Strange but True: Animal Facts
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Strange but True: Animal Facts



This is a multiple choice game using animations, triggers, buttons, etc. So, definitely download it to try it out or to play with your class.

This is a multiple choice game using animations, triggers, buttons, etc. So, definitely download it to try it out or to play with your class.



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Strange but True: Animal Facts Strange but True: Animal Facts Presentation Transcript

  • bat
  • How many insects can a bat eat in one night? 200 500 1000 3000 Wrong!Sorry! No good!
  • Bats eat 3000 insects in one night! 박쥐 곤충
  • butterfly
  • Butterflies taste food with….? eye tongue nose feet Wrong!Sorry! No good!
  • We use our tongue to taste food, but.. 맛보다 Butterflies use their feet.
  • Banana New Zealand has more sheep than people. TRUE FALSE Wrong!
  • 4 million people 47 million sheep!
  • How long can a chicken fly? 30 seconds 1 minute Chickens can’t fly 13 seconds Wrong!Sorry! No good!
  • A chicken can fly for 13 seconds.
  • Which is the biggest animal? Mammoth T-Rex Elephant Blue Whale 흰긴수염고래 매머드 타이라노 사우러스 코끼리 Wrong!Sorry! No good!
  • 30m long / 136,000kg.
  • heart brain stomach
  • When a giant squid eats, food goes to its.. lungs heart intestine brain 심장 창자 폐 뇌 Wrong!Sorry! No good!
  • Yes! Food goes through the brain to the stomach.
  • How many years can clams live? Clams never die 1000 10 100 No good! Sorry!Wrong!
  • Yes! Clams can live for up to 100 years.
  • How tall is a new born baby kangaroo? 1.5m 1m 500cm 10mm No good! Sorry!Wrong!
  • Yes! Baby kangaroos are about the size of a paperclip.
  • What is the name of a baby kangaroo? Joey
  • Banana All birds can fly backwards. False True Wrong!
  • Yes! Birds can only fly forward.
  • This bird CAN fly backwards... Hummingbirds 벌새
  • Banana A moose is heavier than a KIA Morning False True Wrong!
  • Yes! A moose can be 700kg, but a KIA Morning is 1295kg.
  • An Elephant tooth is as heavy as.. bicycle Mr. Currie baseball Bowling ball No good! Sorry!Wrong!
  • Yes! An elephant’s tooth can weigh 4kg.
  • How long can a cockroach with no head live? 50 seconds 2 hours 1 day 2 weeks No good! Sorry!Wrong!
  • Yes! And it will only die because it is hungry.
  • How many eggs does a hen lay in a year? 140 54 1093 228 No good! Sorry!Wrong!
  • That’s a lot of eggs!
  • Which animal does NOT eat it’s children? turkey tiger frog flamingo No good! Sorry!Wrong!
  • Many animals eat or kill their children.
  • Elephants can jump Banana TRUE FALSE No good!Sorry!
  • How many teeth can sharks grow? 2,000 0 100,000 50,000 No good! Sorry!Wrong!
  • When sharks lose teeth, they grow back. In one lifetime, They can grow 50,000 teeth!
  • What makes cows produce more milk? grass candy beer music No good!Sorry!Wrong!
  • It’s true!!They can make almost 500ml more! Classical music is their favourite!
  • Dolphins sleep with their eyes… closed open No good! Sorry!
  • Yes, dolphins sleep with their eyes open. Humans sleep with their eyes closed.
  • How many ear muscles do cats have? 115 1034 64 32 No good! Sorry!Wrong!
  • Yes! Cats can also turn their ears 180°.
  • How many muscles to human ears have? 2) - 10(