iOS App Development and Marketing

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iOS App Development and Marketing talk on Prof. Song's class on 2012. Spring semester.

iOS App Development and Marketing talk on Prof. Song's class on 2012. Spring semester.

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  • 1. iOS App Development & Marketing Dong Gyu PARK
  • 2. Contents• Introduction• Portfolio• iOS vs Android market• iOS App Development• App Marketing• Conclusions
  • 3. Introduction• DongGyu PARK(Dennis PARK) • Associate Professor, Changwon National University, S. KOREA• Visiting Scholar at TAMU(2012. Feb-.)• Visiting Researcher at CMU(2007-2008), Pittsburgh, PA• iOS App Developer(Individual Developer)
  • 4. Changwon National Univ.• 8,400 Undergraduate Students• 1,800 Graduate Students• Established in 1969• Changwon City-Located at South East of Korea • Well known Industrial City • 1 million population
  • 5. BusanBusan International Film Festival is the Biggest Film Festival in Asia
  • 6. Portfolio • Coke Shake!/id448242537?mt=8
  • 7. Portfolio• Pocket Windmill
  • 8. Portfolio • Monster Buster
  • 9. iOS vs Android Market
  • 10. Paradigm Shift
  • 11.
  • 12. Manufacturer OS share
  • 13. Revenue per active User
  • 14. Pros & Cons Android iOS • Wider SP(Scale- independent Pixels) model choice availability • Low to high-end smart • Only one high-end device is involved phones End • Wider App distribution • Consistent UIUsers channels available(OEM, • One App distribution channel(Apple App Store) carrier & Googles) • Easy OTA OS upgrade push • Apps incompatibility among for every iOS user devices/choice availability per OS • Less UI consistency
  • 15. Pros & Cons Android iOS • Apps: Upward compatibility, • Third-party APIs banned but OS features evolved too rapidly and heavily • Tight control by Apple customized to foresee • Upward-compatible appsThird- • Easy apps upgrade Party • Third-party APIs can be • Consistent UI tweaked(freedom of creativeDevelo services) • Consistent architecture pers • App compatibility issues • Quality of apps at the iTunes App Store is far better arise from missing API compared to the Android components or died/altered Market APIS
  • 16. Pros & Cons Android iOS • Freedom of SW • Proprietary to Apple customization for UI layer and middle layer • Apple automatically pushesDevice uniform OTA OS upgrades • Complex OS versionOEMs upgrade for preloaded apps • Realization of Apple’s consistent system of device vendors and architecture carriers
  • 17. Pros & Cons
  • 18. iOS App Development
  • 19. To be an iOS Developer• Development is FREE• Developer Enrollment(Appstore Uploading) • Individual Developer-99.99$/yr • Company-99.99$/yr • Enterprise-299.99$/yr • make in-house application for internal deployment
  • 20. Developer Enrollment• Unlimited number of apps on Appstore • review process before distribution• 7:3 profit share • monthly financial report and payment• iAd network • FREE apps can make a revenue
  • 21. iOS Dev Center
  • 22. And more• Mac Developer program • Small market but also has an opportunity • Same Development tool and programming language and similar frameworks with iOS• Safari Developer program
  • 23. Community
  • 24. Prerequisites• Mac OS • iOS is based on Mac OS kernel(it’s small unix machine)• Objective-C • High Level Object Oriented Language • Smalltalk style messaging to C language
  • 25. Smalltalk?• Appeared in 1972• High level Object- Oriented Language publicly available at 1980s• Influenced on Objective- C, Python, Ruby and many other OOP languages
  • 26. OS X• Latest Released Version is Lion(OS X.7) • iOS shares the core Darwin code and many frameworks with OS X • Darwin is Open source POSIX-compliant OS • Many parts of OS X and iOS is open source
  • 27. OS X• Released from 2001• Formerly named as “Mac OS X”• POSIX-compatible(Unix like OS)• APIs are based on NextStep OS API
  • 28. iOS Development Tool
  • 29. Xcode• Developing Software for Mac OS and iOS• Provides Compiler, Editor, Interface Builder, Debugger, Performance Tool• Supports C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C ++, Java, AppleScript, Python, Ruby(and supports many third party compiler)• Available on Mac App Store(FREE)
  • 30. Xcode
  • 31. Xcode
  • 32. Interface Design-storyboard
  • 33. UI design on iOS• Interface design is very easy and supports powerful tools(Drag & Drop UI Design)• Automatic Code Generation on UI component• Supports consistent UI design• Also supports custom view-subclass of standard view object
  • 34. Performance toolMemory leak detection and code performance check (do not provide Garbage memory collection)
  • 35. Device OrganizerAdd new device for development & easy distribution
  • 36. App Life Cycle
  • 37. Windows and Views
  • 38. Programming Language
  • 39. Objective-C• Object-Oriented programming language that add Smalltalk-style messaging• Thin layer on top of C • compatible with C program• Very simple language• Single inheritance• Dynamic runtime typing(majority of its type checking is at run-time), loosely typed language
  • 40. Objective-C(at a glance)
  • 41. header file
  • 42. implementation file
  • 43. Supported Libraries• Multimedia • Audio,Video frameworks supports many audio/video filers too• LBS • Mapkit, CoreLocation framework• Game and Network • Game Center, GameKit, CoreBluetooth framework, GL Kit
  • 44. Supported Libraries• Ad • iAd framework• SNS • AddressBook, AddressBookUI framework• and much more
  • 45. 3rd Party Libraries• Game • Cocos2d, Unity 3D, Corona SDK• AR • Wikitude AR, Layar Player SDK, ARKit,...• QR code, barcode API, and much more• Libraries based on C/Obj-C and Cocoa libraries are allowed
  • 46. Supporting Sensors• 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass, GPS• Camera, Microphone• Apple provides framework for all these sensors
  • 47. Good Reference
  • 48. Good Reference
  • 49. Good ReferenceHuge number of video tutorials are supported(FREE)
  • 50. Good Reference
  • 51. App marketing
  • 52. Gold Rush
  • 53. Facts• More than 100+ apps and 700+ apps are published on Apple App Store for a DAY• There are already more than 580,000 apps on App Store
  • 54. Facts
  • 55. Instagram• Founded at Oct. 2010• Photo sharing program • take a photo, digital filter, share it on Social Networking service • 30 million accounts in April 2012• April 9, 2012, Facebook acquired the company for $1 billion in cash and stock(13 employee)
  • 56. App Pricing• You can choose appropriate price tier for your app• You can make a discount event during some period(Black Friday Sale, Easter Sale,...)• Or FREE apps for marketing
  • 57. App store price tier ...
  • 58. App marketing• Understand Your App’s Unique Value and Message IT• Deliver Your Message to your Targeted Audience• Price Your App Effectively• Implement a Brief Marketing Plan
  • 59. Meta Data
  • 60. Meta Data
  • 61. Meta Data(Localization) Korean Description
  • 62. Meta Data(Localization)
  • 63. App promotion • Ask a review about your app
  • 64. App promotion
  • 65. In App Purchase• allows customers to purchase upgrades, new content, and complementary features directly within your app • without having to go back to the App Store • simplifying and shortening the path to purchase, you’re more likely to keep your customer interested
  • 66. Angry Birds-mighty eagle
  • 67. Mobile Ad
  • 68. iAd• iAd • Apple provides mobile advertising platform • Provides interactive advertising service • Apple retains 30% of the revenue, 70% for developers • Free apps can make revenues
  • 69. Mobile Ad• eCPM(Click Per Mille) • (Total Earning/Impression)*1000 • great performance measure for ad units• iAd eCPM depends on its Click Through Rate(CTR)
  • 70. iAd eCPMCTR: Click Through Rate, Higher CTR makes high eCPM
  • 71. iAd Revenue
  • 72. Admob• Admob(Advertising on mobile) is founded in 2006.• 2009 google acquired Admob• Supports Android OS, iOS, webOS, Flash Lite, WP 7 mobile platforms
  • 73. Admob• House Ad is available• lower eCPM comparing to iAd
  • 74. eCPM • Coke Shake!- iAd• Coke Shake!- Admob
  • 75. Mobile Ad adRequest iAd Response
  • 76. Mobile Ad adRequest iAd failToReceiveAd adRequest Response Admob
  • 77. Mobile Ad solution
  • 78. Conclusions• Mobile app market is the fastest growing marketing• Android and iOS market will be a main app market• Many ways to make a revenue(Own Business Model)• In App Purchase and Mobile Ads are also very good target
  • 79. Video
  • 80. Questions?