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SendOutCards - the Right Business Opportunity a the Right Time


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Take a look at the SendOutCards Business Opportunity.

Momentum surges and Critical Mass hits when a company goes from marketplace curiosity to adoption.

The company offers their service "better, cheaper and faster". Best selling author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" says Network Marketing is the business of the 21st Century.Business models have changed and the companies that don't keep in step get left behind. Those that capitalize on the changes catapult ahead of their competition. When you see the change and act on it before others - you stand to reap substantial rewards.SendOutCards is an innovative market leader with virtually no competition. Get in with SendOutCards and ride the wave of momentum.

Don and Vonda Downs
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SendOutCards - the Right Business Opportunity a the Right Time

  1. 1. April 8th, 2013 Published by: StellarFutureSendOutCards: TheRight BusinessOpportunity at the RightTime SendOutCards: The Right Business Opportunity at the Right Time Source: http://www.downsteam.com/sendoutcards-the-right-business- Take a look at the SendOutCards Business Opportunity. opportunity-at-the-right-time/ Momentum surges and Critical Mass hits when a company goes from marketplace curiosity to adoption. The company offers their service "better, cheaper and faster". Best selling author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" says Network Marketing is the business of the 21st Century. Business models have changed and the companies that SendOutCards is the Right Business dont keep in step get left behind. Those that capitalize on the changes catapult ahead of their competition. Opportunity at the Right Time Being in the right place at the right time can make all the When you see the change and act on it before others - difference. How would you like to have been an investor in you stand to reap substantial rewards. Netflix, in Amazon or in iTunes … before they went BIG? These SendOutCards is an innovative market leader with companies, instead of resisting marketplace change had an eye virtually no competition. Get in with SendOutCards and on the future and positioned themselves instead to harness the ride the wave of momentum. power of these marketplace changes. In the past, when you wanted a movie – you drove down to the local Blockbuster store. Do you want to know more about “Send Out Cards“? When you wanted a book – you drove down to the Borders booktsore. Read on to learn more about SendoutCards. When you wanted a song or an album – you drove to the local record store. Don Downs DownsTeam.com Yesterday’s Business Opportunity is Not Today’s Business Opportunity donandvonda@downsteam.com Get in your car and drive to a local store? Not anymore. We all 303-684-9186 know what happened to Blockbuster in 2010: “The move, long expected and pre-arranged with bondholders, ends an era that Blockbuster dominated — of Americans visiting video stores for movie rentals. Increasingly, Americans are watching movies via video subscription services such as Netflix, vending 1
  2. 2. April 8th, 2013 Published by: StellarFuture machine services such as Redbox and services that offer movies on demand via cable, satellite and the Internet.” USA TodaySame story with Borders in 2011, our nation’s original bigbookstore and also the nation’s second largest: “The long-expected Chapter 11 filing will give the second-largest U.S. bookstore chain a chance to try SendoutCards, Critical Mass and to fix its finances and overhaul its business in an attempt to survive the growing popularity of online Momentum bookbuying and digital formats.” Reuters SendOutCards is just such a company – a company nearing momentum and soon after – critical mass. And that’s a waveAnd as for record stores – well when is the last time you you won’t want to miss.stepped foot in one? Isn’t it just so much easier to stay homeand order your music online?Will You Be In Front of the Next   Consider the Four Phases of aBillion Dollar Technology Shift? Network Marketing CompanyThe truth is positioning yourself in front of the next big The Formulation Phase, the Concentration Phase, themarketplace shift can have substantial rewards. Actually, Momentum Phase and the Stability Phase. At what time is thelet me rephrase. It can have incredible and in fact life best time to get involved? Well that is for you to decide. Butchanging results. As Kody Bateman, Founder and CEO of as was stated at the beginning of this article, being at the rightSendOutCards advises you can “… earn a significant monthly place at the right time can make all the difference. Certainlyincome by positioning yourself in front of the next billion getting on board with a company before it hits momentum –dollar technology shift.” is not a bad place to be.Carpe Diem as it were – is still good advice. The first phase, Formulation Phase, is considered the groundwork phase. During this time the foundation for theHave you ever used the services of PayPal? (PayPal Inc. is of company is built and laid. The product is created and finecourse the payment arm of eBay Inc. but has now morphed tuned. The compensation plan is established and tweakedinto a ubiquitous payment solution for eCommerce at large.) and the first line distributor group is established. This isBy now most of us have used PayPal at least a few times if not inherently the riskiest time to get involved but can, in keepingmany. Do you remember the first time you used PayPal? Were with the high risk scenario, produce generational wealth foryou not skeptical at first if not at least a little wary? I was. The those who find success. This phase generally lasts just a fewwhole process seemed a little “iffy” to me. I wasn’t sure I could years, perhaps 1 – 3. It is estimated that approximately 90%trust it or them – whoever “they” were. But now I use Paypal of all network marketing companies that fail do so in the firstconstantly – without even a second thought. 18 months of operations – during this Formulation Phase.Critical Mass The second phase, the Concentration Phase follows theBut consider this. PayPal’s cloud-based “Point Of Sale” Momentum Phase and during this time the company, afterapplication (a computerized “cash” sale”) had to move through gaining it’s footing, now starts to get some actual traction,a series of stages until it’s acceptance in the marketplace has moving into the $30 – 50 million per year revenue generationnow become essentially a foregone conclusion. Payments range. In this phase the distributor network begins to growconsultant and President of Martaus & Associates, Paul and does so at a modest pace. This phase usually lasts anotherMartaus says PayPal will have the opportunity to reach what 1 – 3 years. Often this is the phase that appears most attractivehe calls critical mass. to new comers because now the foundation is already laid. The “bugs” so to speak have been worked out. The machinery of “Critical mass in this context means when there the company has been fine tuned and well oiled. Towards the is enough buzz, knowledge and awareness on the end of this phase much of the risk of a “new venture start-up”is part of consumers that the technology has the past. And what is so attractive here is the looming 3rd phase , opportunity to go from curiosity to adoption,” said the Momentum phase, is just over the horizon. Martaus, President of Martaus & Associates.”The test I’ve applied over 30 years of watching transaction technology in this business is the ‘better, faster, cheaper test.’ If you have two out of the three, if something provides the consumer with a better, faster and/or cheaper service, it is likely to be adopted.” The Green Sheet In the Momentum Phase – coming usually from 1 – 3 years after the company has done $75 – $100 million a year in 2
  3. 3. April 8th, 2013 Published by: StellarFuturebusiness (depending on it’s particular growth pattern), the Marketing Company before it hits critical mass, a fortune maycompany’s growth nearly skyrockets, catapulting upward at an very well be made.amazing rate. Approximately two-thirds of a company’s new SendOutCards has already paid out well over $60 million indistributors come on during this phase. The real life stories of commissions to it’s distributors, has been listed in Inc.comothers going from rags to riches, of making a lot of money in a as a fastest growing company, has been awarded the Mailshort amount of time, with geometric month to month growth Innovation Award by the United States Postal Service and is– attracts new comers in a big way. This phase of course does their number one sender of First Class mail in the Unitedno last forever but significant incomes are generated during States. Currently SendOutCards is operating in 7 countriesthis period. As an example, Herbalife, when it reached 50 with plans to move into 132 countries within the next fewmillion in retail sales, jettisoned up to 151 million in retail sales years. Already SendOutCards mails cards and gifts to anyin just the next 12 months. It is for just this reason that many location in the world with a postal address. SendOutCards isadvocate getting in with a network marketing company during a solid company, has grown every year since it’s inception, isone of the first two phases, on the “ground floor”, in order debt free, privately held, and a voluntary member of the Directto be positioned to ride this big wave when the company hits Selling Association. In the next 5 years SendOutCards will bemomentum and critical mass. a household name and in 5-7 yrs – a billion dollar company. As Paul Martaus said, critical mass means there is enoughNext and last is the Stability Phase. The incredible surge of buzz, knowledge and awareness on the part of consumersgrowth throughout the Momentum Phase can not last forever. that a technology goes from curiosity to adoption. When As the company grows, and at this stage has usually reached that happened with PayPal, Netflix, Amazon and iTunes – thesales in excess of $1 billion annually, it reaches the final technological landscape was revamped. These companies arephase of Stability. Though of course the company continues game-changers. Wouldn’t you love to get just a little pieceto expand and money continues to be made - it just does of the pie from those companies? And what these companiesnot continue at the same astronomical rate as during the did to their respective niche’s, SendOutCards is doing with theMomentum Phase. Network Marketing companies that build Greeting Card and Gifting Industry.right and build well reach this final stage and hen continueto flourish, essentially guaranteeing their distributors will Better, Faster, Cheapercontinue to experience ongoing growth and increased earningsthroughout their lifetimes. As Paul Martaus went on to say, when a companyis able to provide the consumer with a better, faster, cheaper service, that service is very likely to move from consumer curiosity to consumer adoption – like PayPal. SendoutCards is poised to do the same. When it comes to the better, faster, cheaper test – SendoutCards Ace’s it! 1. Better – Complete customization creates memorable and heartfelt cards with gifts added at the click of a button. 2. Faster – No more running out to the store. Your selection goes out by First Class the mail the very next day. 3. Cheaper – Cards sent out at 1/3 the average cost of a store bought card. So get in front of the next big technological shift. Don’t stand on the sidelines and miss your chance. Do the math. As Greeting Cards and Gifts move from the storefront to the home-front someone is going to make a lot of money. It mightConsider These Facts about Salt as well be you.Lake City based, SendoutCards, As Kody Bateman of SendOutCards says, “We are moving Greeting Cards and Gifts from Brick and Mortar to Click andLLC. Order.”SendOutCards is approximately 7 years old and has generated For more information take a look. We’d love to show you morein excess of 150 mill in revenue. SendOutCards has about the SendOutCards Product, the SendoutCards Businessover 100,000 distributors and over 300,000 customers. Opportunity, and the SendoutCards Vision.SendOutCards is currently in the tail end of the ConcentrationPhase. Momentum is just around the corner. There are signs If we can answer any questions or help you in anyand signals heralding the end of one phase and the beginning way please drop us a line by email or give us a call.of the next. No question, you can get in and get busy at any We’d be happy to help! Contact us at 303-684-9186 orstage of a network marketing company’s growth curve and donandvonda@downsteam.com if you’d like to know moremake substantial money but historically and mathematically about SendoutCards or if there are any questions we canthere is no doubt that if you get in with a successful Network answer. We can walk you through what our system has to offer for you and even let you try it out with a free test drive. 3
  4. 4. April 8th, 2013 Published by: StellarFutureSign up for free updatesTo your success,ps. As SendOutCards is providing a vehicle by which millionsare better able to act on their promptings to do good …we’d love to give you such an opportunity right now –take the Gratitude Challenge. And if you found this articlehelpful or enjoyable in any way we’d really appreciate youtaking the time to share us and what we are doing here atDownsTeam.com by using the Social Network buttons below. Or, you can leave us a comment too.Don and Vonda DownsSendOutCards Executives, National Treat ‘Em Right Trainer,Weekly Corporate Opportunity Call Speaker, Eagles NestAdvisory Panel, Freedom Award Winners, Eagles ChallengeWinnersdonandvonda@downsteam.com303.684.9186Denver, Coloradodownsteam.comhttp://sendoutcards.com/3131A Client retained is a client gained. Client Retention – it’s amust.Don DownsI have a varied background, serving first as a Minsterin Seattle, San Francisco and Indianapolis, I now workas a Physician Assistant. I love the experience, skills andopportunity to serve others that both of those professions haveprovided me. However, in 2012 I embarked on a part timeEntrepreneurial course in Network Marketing and InternetMarketing. My wife and I now have a team of over 1,100distributors and have over 5,000 customers. Our product isunique in the market - a cutting edge tool harnessing Hi Techcapabilities with a Hi Touch personal experience. Find outmore about our Product & Service. Learn about our UniqueOpportunity that is providing an avenue for both time andfinancial freedom to our team.Read more →Downs Team5549 Wetlands Drive Frederick, CO, 80504 USAdonandvonda@downsteam.com 4