The twelve olympians
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The twelve olympians






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The twelve olympians The twelve olympians Presentation Transcript

  • The Twelve Olympians English I0
  • The Twelve Olympians Mr. Don V. Liongson English 10 Gr. 10-St. Francis y St. Alphonsus
  • Greek Name: Zeus Roman Name: Jupiter Notes: Supreme ruler NOT all-powerful “Cloud-gatherer” “Lord of the Sky” Rain, thunder bolt Had many affairs and many offspring
  • Greek Name: Hera Roman Name: Juno Notes: Zeus’s wife and sister Protector of marriage Vindictive, jealous of Zeus’s affairs
  • Greek Name: Poseidon Roman Name: Neptune Notes: Lord of the sea Zeus’s brother “Earth-shaker” Sea blue hair Trident (3-pronged spear) Important and powerful (Greeks were seafaring people)
  • Greek Name: Hades Roman Name: Pluto Notes: God of the underworld Zeus’s brother “King of the Dead” 3-headed dog Cerberus Terrible, but not evil
  • Greek Name: Ares Roman Name: Mars Notes: God of war Son of Zeus and Hera “Bloodstained god” Most hateful god Symbol- vulture
  • Greek Name: Hermes Roman Name: Mercury Notes: Messenger god Winged sandals and magic cap “Quicksilver” Graceful and swift
  • Greek Name: Apollo Roman Name: Apollo Notes: God of light and truth Music, poetry Golden lyre Has oracle at Delphi “The most Greek of all the gods” Twin brother of Artemis
  • Greek Name: Artemis Roman Name: Diana Notes: “Lady of Wild Things” Huntress Protector of the young Moon goddess Twin sister of Apollo
  • Greek Name: Athena Roman Name: Minerva Notes: Goddess of wisdom and war Sprang from Zeus’s Zeus’s favorite child Protector of the city “Gray-eyed,” “Flashing- eyed”
  • Greek Name: Hestia Roman Name: Vesta Notes: Goddess of the hearth and home Honored at meal times
  • Greek Name: Aphrodite Roman Name: Venus Notes: Goddess of love and beauty Sprung from the foam of the sea Married to Hephaestus
  • Greek Name: Hephaestus Roman Name: Vulcan Notes: God of fire Ugly, lame God of metal smiths, weavers, handicrafts Married to Aphrodite
  • REFERENCES: Bierlein, J. (1994). Parallel Myths. New York:Ballantine Wellspring Evslin, Evslin and Hoopes (1966). The Greek Gods. New York: Scholastic Inc. Hamilton, E. (1969). Mythology. New York: Warner Books.