High Performance Mindset


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How your "Mindset" affects performance and success.

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High Performance Mindset

  1. 1. NORTH AUTUMN TEMPLATE 52pp_Layout 1 18/10/2011 01:25 Page 34 business Mindset - Is Yours Holding You Back? WORDS I DONALD MACNAUGHTON “It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how they are themselves.” – Carl Jung YOUR mindset can mean the difference work life and career, this means you will Take Action between staying where you are in life – both always see the potential to achieve more. If you want things to change, change the your personal life and your work life – or Even with “natural” abilities, you’ll believe way you do things. moving onwards and upwards on your that with dedicated effort, you can continue journey towards realising your true to grow and develop your skills further, and Learn potential. In short, your mindset can hold any skills you don’t currently have are skills Make a study of those who have already you back, so with that said, what’s yours? that you have the potential to acquire. achieved the success you aspire to. What do In a nutshell, your mindset is the way you Clearly, it takes a growth mindset to be they routinely do and how do they routinely view yourself, your circumstances and the able to realise your full potential in all areas think? world around you; it’s the way you see of life. In ‘The 12 Hidden Laws of things and, crucially, the way you think Performance: How to use your mind to win Adapt about things. in sport and life,’ the importance of Apply what you learn to your life and career developing a growth mindset to achieve a and embrace the changes you must make to Fixed Mindset top level performance in sport is journey towards your full potential. n With a fixed mindset, you believe that you highlighted and summed up by the phrase, are as you are and things are as they are and “you get out what you put in.” Exactly the that’s it! In terms of your work life, this same principle applies to all professions, not Pick up your copy of the 12 Laws at means you will believe that any skills or just elite sport. If you want more out of your www.the12lawsofperformance.co or e-mail talents you have are just “natural” abilities career, you have to be prepared to put more donald@zonedinperformance.com you happen to have been born with, and the in, and that means being prepared to accept same goes for skills and talents you don’t that change is possible. have; you believe you’re stuck with your lot Donald MacNaughton is available for and nothing is going to change that. Changing Your Mindset consultation, coaching and workshops for The good news is that mindset can be individuals and organisations. Growth Mindset changed. To begin the process of change, email: donald@zonedinperformance.com With a growth mindset, you believe that you must first accept that if you continue to www.zonedinperformance.com who you are now and the way things are do things in the same way and think about now are not fixed and that everything has things in the same way, you will continue to the potential to change. In terms of your get the same results. blog www.donmacnaughton.org 32 www.north-magazine.com