"Macbeth" by Kelley Roark
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"Macbeth" by Kelley Roark



PowerPoint on "Macbeth" by Kelley Roark

PowerPoint on "Macbeth" by Kelley Roark



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"Macbeth" by Kelley Roark Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Kelley Roark• Mr. Donald Gerz• World Literature• March 24, 2003
  • 2. Genre and Setting•Type of Work: Tragic Fatalistic Drama• Setting: Eleventh - Century Scotland
  • 3. Major Influences •Ancient Greek Tragedy•Elizabethan Christian Drama
  • 4. ~Main Characters~•Macbeth, a nobleScottish chieftain• Lady Macbeth, hiswife• Duncan, King ofScotland, a gentle andperfect ruler
  • 5. Main Characters (continued)•Malcom, Duncan’sson and rightful heir•Banquo, Macbeth’swarrior –friend• Macduff, a rebel lord• Three witches
  • 6. Act I, Scene IPrelude with the Three Witches: Fair is foul and foul is fair
  • 7. Act I, Scene 2•News of the battles and of the victory of Macbethreaches Duncan.• Duncan names Macbeth “Thane of Cawdor” in placeof the traitor.
  • 8. Act I, Scene 3•Three witches meet Macbeth with Banquo, greetinghim as Glaims, Cawdor, and soon-to-be king.• As they vanish, messengers greet Macbeth a“Cawdor.”• Macbeth shows signs of further ambition.
  • 9. Act I, Scene 4•Duncan hears of the “noble death” of theformer Thane of Cawdor.• Macbeth arrives, hears of the naming ofMalcom as Cumberland (Duncan’s heir).• Macbeth delivers an ambitious aside.
  • 10. Act I, Scene 5Lady Macbeth readsMacbeth’s letter, foreseeshis ambition and weakness,and calls on evil spirits to“unsex” her.
  • 11. Act I, Scenes 6 and 7•Scene 6: Duncan arrives,welcomed by LadyMacbeth.• Scene 7: Macbeth’stroubled soliloquy, LadyMacbeth encourages him.
  • 12. Act II, Scene 1•Macbeth sees a dagger in the air,• soliloquizes,• and goes to kill Duncan.
  • 13. Act II, Scene 2 •Macbeth returns and describes the deed.•Lady Macbeth returns the daggers to the sleeping guards.
  • 14. Act II, Scene 3•The drunken Porteradmits Macduff intoMacbeth’s castle.• Duncan’s murder isdiscovered.• Malcom decides toescape to England.
  • 15. Act II, Scene 4•The night’s storm is described.•The flight of Malcom is described.
  • 16. Act III, Scenes 1 and 2•Scene 1: Macbeth plots themurder of Banquo.•Scene 2: Macbeth refuses totell Lady Macbeth what heis planning.
  • 17. Act III, Scene 3•The murderers kill Banquo,•But Fleance, his son, escapes.
  • 18. Act III, Scene 4The ghost of Banquo appears to Macbeth during the Banquet
  • 19. Act III, Scenes 5 and 6•Scene 5: Hecate Scene.(Surely notShakespeare)•Scene 6: Lenox and aLord discuss thedangers of life underMacbeth.
  • 20. Act IV, Scene 1•Macbeth returns toconsult the ThreeWitches about thefuture and his security.•He is shown allBanquo’s descendantsas kings, and givenassurances that he hasnothing to worry aboutuntil Birnam Woodcomes to Dunsinane.
  • 21. Act IV, Scene 1 (continued)•The Three Witches also promise Macbeth that hecan be harmed by no man “of woman born.”•News of Macduff’s flight to England convincesMacbeth to kill his family.
  • 22. Act IV, Scene 2Before they are murdered by Macbeth’sthugs, Lady Macduff and her son engagein touching dialogue.
  • 23. Act IV, Scene 3•In England, at thecourt of holy Edwardthe Confessor•The testing ofMacduff by Malcom
  • 24. Act IV, Scene 3 (continued)•The power of theKing to heal•News of the murderof Macduff’s family•Plans for invasion
  • 25. Act V, Scenes 1 and 2•Scene 1: LadyMacbeth’s sleepwalking scene.•Scene 2: The armiesarrive near Birnamwood.
  • 26. Act V, Scene 3•Macbeth rejects allnews of danger, securein Dunsinane.•News of LadyMacbeth’s sicknessdoes not affect him.
  • 27. Act V, Scene 4Near Dunsinane, Malcom orders army to take branches for disguise.
  • 28. Act V, Scene 5•In Dunsinane, a cry announces LadyMacbeth’s death.•Macbeth’s soliloquy “Tomorrow” is followedby news that Birnam wood is moving towardsthe castle.
  • 29. Act V, Scenes 6 and 7•Scene 6: Macbeth’sfoes make battlepreparations.•Scene 7: Macbethfights and kills Siward
  • 30. Act V, Scene 8Macduff (“from his mother’s womb untimely ripped”) kills Macbeth.
  • 31. Act V, Scene 9 •Macduff brings back Macbeth’s head.•Malcom is acclaimed King of Scotland.
  • 32. ConclusionGod’s grace (true life)returns to the kingdombecause “the GreatChain of Being” hasbeen reconnected byvirtue of the restorationof the rightful bloodlineto the throne of Scotlandin the person of Malcom,the duty appointed heirof the murdered KingDuncan.
  • 33. ~Sources~Sonjae, An. English Literature Resources. 6 Dec. 2000. Online 6 Mar.2003. Availablehttp://www.sogang.ac.kr/~anthony/Shakespeare/Macbeth.htm.
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