Social Media for Career and Business Branding
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Social Media for Career and Business Branding






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Social Media for Career and Business Branding Social Media for Career and Business Branding Presentation Transcript

  • The Social Web: More Than “What’s For Dinner” 11.3.09
  • What’s on the docket?  Introduction  From your vantage point  From the employers perspective  Developing your social strategy  Reminders
  • Introduction Who  Just a dad, moonlighting as a PR exec, photographer and civilian journalist  17 years experience Me? – 8 yrs with agencies – 6 yrs marketing mgmt/biz dev – 3 yrs as a journalist Blogs:  Clients: Keurig, Wells Fargo, Best donMARTELLI [dot com] Doctors, Biogen, The Dimock Blogcritics Center, YMCA of Greater Boston Every Other Thursday and more Technorati Twitter: @bigguyd  Good Will Hunting Connections  Degree in Journalism, NU
  • From your vantage point
  • People are…  …listening  …following  …voting  …friending  …watching  …talking
  • The numbers don’t lie  300 million active users as of (Oct 09) – Age 30s, 40s, 50s fastest growing segments  130 million members (May 09)  30 million members (May 09)  50 million members (Sept 09)  40 million members (09)  84.8 million viewers watched 4.3 billion videos (50.4 videos per viewer) (Mar 08)
  • The conversation prism By Brian Solis of PR 2.0. -
  • From the employers side
  • What do HR professionals use social for? Source, Jobvites Inc, 2009
  • Where’s the money being spent on candidate attraction? Likely to spend more in FY10 Likely to spend less in FY10 Source, Jobvites Inc, 2009
  • Has your organization hired an applicant through social media? Source, Jobvites Inc, 2009
  • Why Are They Using The Social Web? 1. Easier to locate talent 2. More honest data as profiles are essentially peer reviewed 3. Easier to leverage your network to locate and reach talent 4. Relationship context helps build a trusted communication environment 5. Can do better reference checking Source:
  • What does it all mean?
  • Before and After Prior to 2005 2009 and beyond  Present yourself well in  Manage your online profile applications and carefully interviews  Maintain consistency of  Present yourself in a good your brand light to potential employers  Does a Google search make you seem  Look, act and sound as if employable? you would be a good employee  Utilize your online and offline networks  Utilize your network well
  • Developing your personal brand
  • Building your strategic social roadmap 1. Assess digital footprint 2. Identify expectations 3. Define your plan 4. Create your brand 5. Implement your plan 6. Assess your results 7. Tweak your plan
  • 1. Assess your digital footprint you
  • 2. Identify your expectations  Increase exposure  Build brand awareness  Increase traffic  Increase connections  Increase opportunities
  • 3. Define your plan  Determine your POV  Select your tools – LinkedIn – Blogs – Facebook – Twitter  Determine a schedule of regular activities  Set goals
  • 4. Create your brand Things to consider:  Your personality  Your P.O.V.  Your uniqueness
  • 5. Implement your plan  Commit to engagement at a certain frequency for a given period of time  Put these into your daily schedule
  • 6. Assess your results In 30-60 days:  Google yourself again  Google your key words  Get updates on your friends, followers, fans, connections and visitors  Assess your career potential visibility  Assess your career growth, clients and revenue
  • 7. Tweak your plan  Evaluate your results and adjust  Continue doing those things that have proven most effective
  • A few good reminders
  • Best practices to keep out of trouble  Be authentic, be yourself  Cocktail party consciousness  Be thoughtful about what you put in writing  Put party pictures in private groups  Never assume anything is private  Be aware of who you allow into your networks  Be diplomatic in engaging with others
  • Owning your digital footprint  Determine your keywords, your name, nick name, short name, married name, which do you want to own?  Buy your domain and a build simple 2.0 website or blog  Create social media profiles using keywords  Blog positioning your credibility, personality or expertise/thought leadership  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Comments, ratings, review (using your keyword name)
  • Integrate social to your resume Include in your contact info: – website url – Blog url – LinkedIn url – Attach a copy LinkedIn of your recommendations – Any other social profiles used for business (Twitter) And be prepared to be…
  • Questions???