Iact Overview Presentation U.S.


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  • According to Aberdeen Group, an international HR consulting company:  Best-in-Class companies hire the number one choice 80% of the time Best-in-Class companies decreased time-to-fill by 23% Best-in-Class companies improved employee performance by 21%
  • Is this module useful for training hiring managers and HR staff in conducting interviews??
  • Immediately know who the strongest candidates are
  • While Measured Success is strong in the certification and licensure arena, I am uncertain how we can leverage that in a recruiting story
  • I need a definition of the Candidate’s career pad
  • Video is exciting. I just need to better understand its use in the recruiting process
  • Needs more explanation
  • Let’s break down a “normal” budget for a single candidate and show which phases are reduced or eliminated.Regarding speed to hire, let’s show a typical timeframe and also illustrate where we save the time.
  • Iact Overview Presentation U.S.

    1. 1. It’s a Career Thing –The Virtual Recruitment & Assessment Platform!<br />Solving Real World Staffing Problems:<br />It takes forever to find good people<br />The costs (direct & indirect) to recruit well are heavy<br />It’s seems almost impossible to find the best available people<br />
    2. 2. No software installation<br />No special hardware<br />No special networking (just internet access)<br />No IT support required<br />No substantial training requirement<br />The Structure: Cloud Computing<br />
    3. 3. The Process: It’s a Career Thing<br />The Process: It’s a Career Thing<br />Candidate Attraction: It’s a Wildfire Thing<br />Candidate Identification: It’s a Candidate Thing<br />Candidate Assessment: It’s a Selection Thing<br />The Offer:It’s a Hiring Thing<br />‘<br />
    4. 4. It’s a Selection Thing: Assessment<br />Selection Step<br />1. Narrow the total candidate pool by filtering mandatory requirements<br />2. Further refinement based on candidate preferences<br />3. Live assessment via telephone or webcam<br />4. Specialized online assessments<br />5. Invite top candidates for <br /> face to face interviews<br />Sample Candidate Pool<br /> 50<br /> 25<br /> 12<br /> 6<br /> 3<br />
    5. 5. Live Assessments<br />Enables you to build telephone / webcam or face to face interviews and assessments including:<br />Role-plays<br />Simulations and scenarios<br />Conduct live interviews<br /> & assessments and record <br /> and manage results accurately<br /> and conveniently in real time <br />
    6. 6. It’s a Selection Thing<br />Get immediate access to candidate’s results<br />‘<br />
    7. 7. It’s a Selection Thing: Measured Success™<br />Select from a library of validated industry assessments designed to measure cognitive, behavioural and skills <br />Customize unique assessments according to your organization’s needs and standards (pre-employment screening, training or advancement)<br />Create your own test questions in any formats: <br />multiple choice<br />true/false <br />scored short answer<br />survey <br />linear or adaptive<br />Develop deep insight with essays or open-ended questions using IntelliMetric® Artificial Intelligence with automated and immediate scoring. <br />Manage confidential information on job candidates & employees <br />Measured Success™ is a trade mark of McCann Associates<br />
    8. 8. ‘<br />From It’s a Selection Thing - communicate directly into <br /> It’s a Candidate Thing<br />
    9. 9. It’s a Candidate Thing: Register<br /> • Include comment in advertising with web address submission<br />• Auto link from job boards<br />• Import applicants from existing systems<br />
    10. 10. It’s a Wildfire Thing: Tap the enormous candidate pools found in the leading Social Networks....over 400 million users and growing!<br />We create or edit your video (even from a webcam) professionally <br />We publish your video in any site within minutes<br />We create instant community and deepen viewer engagement by proactively distributing your video across the appropriate social media platforms<br />We provide viewing feedback & analytics to assure your video relevancy and impact on ROI<br />We remove the pain from talent attraction and replace it with pride and professionalism of applied technology and media<br /> We provide a platform that elevates your job posting and employer brand in video across multiple social media platforms <br />
    11. 11. ‘<br />It’s a Wildfire Thing<br />State of the art technology managing the entire process<br />
    12. 12. ‘<br />Manage campaigns, search and communicate with candidates<br />
    13. 13. ROI<br />Rigorous process means:<br />Over 80% of the validation / assessment achieved before the candidate attends any in-person interview<br />Assessing accurately against specific role requirements means getting hiring right first time<br />Less mistakes means:<br />Less recruitment <br />Less training and induction costs<br />Less management time wasted<br />Better customer and employee experiences<br />Reduced time to hire means productive employees<br /> in place sooner<br />
    14. 14. It’s a Career thing <br />A 70-80% cut in your recruitment budget<br />Show your virtual face to tens of millions of candidates<br /> in Social Networks<br />Automatically filter out unqualified candidates<br />Only speak to potentially qualified candidates<br />Only meet with highly qualified candidates<br />Reduce time-to-hire from months to weeks!<br />Only engage with the best available talent quality<br />Breath easy and reduce your recruitment process<br /> carbon footprint.<br />
    15. 15. Questions and next steps!<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />
    16. 16. It’s a Career Thing Pricing<br />It’s a Career Thing User Subscriptions <br /> 5 – 10 users $995 per user per year<br /> 11 – 20 users $895 per user per year<br /> 21 – 30 users $795 per user per year<br /> 31 – unlimited Call for pricing<br />It’s a Selection Thing<br />Optional Measured Success Assessments Priced per assessment (i.e. $10-$25 each)<br />It’s a Wildfire Thing<br />Video Filming & Editing $2,995 One-time charge<br />Video Editing Only (client-supplied video) $ 995 One-time charge<br />Client Video Viewing/Reporting(2 min, medium res) $ 0.20 per viewing<br /> It’s a Wildfire Thing Social Networking Marketing Services<br />Wildfire Social Networking Site Profiling (4) $1,495 One-time charge<br />Wildfire Social Media Marketing Services $1,495 per day <br />(Recommended days per month varies with client’s hiring volume)<br />It’s a Candidate Thing<br />Candidate Registration and Use No charge<br />Virtual training sessions $295 (2 hour sessions, up to 5 participants each)<br />(Select either It’s a Selection Thing or It’s a Wildfire Thing) <br />
    17. 17. Visit www.itsacareerthing.com. <br />In North America,<br /> contact Don Marshall at 267.756.1193 or <br />dmarshall@mccanntesting.com.<br />For more information<br />