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Curation group5

  1. 1. CurationGroup5Lee Dong-GooLee Ye-Jin
  2. 2. Tech-news of the Week
  3. 3. Technews of the weekThe future of TVby Seol Hee LimThe facebook Videoby Sun Min HongMajor role in entertainment at homes but nowits place seems to be stolen by other mobile devicesThe TV producers apparently look for waysto modernize it in better waysIt would be much effective and successful to usedeveloped mobile devices as a tool to improveits own valueFacebook refused to delete the videosbecause they think it is the part of our world welive and we have to record those.Some people asked to Facebook thatis there any way to block the violent videoif people dont want to see.
  4. 4. Technews of the weekNow instagram has the function of taggingsomeone on the photo.Instagramby Kang Min LEE, A-RinHONGIt will link the users more closely and helpadvertisements be sent to the most beneficialperson.It will track what kind of friends and photos one istagged in and make the decision to distribute theright advertisement.Chrome offlineby Ji Woo LEEYou can continue to do your jobwhen you lose your network connection.By using cache the browser load its ownstored copy of previously visited Web pages.We‟d better use it for emergency anddon‟t depend on it.
  5. 5. What is Curation? & Why we need it?
  6. 6. What is Curation?Curation is part of participationWhen youWe are Curator
  7. 7. Why we need it?Less timeToo muchinformation
  8. 8. Work-flow process
  9. 9. Step.1 Identify niche
  10. 10. Step.2 Select■ DCC the is only covering about Curation <Link>■ Google News – Keyword „Curation‟ ■ Twitter
  11. 11. Step.3 Framework
  12. 12. Step.4 Reach outH.RheingoldRobin Good
  13. 13. Step.5&6Aggregate, Filter■ Aggregate ■ Use FilterCustom Filter
  14. 14. Step.7 Select StoriesHow to use Curation for Education
  15. 15. Step.8&9 Verify, Edit■ Regularly updated■ They curate in their way■ Many curators quoted this website.
  16. 16. Step.10&11Contextualize, Spin`My own perspective and opinion
  17. 17. Step.12 Title
  18. 18. Step.13 Credit
  19. 19. Step.14. SquenceHow to curate for EducationWhy Must School Librarians Curate?Content curation tools for curatorWhat do you want to cover?For example..
  20. 20. Step.15&16Organize, update■ Assign each one to one or morespecific categories or tags■ Update regularly
  21. 21. Step.17&18Disclose, syndicate
  22. 22. Step.19,20&21Feedback, Monitor andimprove
  23. 23. Key AttribuesSubject matterexpertiseRelevanceTrust
  24. 24. Side effects and Benefits
  25. 25. Playbor• Playbor = Play + Labor“Big corporations whose stock we don‟tnecessarily own profit from our labor.”The issue is
  26. 26. The key of this issue is “informed consent”Playbor
  27. 27. Playbor
  28. 28. •Footprints •ProfilesFootprints and Profiles
  29. 29. FootprintsThis is the „About pageof someone‟sFacebook
  30. 30. Footprints and Profiles“If you don‟t controlyour social media dossier,others will certainly use it tocontrol you.”
  31. 31. Twittter Literacy“The perfect example of how your knowledge of howto use your attention, participate and collaborate, anduse networks is twittter.”W h y ?OpennessImmediacyVarietyReciprocityAsymmetryA way to meet new peopleForming communitySerchability
  32. 32. • Openness :Anyone can join, and be followers of each othersTwittter Literacy
  33. 33. • Immediacy• VarietyThere are no limits or exclusion of information on twitter.(For example : political or technical argument, gossip, scientific info, newsflashes, poetry, social arrangements etc)Twitter Literacy“Twittter isa rolling present.”
  34. 34. • Reciprocity :“People give and ask freely for information they need”Twitter Literacy
  35. 35. • Asymmetry :Responding to each other is not obligatoryTwitter Literacy•A way to meet new people :Communicate through twits
  36. 36. • Forming communityTwitter Literacy
  37. 37. • SearchabilityYou can search ambient information radar on topics simply bytyping a phrase.Twitter LiteracyTwitter isan essential foundation forparticipatory media literacy
  38. 38. What are the benefits?Benefits for Users1. Saves tons of time2. Enables to track on the ongoing discovery of new newssources3. Provides a channel in which diversity and variedopinions are more valued than anything else4. Generates many valuable information channels
  39. 39. What are the benefits?Benefits for Curators1. Creates unique value not availableelsewhere2. Increases a curator authority on aspecific topic3. Helps the system scaleWhat are the benefits?
  40. 40. Discuss questions① We learned about „Curation.‟ Do you knowany websites using curation?② Do you consider SNS service as public orprivate service? (And please give usreasons)③ We learned about “Playbor.” Do you thinkour internet surfing can be called as labor ?Or it is just play?④ Have your footprints and profiles beenabused? (Please share your experiencewith us )