RIDE ATLAS *F TqOfiTI{ AMilftIE&- 2E VERMONT                 PAqf$     *t*     Aru* 3:.t.                       ROUTE LENG...
RIDI ATL&5 SF        NORTF{ AMERICA* 2E MAINE$TE ATLAS PAG€ S3"                                               ROUTE LENGTH...
, :                                .,..                                  .                                      .i_.*} -, ...
RIDT ATLAS OF NORTH AMERICA" 2EMARYLAND TO DELAWARE$rr   -qYL,&$   reG€s ss, s?, 5*, Abl* 5i",                       ROUTE...
ftIDH ATLAS   CIF   NORTH AMERICA- 2EE!€Fsii*+                                                                            ...
RI*E ATLE$ *F NORTH AMERICA 2EVIRGINIA$ff   &ft",,l$   fAfi[$ ii.]J ;il**     ?1.{.                     ROUTE LENGTH      ...
RIEE ATLAS fiF NORThI AMERIEA- 2EWESTVIRGINIA                                                                             ...
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  1. 1. RIDE ATLAS *F TqOfiTI{ AMilftIE&- 2E VERMONT PAqf$ *t* Aru* 3:.t. ROUTE LENGTH - About 220 miles, a day or longer with stops =EilqfLgi$ TOURING INFORMATION VT 100, also known as the 43rd lnfantry Drvision Memorial Highway or Grand Army of the Republic Highway, cleaves a path through the center of the Green Mountains and into the heart of Vermont. This run is considered one ofthe longest and most scenic rides youre likely to find. From Stamford, VT 1O0 begins a northward path and bisects the state from the Massachusetts state line to just a bit short of the Canadian border. The two-lane road meanders through pastoral countryside with plenty of reasons to stop-such as the viltage of Weston (poputation 600), home to the Vermont Country Store, known as a ,,pur- veyor of the practic€l and hard to find." TAKE A SIDE TRIP 3e51 3*.1esn to !.:ds: Fall color is splendid. Ride VT 108 from Stowe to Smugglers Notch, or as the Gsrsiir"]sevailabiiity: Plentiful locals call it, "Smu€lgs." Smugglers Notch Scenic Highway Absiili th* i**d: Both scenic and twisty, low traffic densjty, good road is a tight, twisty mountain pass with 1-,O00-foot cliffs and conditions large boulders protruding into the narrow passageway. lnsid*r tip: A40-50 mph speed limit is there for a reason and is enforced Watch for wildlife. With no smog and no pollution, the notch is home to many endangered species of plants found nowhere else For a ride that is both exhilarating and in Vermont. It also features some of the states most relaxing, this twisty, turning road has all popular hiking trails, easily accessibte from Smugglers the ingredients for motorcycle motoring F-l--Ill--*"-uf.u,t 0#!,10/20 km 30 - Notch state Park. memories. Long climlrs up forested hills, rushing descents into scenic valleys, VISITOR INFORMATION boulder-filled waterways, white steepled wwwtravel-vermont.corn churches, family farms with weathered l 8O0.837.6668 red barns, small towns with friendly CAMPING INFOBMATION folks, and only three stop lights on the www.vtstateparks.com/htm/i nfo.cf m whole route make this a joy. Be on the 4O2.241.3655 (information) lookout for a church supper. 888.409.7579 (reservations) So many places deserve a stop that its hard to pass them by. Near Stowe, in & hqys Waterbury, visit Ben & Jerrys lce Cream renn )ry4 Factory, the number one tourist attrac- ivr tion in the state. The factory offers a tour with samples, playground, souvenir fila) shop, ice cream store, and a "graveyard" v Y ".1 [1i 5f ,11- , of retired flavors that seemed Iike a BristoL )) tDr good idea but bombed with ice cream ,i }i arr6) Iovers. iI Watch for Gold Brook Road as you enter Stowe. Emilys Bridge is a few miles up the road on the left. Built in 1844, Emilys Bridge has a serene beauty by day. At night the so-foot-long covered bridge takes on a dramatically spooky appearRIDE HIGHLIGHTS: ance. Legend has it that the bridge has been haunted ever since Emlly took her life there after losing her one true love. On windy nights its said that you can hear her crying on the bridge. With a population of only 4,400, Stowe has a surprising 70 shops, 50 restau- rants, bungee trampolines, alpine slide, the Trapp Family Lodge (the singing family in The Sound of Music), and a gondola ride to the top of Vermonts ; tallest peak-4,393-foot Mt. Mansfield.
  2. 2. RIDI ATL&5 SF NORTF{ AMERICA* 2E MAINE$TE ATLAS PAG€ S3" ROUTE LENGTH - About 165 miles or a leisurely day TOURING INFORMATION This road hugs the Goast of Maine:and follows US 1-, also known as the Blue Star Memorial Highway, most of the way.. US 1- used to be the main.thofoughfare from Maine to Florida and was called the Main Street of Arnerica- TAKE A SIDE TRIP Be sure to visit. Fort,Knox. Fort Knox in Prospec.t, Maine, that is. lt waF built in the mid-1800s to ,rotectthe Penobscot River Valley from British haval attaoks. The fort was named for Major General Henry l(nox, Americas firsl Secretary of War. America$ other Fort Knox, the one located in Kentucky and famous for its gold buuion depository, also was named after him. From Belfast, proceed north on US 1. ihrpugh Searspoi.t and Stoekton Springs, and immediately before crossing the suspenslon bridge, take a left onto ME J.74. Fort Knox is about a quarter mile on the right. VISITOR INFOEMATIOI{ www.visitmaine.com | 888.624.6345 CAMPING INFORMATION www.maine.gov/doclparks ) 207.287.3821 ,3**t *€a$s!} ts r!.:o: Late spring through autumn 6s$*lin* *vail**ility: Plentiful Abo*i ihs ron*: Well-maintained two-lane road used by folks who want to enjoy the scenery from Portland to Acadia National Park :rsrr:cr:p Dress in layers and carry rain gear. Be prepared for changes in weather and occasional morning fog. Start your motor running and head "down East"-Maine lingo for in the direction of the Canadian l4aritimes. Picture-perfect images of coastal lviaine are alive and vibrant on this ride: rocky coastlines, lighthouses on distant promontories, marinas packed with fishing boats, seaside villages, fresh lobster. Everywhere the ocean makes its presence known, whether by sight, sound, or smell. The charming old port city of Portland crowns a hilly peninsula surrounded by rivers and harbors. Cobbled streets lined with shops and restaurants, vintage redbrick warehouses ringed by wharves, and grand sea captains mansions are beautifully preserved. Less than 20 miles north of Portland, Freeport is the home of upscale shopping and historic homes and churches. Stop byworld-famous L.L. Bean, which is open 24 hours a day" Less than three miles outside of Freeport is a famed oddity, the Desert of Maine. Geologists believe that 11,000 years ago a melting glacier left behind this 4o-acre sand dune. Connected to the mainland by a causeway, Mount Desert lsland and Acadia National Park offer 26 mountains, 22 lakes and ponds, 120 miles of hikingtrails, beaches, and natural wonders galore. A 27-mile loop takes in the major attractions, including the pink graniteRIDE HIGHLIGHTS: summit of 1,528-foot lvt. Cadillac. Facing Frenchman Bay, the islands biggest town of Bar Harbor has narrow streets filled with boutiques, restaurants, and resting places. ADD ON: Podland Head Light Start this ride on Broadway at "Bug" Light on Casco Bay, in South Portland. Head south on Madison Street, then east on Breakwater Drive, continuing onto Benjamin Pickett Street. After a left on Fort Road, youll see Spring Point Light at the end of a breakwater, the Portland Harbor museum, and the clipper ship Snow Squa//. Take Fort Road back south, turning left onto Preble Street, which becomes Shore Road. The roadway straightens and glides past waterfront mansions in Cape Elizabeth. turn left and anticipate the first glimpse of Portland Head At the sign for Fort Williams Park, Light, Maines most celebrated lighthouse.
  3. 3. , : .,.. . .i_.*} -, - Fren)tn)dn ,-J / Lamone -D"o:Yfu# ..---.it," .{ /// li -:{""*#F :i,!i iiil .t i*l il lir,, ti,tf ,t ] / cu,,o Bny ilwo LighE 5.P {)
  4. 4. RIDT ATLAS OF NORTH AMERICA" 2EMARYLAND TO DELAWARE$rr -qYL,&$ reG€s ss, s?, 5*, Abl* 5i", ROUTE LENGTH - 176 miles or about 4 hours depending on stops ,ro$te,.pqst{E in landmark -archi- :ais, and Colonial ! ii,illt,:;.t,1,":rl *est seat.!fr ta i:lde: May through October &asel!ne evai!ai:iilltl: Plentiful Ahoilt lh* roa{i: Two-lane roads skirting ocean shoreline and winding through historic countryside ln$:{ier ti}: Make frequent stops to see historic sites; watch for crowds in June when NASCAR races run in Dover. :,., A A?Z e t&r iRIDE HIGHLIGHTS:
  5. 5. ftIDH ATLAS CIF NORTH AMERICA- 2EE!€Fsii*+ *9.L,, 5.,..,::rr,: i-r,r,,, : :,.., iii*rl!r,;1;.:..From Ocean City, Md., head north, passing the 1859 Fenwick lsland ADD ON: Assateaque lsland lLighthouse on the state line. DE links coastal wildlife refuges like PrimeHook and Bombay Hook with Cape Henlopen. Henlopens 8O-foot sand Famous for its herds of wild ponies, Assateague lsland stretches for 37 wind-dune is crowned by a WWll watchtower. Lewes Beach survived pirate raked miles between the Atlantic Ocean and Marylands and Virginiasraids and German U-boat surveillance. Today, ships offshore take visitors Eastern Shore. Native Americans first populated this 6,000-year old ever-to whale watch and sport fish. shifting sand island. After European settlers wrested the land away from the Algonquins, they used it as a livestock grazing ground. Legend says thelnland, DE 9 North passes state capital Dover, where Delaware represen- wild ponies swam onto the island from a sinking Spanish galleon, but theytatives were the first to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Dover lnternational most likely were the property of English settlers.Speedways NASCAR season revs up in June, The countrysides historic townsinclude Odessa, prized for its 30 landmark homes. Despite the islands popularity, it remains a valuable ecosystem preserving the habitats of many species. On your way over to the island, stop at theMD 213 rides through Eastern Shore farmlands and maritime towns settled Barrier lsland Visitor Center where you can walk through exhibits and seealong Chesapeake Bay tributaries. Chestertowns elegant brick homes look an audiovisual program about the island.much the same as when George Washington and Thomas Jefferson traveledKent County. Follow US 301 as it crosses Chesapeake Bay to Marylands Exploring is encouraged, butthe dunes are clearly marked as off limits.Western Shore and state capital Annapolis. Local bikers fill their tanks and Dunes are extremely fragile, and even one person can unwittingly destroytummies at "gourmet gas station" Kent lsland Depot at the Stevensville exit. years of natural work. As you ride or hike around the island, youll not missFrench family-owned, the station dishes delish eats. the famous ponies. Rangers strongly urge visitors not to go near the ponies or tempt them with food. They may appear friendly and tame, but they areAnnapoliss architecture spans three centuries. Capital highlights include the still sometimes-dangerous wild animals.City Dock where African slave Kunta Kinte, author Alex Haleys ancestor,arrived. Patriot sites include homes of I/larylanders who signed the Two campgrounds, one oceanside and one bayside, invite overnight stays.Declaration of lndependence, early settlement London Town, St. Johns On your second day, you could consider riding south on the mainland toCollege, and the wood-domed State House. At the U.S. Naval Academy, the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on the other end of the island.tour the museum and see John Paul Jones crypt. There youll get a chance to observe nature along several longer self-guided nature trails.
  6. 6. RI*E ATLE$ *F NORTH AMERICA 2EVIRGINIA$ff &ft",,l$ fAfi[$ ii.]J ;il** ?1.{. ROUTE LENGTH - 106 miles or 4-5 hoursTOURING INFORMATIONShenandoahs.Skyline Drive (US 340) travels the heart ofShenandoah National Park et 35 mph. lt has 75 scenicturn-outs. lts slow, but the view is worth the pace.TAKE A SIDE TRIPTake your time atong the Blue Ridge Parkway, ihesouthern extension of Skyline Drive that leads to the GreatSmoky Mou,ntains National Fark. Drive the abov.e routein reverse order, beginning in Front Royal. After a brief butsteep ascent just south of Rockfish Gap, the Btue RidgeFarkway rises and fallg gracefully over some of the mo€tspectacular mountain scenery in the Mid-Atlantic states.Skyline Drive follows the spine of the Blue RidgeMountains. The route takes in views of the fertileShenandoah Valley to the west and the Blue Ridge foot:hills to the east. Dickey Ridge Visitor Center (Mile 4.6) Sr$: $enein i{r .i**r Spring and autumn. i}:rl1irll: ::r;ii;briri,r Plan aheadand Byrd Visitor Center (Mile 51) both offer informationaldisplays and maps. i.l1i*i tl:* rr,r*: winding with many pull offs !lr*iC*r li1:r $10 fee to enter the park, whlch is valid for one week; lots of auto- mobile traffic. Watch for cars as well as deer, bear, wolves, and snakes.Skyline Drive bursts into color in the spring as it wendsthrough Shenandoah National Park. ln autumn, thewoods glow red and yellow, the hues of the Blue Ridge Begin your northerly tour of US 340 lnMountains in the distance. Around every bend, over every Rockfish Gap, the southern national 0 5 10mipeak, theres another camera-ready vlew along this route. park entrance. (The towns lnformation |.___r_+ 0 5 10 15km Center has local information and o Rand MsNallyVISITOR INFORMATION brochures.) Youll be tempted to stopwww.visitshenandoah.com | 800.778.2851 at dozens of scenic turn-outs. Make 1 ? . .j - , freha d. cdo -.-_ ..--,. time for Big Run overlook (l/ile 81), ,+.. -Ruertlitrvr=;-€ -.F:-+. - -;i.:" with a sweeping view of the Blue ..,|.-HPPJ CAMPING INFORMATIONwww.nps.gov,/shen/planyourvisit/ca mpgrounds.htm Ridge Mountains. 0r park your bike Hxntlv800.365.2267 and stretch your legs at Swift Run Gap (Mile 65.5), one of a dozen points te, where the Appalachian Trail crosses 3i68 ft. . Skyline Drive. A more strenuous trail il "rl"rrlmrll departs from Bearfence Mountain Parking. The one-mile circuit leads , lznJ over a rock scramble to a rare 360- degree vista. Near the midpoint of Skyline Drive are lodging choices for riders who want to prolong their stay: Lewis Mountain Cabins; Bi€ Meadows Lodge, a restored 1939 inn; and Skyland Resort, set at Skyline Drives highest point, with cabins, rooms, and access to riding stables. As Skyline Drive continues north, it rises and twists past well-knownRIDE HIGHLIGHTS: rock formations, the Pinnacles and Stony Man Peak, as it rounds Hazel Mountain. Tunnel Parking Overlook (Mile 33) offers a preview of 600- .i foot-long Marys Rock Tunnel before you experience it first-hand. Just lBl I north of here, Hogback Overlook -Pofl (Mile 21) takes in views of the Shenandoah River snaking through the Shenandoah Valley. Skyline Drive concludes in Front Royal, a canoeing and kayaking hub in this region. Outfitters are located in the Page Valley, just south of town on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. Pick up directions and brochures at the Front Royal Visitors Center.
  7. 7. RIEE ATLAS fiF NORThI AMERIEA- 2EWESTVIRGINIA ROUTE LENGTH - 120 winding miles or one-day trip with plenty of stopsTOURING INFORMATIONThe Midland Trail ride begins in the state capital ofCharleston and follows US 6O through some of the mostrugged terrain in West Virginia. The ride passes throughboth the Kanawha River Valley and the plateau highabove.TAKE A SIDE TRIPRide through parts of the New River Gorge NationalRiver area honoring one of the oldest rivers in the worldand one of the few on Earth that flows north. The areais a mecia for rafting. Once a year, on the thirdSaturday oJ October, the New River Gorge Bridge isclosed to vehiculartraffic and open for pedestrians.Watch base jumpers and bungeed folks leap off theside of the longest arch bridge in North America. liirii rd;?si)11 iit fir*: Late spring through late autumn [*t*]ir;: ;rvL:ilcbiliir: PlentifulA National Scenic Byway, the Midland Trail along US 60 Ailsut thr riad Generally good shape; road has segments where ride can getwas ori$nally carved into the mountains by buffalo and athletic with switchbacks and twisties.Native Americans. Prior to 1988. the Midland Trail was Watch for wildlife.heavily traveled, particularly by commercial vehicles.Traffic was significantly redueed in 1988 when the final Travel the Midland Trail and enter a land of challenging white-water rafting, Civil War history,touches of l-64 were completed. Now the trail is mostly stunning scenery, and small towns full of country charm. The byway will carry you over hillsfor those who want to get away from interstates and enjoy and through valleys, and finally out lnto rolling farmland settled during the colonial era.an Qutstanding ride. The Great Kanawha River provides a wonderful backdrop fortravel as it hugs US 60 from itsVISITOR }NFORMATION headwaters at Gauley Bridge to south of Charleston. BeginningJUSt west of Kanawha Fallswww.wvtourism.com I 800.225.5982 and continuing to Cathedral Falls near Gauley Bridge, there are more than a dozen seasonal waterfalls in fewer than five miles, all visible from the trail.CAMPING INFORMATIONw!wv.wvstateparks.com I 800.225.5982 Hawks Nest State Park sprawls across the top of Gauley Mountain to the base of New River Gorge. Called the "Grand Canyon of the East," New River Gorge is best seen from Hawks Nest Park in Ansted. Take a short walk at Hawks Nest Roadside Park to the over- look or stop at the lodge and enjoy dinner while perched above the gorge. East of Hico, the Midland Trail curves through top-notch scenery as it crosses the highest polnt on the trail-Big Sewell lvlountain at 3,170 feet. At Gauley Mountain, the twisty turns near Chimney Corner are so sharp that travelers joke you can see your taillights in the rear view mir- ror as you round the bends. Since the 18th century, the wealthy have flocked to White Sulphur Springs for the leg- endary curative powers of the areas springs. Visit The Greenbrier, a five-star resort and home of the nations oldest golf course. To the east, mountains melt into Greenbrier Valleys rolling pastures, covered bridge, beautiful farms, and white steepled churches. The trip ends 72 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. :ii.ri!llI1,lf)t i n fa v , Hr:llilli . !ra:!it:!T i ir r +- ""1#" ... :. Grairv -,1 .. (,06 .. Fq " ,r . .:: at) "i :,-!: ,lRupen I Gauley A. . AIL RIVLP Powellton (6t) oat Hiti ttttttt 0 s 10 5 2A 25 1 30 km O Rand MeNally