANICK PROFESSIONAL CENTER - CHARLOTTE HARBOR Bradenton at Beachway Plaza (corner Manatee Ave. W & 75th St. W.) 941-761-7607
  • 22. Our Town Page 8 D/E/N/C LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008 | ENGLEWOOD NEWS BRIEFS SCAT Summer 26 Summer Camp Fund span from 5 Points-Selby Bunker Road, Rotonda Boil notice for Youth Passes available is scheduled from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. May 31 at Key Agency, across from Park to Orange Avenue. Local and national crafters will show off West, FL 33947. Optimist golf Burnt Store lifted The popular Sarasota Beach Road. their sculptures, jewelry, STAFF REPORT County Utilities. tournament The notice affected County Area Transit Chicken and rib dinner pottery, clothing and The precautionary boil (SCAT) Summer Youth with all the fixings: more. The popular Green The sixth annual water notice for the customers served by CCU Pass is now on sale. The coleslaw, beans, roll, Market will showcase Optimist Club of Engle- Burnt Store Service Area from the Burnt Store $10 pass allows youths $8.50; additional dona- orchids, scented candles wood Golf Tournament was lifted Sunday morn- Marina northward up to age 19 unlimited tion gets you a car wash and even kettle corn. For will take place May 31 at ing following the satisfac- including the Tern Bay ridership on SCAT buses also. Buy your tickets more information, visit Lemon Bay Golf Club, tory completion of a Development. from June 1-Sept. 1. now; available at Sterns Call 9600 Eagle Preserve bacteriological survey If you have any ques- The Summer Youth Tire, Curves in Rotonda, 813-962-0388 or 954- Drive. The format is an showing that the water is tions, contact the CCU Passes are available at Country Hound, or call 472-3755. 18-hole foursome safe for consumption, customer service depart- the SCAT office, 5303 941-474-8087 for more scramble. Only $65 per according to Charlotte ment at 941-764-4300. Pinkney Ave., Sarasota, information. IU Alumni person. Registration will Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- be at 7 a.m. with an 8 Association a.m. shotgun start. 4:30 p.m.; the Downtown School Transfer Station ticket family picnic Prizes, beverages, year closing LOOKING FOR booth, 1565 First St., Local Indiana Universi- barbecue lunch, and top Sarasota, Monday- celebration ty graduates and/or men’s and women’s SOMETHING? Thursday, 7:30 a.m.-3:30 The Merchants and friends are invited to join teams win prizes: Find it in the CLASSIFIEDS! p.m., and Friday, 7:30 community organiza- members of the IU closest to pins, longest a.m.-3 p.m. and North tions of West Dearborn Alumni Association, drive, straightest drive, Port City Hall, 4970 City Street, invite parents and Florida Sun Coast raffle prizes, 50/50. Call Hall Blvd., North Port, children to come and Chapter, for a family Phil Eason for more Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- celebrate the closing of picnic to be held from 11 information at Renaissance 5 p.m. another school year. a.m. to 3 p.m. May 31 at 941-475-1581. Real Estate Proof of age is Check out the fun from the Englewood Sports Consulting required, and accepted 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Satur- Complex shelter, 1300 S. New hours forms of payment are day. Activities, art, food, River Road. The cost will at Lighthouse cash or check (cash only games, specials and fun be $10 for anyone over Museum at the Downtown Trans- are the plans for the day. 13, $5 of which goes SELL YOUR HOUSE! fer Station). Credit cards are not accepted. The Events and features include sidewalk chalk directly into the scholar- ship fund for local Effective June 1 the Boca Grande Lighthouse AVOID FORECLOSURE! Summer Youth Pass can art, sales on food and students aspiring to Museum and Visitor’s It’s not too late! be used on all SCAT goods, kayak tours, attend IU; food, games Center will be open, Don’t hurt your financial future! routes, excluding SCAT singing, games, etc. For and music provided. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Wednes- We’ll help you negotiate Plus and the Veterans more information, call RSVP before May 26 by day through Saturday and from noon to 4 p.m. with your lender! bus, and is not transfer- Maureen Gangone of sending a check made able. Without the pass, Earthly Goodz at 941- payable to Florida Sun Sunday. The Museum will be closed Monday For details call… the regular single-ride 475-4663 or earthly- Coast Chapter of the IU Luba Kiselev/Licensed Real Estate Broker 302095 fare is 75 cents. Alumni Association to and Tuesday through For more information Jim Wasowski, 177 November. 941-457-3649 about the SCAT Summer Downtown Youth Pass, call 941-861- Sarasota TOUR OUR FACILITY 5000 or visit the Web site: Craft Fair The fifth annual Accident Pain? C A L L T O D AY ! ?i . Boy Scout Benefit Downtown Sarasota This Free Report can save you years of Craft Fair — a juried This Skilled Nursing Barbecue Dinner pain and loss of health. Learn about dan- show, is slated for May 31 gers of even minor impacts that could Facility Offers: A Benefit Barbecue and June 1. Admission is • Beautiful Landscaped Courtyard Dinner with proceeds free. Nearly 200 crafters cause long lasting disabilities. This info • Front Porch Seating going to Englewood’s will dot Main Street in your insurance company won’t tell you • Private and Semi Private Rooms original Boy Scout Troop downtown Sarasota and and they don’t want you to know. Most • 24 Hours Nursing Care in a home primary doctors don’t treat accident pain like environment and going to the hospital emergency room • Physical, Occupational & could take 6-10 hour before you are seen. Speech Therapy Call our toll free number 24hr a day to get • IV Therapy FREE * Huge wkdk?r of the info you must hear after an accident. • Wound Care CustomPainted i -M • Respite Care Rac lashInsert ,.-c r? m rra?{ Toll Free Specialized wound care. ?rrr ,?,?rr r? with every kiu.leenor 1-877-422-7274 hrrrhrn orn ba?°kq?lash *A w,4w orrmrnr oftair orxi (877-4-A-CRASH) { p urr 'lmsr ?S;uaered Jlnors ? l? 20 U Since 1986 Years of Service ? _ , ? _ ?: 6=0 We accept Medicare, Medicaid and Private Pay 6940 Pan American Drive North Port, FL 34287 331893 Quality Health Care Center 293353 328690 941•426•8411 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING FOR ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING MATTERS: PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE FUTURE LAND USE MAP AND COMPREHENSIVE PLAN ELEMENTS, DEVELOPMENTS OF REGIONAL IMPACT OR CHANGES THERETO, REZONINGS, PRELIMINARY PLATS, STREET AND PLAT VACATIONS A PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSALS AND PETITIONS AS DESCRIBED BELOW WILL BE CONDUCTED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS AT A REGULAR MEETING ON TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2008, AT 9:00 A.M. OR AS SOON THEREAFTER AS THE MATTER MAY BE HEARD DURING THE COURSE OF ACTION. THE HEARING WILL BE HELD IN COMMISSION CHAMBERS, ROOM 119, FIRST FLOOR, BUILDING A, THE CHARLOTTE COUNTY ADMINISTRATION CENTER, 18500 MURDOCK CIRCLE, PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA. COPIES OF THE PETITION WITH COMPLETE LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS AND SUBSEQUENT STAFF REPORTS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW AT THE CHARLOTTE COUNTY GROWTH MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT, AND ALL CHARLOTTE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARIES. A MEETING AGENDA AND PETITION PACKETS MAY BE REVIEWED AT THE FOLLOWING INTERNET ADDRESS: ALL INTERESTED PERSONS ARE URGED TO ATTEND THIS PUBLIC HEARING. THE PUBLIC IS WELCOME TO SPEAK; THERE WILL BE A FIVE-MINUTE TIME LIMIT FOR EACH CITIZEN’S PRESENTATION ON AN AGENDA ITEM. IF YOU HAVE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS, YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO CONTACT A STAFF PERSON AT ANY TIME IN ADVANCE OF THE PUBLIC HEARING(S). PLEASE CALL 941-764-4903 AND MENTION THE PETITION NUMBER OF THE MATTER YOU WISH TO DISCUSS. PETITIONS Planned Development Zoning District revision Legislative Countywide An ordinance amending the Planned Development Zoning District, Section 3-9-49 of the Charlotte County Code of Laws and Ordinances, regarding certain design criteria, development standards and procedures of the code; Applicant, Board of County Commissioners of Charlotte County. Revision to Zoning Definitions Legislative Countywide An Ordinance Amending Chapter 3-9, Article I, Section 3-9-2, Rules of Construction; Adding new definitions and amending the definition of open space; providing for conflict with other ordinances; providing for severability; providing for an effective date: Applicant, Board of County Commissioners of Charlotte County. SHOULD ANY AGENCY OR PERSON DECIDE TO APPEAL ANY DECISION MADE BY THE BOARD WITH RESPECT TO ANY MATTER CONSIDERED AT SUCH MEETING, A RECORD OF THE PROCEEDING, AND FOR SUCH PURPOSE, A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE PROCEEDING IS REQUIRED, WHICH RECORD INCLUDES THE TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE APPEAL IS TO BE BASED. The Charlotte County Commission meeting room is accessible to the physically disabled. However, if you need assistance or require auxiliary aids and services please contact our office at 941-743-1392. FM Sound Enhancement Units for the Hearing Impaired are available at the Front Desk. If Sound Enhancement Units are insufficient for you, please contact our office TTY # 941-743-1234. P.O. #: 2008001986-K 337143 Publish: May 26, 2008
  • 23. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS D/E/N/C Our Town Page 9 Who will remember…? | NORTH PORT NEWS BRIEFS Volunteers seek donations, gas money hospitalized. The group is raising funds to help buy gas cards to give as tunity for all who are those who care with their W ho will remem- gifts to the families. With ber our men interested in making a passions — with the Volunteers from The gas at almost $4 a gallon, and women difference in our world — causes that matter. Place, a North Port The Place wants to help who have fought for us … and particularly in our For more information, church, will travel June the families for whom in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in community. We are or to contribute to the Vietnam? Who will Carolyn pleased to have an Eric Hall Memorial Fund 12 to the Ronald McDon- the cost of fuel prevents ald House in St. Peters- them from seeing their remember those who Freeland opportunity to work with at Charlotte Community burg to help parents of children. Tax-deductible have returned and are Becky Hall and Marge Foundation, call me at hospitalized children. donations can be made suffering from PTSD — Baker in establishing the 941-637-0077, e-mail me The volunteers will be by June 8 to “Church at post traumatic stress and my husband, Tom, Eric Hall Memorial Fund at ccf@charlottecommu- plans to participate in the at the foundation. CCF, doing chores for the The Place,” during the 10 disorder, an illness that, or ride — with me as pas- with its recognition of explore CCF’s Web site at residents so they can a.m. service on Sundays affects thousands of our spend more of their day senger. We do hope you complying with the www.charlottecommuni- or to the office at 2500 military veterans retuning will plan to join us in National Standards for with their children. The Bobcat Village Center from the horrors of war. supporting this very Community Foundations, group will also prepare Road, Unit F, North A young marine, Eric important cause. will continue to be good Carolyn Freeland is lunch for the parents and Port, FL. For more Hall, returned from Iraq The Charlotte Commu- stewards of our commu- executive director of the families to lower the high information, visit www. in 2005 and in early March of this year, he was nity Foundation offers nity’s funds — and most Charlotte Community costs of staying with found dead in a drainage such a wonderful oppor- importantly, connect Foundation. their children who are or call 941-240-2421. pipe here in our commu- nity. While initially SPRING SPECIALS diagnosed with a person- ality disorder, he died because he was suffering from PTSD. We have read much about this debilitating ----------- ----------- condition over the past several months here in $100 A TON $50 OFF the Charlotte Sun. TRADE-IN ON Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon outcome for A NEW SERVICE our military men and women who have experi- enced events that the rest I I SYSTEM Good Through 12-31-08. REPAIR Good Through 12-31-08. ? Before you -- ----------- Must Present Certificate. Must Present Certificate. of us could only imag- [iiiiiiiiiiiiiii ine—and prefer not to. call just any Service Company to fix your air To guarantee that Eric is not forgotten, and to ensure other veterans conditioning, pool heater, appliances, or marine a/c, A/C TUNE-UP receive the needed mental health services, please call Grande Aire Services Inc. for prompt, $79.50 Good Through 12-31-08. Must Present Certificate. Eric’s mom, Becky Hall, professional service you GRANDE11 and his aunt, Marge can trust. Baker, have established the Eric Hall Memorial i SERVICES,INC Fund at the Charlotte Community Foundation. TOLL FREE: 1-888-494-2473 t , 322253 Their plans are to support veterans and Serving all of Charlotte & Sarasota Counties their families suffering Lic# CA C054727 • • Bonded & Insured . from, but not limited to, post traumatic stress CALL FOR A FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION • 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE disorder and chronic pain management. It is their intention that the Eric Symbiont Service Corp Hall Memorial Fund will last in perpetuity and, as such, only income from the fund will be distribut- ed annually. To help eliminate “band-aid approaches,” and truly improve the mental health care opportunities for returning veterans and their families, friends of Eric, along with Becky Hall and Marge Baker, plan to increase the corpus of the fund named for Eric, through several fundraisers. The first is scheduled for June 14. It will be a motorcycle ride in memory of Eric Hall for Rece ive u to a p r?ti?s , 72 the “Home Front Fight.” Ride registration at Black N P ym . ts, o Widow Harley Davidson- Get Set I f r e d Interes t ee r Buell begins at 10 a.m., with the start at 11:30 am. for the Finan inc ? Fees for the event are $12 with the purchas e of an qualif yi y ng for one rider and $5 for a with the purchas e of any qua fy in li g Season i-enn ox? Lorne comfort system passenger. Food and Lennox ¢ home comfor t syste m with an additional music are included, and $200 savings* participants even receive a commemorative T-shirt. Well, you say, you don’t Enjoy the feeling of spring inside your home with a Lennox® comfort system. ride a motorcycle, but • Air conditioners and 1-Year Plan $25 Off you do want to contribute W s. i to help support our heat pumps that keep the veterans bearing the scars air cool and comfortable Maintenance of post-traumatic stress • Air filters, ventilation disorder. All donations systems and other Agreement a are welcomed for this very worthy cause. Tax- products that help the air for only OR stay fresh and clean Service $29! deductible contributions • Digital thermostats and should be made to the zoning systems that let “Charlotte Community Foundation” for the Eric Hall Memorial Fund and you control your comfort Call today to ask about (Offer valid for new customers only. $79 value. call these great deals. Offer expires 12/31/08.) delivered at the event or Offer expires 12/31/08.) mailed to CCF, 1675 West Marion Avenue, Suite 111, Punta Gorda, FL 33950. SYMBIONT SERVICE CORP Plan to stop by the Black Widow Harley Pool Heating • Air Conditioning • Electrical Davidson-Buell at 2224 El Jobean Road in Port ONE Company • ONE Call • Complete Comfort Charlotte on June 14. You can even take a chance (941) 474-9306 OR (800) 881-4328 on a 2008 Limited Edi- tion, 96-cubic-inch Dyna Wide Glide Anniversary THE COMPANY YOU’VE TRUSTED FOR OVER 29 YEARS! Offers expire 6/6/2008. Harley-Davidson motor- *Additional $200 is on qualifying systems and available through April 11, 2008. **Rebate offer is valid only with the purchase of qualifying Lennox products. ***Offer is subject to credit approval by GE Money Bank with purchase of qualifying Lennox product. No finance charge will be assessed and no minimum monthly payments will be required cycle. on your promotional purchase balance if you pay the promotion purchase balance in full by the end of the 12 Month promotion period. If you do not, finance charges will be assessed on the 322320 promotional purchase balance from the date of purchase and minimum monthly payments will be required on the remaining promotional purchase balance. Standard account terms apply to Also, June 14 will be the non-promotional purchases and after promotion ends, to your promotional purchase. Variable APR is 21.15% as of 01/01/2007. Variable delinquency APR of 23.99% as of 01/01/2007 may apply if you fail to pay your minimum payment by your due date for two consecutive billing periods. Minimum finance charge $1.50. Offer void where prohibited by law. ©2008 Lennox first day of my retirement, Industries Inc. See your participating Lennox dealer for details. Lennox dealers include independently owned and operated businesses. B14247
  • 24. Our Town Page 10 D/E/N/C LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008 | DESOTO Get Hooked! Read WATERLINE every Thursday only in the NEWS BRIEF High school ? ?Cori offers free ? r iall . Ipir yir1t % sports physicals ?ci DeSoto County High School, along with many numerous community health professionals, are offering Free Sports Physicals at 4 p.m. June 2 in the high school PAULSON CENTRE gymnasium. All DeSoto FOR LEASE FOR SALE • Live in your Business - 3 bedroom home, PIK-N-RUN PLAZA Middle and DeSoto High • Com. Condo, build out complete near I-75 $1,000/mo Zoned CG Executive Office Suites Peachland Blvd. • Office Building. US 41, various sizes. School athletes who will Call for info. High Profile Location • Com. Building on 1 acre fenced C.I. Zoned. 18245 Paulson Drive, PC Retail/Office/Professional, Bus. Available 699K be participating in • Office/Medical N.P. Various Sizes (behind Charlotte Honda) • Veteran’s Blvd. Ind. Condo’s Your choice. Newly Renovated, sports for the upcoming • Ind. Condo P.C. 2,250 sq. ft. Brand New Zoned IL $119K ea. or 2 units $225K 80 s.f. to 230 s.f. 6.50 NNN • Com. Condo built out near I-75. High profile Includes Receptionist, Utilities Plenty of Parking. 2008-2009 school year • Side x Side Ind. Units P.C. Make offer, location $134,900. Zoned CG must have a physical on ready now. Rent concessions! & use of Conference Rooms. 1,200 sq. ft. @ $15.00, file. A parent or COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL Virtual Offices also. based on annual lease, guardian must be INVESTMENT GROUP INVESTMENT GROUP includes CAM Call Wilma or Alicia @ present and bring ID for 941-255-5300 941-255-5300 notarization of forms. (941) 206-2200 for info. (941)-627-3500 Also, please bring a copy of your child’s birth CALL FOR A FREE LIST 3,000 - 6,000 s.f. 1,250 - 2,500 s.f. Commercial OMI certificate. If you have OF BUSINESSES any questions you may Warehouse Space Commercial/Retail Build to Suit call the DeSoto County AVAILABLE IN Available. High School Athletic SW FLORIDA. Former Bistro Excellent Location Excellent Locations! Agent/Owner office at 863-494-3434, CORPORATE INVESTMENT Sandwich Shop. ext. 307. Good Location! Phyllis Larkin BUSINESS BROKERS Call Albert S TAY H A P P Y — Prudential Florida S TAY H E A LT H Y ! (941) 625-6414 941-629-2558 or Albert WCI Realty Feeling Fit / 941-628-2883 941-628-2883 (941) 624-5597 Ever y Sunday – only in 319676 H ONOR R OLL T H E S E F I N E B U S I N E S S E S H AV E B E E N HESE INE USINESSES AVE EEN ?t C ?a? trr itd ?at r A %? 3 5 3 Life Care Center 0 3 9 997 998 18 MN 18 `' 18 of Punta Gorda 450 Shreve Street ?are}?p A section 2394 Tamiami Trail • Port Charlotte, FL 33952 of the E WSPAPERS Cen`er 941-629-2611 312 Sullivan St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950 • 205-1000 (941) 639-8771 oP Punta Gorda The Episcopal Church 93 6 75 93 Popa P LS and Spas 0 3 SUN CARPET 1 8 of the Good Shepherd 1 9 8 929 A Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 99 18 8 3846-C Tamiami Trail The Rev. Vincent F. Scotto, Rector 941-629-1000 Port Charlotte, FL Free Estimates On Pools, Resurfacing, 625-3431 (941) 639-2757 Lic.#CPC057330 Pool Decks & Screen Enclosures. 1 3 6 3 1 3 Gulf Carts 1 90 89 99 18 7 99 18 8 of Port Charlotte “Call for 24 hour information” 4655 Tamiami Tr., Charlotte Harbor, FL 4061 Tamiami Trail • Port Charlotte 215 Mary St., Punta Gorda 2151 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte (941)625-0717 639-7500 629-3141 (941) 625-7969 7 3 7 3 The Parts Place 1 3 1 90 89 KAYS-PONGER FUNERAL HOMES and Cremation Services 1 97 89 of C.C., Inc. 99 18 8 929 A Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte, FL FAMILY TRADITION. Some things are more important than others.... 100 3796 Tamiami Trail 740 Tamiami Trail For 100 years, our funeral homes have offered caring and personalized Years 1907 - 2007 Port Charlotte, FL 33952 Murdock, FL 33948 (941) 625-9065 service to the families of Charlotte County. New Spec Homes Available - Immediate Occupancy Port Charlotte Chapel (941) 625-4113 Punta Gorda Chapel (941) 639-1133 941-625-1800 941-764-1818 Lic.#CRC058303 3 Locally Owned 8 3 PROFESSIONAL 2 3 Lumpert 95 89 & Operated 97 89 REALTY 98 89 1 By The Polk Family 1 of S. W. Florida Serving Charlotte County for 30 Years 1 Electric Service 1048 S. Tamiami Trail Punta Gorda 639-1058 JUDITH D. MACWILLIAMS - REALTOR 1-800-USA-1214 OFFICE - (941) 625-1339 426-7711 5 3 9 3 CHARLOTTE PLUMBING 3 LUIGI’S 95 89 99 18 7 1266 Market Circle 1 98 8 9 NEW YORK PIZZERIA & RESTAURANT DINE-IN • TAKE OUT 1 US 41 Port Charlotte Punta Gorda Celebrating our 25th Year in Charlotte County (FULL MENU AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY) 639-1155 AUTO MALL OPEN 7 DAYS Mon. - Fri. 11:00am - 10:00pm • Sat. & Sun. 3:00pm - 10:00pm –– SINCE 1955 –– (941) 625-9981 624-3535 3883 TAMIAMI TR. PORT CHARLOTTE SUNBELT MANAGEMENT SERVICES 57 93 ray’s plumbing, inc. 79 93 93 8 SERVING THE COMMUNITY 18 9 18 9 9 8 FOR OVER 25 YEARS 625-2500 205-2133 1 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, RENTALS & SALES The Only Family Owned & Operated Funeral Home In Charlotte County Since 1960 4678 TAMIAMI TRAIL UNIT 102 423-0250 State Certified License No. CFC1426095 3044 Caring Way, Pt. Charlotte 625-3535 941-764-7777 www.sunbeltmgtservices Port Charlotte Answering 79 93 4 3 2 3 94 96 89 98 89 1- N. 9 8 and Paging Service 25 1 1 17776 Toledo Blade Blvd. 1 20 101 5-1 and Concrete Products, Inc. Port Charlotte, FL 33948 Pe ach 157 • Pump-outs • Repairs • Installations Italian Market land Pizza City Owner, Louie Pancic 24-Hour Live Blv 4462 Duncan Road, Punta Gorda, FL 33982 (941) 639-3976 Answering Service Phone (941) 629-5052 d. 1 3 Family Eyecare 9 3 S ecurity (941) 625-9700 License: 5 3 JEFF MASTERS JEFF AND 97 89 97 89 Alarm #EF 0001051 98 89 JASON 1 Center 1 1 ELECTRIC MASTERS 21178 Olean Blvd. Voted Best Of Corporation “Since 1979” EC 13002119 INC. RESIDENTIAL Port Charlotte 629-1090 Charlotte County FIRE & BURGLAR ALARMS 941-575-8300 • 941-743-2700 COMMERCIAL Florida’s Charles of the Village 3044 Caring Way 93 80 93 6 319677 7 98 Oldest Salon & Day Spa 18 9 and Largest 18 9 Full Hair, Nail, Massage & Skin Care 1 PR E` RRE o Port Charlotte, FL NOW OPEN SUNDAYS 10am - 5pm PRESSURE 625-4655 2525 Tamiami Trail, Unit B 624-5212 Charles T. Anzalone Fishermen’s Village CLE ANER S Joseph A. Mazzoni, Owner Port Charlotte, FL Toll-Free 1-800-370-0020 Pres. of the FL Cosmotology Assoc. 639-6300
  • 25. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS D/E/N/C Our Town Page 11 Commissioners deny group’s request to use chamber for meetings By JOHN HAUGHEY “My understanding is, over again.” the room, although geon Club have had a for the community.” STAFF WRITER in the past, we’ve said no Curmudgeon Club long-standing commis- large array of county However, she added, “I Charlotte County and I see no reason to President Dale Watson sion policy was to use it officials on the dais and also understand there Curmudgeon Club change that policy now,” formally requested the for only government and a room full of has to be some restric- members have earned Commissioner Tom use of commission functions. citizens. What more tions” because of addi- their reputation as Moore said. “This is the chambers in a May 17 “We would submit that ‘governmental’ use can tional costs in security unmerry cranksters government’s house.” letter e-mailed to this use of the room you desire?” and maintenance. through their frequent “Government and commissioners. should be classed as Commissioner Tricia criticism of local government only,” Watson said the club ‘governmental,’” Watson Duffy called the decision You can e-mail government. concurred Commission- and Sun Newspapers wrote. “How could it be “a tough one,” noting, John Haughey at But last week, when er Dick Loftus. wanted to co-sponsor more? Past town halls “The Curmudgeons are jhaughey@ Charlotte County com- “We’ve had this con- three-hour town hall hosted by the Curmud- doing something good missioners were pre- versation repeatedly,” meetings in the room ? ? 1 14 ? 16 9 sented with a club Commissioner Adam two to four times a year. -? 1 7 request to use commis- Cummings said. “My He said County Attor- LET DAD KNOW sion chambers for town answer hasn’t changed ney Janette Knowlton JUST HOW IMPORTANT HE IS TO YOU hall meetings, it was and I’m getting frustrat- told the club there were In a very special way… commissioners who ed by being asked the no legal prohibitions With a Special Father’s Day note from YOU! sounded a bit cranky. same question over and banning public use of Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15th and here is how you can show him how much he means to you… Place your Special Greeting here and simply drop off, call in or mail in the form below FEELING CRAMPED? Sell It In The Classifieds. Call (941) 206-1200 S and we will publish your Father’s Day message for you on Father’s Day. 1. 2. N P Get rid of the clutter. 3. N 4. cS 5. NEW - High Speed Skin Tightening All ads must be pre-paid. Deadline is Thursday, June 12th at 3pm 3 Lines of text ...................$6.75 Additional lines of text $3.25 ea. • Immediate controlled response - “The best treatment short of surgery.” (Additional charge for artwork.......$5.00) `"' ❒ ❒ (D ' • Only requires ONE treatment session - Gradual radio frequency heat accumulation shrink-wraps I Choose This Art: N , day, facial skin, lifts & contracts any loose or soft skin • Facial Applications - Browlift, Facelift, Jaw line, sculpting, Crowʼs feet, neck tightening, Lip lines ❒ F ❒ • Body Applications - Tummies, upper arms, legs, buttocks (tucks the crease & bathing suit bulge) If paying by cash, check or money order, drop off at: 319670 CALL: 505-0888 for a free consultation Paying by bank card or Charl otte Sun s Exclusively at Spago Medispa credit card? Call or fax 23170 Harborview Rd. Port Charlotte, FL 33980 Dr. Michael Stampar your greeting to: 206-1200 Attn: Jill/Fatherʼs Day Greetings Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon fax 941-629-7740 327348 115 Taylor Street TV f 6£I O F S ERVICE S E RV I N G C H A R L O T T E C O U N T Y S I N C E ..... ERVING HARLOTTE OUNTY INCE . oat, Car or Se AUCTIONS REAL ESTATE 1 DIRTY GROUT by B ap me lan 6 The According To Hoyle Group 4 Co e 8 Pick the day, date & time to sell your property! 9 0 “Don’t pout over your grout” 9 9 0 GROUT CLEANING ~ SEALING 1 Bill Hoyle 941-235-3528 1 Grille at DeSoto Marina “Real Old Florida Dining” 2 RE-COLORING & REPAIRS Home of the Super Grouper Sandwich TA HOME “We Return Phone Calls & Show-Up!” Shells Realty, 877-75HOYLE Call 941-627-FISH (3474) Canoe & Kayak Rentals Too! SERVICES 941-457-4197 GENE GORMAN’S Mikeʼs Mattress 8 7 Auto Club South 5 AUTO SALES 2 23330 Harborview Road, 9 9 3305 South Tamiami Trail • Punta Gorda 0 1 21229-A Olean Blvd., Port Charlotte, FL 9 (941) 639-1601 0 Port Charlotte 1 “CURRENTLY REBUILDING FOR THE NEXT GENERATION” 2 Whidden Industrial Park (next to Circle K) 941-627-1544 “I’d Give ‘Em Away But My Wife Won’t Let Me” Voted Reader’s Choice Award Best (941) 629-5550 Mattress Store SKIP EPPERS RV’S 18480 Paulson Dr., Suite B4 ALLMED MEDICAL BILLING Port Charlotte, FL 33954 7 BIG SALE 5 2 8 9 2421 Shreve St., Ste. 113, Punta Gorda, FL 33950 0 ®V1Vlc?'S OO( 9 127025 Tamiami Tr. S. 9 TEL: (941) 639-5200 0 1 Punta Gorda (1.5 mi. past Tucker Grade) 1 2 FREE CONSIGNMENTS FAX: (941) 639-3322 941-639-6969 Closed Sun.-Mon. 941-255-3770 STORAGE PLUMBING & 941 9 • PRINTING 6 ★ AMERICA ★ 3 ELECTRICAL 505-7744 8 9 0 CONTRACTING 9 • COPYING 9 OF DEEP CREEK 0 1 GRAPHICS • TYPESETTING 1 941-627-9999 2 (941) 624-3713 Fax: (941) 624-3247 1145 CAPRICORN BLVD., PORT CHARLOTTE, FL 33983 2320 Tamiami Tr., Unit 1 • Midtown Plaza *1 FREE MONTH!* *BUDGET TRUCK RENTALS* WWW.BRUCELADD.COM Nautilus Pools of Charlotte Co. Charlotte Honda VW Regal Property Services, Inc. 9 7 1252 Tamiami Trail 4 “YOUR LOCAL RENTAL EXPERT” 8 18380 Paulson Dr. 9 Port Charlotte, FL 0 9 Port Charlotte, FL 33948 9 0 4055 Tamiami Trail 1 1 941-743-8883 2 Port Charlotte, FL 33952 941-624-5744 Sales • Service • Parts 941-629-8717 19 yrs. in Business Smuggler’s Captain’s Table BENEDE TT O'S Steakhouse Martini Bar 9 & Harpoon Harry’s 8 5 8 9 0 AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT DINING Banquet Facilities Available 9 9 HONESTY PRIDE COMMITMENT 0 Angelo Kastanis- Proprietor • Personally Welcomes You 1 Located at 1 1-(888) 488-0056 (941) 629-2504 2 300 Retta Esplanade Fishermen’s Village ➡ Sales, Service & Installation ➡ Duct Sanitization ➡ Servicing All Makes & Models ➡ Servicing Lee, Charlotte, Collier Visit our Website: 1200 W. Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda 637-1177 24 HOUR SERVICE FL. State License #CAC1815301 • Fully Insured 941-639-9695 Office: (941) 743-3159 GENE GORMAN’S GENE GORMAN’S 0 Fax: (941) 743-0067 9 AUTO SALES 6 AUTO SALES Showcase Floors 9 9 4380 Tamiami Trail • Port Charlotte 0 3315 Tamiami Trail • Punta Gorda 9 9 0 1 1264 Market Circle, Unit #2 1 (941) 625-2141 2 (941) 639-4722 Port Charlotte, FL 33953 “I’d Give ‘Em Away But My Wife Won’t Let Me” Great Service with Honesty & Integrity! “I’d Fix ‘Em For Free But My Wife Won’t Let Me” 9 3 Free 9 9 Doris 0 6 FREE Computer Check With In • Sell Used Computers and Printers • Virus and Spyware Removal • Repairs, Upgrades, Tune Ups, Etc. 9 A/C Check af t 2001-2007 9 Limousine 0 Shop Service! • In-home Service and Set Up 1 Specializing in “Your Full Service Auto Center” Owner Bob Berry 1 627-8056 2 941.764.3400 941.276.5011 AVAILABLE 7 DAYS CERTIFIED Foreign & 4780 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlote, FL 33980 or toll free 1-877-627-8056 COMPUTER & PRINTER REPAIR Domestic Repairs Call Bob: (941) 764-1388 Servicing all surrounding counties 2270-F Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte ®® LISA HAMLIN’S GENE GORMAN “PREMIER” 4 9 POWERHOUSE 7 9 627-6600 9 0 AUTO SALES 9 9 941-575-1717 0 1305 Tamiami Trail • Punta Gorda 1 3795 Tamiami Trail ICYCLE 1 2 CINTER (941) 639-7300 (Between Conway & Gardner) The Realtor You Can Reach 7 Days A Week! “I’d Give ‘Em Away But My Wife Won’t Let Me” LISAHAMLIN.COM THE We’re Your Complete Pool Store Robert Porto, Agent 4 POOL SUPPLIES • EQUIPMENT 0 3872 Tamiami Trail To Reserve Your Space 9 SERVICE • CHEMICALS 0 Port Charlotte, FL 33952-8463 9 1 License No. STORE 24630 Sandhill Blvd., Unit 302 Punta Gorda, FL 33983 2 0 Bus 941 627 5550 • Fax 941 627 8791 Toll Free 866 POR TOSF for 2009’s Edition RP252554706 941-625-1190 In Sandhill Gardens Industrial Park Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There® Call Jill, 206-1200 319678
  • 26. I ?_ ?a-: rl 1 Our Town Page 12 D/E/N/C U, ? 1 Available only at... 13 43? ud YA CELEBRATING 60 YEARS! Voted The Best • $ 13 Years In A Row! SHOP THE NATION’S LEADER 2000 ' The Miracle-Ear national Introducing network totals more than OFF Our ME950 2800 stores to provide you Any High Definition Open Air with the most reliable quality Hearing System* Hearing Aids *System consists of two hearing aids and service you can receive. The Most Natural Sounding $ Hearing Aids In The World! Trade In Rebate 500 BATTERIES e - Good Off Any Regularly $ 00 ? LOW PRICE GUARANTEE Priced Hearing Aid 2 Per Pack r? f. Canʼt be combined with any other offer. Canʼt be combined with any other offer. Miracle-Ear® is committed to providing the highest quality products and Y Hurry! Offer ends June 2nd, 2008 Hurry! Offer ends June 2nd, 2008 Y services at the lowest price, guaranteed. If you find a lower price on a f comparable device within 30 days of purchasing your hearing instrument(s), Miracle-Ear® will refund you 110% of the difference. This is just one more reason Miracle-Ear® is the hearing aid company America trusts. Arcadia, FL Charlotte Harbor, FL Englewood, FL North Port, FL Port Charlotte, FL Venice, FL (863) 491-8200 (941) 625-2002 (941) 474-4637 (941) 445-3001 (941) 743-1644 (941) 485-4327 DeSoto Plaza • 1233 East Oak St. 4410 B Tamiami Trail Gulf Bay Center • 512 N. Indiana Ave. (S.R.776) Sears Hearing Aid Center • Town Center Mall 109 E. Milan Ave. 322197 *See store for full warranty details. Hearing aids do not restore natural hearing. Individual experiences may vary depending on severity of hearing loss, accuracy of evaluation, proper fit and ability to adapt to amplification. Only your representative can determine which hearing aid is right for you. **Hearing test always free. Not a medical exam. Audiometric test to determine proper amplification needs only. 10303 ROPA 3X10 THE PATIENT AND ANY OTHER PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT HAS A RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PAY, CANCEL PAYMENT, OR BE REIMBURSED FOR PAYMENT FOR ANY OTHER SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT THAT IS PERFORMED AS A RESULT OF AND WITHIN 72 HOURS OF RESPONDING TO THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE FREE, DISCOUNTED FEE, OR REDUCED SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT. The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008
  • 27. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS D/E/N/C Our Town Page 13 Sarasota Music Festival to showcase chamber music C hamber music lovers ••• mixed media. The VAC is at Terrific track. Three writers who want to be will be in musical West Marion Avenue and divisions: Nitro, Electric better. It will be from 6 hog heaven for three TUESDAY Maud Street in Punta and Outlaw. Challenging p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the weeks starting June 2. Summer computer Gorda. For more info, 941- for participants, great Charlotte Arts & Humani- That’s when the Sarasota classes start at the Cultural 639-8810. excitement for spectators; ties Council offices at Music Festival takes place. Jan Center of Charlotte County. sit in the bleachers and see 2811-M Tamiami Trail This year there are two Findley Four weeks, $29. You can’t ••• the whole track as the cars, (LaPlaya Plaza). $250. venues, the newly renovat- beat that! From beginners trucks, etc., speed around Contact the Council to sign ed Sarasota Opera House to how to use eBay to THURSDAY-SUNDAY at breathtaking speeds. up. 941-764-8100. and at Symphony Center. brain around. Photoshop. Learn the dates, The Charlotte Players Free to watch. Racers start The Music Festival It is, ideally, music schedules and register present “The Rainmaker” registering at 4 p.m., stop ••• brings students of serious played in a venue that lets online at www.thecultural- at the Cultural Center at 8 at 5:30 p.m. The flag drops music from around the you get close to the or phone 941- p.m. and at 2 p.m. Sunday. at 6 p.m. in Englewood at TUESDAYS through world to the area to study players, close enough to 625-4175, ext. 223, or in I’ve seen this; it’s well done the Rec Center, 101 Orange SUNDAYS, now through under some of the world’s watch their fingers extract person at 2280 Aaron St., and enjoyable. $14 adults, St. Take S.R. 776 to Dear- JUNE 21. best musicians and notes from their instru- Port Charlotte. $7 students. At the box born Street, turn west a That perennial fave, “The soloists. Faculty members ments, close enough to see office at 2280 Aaron St., in few blocks to Orange Rocky Horror Show” is at come for two reasons: To expressions on their faces ••• Port Charlotte, 10 a.m. to 3 Street, turn east. Rec the Venice Little Theatre share their knowledge and as they play. It is music p.m. Monday through Center parking starts three Tuesday through Saturdays to play serious music in that lets you play along TUESDAY-THURSDAY Friday and one-hour prior blocks along. Free. at 8 p.m. Plus a midnight small groups with their with the performers, even It’s the last day to see the to each performance. Or showing on Saturdays. No musical peers. The latter is though your participation Four Artists Exhibit at the call 941-625-4175, ext. 220. ••• matinees; no one under 18 a magnet for these top- is strictly in your head. Visual Arts Center in Punta allowed. This is for anyone drawer professionals. There are six Music Gorda. Victor Amemiya, ••• SATURDAY: 9 a.m. to 4 not offended by strong There are 85 students, Festival concerts on Friday scratchboard. Ileane Taylor, p.m. language, sexual situations some are full-time stu- and Saturday evenings, 8 oils. Barbara Degan, SATURDAY Hurricane Home Show and loud music. Wear your dents, some already hold p.m. at the Sarasota Opera watercolor. Debbie Seter, Remote control racing. at the Cultural Center of weirdest costume. Tickets positions in symphony House and three concerts Charlotte County. A are $23. Order at the box orchestras and are study- Thursday afternoons at 4 program in the theater office, by phone 941-488- ing to perfect their skills; p.m. in Holley Hall at about preparedness and 1115 or online at there are no beginners. Symphony Center on Van evacuation plans plus an They have been chosen Wezel Drive off 10th Street, opportunity to talk with from more than 500, north of downtown. various service providers world-wide, who compet- Ticket prices are do-able; to get more specific ed to be included. While they range from $20 to $50, information about how to here, they attend master with seating at Symphony protect your property and costs. Free. Find it classes taught by a faculty Center less formal and less of 45 world-renowned expensive than at the in the artists. elegant Opera House. ••• Classifieds! Chamber music is not There’ll be free student everyone’s musical cup of concert performances, JUNE 4 tea. But for those of us who plus lectures — some of Author, book editor and are hooked, there is which are included in the former journalist James nothing else quite so price of a concert — and Abraham offers a five-week satisfying. passes sold that will let you short story writer’s course So what is chamber sit in on the master classes PHOTO PROVIDED from June 4 to July 2. For music? It is, by American and all the behind-the- Heritage Dictionary Joseph Silverstein, soloist and conductor with more than scenes events. 100 orchestras in the United States, Europe, Israel and the B.bFuti . c.. I ;, A definition, “music that is The full concert sched- wace Group REIVAX Aill Far East, is one of 40 members of the Florida West Coast appropriate for perfor- ule plus ticket and pass Symphony’s Music Festival for three weeks starting June 1. 1 1- 1 -3723 4 33 mance in a room or small details are online at When not conducting Master Classes, he joins other olua.l 41.4 3-S4$l For Ov er 20 Yea rs concert hall and composed www.sarasotamusicfesti- 1-177441-2733 Uniquely Qualified .• faculty/musicians in a variety of ad hoc chamber groups. for a small group of You can buy tickets 1 1. . 2 6 1217 11.202• to Serve You instruments such as a trio here, too. -Pkf) or quartet.” Sometimes a I’ll see you in June on ® quintet. Let me offer a more Thursday afternoons at the Symphony Center! MetLife David Mahanna Metropolitan Life Insurance personal definition: Financial Services Representative Company 322198 Chamber music is music Registered Representative • ••• 1819 Main Street, Suite 1300 • 1 1 t 1 I that, with a small number Sarasota, FL 34236 of musicians, has themes TODAY: 1 to 3 p.m. Tel (941) 366-0687 ext. 144 that can be followed more There will be a Memorial Fax (941) 366-3398 321837 readily than symphonic Day program put on by the FRENZ-FINESSE, LLC music that calls for full Military Heritage and A EUROPEAN CLEANING SERVICE I I Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MLIC), New York, NY 10166 orchestras with a hundred Aviation Museum at Securities offered by MetLife Securities, Inc. (MSI) (FINRA/SIPC), MLIC and MSI are affiliates. and more instrumental- ists. Chamber music is Fishermen’s Village, in Punta Gorda. It’s free and “IF YOU WANT IT music you can wrap your will be on Center Stage. 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  • 28. Our Town Page 14 D/E/N/C LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Monday, May 26, 2008 Florida inmate confesses to double murder in Immokalee By RYAN MILLS News to contact the ain’t going to come to do is make sure he like to work.” question if it is real.” NAPLES DAILY NEWS State Attorney’s Office home,” he said. don’t try something He said he remem- Investigators scoured The letter arrived in on his behalf. The night the couple crazy,” Crawford said. bered the directions to missing persons late February, with the “Maybe you could was slain, Crawford said, “I’ve got no illusion I the grave, because he databases in Florida and return address “Florida have played middle- he and Peanut were can’t be overcome. I can planned to go back and across the country, and State Prison.” man,” Crawford wrote, “jacking and robbing” be conquered. I don’t move the bodies to make found nothing matching Inside was a fantastic “and explain to them people. have any illusions about sure Peanut couldn’t give the description he gave. tale of kidnapping and they will never find the They would steal that.” him up. Instead, Craw- They also interviewed murder, written in small, bodies unless they agree someone’s car, use it in a After taking the couple ford was arrested less Crawford, who only gave neat handwriting by — in writing — not to robbery, and then get rid hostage, Crawford said than two months later. them additional descrip- Calvin Cyler Crawford seek the death penalty.” of it; Crawford said they he got nervous. He said “If you had a metal tions of his alleged Jr., a convicted murderer never kidnapped any- he was afraid that if he detector, you could find victims. serving a life sentence in ••• body until the night and Peanut let the man it,” Crawford said of the But it was an inspector Florida’s most secure Peanut decided to take a and woman go, they grave, citing the metal at the prison who shared lockup. To simply enter the couple driving a Honda would be able to identify chain he said the man a piece of information Crawford said in the Florida State Prison in south on I-75. him because of his wore. that really led investiga- letter that in August Raiford, visitors must Crawford described stutter and the notice- Toward the end of the tors to question Craw- 1991, after he was pass through row upon both the man and able scar on his face. interview, when asked if ford’s claims. released from his first row of barbed wire fence woman as white, in their He directed Peanut to go he’d ever written a letter “He related that this prison stint at age 19, he and metal bars. early-to-mid 20s and somewhere to let the to a newspaper before, isn’t the first letter this and an Immokalee man After checking in at casually dressed. couple out. After driving Crawford admitted guy wrote,” Roberts said. he knew only as the front desk and The man was about 5 to Immokalee, Crawford writing to the Miami According to sheriff’s “Peanut” hooked up to passing through a feet 10 inches tall, had said he remembers Herald and Miami Times reports, in July 2007 commit robberies. security detail, visitors blond or brown hair, and taking a left at a gas confessing to a conve- Crawford sent a letter to With some detail, pass through four more wore a metal chain on station, heading east on nience store murder in the Glades County Crawford described metal gates before his neck, he said. The Lake Trafford Road until 1987. He said authorities Courthouse explaining forcing a young couple reaching a nexus in the female had shoulder- they arrived in an area were aware of the that acquaintances of off Interstate 75 in Lee prison that guards call length hair and a “regu- that was “nothing but location of the murder his placed an explosive County and kidnapping “Times Square.” On a lar” build. woods.” and the identity of the device in the building. them. Afraid of being late March afternoon, in “She was nice, There used to be a gas victim. No device was found. caught violating proba- a room down the hall- though,” Crawford said. station at the intersec- “They just don’t know Less than a month tion he received in St. way to the right of “I think that’s probably tion of State Road 29 and who did it,” he said. later, he confessed to a Lucie County, Crawford “Times Square,” Craw- why Peanut want to keep Lake Trafford Road, Hernando County wrote that he and ford waits at an octagon- them; take them with us. investigators confirmed. ••• murder featured on the Peanut brought the shaped table. I’m just speculating right Crawford said in the back of the cold case couple to woods off Lake He’s wearing a blue jail there.” Daily News interview Though confession playing cards. Trafford Road in jumpsuit and slippers, In his original letter, that he lied to investiga- letters from inmates On Aug. 31, 2007, the Immokalee, where he and is cuffed at the Crawford said he tors about the direction frequently turn out to be Monroe County Court- executed and buried wrists and ankles. thought the couple may he and Peanut traveled. bogus, Roberts said they house received a letter them. One guard says Craw- have been tourists from Crawford said he always are taken seri- from Crawford again “I feel I’m doing a ford’s nickname in New York, but did not ordered the couple out ously. stating that there was a good thing,” Crawford prison is “Jitterbug,” explain why. of the car at gunpoint, A previous article writ- bomb in the building, wrote. “At least to these which upon meeting “I know it was the tag and followed them into ten by the Daily News reports said. That same people family. And I feel him seems an appropri- on the car, or the way the woods. He said he about the Crawford case day, while meeting with I’ve just took a load off ate moniker. During a they talk,” Crawford said shot the woman in the could have damaged the a psychological special- myself (sic).” conversation, Crawford in the interview. “New back of the head, and Sheriff’s Office’s investi- ist, Crawford stated that has difficulty maintain- York people talk funny, then shot the man twice gation, he said. he killed a Circle K clerk ••• ing eye contact, and like they gay or some- in the face. “Reading the letter, for $75 in Miami. despite a stutter, he thing. ... Not that I’m an He and Peanut fled the initially, it sounds a little In his March letter to After three months of speaks at a machine- expert at accents.” scene, and then returned bit far-fetched based on the Miami newspapers, investigation into the gun’s pace. Crawford said he and a short while later to our experience,” Roberts Crawford wrote that in letter, which the Daily At times during the Peanut put the couple in bury the bodies, Craw- said. “But there was November or December News turned over to the interview, a wide smile Peanut’s car — the man ford said. quite a bit of detail in 1987, he shot to death Collier County Sheriff’s crosses Crawford’s face. riding in the back seat “Peanut had a shovel,” there that piques your Office, deputies believe “I usually smile when with Crawford, the Crawford said. “Don’t interest and makes you FLORIDA | P15 it is nothing more than a people look me in the woman sitting in the ask me why he had it, well-written hoax, eyes too much,” Craw- front passenger seat and because I don’t have the penned by an inmate ford said. Peanut driving. Craw- slightest idea.” looking for a few extra Crawford, 35, has been ford said he pointed a Crawford said the naerrrsrntrta?trarnnmax hours outside his cell to in prison since 1992 gun at the man. grave wasn’t long or 475-M t7Ef;6S'fSd6'f " talk to reporters and when he was convicted “The only thing I got deep “because I don’t 3 investigators. in the shooting death of Investigators also Judah Hamad, 22, a Fort learned this isn’t the first Pierce grocery store Supplies (941) 475-5313 time Crawford has owner. Repairs Pool Service CARPETS DRY CLEANED written a letter confess- In the letter, Crawford 322191 - - - - - - - - - -- Furniture Cleaned Bob & Sally Miller ing to a crime. said his “confession” to 27 Years Experience “I don’t know what his the couple’s slayings SPRING INTO SUMMER BAKER’S DOZEN specific situation is, but came after he was (this is) a way to enter- playing cards with other $ 00 SAVE 10 SmartShock tain himself outside of his daily ritual in prisoners using a deck with cold case pho- Sale at this location only! MUST PRESENT COUPON Expires 5/31/08 NASIR KHALIDI, M.D. 14809 Tamiami Trail • US 41 & Sumter NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK NEUROLOGY 302096 MON. - FRI. 9-6 prison,” said Capt. Chris tographs and informa- North Port (941) 423-8367 SAT. - 9-5 • SUN. 10-3 ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY ELECTROMYOGRAPHY Roberts of the sheriff’s tion on the back of the criminal investigations cards. Crawford said the • Dizziness/Involuntary Movements division. However, in an exclu- couple he killed wasn’t in the deck, but it made Pain Keeping You Up? • Sudden Vision Change/Multiple Sclerosis sive interview with the him think about the Let us help you sleep better. • Parkinsonʼs Disease/Muscular Dystrophy Daily News at the case. He said he wrote CHARLOTTE COUNTY’S ONLY CUTTING EDGE • Restless Leg Syndrome prison, and in follow-up the letter for “closure,” INTERVENTIONAL PAIN MANAGEMENT letters, Crawford main- and because he wonders Most Insurances Accepted NEW Se Habla Español tains his guilt, defiantly if the couple’s loved ones sticking with his grue- still are waiting for them PATIENTS WELCOME ;SOUTHWEST FLORIDA PAIN CENTER Harbor Professional Centre 3420 TAMIAMI TRAIL • SUITE 3 • PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA some story. He wrote to return home. 19621 Cochran Blvd., Unit 1 • Port Charlotte, FL, 33948 319812 “I know for a fact they 766-PAIN (7246) • 941-629-2111 319713 that he wanted the Daily Please visit us at New office serving Englewood, North Port & Venice We Accept Auto, Medicare, Workman’s Comp & Most Insurances • Se Habla Español r- Elegantly Casual I rTh i with A Fantastic Water View Your Dream, Your _ FRIDAY NIGHT Home, Our Mortgage 7: SEAFOOD _ BUFFET! I can put together the CAP;r J S Fishermenʼs Village guy i, 1200 West Retta Esplanade, #55 Punta Gorda, FL 33951-1289 (941) 637-1177 Ext. 2 right mortgage for YOU! 329245 rr? Ier l 1+6n? Reservations Required Contact 'c Kris Bilodeau WILKINS Vice President _iuu uu- i FROHLICH, P.A. I r.0i Attorneys at Law A Clean Smile Experienced Attorneys to Handle SUN MORTGAGE RUST is a healthy smile! Your Business and Commercial Litigation Cases 5900 North Port Blvd. North Port, FL 34287 North Port Dental Thomas R. Cherpak, DDS 625-0700 941-423-3807 Kristin A. Woods, DDS 0 18501 Murdock Circle, 6th Floor, Port Charlotte 14884 Tamiami Trail The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely Equal Housing Lender, SunTrust Mortgage, Inc., 901 Semmes Avenue, North Port Commons 328730 328732 327277 upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience. Richmont, VA 23224 ©2004, SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust is a federally registered service mark of SunTrust Banks, Inc. gul5907-04 426-8289
  • 29. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS D/E/N/C Our Town Page 15 | CHARLOTTE NEWS BRIEFS Punta Gorda A ribbon-cutting Business Charlotte Campus, ceed and what their customer centered ceremony will take place Middle to hold Customer Room CL-106, 26300 characteristics are, why owner and develop a at 4:30 p.m. in the Airport Road in Punta customers continue to program for your walk-through cafeteria. Service Seminar Gorda. Instructor, Dan do business or why they employees to become The public is invited to PGMS is the fourth The Punta Gorda Cham- Regelski, who is the leave and an explanation totally customer cen- an open house at the Charlotte County school ber of Commerce is Director of Small Busi- of good hiring practices tered. The cost is $20 for new Punta Gorda Middle rebuilt since Hurricane offering a training ness Development that can put you on the members, and $30 for School from 4:15 p.m. to Charley in 2004. The seminar for small Center at Florida Gulf road to a positive and nonmembers. For 6:15 p.m. Tuesday at three-story, 172,111- businesses from 7:15 Coast University will forward moving cus- reservations or more 1001 Education Ave., square-foot school cost a.m. to 9 a.m. on June 26 teach businesses why tomer service program. information call 941- Punta Gorda. $37.5 million. at Edison College, some businesses suc- Learn how to be a 639-3720. FLORIDA: Inmate confesses to double murder in Immokalee; authorities think it’s a hoax FROM PAGE 14 searched the wooded Crawford has been Still, in his interview, “Unless an investigation Daily News interview area near the intersec- transferred to nearby Crawford said he “don’t is turned over to us by that “once you do it one the clerk of a Circle K or tion of Lake Trafford Union Correctional feel like dying right law enforcement, we time, there is nothing to 7-Eleven on Northwest Road and Marjorie Institution, also in now,” and said he still would not be involved at it no more.” 22nd Avenue near the Street. This is the same Raiford. wants a guarantee from this stage.” Despite his life in intersection with 83rd area Crawford pointed to Initially, Crawford said the State Attorney’s Crawford said he prison, Crawford, who Street or 84th Street in when investigators gave he wouldn’t show inves- Office that he won’t be would like to get out of says he grew up with the Miami-Dade County. him an aerial map tigators where he buried put to death. prison one day, vowing Bible, said he still He said he stole $47. during their interview the bodies unless he “I’m not a racist that upon his release the believes in God. “Our guys checked with him, reports indi- received a written person, but I am a only way he would ever “I don’t believe the into it and found noth- cate. guarantee that he realist,” Crawford said. “I see another prison world just came out of ing even remotely Roberts conceded that wouldn’t get the death feel that if a black would be if he drove nowhere. I do believe in similar to what the the area they searched penalty, but in his most person killed two white past it. creation,” he said. “If inmate was talking isn’t the area Crawford recent letter to the Daily persons ... he’s going to He said he has no there is a heaven or hell, about,” Miami-Dade described in the letter. News he backed off that death row first class.” intention of killing I think I’m hell-bound to police spokeswoman “He was describing statement. Though she wouldn’t again, but added in the tell you the truth.” Nelda P. Fonticiella said back toward the east “To put an end to all speak about a hypotheti- in an e-mail. “We see actually,” Roberts said. this talk about attention- cal scenario, Samantha this every now and then “Back toward the east, seeking, you asked me if Syoen, a State Attorney’s where an inmate starts even in those days, was I would be willing to Office spokeswoman in confessing to all sorts of all residential. There come show where the Fort Myers, said any heinous crimes just to were no open fields like bodies were buried. I negotiations would start draw attention to them- he described.” told you no,” Crawford with the law enforce- selves.” Roberts believes wrote. “Now, I’m more ment agency that inves- To diversify your portfolio with a steady, tax-free Aida Rivero, a foren- Crawford made the story than willing to come and tigates the case. income source, consider: sics records technician up to entertain himself show where they are. If “Our office has not with the Miami-Dade and for the opportunity only to prove I ain’t been involved in this San Francisco City Airport Bond Medical Examiner’s Office, checked all unsolved murders from to spend some addition- al time out of his cell meeting with investiga- playing any games.” - - - -House- - -Filter - ✁ ✁ - - Water - - matter,” Syoen said. ✁ ✁ 5.00% YTWC late 1987 and also found tors. He said investiga- Whole For more information about this and other investment ideas, contact me for a personal consultation ... and find out what it’s JL nothing similar to tors never talked to No Salt* • Wireless Remote like to have a Financial Advisor who takes the time to listen. Crawford’s claim. Peanut. ✁ “Nothing happened at “Believe it or not, FREE INSTALLATION* • FREE DRINKING WATER SYSTEM Removes yellow $ .95* 4 that location,” Rivero Peanut is not that rust, odors, i said. “We don’t have uncommon of a nick- water, chlorine, If you would like additional information, please call: (941) 235-3038 anything. If there was a name,” Roberts said. i 329300 Per month 3036 Tamiami Trail, Suite E, Pt. Charlotte, FL 33952 homicide, it would have “Even in Immokalee.” No Filters Exp. 5/31/08 bad taste, MARK W. ROCKOWER, You First ✁ RENT TO OWN plus softens ii Assoc. Vice Pres. Investments to be here.” To Change As of 05/19/08. Callable 06/08 @ 102. FSA Insured. Maturity Date 05/01/2021. Yield is the lesser of yield LIMITED QUANTITY On April 23, investiga- ••• to maturity or yield to call. Interest is not subject to federal income tax but may be subject to state, AMT or local taxes. Rated Aaa/AAA by Moodyʼs/Standard & Poorʼs. Subject to availability. #3138a tors brought a cadaver Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda dog to Immokalee and Since his initial letter, 743-0111 Venice/North Port To l e d o C l u b Wireless Remote 493-2224 TURN YOUR TRASH INTO CA$H! Control ✁ 198108 Free drinking water system if purchased on 3500 series. FREE installation on rent to A DVERTISE IN THE CLASSIFIEDS C ALL (941) 206-1200 324510 own program only. Introductory offer $4.95 per month, first 3 months for rent to own program. New customers only with approved credit •, Harbor Realty Charlotte County’s ORIGINAL RE/MAXlip CALL US! _ _ ?? , . 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Next to Bobcat Village (941) 639-8500 332158 DeSoto 3565 Island Club Dr., North Port, FL 34288 328603 319968 332158 494-7600 w w w. t o l e d o c l u b a p t s . c o m SEL F ATTENTION: CHRONIC PAIN SUFFERERS NOW OPEN! NEW EXPANDED LOCATION! STORAGE If You Suffer From Neck Pain, Back Pain or Frigidaire • Whirlpool • GE • & More! Sciatica Caused By A Disc Problem Or Refrigerators, Ranges, Washer/Dryer Pairs ALL UNITS ON PM Spinal Stenosis, This Might Be The Most Important Message You Will Ever Read: GROUND FLOOR Reader’s Choice 2007 A revolutionary treatment is now available that is helping chronic neck, back and leg pain sufferers USED & LIKE NEW APPLIANCES FOR EVERY BUDGET WITHOUT using drugs or surgery. Non-Surgical Month to Spinal Decompression (NSSD) is a non-invasive pro- cedure that has helped thousands of people across WHY PAY RETAIL? the country with chronic and severe spinal pain, and Month Lease Best Storage is now available to SW Florida Residents. 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Call West Coast 328692 Office Hours: Use this truck Monday - Saturday Wellness at 429-0070 NOW! Space is limited. We are so confident that you will get the result you want, we are willing to offer you a MILLER’S APPLIANCE HOURS: M-F 9-6 Sat 9-4 9:00am - 5:00pm no questions asked money back guarantee. If after the first 12 treatments your progress is inadequate, West Coast Wellness will S A L E S & S E R V I C E Sun 9-2 FREE with 328689 issue a refund for any unused portion of your payment. The patient and any other 14906 Tamiami Tr., Suite B, MOVE-IN! Office closed Sundays person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the North Port Corner Stone Plaza, Next to KFC 941-429-8378 and Major Holidays free service examination or treatment. 10 1 See Our Inventory @!!
  • 30. Our Town Page 16 D/E/N/C LEISURE The Sun /ZMonday, May 26, 2008 HOROSCOPE ARIES (March 21-April 19). Beware of THE Daily Crossword Edited by Wayne Robert Williams the impetus to buy your way into “there” (wher- ever “there” may be). The perfect doors open easily to you. ACROSS TAURUS (April 20-May 20). While others 1 Writer Dinesen use a measuring stick to see who is more suc- 5 Soft stroke cessful, you use your holistic vision and see true accomplishment. 11 "Washboard" GEMINI (May 21-June 21). It may feel muscles right to pay someone’s way, tip huge or live 14 Moon goddess large. Does it still make sense when you crunch the numbers? Probably not. And yet, you still 15 Female grad feel good about it. 16 Uncooked CANCER (June 22-July 22). Practice and 17 __'acte drill the information until it’s second nature. (intermission) What good is being in the right place at the right time if you don’t make the most of it? 18 TV classic, "__ LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You outwardly Room" project that you’d prefer that anyone snap to 19 Uno e due your terms of acceptable discourse, but you’re secretly amused by those who won’t conform. 20 An easy VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). If you don’t crossword know how to overcome the problem, waiting puzzle, say it out is always a valid option. Time heals eventually. 23 Bundle of grain LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Cut out any 24 Brandy letters information to the contrary and shun the quali- 25 Temporary fiers that will only dilute your message. Be brief and direct and you can’t lose. money Cryptoquip © 2005 by King Features Syndicate SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). A deadline isn’t a deadline if there’s no one to “kill” you 26 Bowler or beret 27 Fidel's when you miss it. Enlist help by asking some- one to play watchdog to your goals. comrade SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). 29 Attention- You’re in the habit of highlighting the best about getting shouts your life, which serves you well now, as people want to get closer to you. 31 "Undercover CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You’re Angel" singer not one who would stand by when, obviously, 33 Altar needs are going unmet. So it’s up to you to be on the lookout for what others might have become constellation numb to. 35 A/C measure AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You’ll find 36 After-school 4 Destiny out a piece of news that shakes up your fantasy of how things should be or will be. Your dream detention, e.g. 5 Sagan or could still come true. 42 Actor Gibson Perkins PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). If a choice is 43 Help waiting 6 Medicinal foolish, it doesn’t matter if a million people 44 Trudge through houseplant choose it — that doesn’t make it any less dumb. You swim against the current and will be glad 45 Side by side 7 Hindquarters you did. 49 Coll. period 8 Place on the 51 Barge puller payroll GOREN BRIDGE 52 Product name 9 Bygone dagger 53 Esq. affixer 10 Circus Hall of Answers to weekly bridge quiz 55 Highlanders Fame location Q 1 - Both vulnerable, as Q 3 - Both vulnerable, as Q 5 - Both vulnerable, as 57 X on a map, 11 Conductor South you hold: South you hold: South you hold: perhaps Toscanini ♠9 ♥62 ♦A8543 ♣KJ872 ♠ A J 9 ♥ 10 5 4 ♦ K 10 5 2 ♣ K 6 3 ♠ 10 8 7 4 3 ♥ Q 10 6 5 ♦ A ♣ A 9 8 60 Wind dir. 12 Latino quarter The bidding has proceeded: 61 Record 13 Ratings' week WEST NORTH EAST SOUTH The bidding has proceeded: Partner opens the bidding keepers 21 USA rank ♥ 1♥ 3♣* Pass ? NORTH EAST SOUTHWEST with one heart. What do you *pre-emptive 1♣ 1♠ ? respond? 62 Skedaddles 22 Go straight What action do you take? What do you bid? 64 Affirmative downhill A - Again, it depends on 65 French classful 23 Restaurateur A - Partner has shown little A - You have a flat hand with your methods. If you play 66 "__ Baltimore" Toots defensive strength and, from two potential stoppers in the forcing jump raises, by all your holding, the opponents enemy suit and the right means bid three hearts; if not, 67 Don’t get up 28 Flags down might be cold for a slam. strength for a bid of two no bid whatever you use as a 68 Ridicule 30 Beyond tubby 40 Casino game 50 British sports Make it as difficult as trump. While you would like forcing raise. Don’t even 69 "South Park" 32 Man of Sana'a 41 Faberge cars possible for them to investi- to have a heart stopper, in think of bidding your poor co-creator 34 Priest's collectibles 54 Fountain of gate in an orderly manner. which case you could do five-card spade suit, or try to Jump to five clubs. without one of the minor-suit convince us that you are not Parker vestment 45 Monasteries coins kings, life is seldom perfect. good enough for a game 37 Soundproofed 46 Sultanate on 56 Anything Q 2 - East-West vulnerable, Bid two no trump anyway. force. You must upgrade your DOWN 38 Gathered, as Borneo whatever as South you hold: queen of trumps and add in 1 __-de-France volunteers 47 Most 58 Pineapple firm Q 4 - Both vulnerable, as your distributional values. ♠ Q J 10 3 ♥ K J 9 3 ♦ A 6 ♣ K Q 9 South you hold: 2 Parasol, e.g. 39 Like some unavailable 59 African fox Q 6 - Both vulnerable, as 3 1862 battlefield motives 48 Shred 63 Slightly shifty The bidding has proceeded: ♠ 7 6 2 ♥ J 10 8 3 ♦ K Q 7 ♣ 9 5 2 South you hold: WEST NORTHEAST SOUTH 1♣ ♦ 2♦* ♥ 2♥ ? Partner opens the bidding ♠ K Q J 10 8 5 ♥ K 7 ♦ 9 ♣ A Q J 4 ADVERTISEMENT Fishing For *pre-emptive What do you bid? with one heart. What do you respond? Partner opens the bidding A New ALL THE NEWS ASK LUKE A - Most of your values are A - That depends on your with one diamond. What do you respond? Career? YOU NEED, Real Estate Q & A secondary, so you have too methods. If you play that a SEVEN DAYS A many fast losers to make any response of one no trump is A - Even by modern stan- three-level or higher contract. forcing, this is the time to dards, you are good enough WEEK. However, you might be able employ that weapon; if not, for a jump shift to two to inflict a significant loss on you must choose between spades. Your suit is self- your opponents. East’s bid of one no trump and two hearts. sustaining and by telling two hearts is forcing, so don’t Since we hate to suppress partner immediately he do anything to suggest to the goodish four-card support for doesn’t have to worry about opponents that they do not partner’s major, we would spade support, you will be Check Out The have the upper hand. Pass, opt for the little white lie of a able to explore the possibili- WILSON SMART CORE and see what develops. raise to two hearts. ties in an orderly manner. Classifieds In The 15 BALL PACK WAS $12.95 Moving Magazines Be sure to remove any NOW ONLY 2/$20 labels with your name ry’s BY LUKE ANDREAE Dear Readers: The and address. — Heloise H arry Schor question of what to do P.S.: You also can NAILS Lemon Bay Q. I keep hearing about short sales. Can you tell me with old magazines once recycle the magazines. Tiffany & Andy Golf Company about them? you have read them comes Many schools, work (formerly of Cape Haze) SUMMER HRS. AS OF 6/1/08 in often. With everyone Now at MON -FRI 10-2 A. I will do my best. Two years centers and communities CLOSED SAT & SUN ago, if you had asked me about thinking “green” these days have bins for newspapers Nails -by- Tiffany I 941-697-7277 I a short sale, I would have had 322220 and wanting to recycle or and magazines. ----- -- ------- no clue what you were talking 4880 Placida Rd., Englewood reuse items, here are some places where you can take Hints from Heloise Send a great hint to: Heloise, P.O. Box I I 15% OFF! , , about. Now, it seems that I hear that phrase all day long. I am going to give you the quick ver- New Clients the magazines: 795000, San Antonio, TX ---------------- sion of my interpretation of a Senior-citizen center Towers Plaza short sale and how it works. A 78279-5000 short sale is when you owe Englewood 322176 Youth-detention living home Fax: 1-210-HELOISE more on a property than you center Prisons/jails E-mail: 941-475-6946 can sell it for AND you try to negotiate with the bank to Nursing or assisted- Veterans hospitals Heloise(at) write off some or all of the The Guitar Cottage shortfall so as to be able to sell the property. Contrary to BIBLE “Come in and pick” belief, banks typically do not like to foreclose due to the legal When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, Guitar Lessons ------------ costs, carrying costs and main- he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of tenance headaches of taking Mandolin Lessons Melaleuca over a property. In many cases, the blood of this just person; see ye to it. Matthew 27:24. Bass Lessons they may subsidize the amount Are you like Pilate? Has peer pressure kept you from doing what is right? Stand Instruments and Mulch owed at closing to help the with Jesus. Remember, He died for you. seller close and to avoid their $ 25 Accessories (941) 475-4300 2. a BAG .............. chances of taking the property back. I have heard that the suc- • Garden Center cess ratio of short sales is some- Hours-Mon.-Sat. 10 am-8pm where between 5-10%. In many • Landscape Installations 322103 322175 353 W. Dearborn Street, Englewood, FL 34223 • Palm Trees cases, the owner has too many assets (401K, IRA, bank • Annuals & Perennials accounts, other real estate) that • Pond Plants & Supplies the bank will require to be liq- ■ Emphasis on • Florida Certified uidated before starting to sub- health Landscape Designer sidize. The reality of short sales - -- - - -- - - - - - - maintenance is that many sellers simply have and weight CURB CREATIONS too many assets that need to be used to pay the shortfall before related issues to rm Kinb i al ■ State of the art 10% OFF the bank will cooperate. In these cases, the seller is faced with the decision of bringing a o.uc diagnostics Decorative Concrete check to closing or waiting out Bowl Cw1MsQ M testing the market. l f- nl g lWdm Landscape Curbing ----------------- W*Mrd ■ All major If you would like a market of ept Uk 1Md[tis insurances accepted Sea analysis of your home or are interested in viewing prop- erties for sale, call 833-4217 941-473-0500 Oats or email info @ 8AM-5PM Monday thru Thursday Nursery & This column is for general infor- .6 : 1 Landscaping mation only. For specific legal, tax
  • 31. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun COMICS D/E/N/C Our Town Page 17 FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE By Lynn Johnston ARE ?/OU GIRLS CoMFoRrgsLE ITS TAKING A LONG you TWo ARE AWFULLY BUTNOf AIAUD. Mother of three wants to flee empty nest BAG< THERE? TIMETo GET DOWN- QUIET! DON'T you HAVE DEAR ABBY: I am a 54- to cry on, a favor or, more L)H-HuH. TO THERESso WN. ANyTHINGTo TOE=ACH SAY. MUCH TRAFFIC. 0 HEK? year-old divorced woman recently, someone to brag YEAH! who raised three kids on to about her “good SURE - ° my own for 15 years. I fortune.” 1 l o r ' ? would now like to make a Dina’s “fiance” (I’ll call major change in my life him “Ethan”) has divorced s and move to a small town his wife to be with her. He ? Q B in a Southern state. My has physically and emo- fi CKA kids are grown except for tionally abused Dina in t r my youngest, who will the past, and continues to ? fcK ,I graduate from high school Dear Abby use drugs. I have loaned this summer and probably her money and helped her attend college. out in more ways than I PEANUTS By Charles Schulz My parents, who don’t before making any hard- can count. even live in this town, are and-fast decisions, please Ethan recently got a big IHAVEA DENTAL I'LL SEE YOU WHEN HAVE A GOOD DAY opposed to the idea. They answer some honest settlement, so Dina had APPONTNENT50I YOU GET HOME„• AT SCHOOL,., say I am “abandoning my questions: $10,000 worth of plastic UiONT BE kA "' To SCHOO WRH olAw LEARN children,” and my siblings What will you do if your surgery done and took a sH THINGS! are asking how I can move parents become too ill or trip to the Caribbean. But YOU TODAY so far away from my frail to travel? Once your she has never once offered elderly parents, which children marry and your to repay me what she makes me feel guilty. grandchildren start owes. She has also never Am I wrong for wanting arriving, how involved do been to my new house, a new life of my own? My you want to be in their not even for the house- ® -•ot.?w ..-,?.? .? c.-vL . .. ?.- .vow ?. loved ones can always lives? warming. She says I live ` come to visit me. Do I owe If you will have enough “too far,” although it’s only it to my parents to stay? money to travel for visits 20 minutes from her. HI AND LOIS By Brian and Greg Walker I can no longer afford when you wish, then go Dina’s wedding is to live where I am here in with a clear conscience. If scheduled soon. I don’t MR. WAVERING THANKS FOR G017KNOWG I CAN'T m San Diego, but if I move to not, consider moving to a want to attend because I IG A VETERAIJ REMEMBERING REMEMBER ANYTH ING a less expensive commu- smaller, less expensive think Ethan is an abuser _ NAPPY ME • 3 MYSELF ANYMORE. F0 nity, I suppose I could community not so far — and besides, it’s “too MEMoRIAi- .? ( _ afford a small home. — RESTLESS away from the family. far.” She keeps calling, and DEAR ABBY: I have had I just let the machine pick o I, DEAR RESTLESS: this friend, “Dina,” for up. — MS. L. IN SEATTLE ? lj o9yY ? I I I Having raised your about five years. It took DEAR MS. L: Tell Dina children to the point that me a while to notice, but that it’s time to repay the they are independent, you now I realize she calls me money you loaned her. are entitled to live wherev- only when she needs After that, I predict your er you wish. However, something — a shoulder problem will be solved. BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Walker CRANKSHAFT By Tom Batiuk & Chuck Ayers ---r THE WATER 5 ND. 1: SAW A NO- YOU DI D .. 1 IT WOULD HAVE ?/ IT LOXK LIKE CKANKSNAFT IS 4 idrl 141,x, ml DO GREAT! AREN 'T 616 6NAPPING SPOILED AL L TV EXGkTED 0(r(-o15 BEING „?I?!II W ,w YOU COMING TURTLE IN v WHY DIDN`T YOU THE FUN r -NE LPS7 Pw x1400L. ?? II 4m,t1? YOU SAS TELL ME? ! Y *% IN, BEETLE? THERE w = I E k1Y22 I I,pu ? § -. lpyq Bus top IZEG+ 'III i z HAGAR THE HORRIBLE By Chris Browne BORN LOSER By Art and Chip Sansom TILE I-A57 Tr1IiIG Z = -- MUTUS THORJ 1P PPLE, BRUTUS HAS MN 1 DEM ! " Blu1TUS NASA °GIZEEN IDEA ! REnn1MBER NELGA TELLING _ DEEP IN THOUGHT , ME !6 NOT T MINK 7,IE o WATER IN A FOREIGN GOLIJTRY! 7 B $ ? C 2OC8 by Itieg FealU eS Syndicate , Inc. World rghIS reserved. 26 THE WIZARD OF ID By Brant Parker and Johnny Hart BLONDIE By Dean Young , EK WItMNEVFIZ A TOTAI W5E 5TA-2T5 LOOK AT THE 17 SAYS: "YOUR BELOVED MAILMAN'S BIRTHDAY a IN RECOGNITION OF DEVOTED THE ENVELOPE IS EMPTY ANO OKAY , WHAT'S THIS ALL ABOUT?! TO FLIT ON ME, I TEI.f, NIM ENVELOPE 15 NEXT SERVICE, THIS THE FLAP IM FROM ANOTft M F1, NET ' A NEPTUNE 102111116 ON THE TOP! TUESDAY'- ? IS FOR YOU..." IS OPEN! -?? a ? ?/ ffi?!FIB! ?/ I TRATS `` - FUNNY! 50, YOU REAwy • FROM. Y ? z J m - 5•Z(, = - rTAT?w?.ww? .?ATO?roe, m d/ rn?sHA? 1 ` ; s•zs PICKLES By Brian Crane SHOE By MacNelly Productions I (5 A BEAU11FUL MORNING, NO, I MEAN 1T5 REA4GY d' OG+7oDNU/NATA THE TROUBLE WITH SHOE IS... THAT 'S JUST THIS MORNING ,NE SAID HIRING YOU 15N"( IT EARL A 8EAU1PU[MoR i l NIA BEAUT/FUGMORAINU; HE NEVER ADMITS TO MAKING NOT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF NI5 LIFE. 0# 04A A A U A MISTAKE! TRUE. 4EAN. ALwYS Vr-0 6 !!! r f ,6? I'7 N N5AHEM 41 i a N0•.• 1t f I 5/26 f 5/26 shoecomicea m ANDY CAPP By Reggie Smythe B.C. By Hart .°. !4!1 Q ®3008 M N.LT°. ITS GONNA BE ONE I nn , O ?r OF THEE WEEKS " • • n „SDIHIREDA 1 - 0 TI I H E! ? J 4 ? e DANK DRINK ??I I ??°d ! V ? DRINK t ; ROGER MAHON EY & ROG ER KETTLE I' ` _? / 5•ZIp @iWB CRIAT00.t SYNDICATE,WC.ww. . mo.,.rom - ? - -` ? < - ZITS By Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman GARFIELD By Jim Davis I AM ?AREAD(? I'UESTUDIEDEVF .?f THIS NEE'Y HEM ? WHA T ARE NA! I EAT CATS LIKE PROVE i?! F THIS FINAL ! NIC-?lTI?EVIEWEDTNE ? ? NADA -COP CHAPIF-R5, V W Y YOU LOOKING AT FUZZBALL ? UNCH, I F YOU FOR BREAKFAST ! NIOff c FE , , ? YOU DON'T OH,YEAH? O (? o Q O Sam . I ,, O ATTITDE s 9p'(sh+N' a 0 0 o o _ eQ a ?I o 0 t g::z Q°M DA V°S5 IT - u
  • 32. Our Town Page 18 D/E/N/C The Sun /Monday, May26, 2008 T HE S UN VIEWPOINT Brian Gleason Derek Dunn-Rankin EDITORIAL PAGE EDITOR PRESIDENT Howard James David Dunn-Rankin EDITORIAL WRITER PUBLISHER Buddy Martin Chris Porter EDITORIAL WRITER EDITOR Stephen Baumann EDITORIAL WRITER To submit letters to the editor, please e-mail to: Phone: 941-206-1133 OUR VIEW I DoNlTNIKK WE SNOULD NAVE YoV ;EN OUR PNEST THE CooANWERE FoR hEl R tAL DAB , MAy% V l CvFCUR?aIL L' WRIFICEE WE In memory C*CQSTS COULD JU4T STAY 15aMETIME5,NAVE f of those who ° TOONIUCN. / .. 0EAN9 0KIU. / STEAKS? To MAKE. / gave all for us OUR POSITION: Honoring those who gave all for their country is a powerful unifying bond that rein- forces the fabric of our divided nation. h Oo Q9 N o matter how divided the nation, nothing unifies us more than our duty to honor tilt those who sacrificed all for their country. No matter our feelings on the commencement or execution of a .< 1 '" OtJ war, the gratitude of all citizens to those who answered their country’s RIGHT, call is indivisible. In Southwest Florida, with its tens of thousands of veterans of popular, unpopular and forgotten wars, Memorial Day is an especially poignant and often painful day. Memories of fallen comrades are never far below the surface and 0 U N Memorial Day, as it was intended, Ti ll i ? gives all of us a chance to share those memories, grieve those young lives lost and honor their service. A common theme in the stories our veterans have shared with us and our readers over the years is that the bond between soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines is as great as the LETTERS TO THE EDITOR call of duty. The legion of battlefield Jails differ your boat in the middle of party’s actions. But so is the years past oversights have heroes is full of men whose final act the harbor and you see those Conservative. happened, but I urge your on this Earth was in defense not of from prisons dark, nasty approaching You also seem to be a bit reader to not give up on her their country, but of their unit and Editor: clouds with a torrent of rain racist when you refer to the donation as nearly everyone their buddies. When we see a tear in I am writing to respond to already pouring out and it’s middle-eastern people. knows of a church-based the eye of an aging World War II Ira Josowitz’s May 18 letter. heading directly for you. Again the words of a feeble food pantry that will gladly veteran, who lost friends on foreign I am not in agreement with Scary thought. For those mind. Your words speak accept the donation. As great fields 65 years ago, we understand her letter referencing the who have lived this experi- volumes on the type of a success as the food drive how deep that bond runs. When we placing of county jail ence, you know what I mean. person you are and your was, our local pantries see strangers show up to search for a detainees in some kind of For those who haven’t, actions, by writing me at estimate the shelves will be troubled Iraq War veteran, we under- tent city with no A/C or TV consider yourselves lucky. home and not signing your bare in two months or less. and making them work for Now, consider this, you’re name, shows the cowardice Thank you for giving your stand how powerfully the bond binds in the harbor with such a of your nature. time and donations, please their food. All of us are across distance and time. feeling the difficult times we storm approaching but One final word. You are continue to give. There are no good wars, but atti- are in and we all are scurry- you’re in luck, there is a right my wife is a strong and Joe Henschen tudes toward our nation’s wars has ing for ways to economically quick access to the Isles wonderful person. You on Punta Gorda evolved since World War II. All deaths tighten our belts. canal system, a quick access the other hand sound angry are tragic, but the sense that some That being understood, is that will get you home before and disturbed. Jail expansion have died in vain or were forsaken by she aware that according to the storm hits. Robert Groetzinger not needed now their leaders has crept into the the sheriff’s office, about 80 Wouldn’t you want that Port Charlotte lexicon of remembrance. More percent of the jail population quick access? I know I would. Editor: regrettable is that some deaths have are classed as “detainees” I do not have the luxury of Letter carriers Our county commissioners awaiting trial? These individ- living on a canal (like thankful for food must be true visionaries. become political wedges used to uals’ only guilt so far is that Bayview) that is only five Despite county population drive people apart. We saw this with they were not able to make minutes away from the Editor: declines in each of the past the deaths of Pat Tillman and Casey bail and be released prior to harbor and offers immediate On May 15 an Arcadia three years, and no reason to Sheehan. There is a time to debate their trial. So, they sit in jail safety during such a crisis. reader commented on the expect a turnaround in that the politics of war, there is a time to awaiting trial. Remember the For those who live in such May 10 letter carrier food trend anytime soon, the demand accountability. Memorial phrase innocent until found areas, imagine how you drive in our area. Her dismay commissioners see things Day is a day to honor sacrifice, not guilty? Did she know that would feel if your quick centered on the failed differently. Even though the tarnish it with ideological jockeying. some of these persons will access was blocked and the collection of a donation to jail is currently operating at We can and do honor those sacri- not be convicted at all? only way home was through the drive. This was the 16th less than full capacity, Sheriff fices today, but we also owe it to Now I will agree that if such a proposed cutout. year of our food drive. The Davenport is forecasting that those we honor to pass their stories these “detainees” are con- We are talking about $100 drive is part of the National demand for inmate beds will victed, and sentenced to yearly for five years. That’s it. Association of Letter Carriers more than double by 2012. on the next generation, to our chil- To say only those who would incarnation, I stand with her community involvement County commissioners, dren and grandchildren. Few of us about forcing them to live in use this access is very selfish programs that include eye fearing that costs might think much further back than World less than a pleasant environ- on your part. on the elderly, efforts with escalate dramatically, have War II. Even those who seek to honor ment, but not until they And to say you would not the Muscular Dystrophy opted to spend almost $12 Civil War sacrifices, seem intent on have been tried and convict- vote for the City Council Association and recognizing million to build an 80-bed doing so in a divisive way, such as the ed. May we never forget the members who support it is your letter carriers for facility right now. Florida legislator who sought to put rule “innocent until proven not only childish, ignorant exhibiting heroic acts in Just maybe, a little over- the Confederate flag on some state guilty.” Many of the general but extremely unneighborly. their communities while in crowding of the existing jail license plates even as the Legislature public forget that county Margaret Brennan the performance of deliver- facility might prove to be a was debating the racist words in our Jails differ from prisons. Punta Gorda ing the U.S. mail. deterrent to criminal activity, state song. County jails are generally This year’s food drive making the expansion Going back even further, it was holding facilities for those Anonymous letter collected over 522,055 unnecessary. It’s too bad, but awaiting trial or in some showed cowardice pounds of food for the our politician’s “proactive” painfully obvious in the recent HBO cases persons serving community food pantry’s in approach to squandering series, “John Adams,” based on the sentences of less than one Editor: the circulation area of the millions on huge unneces- excellent book by David McCullough year. Prisons are usually To the person that lives at 8 Charlotte Sun. In order to sary expenditures for “envi- that the American Revolution we all reserved for the convicted Bush Ave., Republican, Fla., complete such a task, your ronmentally sensitive” take for granted today was a tenuous persons serving time for 88888, I understand how you letter carriers rely annually on swampland, 800-plus vacant more serious crimes. must feel after voting for hundreds of volunteers from acres at the top of the affair at best. “His Excellency,” Joseph Steve Barker Bush twice. Quite a letdown. the community and associate speculative market, an J. Ellis’ biography of George Washing- Port Charlotte But you are not alone if you union members to help unnecessary parking garage ton, recounts how the weeks leading read at all. You see that his collect, sort and distribute with empty stores and now up to the war-ending siege at York- Support Alligator approval rating is the lowest the donations to those the jail boondoggle have town were among the darkest of the Creek cut-through of any president ever. individuals in the community tainted the request for the 1 conflict. We owe it to those men and It takes a strong person to who have to make choices percent sales tax. If taxpayers women to honor the very earliest Editor: admit that they may have relating to personal finances could just see what the Living in Florida, especially been wrong, used bad and/or food. commissioners see, they sacrifices for our nation. judgment. But to blame the Although it is always done might be more inclined to on the water, we all know So on this Memorial Day, we pause how quickly storms can blow Congress on the state of the in cooperation with the support this sales tax exten- to remember not only the first to die through our area. Many of nation after only holding a United States Postal Service, sion request and many for our country, but the next and them come straight through slight majority for one and a It is your letter carriers who worthwhile projects could be pledge to honor their sacrifices in our the Gulf while others hit us half years shows weakness in make this happen. Every one funded. hearts, in our thoughts and in our from the north. not being able to accept should be proud of partici- Dave Hofer deeds. Imagine now, you’re on some responsibility for their pating in the event. As in Punta Gorda
  • 33. Monday, May 26, 2008/ The Sun OPINION D/E/N/C Our Town Page 19 Divisions splinter feel-good Democratic campaign prophecies of splinter. Now national read “If Only Hillary Had Married OJ I Ellen Goodman s there anyone who still remem- bers the folksy winter tableau? polls say a quarter of all Hillary Instead”? Or the casual use of the b- Eight Democratic candidates Readers may reach supporters won’t vote for Barack. And word? Or the “hilarious collectible” against the picturesque backdrop of Goodman at the feeling is mutual. given to the husband of a prominent Iowa and New Hampshire. It was a This is what America looks like? politician on his birthday: a Hillary feel-good photo-op of diversity. The As one supporter told Hillary in an nutcracker? Democratic Party was black and white old gender barriers e-mail, “It’s not over until the lady in All season, cable news anchors and Hispanic, male and female and simply by being the the pantsuit says it is.” But the cam- displayed boorish contempt for a proud. Our party, its leaders said, front-runner. For once, paign obits are written and waiting for woman Chris Matthews called “Nurse looks like America. a woman was the release. So, for many women, the feel- Ratched.” A radio host, Randi Rhodes, As for Barack and Hillary? Yes, experienced candidate, the tough guy good tableau is tainted by a 5 o’clock called the senator a “f—-ing whore” there were the predictable magazine in the race. shadow of bad feelings. A historic while calling herself a progressive. In cover stories asking whether America Now what? The sense of freshness, campaign has opened fissures along offices, sly jokes are forwarded by e- was “ready” for an African-American the pleasure of breaking barriers, has historic fault lines. mail and women who do not laugh or a woman. But these were not long- been nearly exhausted. We’ve gone The deepest is between women are accused of being “too sensitive.” shot candidates, a favorite son or from party lovefest to food fight, from and our culture. The campaign was Women who protest are accused of daughter running to prove a point. having our eyes on the prize to feeling rife with reminders of how women playing the gender card. Obama presented himself as the like partisans at a prizefight. charging forward are pushed back- Both Clinton and Obama brought American sum of his roots. He wasn’t Look at any blog where opinion- ward. Hillary supporters aren’t the new voters and energy into the ‘the African-American candidate’ but hurling — Racist! Sexist! — has only women who have rediscovered a compelling narrative of this cam- the post-racial, post-divisive orator become a bitter sport. The pollsters word rarely spoken outside of paign. But how hard will it be to whose presence and eloquence have sliced and diced us into demo- women’s studies class: misogyny. How rebuild the Humpty Dumpty of promised to turn that page. For her graphic tidbits of race, gender, class else to explain the focus on Hillary’s diversity into the portrait of what part, Clinton seemed to leap over the and age, producing self-fulfilling cackle and cleavage, the T-shirt that America looks like ... at its best? Honoring our veterans with a national cemetery in-ground cremated gravesite and a grave liner, dedication ceremony for I Rep. Vern Buchanan n each generation, brave men and women remains and a scattering the VA opens and closes the cemetery. I encourage have stepped forward Buchanan represents Florida’s 13th garden. The entire proper- the grave, provides a area veterans and others in to serve in our armed Congressional District. ty is expected to provide headstone or marker, a the community to attend forces, willing to fight and burial capacity beyond the Presidential Memorial the 2 p.m. event. Anyone if necessary die, for the cemeteries to be located increas- year 2050. Certificate, a U.S. Flag, and with questions can call my sake of freedom. On near large populations of ingly When completed, the cares for the grave at no Sarasota office at 941-951- Memorial Day, we remem- veterans who currently do important new cemetery will also cost to the veteran’s family. 6643 or my office in ber and honor the sacrifice not have access to a priority. include an administration On Sunday the VA will Bradenton at of our fallen soldiers who national cemetery, includ- The VA and public information host a groundbreaking 941-747-9081. gave their lives in our ing one in Florida’s 13th will begin construction complex with an electron- nation’s wars. district. Currently, the this summer on a 15-acre ic gravesite locator and G In July of 1862, Congress closest VA cemetery is section where burials are public restrooms, a authorized the purchase of Florida National Cemetery expected to begin by the maintenance facility, flag cemetery grounds to be in Bushnell, Florida, which end of 2008. assembly areas, a memori- used as national cemeter- is about 110 miles from The entire first phase of al walkway, and two ies for warriors who had the City of Sarasota. the project expected to be committal shelters. died in the service of the Last year, I helped complete by 2011. The This cemetery will help country. All honorably secure $27.8 million in cemetery’s 60-acre initial ensure that area veterans discharged veterans federal funding to con- construction area will are placed to rest close to became eligible for burial struct the Sarasota VA contain 18,200 casket home and with the honor in 1873. National Cemetery on gravesites, a 7,000-unit and dignity they deserve. ROTONDA WEST Today, veterans with a discharge other than Clark Road, four miles east of Interstate 75 in Sarasota. columbarium, 500 sites for In addition to providing a SUMMER SPECIALS dishonorable, their spouses and dependent The VA had previously purchased the 295-acre MAKE YOUR POOL - - - -COURSE - - EAST COURSE- WEST ---- ------- children are eligible for burial in a VA national site known as the Hawkins Ranch. DREAMS A REALITY 1 18 Championship Holes 9 Championship Holes cemetery. The cemetery will serve 1 18 Holes w/cart, 9 Holes w/cart, Currently, more than some 378,000 veterans hot dog & soda hot dog & soda, range balls three million veterans of