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Using you tube for teaching
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Using you tube for teaching


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Using YouTube for Teaching
    Portmarnock Community School April 2010
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 2. ...started in 2005, based in California, owned by Google.
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 3. ...YouTube is an incredible search least twenty hours of video uploaded every minute
    ...better still, there are search-engines just for use with YouTube and education (here)
    If nothing else ...
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 4. Young people use YouTube for entertainment
    ...start to find other uses for YouTube including learning.....
    Donal O' Mahony
    A cultural challenge....
  • 5. Some technical information
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 6. From Adobe
    Video player
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 7. Allow time for buffering
    ...In streaming media, buffering refers to bringing in an extra amount of data (filling the buffer) before playing the audio or video. Having more audio data or video frames in memory than are actually needed at each precise moment compensates for momentary delays in transmission from the source.
    Using YouTube in your classroom..............the troublesome side
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 8. Using YouTube in your classroom
    Using YouTube in the computer room
    Two scenarios
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 9. Identification - recognition of online material that really is useful
    Depth - at a level that is not superficial
    Assessment - in a way that is critical of what is offered
    Choosing a video for teaching
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 10. Choosing a video - history
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 11. Choosing a video - maths
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 12. Good practice is (was) not to have live search in the classroom but......
    Exercise commonsense.....
    Pupils were more vulnerable overall when schools used locked down systems because they were not given enough opportunities to learn how to assess and manage risk for themselves (OFSTED 2010)
    Using YouTube in your classroom
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 13. ...used as in the classroom
    ...used as part of a Moodle class a specific project to do, with clear search terms
    ...used as part of a digital literacy lesson the computer room
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 14. ...use of the internet should never be used unsupervised is not expected that a teacher supervising an absent colleague in a computer room use the computers
    ...don't be afraid to withdraw privileges, the students will act as a moral force also the computer room
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 15. Saving your favourite videos
    Embedding a video in Moodle
    Embedding a video in Office 2007
    Knowing how to download and save a video to your computer
    Four skills to learn
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 16. From downloading to uploading
    Once we get used to using it...
    Donal O' Mahony
  • 17. Donal O' Mahony