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Single Boards Overview



Available single board computers and where to get them

Available single board computers and where to get them



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    Single Boards Overview Single Boards Overview Presentation Transcript

    • DESERT CODE CAMP Now this is 2011.1 serious fun… Presented by Don Doerres Embedded Pro Guy
    • Featuring Me…What They AreWhere They AreWhat They CostOVERVIEW OFAVAILABLE SINGLE BOARDS
    • GET THESE SLIDES! Banner to copy slides as a PDF at
    • WHAT IS A SINGLE BOARD? Not a loose collection of chips Not a box like a desktop or laptop Wait for It…
    • A SINGLE BOARD IS WHAT IT SAYS! A single circuit board Useful in its own right May have a bus for expansion May include any number of peripheral devices May be included in a box to make a system They get everywhere!
    • SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM…SO LITTLE TIME TOTALK ABOUT IT… There are many single boards Here, plan to cover a few fun ones Range From Ubiquitous To unique
    • ARDUINO This one is ubiquitous! Possibly the most Popular Numerous ~200,000 units sold!
    • WHAT IT IS… The Arduino is an Atmel AVR microcontroller singleboard originally from Italy Developed to be an extremely low cost board for students The name is an Italian masculine first name meaning “strong friend” Intended to make the process of using electronics accessible to the interested
    • WHERE TO GET IT…In the,
    • WHAT IT COSTS… $30.00 to $40.00 for a base board Adafruit experimentation kit is $85.00, including an Arduino Sparkfun has experimenter kits from $60.0 to $100.00 My favorite at the low end…
    • A WORD OR TWO ABOUT EXPANSION Arduinos expand by means of plug-ins called “shields” There are lots of shields..
    • DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT The Arduino development environment is free from the Arduino home page The environment is a Gnu compiler with a beautiful gui. Windows Mac OS X Linux 32 & 64
    • GETTING GOING I recommend the Adafruit tutorials Start right here:
    • THE VIRTUAL ARDUINO If you have the desire but no money, consider a virtual Arduino Use the Arduino tool set, run the code in virtual space
    • NETBURNERMOD DEV 70 + MOD5270B A Coldfire processor on a slick board… This is a 32 bit core!…
    • WHAT IT IS… Netburners are an attempt to make a module that easily hooks anything to the Internet Partial Specifications on this one: 32-bit ColdFire 5270 processor Integrated 10/100 Ethernet Port RJ-45 141 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS at 147.5MHz Two 50 pin interface connectors 16-Bit External Data bus 3 UARTs Interrupts 47 Digital I/O Four 32-bit Timers Four Programmable Interrupt Timers Four Channel DMA Watchdog I2C 512k of Flash Memory 8MBytes SDRAM 64k Internal SRAM 8k Instruction/Data cache
    • WHAT IT COSTS… The unit is $99.00, everything in the box Includes serial cable and Ethernet cable Includes Wall Wart Power supply It ships with a CD treasure trove Eclipse Build environment (Gnu C/C++, GUI debugger) uC/OS RTOS Libraries for serial port , file system for SD card, TCP/IP stack, web server
    • MORE FUN… Web site has lots of video demos… Done up as Camtasia videos _demonstration.html
    • DDJ ARTICLE ON USING THIS BOARD systems/211300170?queryText=Building+Your+own+web+server
    • PICOFLASH Remember DOS?
    • WHAT IT IS… A clever 80186 board Runs a DOS 3.1 clone (DOSX) Partial specs: DOS & Web Server TCP/IP & Flash File System 40MHz 186 compatible processor 512K Flash, 512K RAM 10Base-T Ethernet 16 Digital I/O Lines 5V DC Power 2 Serial Ports, 1 - RS232 (3-wire), 1 - RS232/RS232 TTL/RS485 Console/Debug Port (RS232) Watchdog & (2) 16-bit Timers Hardware Clock/Calendar Dimensions 3.75" x 2.50" more powerful than my 1990 desktop, and it is way tiny Socket to accept M-Systems DiskOnChip
    • WHERE TO GET IT… Part of the JKMicro product line
    • WHAT IT COSTS… $147.00 This buys you all this, turnkey and ready to go, at less than the original price of the Borland C/C++ compiler it comes with! PicoFlash Single Board AC Adapter, 5VDC @ 800mA, 110Vin CD Borland C/C++ 4.52 w/ TCP/IP toolkit, Utilities & Documentation Power, serial, and ethernet cables Shells & Pins Kit Setup Guide
    • MORE… Pico Flash has an available plug in expander card for $72.00 Digital Inputs 32 total, 4 w/ pull ups TTL compatible Digital Outputs 20 total TTL compatible 25mA source & sink Analog Inputs 11 channels, 12 bits Input range 0 to 5V Resolution 1.22mV Op-amp buffered Low-pass filtered Software Drivers Unified A/D & digital I/O driver for C/C++ & Quick Basic Keypad & LCD drivers
    • MORE YET Web site has lots of application notes Web site has extensive support forums
    • OMNIFLASH Bigger brother to the PicoFlash This one is an Arm9…running Linux!
    • WHAT IT IS… Processor: 200MHz ARM Operating System: Linux 2.4 Kernel Memory: 32Megabytes RAM, 16Megabytes Flash Ethernet: 10/100 Megabit Serial Ports: Two USB Ports: 2 (Plug a USB drive right in) Digital I/O: 16 Digital I/O (3.3V TTL) Dimensions 4.0" x 4.0" x 1.3" Other Hardware: Clock/Calendar, Watchdog, AC97 Audio Line In/Out
    • WHERE TO GET IT… Part of the JKMicro product line
    • WHAT IT COSTS… $199.00 Comes with CD with GNU tools for X86 Linux (pretty generic) Turn key out of the box with wall wart power supply and cables Numerous Linux tools implemented in BusyBox A bit more advanced than the previous boards
    • MULTIUSER… Multiuser login with telenet Can set up multiple accounts Impressive for such a small unit!…
    • RAD750 BOARD Ready for space… Sorry, large, sharp images are ITAR restricted!…
    • WHAT IT IS… Compact PCI Single PowerPC 750 3U form factor 132Mbytes of RAM 128MHz clock, can be dynamically changed down to 5MHz 256KBytes EEPROM for boot 1 Serial port (3V CMOS)
    • WHAT IT IS… Standard 33MHz cPCI bus Includes Double Precision FPU and Altivec And… Radiation hard to 1Mrad
    • MORE Most folks use WRS VxWorks or Green Hills Integrity Yes, it has run Linux, and even real time LabVIEW Yes, you can run use regular GNU tools Yup, I ran gnu on it…
    • THERE’S A SIMULATOR… High Resolution, real time simulation Single piece price $250,000 from WRS SIMICS
    • WHERE TO GET IT… BAE Systems Check with Don, he’ll hook you up…
    • FINALLY… Don is a Master Engineer at Orbital Sciences Orbital is not a sponsor of this show… is a sponsor Contact for don: Grab these slides at: Questions? Questions for me or Don, anyone?