PBwikis and you


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Outline of the PBwiki session with links of resources.

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PBwikis and you

  1. 1. Wiki Workshop I.What is a Wiki? A.Watch Video by Common Craft 1.Supporting Point 2.Compare PB vs. Wikispaces (Very similar in what they offer, its really your choice) B.Lets Create a Wiki at PBwiki 1.www.pbwiki.com 2.https://secure.pbwiki.com/signup.wiki 3.Think of a good name for you wiki as that will be your URL as well. 4.Think of your layout. a)Create a list of all the different topics you would like to create a page for b)Now go to http://bubbl.us/ and lets each create a mind map of your wiki site. We will later embed this. c)What do you want on your homepage? d)What will be on your secondary pages? (Class Periods, Photo galleries, etc) e)How much do you want on your side bar?
  2. 2. 5.Now we will start to edit your Pages a)Write a description of you, what you teach, etc b)Create some secondary pages (Different classes, projects, etc). These we add to the sidebar. c)Create third level pages (similar to secondary but links off of the secondary level. 6.Uploading files 7.Linking to Urls 8.Learning the editing tool bar 9.The really fun stuff embedding will come later. C.Classroom Projects 1.Everything is online 2.Resource Directory 3.Online Calendar 4.Posting of Work a)Be aware of Copy Righted Material (1)Creative Commons (2)TLC online Delicious 5.Peer Review with Rubrics D.Open vs. Closed 1.You control access 2.Invite only 3.Password Protected 4.Folders allow multiple levels of control
  3. 3. E.Collaboration 1.Potential to work with anyone 2.Work when its convent to you 3.Everyone adds 4.No one in Charge per se F.Classroom Accounts 1.Don’t need email 2.Up to 99 at one time but can do multiple times 3.Control what level of access
  4. 4. G.Different Wiki’s 1.Wikipeida - Online Encyclopedia 2.PBwiki a)http://www.publicpbwikis.com/Educational_Resources/Ed ucational/9-12_High_School/ b)http://www.publicpbwikis.com/Educational_Resources/Ed ucational/teacher_wikis/ c)http://www.publicpbwikis.com/Educational_Resources/Ed ucational/resources_students/ d)http://mryearling.pbwiki.com/ e)http://www.publicpbwikis.com/Educational_Resources/Ed ucational/Educational_Resources/ f)http://www.publicpbwikis.com/Educational_Resources/Ed ucational/Educational_Research/ 3.Wikispaces a)http://ryanmiddlelibrary.wikispaces.com/ b)http://flatclassroomproject.wikispaces.com/ c)http://theconnectedclassroom.wikispaces.com/Classroom d)http://theengagedclassroom.wikispaces.com 4.Wetpaint a)Blocked at my district
  5. 5. II.PBwiki 2.0 A.Folders Storing 1.You can sort and save items into your folders 2.Assign Pages, documents, files, etc 3.Create Multiple folders 4.Rename Later 5.Be Careful Deleting 6.Supporting Point B.Down Side 1.Finding older uploads
  6. 6. III.Gadgets and Plug-ins A.Different Accounts you will want access too. 1.Google Account https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAc- count 2.Teacher Tube Account http://www.teachertube.com 3.Quizlet http://www.quizlet.com 4.Polldaddy http://www.polldaddy.com 5.Survey Monkey http://www.surveymonkey.com 6.Toondoo http://www.toondoo.com 7.Bubblus http://bubbl.us/ 8.Slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/ B.Web Sites with Additional Resources 1.http://www.go2web20.net/ 2.http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/ C.Learn to read HTML Code 1.Embedding 2.Manipulating D.Do simple Searches to find how to paste code 1.“embed (file format) wiki”
  7. 7. IV.Resources A.PBwiki Manual - http://pbwikimanual.pbwiki.com/ B.http://blog.pbwiki.com/ C.http://www.teachertube.com (do a search for pbwiki) D.http://www.publicpbwikis.com/Educational_Resources/ Official_PBwiki_Resources/ E.http://www.publicpbwikis.com/Educational_Resources/ Educational/ F.http://www.publicpbwikis.com/Educational_Resources/ G.Atomic Learning has a workshop on how to get started as well. V.Questions, Thoughts, Ideas A.Time to use Google Docs. Will email you an invite to- wards the end of class. B.Lets look at what questions you may have? C.Overall Thoughts of wiki’s? D.Ideas of how can it be used in the classroom? E.Exit Survey - Will be emailed to you. Results I will post on the wiki.