Future Merchants Presents an Innovation in Retail Marketing


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Capturing the full power and potential of video programming for retail marketing requires innovation in content design, integration technology and execution process.

Leverage the millions of unique visitors to your ecommerce website by marketing directly to their needs using Solutions™ Programming and RetailTV®.

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Future Merchants Presents an Innovation in Retail Marketing

  1. 1. Enabling the full power of video Retail-centric video programming model Flex-based proprietary technology platform A complete package service Use video to drive sales, enhance the retail brand and engage the consumer ©Future Merchants, Inc
  2. 2. The model: Empowerment Programming Needs-based communication Real-world issues or challenges Expert-driven answers to those challenges Delivered via specific product benefits Video delivers the ability to tell a story, not just animate images and layer in music ©Future Merchants, Inc
  3. 3. Unique Content Development Process Retailer/Publisher Identifies Product Objectives (types of products to be featured) Future Merchants Social Networking Search provides recommended high interest topics (Need) Future Merchants Expert Panel provides content linking product features to consumer needs Production variables customized to meet targeted demographics, brand statements, and values. ©Future Merchants, Inc
  4. 4. Proprietary technology: RetailTV® Makes video programming shop-able Retail specific conversion functionality Seamless and simple integration Browser and platform agnostic Mashup of conversion enhancing functionality ©Future Merchants, Inc
  5. 5. RetailTV®’s Technology Advantage Single browser window: never leave the “home” site Modal dialogue windows offer additional information while pausing the video Delivers “lean forward” experience No impact on existing site performance, design, or architecture ©Future Merchants, Inc
  6. 6. High ROI: Flexibility & Leverage Drag and drop site-build Widget-based components Non-technical UI Enables multiple “versions” with little effort Multiple video “point of interest” links ©Future Merchants, Inc
  7. 7. Demo RetailTV® Demo Site ©Future Merchants, Inc
  8. 8. RetailTV®: Screen Shot Samples ©Future Merchants, Inc
  9. 9. RetailTV : Admin UI Samples ® ©Future Merchants, Inc
  10. 10. RetailTV : Canvas and Widgets ® Widget based UI……drag and drop with easily manipulated controls Adjustable “canvas” ©Future Merchants, Inc
  11. 11. RetailTV : Business Intelligence Module ® ©Future Merchants, Inc
  12. 12. Future Merchants Productions Empowerment Programming Overview ©Future Merchants, Inc
  13. 13. Empowerment Programming Types How To Targeted Consumer Complimentary Products Immediate Need What’s New Creating Demand Staying Current Comparative Different consumer Different needs ©Future Merchants, Inc
  14. 14. Sample Baby Categories : Topics Basis (1) Health: products to safeguard or promote healthy babies Development: products which support each development stage Feeding & Nutrition: products to make feeding easier and more effective Activities: products to entertain and engage baby & toddler (1)  Statistical analysis of Parenting related websites, blogs, chats by topic, page and thread count ©Future Merchants, Inc
  15. 15. Sample Baby: Category Grid Category Suggested Video Topics Key Items Options Health & Safety Baby Proofing Your Home Gates Edge & Corner Door & Cabinet Guards Kits First Aid Basics Grooming Kits Healthcare Kits Thermometers Crib Safety Monitors Sleep Positioners Rails & Guards Activity Developing Motor Skills Activity Centers Bouncers Playmats Hand – Eye Coordination Play & Learn Toys Stationary Centers Gyms Moving Around Walkers Jumpers Mobile Entertainers Feeding Breastfeeding Support Pillows Stools Pumps Bottle Basics Warmers Sterilzers Bottle Sets Solid Food Essentials High Chairs Booster Seats Mealtime Sets ©Future Merchants, Inc
  16. 16. Video Structure Retail Branding Front End Situation Setup Delivery of Empowerment Message Wrap Up and Situation Closure Backend Retail Branding ©Future Merchants, Inc
  17. 17. Video Production Process Discovery Phase (with Retailer marketing and merchandising) Asset Collection Creative Discussion (programming type, topic, focus, branding) Script Creation & Talent Selection Video Shoot First Edit Final Edit Digitizing & Publishing on Retail website through RetailTV implementation Posting to Video Aggregating Sites ©Future Merchants, Inc